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VOLUME LIV.-No. 93. 

»'■■ Prioo, 10 Centd. 



October 6. 

M155 CIipper'5 


ST1GE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


Eddie Pox, who recently opened tbe new 
Shubert Theatre, In Columbus, Ohio, wag In 
a reminiscent mood tbe other evening, when 
ho spoke of his first coming to the Buckeye 
capttol, compering It to his present success- 
ful visit there as a star In the theatrical fir- 
mament. In referring to his adrent there. 
In a conversation with Hnrold Johnson, of 
The Columbus Citizen, the comedian said : 

"Columbus and Us one lonely little duat- 
iwept highway looked awfully good to me 
ine night In June, thirty-sight yean ago, an 
I alighted barefoot, olt-begrlmed and penni- 
less from the bead-end of an East hound 
freight train, to begin acbool life at the ten* 
der age of eight, in this — r.s It then was— 
out-of-the-way sort of a place. 

"It was a long time ago," continued be, 
"but I can distinctly recall my eiperlences 
here. They began with painful battlea with 
malaria. They were fought out right here. 
One day I went In swimming, — and a few 
days later tbe doctor said I had It 

"I had been sent here to make my home 
with an eld uncle, John Fitzgerald, now an 
octogenarian, and to attend acbool. My 
right name Is Eddie Fltsgerald, and I'm 
proud of the vein of Irish that courses 
through my system. 

"They didn't make any mistake when they 
labeled me for Columbus, for 1 needed the 
toning down tbat I surely got here. Imagine 
me, a street urchin of the wildest type that 
scoured the pavements of Chicago In the early 
seventies, coming down here amongst the 
bushes to read a primer and study spellln'. 
It was us to tbe little downy bunk every 
night at seven o'clock, while tbe katydids, 
owls, crickets, locusts and other sleep-dis- 
turbers of the night did the rest. I grew 
very aged trying to sleep In tbls town, for 
at that time we were living In the woods. 

"Finally, under the Influence of malaria, 
one day 1 skipped out In sbeer desperation, 
and threw rocks through tbe windows of tbe 
cathedral not far awny. 

"Uncle John paid my way back to the 
Windy City but not by way of Adams Ex- 
press Company, — Day — nayl" 

Foy's Inimitably nonsensical ubs of tbe 
above Is only another proof of bis peculiar 
ability to make something out of nothing, — 
for there would seem to be absolutely nothing 
amusing In speaking of the aforementioned 
company. But the manner In which thla 
funny man handles It has to be seen and 
beard, It can not bo repeated. He can al- 
ways get a laugh with what from some others 
would call forth a frown, auch Is tils subtle 


Al. Martin, Burlington ticket agent, Is not 
Al. Martin, owner of tbe Mg "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin" ctmpany. The former Is wondering 
what tlio latter did at one time when OBkcd 
to redeem the promises of the railroad ticket 

The first named Martin was standing In 
front of the Columbua, 0„ Uurllngton offlceB 
as the theatrical Martins parade passed 
down the street. Being a new comer there 
at the time, he was introduced to several 
cltlsena by a friend. In the passing of a 
few minutes he was "touched" several times 
for passes to the show. Be told each man to 
nsk for blm at the box office that nigbt at 
8 o'clock. Al. Martin Is still wondering what 
Al. Martin said to the applicants. 

i\ i". Meredith, who Is puffing The IN* 
tonrl Brctto In tbe general interests of the 
Nixon & 7lmmermnn attractions, and to the 
particular publicity of "Simple Simon Sim- 
ple," has some good things by way of phi- 
losophy In the pigeon-holes of bis office desk. 
Ills office, by tbe way, Is advertised to be lo- 
cated "under the editor's bat." So, of course, 
we may count on it that those bits of "Mis- 
souri Philosophy" are of Mcredltblnn origin. 

"Your notlco makes your Job grow fouder," 
Is an aphorism npt to be especially Appre- 
ciated by the worker hi the theatrical field. 

"An actor seldom retires until played out," 
Is another truhim. 

"A friend In need la a friend to reed," Is 
a touching declaration. 

"In tho Fall on actor'a fancy turns to mak- 
ing a touch," In particularly applicable now, 
Just at the recont close of the vacation sea- 
son, In which the Thespian Is opt to have 
been prodigal of his last season's savings. 

Economical advice to the advance man 
rends : "Never wet your sticker until you 
bare gained permission to hang tbe litho- 
graph In the window," the economy consist- 
ing In tho saving of disappointment. 

Meredith never wrote a truer one than 
"Reminiscence Is the bond of union between 

An Inversion of the prevailing custom for 
stars and principals to have dressing rooms 
by themselves, and tho lesser lights to share 
their accommodations, was once amusingly 
explained by Sada Yacro, tbe popular Japan- 
ese Rctreis, 

Htfael Barry more, who had attended a per- 
formance of the clever Japanese, went bnck 
for a chat with tbe little Btar from the 
Orient. On going Into tbo dressing room, the 
American actress was astonlBhcd to find 
others beside the alar occupying the same 
room, (ho others not all being of the same 
Bex either. 

During tho conversation, Miss ltnrrymore 

"Is It the custom In your country for the 
men and women professionals to dress In tbe 
eame roou, 1" 

"Ob, no Indeed," snld the little browu act- 
ress, "no, only the principals 1" 

The young, foar-year-otd of a popular actor 
Interrupted bis usual prayer tbe other night 
by a question relevant to the occupation of 
tbat moment. Tbe amall pajama-attlred one 
opened a questioning eye and said : 

"Bay, Fop, can't a boy pray 'cept In paja- 

The same youngster Is very fond of look- 
ing at the pictures In a big book containing 
II lustrations of .famous paintings, one of 
which Is "The Last Supper," 

"Fop. get tbe big book down/' be aald to 
his father not long ago. 

"Which big book 7" naked bis parent. 

"Tbe one that has a picture of God getting 
his last dinner," said the small boy. 

No one ever reads the name, of Truly Hbat- 
tuck, on tbe programmes, without expressing 
some comment on tbe peculiarly attractive 
name by which an Immensely attractive 
young singer is known. It Ja not a stsge 
name as many might think, but one by which 
tbls beautiful girl of French descent bsa al- 
ways been known, being merely a contraction 
of her own uncommon cognomen, Etrulla. 

Manager Bathbun, of the Mann Company, 
received a letter which Is another of tbe 
many Illustrations of tbe fact that the aver- 
age aspirant has almost no Idea of the de- 
mands and necessities of the stage. 

"Dear Sir :** (It reads) "I write to get tn 
your employ. I cannot dance, but I could take 
part In anything else on the stage. I ran 
away once and acted for two. -months. If 
you will take me, I will run away again with 
your company. I am seventeen years old 
and have auburn hair and my ambition. My 
parents do not love me end 1 want to get 
away, so If you have any sympathy you will 
take me, I bavs a little jewelry but not 
much. 1 garnet ring, 14 carrot gold, 1 blood- 
atone ring 22 carrot gold, 1 Imitation dl- 
mond and 1 broach. My wardrobe Is 1 long 
white dotted bwIs skirt, 1 black silk dress 
long neck with train on skirt, 1 black skirt 
comes to my tie tops, 1 % coat with belt In 
back, 1 black bat turned up on side wl:li 
feather, 1 red and white skirt three ruffle 
comes to my knees, 3 white shirt waists, 1 
green pleated suspender skirt, and my umlt . 
clothes. If I need any more costumes, I 
could work them out when you hire me, bu. 
I think I have a plenty, don't you?" ended 
the deluded girl, with her signature. 

J. Aldrich LIbbey, tbe popular baritone, 
who Is always awake to take advantage of 
any centre temps happening on the stage, 
and ready to make' it count In his favor, was 
interrupted one night during his turn by tho 
appearance of a dog belonging to one of tbe 

Quick to make tbe most of the accident, 
LIbbey Instantaneously devised business and 
lines that brought the bouse down. 

Later tbat night, going borne on a street 
car, he was addressed by the man sitting 
next to him. 

"You're LIbbey, the singer, ain't you?" 
asked his seat mate. 

"You're on," said the big, good-natured fel- 

"You should be congratulated on your act, 
sir," said tbe msn, at which praise Llbbey's 
chest grew a trifle fuller, but It quickly con- 
tracted as tbe man continued, "yes, the dog 
was a great hit." 

"And auch Is fame I" quoted LIbbey, under 
bta breath. 


Norfolk.— At the Academy of Music (Otto 
Wells, local manager) "Playing tbe Oame" 
did good business Sept 24. ''On Parole," 25, 
20, came to very satisfactory returns. "Her 
Own Way" Oct 4, "The County Chairman" 
0, "It Happened In Nordland" 10, Blanche 
Walsh 15. 

Obakby (Otto Wells, local manager) .—"The 
Awakening of Mr. Plpp" week of 1, 

Majestic (M. Frank, manager). — Vanity 
Fair, Sept. 24-20, opened to tbe beat business 
the bouse has enjoyed since the opening 
night The Behman Show and Congress of 
American Girls week of Oct. 1. 

Bijod (Abb. Smith, manager). — No change 
In the bill for week of 1. Business is very 

Acme (Wllkerson ft Mansle, managers).— _...... 

People week of 1: Myrtle Verdien, Jean Henry Lee is the extra attraction. Others 
Beangele, the Fords, Anderson and Howard, are: Helena Frederick, Hennlngs, Lewis and 

Hennlngs, Tyce and Jermon, Murry K. Hill, 
and tbe bioscope. 
Gatbtx Thbatsb (Edward 8hayne, mana- 


(Ad. F. Miller, 

"Tbe Illusion of 

pesrance as s star here Sept 24, 25, and MXraa.— Heiis-inoio snow anpt___ 

created a favorable Impression, to good buel- 24. Performances were Interfered with on 

--"'-"-•■ account of rains TneJSlectric Eark will 

" l«Blc r 

; a. Fay Davit, in 'TPhe House of Mirth," - - _ 

scored heavily 27. Nat C. Goodwin, in "The close In a few days. . . . . .Tbe Majesffc The- 

Uenlus," 28; Bousa's Bond 29, Ltlflan Bus- atre will open, with Tom Mullally aa mana- 

sell Oct. 1, "Charley's Aunt" 2, 3, Lawrence ger, on Sept. a». 

D'Oisay 5, 6, "Ben Hur" 8-18. 

Park Theatre (Dickson & Talbott, mana- 
ger).— "In Old Kentucky," Sept. 24-26. 
stood them up at every performance, and 
scored Its usual success. "On Dangerous 
Ground" 27-2U, "The Eye Witness" Oct. 1-3. 

Grand Opeqa. House (Shafer Zlegler, man- 
ager). — An unusually stroog bill for week of 
Oct. 1, with Mme. Herrmann as tho headllner. 


Wa*jMnBTt»n_At the New National The- 
atre (W. H. Bapley, manager) this week 
Viola Allen make* her first appearance as 
Imogen, In Shakespeare's "Cymbellne." Last 

week Henrietta Crosman, In "AU-of -a- Sudden 
Peggy*" bad full houses. Jeff De Angells, Ui 

Bar), Howard and Karl, and Catben Orbln. 

Auditorium (J. M. Barton, manager). — In 
addition to tbe regular stock, Oussle La 
Belle opens for week of 1. 

Manhattan (Crlnnlan Bros., managers).— 
Teopte week of 1 : Marie Harrison, May Belle, 
Tom Corlton, Joe Dowley, the Madderns, May 
Lemuels, Ned Dandy, ' and Dollle Y onng. 

Richmond. — At the Academy of Music 
(Jake Wells, manager) "On Parole" was 
played to a highly pleased audience Bent 24, 
and was a splendid show. Job. Jeffer- 
son will present "Playing the Game" 26, 26. 
Chas. B. Banford 28, 29, "Tbe Girl Patsy" 
Oct 1, "The Little Joker" 2, "Her Own Way" 
8, "Zaso" 4, "The One Woman" 6, 6. 

Bijou (Cbas. I. McKee, manager). — "Hap ' 
Ward, playing "Not Yet, But Boon," proved 
to be a great drawing card laat week. "A 
Square Deal" 1-0, "Lovers and Lunatics" 8- 

■ t " '■■- 

Htnonton. — At the Beverley (Barkman ft 
Bchulte. managers) "Tbe County Chairman 
Bept 29, "Her. Own Way" Oct. 1, Ches^B, 
Hanford 4, 
Woman" 10. 

l'Mrrnluirir The Academy of Music (C. 

A. Bass, loco) manager) was dark week of 
Bept. 24. "Tbe County Chalrmnn" Oct. 5. 

__ie Girl and tbe Governor," 8-13. 

Columbia (Luckett A Dwyer, managers).— 
This week, Florence Roberts, In "The strength 
of tbe Weak." Last week "The Heir to the 
Hoorah" scored a success. "The Clansman" 

ger). — Al. Reeves* Beauty Show, Bept 24-20, g.j3 p 

presented the best looking and most credit- Bblasco (L. Stoddard Taylor, manager) — 
ably costumed chorus seen here for a long ThUj week vaudeville, consisting of Maggie 
time. The first part, entitled "The Beer Trust cnnc Mr8 , fituart Robson. Word- and Cur- 
Trial." gave J. Theodore Murphy and Ed. ran chevalier De Lorls, Dunkman, Bchlllcr 
Morris on onoortunlty for good comedy. In Troupe, Julia Fannen Donn, Kennedy and 
the olio the Great Alexanders, Fay, Cooley W llklns, and Ned Wayburn's Daisy Dancers, 
and Fay, Murphv and Wakefield, and Six httnt week the Great Lafayette Vaudeville 
European Bijoux Lady Acrobatic Dancers, all - 

scored big. Al. Reeves played the banjo anil 
sang several up-to-date parodies in bis old 
time form. The closing burlesque, "A Merry- 
Go-'Round," was beautifully staged, and con- 
tains good singing and dancing numbers, and 
was liberally applauded. Business Increased 
st every performance until tbe capacity of 
the house was tested. World Beaters 27-20, 
Rice ft Barton's Big Gaiety Oct. 1-3, Dainty 
Duchess 4-6, City Sports 8-10, Bon Tons il- 
Hmfikb (Chan. Zimmerman, manager). 

Co. gave twice a day performance*, to ex- 
cellent business. "Mrs. Temple's Telegram" 

Academy or Music (J. W. Lyons, mana- 
ger). — This week, Howard Hall, In "Tbe 
Millionaire Detective." Last week Cecil 
Bpooner, In "The Girl Raffles," bad crowded 
houses. Barney Ullmorfe, In "The Rocky 
Road to Dublin," 8-13. 

Majestic (Ira J, La Motte, manager). — 
This week, ''Lovers and Lunatics." Last 
week. "Tbe Hall Room Boys" played to ex- 
cellent business. "When Knighthood Was 

Toe Merry Makers last week gave a pleasing In flower" 8-13. 

performance, to very big business The show Nmw Lvcnuu (Eugene Kernan, manager). 

the Empire Burlesquers- Last 

«*drry Burlesquers gave Mtlsfac- 

adequate. Tbe.Brigadlers^Oct l-6. # m _ M t!on to b1g homes. Fay Foster Co. 8-13. 

,,,° s ,,' wnv' (Vt l Chas B performance, to very big business, xu snow Nbw lvcxum ( 

1 «Th? fitrl iW" 8 "ThJ One » well dressed, the women are good coking, _ffiS j£Efb 

I, Tbe Gin i atsy B, ine una tf ^ j scenery and electrical effects W wk tho Merrv 

°- _ . adequate. *The Brigadiers Oct 1-6.. .. _ . 2JT AtSSL 

TnitLiNsoN Hall. — "Tbe niue Moon," Sept. 
28. 20, featuring Jlmmle Powers. 

Wondbbland. — This popular outdoor amuse- 
ment enterprise closed Sept. 80 one of the 
most successful seasons of any park that ever 
run here. The advertising was ably bandied n 
by James L. Weed, who baa returned to bis ""' a 

Post In the same capacity at the Grand Opera ■ r,?.' NA pauk (Geo 

Note.— The Indiana State Federation of 
Labor occupied 184 of the beat seatB at the 
Oayety evening of Sept. 25, when Murphy 
ana Wakefield, of Al. Reeves' Beauty Show, 
composed end sang several verses to the air 
of "Mother, Mother, Pin a Rose On Me," 
using all the officers' nameB, which scored a 
tremendous success. Mr. Reeves was called 
before the curtain for a speech, and a Jolly 
good time wsb bad generally. 

Chabr's (Miss H. Wlnnlfred De Witt, 
manager). — This week : Ned Nye, Selma 
Braatz, Clair Bcasy's cats, Clarice Vance, 
Lew Hawkins, tbe Laoakaas, Yonng ana 
Brooks, and the vltagraph. Last week, Hou- 
dlnl's holdover engagement turned people 

_ QUI, manager).— 
This week closes the first season of this mag- 
nificent resort. The Bovetls Band, assisted 
by tho Galllanl Operatic Trio, in tbe Shell, 
and the Two Egertons on the Hippodrome 



Kvnnsviiir. — At the Grand (Pedley ft 
Burch, managers) "In Old Kentucky" Sept. 
2T. Macklyn Arbuckle. In "Tbe County Chair- 

Denver. — At the Broadway (B. F. He 
Court, manager) Fay Templeton, In "Forty- 
five Minutes from Broadway," pleased large 
bouses. Week of Oct. 1, "The Free Lance." 
■ Obpheuh (Martin Beck, general manager). 

Week of 1 : -Mary Normnn, La BreBlna, 


Who Is pictured above. Is manng 

; director 

,rff"S Wayne Stock Co.* 2-6. In ?■"» ra °' nl »». «» Helena. Terle,. Four 

••The Uttn, o, Love;* "Tbe Prince S PI.- »^^^£* i&SX&Sfar 

now* (Pedley * Burch. manngera).— "* Menig. from Mara" plajed lo gooi bull- 

Two er.orn.ou. crowd! for "Hooligan's Trip n ™ ' a »< "^.nif"? nh.iS, e i el[ 2,'.il~., 

Abroad." "She Look. Good to Fa&er" Sept. ...SPSSX MK5- JgW Wg>- Jg *S3}j= 

| "A Had Lo«" 80. "The Fa.t lull- Oct ^JSSA^US^.'^S^Si SSS 

Bijou (Geo. ielllnger, manager).— A .trong Fo 2r,.™ e f'." lU r5 M i>.i.— „...~.» Mfc. 

bill for la.t week Included: Lynn, Faj- an3 „. C „ U »J , » <*' ,"■. WS5u?SSSEl'3ffl! 

Young, Lew Well., Hender.on and fcoaa, Prof. Sign of tie Four la proving popular at All 

Ulitl'i Mnima lliFelnnlnn TamA* Pn»lni nnil HOUB0. 

SWWSa^SflSM S3B.".=r5.m«Cowlej;;nd «£ 
world. Mr. Stoll, who came to this country " 
for a week's atoy, returned to England Inet 

Alien h nogs, iiarniiKiuii, juiut-n ^.owiej, huu — =-r- /n , . . _. rt~~jt 

the bloscone Cbistai, (u. I. Adams, manager). — Good 

Tjfvrr _Tii*. N»i* Wniia fttini, ctmpcih to business ruled last week with Hie Four 

j2?!SrWj&$^?8Jft&JI"** ' Frank., Clandlne_lille, 1 _ Edward Huallner'. 

open Oct. 26, with "Tbe Ham Tree. 


■< rail ■>■, ijiiimiinv Riley, miwiu aunimi v 

dogs and sheep, Henry Kressler, and moving 


Tivoli (J. K. Clifford, manager). — The 

. , ■ Tlvoll Opera Co., In "Tbe Ameer, had good 

E&HPmSftffiiMiSZ&bSl m* m Wtt "The Staging Glr.-'thl, 

Anderaon. — At tbe Grand Theatre (Jos. E. 
HennlngB, manager) "The Arrival of Kitty " 







« i ■■ . * av w x... *». . /» - H, »»" 27 < "Unde Tom's Cabin" 29, 

Mobile.— At the Mobile Theatre (J. Tan- Rivers" Oct. 5. "The Isle of Spice" 18. 
nenbaum ft Jake Wells, managers) local talent Cbxstat. (W. W. McBwen, manager). — 

presented "Damon and rythlas" Sept. 25, to week of Sept. 24: Frank Hayden, Davis and 

good buRlpess. Utile Chip and Mary Marble, i) av | e( MrB . Bertha Coburn, In Illustrated 

& Wonderland," 27; "The Clanaman" 28. songs; tbe Broadway Four, and tbe klno- 

29, Yorke and Adams, In "Bankers and drome. 

Brokers," Oct. 1 ; "Mistakes Will Happen" Nom.—Jos. B. Hennlngs, former proprle- 

2* ,1a *Y! f ?'* B *? ret « 4 - M „ u £ ra . y „ aQd „ Mftck tor of the Hotel Anderaon, has leased the 

& l? h J> He !, p *<? tn 1 ?.- n °. or i h °t« How B " tcr Grand Hotel and Theatre for a term of years, 

nutted In" 8, "Forty-flve Minutes from BO d will Immediately assume the management. 

Broadway 10. *»•*««, .* Lon Branson will act as advertising manaaer, Winnipeg Stock Co., with a fine company, 

MONBOl Pahk TnBATBB (M. A. McDermott ant i chas. Wade will have chanre of tickets, opened 24, to good attendance, presenting 

manager).— The Leo Adde Onera Co. closed The hou8e i„ booked by Stair ft Havlln. tbe Maaqueradera. 

Winnipeg.— At the Auditorium (C. F. 
Walker, manager) 'The Sign of the Cross" 
played to two very large nouses Sept. 20. 
"The Devil's Auction" 26, 28. Louis James, 
In "The Merry Wives of Windsor," 28, 20. 

Winnipeg (W. B. Lawrence, manager), — 

Ihe world renowned Juggler, who has been 
taking Kurope figuratively off Its feet during 
his recent tour, has Just returned to this 
country, and will open his next American 
engagement at Hyde ft Uehman's, Brooklyn, 
N. X., on Oct. 8. He will ploy dates In this 
country until the middle of January, and will 
then sail for Germany, where he will open on 
Feb. 1, at tbe Wlntcrgarten, Berlin. Cinque- 
valll has become so Impressed with this coun- 
try that ho notltled hla Amorlcau representa- 
tive, Richard litrot, of his desire to Bet bnck 
some of bla European dotes contracted lor 
the rest of tbls year, and come here for a 
brief engagement, hence Mr. Pltrot's booking 
of his time from Oct. 8 to the middle of Janu- 
ary. Cinque vail! Is booked In England and on 
the continent for the neit three years, begin- 
ning in 11)07, at the end of which period It Is 
IiIb Intention to dispose of his property In 
Muriund and retire to private life In tbe 
United States, making his future borne In this 
country. This remarkable performer has been 
received with acclamation In every part of 
Ihe world, and ble feats have been commented 
upon and marveled at In the columns of 
newspapers wherever a printing prcBB Is to 
be found, long and varied articles descriptive 
of bis act reaching this office from time to 
time from European papers. It la with bil- 
liard cucb and balls that Clnquovalll accom- 
plishes tbe most wonderful balancing feats. 
Ills triple cue trick Is one of the finest things 
in Juggling ever seen. Another equally ex- 
clt'ng and difficult trick 1b the balancing of 
two baits on the end of a cue, and then, hold- 
lug in bis mouth a wine glass containing 
another ball, balancing tbe cue with the two 
balls upon that contained in the wine glass. 
A further trick requiring an Immense amount 
of skill Is the balancing of two super- Imposed 
billiard balls between n couple of cues held 
horl son tally, and then running tbe two balls 
up and down at will. His great feat of bal- 
anc'ng a suild Iron ball, weighing 481b, al- 
ways creates a furore of applause. He urst 
rolls tbls weighty article over and around 
his neck, back, oreost and arms, and then bal- 
ances It upon the end of a billiard cue. and 
hoisting the cue to the level of his forehead, 
balances It with the ball at the top. With a 
swift movement he Btrlkes away the support- 
ing cue, and ihe ball Is caught on the back 
or the neck with such deftness and precision 
as to break the fall and run easily down his 
back, and by a turning movement around hla 
body. It la not only that ho performs his 
wonderful feats with apparent ease, but bis 
charming grace and handsome appearance 
coupled with the playful comedy he Introduces 
with the aid of bis well-trained asalstant, 
make him, without doubt, tbe strongest at- 
traction on the vaudeville stage. Personally 
he is a gentleman always, and bis kind heart 
and genial manners have endeared to him n 
host of "Trleuds In every civilized laud under 
the run. 

their Summer Benson at tbls nouse Sept. 24, 
and will at once take the road for the Winter 

Notbh. — The advertlalng car of tbe Bar- 
num ft Bailey Shows Is here, and baa billed 

the town thoroughly for Oct. The 

trouble which has lieen pending for many 
months between the A. F. of M. and the mem- 
bers of tbe Mobile Theatre orchestra, has 
been amicably Bottled, and the house will be 
known In future as n strictly union house. 
Tbe orchestra Is composed of the following 
musicians ; John T. Kern Jr.. musical di- 
rector; Julia Kern, piano; Peter Gbbs, cor- 
net ; William Van Den Braake, clarionet ; 
Udwnrd J. Knlpper, trombone, and Al. Mon- 
roe, bass Sidney Levy, known profes- 
sionally as Sidney Lee, has arrived from 
New York, end will be assistant manager of 
tbe New Lyric Theatre. Mr. Levy has been 

Lafayette. — At the Grand (Geo. Marnier 
uack, manager] " 
the Flints 8-1.1 

bnck^ manager) "The Isle of Spice" Oct. 6, 

Fahilt (D. W. Maurice, manager). — Week 
of Sept. 24 : Felix Rice, Maboney Bros., 
Laura McDowell, Blossom Robinson, Olncy 
and Cunnlngbom and the bioscope. 
a i a 


Ft. Worth. — At Orcenwall'a Opera House 
(Phil W. Greenwnll, managerf Morgan- 
Pcpple Stock Co. opened Sept. 24, for six 
nights. In repertory, to a good house, "A 
Hot Old Time" 27, Black Pattl Oct. 1, "Mc- 
Fadden'a FlatB" 2, "King of Tramps" 8, 
Tim Murphy 4. "Lost in New York" 6. 

Dominion (D. Douglas, manager). — Fol- 
lowing for week of 24; Hal Davis and Inez 
McCnulcy, Vernon, the Gonsalea, Fred and 
Mae W'iddcll, the Bell Boy Trio, Irene D'Ar- 
vlllc and the klnodrome. 

Buou (Nash ft Burrows, proprietors). — 
Following for week of 24 : Emllle Walte, La 
Bord and Ryersou, Isidore Silver, Jos. White- 
bead and Grcereon Sisters, Geo. lllllraan, 
and the star attraction. Alblnl sad moving 

Uniqub Tiihatiib (NuBh ft Burrows, pro- 
prietors). — Business Is good. Moving pic- 
tures and Illustrated songs, 

London.— At the Grand (J. R. Stewart, 
malinger) vaudeville performances Sept. 28, 
20,. with. LJnd - 

Fields and Wooley, 

headllner, Including : 
John H. Hardy, Fran : 

quite successful on the stage. 'As Blind uJPfSSp JEKH #W5 manager)— celll and Lewis, deorglna Clark. Kelly and 

Jimmy, In "Human Hearts." *he toured the SS RL/SS £PtW%£%£ SSS A «*n»a. and Heuman Trio. Virginia Harned 

KEEXr'JSl w«* ..mi ».,*.«»,. mm* f n ™r. Sept. 24 and week. In the olio: Chas. Chase, comes Oct. 2. 

Pansy Wlcr. Klngsley and Kingsley, John H. Notes.— Bennett's will open Oct. 8. A 

Green, Parker nnd Florence, Rose Elliott, double staff of men are working day and 

Lettlo Colton, Martin Jackson Fay, Lulu De night to get the house ready by that date. 

Mar, Cooper Bisters, Fay Delmar, Pearl Gil- From present appearances it Is going to be 

more and Lulu Lawton. Business Is big. one of tbe prettiest theatres in Canada. Man- 

CnowN (Townsend Irwin, manager).— nger Drlscoll la busily engaged preparing for 

"Qrlt, the Nowsboy," was the stock offering the opening bill. A banquet w»f be given 

tho Harvest Days Are Over, Sept. 24 ; Nance 24 and week. In the olio : Baby Dot. Mae on the opening night to nil the house maua- 

O'Nell, in "Elizabeth. Queen of England,' 1 Chester, the Coynes, W. J. Kelly, Mr. and gere of Bennett's Theatrical Enterprises, 

und "School for Scandal, 26, 20, with mat- Mra. Fuller, Eognr Foran, Fannie Woods ' *~"~ — * — -"--' — -*- ' 
lnee, were favored with large and highly Baby Fuller, Hewlett and Willis Fessenden! 

Business la good, 

South and West, and received most favor 
able press notices. 

Si » 

Portland.— At tbe Jefferson (Cahn ft 
Grant, managers) Felix Honey, In "When 

Sully. In "The 

Mnxlno Elliott. 

6 leased audiences. Daniel 
[at cb ranker," drew well 27. 
In "Her Great Match," 28, 20, with special 
Saturday matinee, fared well. Wright Lorl- 
nicr presents "The Shepherd King" Oct. 1-6. 
with a single performance of n 'Tho Wild 

,'ternoon of 4. 
opens an engagement 8. 

Notes.— The Carl Hagenback Show Sept. 
20 Rlogllng Bros. Oct 11. 

newspaper men, directors, attaches, etc. It 
Is expected tbat E. F. Albee and Jule Del- 
mar, of the United Booking Agency of New 
York, will be present at the opening. 

. i.i... m f ■■ M — 

St. John. — At the Opera House (A. 0. 

Houston.— At the Houston Theatre (Mau- Skinner, manager) "Human Hearta" Sept. 28, 

Kiek" aJSaaaasF at ? "'Pann Cod VoiVi" rice c - Mlchenls, manager) Billy Kersands' 20, Dominion Moving Picture Co. Oct. 1-S, 

nSaTBSLa&t Capo Cod Folk. M , t . fie n. ^4, had fw/ top hWhousel SflWKkmWVV 

'The King of Tramps," 20, despite heavy on- 

Ponii.AND (J. 13. Moore, manager).— Bin „„,.,,„„ -S.J „i„jKy. "i, »*!y u .™Ii °", 
week of 1 : Creaaey and Dnyne, the Monhlr., ?? 8 Tlm'M ,rnh» 5« % McFalWen • p '"« 
BrXr*.° d .nd , KU*»U™ "" 1 COre1 "' W " Mystic % n k 8 Sturjl., manager).- ~.Hl&=3*m£Wr* JBTatT. WU' ** 

11, "A Village Parson" 12, 18. 

Yobk (R. j. Armstrong, managers- 
will remain dark for a few weeks. 

at fltv Hull H The InRnprtnr nnwimn ing • J "^ 11 LDllflghan and Jenny St. George — — 

Circus, MaBter Sinter, Al. Leonhart, Phyllis 
Alteo'and the Mojeetogroph. 

liSS «£ Bar,le and Hawe8 - lEvaanBwnc^ w«e m«^Ki K&J&-& m*&* 

we I billed.... .Carl Hagenbeck's Shows for Sept. 24-26. "Ruled Off the Tu?f 27-29, 

Oct. 1G . .. Actor Hlgbtowor'e slayer was "The Dell Boy" 1-8. 

released on S2.G00 ball, recently, as no one 

following appear In the Maine music f estiva I 
(Win. R. Chapman, conductor), at City nail, 
8-10: Hchumann-Helnk, Kelsey. Duce, Miles, 


.. the Russell Theatre (.'■ 
Gorman, manager) "A Trip to the Highlands" 
28, 29, Robert Mantel! Oct. 1-4, "Red 
Feather" 6, 8. 

Gsand Opbua Hodhb (R. J. Blrdwhlfltle, 

Untie. — At tbe Broadway Theatre (J. K, 
' 21-. r " 

lleslet, mnnngcr) "Checkers," Sept. 21-23, . 

played to audiences that were willing to ance against ball. 

stand. The business was well deserved. 

Roaclan Opera Co., 24, In "Fra Diavolo." 

drew n good bouse. Underlined, 'The Maid 

and the Mummy" and "The Holy City." 

appeared against him and the prosecuting Quebec— At the Auditorium (Conrad 
attorney having no witnesses on hand (all Bodden, manager) Clark Brown has leased 
being in New York), could offer no resist- this house and lias appointed Conrad Badden 

as his local manager. Tho house has been 
renovated, and all is In first dais order. A 

- "uufBi™, null an IB III hi-hi cia» UHIM. « 

Dalian. — At the Dallas Opera House (Geo number of tbe leading attractions have been 

Anzy, manager) Cole and Johnson Sept 24 booked. 

2 V™-. t «" ld ii Ti, 5f"2 8 -# ™ 8t * Calhaw-lsieai At tbe Grand Opera 

.-Week of »;« Lulu Button ^W^^^^W^Si WX& ^J^SSS $$."£ 

GnANn Opera Hours ( Dick P. Sutton, 


ing- naturca or TUB CMPPHH will be 
Inserted nt theve nrleeat 
. Single Column f.T.50 

Double Column flB.OO 

bufilnesrairweek. .BeYween the actsT Cora UonVey 'dr^rthe^erxaa, Vox and^uball. 
Morris, Lo Noir Hubbel, Master Ball and the Duffy, Sawtelle and Duffy, Chas. Ward and Oct 1 
great sister team, Jessie Dnle and Lillian moving pictures. www »na w* ' 

Crcu Park TnBATBB (Chas. it. McAdame 
manager).— Spooner Dramatic Co. opened 24. 
to good business. 
Lakk " 

gerbread Mar?' 20, "Her First False Step" 


familt (F. Neleonla, manager). — Week 
of 22, this house did exceptionally well, show- 
ing Harry Richards company, Clark s Dog 
and Monkey Circus, Devlin and Udwards, 
Hlva Brothers, Mays and Hunter, Billy 
Moore, Martha Harrington and the motion 


km Cliff Cahino (C. A. Mangold, man- .-. J » ok "°»— At the Century Theatre (W. 
ager).— The Casino Opera Co., in popular ii $*>™ htll] < m "]ogcr) "Foxy Grandpa" fur- 
operas, continues to please. 3L 8ned . ? * ood evening's entertainment Sept. 

24. Adde Opera Co. 28, "Wonderland"' 

NoTia : — Cnl Hagenbeck's Circus Oct. 1. St eT 
Rlogllng Bros." Circus Oct. 8. Oct. 2. 

MI. F€nTOR€S of me speCKLY SJfOJP. 

•■■■ ■'•• 

Jfuya three Ale Jiusbxnds re/oycj'ng . 

' Jt't. Stna/Bi'diinchjriASs N'2.BhhopBSwudde frSW-Dnnkwilar 
(II.Guy Woodward) (M*PkSmi}h) (RoyAtwell) 

preauhcna to propter- Am MuAles. RertThrocmoi'Toh (feo, 
B*cku3)suipcc?3 the Colonel as Mother likely SUitvr. 

Mme Ghill as 'Mry/tontytmety 

» Lcn _■==-&. 

Msssff^^ss^$sS^ APicromi miEPcpyomm/wr: l ^^ss^^^s^^^. 

Muttm* Clover Aprany Miss Plover 
&rryUM»J>r <M&A* tismeMiHa 

IrtZ&nilhers Si.flstJuna WiMetGitliAU arid Cumpiny feddic fltfrislbrmer tteichar HMnolo P*tsy 

JohnW*nen jAckCnwhrd trznltie Btdlcy ■ JihnManning JUtt/a Mills CWilbur 

Ge0.2i.B&IcheHeT> j oe j^ ynn ftmkieBiilay Mceaxtd Waters Utile AmyBuMei* Jbtm fanning. 


Miff <mff.Mfil81£R$ BOSTON mZ68. 



October g. 




The most accomplished 
contortion hand balancer 
Id the world. 

I also present to managera 

tho following high ■clam 

The world's greatest Bicycle Acrobats and Btair- 
case Jumpers, fl In number. 

Russian Singers and Dancers. B In number, direct 
from Nonvean Cirque, Paris, France. 8 In number. 


10 In number, carrying 8 people. 


Address all communications to 


Care of Great Wallace Shorn, as per route. 
N. I!.— These people were Imported to tola 
country direct from Europe this Spring by Mr. I). 
E. Wallace. . 





Open for engagement. 



Anlninr*', Pa. 





Singing and dancing specialty, Including contor- 
tion work. Both have first class wardrobe. Prefer 
joint engagement. Address 

DOTTIE GREENE, 1&t N. Villi St., Phlla., Pa. 


PASSES, CAUDS, Ktc. Write for Btmpill 

Webb Ptk. Co.. 858 Dearborn Bt, Chicago, in 




$6.50r Kll ||lOO RO Jft!o , A' r o n o co M 

VVtlf Oamluftuu of Plays id(1 
■■W MnVo Up for profes- 
sionals ittiit amateurs, Bent on 
SK A FITZGERALD, 20 Ann 8t., Now York. 

O. A. 


I.MlhHt., N.V. 

Mfr. of ojnroaatlo Apparatus. 885 ... nHI »..,»... 
formorly of 118 K. lath 8t. liorlrontal tiara, leap, 
log boards and bars, barrels, crosses, globes, etc- 

(Patented In IT. s. and foreign countries) 

is the combination in a small, neat, 
strong and durable structure of a 
wonderful automatic stropping de- 
vice in a safety razor. The blade is 
not removed for stropping, cleaning 
or for any other purpose until it is to 
be discarded for a new blade. Gives 
a safe, cool, smooth, close or medium 
shave at will, because the blade is al- 
ways in a sharp, perfect condition. 
Easily cleaned clean in an instant. 

Stropping is done automatically in the expert barber way 
by mechanical means which are sure and scientific in the hands 
of any inexperienced man. 

This razor will shave as well without stropping as any other 
safety razor and infinitely bttter with it. 

It is easier to strop this razor than change the blade in any 
other, and each automatic stropping saves a new blade. 

Twelve blades last a lifetime. 

Complete, in handsome case, with strop and twelve blades, 

No Honing. 
Automatic Stropping. 


For sale everywhere, or delivered 
anywhere, expreaB prepaid, upon receipt 
of $5.00. 

We want every man to have an op- 
portunity to use this razor, and it is sold 
subject to 30 days' trial. 

Money promptly refunded without 

?l uestion if razor is not entirely satis- 

Auto Strop Safety Razor Co. 

Sol* Manufacturer! 

Department 18 

330 IlroBcltvay, Hew York. 




Suit* 327 Schutt* Bldrj., 1209 Grand Ava. 
Western Hoadqnartera for Dramatlo People. Visit our office when In Kansas City. Have your mall 
addresHod In our oare. Desk room for the transaction of business. MANAGERS, write or wire when 
you want people. WR WANT JUVENILE LEADING MAN, two Ohar. Men, with specialties; Obar. 
Comedian, with specialties; Versatile Leading Woman, Heavy Woman, G. B. Woman. 4 Singing 
and Dancing Boubrettes. All Repertoire I'eoplo write quick, loll all: don't misrepresent. 

,* v . . . A l*. MA li IN HOK, M« 






Whit memories the words awaken! 
Toey don't hate soon good limes 
now-a-dayi. In tUt production 
weiuow the rati thing, taken In 
t (julel Hew England village lar 
bom the maddening throng. And 
that there In mora Inn to the square 
lnoh, orowded Into this film, than 

J ton ever telore biw In your wholo 
lie. II yon mlaa the school- 
muter running down the road to 
the Excelsior Hose House, with 
hit coaltaila aire, you will miss 
the heartiest laugh yon have had 
In years. Del It quickly. It'a I 


WANTED, A 4 NI1H8E! - - 7»6ft. 

The New "P.HOHl." 


The Flying Haebltie Comedy, 

A TROLLEY HOLD-UP, - 473(t. 

Taken lu California. 


Tho New "Moonshine*-," 

Cruise of tho Gladys, WSOft.; Looking for 
John Smith, Mlfl,; No Wedding Bells, 
KWft.; The Masquoraders, fiTWt.; Tho 
Night of the Parly, 4B6fL; The Paymas- 
ter, «2ft.; The Tillage (int-i:p, 576ft. 


»t. Lonla.— At the Garrlck (Daniel 
PlBhcll, manager) "The Greater Love" In- 
troduced Aubrey Bouclcault last week. The 
supporting company wag excellent, and In- 
cluded : (Trace Beats, who was very clever as 
Lb Mandlna: Mary Fetters, Kathleen Kin- 
sella. May Abby, Frederick Weber, Oeorge 
Leach, Samuel u. Merrill, Theo. Dlera and 
others. "The Love Route/' with Odette Ty- 
ler and a big cast, tbls week. 

Centuri (P. Short, manager). — Chauncey 
Olcott, In "Eileen Astbore," was the offer- 
ing last week. The play deals with a pretty 
romance, and affords plenty of opportunity 
for Mr. Olcott's new songs, suug by himself. 
The scenery was particularly beautiful, espe- 
cially tbAt for the second act Florence Les- 
ter, a remarkably beautiful young woman, 
played Eileen O'DonneU effectively. Other 
capable members were : Mildred Beverly, 
Wllla Keys, Gertrude Stanley, George Leaaey, 
Richard Dillon, Arthur Jarrett, Charles 
Ogle, Quincy C. Bass and others. " 'Way 
Down East,'' with Cherts? Davis, this week. 

Olympic (F. Short, manager). — "Ben Hur" 
began a two weeks' engagement Sept. 24, and 
Judging from the attendance last week it 
will be a record breaking run. The new Ben 
Hur, A. II. Van uuren, made a pleasing 1m- 

{iresalon. John E. Ince Jr. was the Messale. 
[obert McWade jr., the Slmontdes. Among 
the new comers, Margaret Dills, as the 
mother of Hur, made the best Impression. 
Robert Loralne, in "Man and Superman," 

Guam) (John G. Sbeebey, manager) .— Al. 
H. Wilson, In better voice than ever. In "Metz 
In the Alps," was the attraction last week. 
Mr. Wilson's new play Is by far the best he 
has had yet, there being ample opportunity 
to display bis splendid talent, both as 
actor and vocalUt. He Is a decided favorite 
here, and waa the recipient of a warm wel- 
come at each performance. The supporting 
company was a good one, and Included Ger- 
trude Ferry, Ross O'Neal, Fred Mower, Julia 
Batrhelder, Mary Milburn and others. "Fan- 
tasraa" Sept. 80-Oct. 6. 

Havlin'h (Wm. Garen, manager). — 
Charles T. Aldrlcb, In "Secret Service Sam," 
played to capacity houses last week. The 
play lg abundantly supplied with surprises 
ana thrilling climaxes, and the scenic effects 
are good. The supporting company Included : 
Ethel Davis, Lilly While, Gilberts Faust, 
Harry Cowley, Tho a. Charles and others. 
"Everybody WorkB But Father" this week. 

Imperial (D. E. RusBell, manager).- 1 — "Big 
Hearted Jim, ' attractive for Its naturalness, 
was on view last week. Charles Gardner, son 
of the famous German singing comedian, of 
the same name, was seen In the star role. 
Mr. Gardner is an actor of unusual ability. 
Harriet Lee, tbe leading woman, and Jessie 
Stevens were prominent among tbe support- 
ing company, which Included : John Abbot, 
Barle Stirling, Herman Lester, Claire Wal- 
lace and others. "Queen of the White 
blnveB" tbls week. 

Oayety (O. T. Crawford, manager). — The 
Jersey Lilies Extravaganza Co. waa the offer- 
ing Inst week, to large business. Fannie 
Vedder, Ida Gladstone. Sam Soda and Harry 
Woods were among tbe burlesquera. Tbe olio 
included : Wllllnm Baker and Grace Robin- 
son, Woods and Green, Frank Millar, the 
Bowens and others. Hone Hill Folly Co. 
thl 'i week. 

Globb (H. E. Rice, manager). — Last 
week: The Musical Russells, the Keiths, the 
Burler'B, Edith Blaney, Lulu Besselmao, Il- 
lustrated song and new moving pictures. 

Columbia (Mlddleton A- Tate, managers). 
— Maule Bnrrlsou and Joseph E. Howard, In 
a condensed musical comedy, entitled "The 
Wrong Decision," were the headllners last 
week, and they made a most favorable im 
iireaslon. Others: The Four Nevaros, Henri 
French, Palfrey and Iloeller, Cameron and 
Flanagan, George Wilson, Blmm, Bomm, 
U-r-r-r, Katheryn Pearl and the klnodrotne. 

Standard (Leo Rauchcnbacb. manager). — 
The management offered the Brigadiers last 
week. In Mr. Dooley On the Empire Cir- 
cuit" Vaudeville consisted of: Six Wel- 
frleds. Sisters Mullln, Lester and Moore,' 
Sherman and Fuller, and Tim Healy. The 
Yankeo Doodle Dandy chorus was one of 
the big hits of the show. Edmund Hays 
and the Jolly Girls this week. 

Lump's Park. Carnival la enjoying tre-- 
mcndouB patronage. Some of the acts on 
view last week Included : Alvarado, Ward 
Trio, llellhofer's Alpine Todlera, Prof. 
Woods' dog and pony show and fourteen side 

The Jai Alai Roller Rink opened Sept. 
2(1, to fine business. This rink is well estab- 
lished as tbe finest and most popular rink In 
the city, and no doubt will enjoy the same 
targe patronage aa It did last year. 

Notbh.— Countess- Elsie De TourneyvIIIne- 
baugh has arrived In St. Louis to read a new 
play by a St. Louis author, entitled "The 
Hciiutirtil Blond," which will be added to 

her repertoire Announcement for the 

opening of the German Theatre at the Odeon 
Is made for Oct. T. Only one performance 
a week will be given, on Sunday nights. 
Vllma Von Hobcuau, Victoria Welb-Markhom, 
Louis Fell man. Alexander Duebner Martin 
Dudel, linns Loebel and many other old 
favorites will be with the company. The 
management hopes to hove a permanent home 

for their company next Beason The 

promoters of the White City Co., who have 
their eye on the old fair grounds for a site, 
have met with no encouragement from the 
North side people — in fact, the North end is 
unanimously opposed to the proposed place. 
The reasons for the opposition are that the 
wooden buildings proposed would be fire 
traps, and that undesirable persons would be 
drawn to the neighborhood. 

.*♦♦ r 



Brannigan Sets Off the Blast, 212ft. 




KLK1NK OPTICAL. CO, t Chicago, 




Mitt W. PICO ST., LM Angola*, <al. 

Seattle. — At the Grand Opera House (John 
Cort, manager) Itlcbarde & Prlngle's Min- 
strels did big buslnesa Sept 10-18. "The 
noyal Chef" had capacity bouses 21-23. HI 
Henry's MlnetrelB 28, 29, "Checkers" 80- 
Oct. 3, "The Maid and the Mummy" 4-0. 

Seattle (RubbcII & Drew, managers). — 
For 16 and week, "A Mad Love" baa excel- 
lent attendance. "Uncle Josh Perkins" 23 
and week, "The Convict's Daughter" 30 and 
week. "The Holy City" next 

Tiunn Avbnuh (Russell & Drew, mana- 
gers). — Tbe Taylor Co. opened the Beason 10, 
In "Tbe White Tigress of Japan." The at- 
tendance continues up to standard. For 23 
and week. "Escaped from the Harem ;" "New 
York by Night" 30 and week. "Queen of tbe 
Highway" next. 

Star (E. J. Donellan, manager).-— New peo 

Sle 24 and week : Lillian Chic, Summers and 
lullnny, J. C. Nugent, Elliott, Edward 
ltocach, Chun. A. Loder and moving pictures. 
On I'll hum (T. J. Consldtne, manager). — 
New people 24 and week : Blair and McNulty, 
Sam liood, Josephine Sumner, Bccbod, Wes- 
ton and Beeson, Lew Palmer, Geo. F. Keani 
and moving pictures. 

Norn. — The Btock company for the New 
Lois Theatre will be headed by Alleen May 
and Ralph Cummlngs. Tho opening date has 
not yet been announced. 



Charlotte — At the Academy of Music 
"The Little Duchess" bad fair business Sept. 
24. "Human Hearts" 28, Jefferson boys 20. 

John Robinson's Shows played to two 
packed tents Sept. 20. 


Edwa C. Burnett writes: "I saw my name 
Included recently In the roster of the Fay 
Foster Burlesque Co. 1 wish to say I am not, 
and never have been, connected with that 
company. At present I am with 'The Two 
Johns' Co., doing my specialty, and playing 
one of tbe leading parts." 

(oaiio ..rC 




Trv Thnm T Tt T(1U can't buy Chic- 
irj 1 lie Hi; lets in your neighbor- 
hood send us ten cents for a nample 
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/aoo ^ 


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gmtolltt free OB reqocaL 

max.. CHICACQ_ 


M. 8TRA88MAN, 

attounky. 8S8 Broadway. Nasr York City. 




Nans prou Michigan Cut, Ind.— The 
Central States Thcntro Co. having opened Its 
remodeled theatre at Racine and the redecor- 
atcd Bchnarta Theatre, In Wnukegan, and 
Its house at La Porte, hai now turned to the 
completion of a new and modem theatre at 
Michigan City, lnd.. which, from all Indlca- 
romnany la becoming more popular than ever. , [onB wU i ^ completed early In November, 
in engaging the company this season Mr. , n d w m represent the outlay ol oyer 
Keller got 0" 1 ? the beBt PeoP'e. * ai now dm , 60 ,ooo.OO. The building Is beautifully de- 

Bkvwgr ,*,,._ L. af rwMiiilar nrleft attractions T. --. -_-■ . .-.» T. 

jorjj ot Flayers, 

bhtboWw through the South, and the 
UIK ._-_., i. hn-nm ni* more nflnuir than ever. 

been "wildcatlnc'' ttaWllh OblB. WW l» ^["J,.fj to the largest buslnesslo the 

jSySS'Ks. 5raa* l sSr y&^& Mfaj «**»» o^m^j^n. 

nne of the beat popular price attractions 
that ever toured the South, and so far have 
vWn nlaylng to record breaking business. We 
nSJed "omerSet, Ky. (fair date) to more 
money than any two companies have done 
there oq week engagements. On our opening 
nieht in a downpour of rain, we were forced 
tn turn over two hundred people away, as 
„' ™ -air in the house was sold In the after- 
noon and the gallery was Oiled In less than 
thirty minutes after the doors were open. 
During the week the house wbb Bold out at 
5n>h oerf jrnaance and the week's engagement 
was the UnHt In the hlatory of the house. 
Mr. ShSnj «$» I 'HTorlte In the South 

signed Rnd constructed Tn accordance with 
all the Indian* State laws regarding con- 
struction, and all the moat modern safety 
appliances known have been arranged for. 
The building Is of atone and the best pressed 
brick and frou. Seating capacity .1 to be 
1.202. Stage, ality-one feet wall to wall, 
from curtain line to back wall, thlrty-flve 
feet ; height to gridiron, sixty feet ; apron of 
stage, two feet. Twelve large dressing rooms, 
each equipped with hot and cold water and 
other mtoern conveniences for the comfort 
of the players, have been arranged for. A. 
H. Andrews' new modem opera chelrs have 
been, purchased, and the entire theatre will 

vanla. ' Unjustly Condemned," "A Pomr 
ate Crime," "East Lynne" and "The Little 
Church Around the Corner'* will be Borne of 
the pieces presented. The company support- 
lug Mlas be Leon will Include: Margaret 
Paul, Malel Fisher, Etta Pence, F. L. Davis, 
Harry Do Leon, Oscar Burns, D. Frank White, 
Chas. E. Ern and Scott Anderson. Thomas 
J. Keefe, odvance agent. „. ,_ 

Tat Youno, enaracter comedian and banjo 

ss^asssj^ iS:¥lllS:ni^E 

recelvelts Oral performance Not. 1, In New Jj""/"^?,,* .Oracle P«k. The con": 

YOrk CUV. .. . ... _■-*- I .-1 ... IV.»nw I. mm #AllnW« • 

roduccd this season an aa 
itreet Singer," "Carmen, 
Why "lie Divorced Uer." "The City of New 
York." "Lighthouse Robbery." "Down East 
Folks," "Yankee Bess" and othora. Every 
play 18 produced complete, with apeclal scen- 
ery, and electrical effects, a sixty toot car- 
load of scenery alone being carried. Thos. 
ScbaeBcr, formerly of tlie New York Hippo- 
drome, baa charge of the electrical effects, 
which constat of the moat complete equip- 
ment, ever attempted by any repertory com- 

J*nri we 'are looking forward to a successful bVpufMtiy "arranged "aa" regards to the leat- 
oeflson as the company is much stronger than i n g capacity. The decorations will be rich 

last aeasoiL 

We also played to big busl- 
ln Chattanooga, Tenn. Tom Whit. 
joined last week at Somerset, as musical di- 
rector and bo far this season this la the 
inlv chauge that has been made. Last year 
tire como'ny remained the same all during 
the season, with the exception of one and 
Mr Kelley has engaged most of the old peo- 
ple again thla season. The company Is now 
Suing" outb over the K. 4 E. circuit, where 
It la booked to June." 

Itosran or Stetson's (Wbstebn) "U. T. 
C'Ci-Wm. Kibble, manager; U. P. Luce, 
business manager; C. D. Wade, advertising 
aaont: C. V. Ackerman, stage manager; C. 
a Morrill, band master; Frank Galgano, 
musical d rector; Mamie Kibble, eftrtle 
Sild Bay Roae, L. Maurice Nlckerson, Frank 
IWyer. s: W. Nlckerson, F. B. Wlllard, O. L. 
Henry. C. G. Bowinan,_Claud_Dowlln»;^Cha8. 

Rtan and Douglas are In tbelr fifth week 
with S. W. PaBcoe's "She Looka Good to 
Father," a musical farce comedy. They re- 
port doing nicely and excellent business for 

BonrI P Ll''si»arjl«, lete of "The Sports- 
man" Co.. baa signed with Rice A Conley. to 
do Wilfred Caaplre, In "The Scout a Re- 

and effective. Turkey red, gold and white 
being the Central States Theatre Company a 
standard decorative colorings. There will he 
eight boxes and two balconies. A name ror 

"liiHlUBejAia ot Pauline Phelps »nd Marlon 
The uiri 

WlngfleuV, Ed. Rowland, _-— _ - 

Frank Oa/xolo represent the Central States 

Theatre Co., and are the owners of all the 

Notes from thb "Oct in Idaho" Co. — 
Out of over two hundred anawera to our 
"ada." In Thii Clippie, Mr. Chamberlain 
has selected the strongeat cast be haa had 
alnce the Brat production of "Out In Idaho, 
and with well known people. The attraction. 
Is under the direction of Ed. F. Adams & Co., 
and Is booked solid through Canada, over 
the Sherman circuit to the Coast, and back 

wiu"us'e"a"8 Vvehicle this season for bis alar, 
Adelaide Thurston, have been going on for 
the past ten daya. Miss Thurston opens her 
annual tour at Bradford, Pa., Monday, Oct. 
1. Following la the roster for the eeaaon: 
Llrile Ktndall, Jesslo Church. Maude Ross- 
more, James R. McCann, George Sylvester, 
James W. Shaw. Leo Hardman, Robert Bid- 
den, James H. Johnson, Edward Thomas B, 
K Martin, business manager ; Robert Sldaell, 
stage maaager ; M. J. Wilkes, agent. 
FnAsK and Same Habeioan are with 
Peck's Red Boy" Co., making tbelr aecond 

Collins, Frank May, Tom Bry- 

-1,1(1,--- Rrl. Retters, Geo. 


ant, John .Roy, Boy feutler._Ed. Betters, Geo. 

?^&sasSffi *smarz^L^ 

set: L. J. Morton, advance representative 
H. E. Qase, stage manager; Guy Desmona. 
business manager; Mrs. Morton, musical di- 
rectress; Ralph A. Romeo, Art. Bankln, Ft. 
L. Mllllgan. James H. Thorne. J. Henry 
Turner, Horry Wheeler, Frank Merton, Wal- 
ter Chiton, Lou Lawrence. Bonnie Mycr 
Thome, Lillian Morton, and Mist, a nrlze 

Irish setter, owned by Mr. Chamberlain, 

which plays an Important part. 

M. F. Ketchum and Lillian Montbose 
were married at West Union, la., Saturday, 
n the lends wltn 
's Mr. Ketchum's 
After the 

ESN "Cowboy Gibl" Co.— E. R. W he an, 
manager ; Madle De Long, Anna Gardner. Bert 
Crowell, Grant Mallory, Percy A. B»rlow, 
Dan A. Andersen, O. D. Carlyle, Jesse G SI. 
Ollck, Manning Trio, Bernlce Cool, Marie 
Ilcnten, Ellner Holmes, MIbs Oorden, Myrtle 
Ryan, musical directress. Tbe show Is dalng 

,v. Jam'ea Bowlln, Fred May, 
RTSTimanda Eneley, Bertha Anderson, Fan- 
nie Deary, Ida Deary, Neral Blany, Elsworth 
Conklln, Harry McDonald and Red Crawley 

E s! WlLLABD will begin his fifteenth 
tour of America at His Majesty's Theatre, 
Montreal, Oct. 1. The dramatic novelty Is 
Michael Morton's play of "Colonel Newcome, 
dramatlMd from Thackeray's "The New- 
comet." A large part of rfr. Wlllard'a va- 
cation hae been given up to preparatlona for were married a 
the adequate production ot .this play, and Sept. 8. Both are 
he believes that be haa secured an excep- Angell'B Comedians. This 
ttonillT effective cast. Mr. Wlllard will vafy fourth season with the company. 

SSfeVS. 'exto-nslve' £S{ tS^jWSfegS fflSJaffSS 

These will Include: "The Man Who Was," beautiful presents were received by tbe newly K™ l 1 ™LtJ»5 l 

USTB bleT,To t 'be nunt'hy": SeTtor'nTo'V 'a" 'well _kli author. I was 
Arthur Nelaon, director ef tbe Whlttaker at- 

Abthu'b Nflson opens hla season In "The 
Oovemor's rnrdon" at Port Huron, Oct. 0. 
Bert Jncobl will have charge ot the advance, 
with II. R. Schutter as assistant. 

Roy O. Mtebs writes that he closed 

"The' Prof easor's Love Story" and T The Mld- 

lBt be Mns. Vicion Stond (Babette 
Bheld'on) write : "We have scored another 
big success In the Mlttenthal Bros.' produc- 
tion, 'The House of Mystery.' playing, re- 
spectively, tbe roles of Slippery Dick and 
Liz Saunders. Our specialties In the second 
and third acts are nightly received with 

il .....I 111.,,- Uli,,l,l,,n'ij Clik 1 lltll' Ml' 

ovations, and Miss Sheldon's toe dancing Roy O. Mtetib writes that ne cmseu » 
likewise gains tremendous applause. Three yery pleasan HUM of «ty-two i «ee ks with 

likewise gal— --,.— -. 

to-stx calls are the usual marks ot the audi- 
ences' favor." , 

TRACTIONS, playing J'Uncle Tom's Cahln. — 
We closed a successful tenting season 
ac Danville, 111., Sept 25. Rehearsals will 
then begin for Mr. Sherman'B rural comedy- 
drama, "My Friend from Arkansas," for 
which we -will carry special scenery. The 
concert band and orchestra will be retained 
on the Winter tour, on our special car, Viola. 
The tour will include central West and the 
Pacific coast. _ _ 

Mll». Yvonne Fibbd and Eric C.ihhi no- 
ton have Blcned with Halton Powels 
scenic production of "Hearts ABtray,' Mile. 
Ferre playing the lead, and Mr. Cnrrlngton 
playing the character heavies. Both report 
success. ,„ .. _ 

Chab. F. Rhodes and wifb (Grace Man- 
Dcll) have sinned with "A Breezy Time 'as 
manager and soubrette, respectively, hddle 
L. Clemens has also signed with that attrac- 


We closed our tenting season at Huron, 0. 
Mr. and Mra. Jas. O'Harn (Cecil Watson) 
are visiting the mother of Mrs. O'Hara, at 
Nashville, Tenn. The Winter BeaBon of the 
company opened in Tennessee Sept. 24. 

Clabbncu Auskinob writes: "I am still 
with the Tom MarkB Stock Co., as business 
manager. Tola makes my second Benson with 
Mr. Marks. We are playing to packed houses 
every night" .. .. 

Francis J. Stbatton is In his seventh 
week with Aubrey Mittenthal's "How Hearts 
Are Broken" Co., playing the character part 
of Blind Bill. The Bhow, we are Informed, la 
doing a fine business through the South. 

Notes mom thb Chab. K. Champun Co-— 
Wo carry twenty-live people and nine special- 
ties. Harry E. McKee Is making the greatest 
hit of his career in hU character uhanges, and 
Baby Jack McKee Is the talk of every town 
wo play. Alma Rutherford Is winning new 
laurels with her English songs. The Lester 
Brothers, In their feats of strength and new 
comedy act, are pleasing all. The Little 
Crelghton Sisters are charming, and Lulu 
Morrison, mirror dance; the Peper Twins, 
Harry Starr and Miss Warfleld. come In for 
their share of praise, making the show one 
of the strongest on the road. Our business 
has been phenomenal. "His Pale Face 
Squaw," by Mr. McKee, Is one of the features 
or the company, and has never had a poor 
house, proving Its drawing powers. 

M. C. Roads, dosed with the Madison 
Square Co. (playing stock) In the Air Dome, 
at Coffey vllle, Kan., after a season of nine 
weekB, and has Joined "Two Merry Tramps, 
doing eccentric comedy. 

the Oiman Stock Co.. In Parkersburg, W. Va. 
on *.ug 2, and has Joined the Murray & 
Mackcy & as musical director, for this 


In the Blxtb wceek of our eighth consecutive 
season over the same territory, " 

" Jack Kbnneot hns srgned'witrT Victor II. 
Shafer, to play the part of Dave Word ley. in 
"A Square DeaL" Helene L. Wnrde will fin- 
ish her stndles at her home In Toronto, un- 

E raL?«Ul "I -W. to thank the 
many managera very kindly lor the many 
offers received UrouBb my recent ad. In your 
Invnluablo paper. I am now play Ins scol- 
lops, soubrette role, In 'A Poor Relation Co., 
, . , ,,, Next 
.1 was 
granted a divorce from Melvlllo A. nuser, 
professionally known aa Howard Melville, 
now known as Bert Born. The divorce waa 
granted at Sioux Falls, B. D." 

The Cmbencb Sistubs wrlto : "lie hire 
canceled our time In vaudeville, and signed 
with Will J. Block, (or the production ot fUc 
Land ot Nod.' doing our specialty ana the 
work ot the Four Madcaps (whose place we 

and so far 

were never sn good, and the B. R. O. , I Ign 
has been very frequently uaed. We «re bet- 
ter equipped than ever before with Bpecliil 
scenery. Our specialties and our Illustrated 
songs are n feature. ... ,. ., 

Billy Hall, comedian. Is with the torn. 
nctt-Moulton (Ea 8 tcrn\ Co. His wife (Line 
I'ray) will Join him shortly 

K V. Cabteb, manager of the Carter Stock 
Co.. has signed E. M. Greene as business man- 
ager of the compaay. , _, 

Escott iNO Cline, managers of May 
Stewart, wrlto from New Orleana that Mlea 
Stewart'^ seaao; opened Sept, 20, wltn 
an elaborate production of "Aa Yon Like It, 
carrying fourteen people. 

Amono the players engaged for Eleanor 
Itobaon's company are: H. B. Warner, the 
son of Charlea Warner; Reuben Fax, Erncut 
Malnwarlng, A. O. Andrews, Leslie Kenyon, 
W. A. Hackett, Haasard Short, Essex Dane 
aad Ada Dwyer. ' 
begun rehearsals „ 
first of the ten plays _. 

Maodbssi De Vebb, who for the paat two 
seasons was with the Keeney Stock Co., has 
joined that companv again this year, for 
leads and heavies. She writes : "After a few 
weuks of needed rest at my Summer home In 
Jersey City. N. J., I rejoined the Keeney 
Stock Co. We are meeting with tie best of 
eucceaa In South Dakota. We are In Bnron 
packing them In to 

rrylng fourteen people, 

TI.B tlAVANNAH (GA.) TltEATIlE WBB totally 

destroyed by fire Sept. 21. The bouse was 
bSllt-Tn lBlS. and was one of the Ojgjtfl* 
aires In America. The fire was discovered 
hi the gridiron. The Oreenwall Theatrical 
Co booked the attractions. The house was 
remodeled about ten years ago, and_ was ' sroilh 
about 150,000. The walls and Interior con- 
itYuctlan were practically the same as when 
«r» t bul"t. Joseph Jefferson at one time : man- 
SJJd the henae, end all the famous actors aad 
actresses have appeared there. ... . 

IIohebt T. naiSES haa filed a petition in 
bankruptcy, • liabilities of *7,07l and no 

"'the BOSrEB OF "Will 0' THB WISP" CO. 
I, „ follows f SB. Arnold^ proprietor l Eu- 
gene I'elletler, manager; Rfchard wntoa, 
representative : Mile. Jesne U »' 
(title role), Geo. E. Powell ( leans ), ueo. 
For eel™, stage- manager ; U Dnrward John 
Andrews, Chas. Gallacber R. N. tt»»»'"g' 
U Mnllabj. John Davles, Roy La Monte, t. 
J llcld H M. So th, Wm, Smith, Fred 
Harding, Geo. Favell W C. Catting, met- 
.rri Kltzirernld Jo3. Henltzman, J. L. Monte, 
0?ve F ' l fenn«t' Loulse La Sal e Laura 
Cleavers, Lilly Owens Marie St. Clair, DM 
Callaghan, Lorraine Callaghan. EWn Page, 
Lottie Drew, Jessie Dunn. Nellie Stone 
Marie Simpson. Beatrice Howard, Hellene 
Forscelle, Belle Clinton. JeBsle Gonld, yir- 
ilnla Ue. Pauline Nell, Daisy Hutchison, 
leNoIr Sisters. This attraction W» play 
all big city time of the Shubert circuit 

Lee Obland has signed .SJVo w «t. 
Smith's "A Pair of Country Kids' Co., Weat- 

Jas. W. Hummibeys has *»rd w Jth the 
"Happy 81 Sawyer;' Co., and la now with 

™ imb. A. Kosteb la still In advance of 
Elmer Walters' "A Millionaire Tramp Co., 
and has not Blgned with Lincoln J. Carter « 
"Flaming Arrow" Co., as has been stated. 

IIabiiv V. Dabb writes : "I am with the 
'Hsns Hanson' Co.. Dolly Foster, ;ole owner 
and proprietor, this being my third scnson 
with this company. We opened In Coal City, 
II , Aug. 11. and. considering tho extreme 
hot weather, business has been fine. Wc have 
a band of fourteen plccea, an orchestra ot 
nine, and twenty-two people with the com- 
pany. Have played several fair dales slnco 
our opeBlng. and our band has furnished 
music for them." .„. „„» 


Russell Stock Co.— We have *&*£** 
sixteen nights at Iowana Park, Dos Mulnes, 
la., and are In our aecond week on the road 
plavlng three night stands. Roster : Robert 
"lavlock, Scott leslle, Lo Roo 0. Atkinson, 
M F. Hogan. Paul Kcane, Barry Rude, 
Juanlta Russell, Idalcne Whltcomh, Vivian 
C Dnmond, Mra. Whltcomb, Le Roy Nelson 
and Cecil Cord. Our vaudeville acts arc 
headed by ,8cott Leslie, "The Premier of 

Notes kbom the Dalhtmflbj Comedy Co. 

We are doing a remarkable business in 

Illinois. The compnny numbers twenty-two, 
will: military band and orchestra, and has 
tbe record fir business In Macomb, Prince- 
ton. Sterling and Avon. Manager W. H. 
Dnlrymple, on Sept. 12, went to Galcaburj 
for a aerlous surgical operation. He wll be 
abseat from the company for all or elgnt 


have Just closed our tenting scoBon to the 
best business we have bad In years. The 
weather has been fine, and we have not 
lost a night alnce we started. We open 
again Oct. 1. for the winter. Chas Dorado 
Perry goeB with us again, making his fourth 
season. Rock Nero also contlnuea. We are 
going Into Vermont and Canada. 
1 Los AN0BLI8, Cal., NOTE.— The t id Star 
Theatre has been reopened by c. ll. nay- 
iond, and will hereafter be Inown a; the 
Central Theatre, playing high clasB stock, 
with vaudeville between acta, and "rat class 
comblnatlono. George Buchanan Is looking 
after the business Interests of the house. 

Executive btabit of "Bag Harbor : snep- 
ard 1 Horton, proprietors ; Archie L. snep- 
ard. manager; Ralph A. Ward, business man- 
ager; Walter E. Scnmmon, advance agent . 
Dell Knott, stsgo tnsnnger: J. M^.™, 1 ?"'?' 
musical director. Tour Deglna at Blliabeth. 
N. J., Sept. 20. Membera of company: John 
Lelshman, Daniel Lawlcr, Harry D. "o»»™. 
A. M. Jones Jonn_aoteB, 

Plate roster of tbe company la as follows; 
W. H. Oraeey, manager ; D. J. Fleming, busi- 
ness manager; Frank Piatt, advance repro- 
aenUtlve ; wlllard C. Beans, musical direct- 
or ; James Crockett, carpenter ; Tommy Sny- 
der, property man ; Thoa. Schaeffer, elec- 
trician ; waiter H. Stull, Max Mllllgan, Wal- 
ter 8. Perclval. George W. Marks. J. Flake 
Lane, Benny Franklin, Low A. Berry, Mamie 
Fleming, Margery Fleming, Mabel Van Tbb- 
sell, Emma Ballard. Oracle Peck and Baby 
Edna. The company la at present playing 
an engagement or nine days In Long Branch. 
N. J., to be followed with one of nine daya 
at Morrlstown, N. J., stsrtlng Sept. 10. 

This cast of characters for the Jane Ken- 
nark Co., In Clyde Fitch's "The Toast of the 
Town," will be aa follows : Mistress Hetty 
Singleton, Jane Kennark ; Mistress Roiana, 
Lllla Vane: the Dowager Duchess of Malms- 
bury, Bertha Livingston ; the Lady Char- 
lotte, Clarke Weldon: the Duke of Malms- 
bury, Carl Anthony; Lord Phillips, Hermann 
Lleb: Lord Algernon Fairfax, Maurice IV. 
Slouart; Harry Bent, Warren Danler; Mr. 
McLaughlin, Nat Lefflngwell : An Author, 
John Warren ; Call Boy. Littleton Magruder ; 
An Old Man Lodger, Nat Lemngwell : First 
Footman, Ralph Healoa ; Second Footman, 
Frank George. Tbe organisation has cam- 
pleted its rehearsals, and will begin Its tour 
In the Southern States. Undoubtedly this 
vehicle will afford Miss Kennark excellent 

Notes bbom TnB Hoyt Coubdy Co. — We 
arc In tbe eleventh week of tho present season, 
and business Is simply Immense. We have 
broken house records for opening nights and 
weeks, In nine out of ten cities played bo 
for thtB season. Our company and plays 
sre the very best that money and experience 
can procure. We carry a cnrlond of special 
ecencry and eighteen acting people. Our 
route la booked solid to May, 1007, over a 
territory tbnt we have played for tho past 
live years. 

LOW ;" EBlello Ferry, Emily L. Anderson, 
Carra Melbourne, Mettle Pullman, Gro. II. 
Haines, Alton Pnrkor, Burton Mnllory, 10. I>. 
Cnlklns, W. J. Hurley. Samuol Ualnes, 13. F. 
l't-rklns, G. E. Garnett, Win. Asher, ltoly 
Gibson, Arthur G. Kalmlincb and I.- J. Htevln. 


Magic Melody:" A. W. Cross, manager ; 
Robert Graff, advance rej.rcscnlatlvo; W. II. 
Carter, stage director; ll'm. Gillette, master 
mechanic; O. W. Boyce. properties; -Uorticrt 
Sears, W. II. Carter. Richard Sherman, (1. 
W. Iloyc, William Gillette, Martha George, 
Mauilo Show and Leila Wolstan. Opening at 
Ft. Wayne, lnd., Sept. 17. 

Tut: Lillian Fobteh Goodwin Stock Co. 
opened Its season at Boonton, N. J., Sept. 
10. The company Is as follows: Lillian hos- 
ier Goodwin. Floreuce Burroughs, Violet 

' Pattllo, Carrlo WatBOn, Cecil Drummonil, 
Herbert Wntcrbury, Charles Lane, L. H. 
Barclay. Kilwlu Brandon, Chas. Stauffer and 
Chas. Whlttcn. Executive staff: T. W. Good- 
win, manager; Hugh Foator, agent; Herbert 
Wuterbury, stage manager ; George Ilorlxirt, 
carpenter ; Kd. Hannah, loadur : Geo. Floyd, 

Notes pboh the Mabocbiiitb Blake 
Stock Co.— Wo opened at tho Alhambra The- 
atre, Atlantic City, Sept. 17, la "Tho Wild 
Rose ot Nevsdo" and "Under Two Flags. 
Our roster Includes : Andrew Wnldron, man- 
ager; J. S. Garsldes, Jns. 1<\ Clark, Sam C. 
Morris, L. Bernard Jelllson, Ijirry Leowood, 
Jos. Andes, It. M. Foster, Harry W. liar- 
wood, Marguerite Blake, Jeunlo Wnldron, 
Emma Wurren, Grace Lewis, Carrie Marble 
and Emma Kimble. We change hills twice a 

A new stock company, under the direc- 
tion of Glass & Lcmman, opens tho New LI- 
dorado Theatre. Atlanta, On., with Edwin 
Forsbcrg and Helen Courtney doing leading 
business. The other membera of tbe com- 
lany nre: Donna Troy, Helen Browning, 
niiiiTln ■ Jamison, Herbert Ilrenon, Re| 

't Ci 
_ lie opening hill 
a new Western drama, written by •famei I 

linlil Unrlowe, C. H. Montgomery, C. II 
Hand, Warren Lylo, ITed l>. Lane, Hurt Carl 
ton and .tcck Wheeler. The opening bill Ji 

Olfiflu. Vhe bouse la brand new. and aald to 
be the handsomest theatre In Atlanta, with 
a seating capacity of twenty-live hundred, 
designed especially for a family theatre, 
ploying at popular prices. 

Mh. and fifiia. Or-onor B. Cuatbb Jb, (Hs- 
tber TlttellJ, and MVb. Wallace Munro (Char- 
lotte Tlttcll), sailed for Europe, Kept. 2p, 
for a prolonged Btay lu London and Paris, 
where they will combine buelucoa with pleaa- 

Tub HsoiL Stock Co., In repertory, was 
organized at Tost Nation, la., and bib opened 
a very EromlBlng season, playing ft Clin- 
ton, Montlccllo, Cambridge nnd De Witt, to 
crowded housc», Boater of the company : 
Beaumont Claxton, manager; Charlea Htiiartj 
Miller, atjrnt: William ll. Uaymoml, Wll ord 
I'rlce, Dick Herry, Charles llaguu. Ilolden 
Besaell, Agnea Archer, Marlon Andorson, 
Dollle Derry and Nettle Davenport. 

■loan A. Parkgu 1b nlavlng one of the 

leading roles with Gus llliri ■ Happy Hooll- 
enn" Co,, and reports meeting with micceas. 


B, 0. ltogen. sole owner; W. D. Salisbury, 
Btftge manager; I'rof. B. H. Pcarborn, leader; 
B. Trescott, agent; B. O. Bogers, character 
leads : Job. T. Malone, characters and 
heavies ; Kd. De Gray, Juvenllea ; W. D. Snllr 
bnrj, old men; Albert J. Lee, comedian; 
Wm. Kubro, general business; Arthur Baiia- 
bury, child parts and Bpeclaltlea; Mynne De- 
Inno. leada; Lottie Ladd, soubrette; Florence 
I'.roome, cbaractera and general buslneai. 
Our repertory contains two entirely nt»w 

Slays. New eceuery Is bclnff added, and we 
ave Bpeclal stuff tor every play. Our print- 
ing Is all four color work, and of tbe finest 
Mr. Rogera is well pleased with hie corn- 

Bftoy — It la bo well balanced nnd capable. 
ur specialties nro: llhutrated songs, by 
Mynne Delano; ventrl!oqulnm, Wm. Kubro,, 
with his talking figures and high class magic; 
Master aallsbury, character songs; Albert J. 
Lee, singing and dancing; Kd, De Gray, coon 
songs: totlle Ladd, dancing specialty. Our 
buafncBS thus far has been very satisfactory, 
and we look for a long and pleasant season. 


Kino" Co., starring Lawrence Evart: Will 
T. Chatterton, Harry B. Millard, Harry J. 
Schley, Edmund Carroll, V. II. Erbert, Elis- 
abeth Stevens, May Brettonne, Flora Ma* 
Haven, B. C. Andrews, acting manager: Geo 
E Bronsdon. advance representative ; hdmond 
Carroll, stage manager; II. H. Mlllarde, as- 
sistant stage manager : Kd. K. Calbert, stage 
carpenter. The company carries the ran 
production of forty-eight pieces, and the 
setting for each act Is a beautiful piece of 
work,_poluted by a well known Western art- 
ist. The compnny Ib one of the best ever 
sent out by Messrs. Cross & Whiteside, and 
promises to be a big winner this season. 
The press Is unnnlmotts In praise of the star 
and the supporting cast. 


Bwing and Hwlng, proprietors: Wm. N. 
Smith, business manager; Jack Fowler, stage 
director : J. C, Crlppen, muBlcnl director ; 
Edgar T. Neville, ndvnnco representative ; 
Jflck Fowler. J. G. Htntsmaim, Chss. Col- 
rlllc. Wm. N. Smith, Drew Simmons, J, O. 
Crlppen, Kdgar T. Neville, Knso Winchester, 
Irene Jones, llaiel McNutt. Hnttlc McNutt. 
Mra. J. C. lowing, Mrs, Clyde Neville and 
Uertnide Ewlng. 

O. II- Mbumhn, who It presenting Kath- 
ryn Dale, In "Tho Octoroon," writes : "We 
ure In our second week, nnd wo nro playing 
to 8. It. O. Ws go Into lown next week, 
then East. Knthryn Dnln In certainly a 
drawing card, nnd the newspapers have done 
some Due commenting about her. We carry 
fifteen people, lloster on follows: O, II, 
ftlcniiumi, proprietor; It. C. Young, buslnoss 
uinringcr ; LRwrtmce I'oyton, stngo mitnnger; 
Win Davis, musical director; Will Boherts, 
properties; Knthryn Dale, Geo. Tappan, 
May inn 1'annell, Harry Clionto, Balfllgh Wll- 
huh, Victor Lee Buy, Boy Mimea, tlrnce Wll- , 
aon, Violet Byron, Key Vlclcera and ldnrl 
l'nrlsh. We received many answers to our 
'ad.' In Thb Ci.iri'Btt." 

William Guohh Is with Ferris* Cnmcdliius, 
Gnu ItuDiii.i'iiHON Ih In his seventh week 
with Jas. T. McAlptn's "Ilium Hansoii" Co,, 
uh band and orchestra lender. He reports 
Hint business Is good, and that the bniul nnd 
orchestra is receiving fnvnrntilu eoiiinients 
from press and public. The show Ih (mi king 
a hit, Is bonked solid, anil looks forward tu 
a prosperous sensun. 

lllcM anii Cady report success In a revival 
of tlie Weber & Fields' productions, at the 
Davis Theatre, Han Frnnelsco, Cal, 

lloiuir "Binu" Bohht Is In hlj (bird sen- 
son as musical director with the llernld 
Siiunrc Stock Co. Ho writes: "We arc booked* 
solid until June, 11107. We played through 
Northern New York nil Hummer, to very good 

Knox Gavin writes tlinl his wlfo (Fannie 
Flat!) la seriously III nt their home In the 
Bronx, Now York City. 

Jim Faiiirankh Joined the White All Htar 
mock Co., at Isupeur, Mich., Kept. Hi, to do 
Npccloltles and play comedy purls. This com- 
pany carrion fourteen pc<i|)1o, and Is booked 
solid until after Christmas. 

Tun Carleton Hintkiih report a pn» 
ous season. This Is their third year with tlie 
Myrkle-IIrirdur Co., Western, lOngene J, llol'. 
manager. Ilaxot Is playing nil the leading 
roles, and Daisy tho neovles and Ingenues. 

oi.i.ib IlAMv-onn and Carl Biihiim nre wlin 
the Kathryn Budnell Co., this making their 
third season with manager W. D, FIlxgcralil'M 

Tub Fi.onBNCB Oai.b Co. oiiened Sept. '24, 
at Ht. Cathorlnes, Ont., In Mayo'B 
new play, "Love's Victory." 

Aliibrt Dahiiiniiton, who 1b In his third 
week with C. II. Kerr's "Trip to Egypt" Co., 
playing the Irish comedy part and doing bis 
singing anil eccentric dancing specialty, re- 
ports meeting with big success, 

Ai„ II. Fox, principal comedian, and Nulla 
Carver, soubrette, with tho "Lights of 
Gotham" Co., closed with that company Sept. 
12, and Blgned with the National Stock Co., 
to do comedy and soubrettes and to Introduce 
their double singing, talking and dancing 
specialty. The company, which Is booked 
solid for thlrty-flve weeks In Fennsylvanls. 
Ohio. Virginia and Maryland, carries special 
sconlc effects and twelve new drops, and lias 
eighteen people. 1'roepects are bright for a 
prospero us season. . 

Overm I'lane of OBoar HaminerBtclii. 

Oscar Unmmersteln has announced his 
pluus In full for tho llrt-t season or grand 
opera at the Manhattan Opera House, and 
the salo of seats began Sept. 17. The season 
will open Monday, Nov. IS. There will be 
eighty subscription performances In the 
twenty weeks' season, occurring Mondays, 
Wednesdays, Frlditys, Suturday BftornoouB 
nnd Saturday evenings. The Saturday even- 

- ^S»W!aSnSrSS®£ 

^P^^tS% n\lU» K Mtta. Abbott KwtWTO. Lamb 

,. ^ttMssSBSsSm'BiSWt&IR 

^&''*ssBrsJsss> '& GE&?3&& **>» 

Co. Mr. Sherman has a strone; c_-.. — - 
coaipanv Is playing to excellent business, 

we are Informed. „ „ „ 

Notes fbom "Hbabts Abtbai" Co.— It 
Is with pride that the management of llal- 
ton rowell's "Hearts Astray' 7 Co. polntBto 
his unprecedented success, both "tlstlcaiiy 
and llnnnclally. Indeed, the business done 
so far has surpassed our WSMf""; 

this week (fair week), packing them In to »o jar u»" "JljJJjrj; „ , n the M ason. » ape 

SHBffl .'>?..£!«"• .A» °i?u?*. L . U ,S S-h1« 1 °S%he BP terrlSry°Play(d w. have had of the 

many'Tadlea fainted. Business Is big with 
us, and we Bave the strongest show MR 
Champlln ever carried, bahy Jack McKee 
snug ills Orst song at the age of two years 
snd a half, on tie Btage at ScheBectady, 

K- At' Cmvtxaiid, 0...on Sept. IT, "lerewas 

wltb Ueo. 

N °N0T«» raoM "Tin Kino or Tbauvb" Co. 
—Considering the eitremely hot weather 
we have done splendid burlness. At Howl- 
ing Green we "stood them up," and at Hub- 
•olivine with a circus In opposition, we 
Sired 'to capacity. Onr gen al manager, 
thddle Delanoy, who Is playing tho tramo. la 
winning now laurels In the part. The band 
Is a feature In Itself, and we put out a 
pnrade that makes them talk. Our tins Is 
booked solid In Dixie until March, when we 
go North. 

At tho rngular performances orchestra seats 
will be $B; dress circle, la; balcony, llrst 
three rows, |2.fiu ; other rows, 12 ; back 
balcony, f 1.110; family circle. Il.OO and »1. 
Tbo grand clrclo boxes aeat six persons each, 
and cost f 4,000 each; they may be sub- 
leased for certain nights. A discount of SO 
per cent. Is sllowed ou season subscriptions, 
hoiliolders have the privilege of using the 
suae entrance on Thlrty-llflh Utreot, 

The company : Sopranos — Ueglna Arta. 
I'aullne lx>nalilo. Nellie Molba (who coraes 
for tbe month of January, and will make <ier 
llrst uppearance In ' La Itoheme"), Una l'a 

i,cK . u vcr"w , !th A, !h. G u,s. Bars ■mj&*D*±w™ji& & 



L'libt Bells." 

and Ulna Beverlna, 

., Bnos 
the comprt- 

resches" us every week as regular aa the 
'gbosf wslks. Long live Thb Cmppbb." 

Ebna OooDBtfn has signed a tre rears 
contract with Nat C. Goodwin as leading 
woman. . 

Obo. and Haxel Babnabd are en route 
with the Koe Stock Co. _ _, 

Th» Nbw Sbubbrt Thbatbb, Kanass City. 
Is annoimted to open Oct. 1, with "The Earl 
and the OlrL" _ „„ 

Ncnr.B noil "Thb Cooktt Chaibman 
Co., No. 1— Theodore Babcock Is festured I; 
Geo. Adc's "The County Chairman" No. 1 
Co., thla season. The season bss opened bet- 
ter than was expected, and business has been 
excellent The cast this season Is almost en- 
tirely composed of the original members ot 
the company, which made the play famous at 
Wallack's theatre. After a season of thirty- 
one weeks In the Klaw & Brlanger houses, the 
compaay will go to London ana open at Chas. 
Frobman's London playhouse, Walt M. Les- 
lie, the business manager, having Just com- 
pleted srrr ngements. . 

"Ok Paboli." the new Civil War play, by 
Louis Evans Shlpman, received Its premiere 
at the New National Theatre, Washington, 
D. C, Sept. IT. 

where 'n the" territory .... 
circuses, picnics and carnivals galore for op- 
noVltlon. The weather has tn our territory 
teen oppressively hot, but In spite of all tnls 
the new born "Hearts Astray," headed by 
Halton Powell and Carlo Portello , has held 
its own in nst fierce local conditions, out 
of twentySx towns so far played, wenty- 
four have asked for return dstes, while Bins 
of' them oltored guarantees three time; the 
s'mooSrofgross rVcelpt. of; the »r»t perform^ 
ance. BtrawB Indicate which way the wma 

bl0 Br"fwBuv the acts tt.***m. w ..lLM 

Grand Opera House, London, Can., night of 
Sent 17 Manager Turton was visited by a 
d'Kutatlon from Local 105, London, Inter- 
nafona Association of Stags Employes, Jjnd 
nresentcd with a beautiful umbrella, appro- 
priJtely Inscribed. Mr. Turton wastalteiiby 
lurprlse, but replied In a few well chosen 
words aid thaaked the hoys for their gen- 

. flne game T of baseball beWen the nines 


'Buster Brown" 
a" comnanles. 
at local houses. 

Notb8 s-aou Kbiolbt'b Cokbdians.— We 
just cloBed a very MMtfi>l.Ul. BftflW 

ht SEISMS Soplln , 

"Bov." 17' "to S In seven Innings, the 
game being called for matinee : reasons i. This 
was the urst game played by the defeated 
?lne. anJ the ceconf one for the winners. 
The ''Blisters" previous victory was over the 
"H»m Tree" nine, they bsvlng been the only 
team to tanQulsh the, "H«m"" tbu" f»r. 

ItrnBABSALS for "The Belle of May- 
fair" the latest Leslie Stuart musical com- 
edy now running at the Vaudeville Theatre, 
London, have Been called by Thos. W. 
I vlcv The cast to be assembled In the 
American production will Include ^"ome °f 
the most prominent Payers on both Bides 
of the Atlantic. The novelty In the pro- 
duction, if arrangements can be successfully 
completed, will be the Imports! on of tbe 
twelve show girls now appenrlng In the piece 
In London. >JogotlntlonB to this elect are 
now being carried on with Mr, Byley. "The 
Belle of Mayfalr" will be presented at Daly • 
Theatre about the end of November. 

Ktrrr Kerwik GBtrriTn and n. 8. OBir- 
rtTH are with Bob Flttslmmons' "A Fight 
for Lore" Co. this season. 


Mexio sopranos and contraltos— Mne. 

Ilrcsslcr— fllsiioll, Kllnore do Clsneros (form- 

i uituui *-»"-»7. "-^:tT^"";jj,J'r- — ifm.n'i. ir.n. erly known ns llloonor Broadfoot), &Ime. 

s-Os^ ?uX* , M !.. i .' u , ?i.%.r.rmr^ , Tj,.., «!fc'mi^ Jo " M ' K * m * znMar " "" An °" 

Tenon — Alessondro Bond, who Is to sing 
flmt In "I Purltana"), Amndeo llassl, jBan 
Altac-hefsby, Charles IMImores, Francesco 
Daddl nnd Marl Vcnturliil. 

llarltones — Msrlo Anconu, Mario Bam- 
mnrco, Maurice Ilenaud, l'aolo Bevellhat. 
Vlnxenxlo Uaschlgllan, llcnzo Mlnolll and 
Nlrolo KoBSCtta. _ 

Bassos — Kdouanl de llesxke. IlermBii 

Brag. Vlttorlo Arlmondl, Charles Ollllbort 

rBrt»'«P»rt"'o"rTlmr".nd'meetlng wlttt big "g^St;*^™ 1 .^ ,„d Leandro Cam- 

"S&g D. Btbban, on cl..ln, hi. S m- JJ-rlBreth. two conduces CbjrUjWllj 

mer stock engagement nt the Curtis Theatre, ■?"• M .i,., lv ?,' 1 ?i e atrs. will ho tho sfsge man- 

Denver, Col., was Immediately engsged by »« Mnh sty » lhi.trj. wi ^ J(|( a ^^ 

Geo. Samuels, as leading man for bra road fger. '['kJ'™™,,,,.,!,,, players In ths or- 

attraction, "A DeMrted Bride," opening J n e ,trs E ILTelbln. 1'hTllp Howden, Wll- 

Bent. Id. „ , . . . ._ rtl _. ii ara Tell.ln and II. Wools, of London, and U. 

Sack Db Castillo la In his twentT-th Ird J em o so o p „,„„ n , tb e aeenery 

week with the Heyei 'Comedy Co,, touring {*7 b Vstti«lo on Lot <r Island which Mr. Ham- 

South Carollns and Georgia, In their can- » E"f.,„",'*c.°BJit. Mile, llclle Dasle, formerly 

vas theatre. The compaBy expecU to stay Ef^,, ..". n . Girl Wltb tbo lied Mask/- 
out until Christmas. 

tucky, Missouri, Iowa, 
We carry sixteen people, a band and or- 
chestra, playing three night and week stsnds. 

Ada Oilman haa been engaged by Richard 
Manslleld, and will play Ose In hla produc- 
tion of "Peer Gynt." Adelaide Alexander, 
Cecil Magnus, Harold Mondolsohn are among 
the new members of tho cast of Olty-one, of 
the same play. A choir ballet and many 
extra people will be seen In this production. 

W. F. O'Sullivan Is In his sixth week 
wltb Nell Burgess' "County Fair" Co.. play. 



October 6. 

ffiti dutSnTwi I be 5S« the direction of would be dlOcolt to dud a busier piece then cals In Michigan are Terr 1 relj. With the 

SSL TAitStlere the headquarters of thle company, where flusl eiwctatlon of an early Vail In thli State, 

The renrtorT will Include: "La Boheme," [reparations are being made for a tour air the theatrea opened earlr, the regular 

'•i>n niVttnlo , " ••$ assanlello." "Norma." "I through the South, making a complete Jump, theatres as well as the vaudeville homes. 

la October, from Ohio to llias. Tie company With vaudeville theatres In Kalamazoo, Bat- 

"Fra Dlavolo," 

"jiassaniello," "Norma." "I through 
Purltanl," *'La Honnambma," "Carmen" 
(which will be the second opera), "Don P»» ; 
quale," "La Favorite " "Luc a," "Marts 
"Faust," "Romeo ct Juliette," "La Jnlve, 
"I Pagllsccl," "Cevallerla Hustlcana, Dl- 
nora," "Les Huguenots," "I^e I'rophete, 'II 
Barblcre dl sfvlglls." "Mlgnon, ' "Aldn. 
"" "II Trovatore," "La Trevlata, 
"Iligoletto," "Un Bollo. In Maschera' and 
"Lohengrin," which will be sung In JrentOi. 
Berlioz's "La Damnation de Faust, which Is 
also to be given at the Metropolitan and 
Oluck's "Armlda"are the noveltieH _ promised. 

"I did not mention the name of Mme. Tct- 
retain! In my prospectus," Mr. Hajaaw- 
stein said, "as there Is some doubt nhout her 
coming. I wish to make no promise I can- 
not keep, even to the announcement of one 
prima donnn. Apart from my own material 
Interests I 
support for 

X^t"wo""ucrg™ndo^rau7^terpfls«'.: . 
ni otlipr in the world can do It. and I >m 

NS'otiier in the world can do It. and l am 
hoping that I may help New York set this 
exnmple to tlie world." 

Uaudcpilk and minstrel. 

xotes rnoM tub Nbw Vaudeville The- 
atbe, at Danville Ill.-T. W, Barhydt * 
Jack Hoclller, of Tcrre Haute, md., are the 
owners of the beautiful new $0.OM I vaude- 

wlU 8%$Z t&^WHlff^.i*2 lira WrlnfteldrMas,., weei of, Sep.. IT. 
vllle mlfcs ranging from ten to thirty-live CiKEDO t ."Klngof the. Wire," sends K- 

-' ' mi., i ..ii.ii i- ciiimtuii nniith at the 

tie Creek, Jackson, Flint and Port Huron, I 
get a good report on what Is going on. Busi- 
ness opened well, considering the weather. 
In all the houses, and the outlook Is promis- 
ing for a big Fall season. All of these towns 
now have the latest fad of penny arcades 
and five cent vaudette theatres. They all 
seem to be doing well, and the outlook Is 
sorely good for plenty of amusement during 
the Winter. The new Bijou Theatre, In Jack- 
son, Is under construction, and will be ready 
about Not. 10. It is being built on the site 
of the old Hlbbard Opera House, and will 
have a seating capacity of 850. with a stage 
32 feet deep and 66 feet wide. With this 
new house It gives five good theatres on the 
circuit. _ _ 

JcNiPEji and Hates closed on the J. w 
Gorman park circuit after a Beason of twelve 
weeks, and Joined the Roe Stock Co., for the 
season. Tbey opened at Worcester, Maes., 
Sept. 17. 

Kennedy and Botle, "The Minstrel Boys," 
Joined Barlow & Wilson's Minstrels three 
weeks ago. Their singing and wooden shoe 
city, entertained at a birthday supper, given dancing la making a hit through the East, 
in honor of Mrs. Cray's twenty-fifth birthday, they info-m us. 

UCHsie Taylor, of the Grand Theatre; Clara Hoimond and Forrester have been booked 
i;rlnk and Corny Jamison, of the Dreamland Dy wra. Morris until February, 1907. 
Burlesque™, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Burgess, tub Great Howard writes: "This is my 
of Milwaukee, were among those present. a. twelfth week with the Zulellla Co.. doing my 
very enjoyable evening was spent. mystifying quick change act, and I am re- 

Thb Bio Three Minbtrels (Job. M. Nor- engaged for ten more weeks. My act Is a 
cross, Fred 1*. Russell and Pete La Mar) re- big hit, and the press and public speak high- 
port meeting with big success at Poll's The- i y o( my impersonation of Lillian Russell. 

will number about twenty people, Including 
band and an orchestra, both of wbleh will be 
stroag features. The show promises to be 
very strong, and nearly all the people have 
been engaged. This company's prospects tor 
the coming season are very bright. Executive 
staff: Prof. E. Leon, proprietor and mana- 
ger; W. II. Btnrtzel. business manager; Mrs. 
.Mile, treasurer; Daisy Leon, secretary; J. A. 
Jones, leader of band and orchestra; Gas 
Clark, stage manager ; James Culbertson, 
properties ; F. T. Bales, privileges and ticket 
•■gent. Tub Clippeb Is a welcome visitor. 

Alvora Joined the Golden Crook Co. at St. 
Louis, making bis second season with tbe 
company, ana reports meeting with big suc- 

J. J. Bbott, formerly proprietor and man 

mm. Anart from my own materia. •>. -. *>uo**, -v.^cw F . „„..*,.,.« »"» **""* 

Ttol TK^«.« Xh.,°'hivfng 6r ofs?o«n hC oV r h'l, at ,n,^ g0 , n a 
Slfflc'^lftKVY.rSttlt.lff Muskegon, T located a, Montrea. C.a 


While playing at Milwaukee, wis., went 
of Sept. It, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Gray, of that 

cents. The building 1b situated south of the 
Grand Opera House, on North Vermilion 
Klreet. and covers a lot one hundred feet 
wide and two hundred feet long. 1 he front 
of the building Is finished In white i fflQ"d 
brick, and will be Btudded with, five hundred 
incandescent lights, as well as the beautiful 
lobby, which will be one mass of electric 
llehlB. The auditorium proper will seat one 
tlioutiand people. The stage will have all 
the up-to-dnte Improvements, in ract, no ex- 
pense is to be spared by the owners to make 

counts of bis continued success In England. 
Marshall and Lobbaine were compelled 
to close on Wednesday, Sept. 10, at Port- 
land. Me., on account of the serious lllneaa 
of Tbos. Marshall. They canceled all work, 
and have gone to their home at Portage 
City, Wis., where they will stay all Winter. 

1 receive three and four encores on discard 
lng my wig. I am now making four com- 
plete changes, and my act rune sixteen min- 
utes. I bnve canceled my engagement with 
the Dorwin Vaudeville Co." 

Cato 8. Keith has returned from the Pa- 
cific coast after fifteen successful weeks of 
Sullivan & Consldlne time. He will Join 
Harry Feldman, of Feldman and Ball. The 

Tbey were booked solid until April, on the .team w ju be known as Feldman and Keith 

Keith-Proctor circuit, they Inform us. 
The Aiiebnh, novelty acrobats, were 

obliged to postpone their New York opening 
,. 8ept. 24, as Wm. Ahern was taken seriously 
thiV one of the Wat playhouses in thlB sec- ill on Sept. 10 with pronounced pleuro-pneu- booked over the best time, 
tlon of the country, and tbe residents of monla. After Buffering severely for four THa bradfobds (colored) are with John 

nunviiie will surely be proud of their new days be Is Improving. _ A. Hlmmeleln's Ideals (Eastern), present- 

theatre as nlata. class vaudeville has been a Noras Feuh Harry Hastings' burlesque ing t^mir original conception, "A Hot Time 
Ion! felt want In tils growing city. AH attraction, Black Crook Jr.— This show open- | n _Coontown7' with success. 
acta will be booked by the Keith, Pi 


attraction. Black 

ed Its regular season to a 

They will be seen In vaudeville next season, 
In a brand new act carrying special scenery 
and electrical effects. It was written for 
them by a well known writer. The act Is 

■apacity house at dan and Billt Collins have again Joined 

lc Theatre. Chicago. Fred W. playing to immense business over the same Hinging act They' are a? the Howard," Bos- 

Hartmao a younT man of wide theatrical time played by this company for the past ton! tfila week, 

exmrlenc'e who Is well known to readers three seasons. The company thlB season is edqar Fori 

aPSnC&mnt ! to be the resident man*, larger ond better than ever, and equipped In 

aer and Dayton Payne will be .muBical dl- a most expensive manner with gorgeous ward- 

5S.tnr ' ' robe, and all special scenery and electrical 

iXm Hmwitt (late of the Two Hewitts) effects. The well known German comedians, 

wr«5 that Le li workng "lone with Si Curtis and Adams, bead the bill in the olio, 

toithern Carnival Co.. presenting his novelty .. Mllb. ..Dolores reports^ great success 

KnoAii Foreman's new act, which has 
proved to be a laughing hit, in the form of a 
one act musical comedy, employing six per- 
formers, la well booked up on the Eastern 

Fbanklttn and Hiatt, European change 
act, closed on Flynn's circuit of parks Aug. 


■nbtr wi in Hitdqoirltre (or 


517-AH) Bel. Aim. 

517-619 6th ATE. 

eatrlng Rudy lor yoor Fill Campaign, Rimimbir w, in Hoidqoirtore (or 




SHORT VAMPS. Slid for Catalopi. 



SML'f til, OR WP BOX. 


617-518 Gti ATE, ' 


517-519 8ti ATE, ' 


Xh Tart in the stadium He will shortly through the Southeast, Southweat and West 2 7, and opened Sept. 3, with the McAuliffe 

P u -.. „„j-„ *i,~ „i,i nom » ftlnpp hnr rphirn from Australia. Hmct Cn nan onA/Onl fnofiim ■nil »m hnnkfrt 

have a partner, and work under the old name, 
the Two Hewitts, with an entirely new act, 
paraphernalia and setting. 

Sombuh and Uv, "The AutomanlacB, ' re- 

Bort continued success with the Parisian 
lelles Co. __, . 

■Mmi and Lamont write: "Our new act 
Is a big hit, closing tbe bill all along ths met with great success. 
iin<» M t-iwotus "*<= j^ claib and West, who opened their 

"p'tibi PirnvuvTOH Hawaiian Duo. and season at the Colonade Theatre, Baltimore, 
Ha?rV sS5?X™)» .tsSajT'jl; Md„ werk ot.Sept. 17. are booked solid uatll 

since tier return from Australia. 

Billib Pearl, of Marlon and Pearl, has 
joined the Actors' Fund, also the T. SI. A., 
while playing at PaBtor a Theatre. 

Howard and Cameron played Tony Pas- 
tor's Theatre week of Sept. 17, when their 
acrobatic comedy singing and dancing act 

son, have joined hands, and will be known as 
the Clerwcntos ond Scott, novelty entertain- 
ers comedy singing and dancing, and acro- 
batic feats. _ . .. 

The St. Bbluob are engaged for the 
County Fair at Madison Square Garden, New 
York, commencing Oct 1. . . *._. 

Spauldino BiM, Parisian acrobats, and 
Whllle. hoiiDdlng rope performer report suc- 
cess with Md'liec'a l»g Co.. touring through 
the NorthweBt of Canada. Everybody Is well 
with the show, end the boys go hunting every 

Rita Mario and her orchestra closed their 
Atlantic City, N. J., engagement Sept. 0, 
after playing over two hundred concerts, to 
capacity. They left for Boston, to nil a three 
weeks' engagement for Henry Selgel. Miss 
Mario Is considered one of the beat woman 
couductors in this country. „. 

Gordon and Chacon have signed with 
Wm. Clark's Jersey Lilies Co., for the season, 
and Joined the company at St Louis, Sept 

John W. Voobl, "The Minstrel King," has 
lenscd Memorial Hall, nt Cbllllcothe, O., 

roller skating rink Sept 20, 

— , presenting their com- 
A Drop Into Society." Tbe]f 

the first of the year, 

cdy playlet, "A Drop 

play Pastor's Theatre, N. Y. City, week of 
Oct. 1, with other first class work to follow. 
They open on the Western circuits shortly. 

Dmili* Viola, of Vice and Viola, haB been 
mode an honorary member of the T. M. A., 
at Washington, D. C. 

Notch raou HI Henry'B MlnBtrets. — We 
are meeting with a most royal reception In 
-the Northwest, and business has been Im- 
mense. All tbe Spokane newspapers spojce 
of our attraction as the neatest and cleanest 
minstrel attraction seen In years on the Pa- 
cific coast, and our 'business was a "turn 
away" for three performances at the beau- 
tiful Spokane Theatre. 

Donovan and Ahnold, who were obliged 
to cancel nil their time owing to the illness 
of Mrs, Donovan's father and mother, may 
not be able to resume their work until Jan- 

Ikvin It Walton Is In vaudeville this sea- 
son, playing the biddy with Monroe, Mack and 
Lawrence, in "The Servant Girl Problem." 

St. Arno and Croumrb, band and head 
balancers, opened on the Gub Sun circuit 

Stock Co., ab a special feature, and are booked 
solid until July, 1007. 

O. L. Latta and F. D. Whbtten have 
Joined bands, under the team name of Latta 
and Whetten. By combining their acta they 
have a novelty act which, they Inform us, is 
going big over the Crystal circuit They In- 
troduce haton spinning, Juggling, slack'wlre 
and contortion. 

Kane, ventriloquist continues successfully 
with the Gorton Minstrels. 

Ned Bottmbre writes : "My merry mario- 
nettes are making them laugh ell along the 
line, and are still a feature of the vaudeville 
annex of the Main & Cummins Big Shows." 

Mathews and Harris returned to New 
York after a four months' stay at their Sum- 
mer home In Blodgett'B Landing, N. H. Mrs. 
Mathews la convalescing from a serious ill- 
ness of eight weeks. They will shortly resume 

John H. Mtiotha, who closed his Summer 
reason at Renwlck Beach Park, Ithaca. N. 
Y., Sept. 1, Is booked for twenty weekB In 
the middle West commencing on Sept 10. 

Sfnnnger VtgBi tuSTmamA't** MtflMiaC Sept. 24,' nt" Richmond, , Ind. 
rof II 3 Dawson as his local representa- Schbock and Rice the vaudeville feature 

101. It. J. imWHUIl «a mo '""" I , , . «„__- «„_ , ••nf„ht n»I a " trill ottho 

Prof Dawson 1b ii" professional roller with Byrne Bros.* "Eight Bells," will, at the 
(skater of twenty-five years' experience, and close of the present Beaaon, enter vaudeville 

Plans of Heinricta Conrled. 

Mr. Conrled returned from Europe Sept 
11, and announced his plans for the Metro- 
politan Opera House as follows : "While 
abroad I arranged for new singers to add to 
:hos'! we bad last Beason and for a new and 
excellent chorus, tor novelties In opera, and 
for new productions of the familiar operas. 
The public will see twenty-six operas, all in 
new dress. I have spent more than $.!GU,QG(i 
In the preparations, and will spend a great 
deal more. Rehearsals of the chorus will 
continue until the opening of the season. Mr. 
Herz Is here and Mr. vlgna will Boon ar- 
rive, and orchestra rehearsals begin Oct * 

PI" Of tWCntV-UVC J'CarS experience, nuu l-iuoo ui mc ui«tm decouu. turn Tauuc, • in rivr, BUU «Jiuue»i*a reuCTiBDiH ucgiu uu, x. 

hppii couiluciinc the rink at Clylcslde with an entirely new and original bicycle Heretofore the orchestra and chorus have 

lCk U CaslnTduflDfc-Ve"su'iimcr"mol.\Vs7Sr speclallv, mtltle'd "A CBa o"f Business.' 

sir Voiel """"» one full set o( scenery will be carried, and 

Buna* Am IIaiikbb write: "Our new act, bj the way In which their time Is so rapidly 

en Sued "AmomoblllnB?' Is a big hit wherever being filled, tbey (eel assured that their nov- 

nrrqpntcd M e "7 ""I be a big winner. 

Tub Montr Myro Tnoups played fair _ Uoqbrs and Lavink closed a aiiccessful 

dates at Duliola, Pa., Aug. 28, with Wor- Summer scasion at Annlston, Ala., Segt.15, 

been called together a week or two before 
the opening. The added expense will be about 
$30,000 on this item alone. 

"I have engaged more than one hundred 
chorus singers, and tbey are entitled to come 
into tbe country under the contract labor 

' "The novelties for the season are: Gior- 
dano's 'Fedora' and 'Adrlenne Lecouvreur,' 
Dellbes'B 'Lakme,' Berlioz's 'Damnation of 

Thev will lnv off two weeks and then play a few weeks* rest, after which they Join the KauBt,' Puccini's 'Mme. Butterfly' and 'Ma- 

wiiiter dates ■& Comedy Co., at Chicago. non Lescaut,' Belllnl'a 'Purltanl,' Auber's 

La Chntjia and La Rub have closed with Otis and Marion Kohl write from Win- ««*« ri 

the Schmitt & Sarcauder Novelty Clrcue, and nlpeg, Can.: *JuBt prior to opening on this, 

are ulaylna dates. Their original electric the Nash circuit, for Chris. 0. Brown, we 

dining table act they write, is meeting with spent Beveral weeks at Milwaukee, our home, 

success Thev aro arranging a new electrl- after having been WeBt to the ' coaBt foe 
■ ■ *- — - ---•-■ over ten months. Returning, we play twelve 

cester, Mnss., Pair Haven, Vt, and Oneouta. 
N. Y., to follow, closing at the Nova 
Scotia Exposition, Halifax, Con., _ Oct 5, 

where Mr. Rogers was manager of Oxford 
Lake Park, and where they met big success. 
They will go to their home at Denver, for 

cal musical act, with special scenery. 

Harry Poster waa engnged at Austin « 
Stone's Mubcuui, Boston, week of Sept. 24, 
to play the end, In tbe Minstrel Maids, In 
black law. _ „ „_. 

Mb. and Mm. Labri Shaw write: "We 
closed with r. W. Dinklns* Innocent Maids 
Co., at Miner's Eighth Ave. Theatre, week 
nf Sept. 24, and will play vaudeville dates 
for the reBt of the Beason. We open at Pas- 
tor's, shortly, with the Howard, Boston, and 
ot'iRi 1 gowl time to follow." _ 

Law A. Bbrry, formerly of the Three Mu- 
sical MonnrchB, and W. H. Uracey, tnana- 
Ser of the Mamie Fleming Co., have joined 
and* In a big novelty musical act, present- 
ing high class music and comedy, using 
sleigh bells, cornets melophoneB. herald 
trumpets, rattles, dulcimers, mandolins, xylo- 
phones, mammoth chimes, etc.. and are at 
present a special feature with the Mamie 
Fleming Stock Co. Tbe act Is being mounted 
with special scenery and electrical effects, 
and at the close of the present season they 
will play the circuit of leading vaudeville 
houses. The net was one of tbe biggest hlta 
of the attraction during Its engngement at 
Hinghamton. N. Y., week of Sept. 3, and 
lx)t)g Brnuch. N. J., week of Sept. 10. 

IIaurt ash Hum a IIukpkll arc nt the Ca- 
sino, Sacramento, Cat, doing well, and In- 
tend to remain there two months. After 
thnt they expect to go Into the hotel busl- 
iu'hs. and make Sncramcnto their future 

Oiiar. Itomat. singing and talking come- 
dian, litis Joined the Cooke Comedy Co. for 
the season. 

Tun kkw Dixit: Tiihatkr. Memphis, Tenn., 
opiniod Monday evening. Sept. 24. Mercle 
& Levy nre the proprietors, and Wm. N. 
Hnvter manager. The opening people were 
The Fairbanks. Josle Coughliu, Kdltli How- 
ley, J. C. Murphv. Pcdcrson Bros., Master 
Frederick Fairbanks, tlertle Harvey, Fan- 
nie Albright, Haytcr nnd Janet, and the life 
motion pictures. This house has been thor- 
otighlv renovnted, uew scenery supplied, and 
ni'wly painted nnd decorated making thlB one 
of the neatest little playhouses In the South. 

Ohas. O. IIuohkr and Oko. R. Brown 
open Oct. 1, for a limited number of weeks, 
with the Kastein Association of Vaudeville 
Mnnngers, under the exclusive management 
of Al. Mayer, opening ot Keith's, Boston. 

agreeable weeks for Cbas. Wray, on Sullivan 
& Consldlne'a circuit." 

Al. Case, late bandmaster of the Jackson 
Bros.' Shows, has rejoined his former part- 
ner, Q. X. Van, late of the Mitchell Players, 
to do a high claBs musical act The team 
has been separated for the past six years. 

Nate Leipzig, salted, Sept. 15, for South 

Notks from Barlow & Wilson's Min- 
strels. — This company opened the season to 
standing room, and we nave been turning 
people away ever since. We have a complete 
new company this season — In fact, every- 
thing la new from the street parade to tbe 
drop of the curtain. The parade 1b a beauty, 
tbe band Is swell and the orchestra cant 
be beat The company consists of forty-two 
members. We are booked solid until May 
'Jit. 1P07, In some of the largest and best 
cities, nnd are now on our way to the coast. 

Harry Prhnticb, of the Four Prentice 
Troupe, with the Jolly Girls Co., writes: 
"Had to quit my act and the show last week 
In Duluth, Minn., and go to Mount Clemens. 
Mich., for rheumatic trentment and am get- 
ting along so well that I expeot to join 
The coiupnny at St. Louis. Mo." 

The Tiiukb Deloys (Eddie, Tolla and 
Myrtle) write from Oklahoma City, that 
their engagement at Delmar Garden was 
very successful, and that they return to 
(ill Ave more weeks of return dates over 
Jackson's Middle West circuit "fter which 
tliey fill some Western time. 

Summers and Winters will be known 
hereafter t>s Summers and Mullaney, and Jo- 
sephine Coles na Josephine Summers. The 
two acts nre booking In conjunction, now 
plnylng the Sullivan & Consldlne circuit 
through the West. 

nii.i,Y Beard, "the party from the South," 
Informs ub that he Is being featured again 
this Benson with Hnverly'n Minstrels. 

Hammond, the "hooperlnn," reports suc- 
cess through the middle West with his mu- 
sical hoops, after a successful tour through 
Canada and Cape Breton, He hae added a 
special drop to the net, and has two as- 
sistant B. 

RurouTs rnoM the Blnck Pattt Tronbadours 
nlnto thnt tl'cy nre experiencing the most 
successful season in tbe history ot the com* 

617-619 6th AVE. 


Made from the very best tin, are black enameled. Espe- 
cially made for professional use, having a tray with com- 
partments for Grease Paints, Powders, 
Comb and BmBh, Wigs. Etc., Etc Baa 
doable action look, with two keya, at 


Expressly prepared for the Theatrical Profession, guaran- 
teed to be absolutely pare and never become rancid in 
any climate. Put up In pound Screw Top Tin Cans 
at 45c.; half pound at Me. 



Our Hew Theatrical Catalogue sent free upon request 


Tot treatment of superfluous fe llf ] a something that requires the greatest 
nicaty and care. X. BAZIN'fl DBPILaTORT POWDER Is the result of 
much study of the cause of and problem of destroying these growths with- 
out Injury to the surrounding skin or leaving a sear or ths slightest deform- 
ation. X. BAZIN'S DEVPILATORT POWDER Is absolutely safe and de- 
stroys the hair without pain, a simple, dainty way ef electing a cure. 
Sena to Department "C for our little paashlet oa the subject "FOB 

HALL A BXCKEL, Proprietors and Manufacturer! of SOZODONT, 
21S Washington Street, New Tart. 
For saJe at aril flnt elaaa aro* afore* or seat by aasOI la leala* 

packages Car BOc 


UDC I fiOUCIIED WlsheB to Inform the Profession that she hat In stock 

IwirtOa bhb OvIlaVBn for the coming season a Larger and Finer Stock ot 


Gentlemen's Full Drees and Tuxedo Suits, Street Suits, Prince Alberts, Fall and Winter 
Overcoats, Inverness Capes. Etc. Prices "JUST RIGHT," We have suited yon before, w 
can suit you again. MRS. l,. schEIEr, 924-026 Sonih street, Pkiia.. Pa. 
Branch store: 819 W. Mulberry St, Baltimore, Md. 


read all the papers, whereas we most, for It's 
our business. OUR TERMS, $5.00 per 100 items, 
cash with order. 

Worth and Elm Sts., N. Y. 

ubrette J_»r*« 

PROBI llHIOI.VaL. DESIGX5. S30.00 >nd t*» SO. 

, sad measurement card, stating color preterit— 

WOLFF. FORDING ii CO., 65 Eliot St.. Boston, Nasi. 

Send for band colored plates and measurement card, stating color preferred. 

- -ill, - 



P. KELLER A CO., 346 West B'way, New York, Successors to BtereopUcon Department of J. B.Colt Co- 

M A. IV A. O B> R S . 

Let ub furnish A BAND, ORCHESTRA or PIANIST for your company. Good positions for good 
musicians. CRAMPTON'S MUSICIANS BUREAU, £9 Dearborn St., Chicago, DL 

Fra Dlavolo,' and Richard StrauBs's 'Sa- 
lome.' Two performances of 'Parsifal* will 
be given, with Mmes, Kremstad end Ternina, 
When Puccini comes over, his operas, 'Mme. 
Butterfly,' 'Ma non Lescaut/ 'La Boheme' and 
'La Tosca,' will be given. 

"Next to 'Parsifal,' 'Salome* Is the most 
Important operatic production, it will last 
only an hour and twenty minutes. Mme. 
Kremstad will elng the title role, assisted by 
Car) Burrlan, whom I consider to be the best 
German tenor of the day. Mr, Herz will di- 
rect the production." 

The singers include : Sopranos — Bessie 
Abott, Bella Alten, Celestlna Bonlnsegna, 
Llna Cavallerl, Emma Eames, Geraldlne Par- 
rar, Kathnrlna Flelscher-Edel, Klta Fornta, 
Marie Mattfeld, Berta Morena, Paula Ralph, 
Marie Bappold, Marcella Sembrlcb, Mllka 
Ternina, Luisa Tetrazzlnl and Marlon Weed. 
Mezzo sopranos and contraltos — Louise Ho- 
mer, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Olive Frem- 
Btad, Josephine Jacoby, Klrkby-Lunn, Helen 
Mapleson and Johanna Poehlmann. Tenors 
i — Alois Burgstaller, Carl Burrlan, Enrico 
Caruso, Andreas Dlppel, Giovanni Paroll, Al- 
bert Itelss, Charles uouasellere and F. Sou- 
beyran. Bnrltonos — Bernard Begue, Eugene 
Dufrlche, Otto Gorltz, Adolf Muehlmann, 
Antonio Scottl, Franz Btelner, Rlccardo 
Stracclarl and Anton Van Rooy. Bassos — 
Robert Blass, Marcel Journet, Pol Plancon 
and Arcangelo Rossi. Conductors — Nahan 
Franko, Alfred Herts, Arturo Vlgna and S. 
Bovy. Chorus maater — Pletrd Nepotl. Pre- 
miere danseuse — Blanca Froehllcn. There 
Is a question whether Mme. Tetrazzlnl will 
come. Mme. Moreno will sing despite re- 
ports tlrnt she la 111, and that her voice has 
suffered. Mme. Ternlnl will come after Dec. 
10. and Mme. Barnes after Jan. 1. Mme. 
Schumann-Heink will appear In February 
for twenty performances. Mme. Sembrlcb 
will add "Lakma" and "Purltanl" to her 
roles In this city. Mr. CaruBo will be seen 
In "Manon Lescaut," "L'Afrlcalnc," "Fe- 
dora," "Adrlenne Lecouvreur" and others, 

"Another of my red letter events," said 
Mr. Conrled, "will be T.e Damnation <n> 
Faust' M. Gulnabourg, director of the Monte 
Carlo Opera, and the adapter of Berlioz's 
work, will direct my mounting, ond I have 
secured Heldenrelch and his corps for the 
'flying ballet.' The cuat will Include : M. Ron- 
sllllere as Faust, Miss Farrar as Marguerite 
and M. Plancon as Mephlato. We never had 
mien a subscription. It was $34,000 ahead 
of the old list tefore I left. I've arranged 
to have M. Salnt-Baens conduct an orchestral 
concert In the Metropolitan." 

& WEIL. 

17-11 WOOSTER ST. 

(B.L Spring ui Broom,), Nt* Y.rk 



Ths bsst Batu mad. for wear and appearsaos. 
Also a toll Use ol lower priced (ilHB In all 

Get the Habit. .Go to 


l-Jtli Street, near Broadway, 

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SlUcollm* Ttgbts, •9.00t Worsted 

Tights, $'J.UU| Cotton TighU. 
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Sand for catalogue mad saraplas 
ot tights fro*. Positively a de- 
posit reqalrmt. Satisfaction guaran- 
teed or money refunded. SPIOERBBOS., 
, M Woodbine Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.; New 
" York Office. Lincoln Bldg., 1 Union 8q. 

3 HOURS Irani NTrt YbSH «U 
New Jersey Central 
Pssslna Throcga Lskewoed. 

Solid Train*, Buffet Pulor C*n, 

I Lt. W. 13d St., .30 A.M. dtllr (i3-S° r.M- S1O1 

I $.30 P.M. except Sun. L».UbettjSt^9^o*. 1 *' 

(Ulljr (1.00 p. M. S»U, UPT.U. except Sea, 


Snbstsntlal, loud, pure 
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play. Photos, references, 
cauiogne, wltb fall in- 
formation wiu be sent on 
receipt of rtamp. A.Bran- 
neiw, ataeeopone Utg., 
4M Flatbnsn Avenue, 
Brooklyn, S. Y. 

-Shave Once Over- 

ThM'i all lha - « nev-'Mart If jn **• 
Saw*'! Drr Haaw. It wilt i- - : 70' 
r.i. r la ptrtai orttrwl ■"■«'*"• 
iBkjipl'awratt. JeMrwilluMeACi*. 
&S4 W»lout St-, CineIon»tl, O. 

alor jt T tjttoSeJ If net mlifmerT. _ 


144 U SALLE ST. 





Morrison Show Print „,„„', 








•OeTOBEB 6. 




\ PklUdelpkls..— Theatregoers have, . 
-jto select from In the current week's flit of 
:fmw- attractions. Anna Held gives "The 
, Parisian Model," at the .Chestnut Street 
lOpera House, where It receives Its premiere 
' pc Oct, '£. Others are: "The Measure of a 
.■.Man," at the fiarrlck; Francis Wilson, la 
' "The Mountain Climber," at the Broad ; 
/Palming- the Town," at the Grand Opera 
.'House, and Billy B. Van, la "Patsy la Poli- 
tics." At tee Park. 
.'"■ VOfKSTNUr Strket Omtu House (Nixon* 
1 Zimmerman, managers). — "Little Jack Hor- 
• tar,!' wblchwaa booked for a two weeks' run, 
closed Sept. 25, the company disbanding. The 
house will remain dark until Tuesday, Oct. 3, 

■ when Anna Held will produce for the first 
time, Harry B. Smith and Max Hoffman's 

. new musical comedy, "The Parisian Model." 
The production has been staged by Julian 
Mitchell. In the cast are: Charles A. Blge- 

Aow, Henri LeonI, Loufa B. Foley, Edouard 

■ Duraod, Truly Shattuck and Mabella Baker. 
The engagement fa for two weeks. Joe 
Weber'a Co. 10. 

:Qawiick (Frank Howe Jr., manager).— 

i "The Measure of a Mm" has. Its first load 

. view 1, for a two weeks' stav. The company. 

which .Is under the management of Daniel 

V, Arthur and J .Fred Zimmerman, Includes 

Robert Druuet, E. M. Holland, 

/well, Mary Hall and George Holland 
Kreutrer Sonata" played to bis; retui 
rng Its second week. Kyrle Bellew, In 

ercy Has- 


Lyric (Jueaars. Shnbert, managers). — Ar- 
nold .Daly wau ■ announced for a two weeks' 
engagement, beginning 1, but canceled. "The 

■? Social Whirl" rounded out two wceka of ex- 
cellent business. Marlowe and Sothcrn fol- 
low 1G,' for three weeks, - 

CHUSTNtT (Nixon & Zimmerman, mana- 

. gern i.— Richard Carle, In "A Spring Chick- 

'en," la meeting; with nightly orations, and 
, ' la 'attracting crowded houses, which have 

'thoroughly, enjoyed the fun-making abilities 
of- the alar. The asalstance rendered by 

.Emma Janvier, Bessie McCoy and Victor 
Morley adds to the enjoyment of the show. 
Tpe second and last week of the engagement 

jtfifa 6. Marie Cabin. In "Marrying Mary," 8. 

._.* Broad (Nixon & Zimmerman, managers), — < 

-'''-Local audiences have their- first; view of 

; Francis Wilson, In "The Mountain Climber," 
' 'I'Whlch remains for two weeks. The second 

: and lawt week of Florence Roberts, In 'The 

'Strength of the Weak," drew houses of fine 
proportions". Henrietta Crosman, in "All-of- 

■ «<Sudden Peggy,*' 15. 
: .JWALHtiT (Frank Howe Jr., manager). — 
';Tne Trlnce of Pllaen," with Jess Dandy, 
'.ii&. "Those Primrose Girls" ended a two 
weeks' stay Sept. 20. Dust In Farnum, in 

J "The Vlrnlnlan. ff 8. 
? Park (F. G. NIxon-Nlrdllnger, managei-). 

'*■— BUly B, Van, In "Patsy In Politics," 1-fl. 
: "Around the Clock" ended Sept. 20. two weeks 

- of good business. Florence Bindley, In "The 
Girl and the Gambler," Oct. 8. 
,y Ghand Op.kra House (G. _. 

Sanager). — "Painting the-Town," the third 
Charles H. Yale's attractions Been here 
'this season, begjos a week's atay 1. "The 
'"Awakening of Mr. Plpp" enjoyed prosperous 
bualneKs last week. Primrose'* Minstrels 8. 
H F GiHARD Avknuk (Miller it Kaufman, mana- 
; kbts). — Selma Herman, la "Queea of • the 
Convicts," 1 and week. Anna Day, in "When 




Made of the best 
Oriental tobaccos 


do her dancing turn, beginning Oct. 1, with 
••The Spring Chicken," now at the Cheat- 
nut. Street Theatre Manager G. A, 

We^efnrth awarded a con tract laat week to 
V. J. Hnrlev for the superstructure for the 
Wm. Penn Theatre, to be erected at Lancas- 
ter and Falrmannt Avenues, The founda- 
tions are already completed, and the work 
will be pushed so as to have the playhouse 
ready for occupancy In tbe Spring. 

HurrUiinrff. — At the Lyceum Theatre (M. 
Hels, manager) "Carolina" did well Sept. 24. 
"The G!rl Patsy'' was a big hit 27- Paul 
Gllreore was the ceatcat success of the sea- 
son In "At Yale,' 7 20. Henrietta Crosman, 
In "All-of-a-Sudden Peggy." Oct. 3 ; Prim- 
roar's Minstrels S, Mildred Holland, In "A 
Pfiradlee of Lies," 4: May Irwin, In "Mrs. 
-Wilson, That's Ail." 5; Raymond Hitchcock, 
in "The Galloper," «. 

Opera Hocsii (M. Rels, manager). — The 
Kirk-Brown Co. had big houses all week, 
and the attraction won much praise. "A 
Crown of Thorns" came Oct. 1-3. "In New 
York Town" i. 

Knighthood Was -In Flower," created a moat 
"favorable- Impression, and drew crowded 

jjauaea all week 
/Gow," next. 
■ ,» Pcorua'p <K. G 

Notes.— L WIIItnm Warmington, of the old 
A. Wegefarth. school, was here Sept. 25, 20, -In the Inter- 

est of "In New York Town." The Dam- 

rcsch Orchestra will give two concerts 4, 
free, on the dedication of the new capltol. 

Bijou Dream, a new amusement place 

having moving pictures and songs, opens 

Oct. 1 John P.- Sidle, well known as a 

hotel man, died 27 The Hteelton (Pa.) 

Opera House had fair business with Florence 
Hamilton. In "The Other Woman," 28. and 

"Mght of Gotham" 29 At the Middle 

town (Pa.) Auditorium the Dainty Duchess 
and Black Crook Jr. had good houses. 

Allen Doone, In "Kerry 
Nlxon-Ntrd linger, tnana- 

Sn).— "$10,000 Reward" 1-0. Walter Wll 
in; Id "A -Bad Man from Mexico," amused 

York.— At tbe York Opera House (B. C 

Pentz, manager) "Lovers and Lunatics" drew 

S. It. 0. Sept. 28. "Deserted at the Altar." 

27. pleased. "Zaza" 20, Myrkle & Harder 

m Stock Co. Oct. 1-8, Mildred Holland 2, "It 

£ k °i *U ft Uo J in » * .^L/^ Happened In Nordland" 8. "When Knlgh:- 

done by Dolly Kemper. In 'The Gypsy gjjy w Flower," Sept. 21, and "The 

bit houses laat week. "Home Folks'* 8-U. 
; Di-akby's (J. P. Kckbardt, manager).— 
'■'Barney Ollmore, In "A Rocky Rood to Dub- 
VUn.': week of 1^ following a week of^good 

Sreturns " 

, . .National (Joseph M. Kelly, 

Midnight Escape^ 10. "C 

tV Vlgnt' T was received with apr. 

'■ Girl." "the Cow 'Puncher" 8-13. 

'-"7, manager)."A 
'Custer's Last 
_ approval by big 
sea last week. Joseph Santley, In "Billy 
FlCId," 8. - ■ 

. vHab.t'h (John N." Hart, manager).— La- 
•fayette and company 1-0. Last week, A 
Slater's Sacrifice" held forth to good bu»i- 
neai. "When the World Sleeps" 8. 
■ •^ToBitPAtnH'H (Miller & Kaufman, mana- 
.gara). — "prusa Wayne," by the stock, week 
■nf'l. Bertha Cietghton will enact the title 
''rote, and Arthur Maltlaod and lCdtvln Middle- 
'■tarn will also have Important parte. "The 

ttory Girl," finely acted and nicely staged, 
sed tbe natrons laat week. "More to 
Pitied than Scorned' 1 follows. 
ta-hdaro (Darcy k Speck, managers).— 
" is the melodramatic 



Place In crack of door and 
turn *o*Tceiii sink into Jam, 
and little arm holds door. Just. 
think of having a securely 
locked dressing room, bad 
room, or pohltc lollot, etc. *.• 
Price a' cent?, stumps or cRsh- 
Write for circular H. 



You Arc Looking for Mo If You Wont An 

A C» E N T 

[■To rcpre.Hont you on business principles and 
embodying luese essential aciiuiroiiionts, vlx.: 
Thorough practical i-xpcrlcnoc, strict soiiricty, 
control over people, straight forward, business 
executive, abfr press worker, heavy blller, eliwo 
contractor, conscleiitloua all dny worker, with 
brains and original ideas of my own to enpe with 
any and all emergencies. Now If tour Attraction 
Is up to the times why not have ita PDML1UITV 
looked after In the same war. Hank rerorence, 
Illinois Trust rind Savings, Chicago. Address 

SIM. FOI.SOM, 403 Wahaah Ave., Ulilcago, 111, 

Wanted Immediately, for 


Juvenile Woman for Alice, Han for Uitoraon, 
Vlcor, Newcomen, Dr. I^nyon and McSweenej- 
Those dolojr. specialty prererrcd. Man' lo play 
Poole that can play piano. State lowest vniaiy 
in Hrat letter. J. M torh. 

-ito Bosch St., Ruvere Ueaoh, Mass. 



This Bong v/ta written and coinrwHed for the 
Jameitown Fxpoxttion or 1007 ana tctln It. own 
,weet storT In nrnslc-verae. Afk jour music 
dealer for It, 

VQueen of the Highway' .- 

cSerlnj by the Voclt week of 1. Mettle 

Choate and Jack Chanson will have the lead- 
ins rolei "A . Cambler'n Daughter wan 

last week's offering, to good business. "When 

Tendon Sleeps" 9. ■ . '._'. 

/KslTK'a CH. T. Jordan, manager).— Co!. 

'Qiston Bordeverry, the firearm einert, heads 
"a- meritorious bill week of 1. Others are: 
l Violet Black and company, In "A WcBt Point 

lUilllatlon ;" Baithofdl's cockatoos, bugene 
•.and Willie Howard, Mai Witt's Four Sine- 

■ Ing- Colleens. Luoy and Lucler, tleorge Krans 
Itmh wtek). Juliet Winston, the l'rampln 
Ttlo. the Hurlevs, Willie Weston, the Kour 
'Nlghtons, Hyams'and Mclntyre, Avery and 
Hart, Hedrlx and I'rescott, Dave Nowlnn, and 

. th« klnetograph. .Crowded houses last week. 
6udu (Ceo. :\V. Klfe, manager).— Wll- 

■ llama' Ideals the current week. The Avenue 
. Girls did finely last week. The Merry Bur- 

lesijuera 8-13. .' ■ ' » ■■ ,_ 

'Ltcrtrn (J. 0, Jermon. manager).— rhe 

-Blue Ribbon Oll'la week of 1. ■ The vaude- 
ville features are : Violet Holmes, the lom- 

ledy Four, the 'IJennetla; and Mackle and 
Davla. The Bohemian show fared well last 

-week. Parisian Widows 8-13. , 

•CiBlso (Kllus t Koenlg. managers).— The 

. BcnfiSantley Co.. pays Its annual visit. In 
"POrty Minutes from the Bowery" and "The 
Hquaw Man's Wife." The olio names: —^—^- 

' Golton and Darrow, Marshall and King. Scrmnton. — At the Lyceum (A. J. Duffy, 
■Allen and Dalton, Murry Livingston. Wlion manager) John K. Henahaw Oct. 1, Creston 
aid Eaton. Charles Weber, and, the Zanoras. Clarke 3, May Irwin «, Paul Ollmore 5. '<llo- 

Busy Boy," 24, canceled. 

• Pablob Thbathe (Win. B. Pyle, manager). 
— The opening bill at this house comprised 
tbe following, and was well received, despite 
the very warm weather during the week : 
Four Knickerbockers, 'nil's- Royal Mario- 
nettes, A. Thomas Miller, Parish. Jerome and 
EllBWorth, and Evans. Trio. V 

Note. — Basil Buck and Luella Arnold, 
memliers-of "Deserted, at the. Altar" 'Co., 
were married by the Rev. Robert Lee Blair, 
Thursdov. Sept. 'SI, In the offices of Manager 
Penta, at the York O pera House. 

Altorcam.— At the MlHhK-r (I. C. Mlabler, 

manager) "Simple Simon Simple" had I 
good audience Sept. as. "Wo Aro King'!. 28. 
"Painting the Town" did fairly well 28. 
"Queen of the Arena" 211. Henrietta Cros- 
man Is due Oct. 3, "Tbe Isle of Spice" 1, 
"The Harvard tllrl" 5. "Dolly Varden" I). 
"A Crown of Thorns" 8, "How Hearts Are 

Broken" 9. 

Eleventh Avenuk (I. C. Mlshler,. mana- 
cer).— The Empire Biirlesiuers draw a big 
bouse Sept. 2-4. "SI Stcbblns" 20. the Black 
Crook Burlesquers 28. 20, tbe Kirk-Brown 
Stock Co. Oct. 1 and week. Lieut. II. 11. 
Amer's lied Hussar Band 10, Peck's Bad Boy 

H> !'-• . - ... ■ 

■ Acaubhy OP Mlisic, Tyrone. — Florence 
Hamilton, In "Tbe Other Woma n," Ovt. 2. 

Lam-ftslrr At the Fulton Opera House 

(Cbas. A. Yecker, manager) Katbryu Pur- 
nell and company, In repertory, bad very 
goud business Sept. 24-2II. Mildred Holland, 
In "A I"arsdl«e of Lies," Oot. 1 : Stetson s 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" 2. "Just Out of Col- 
lege" 3.' Primrose's Minstrels 4, "Peck's Bed 
Boy" 5. Portct J. White, In "The Proud 
■Prince," 6. „ ■ 

Family (Ed. Mozart, manager) .—Current 
attractions Include: Ethel Whiteside, Cbas. 
Kenna, Stevens and Kelley, Jeanre and EIIb- 
worth, Harry Orecne, Jones and Walton, and 
moving pictures. 

, Roof GABlitiK (Chas. M. Howell, mannger) 
closed a very successful season Sept. HO. 


Want Illtrh Tonal 
Address per roui< 

UuMual Act, KiH'Ultfthdut Aci. 

•12' tfiiys \i One Pine or TdityheaO^fjtBjce*. < to B 
feet long;. iloPK, 36 N.'ot ti at., rhtfudelplila, Pa. 

Arraageda composed. LOW terms'. ' 

A. KBETSMAiV.U E. 16th St., N.T. , 

Ntrxe. — Chas. .Ktiiver returned home iiept. 
1.7, after touring Kiiru|>e with Huffalo lilllK 
advance car the i>ast ^en sou. 

Knuton. — At the Ahle Upcrn Houso (W. 
K. Ltetwlller, miinaKer) "Invert) and' I,unn- 
Ilca" t-njoycil uood ImslneHM Hept. 'IX>. Slumle 
Kiemlng Htock Co. Oct. 8-JU. 

-e» > j 

tiium.iA. ' 

lay __, 

salle" t-ame Sept. ^S, to goo* houa«*. 

At:A0KUY (A. J. Duffy, manager).— "Billy 
the Kid" Oct. 1-3, ".Nettle, the News Girl." 
4-«, "Holty-Tolty," Sept. .iT-l!.), was well re- 

Star (Air. Q. Herriogtoo, manager).— 
Week of Oct. 1, Carr's Thoroughbreds. The 
Colonial Belles, laat week, to good houses. 

Family (W. W. Kly, manager). — Wvek of 
I : Herbert Wllkc and company, Jos. J. and 
Myra Dowling. Messenger Boy Trio, Msy 
Ward. Howard and Ward, Kranklyn Batle 
and AlHuce and Lorraine. 
— ■■■■ ' • 
Reading. — At the Academy of Music 
(John D. Mlshler, manager) Liberty moving 
pictures Bept. 24. "Rosalie" '25, Bianebe Ring 
J«, Florence ITamllton 27, Paul Ollmore 28. 

OnpiitiUH (Wllmer ft Vincent, ntanagen.1. 

— Last week was the occasion of the first an- 

nlrersary of this house under its present 

management. The event waa observed by the 

distribution of miuvenira. Among the -at- 

•tttlng rinks, antfalreHdy two of the, tatier tractions offered were: The »I« Santolrs, 

■Sin active operation at the I'ltcalrn Build- punter and Foster, tjllduy and Fox, Blatera 

lijg, at Eleventh and Arch Htreets, and In Cardowalc. and the O'Kuraa. 

ti» Twentieth Regiment Armory, at Twcn- Oranij Ofbba Hutmu (Nathan Anpell, man- 

\t1Wh Stteet and Montgouiery Avenue...... axer).— Irene Myers and her -stock company 

OaorgeKvaoa has .broken all of Koltn'H pre- bad a auccraaful engnKeirient 14-lti. 
Hffag*Jg^g^rtJ.^? **.TC 7 i #„- <t« .««.. bijou (L'pdegralt 1 Brownell, jnaoagew*. 

— The Tranaatbintlc Burlesquers. 24-26, and 
Hyde's rnmedtann, 27-2A, had well filled 

lldlisr-). ^ ' 

Wllllaiaaaifmrt.— At the Lyromlni; Opera 
nou«»i IL. J. Fi»k. manflger- Jtnsnl»e(r' Italic 
Stock Oi. did good linalneas Hnt. 24-20. "The 
Other Woman 7 '. Oct. 1. Patol.rlllniorn 2; Hart- 
ley's pictures a. "The Isle of Spice" fi, \ogeJ a 
Minstrela 0, Kmnm Bunting Stock Co. week 

.'.and Eaton. Charles 
PftBty of patronage waa bestowed on Llarka 
nfflfiwRy Oiris, "vnleh furnlahed a diverting 
ghow last week. Bowery Burlesquers 8-XJ. 
-TTaocibKBo . (Fred Wlllsoo. nwnaaer).--- 
Walaoh's Jamhamapia 1 t The Rlalto Round- 
ori.had crowded .houses last week, and gave 
•..lively show. ' , 

. Et-BVB.\Tit Bthbbt Opbba Houhb (Frank 
.Dumont, manager). — There la no changf in 
..'tSff bill the current week, the three bur- 
lfiqnes, "The Real Estate Bust Co.." "Roller 
■ Slating Rink" and "Quality Shop, continue 
tO'be poteot drawing-cards. . 


.. Hopkins,. manager).— Prof. C. U Owve, hyp- 
. notlst, In the feature In tbe curio halljln ad- 
dition to Mile. Marvelle, Bohtankl Troupe, 
VlhiBter-Kvor, the HolbrookH. J. W. Coffey. 
8am Johnston and Martha Wigen. In the 
ire are : Tlllle O. Whitney. Bradley and 
, H. T. Watte. Jack and GHda Cannon, 

tDalrg, and I.upln'a clneograph. 
_^_.?? K, '^r. Bow J!W * lleyi * "■" g ' T . ,I VE.. w . i - 3 l.i- 

uloua records by being retained for five sue 
waive wecka In the bill. His last week ends 

" f7. Leoncavallo, the composer, la sched- 
uled for two concert* at the Academy, of 
Wiiale 12.. 1.1... .....Tbe Herman .Thw, 

'Ire Htock Co. wll proiliin* "tier Heifer 

wifrk of 1 ..May Moooer, of tin* 

dlrtinnd+d. "Little Jack Horner" Co., has 
Men engngert hy - Nixon A Zlmmerninn 
for 'the part of Hie fairy nueen In Willard 
Hbehce't'H dnera. "Ros.llle." Blanche Deyo. 
or tbe aame company, has been engaged to 

. Anvnatn. -Tiie aeaMoa at the Opera House, 
(Wm. B. Bcliwelgerl, inanagcr) has begun In 
an auspli-Iuus manner. Murray and Mack ap- 
peared Sept. '2-t, to n good house, "Forty-- 
nve Minutes from ltroadway" followed 2ft, 
to capacity. "I'cck's Bail Buy" 2I», "The Sul- 
tan of tjulu" Oct. 1. "On Parole" 3. the Mb 
fcraons. In 'Tlsylng tho Game," 4, Al. 0. 
Field's Mlnstreitt 5. 

I'EBUciit-'Jvfr.KNK Co. rloaed Its Kiimmrr 
season here Haturday night. Kept. 21). .The 
season, has. been - mnst profitable as well aa 
pleasurable to the company. ,■' 

Bahm'm & rosTEHH are up, but no 
date gives o- yet. , 


Snvaitnnh. — Tlic Huvannab Theatre, sec* 
nnd to the oldest playhouse In the United 
Htates, was totally iletitroyetl by flm Kept. 
22, nothing being left but the walla to tell 
where the famou* theatre ooet atood. The 
uianagement ■ is making arrangements 'foe 
the Immedliiie coiiatruction of a new house, 
ond expect to have It ready for oeHtimm-y, 
bnt not entirely Unified, by Hcv. 1. The tit. 
fraction* that uru iKHtked for tlila season 
me till I (IE their engagements fit ihu Thunder- 
Imlt Cilxlnu. Tin-Mi' ttmt played this city 
week of 21 Included: "The Clananian,'* Muv 
niv and Mack, In "Around the Town," and 
"r'orty-llvc Silnntea from Hro.iilway," with 
<:orinne as the star. All did fine hitHlnosH- 
It is the Intention of the management of the 
theatre to get some hoiigc in the city to con>. 
tinue the season, one site that la consld- 
eredla the Mutunl Skating Rink, situated In 
the southern part of tho city. 

Amiaubra MtraicIlALi,. — This Utile honac 
did lino htiHlnesa for week of 24. "Ix>ve and 
War," ns the opetilmr. was very nttracttvc, 
nnd proved n good drawing cord. The caat 
Included: J-ilm Jacobs, Harry Austin, James 
Woodvllle, Fred It, liOthalr, George B. Gard- 
ner. Hurry Km I the, Henrglii Thomas, Lllllfl 
II. i.nrcltier and )->sle Ht. Clulr. All nivc a 
verv ciedltatile •tertnrmnm , p. May Allen U 
making a hit with her Hiwrlalty. 

AtlnntH At the Orand ill. L. & l.J* 

Ih' Hire, msnagers) <*urlnne. In "Forty-livti 
Mlnutert fnim Hroadway," Oct. 2, It. "Won- 
derland" came Kept. 24. 25. nnd was greeted 
by appreciative audiences. "Tho Toast of 1hi! 
Town followed, to fair returns, 2B, 27. (Jake WsIIk. manager). — "Haw 
fin: tier Hulled In" enjoved Hip usual good 
liuslnetii L'4-21i. "nn|»* p Ward, In "Not Vi'i, 
llllt Hootl." Oct. 1-fl. 

Htaii (.1 II. TlinrnptoD, mnniigpr), — Tim 
bill Kent. 24 and vki ImliidW John If 
Mack, Ida Kiarr, A. F. ltntji>i-f h. May lloycc, 
lilsniidilu nnd Hchr, l,udlow Allt-n. .lohit II. 
Morris,. f!n,» W.. Milton. Lizzie Parker,' Belle 
Milton, Mary <jroy Allen, and moving pic- 

HI 1 61 II 

When vnn write a letter, on TOG. wu.i. i.iisk 
MMMKM He will sell jbn a 


Direct from the factory, built for traveling Men. 
Weighs ten pounds. Hi-* visible writing* "Ivo 
vcar* guarantee. Will send on week's trial U. 0. 
It. Price *-K.">o, Including oak cum. We sell 
second hand Remingtons, Oonnmores and all 
Standard makes tor $10 aud up. Bent lm«jaln-> 
on earth. 

Typewriter Exchange, 

207 Baldwin Aia„ Jersey City, N. J. 



OKCIIRftTRA l.KAltEU. vlollnl-t, l» doubla trom- 
bouoorftltolnhand. PIANO PLAYKllfororehos- 
tra in<inubi(>ironii>onc,altoori'asr'ilriuii in hand. 
n*AK10NKT for band and orchestru. UsHFI'l, 
CLASS, KX I'Kltl KM'KH A'iFST who ran and will 
put up his own paper when ncccwary and who ia 
cripnido or filling in open tlmo.' Colored lioy, who 
can rtiug and dunce, to take care of dogs. Mop at 
hotels. No parades. Band concerts only. Open 
Oct, IT. HohearBH.l9 0ct.16. SAH'L MrCUTCIIRON, 
tost Liverpool, uhio, Oct. ;U, 


E. D. Hay worth, 


Play cornet. Complete Hoporlolrfl. Popular aud 
Standard nnnh. 1ft years' ixpiirioiuc. JiiMt 
(■lowed third coiikccuIIvo xcaaon with Jiiu, K. 
Stowo's Attractions. AddroKH 

7.11 VAN BUItKN HT., Chicago, III. 


All 'Round Team Comedian 
and Soubrctte, 

H. and li. or Keaturo Specially. Also Musical 
Artist, (iood Ilramatli- Peoplo to Douhle Hand, 
write; -if) woekn' engagfmont. 

J, U RlBaB, UWk Ht. . a» . Mlniirrt|mll>, Mill.]. < 

W A NTKO Q Ufo K, 


Iding and Hann- R. y. Coniodlnn, put on acta and 
make go; entlro charge of stage. Hlsior Team, 
Hkotch Team, Silent Acts, Hinging and Dancing 
-tioithreltu, l.mly Piano Player, l-ong engagoiuent 
to hgbi peop'c. 1 pay nil aftor Joining. I'naiiively 
no Hi kci". Htato all tlrat itttor and be remly to 
Join on wlro. Vf limit, your worth. All useful 
[HWPlc, wriloi|iilek. Address Manager OKItMAN 
fMKOY CO., Rux )i>1. nutlpr.Hlrhhintl County, ». 

El M 11 


Now hooking Dramatic and Vaudeville People fur 
acason 1WH. J. It. TMOaji'SON. Prop, ami Hgr. 


(Violin). Double Mcliaplionr. ItoapoDilhlo man- 
agcrw only. No Jump too ldg. Addtosa 
Care of (ion. pel., Nitw Orleans, La. 


Comedy - Drama 

Willi P.|»r, Pitrts, , etc., 



n/llli a few hundred dollars, to open a high clans 
mad. show. lama phenomenal money getter who 
tried io brettk Into another bus, and lout niv* hunk 
roll. IilgmoiR-y for aonie ouo. Add, LKCTUKKR, 
care of Gerald lUrtln, <)en. Del., Whthiia. Kmd. 

Sanlford Anderson 

Jtiv., i.kiiiho bum. 
ioi« »o. ( ALlloms, lft. Wmr<", ind. 


Uliange for a week, black Vara and frlnli Comedv 

to all acts. Alio have .Unit rated Nongouttltanil 
twelve sots of song alldea, Wlfedoen rtorpi.ntlnn 
.Dain.'i', having' elegant coitumo and alldoa for 
same.. Sober. Al drosfcrs. . Pin« appearance. 
^'IMM and WATHi jN, Wt Olympic Ht., Naidivlllc, 


WolUrttritctund prepare you Tor the stage hy until, 
and secure eugageinenls. Bend ai»mn fur partlcu- 
lam. DU nliAHH'H KUIIOOI.B, 
' Bog :sa, South Ititndt Ind. 



Heavy Malt, to doul'le Alio or 8lld<> Trutuhone; 
ChAraotertlldUan, lo double Has;* Drum: t.'otnet, 
double Stage. Address IIOMK OFFIUK, 

0. rt. PRIMItOSK, La Crosse, Wtftronnln. 

Wtti^.tecl» ior 

Jnvonlto and Heavy Man. U'nnian for BMbntten 

ond Ingenues. SpuclRliie* prof. Other'*, write. 

Pa* own. Those who wrote in fore, write iigain. 

WM Iftof^ Dpurr i^UMiwsky. o htn. 


KtYPSRT, N. }. 

Raaotttfl llirlils, siiomiry, ilrosslim Rafjms. Slwuo 
<>p<.illnir. all. nlilr,, iai. Mull, ML >I^«U>- ••"al" 
NMJ. Ciipaclly Hm. I'dii. Iitwii, li,sno. Tnillryilraws 
mi ov.r ri.lioi. On «'. It. It. at H. 1. I»l lllllrs Irnlu 
Nsw Vol k Ullj. Otin pinil show per wr-rk will il'» 
tiiwlnrsj. Jt. <l. WAI.UWI. M«r., Krvimrl. N. J. t 

Wtuit^cl, for 


Man for linn. Hits., dnuidlng lirnsa: Wiuimn for 
Jd Hun. and Woman for ChurnotiTs, People doins; 
apftolnltina given prerorenee. One nuint pl*y 
miiiio pltuio. Addreaa Ori'O A, HILL. Udnton, 
III., Oet 1 to io. , 



Alt'llty anil oxnurloncr. ('an Jnln [inmiHllnlfly. 
Writs or wire can- nr 

irr. CIIAIlLEH iiin'KI,, s. Clark si., uim-am. III. 

t. ».-!'. K. K„ rimsa wrlliv 



Leading Man, lien vy Matt, and Man for (huterul 
Hm-., Piano I'Iuvit, unit Wotnun for Juv-nDrs. 
Tlckolairwe kiiowynu. \t not. NO. Btuieluwesi, 

'i 1 nnt i _ v ^£°J t <u 'hb M,l,,,m '* N - *• __ 


ilORMAMi AM) VOltlt. ItrlMut. Verttloiil. 


To Join at otteo, good All 'Uotinil Medtoliiu P<*r- 
forntorn, Kong and banco Oomoillau, Hkotch TenitL 
and MiiHk'iil Peoplo. Long aeiiHon hikI xalary 
suit), as 1 iloit't ilconnd on any mwu In my miin- 
rloa. ^ DILlKiWAIil) 0UKT1H, 

Hard w Ink. Varinoni. 

tlUAira WHUI WaTnted Wek, 

For '-Tiio Ainerl('AllS."atJsek^ r 1 HO r Mlrli , 

wUhorwIthoiUHpecbiliy. Alao I'lANIHTdmitdlng 

brasM, or good Rail*. PKOPI.K wild hpoi^laltii.'H or 

doubling band. Beit, tioili' ton go'iil. Lavlula 

ThoinpMin arid M. J. WIIIIiium, ivrlle. ijulck 


IIMIl'llLAK AMUHKMKNT (-'■'■ (In e.l. iMiibm. »■ . 



Loarnod by auj inau or htiy; Himul utiat, Nend 
today 3«. Htarnp for nartUinlnts and proof. O. A. 
Bmlth, Room a, aoifl Knoxvllle Av«.. NrM. III. 

" fiWANT», 

Indoor Gymnastic Acts. 

Hear Itoaton. Week Oct. h. Also at all tliiiu.i 
Vaitdovllli! Acts for rluim. 

J, W. OORMAN, 100 UriylHtiin Ht., H'l^lou. 

AT LIBElll V, 


Band and OichestrH. H-tiat Cornet and Violin. 
WIA8. C0ON8. Unadlllu, N. Y. 

BARRY SHAY, 719 H, 16th St.. Phila.. Pa . 

For KKKTIHIFH, rAltll»ir.H, MIINdl.OIIIIKH, KTl , 
FRANK III.AIK, yntlr skfli-ll Is Olllslieil, Milnl 
Mitre-* - - . 

" n»uo" Noviurr MAN 


At Liberty. 

Plenty of sood ttfiur. Man anil Wife. Addre-J* 
(fuiild I'liiiiu, U'oiiiliiator, Mann. ^ 

TXT A BHItWi ~" ViiiuiK Untuudisn, l/i ntay 
W JXa 1 £jU'",\ i v, and Hpi;c|Hllies; 
Ynunn Uniiicdian, to jriuv Onde and HneilalHej; 
MiiKlrat Skcdii 'feupt, wonmn io piiir runo for 
Hhnw, a oiover Younit (ilrw; Hmuit I'artr. ininti, 
flliiff or dlltiee. Yiillllif Woiniiti AitoIihI.Io phir 
Htnall Part; Advance Man. I'lntio Player. L'ould 
Hsu i:le^oraiiti|loiir<«. Adorm* 

MAN«0Klt, :itu K. Mai HI , N. V. L'lty. 

n A DC For Lease, Sale or Storage* 

I - ^k ICSaB Repairs aodAlioralliuiaiuado. 
Unl|l«?o6fl. 6rifl9r. Car lor Sale. 
N. .1. (Alt WOUKS, Piw.n li S. J. 

.8. Face and Irish Comedian 

and bunccr. Alno pt<»<id Piano 
l.irot, Isily. Dnoi HpoulallluH. Ilolh fdiatiffo for 
week. Put on ants abd make I limit (to. Ad* 
ttnaai HKKTOIf TKAiI, Adams, Manv. 

iiivk ifoou opiii K.tsSj?,:^ 

Piano flavor; one who can work on nt*K» pro- 
forred. Wntn lowest nmt loiter. flK«. I'. WOOli, 
Manager M. 0. Ail. L'o.. Traverae Ultr, Mtt:li. 

At Liberty 

lkttkk mm, mn\m, mm. 

bhow Prlntlbk* for.Mltow people, write for prlce.i 
tm anytbltiK you need. 
AMKRtUAN PUfNTINO CO.. Haulwlee. Mleli. f 


vlllu Thi'Hiri- In <:lty of IAW>. Kortuno f'ir ria;lit 
party. Present owner Wants to retire [rem loud- 
lies*. Addrosa 0. II. HANHKlt. Dayton. Ohio. 

The Fortville Opora Houso, 


HealioK capn>:iif f.rrO.- 

J. ti. OHKKR, MituiKrer' Kortvllle, Ind, 


tratedj; AeLresa' PIiuIok. Oatalotfiio free ou ro« 
celpt of -'. rents |lfltler posUitfet. 

A. I»fi MAIIiLB.VIIIalrK4 ffii** de He/r*. Parla, 



dresser and sirlotly mHicr. State l»wi-«t aslary. 
Ni>>in:-. I.KW PEARBON, Kail Claire, Wll. 


iirtnikijn. N. V, 

All spi'i-liil papf-r. Writ-- or rnll 
ft, LMVIlV, nil Heverloy Itoid, 






1 1 -tr ax: — 


October 0. 


.,..„ ■■:■. . «... « » » I .;■■■'! ' 


< i ■ ' " V '. \ i'liiji'iuE'rorcfl.' ' " ■''- • 


","" " :""■ AIBEBT J. BOKO!, 

■EplTOBlil. IjUIP Bram gH HUnAnr.n. 



AikMrllsements— I2.SQ pfr Inch, slnglo col- 
Advertisements sot wltb border, 10 per 



one veer, in advance,**: all months, »2; 
three months, *l. Foreign posing* eltra. 
Klnglc roples will be sent, postpnld, on re- 
ceipt of 10 cents. 

Oar Tern* ore f'a.U. 

THE CMPPKH la Issues every Wednesday 
morning. Tbe last four (advertising) pages 
(if) TO ITtESB on Bnturday at 11 A. ,M., and 
I He Other pages on MONDAI and TUESDAY. 
The Kormm ClonlnB Promptly, :T«e»- 

.•dl>y».*t 10 o'clock : A, M. ' 
' r-leaae remit by express, money order, check, 
l> O order or registered letter. All Cain en- 
closed with letter Is at the rlik of lender. 
Adtlreaa All. cotniuunlestfloM to 


■ « Went 28th fttreet.-Neir York. 
Realalcret Cable k***«tj 'JAotHOWTr." 


of Thk Cnirraii Is located; at Boom 504, 
AaHlind Dlocli, Chicago, William l-. Bryan, 
manager and correspondent, where advertise- 
,nent«. and aubacrlptlona are received at our 
regular rates. 

Located at 48 Cranbourne St, London', W. C, 
John H. Carney,. manager and «neapondent, 
where sdvertlsements and subscriptions are 
received at our regular rates. 


SAI.K Asn alTAlL, at our agents, Brsntano/s 
news depot, 117 Avenue de i'Opera, Paris, 
l.-rancei H. Llllentbal. Frederick .Strasso 
101 iTerralnus- Hotel), Berlin, N. W., Ger- 
many ; Diamond Nowe Co., 07 Prado, He- 
vena i Manila Book and stationery Co., )S8 
Ksoolta, Manila, P. I.: Albert t Son, 1117- 
1.10 KltigSt, Sydney, Australia. 

TUB NEW YORK ©I.IPFBR nnbllahes 
only une' edition, atiid'tbftt-la dated 
fro m yew York.- '" "'' ' ' ' 


Nu Ui'iiHe. By lUnll or Teletfraph. 


CL1PPF.B Vobt Omen. All letti;r8 will 

I!V MAIL OH TELROB.APH. ■..*•.■■'. 

W. X.. Wacoi—We ] i live no knowledge of 
Ihe present whereabouts of the party. Art- 
dress a letter la ■owr care, and we will adver- 
se It In Tuh Cliiu*eii letter list. •; . 
R T., New York, 
. |-', C, New Orleans, 


"1. X.-W* 

;% T.,:Knu Clolre, 

M. A.; Si., Warsaw, and 
: ll, It., fleattle.^-Sco answer to W. N. ( nbove. 

A VHAaEBrllartfonl, tJonn,— 'W»c party Is 
«.f IrlBli luuehtage. .; 

M, H., Cleyeioni,.— "(Joiirge \VnnbltiKton 
,lr." w«» ili'Ht-. produced at. Hie Court Square 
Theatre, SncJllgiiflUI, Mohh., Jan. 24, 10DU. . 

J. .1. K, , Uralntrcc.^-AiUireHs Kriiiidg, J>ay 
te- llunlor; lil Went Thirtieth Street, New 
York t'lty. ; " ' 

It. P., New York. — He Is only known to 
iih by the name you mention. 

t. 1 . £ H., New Vork.— The party played 
N>W York t^lty for too tlret time at Bnrtk 
& Semnon's MubIc HbJI.jPJO, sr.-:tO, loon. 

a (.'., -KnlHoltlver.— AildresB Walker, 280 
Klslitli,' New Yock: City. 

K. -<,..■ It,, Lufuyette.— "8ee-Bee" w«b wrlt- 
len hy O. II. K Jtrookileld and AiUInn ItoHS, 
Willi nuwli! hy Sidney Jones. There have 
Imp ro ninny different varalons of "Alad- 
illn" Unit --he autiiundilp has long since been 
taut. We d« unt know who publlsbeB them, 
If (licy are piri.llshed. '•■•■••• ; ... 

V. S., New York.— We can not B»are the 
iMHC la joiiMblish the cast. 

l\ K. P., llo eh eater. —The parties to whom 
von refer will aimwer your (mentions. 
' -.Max."— We believe, from your descrl|» 
i Ian. it is the play yon mention. It. Is not 
mibilRbed. but can be henured • through T. H. 
WInnutt, 1402 Urondway, New: York City. 

W. C. K., Phlldelphla.— U yau are n pro- 
fi'.sslonul youcau secure professional copies 
bv wrltlnc for them. •■ 

[\ J. -IT.. Altoonn.—Aildi'esH Frank Howe, 
I.r>ndon Theatre, New York City. 

C. It, Klnuwod.— Advertise your wants In 

TUB t'l.ll'l'KH. 

. AftTAIIC. 

It. II. M,, Washington.— '-.The crew was 

.17 1^ Heconds. This wan in still water. .ITnater 
time lias been made with the tide. 

Constant Ubadhh;— 1. A revoke, or re- 
neir. <Is not estnhlbtluHl until the trick Iu 
which It oceurs Is turned face down on the 
table. A bad it perfect right to recall the 
mlttplnyed card uay time before the trick 
\yxn turned down .The, only penalty .imposed 
upon hhn ww» that for e-xposliiK a cord, 
which be was rorvwl »o play at httt tlr«t op- 
portunity. A and his piirlner win the uatno 
■with blah and low. without the Jack, the 
irolats counting In thin order of precedence : 
lllati. first: low. weemd : Jack, third anil 
Kuine, fourih. 2. It Is a nihidnnl and till 
nolntt* made are cauceltd. The game call a 
for six -carda each, and cannot be played 
will) either more or Ickh. 

■ C. \V„ - Mcheuecindy.— The plajer with MX 
cards baa a. foul hand, anil uuist lose all ho 
Iium nut In life pot. .which goes to I lie best 
band staying, which In this cane In a pair of 
Hvpk. An err*ir In wervlag ralils for thedraw 
must be .dUcovcrciL and chilmetl Itefnw the 
player raises* the drawn curd* from the taltle. 
The moment he mlsct* 1 1tem the bund Htauds, 
mid If !•> contains either limit- or less thai. 
live cni'ds, It In foitl. 


W. Mi'I.t CltHllcotbe.— We do not publish 
hooks. Address Pick ft l>:Usgerald, is Aim 
Hi roe, New York City. _^ 

bnrnnet Is forced Into a suit, of armor and a 
dn*l, Jn.: which he sccldentollyia auccessful. 

* '* f 5HHeP<nohmflir ' start* rtrff ' mf&BEj 

metbod In. which arranKeraentri he made for 

a play to be produced directly under liU mnn- 

BKement in Amerlra, la through his only re;j. 

resentntlve in Kngland, William Lestoc<|, nnd 

that, regarding ihe combination that had 

:,;,',-.. lieen formed In this country for the produc- 

The flrst public, performance of Hall Calnes ,| on * t v \ aS n hlrioalrilnterest Is na^ae-of 

(w.ploy. " f l*he Bondman.V occurred at Drnrv thft Btibw-rllicr* to & (xa ' 


Clipper Bapcatt. 

. 48 OjmjHinrtie Street, 

, I,elce»i«r •LftOnrr. r- 

London, W. C, 
Hkpt. 22. 

new .play, * ■ 

Lane, on Thursday. list, aiie play lieKlnw with 
a tableau. The scene In a nttay In the Isle 
of Man. A gun m fired, and a ragged, half 
drowned seaman, a deserter from a ship In 
the harbor, pushes Jila way through the crowd 
oiisembled on the quay. Tbe seaman Is Jason, 

Cu-nd to naslHt In* giving 

young and struggling authors on opportunity 
to have their playn produced. 

La Mllo has- been- NVflnd for an In- 
definite period ati the P»vlllon. The man- 
agement of the house had releosed her to 
fulfill continental dates, which the Interested 

Is Inrgel Last week, "A Vlght for Love." 
nlnved to good business. ■ 

actress, will give North Side plafjwere on 
cnrlv opportunity to see her nnpehtttttt 8a«lo- 
(Irnma, .'"No 1 Mothpt to Guide Hw.Tglt opens 
with' thk* *iit)iliV diatinee. Sent. UQ/mM will 
Temnlh one week. "Young Bnff«loJ«jKlog.or 
(he Wild West," played to good bttslbesa laBt 
■week, < i- ■ . '<■• t-:* •■* * >r 

i-r*EOPLfc'*i TugATBB (Jtoseph Pilgrim, man- 
ggerV.-^Tho Farlsh'PrfesC' will [be offered 
by the TeopIeK Block ; Co. week or Oct; 1. 
UaC week, r "Pora Thottie" closed Ho excel- 
lent business. '■>: 

Pkkin Thkatxb (U. T. Motts, manager).— 
."QUf*yn of' : the Jungle" 'wllf'fremal^; at this 

n Sicilian, whose father,, had doBerted. his m&naeera have agreed" to hold over- for 'Some house for-ri» JnieflnUe period, rbak- 
moiher, and had afterwards settled In the t[me ■ / n ,-.. : 1 log .a nl-orihunced mohm *t tltflj house. 

Isle of Mat), married, and become the father liftiroi Cardner. late acting ^manager of ; w fwenty' : Mrnutee .from"\,JJtate Strtct" fol- 

of another son; Michael Hun locks. Jason has 
sworn to avenge lila mother's wrong, on. his 
father and bis half 'brother, nnd venRConce Is 
the errand that has brought him to the Isle 
of . Man. Jason arrives In the Island ns 
Michael leaves It. The elder brother has come 
for vengeaace ; the younger brother, leaving 
friends and sweetheart l>ol»lnd him, has start- 
ed /or Sicily to make reparation for the sin 
of his dead iathcr. tlreelwi, Atlchael'B sweet- 
heart, befriends Jason, leads him away from 
h>B' dream of. revenge, and makes a -man of 
him. with the result that he falls. In love 
with her. As she ha » not beard from Michael 
Jo. three yaers, on- the urging of her father 
and: mother,. she agrees to marry Jason, .lust. 
after she has given her promise to Jason, and 
he hurries to get a special license,, letters 
arrive from Michael. Political events have 
been happening in the island in .the Mediter- 
ranean, unit Michael has become president of 
a Sicilian republic, lie asks Greeba to come 
out to him and marry him ; at once, and 
she, true to ,her -tirst love, throws over 
Jason at once, and Into, his soul there 
comes again an irresistible desire- to kill 
tbe brother, who takes everything .from him. 
The scene then .rta|fts to Sicily. Gre«bn and 
Michael are married. Jason forces. his way 
Into their house, has a violent scene with 
Greeba, is arrested aa n spy and sent to tbe 
.sulphur mines. Within a few minutes of 
hit* arrest a counter revolution takes place In 
the Island. M|chael,;.,belng president, Is nr- 
restfd, end he; too, Is sent to the mines. It 
happens that Michael and Jason, .each, una- 
whrti: of the other's identity, are chaltoed to- 
gether and ordered .to work In a v.ery dan- 
gerous pit. ...hardly- have they . disappeared 
down the month of the pit than there cornea 

the Palace, hn.8; been the recipient' Of a hand 
somely- fitted dressing hag nnd a writing 
rase, gifts ifrom the staff .of that thentic. 
The presentation speech wag; made hy T. Mil- 
ler, the treasurer of the Palace. l •> 

O. II. Kuru. the- Juggler,- will play the 
Empire, Cainberwelli next week. Harry Tate 
leaves next Wednesday 'for- New York. He 
will do "*'lsbing" In that city for Percy Wil- 
liams. Hooker and Davis Inform me that 
they are. booked on (the continent for a long 
time. ! The Belfast^ Hippodrome has been 
registered With. a nominal capital, £25,000. 
Will Sley, ihe Manchester ^agent, and -"Fred 
WJlraott are on -the- directorate. Acting In 
sympathy with tbe Moss Empires, the Bur- 


Kou.y Theatjih (John A. Kennessy. mnn- 
ager)-— The Ynnkee Poodle Girls," under the 
direction : of T, W.f plnkihs, will be 1 the at- 
trattlon nt thla house ,-freek beginning Sept. 
,10. The programme conBiBts of two elab- 
orate bur!cs(]ues, called "Tim Sullivan's 
Chowder" nnd "Sullivan on (IttBMJ at tbe 
Pbllllpinea." Last week the Kentucky Belles 
hart; capacity houses, j ■ r v 

T^ocadkbo Theatrh (I. M. Welpgnrten, 
manager). — Susie -Fisher Is featured with. 
Fred- Irwin's Big^Show.iwhlch comeB to thla 
house- 30. The Golden Crooks closed a good 
week 20. ,^' 

Hugos'*: Theatre (Sid J. Kuboii, mana- 

ton Theatre- nnd Opera House .will, hence-. gerJ.^r-The attraction for the. weekrof 80_at 
forth be run as n music- hall, on f the two '" 
houses a night- policy. ■ ■ ■ 

■ ' ■- . "' ' . i , i : i i» 



Wcatfrrn Bnrean 

of tbe New York Clipper, 
Room 004, Aablnnd Block, Chicago. 

'; There , will be. .changes at all of the down 
town theatres week of Oct; 1, with the excep- 
tion of the Lit Salle, the Colonial and Powers, 
thesc.-three retaining their tsticcessfurente'.- 
tulnment. "The Law and the Man" will come 
■ to. -the Grand Opera House for a fortnight, 
with Wilton Lnclinye; "Miss Hcbbs" wilPbe 
played <bythe Chicago Opera House -Stock 
Co.; Kyrle Bellew will be seen at the Illi- 
nois, ..In ."'Brigadier Gerard;" '•Eileen Aa- 
thore" will be seen at McVlcker'a. with 

ChHitncey Olcott ; James T. Powers will make 

a blinding flash, a ivar mid- thick clouds of his appearance at the Garrlck, In "The Blue 

spioke. All the prisoners and guards flee 3Ioon," while Harry iBulger will lie seea'-ln 

from the- place with the exception of Ml- the title role of "The Man from Now;" Mc- 

Shacl and Jason, .\fter the .tumult has died in tyre and Heath will be seen this time at 

own they make their escape, Jason .carrying the Auditorium Instead of tbe Colonial, In 

■Michael, who MB become blind from, the kuI- "The- Horn. Tree ;" Pavld Hlggins wilt come 

phur explosion, The. last scene brings, nbbut to the Grent -Northern, In "His liast pollar," 

the reunion of Greeba and Michael, and tbe and "My Friend from India" will be seen at 

Belf-Kacrllico and ultimate, salvation : «f Ja- the r Bust! Temple Theatre, 

son. The principal characters are In the Illinois .Theathk (Will J. Davis, mana- 

hands of Mrs. -Patrick Campbell, j Frank ger). — Kyrle Bellew will appear for the Unst 

4*onuer.- Henry Neville, Henry Alnley. , Austin time. In vBrlgadler Gerard, ' nt this house, 

Meirord. Lionel Brough' and Marie lllfngton. /Monday night, 1. This play la Dr.. A; Connn 

The play Is a great success In every way,. nnd Poylo'a stage version .of his story, "Ad- 

the period between, now, and pantomime sea- ventures of Gerard." Ida Conquest Is the 

perl — 

son wilt be a profitable ope. -At tbe dress 
rehearsal and the :llrst performance,' Mr. 
Cnjne was called before tbe curtain. 

JJerrard Grant Allen, who has been -James) 
Welch's, manager, for no me time, Isito be 
Cliarles WyntJiinm'a new tenant of the 
Criterion.. -Mr. Allen will rtart operations 
on or ft! unit Oct. 14, 'With a play, nptitled 
"An Amateur Socialist,'.' by W. Kinsley Tar- 
pey. j TtalH piece was seen some time ugo 

leading lady this season for Kyrle Bellew. 
This piece will remain here for an unlimited 

Towers' Tiieatrk tHarry J. Powers, man- 
ager).— Win. Faversham, Iu "The - Hquaw 
Man," will remain one- more week, llobert 
r^deson. In "Strongheart," follows. 

Gabrtck Theai,-be (Herbert C. Pace, man- 
ager). — James T. Powers 'will make bis first 
...... . appearance . In. "The,- Blue Moon" Sunday 

under the name of JWlndmllls." when it was night,. Sept: HO, "The' Karl nnd the Girl," 

produced bv the Stage Society. "The Prince 
CltapS will have -Its lost, performance iat the 

.Crltcrton-ta-nlghtr After a short proyinclal 
tour Mr. Canbv hus arranged to revive it In 
London at Christmas^ The members -of tbe 

-road company- wilt be the same -as those, play 
ing at the 'Criterion, with the exception of 
Sara -Sothem, whoac part will beplayed by 
Wilfred. Draycott. -At the- Criterion a few 
llayango-B jrerformance of "Nurse Marjorle," 
a .four .act play, .by Israel .^angwllf, . waB 
given, Tor. copyright purposes. 

It Is announced by Mr. Frohman tbat 

-Willie Collier returns to i London tbla Fall. 

h Eddli Toy, closed a good week 2P. 
Colonial Thiutbe (George W. Lederer, 
manager). — ''George "Washington Jr." will 
remain at this houHC, where It is being played 
bylts author, George Cohan. ; to aa many 
people as can g-'t. -.within the theatre. The 
cast is a very capable - one! . 

-Stl'derakeu' Tiieaibb ilt. K. Harmeycr, 
manager); — Harry- Bulger will appear at this 
ihouse Tuesday evening, Oct. 2, in '-'The Man 
-from Now." He will biive the assistance -ot 
Helen Hale, Halite Fischer, Walter Lawrence 
and Kdward Martlndell. A large beauty 

horus will furnish a pretty background for 

He will appear In. a new piece, eat I tied these ployers. 

"Caught In the Baip." . ■ [ •- •* Chicaoo "-Opera House (D. II. Hunt, man- 

IMM8 decided at Bow Street this week that a ger.L— Starting -Sept. 3,0, "Mins -Hobba" will 

' rates, al- be the stock oifering. Katbertnc Grey will 

the J/vceiim and. Coliseum must pay i 
though -they are closed. -The .-magistrates 
made orders for distress warrants, 'hurt sus- 
pended the Issue of the warrant ngajupt the 
Coliseum until thero has-been time. for an 
application to tho- High- Court for power to 
raise the. necessary funds. : The case was be- 
tore the court: two weeks ago, whea:ioe so- 
ik'ltor for the theatres argued tbat,. they 
were In the same position as empty houses, 
and were not liable for rates, > . 

In last week's- luttcr I stated that Bonnie 
Goodwin had passed away In this cl y. I 
v:us mlnln formed. . MIbs Goodwin, althougn 

ploy the title,. role, nnd William pramwell 
Will he se?n as Wolff Klnssear. 

Grand Opera House (Harry Askln, man- 
ager). — Wilton Lnckaye will come to this 
house Sept. HO. In his own piny, entitled 
"The Law and the Man," a version of 'Victor 
Hugo's 'Mxts Miseruhles," in which Mr. 
Lacknye will play Jean ,ValJoan. Melbourne 
MacPowell, Jeffreys Lewis, George W. Den- 

this theatre iwllt be tbe Jersey Lilies Bx- 
'travafranxa Co. Fred Irwlrt's Big Show 
played to capacity houses last week...: 

Whitk Citv (l'nul P. Howse, mailtager). — 
White City is celebrating lu^oyal ■ ptvle, and 
tbc'corn carnIvitI' : i8'fitovlhg to be'h great 
success Last week all previous records for 
attendance were broken. -Big Otto's Wild 
Animal Show and Jewell's : Manikins were 
most patronized. The carnival will remain 
until Oct. 14, after wblch the gates will be 
closed for the season. 

Biverview Park (William' M, Johnson, 
manager). — At this resort tbe great harvest 
borne carnival Is In full swing. The grounds 
are decorated with all' the products' of the 
field and garden, and with 10,000 Japanese 
innterns. The' programmes a.-e changing 
nightly, Saturday night, '20, marking, tlte 
crowning of the qiieen. Sunday,- 30, five 
hundred babies will be" exhibited at this park, 
as the beginning- of .the baby show. Tho 
thrillers, etc., are all being well patronized. 

Sans jSovci Tajik (Leonard W'dlff, mana- 
ger).— After. the most prosperous season In 
Its existence, this resort closea Sunday night, 
;t0. 'Special programmes have been arranged 
foe all the theatres In midget land for the 
closing night. , , , 

Ci-.uik Street Museum (William J. Louis 
M. 'Hedges, : managec). — Herald, who Is.Kald 
to be the strongest man In the world, will be 
one of the curie ball attractions lor week of 
Sept. 30. Cleve Gill, the toll. girl, remains 
another week. An entirely new bill' will be 
given in the theatre. 
■ Lo'niiox Pime Museum (William J. W. 
Sweeney, 'manager).- — The curio hall attrac- 
tions will nil remain another week. Manv 
new features will also he present, and an en- 
tirely hew bill will be oresented In the vaude- 
ville thnntre. ... 
•■ AFiEnMATH, — H. W. Gllekauf. press agent 
of the La Salic Theatre, will shortly resign 
his positron to accept the position of ad- 
vance man with "Told in. the Hills." 

The Chutes- closed Saturday, Sept. 2.'t, for 
the season ..... Joseph ' Brnnsky. who has 

been connected with McYIcker's Theatre -for 
fifteen ' reni's, will open'hls new Humboldt. 
Theatre, nt the-'corher of < Ohio Street and 
-Milwaukee:' Avenue, Oct. 11. .....The Four 

Lnkens write that rhey are booked by. the 
-Western Vnudeviile Managers- until April 17. 

1007 ; Managers of theatres on the Bljoi*. 

elrcult, us th-» chain* of popular priced vaude- 
ville In Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois Is 
known. m«t ut ihe Sherman house in this 
city Sept. IS. Matters- pertaining to the 
business conduct' of these houses were dis- 
cussed. The circuit' will probably "purchase 
their own films for moving pictures, and a 
general press agent will be locnted In Chi- 
cago. . ...-.Plans for a new, absolutely fire- 
proof theatre, tobe built In Khglewood, III., 
for the Knglewood Theatre Company, have 
been completed bv Pnvld - ItobertBon. The 
building Is t*> bo Used exclusively for the- 
■litm purposep, and will be erected during the 

I'omlug Winter .'.Itegnn Hujmton will 

make his first appearance ns a member ofthu 
chiuago Opera -Ilonse Stock Co; -in "Mt»s 
Ilobbs," Ho will play Juvenile rides with 
this company , .We have been In- 
formed that Lutz and Jenkins will open this 

* ' J™ p ?*5 u > *ggH g- gg^gygti ^i HSr season In their own Putch comedy. entitle-J 

■ham and Josephine Sherwood nre In Mr. oi- he Rlopement.". . . .(Jernld Griffin, a mem- 

p Lackaye's support. -l | )er f Am v GW - Theatre. Stoek Cn ■ mUmi 

1 ^^^^^ mt ^^^^J^?Jt Xi ^ 'ThVr%ny72fr.7ndaSouuc^ 


Mmum-ey Olcott will open his 
annual engngement here Sunday, Sept. 30, 
presenting :' , KHeen Asthore." Tbe engage- 
ment Is. for three weeks. 

La Salle Theatre (Mart. H. Singer, man- 
ager Lrt-nVliie*, the Place and the Girl" 
continues to draw good attendance, and the 
close of the engagement Is not in sight. 

Great Northern Theatre (Fred C. 
Rberts, mnnager). — Pnvld (tlgglns will come 
to this house Sept. 30, In his own play, .en- 
titled "Ills Last Dollar." The piece will 
stay an 'unlimited time. 

Iii'MH Temple Theatre (Elizabeth Scbo- 
ner, 'manageress! .- — The Players' Stock Co. 
at this house will play, for week of On. 1. 
"My Friend from India. ' Harry L. Franklin 
will plHj- the part of A. -Keene 'Shaver. "Alice 
of Old Vliicenhes" closed 30 a week of ca- 
pacity houses. 

Majestic Theatre (Lyman 1). Glover, 
manager). — Amelia Hummer vl He, and Klein, 
Ott Brothers and Nlckersou, head the bill of 
clever players at this house for week of Oct. 
1. The bill also Includes : McCnrt's dogs and 
monkeys, Charles b\ Ramon, the Four Ne- 
varoH, -Knight Brothers aud Saw telle, Lrnuo, 
Fay mid Young, (lartelle Brothers, Nellie Kc- 
■velle, .ChrlBtlans Sisters, the Boofs, add Marie 

Olympic TitKATnn (Abe Jacobs, mnnager). 
— Henri French Is the hcadllnor of the bill 
for ; Weak ot Oct. It 1'alfrey nnd lloofler, 
George .Wilson, Gtlroy. -Hnynes and Mont- 
gomery, Gnitkier and Hovere, Robert Nom, 1 , 
>lnjc3tic Trio, Brandt-raid Lnrnuo. the Jug- 
ullng - Thortis, l^cna Pnven|iort, Jnrvls nnd 
Tudor, Hall end Colburn, and Carrie Brld- 
well ore ulso on the bill. 

Hwaiakkkt TjtE.wni3 (William Newklrk. 
munairerl, — The Ynssar Girls and Uapoll arc 
the headliiiors of- the bill for week of Oct. 1. 
The bill hIho Includes;. Carson and Wllllard, 
Wltla Holt Wakefield. Fred Lenox nnd com- 
pany. Auric Dngwell, Brothers pit- Van, Camp- 
bell and Brady, Churbw II. Puncan. tbo 
Montgomery Guards and Frederick Holder, 
:tud the.-klmitlrome, 

AcAiuiAiY Tiikatke (William Iloche, man- 
ager^. — ''Clilnatown Charlie" la this week's 
attrtictlon. opening Rapt. 30. "Queen of tho 
White Slaves" closed a big week 20. 

Hi jut' Tiieathk (William Bocbe, mana- 
ger), — "Big Hoaried Jim" Is the name of a 
iiiuv IttKntilidl translated from ttioFvOnch play that will hold forth at this house. It 
of Pr. P.-uil Llndon, by ICilwnrd Knobloach, is full of Indians and Westerners. The play 
under the ;naiuiui*mcnt of Charles Frolunan. is Imtli clean and oxeltlng. Last week. "\on 
II is rumored that Arthur Bourdiler -may lunmrn* clowd to big buslttcss. • 
play » prlncltMil part In (he play, but.uothlng Amiambha Tiieatiin (James H. Brown, 
hn« been detlnit<?lv derlduil t»s yet. . manager).— "On Pnngerous Ground,' 

.lamen Welch succeHsfull.v produced nt Not- drama, which comes " 
tlngbam. early in the week, a new three act house, tells . how 
larce. "When Knights Were-Bold." "■ 

very. HI, It still in the land -of the HrJ 

Ada - Beeve 'brings ■■ ber engagement' at the 
Tlvoli to n close at the end of next week. 
Jt has-been a very BiicccssltiPone. On Oct. 
.1 the i Follies loin the Tlvoli .programme. 
Tiiev will- offor u new-nkatch,- In the- nature 
of ii skit upon the .presenf piece at the, Ald- 
wych. It is called "Tbe. Bnth Bun; or, tbe 
Crush of the Season,' 1 and 1b divided Into two 
ncenes. - 

Baatua and Banks returned from the 
stqtt h thin. week. While at home they played 
several weeks. Their time on this aide of 
t be Atlantic commences Immediately, . In 
fact, tliev arc booked up now for several 
years. At 'Christmas they piny the Holbora 
.empire, which wjll be their .third time at 
tbat hotisb within a year. - 

Trilby Van. called one day this week. Miss 
Van - made the trip to this country merely 
for pleasure. She viewed- the various. -in us i« 
Lull shows with a view to playing here lit 
the-fuU're. j 

Honry Arthur Jones, the dramatist, Is Just 
back. from New York. He will-not remain In 
Kngland long ay ha baa accepted an .invita- 
tion to lecture. nt Harvard, Yale and vpluni- 
bin l/"nlvpi<sitltas on the future of the drama. 
tic hopes that "Tho '-Hypocrites" will be seen 
In London before long, but no definite date 
can lie fixed. "You see," he says, VI lhave 
good reasons to lie cautious. My last serious 
wnjrk , -having failed here, 1 am most anxious 
that 'The Hypocrites' should he produced 
u^tder the most favorable coudltlons^ as to 
rust and other matters," .'..■ 

Yvette .Gullherl anils for Now* York on 
Sept. 29. Thi* season the celebrated French 
tictresH- will. Is.* -under- -the utanagemeitt of 
l.lebler mid coniiianv, and will .give an nuter- 
tnlnuient In ct>u]unctlo|i with Albert Cliovn- 
Her. They were smn -recently -at ihe 
pnkc of Vtn-k's, and wcro thlisl sitccessful 
with Ihch- entertHliiinent, whlcli consisted 
ninfuly .of French and Coster songs,. ;TJils 
vontlug Ainerlcnii tour. 1 nm Informed, will 
murk Ms'lhiue Gnllbrrt's last appearance as 
a singer, an she lulends to devote, her future 
to lifting. On her return from the States 
i-lic .will PKHluce. at Ihe l'uiu Tlieatre, In 
ItnisselH, a new play, by d.dmtuid Gnlinud 
and Jean de.llhti, .entitled --"IiMCaii l^oublo," 
after which she will be seen in Lomlontlii 

.... announces that the New 

Theatre will open Its season Oct. 8.. . , .The 
Four Bees report- a most prosperous engage- 
ment In the West...... Nill Rylcy has Joined 

"Th e Blue Moon" Co., and, will be seen:. In 
James T. rowers' support at the Garrlck 

Theatre . ;l!lddle Foy will be -featured! In 

■'Tho Orchid," tho new musical comedy that 
the Shuberts will produce Inter In .the sen- 
son.... ... .Treasurers of. tbe down town the- 

ntrei gave a farewell supper. on ■ Saturday 
ulght, Sept., 22, to 'Arthur Levy, assistant 
treasurer of the Garrlck Theatre. Mr. Levy 
has been appointed treasurer of the new 
Shubert theatre In Kansas City, which is to 
be opened there- next -'week. lie will be suc- 
ceeded at the Garrlck by C. fl. Harris, fur- 
inerly assistant tren surer of Powers' Theat.-e. 

'.Le'n.1 Ash well 1 nnd her company, who 

are to open a tour of this country at. the 
Garrlck 'Theatre Oct. 15, will sail from South- 
ampton on Wednesday, Oct. 3. 
■ — a — •»■* 

- jtiiisw Mack, aeronaut,' repot t* that Italat 

baa been his most successful NfaBOn, 

.... ' the work 
of "Charles Marlowe," a name under; which 
Harriott Jay baa done work for -the stage 
before. Tbe play shows the 'trials of Sir 
Guy de Veiv, who despises hls'horoue-tny. and 
Is thinking of becoming mi amateur Soelallnt. 
The second net sees all the; elinraeterfl, with 
the exception of- Hit 1 Guy, tronsf owned Into 
their medliBvnl prototypes. Tbe uubeppy 

a melo- 
thls State Street 
_ bad bartender's friend 
kidnaps his two sinters and sells them (o a 
rich ciijniiii.mi, The young women nre 
.rescued! ".No Mother to Guide Her" closed 
Saturday, 20. 

con; miii" a Thkatrr (Weber Brothers, 
managers).— Tbe alluring title of the enter- 
tainment tbat will hold forth nt this bouse 
Is "Gnv New York." -Lillian Mnrleln, who 
can sing, is the chief player. The company 

tittle Bock. — At the Capital Theatre 
(Chas..T. Taylor, manager) Nell. Burgess. In 
"Tbe County Fair," came Sept. 24i to a fair 
sized audience. Hnverly'a Minstrels 20. 
"Foxy Grandpa" Oct. ii. Mahara'a 'Minstrels 
3. "Ikey fliid Abey" 4, Al. H. Wilson 5, 
"Happy Ilooilgun" G. "The County Chair- 
man ' 8, "Coming Thro' the Bye" 0, Cole and 
Johnson i:.. 

MxiKsric opened for the Benson Sept. 17, 
to .big business, and the same continued dur- 
ing ihe wwk. The following are the staff 
for tbe season: Fred B. Clow, resident mnn- 
ager; James II. McDonald, Ireasurer; riilllp 
Haskell, musical director: Ernest Olbbs, 
stage manager: Fred Itlchter. 'electrician ; 
Thoinaa SIcBrlde, property master ; OhaiJes 
Woolen, ndvei'tlsliig rtgent ; V. Haddow, raalu 
dnotkecper ; . I'hiu-les Piewltt, gnllerv door- 
keeper. The bill for the first 'week- was; 
Tho Yerxas, -Mrs. nnd Mr. Itobvns. Puffy, 
Sawtelle and Puffy. Cbns. B. Wnrd. Schepp' t n 
Dog, Pony ami Monkey Circus. For week 
of EM the following uppenred : Arthur Stew- 
nit and the Keelry Slaters, Kd. Lavine, Wal- 
ter Washburn and company, Fannv Frnnkell. 
('lemensn Ilrtithern. Allan Shaw. Snnsoiie and 

Notes.— -Kees P. Burrocks has contracts 
for the nppenrntt«:e the coining season of 
the following mimed lecturers: Senator Ben 
Tlllmnn, Blchinnnd P. Hobson, George It 
Wcndling, F. Hopkluson Smith and it. F. 
Oiitcnult. This in known a\ "Tiie Star Lec- 
ture four se." and senator Tlllinnh Is due 
Oct. ». All of these attractions will be at 
the Y. M. C. A. Auditorium. 

♦ •» 

Jl'SlE McCBBB AND COUPANT opens his 
regular season on the Ornheura circuit Oct. 
1. at New Orleans, La. In Mb well known 
sketch, "The Pope Fiend,*' Mr. MvCree has 
found decided favor with the public and high 
praise from the press wherever be has np- 
petired. ■ : 

Eruption* Appettred on . ipfeeat, nmi 
K*ee Rtod Week Were Alt Brokei* 

' ." • ■ thit-t.'nrnl l*y-'C«tlcnm, 

"I ]tad an eruption appeaf' ori my chest 
and body and extend upwards and down- 
wards, so that my- neck and face were ill 
broken out; also my arms and the lower 
limbs as far: as: the knees. 1: at first 
thought it was prickly heat. But soon 
scales or crusts formed where the hfeak- 
iiw out was. Instead of going to a phy- 
sician I purchased a complete treatment 
of. the Ciiticura Remedies, in which I h:nl 
great faith, and all was satisfactory. A 
year or- two later. the eruption apneare:! 
again, only a little lower, but before it 
had time to spread I procured another 
supply of the Cttticiira Remedies, andcon- 
trmteu their use until 4he ctirc was com- 
plete. It is now. five years since the last 
attack, and have not seen any signs of :i 
return. I have more faith in Cutictua 
Remedies for skin diseases than anything 
I know of. Emnia E. Wilson, Liscomh, 
Iowa, Oct. I, ioos." ; 


Boston.— -Novelty la provided at three of 
the first claac hcuses this week, as follows: 
"The Student King," nt the. Tremont; Sam 
Bernard. In "The Bleb' Mr.' Hoggenhelmor," 
ut the Holl.9 Street, nnd Pavld warfield, In 
"The Music Master," at the Mujestlc Other 
Interesting announcements are: "The Old 
Homesttad." at the Boston: ihe Four Mor- 
tons, In "Breaking Into Society," . at tho 
lilobe, onJ "My Tom-Boy Girl," with Lottie 
Williams; at the Grand Opera House. "Tho 
Daughters of Men" is In Its second and final 
week at the Colonial, and "The. Lion and the 
Mouse" continues, fifth week, at the Pari; 
■The BoBton Food Fair will be held at Me- 
chanics Building, cbmidenclng 1, with tho 
United States Marine Band as the special 

Tremoxt (Jno, B. SchoeffeL manager).— 
On Monday evening, 1, Henry W. Savage 
offers for the flrst time in Hoaton, the roman- 
tic opera, "The Student King," by Pe' Koven, 
Ban Ken sod Stange. Tbe company Includes : 
Llna Abnrbanell, Alexander .(Mark,. William 
C; Weedon, Gust are von Seyffertltz, Thos. c. 
lieary, Fldvla Acaro, Alice Jitdson, Kva Fal- 
lon and Jeanne Cafduccl. The .engagement 
Is Indefinite. Arnold Paly departed last 
Saturday night 'Jitter three weeks of fine busi- 
ness; winning new laurels la Bernard Shaw's 

7 Majestic (A. L.' Wilbur. manager.. — Pavld 
Belnsco presents David Warfield, In "The 
Music Master," openlug l. then seen for Ihe 
first time in this city. The engagement U 
for four weeks. I'eter F. Dalley scored a de- 
cided lilt In "The Press Agent," closing a 
capacity fortnight. Sept. 20. 

IIollih Stiiekt ( Isaac B. Rich, manager). 
—On Monday evenlak, 1, Sum Bernard will 
give, us otlr flrst; view of "The Rich Mr. 
lloggenhelttier," then beginning n three weeks' 
engngement. Tbe supporting company In- 
. eludes : Georgia Cnlne, Percy Ames, Fdwin 
NIcauder, Josephine' KIrkw.ood, . Catherine 
Hutchinson, Virile Daly, Marlon Gnrson, ivnr 
Anderson and Kdlth Whitney. Frank -Daniels 
In. "Hergeaut Brnc,*! enjoyed two weeks of 
prosperity, ■ -. , 

Boston (Lawrence Mccarty,, manager!.— 
-The offering for the current fortnight Is "The 
Old Homestead." The cast Includes: Wil- 
liam Lawrence, Horace Bushby, .Fred Clare, 
William Paley, Frank. Knapp, J. T. Calkins. 
Margaret Briar. Anltn Fowler nnd Laura 
Bradford. During ; the past fortnight large 
nnd appreciative audiences Baw Thomas Jef- 
fernon, In "Rip Van Winkle." 

Colonial (Chns. Frohman, Rich & Har- 
ris, managers). — "The. I>aughtera of Men." 
Charles Klein's play, which was seen locally 
'for the first time here last week, has won 
favorable opinion, and has attracted goad 
crowds, thus far. This Is the second nnd 
flnnl'week. Dorothy; Donnelly heads the ex- 
cellent cast. w.btcli Inclndefl ; Orrln Johnson, 
Herbert Kelcey, . Ralph Pelniore nnd KAa 
Shannon. Commencing S, Frllzl ScbelT, In 
"Mlje.- .Modtstc," for t>yo 'weeks. . . 

Park (Cnas. Frohmiin, Rich & Harris, 
ninnngers"). — The fifth week.. of "The Lion 
and the ' MbtiKe" Is now under way, with 
business still at capacity. ■ 

Grout; (Stair :& Wilbur, managers). — Tins 
Four atortons, In ''Breaking Into Hocleiv." 
(ineul, with prospects of a big week. lOugf-uli' 
Blair hod a successful. week for "The. Woman 
In the Case." Thomnsf K. Sheu, In repertory, 
next week. .. , 

GnAxii Opera Hottta (Geo. W. Magee. mnti- 
auer).— f^ottla. Williams, In "My Tom-Boy 
Girl," Is the chrrent attraction. During the 
past week tho 'patrons turned put -In full 
force to , witness "Secrels 'of the Police." 
"Ruled Off the. Turf/' with Georgle Mack, 
week ox 8. 

: .Castle Square (Boston Stage Social,-, 
hiiiiiagei's). — Augustus 'Thomas' "The Other 
Girl" will engage tho stock forces the cur- 
rent week. Thais Lawton.niid Howell Han- 
sel are lending tho players. Sardou s "ON' 
nwin was siiccessfullv .preflcntedj last week. 
For week 6f 8, "The Manxtnan." . 

Rltoo (John Craig, mnnager). — John Craig 
will head his stock company this week. In 
"What Happened to Jones." The pntrons 
were Immensely pleased with "Why,.Smlt;i 
Left: Home" last week. "Caato" Is In .prepa- 

'BownOiK Square (0. R. I^>throp. mnna- 
ger)— -"The Peddler" 1» the bill which tbe 
Lothrop Stock Co. ban or enured for this week 
as a. successor to "The Bowery Newsgiri," 
presented In the some capable' manner, whim 
marks the entertainments here week by week. 
Next, "Wedded, But No Wife." 

Keith's <B. F. Keith, manager).— Valcrto 
■Bergqro and, company, in "Ills Jnpaues'i 
Wife,' 1 and Fred Walton, nnd company, hi 
"CIbsIc's Preani" (second 'week), sharo 
hohors a« bcndllners on the current bill. 
Other acta -featured are; The Phays, Pave 
licwlsv'the equine wonder, "Princess Trixle:' 
•May Beifort. aud the Gems (second weeki. 
The rest of tbe bill names : Bedford and Win- 
chester, Rooncv Sisters, Lily Savllle. Hughes 
and Brown. McGrath and Paige, Paly and 
Dovere.nnd new motion pictures. .Charles 
Miller •made his vaudeville debut last week 
In an -original Sketch, "The Cat's Paw," and 
ills llowdoin Stpiarc friends turned out in 
great iUlmbcrs:t6. greet htm. 

OgniKKTH (Percy Williams, manager). — 
The bill for week of 11b headed by Robert 
llilllnrd and ronumhy, in l, As a Man Sows, 
nnd iw, Blondell niid compnhy,. In "The Lobi 
Boy," while included In the. list tire: Ken- 
nedy nnd •Itoinu'y, lllce nnd prevost (second 
week). Mile. Marquis* ponies, Stuart Barnes, 
Melrllle and "Hleiflan, Four Gregorys, 'lw» 
Pucks and the vitRgraph. Unslness continues 
excellent. "•'■*. 

Howard (Jny Hunt, business mannger).— 
Louis A. Slimm. Grace Gardner aim com- 
pany. Savoy Quartette.Texnrkiina nudWalby, 
Carroll and Briker, Mitchell and Miirrori. 
Hrbwn and Wrlglit, Collins had Collins. Phil 
and Cnrrle Russell, Three Mltrtieluv Hilton. 
the 1 llowardscope, nnd tlie Howard Bur- 
IcBquera, Id "Tile Record Breakers," Is the 
fine in-r.iy of tnlent this week. 

Palack (C. H. Wnldron. mannger). — Fred 
Irwlh'n Majestic Burleaquers this week. 
Jim- M^Cnbe Iwids the company. In "Down 
the Line' 1 atlrt "For Girls OlMY," In the olm 
are; Maude Harvey and Kvelyn WnlkeK Ma- 
Jeallc Trio, Fay and Lutz, and Gertie in 

Ocl'OBEK 6. 

Mift and.the \VeBtou. Slslero, Tim Honor? 
Burletjqueis prospered Inst week. 
AMJiitiMHiA (II., N..Var«n, manager).— Tho 
tjtilffltwgtte niria, headed bv (loo. It. Alexan- 
der, ft big local favorite, arc hero 1-G, In "Our 

'NtflfchtrtM'' and, "A Day at the Seashore." 
VMMrQW Is presented by the Moorce, Etlcr 
sitHJ.. Webb. .Montgomery and Cahtor, Potter 
ami Hurt well and Oeo. IJ. Alexander. The 
star Show Ulrli merited the liberal patron- 
nge beytoA'Ctt last week, 
ALicbUm (G. H. Bntcheller, manager). — 
Thy LIU -Lifters' this week. The ahow opens 
with the burlesque, "The Lid Lifters In 
Paris," and closes with toe skit, "San Toy." 
There :1h nn Intervening olio of first class 

' aye. , During the past week the Greater New 
York 'Stare presented a first class, show to 
liojy returns. 

"Aeimsf & Stone's Muhkum (A. B. White, 
manager).— Although lu Ida. third week here, 
Uandloi), nrmlesn nnd legless wonder, still 
tiiddy-tlie place, of prominence in the curio 
liBl.,..:New i . features. In the same department 
this week are: Mite. Carrlno's trick bears, 
tffia jSSellos,;iit tents of. strength; Tlll'a Marl- 

. cuettes, 'JProf, Topp's ,' Blimp and Ben Hhr, 
the^ monster, snake, who is enjoying his semi- 
annual meal, in the theatre, whtch Is 
packed nlne.timeH .daily, are: The Minstrel 
Muds. . introducing Violet Dale. Ida Cnhip 
hell. Grace Toledo. Majunc and her "Choir 
Celestial," Cassle French, Clara Steele, Viola 

-' Crafofrt," Llxetto Puller, fcrla Musette, Mil- 
dred laMU Frank Cook. Harry Foster, Jne 
Maxwflll 1 '"Mlckey" Finn, and extra vaude- 
ville, .hy the Bonos, Mr. nnd Mrs. Nick 
Hpthns. tho Buckleys, Kitty Hoffman and 
James Maxwell. 

■XicKeloijeon (W. 11. Wolffe. manager).— 
Cliaa. Mlllinan, munlcal performer; Bomer- 
vltlo Bros., wrestler*, nnd Victor Bros., bag 
iiunelterB, are curio hall cards for week of I. 
The line tip in the theatre Include* : Howard 
aiidVlrkevy, May. Parker, Mar Collins, DolIIe 
Clifford. Jenplc Hatch, Annie Walsh, and the 

Queen Hiirlcequers. - - 

'/Walker^ museum (L. B. Walker, mana- 
per)- — A wrestling tournament Is being held 
lii tkc cdrlo hall tills week. On the stage the 
cDteitalnmenti. la furnished by the Dainty 
IVfkleBiiue;\3.. the.. olio presenting Ilcne Camp* 
hell, Blanche Lorlnp. lithel wllllamB, Major 
Ktiglish, and the Walkerseope. - 

CoAiiyui: JW. J.. Allen, manager). — The 
bent obtainable In moving pictures nnd Illus- 
(rated nanus keeps this handsome new resort 
i-rbwded daily. The Hatfield- McCoy Fued. 
"Hlglits In a. Great City" nnfl "The Acrobatic 
Burglar*", are picture features this week, 
and. the; soloists arc :Frarik Cohan, Thomas 
Itlillock. . Ben Itltcltlc, Maurice Porcelllan, H. 
.1. .Uiw, (trace Mordaunt, Lllllun . Morrell, 
Kiitl;erlno Hawkins and Helen Qualey. , 
;NAteb. — Concert bills Sunday, Sept. 30: 
llpicUvln Sown — Kmmelt Devoy and com- 
iwiny, Dzlrln, Murphy and Willard, the I'c- 
lolH, Cha». and .lac. Aliearn, . Hmliert nnd 
Huger.i,...IeiijiliiK8 ahd ftenf re w, -Voiding and 
HnvJa, Knox Bros.,;. Barlow and Nicholson, 
and Lizzie Otto. Qlobc and MnJcMtc — Orant 
Htid Hong. Duryen and Dcluud. Four IUanns, 
Koilr Nlgl)tonn, Mlilni and (Jrovenl, Prof. 
J.mhola, '.Welch, Mealcy and Montrose, orth 
atid Fern, Lillian Hliaw, Nat Haines and' AI* 
tliea Sisters. Orphcum — It Ice and Prompt, 
Geo. TC. -rortcBCne and company. Ward anil 
Clnran, Jbhri W. Hansonc, Taylor. Gran- 
vHlo-iindi company, Krosliil. Daisy Harcourt, 
the. KoDips and others. ' Colonial— The Block 
Hike Hand of England . .Harry 'and Mar- 
garet Daly Vdhcs Mill play I he Orphcuni 
week of:.irj. In a playlet, "A Flat Mistake." 

k .\'rij' •.■iiytann H. Howe comas to Tremont 
Temple, fly It! mut 1 a, with hla moving pic- 
lures .Thomas Kelllv, business mn lin- 
ger. of "The (»ld Honlestend." Is seriously til 
with typhoid fever nt Ml I ford, Mass..;;.. 
The Brockton Kalr Is lielng held this week. 
Among the features arc: Mile. Vvuuue, 
D'Airy. who "loops the loop" In an nuto: 
Will. Ulll. high wire walker, mid a big 

vfludovilo -bill At (tic conclusion of ills 

mnmirient; at the Tremor. t, lust Saturday 
ilijihf, Arnold- I July closed hla season, dls- 
bii tilted hla company and withdrew from the 
Slmbel't Bros.' manngemebt. It la nimored 
ilitir the breali was caused by the Insistence 
of Mr. Daly that the price of the Ifest scats 
be raised from $1.50 to $2.00, nnd the re- 
f'ts-fti .of, the. Shuberts to. agree to the propo- 

THff y|IW YQBK p^IPgEB. 

, 873 

i.owi-11. — >At the Lowell Operu IIouso(Culm 
& Grant, inanauers) "Weary Willie Walker" 
pleflsed big businesH Sept. 24. "'Way Down 
Mast." always a favorite here, was welcomed 
-ftplMt, W excellent huhlncBii. AI. Leacli-and 
Three UosohudH,' 1!7, plriyed .to good returns. 
"David; Unnim," '■ •£»/ -tto, featmlnar fjarry 
BroWn, 'delighted* capacity houses. The h'u|i- 
porltng coinpaiiv wns excellent. Thomas M. 
Shea, Jn i-cpcrtory, week of Oct. 1. - . , 

Acamkmy or MUSIC iltlrlmrd F. Mutpiiy, 
umMKcrl.— The Soverln I>o Deyn Stock Co. 
.dfliltflited" Its ;mauy admirers lout-week. In 
"Iield by the Knomy." tlie houses being 
fined to. oVerilowliig' all the week. Mr. De 
Deyn, Kuktoc' Hayden, Fredetlo Burt, .Tosoph 
a. Olllow, Mnbellu Kstclle and Cumcron 
Clemens espccialy disrinjfUished ithomselv«H. 
Mr. ClemeiiM made his first, appearance with 
the company nnd did clever work In the juve- 
nile lead. "Mrs. Dane's Defense" week of 
Oct .1, "The Middleman" next. 
!l llATHAWAi'fi. (John I. Shannon, manager). 
— Thc-beat bill of the season last week, and 
business" to capacity.' Koy and Clark, Gold- 
smith and TIoppc, Los Brunln and Harry 
Thoinpaon nil- scored. Ztnelle and. Boutcllo 
were on lu place of the Pearls, and .pleaded 
with their' slualnjc and conversational spe- 
cialty^ Currentv Charlotte "farry nod- com- 
pany, Swan and Bnmbard, Bayroond and Cav- 
irljf Juniper Brothers, ftlwrfffflin Comedy 
Four, iiju-i and' Ractlctt, Cora Grey, and the 
vitafiraph, Sunday concerts of moving pic- 
tures and vaudeville. < ' 

Boston (J. II. TebbettB, monaffcr).^AI- 
ways a good show nnd an overflowing house 
here. Morgan anil Crane, Jamea -Irwin, and 
Lew nnd Nellie Plottl were big hits last 
week. "Tho Country. Store" scored alBo. Cur- 
rent.: Frances Andrews, Franks and Franks, 
Freeman and Watson, Joe -Everett, the Hol- 
lands, and the Boston bioscope, featuring 
"Life of a Cowboy." 

Mknth>x — Bradley's Movlug Picture Co. 
(S. I>. Bradley, manager) Is located nt liUO 
Central Street, nnd business is very* Ratls- 
fnetory. The slav Is Indeilnltc. John C. Spll- 

liine Ir the operator John Crotty, of the 

Hcrefln Du p eV n. Stock Co.. leaves this week 
toiopen with "The Light Eternal" Co.... y, 
T-hci-nev/ orchestm «t the Hathaway. Thomas 
Kershaw, pianist director, la winning itiuch. 
fnvor. Their concerts Include numbers of Mr. 

Kershaw'* compositions Pnut.Aramet Is 

Min-cpHsfnlly ojieratlng flic vltagraph at the 
Hathaway. The Sunday concert Includes : 
X.lnelle nnd Bou telle. Harry ThoraiiHon, Gold- 

aniltli nud Hoppc. nnd Mabel Rowland 

Peter J. Brogan. for fifteen veara ticket tuker 
with Buffalo tlMYn Wild West, died at his 
hoUQ.'hetc at Grecnmont Park, Sept. '23, nt 
the age of fortv-two venrs. Mr. Brogan was 
a linguist of marked ability, making his ser- 
vices dui-ing a tour of the world with Col. 
Cody's- Show Invaluable. Ho leaves two 
brothers, Piof. Hugh and Edward J. Inter- 
tnent-waa-at Lowell, Mum, 

Wurt'cufpr At Hid Worcester Tlienlrc 

< Alf,.-T.- Wilton, resident inansgerV Iritis. 
Munn nnd -Clara Liptntin. tit "Julie Bonbon." 
<»it. 1, a; Peter F. Hallcy. in "Tim Press 
Aaent." T», 0. "Veroufqiie, "Sent, ^4, 23, 
nta'fM to Ulr Blawl Rouses. - The produc- 
tion was beautifully staged, anil the entire 
qomnany sliojihl lu>. prthwl for Its excellent 
work,, If It. w»ro ti*. piny a iHiirn ciigflc'- 
merit If v.imf/l poslilvi-h' brim; s. II. o." liiwl 
itfiw. Tin- HilsHjdl Urntliers were wi'll rv- 
fi'|v,.i| L'71'0. 

FfAXJii.ix S(ji'.\i:i: 1.1. F. Uiirke, resident 
innnii-j-'il.- Maxln*> ICIIIoll. In "Her Orent 
Matcb," Oct. l.i Kugenlc Blair, In "J'kfl .Wu- 

mnn- in tho Casn," :t. ntntlnee and night; 
Prank Dulslo, In "Sergeant Urue," 4 ; 
Blanche. Ring, In "Miss Dolly. Dollars," G; 
'lorn Waters, In "Nulghboriv Neighbors, 6, 
matinee and night. "The College widow' 1 
attracted good business Sept. 24. "Are Yon 
a Mason r r drew well 2T. "The Squaw Man," 
JO, played to an ulmost capacity house. Ma? 
Irwin, In "Mrs. Wilson, Tbnt'B All," was 
enthusiastically received 2H. Otis Skinner, 
In "The Duel/' furnished uu excellent attrac- 
tion 2ft. - 

Fa«k (Alf. T. Wilton, manager). — Week 
of Oct. j, the Star Show Girls! Including: 
NicholK and Crotilx, Bskcr nnd Lynn, Mackey 
and Mnchey, La Sella Trio, James Dixon, 
Ada Corbert, nnd St. Clair nnd Fennell. Lsst 
week the Baltimore Beauties plnyed to fcry 
good bufllnrsK. 

l*oi*l'fl (J. C. (.'riddle, resident manngcr). 
Bert LcBtle. with Sailer ni'd Barbaretto, In 
"Hogan's Visit;" ITred and Pauly, Ryan and 
nichfleld. In "Mag Haggcrty's Reception :" 
Delphino and Delrabra. Harry Le Clfllr, 
Adams and I)rer, In "A Bogus Chauffeur ;" 
Holler and Fletcher, and the elcctrograpb, l. 
BiiBluess could not be better. 

Mrckanics' ,Ham,.— Tho nnnnnl mnsle 
festival will -take place. 1-5, under thn sus- 
pires of the. Worcester County Mnslc Assocla- 
tlon. Many prominent vocalists will . be 
heard, as well as the Boston Symphony ^Or- 
chestra.. The ronduetors will be Wallace" 
Goodrich and Franz Knelset. 

Xoteh. — Otis Skinner is ably supported by 
Walter Hitchcock, who was for several sea- 
sons ,wlth the Hunter-Bradford Summer 

Stock Co.,. at the Worcester., Ma Lewis, 

who was also connected with the stock com- 
mny for two Beasons, wilt be with Louis 

Mnim and CInra Llpman 3, 2 At .the 

Nickel, for week of Oct. 1, the attractions 
will be even better than the first week, and 
nc^w moving pictures arid illustrated" songs 
will be given. 

.. -'■■-'■> . ' , 

SprliiKflc-M — At tbo Court Square The- 
atre (D..O. Oilmore, manager) "Tlie Beggar 
Princess," Sept 24, 25, drew fair houses. 
"TU»j Collego Widow*" -Tj. kept the patrons' 
attention throughout May Irwin 27, Otis 
Skinnor 2&, "Are Vou a Mason ?'v 2ft, 'Thomas 
.Itifferson Oct. 3, "Mr. Hopklnson" 2, Bright- 
side School (local) 'd, Navassar Ladies' Band 
4, Frank Hariris 5, "The Arrival of Kitty" 
ii, Thalia Theaire Co. IJ, James K. Harkett 
10,. Albert Chevalier and I'vette Gnllhert 31, 
"Just Out of College" 12. 

Nelson (Ooo. II, Miller, resident mana- 

ferJ.-rHenry.Ifi, IHxey, la- "The Man on tho 
tox," 2<J, packed the house from pit to dome. 
Tho company was excellent, l'eter F. Hnlley 
Oct. 3, 4, '"Wis L'rlnce Chap" 30, "Double 
HarncBa" 12. 1 a. . ..,'.■ 

l'or.i^a (Gordon Wrlghter, resident niana- 

Sc-r)'.— Bill ■ w*ek of 1: Joe Welch, Flood 
irus., I he Barrows-Lancaster Co., Three 
Whitman HtMtera nnd Willie Robinson, Iferr 
SiLOfia. John and Bertha Rich, La Belle 
Comedy Trio, and elccfrograph. 

Uii,Mo>n: (p. jr. shea, maunjer).— Tha 
Parisian Widows, 24-2(1, drew houses of good- 
ly proportions. •Montana" 27-20, N^w York 
Stars Oct. 1-:t, "The Man of Her Choice" 4-«. 
In 8'r.uiK Rrai.m.— "princess Beggar,". In 
which Pauln Kdwaids is starring, opened, at 
Atlantic" City, N, J., Hept. 22.. ... .Unset 

Hunt, of tins city, last season of Blanche 
WalNh's- company, btts been , engaged for 
"1'eggy from. Paris." Miss Hunter Is knowa 

In tlie profession as l'aullna Harvard 

Paul Dill ion, ngcnt for Curxon, & Haekett, 
had the injjitortune to lose a considerable 
sum of iiiotloy while Joamevlng from here 
to Hartford, Ct Mr. Dllllon did not dis- 
cover his toas until he had reached Pawona* 
Tlieatre. .. .Joe Onthrle,' frohi here, In play- 
ing . Max with Paula lOdwnrdK' "Beggar 

PrlncrsH." .Lottie Clary, of Krving, has 

been re.Hlrig with her parents after a Hum- 
mer aeason wllh the FadetloH Ladles' Or- 
chestra at Keith's Boston house, aim \» to 
be with the BoHtonlAua this season. Daisy 
and Hazel Osry-are lo be with Droll & Arm- 
strong'a Vnssr Oii'ls another " aenaon ..... . 

TiicChliucK of the wedding bells ware heard 
24. whiin Rebecca Clapii-Fngucto nnd Dom- 
Inlck J. Flfliincan, with Business MaDiigflr 
William M; Ilnle, of "Beggur Princess" com. 
pany, slipped ovorto tho City Clerk's office 
and were married by him. Later the wedding 
feast, vVas enjoyed at the Worthy Hotel. Miss 
Fuguet-j and Mr- Flanagan were both with 
"Ited Feather'* the ptist season. . . ."The (Jin 

from 1'a.rls." which was to have appeared 
at the Nelson Theatre Oct 0, 7, canceled. 

J.,"A. Blnkc, manager of the iirnuHc- 

ment enterprise^ of the electrlu rallroSilH of 
the New York, Now Haven and Hartiord 
Railroad, wilt spend the Winter hi tlm Mouth, 

W. M. Crane, who was to have played 

Court Hqiiaro I'heatre Oct. 10, canceled 

"I'dtc", Curlsy In scoring a decided success 
as the coal h«*avcr, In the closing burlesque 
with, the , Behman Show ...:.. 'firlxlc Bou- 
telle, of "•'This Rollicking Girl" Cft, had the 
mlHfortune to .get a bud full at tho Middle- 
(*ex Th«tre„Mlrtdlelown, Ct, 2U, .-but , luck- 
ily broke no mflw, although she' was hudly 
bruised. She had Just retired to her dressing 
room after the second act, and unthinkingly 
leaded against tho door, which opened, pre* 
clpltittlng her to the stage, twenty-live feet 
below, .whci'o she. was picked up for dead: 
After ii few weeks': rest she .expects- to ho 
able to resume her old position. .... .Of tho 

hoys of local 1.1, of the BUIers and Bill 
Posters of America, Fred P. Belmont Is now 
with "The .Convict's Daughter," uctlug as 
Kta'gc carpenter ; Root II. Clark la advertis- 
ing agent at the Nelson ; It. M. Hfinons mnn- 
ugtir of No. 2 car, rmvnoe Rill's Wild West, 
and Dave Kline ahead of Howard Hall'.... 

P. B. Biilllvnn has forsaken the stage to en- 
gage In the hotel business, at Plattsburg, N. 
I '. . The Court Houare Theatre pro- 
gramme has appeared this aeasoa. In a new 
cover, deigned |iy C. <}. Sheldon, and tha 
kelson by Hprlngllcld Photo Engraving Co, 

Both arc published by John IV Dwlght 

John; J. Murray, a Chicopee boy, Is. with 
'■Beggar I'rlncess'' Co...... Leo I«ash Studio 

has furnished a new curtain for Poll's local 
house. i 

O'llan; and Itourke-, Kdwln Cramer, and 


Notbh.— 'Al. Haynes, former manager of 
Iho Casto and Savoy, will return to the stage 
Oct. 3,. opening at Keith A Proctor's Uhlqn 
Square Theatre, New. York, Ih a comedy, on. 
titled "Too Much Married." and will be sup- 
ported hy Julia Redmond, llnrsln Harris, 
Albert Cunningham and Harry Fowler.,... 
John Dnly, for two seasons with the Bufftn- 
ton stork Co.. has joined "As Yo Sow."..,. 

Julius Calm won In town last week 

D. It. Buftlnton, formerly manager nf ( tho 
Nickelodeon, hns opened the Savoy Theatre, 
nt Clinton. Masa.. with refined vaudeville 
Mr., nnffintoh. will he assisted by M. V. 

Lynn.— At the Lynn Theatre {b\ (1. Har- 
rison, manager) the Nnvasaaii Ladles' Hand 
pldyed Sept. 24. MHilne Rtltatt presented 
"Her. Oreat Match" to a One house 2". 
"Weary Willie Wnlker" came 20. "Kerr; 
Oowr was seon by a fair, shied audience ^7 
"Oirls Wilt Be (flrls" hnd a lUg house 21 
nnd " 'Way Down Kast" did big .business 2! . 
"Why Olrls Leave Home" Oct. I, /'David 
Unrum" 2. "At Cripple Creek" 11, Nam-i' 
OWell 4, "tinder Southern Skies" (3, Daniel 
Bully ft. Daniel Bynn Co. 8-33. 

AuDiTonti'U (Harry Katses, manager).— 
This week: Arlington and Uelston, Mack and 
Hi tot t. Harry Thompson, George K. ITor- 
tescue nnd company. Madge Vox, Herald 
Square Quartette, Cook, and Clinton, nnd tho 

Oem (Cbfls. W. Sheafc, manager). —Cur* 
rent attractions arc: Jfilpbo, Mr, and Mr*- 
Blesslnffi the Robs Sisters. Fred Casley, will 
i<\ Allen, Lulu Keeley, and tJafi moving pic- 

BaLsm TiiKATnn, Salem (Geo. H. Cheat-. 
ham,^ manager) . — OUs . Skinner, la "Tho 
Duel.'' 1 ; ^ r At Cripple Creek" 2, Nance 
O'Nell, In "Ktlsaheth, Queen of England," s. 


Lawrence. — At the Opera House (Grunt 

& Cahn,' managers) "The- Old Homestead" 
came to a .fair house Sent, 24. "Tho Kerry 
Gow" . had. fair hURlnoss 2A. "\Vhen Knlght- 
hood Was In Flower" had good houses 2(1, In- 
cluding matinee. " 'Way Down Ebb!" cainn 
to a.falr houBe 27. "Weary WlJlle. Walker" 
•Mttd'SB. "GlrlB Will Be (ilrls ,Y had good 
business 29, including miiUnce. Sliepurd's 
moving pictures had fair business 30. IJookcd : 
"At - Cripple Creek" Oct. 1. "Why Girls LftVa 
Home" 2, "Under Southern Skies" 4, Nnuce 
O'Nell 0. , . . , , . 

Colonial (J. Fred Lees, manager). — Good 
houses uttended Inst week. Booked week of 1 : 
]<iiiyxon and Nanmn, Maceo and Pox. Thomas 
Meegan atid company, Laura iiidivuy, Paul 
Klelst, Alf fJrnut and Ktbcl Hoag, tho Four 
ltlnnos, and moving pictures. , 

New Rcdrord.— At ItieNcw Bedford The- 

ntrc (Win, If. Cross, mumiger) '"lUio Ninety 
nnd Nino" jdayed Sept. '2u t to a top heavy 
house, "The Collego Widow," 2(1, hnd big 
business. Frank Daniels Oct, 3, CInra Tur- 
ner Co. 2-tl. ; 

Hatha wait's (T. B. Baylici, matiagur). — 
BUI week of 3 : bo. Scrran Animal Clrcm 
Poy Hnd Clark, Will Archer, Goldsmith and 
Honiip, Zlnclle and Uoutelle, Pungo'itnd Leo, 
Muhlc Uowiixnd nnd vltagraph. • 

Havui (Wui. il. Hhlne, manager).— Weeh 
of 3, pictures and Klorence Hartley, 

Taunt ou.— At the Taunton Theatre (Cahn 
& Cross, managers) the Clara. Turner Co., 
Rapt. 24-21), hail fair returns. lH>t -Karroil 
comes week of Oct. 1. ....;■ 

.': . »i » ' 

oM.1.0. ..;..„., 

cavallo- cnsHgeraent nt Music Hilt Is an* 

nonnftHl for Oct. 20, 2T Curs Hand Ma- 

gulre h«s gone to Canada to till protenlonil 
engngenients Tho University of Cincin- 
nati . football team hit arranged tt> tse 

-Htrongheart" lu a body Klslo Krltisch. 

vvho. Is going to Oernuny. to study, with Arno 
Hflf, tho Leipslg violin vlrtuow, will ho ten- 
dered a concert, at Woman's Club Hall, Oct. 
18, when Corlnno Moo re -La wean and Louis 

Uhrgott will assist Victor Herbert came 

to Cincinnati acid. 21», to are Joo Weber. 

J-..]iti II, llnvlln was hnnqueted Hept. 

2P, by the "Knocker's Club." nn organist. 
tlqn Inside the Business Mens' Club, which 
sidetracked nil precedents to "boost" the 
manager for giving Cincinnati a million dol- 
lar hotel lu the lintel Elnvlin. 
■ ; ■' <■ . ! ■ 

cievftiinii. — At the Onern House (Harry 
1j. Kline, mahngpr) Joe Weber's company nn- 
neiifrt in "Twiddle Twaddle" week of Oct. l. 
VMkt- .fonts had a moBt successfnl run In 
'-Th»* Vnndcri.llt Cup" Init week. Mogors 
Bros. tui:t. 

COMWI.W, (Drew A Cnmpbell. maiingns), 
^-"Itrown nf Hnrvard," with Harry wood- 
vim, week of 1. Do Wolf Hopper had ca- 
pacity houses lust week. Never has Mr. 
1 topper, hnrt aiich nn cnthusinBttc receiition 
ds.iie'hnjf dtirinc this engsgement. .Week of 
E "FiinRnn." 

. .liYCRttM (Geo. M. .Todd, ninnagor).— 
Johnny and Emms Kay, In "Down thcPlkr," 
week of 1. "A Good Fellow" had good re- 
ceipts .last week. Week of 8, "Texas." 
■ .Ctwi'LAiin. (Geo. M. Todd, mnnfi|Mr).- r ''A 
rhj>psrate Cube*" week at l. "While 'Frisco 
Burns" had good business last week. The 
amart Set week of 8. . : ■ . «... 

...jCriTti's (H; A. Dnnlels. mannaerL— Olll 
w«g of 3 includes : Julius Htniter. Lew Hnlty, 
Knnnlo Gnylord, Jack Wilson Trio, Threo 
Donnls. fci „ 

. Lnid'CC.'lf. Pecklmm, manager).— BUI 
weak of 3 Includes' Carter nnd Hcnrlckl, 
ISsmernlrtn, Chnrles De Conio nnd floa, Fran- 
colli and Lewie. lton\e Mityo and .lulloi. 
..ftTAa (brew & Campbell, managers).— tho 
Imperials week, of 1. Tha Twentieth Cen- 
tury MflldH Imd good crowds last week. Veek 
of. U. the Amerlcnns, 

, liMi'ini: (Chas, W. Dontlnger, managerL 
—Al. Itecves' Big Beauty 8hi>w weak of I. 
Harry Bryant's lixtravanansn Co. drew well 
last week. Week of s.. Ttlco it Barton's Co. 
■■.. I „ ....^, » . i ■ ■ ■ 

ColHMlin*.— At the Great Southern (Win. 
Sunders, mdnitjcr) ''Cllarh'y's Aunt" played 
to falrliuslncss Kept. 25, 2«. - Nat 0. Good? 
win.' In "Xlio Genius," entertained a cnpaclly 
audience 27. Fay Davis, In "The Housu.of 
Mirth," did well 2i'. Bva Tangiiay Oct. 2, 
Lillian Itusoll.a, 4, "PJIfl PaffifPnufliru. 

Hjiuiikut IF] o. Miller, mHimaorL— Jsinefl 
Powers, In "Tlie Hidu Moon," dellghled ra- 
paclly houses HepL 1*7-8.- "The Greiilec 
ijutn 4-(l. 

liiim Htukkt (Chas. W. Ilarptr, mannkcr), 
— "A Mnn'a Broken Promise'' drow largo 
. 24*2(1. '"Ill 
paelty 27-20. 

hotitta iNAfc. 24*2(1. '"llic Curse nf Drink" 
played to cuiiat'lty 27-20. "How llenrls Are 

Broken" Oct. .1 J]', Knit-si Hngnn, In "ItufUS 

P*ll RlT«r.~At the Academy of Music 
(W.-K MtiBon, resident manager) Thus. II. 
Shea, In. a strong repertory, Kept. 24-21), 
whs greeted by large and enthusiastic audi- 
ences. Mr, yjM'fi wsb at his best, nnd Ids 
support vn up to standard. Tom Waters, 
In "Tho Mayor of Labghland,' 1 Oct.. 3-8 ; 
"Why Girls Leave Home .6, 0, Pot Karroh 

8.vvoy (W. V. Mason, resident manager). — 
"Tho College Widow," Hept. .24, delighted 
8. It. O. Plorencp Huntington, an the widow, 
was charming : HnlleLt Thompson whs est- 
(client, and Mimilc. Tuner, us tlie waitress, 
wnn e'ever. - The 'staging was adenuate. 
"The Old lloniistcad," 20, was thoroughly 
enjoyed by a good house. "The Nlnetjr and 
Nine," 27*29. played to fulr returns. Block 
Dike Build Oct. 1. Allen Doone, In. "Ecrrr 
Gow," 2;, Frank Daniels, In "tJergeant Brue,' 
3; "When Iflilghlhood Was In Flower" 4. 

HmxuY'ti ((.'has. 13. Cook, manager). — This 
theaire opened Us vaudeville season- last 
wcpk, to excellent buylrjpsK. Kilmund Day 
and company, In "Tlie Shcrlny* heeded a 
stro"3g hill; giving good satisfaction. For Oct. 
1 and week : The Hpook Minstrels. Amnnn 
srld llnrtlev. Kearney and Wseber. Mr. and 

Mi'ii. i.lllj Itiurv. i;ilt» Musical Four, Chester, 
Ti'iinion and compitny, .lesniic snd Mnrccllo 
Ilruoln. and riniionigriiph. , 

Boston (Chus, Hchlessliig<>r. manager). — 
nuslness conilnucK very snflHfactory. and the 
bills are pleasing. Rn* Ocl. 1 and week: 
Martin anil Doyln. .1. W, Hnriiugioii. Miu- 
can'f 0-***n, N'-III.- 11. inf.. nl. mihI KliMk 
iiiiili f ..,iii', mill, iiti on extra iiilntrllini, C:irl 
lliinh. Oriiuin wrrHllcr. 

Xlt'Klll.'IPKi'X.- - tliroil xliitlTK iiikI gniHl hiisl. 
1!«m« riil.-d lit- 1 week. 0|M-iil«jr Oi-t. 1 mil 

week; He Wuia tfistcrs, UuUlu 'livuns, 

Clitcliinnll. — Tlie Lyrlr Tlirutre Is np- 
prvHuhlng ciim|>lvlIo.h,.iilifl N'»v, In the daio 
Of opening announced' bV (he Huiick'K Ojwru 
Hoiisn Co. and Lee Hhuberl., Uto dlrtctors.of 
the new house. What Clnvlnnutl will do 
with tun tticatifH Is a box otncojiroblom um , 
had to ansivcr us the old pmszlc, "How old 
Is Aon',''' With ihc entree of the Lyric this 
city will claim. two theatres of tho highest 
clasB, something that she bits not bad, since 
tlie. failure of the,. Wsjnut, which .wan built 
to divide patronage with the Grand. Cln- 
eiiimitl for aqveralaeaBons has. been one of 
the best towns on the theatrical map, upd 
the events of 'U0-'O7 will 1m of intense inter- 
est. . Business all around last week wim 
siilciidld, and Ihc reaction following I bo 
close of tho Full Fustlvul was thealrlcnlly 

. .■Gjia.jni) Oi'KitA if'irsK (Harry Ilnluforih & 
John II. I lu vlln, niauuKers). — Robert Ktle- 
■Jobn II. Ilavlln, manager). — Itohoit J.'ilehou, 
in vstrungheart;" Oct. 3-u.. The sojourn of 
Jos Weber h. nil stats. In Which Marie Urea*. 
lor shono, «h most successful. "Twiddle 
Twaddle" pleusml lovers' of muslrsl froth. 
Ulsln .lanls, In "The Vundcrbllt tup,". 7. 

WAfcSpV Stiihkt (H. t.'. Anderson & Henry 
M. Zlegler, managers) .— Julius Cahn will In- 
troduce "Suudiiy 1 *. .Sept; 30. Last week 
Johnny nnd I'mina Bay found Mtu fourth 
edition of "Duwq. the Pike" a splendid draw- 
ing card, ''Babes In Toyland' r Oct. 7. 

JtoBi.TSON'N UftiiA Hoohu (OeorgQ F, Fish 
& Luella Forcpnugh Fish, manasera),— ''Mon- 
sieur Beaucalre" will be presented by tho 
Forcpatigh Ktock Co. UjIn week. Lam week, 
"ItanaoaH Kolly" was vigorously Indorsed. 
Horschcll iluyull, who la looking fine, was a 
clover llunsuu. Ida Adulr &eems destined 
to become as great a local favorite us Kdytho 
Cliupinsu ur Lliizlc Hudson Collier, of tho 
old.utocg days She Is pretty as a picture, 
and shi- csn, net. Her Mary Cnhlll wns n 
ttrigiit spot In. nn enloyoblo performance. 
Hurry ITenwIck put a lot -of fire in "Jeff** 
Cahlll. "Tnlby" next week, 

CuLUMUJA (M. C. Anderson & H, M. Zleg. 
Icr, moitSKcrs). — Virginia Karl and her 
"Johnnie* ' aro tint licadllncra this week. 
Others uro: Dun Burke and his School Girls, 
the Kdutfmun Troupe, Pans- Brothers, Paul 
Barnes,- Argyro Kastron, Austin Wtilah, the 
Quaker City Quartette, and Felix, Barry and 
Barry, as an udded attraction, will alsu con- 
tribute. . .■ . .....-■ /. - 

OLYiivic (D. S. McCoy, mansgerj.— Kdua 
Aug, u big Cincinnati favorite, in the big 
magnet of the bill tills week. Others: John 
T. Kelly and company, Barney Fagln and 
ITciirMtii By roii, Jewell's Manikins, tho Bar- 
bara Ultclile Trio, AI. N'uwton and company, 
Vak'-'-co.. the Bell Trio, and Walters and 
i'rouiy.'s OfKiiA IIouhh (Hcuck, FcnncBf.v 
& Htalr. mnniigers). — "Behind the Mask" this 
week. "The Confessions of a Wlfo" drew well 
luwt week. Ernest Hogun, lu "Itufus Itsstus," 
next, , 

LvCKinr flieiiek, Hlair ft Fvnnessy, man- 
agcruj. — P. Aug. Audcrsuu Is the star In 
"J*he Curse of Drink," following a. successful 
week of "The House of Mystery.' 1 "The Kyo 
Wltuess" Oct. T. 

HTANDAnu (C. H. Arnold, manager). — J. 
Herbert Murk's World Heaters this week. 
The week of the Bachelor Club, an organi- 
sation In which C. B. Arnold and Harry, 
Hastings are Jointly Interested, was of con- 

Itsstiis," 4-i|. 

"NtiTBH. — ludlfliiolii Park contlnuns to draw 
well, the large dai'cttjR pavilion being the big 
(illroction... ;. .J. F. Mct.'arlhv, superintend- 
cut. ot cuuBtructltm for the Hnyliert*,, Is au. 
i.ei-Iiitciiilliig the .placing of seats In the rlau- 
uert which will add greatly to Hr attractive 

ucjts Frederick Wurdo, who will glvu a 

series of lectures uu Hbakespearu, at the Uni- 
versalis!. Church, commencing Oct. 1, will on 
tendered n reception hy llie lorn! hrHmdi or 
Hie Ai'lors" Uoclety of America, at llolel 

Il.lLllllllIl, I. * 

■ - — ■■'■ 

Toledo.- Al the VnlentltJp fOlto Kllves, 
manager), for Hept. .'10 and week: Hungarian 
Boys' Baud. Clifford and Burke, Marocna, Na- 
varro ami MarecnH, Niin«nn and Merloli, John 
D. Gilbert, Hnlwrt <:nrti'r and company, Me* 
Cree and Poole, Murphy nud Anderson, and 
klnetograph. • 

LvcmdM (E. it, Kolsey, manager). — "Bus- 
ter Brown" laat week druw Its usual big 
business. 1 H. Miller Kent, In "ItafJtes," 30- 
Oct. 8. 1 

AncAtii] (ii. ir. Lu ink in, inn finger). — "Be- 
fore and After" M4, iifi,. pleased. "Brown of 
Harrnrd" had good returns 21). Tho rest of 
the week whs devoted to vaudeville. . 

Kmpmes (Abe Khaplro. mauagor). — Klce & 
Barton gnvo a vplemllu show to largo houaci. 
City Spuria :to and week. 
. Jit.-RT'H (Joo PnarlslUie, insnuger j, — "On 
Dangerous. Uruund," 2:1-^(1, Pleased the pa- 
trons. "A Man's Broken Promlso" 27-^0, 
"Tie Cow Puncher'!. HO-Oet 3. , 
' citiBTAL. — Vaudeville to fair business. 

Hlllatt. Belalr and Klllott, Castetlat and Hall, 
Major u'Uughiin. tlie ,'iail tslatuis,.ll*y «. 
Fay, nail th* Ttlfl^W'hpp. LUrt-'JaSi- . 

Nwb.— The Audltoriuui Hkallng hluk^wlll 
reopen Oct. -, under tho management of A. 
H. Kennedy, . t 

; t - .. ■ ' ■.■»■■■■ . ■■ — '■■ 

UnvrnDnrt — At the Durtla Opera HoUKrr 
"Peggy from Paris" Sent. 20, Jari«i O'Nell 
27, ^ Poor HMatlon" 28. Walker Whltesld- 
2(1, "Dail'M Klde Pnrtner" »0, "Tho Mayor of 
Tofclo" Oct. 1. "The ftlowuoko" a. "Tlie Mar- 
riage of Kilty" «, "The Fast Mall" 7. "Told 
In the Hills'* 10. 

FAHir.v.— Bill week of Sept. 24: Mile. Kx- 
cells. Katherine Mnrtlti. Cole and Olemotis. 
Fredo and. Hore, Huracnl nnd ltmnll, tho 
(Jrlrtttbs, and moving pictures.>: has changed Us location from Brndy 
Street to West Second Street, and formally 
opened its new place of business on Kept. 21, 
ni popular prices. Standing room only early 
In the evening. Tlie following week of 24 : 
Latarr nnd Lnmrr, Wm. Wyndon. Latroy 
Bros., Znrnttn Mannfleld, Lena. Cllne,* and 
moving pIctureN . > 

"IhTu'rlliiKlotu— At the Grand Jnc. O'Neill, 
Sept. 20, plcaied a big crowd. "Yon . Yon- 
son" Oct. 3, "Tho Mayor of Toklq" 4, "Ah 
Told In tho Hills" (V, "A Poor Relation' 1 «. 
"Told In the Hill*" H, "Tho Fast Mull" 3«. 

OAimicK,— Uiislni'"*, Is Improving Here. Hill 
week of Oct. 1 : Cnsteltet and Haiti Onm-gi- 
nmi LewN. lingers nod Hvnn*, Will Hhetldun, 
and the blogrnph. 

■ — ■ ♦**» 


Mlnnonpolla.— At tho MetroiKilltnn Operu 
Home (L. N, Scott, manngeri "The Lion ami 
tlio Mouse" Sept. HO-Oct. 3. "The Umpire" 
*Mk 't'The College Widow" played, to crowded 
bnilBOH Sopt. 2ll'2U. Itobei'I Lovalue. In "Mini 
ntul Superman," 27-21), "Forty-live Mluuten 
from Broadway " is booked for Oct. i-IM. 
Jrthies O'NelU 13-311, 

. Iluoir Opriia Ilotrsr; (Theo. L. Hoys, man* 
nger).— "Old leases from the Howoty" Sept. 
3ft ntld week, "Bedford'a Hope" uleyed to 
parked huufles 2il nnd week. Flak 'llnru 
Oct. 7 nnd week. * ' 

oiu'iikiiM (Mortlu Uock. getieinl maun- 
nor).— III11 for Sept. :t0 nnd week: Collin* 
and llnrt, Onrdnor and Mmldrrii, Basipio 
Quartette. Wilson Brothers, HellT llnithers, 
Mimical Korea ts, Globe, of Death. Oood bust, 
ueae loHt week. 

Lvcbum (I. C. flptieri, manager). --"MuMim" 
30 and work. "The Only, Way" was played 
to .good biiBluess 211 and "week. "Itnnsoru n 
Kolfy" Oct. 7-J3. 

Unhjuh (John Klllott, manager).— Hill for 
1 and week: Ailiinl, Rentfmw and Jflliwn. 

Ncula, Tulsa nnd Irene Little. Vury good 
btishit'ss '.'-4 and week. 

ItHWtiY fW. A. Hhiger. ninnilgrr). — Cherry 
Blossoms Sept, :io nnd week. . Itcllly ft Womln 
drow tamo crowds 23 and week. Tho Iheiim- 
land UuilCBipters 7 and week. 
. » 

SI. Pnnl. -At flu. Mulropolllnu til if in 
llouae (L. N. Scott, itmiHigeri "Muh and 
Supcrimin" made a hit Sept. 211.2(1, ami 
played lo big business. Hubert, I, online umd-i 
a utost rnvoraolo liuproNulnu. "The Cot- 
lego Widow" had big hiiHluess 27-30, and 
dtipllctitcd Its previous success berft "Thu 
Ptnplre" Oct. 1-3, "Tho Lion nttd llie, Muime" 
4-tl,. James O'Nell, lii."Moule Crimp," 7-l»; 
"Porfy-ttvo MlniitcK from. Jiroadway" 11-13. 

(Jii\Mi (T. it. Hays, miuiuger).— "Ohi 
IsuatM from the llowory cuuin Hi for big 
iHsiiu-Hs lust week. Week of in. I'lskn 
O'Harn. In "Air. Hlaruey fnun Ireland." 
"(in Ouiigei-oiiH < 1 round" 7-13. 

H'fAii (J. C, Vuii'Hoii, nuinuger).— -Thu 
Oinnmlfittd HitrU'HiHierH, wlili Joe Onus, lllkd 
Mils theatre ul- all istrfoitiiiiin'es last week. 
Thu Merry Maidens llils week, and (he Ken- 

liieliv Uiilieii for week oT 7,. 

Ofd'l I HUM (Cjini'h'S Kierek, rnilililgei'). ■-■ 
BimliiCMs was fulr lasl week. New fnce* for 
week of 3 tiro : Nottla Strntul, May Curtis, 
the Kldi-Idgc, .letinltt IliH'o and John 
Xr/lson. Those holding over: Mildred Bai- 
rett, lion ii In Lewis, Kinlly h'oire iter. Mny 
Cleveland, Doiu Bay, Lillian Marr and My>- 
tlc Uolnnu. . . .. 

RHI'IHH. (Sam b'lnk, niunnget').— -Business 
was fulr to good lust week. Thu only now 

IMJople for wst-k.uf I will ho Jennie lleiitley, 
Orlftln Ulster*, Muu-im Westley and Little 
Anita. Tlioso holding over : Loll In La Vrie, 
VlvLin Bnrretl, Debbie Wcldttr, . Ollmon nud 
Noah. I*ol|y O'Nell, -Jessie Beuiiett, Carroll 
mid Oardhur, An 

Anita lies Alli'hek, lllidln Vitu 

Akron,— At tho Colonial (t;iy S. Hill, 
manager) "Dora Thorne*' pleased Sept. 21. 
" 'Way Down Kant" did well KG. MM] Bar- 
r.vmoro.had u lilgaudletico 28. "1'lffl Paffl! 
i'ouf I ! I" d row two rated Iioiwoh 2I>. "We Ai-o 
King'* Oct. a, "Blzzy Izzy's Vacntlon" 3, Boss 
O'lhirn's Bnrid &, Vltwvtjt llroihers luc Ire- 
land", 0, "The Beauty Doctor'.' 8, "The Holy 
City" 11, Mnilm* Klllott 10, Kellar 12. 

■Uniqlk (Achllle 1'hitloii, tnaiiHgcr). — Kor 
week of Hept. 3D : Mrs. Jules l,ovy nod 
family, Bull Mnrt-iiall, tlie Alhlnns Burksr 
uudilurkOr, MIchol Tuue, andplcturcu*. 
. ■■■■ ... .^. i -■ 

' SprlmrOeld. — At the Orand Opera Ifnnse 
(L. J. Dnllo,' inanuger) the World Beaters 
csttie to a well filled house Hept. 24. ''A 
Trip to Kgypt" 27. "The Iteaui.v- Show* iifi, 
"A Stranger In Town" 2H, "The Oreater 
Irftve" Oct. n. 

IjVCBQM (Gus Hud, maoagar).— The Dainty 
Duchess 3*3. 

i oirnin'M id-nn Hon, manager). — Week of 
I: Bennett and Sterling, A\. l.twlu. Burklln 

8nd Berry, Harry Haley and Uurk's musical 
ogs." ' 

a ' ■ ■ 

Zsmeavllle — At the Waller (J. G. Cng- 
Iidi manager) "A Trip to Egypt" Sept. 2ft 
Etlcone olrardnt. In "Charleys Aunt," 27; 
Henry Woodruff 28, "Undo Jiibq. Spruceby" 
20, • ] Wft Xborno'' pet. 3,.. "Buster's Holl- 
day" 2. "Simple Simon Simple" 3, 'TBI I 

raff 11 Pour In" 5.. 

stamp' of 'approval on the show. Dainty 
DurhesM next. 

rwuA] (Htth'Tt Heiiek, manager). — Kd- 
wln Ii. Miner's Americans this week. -Harry 
Wltilitnis* Imperial Burh'soures carried away 
their share last week. The Merry Makers 
next. . . 

OuKHif* ok tui: liOgny. — There Is some talk 
of "The Blue Moon' 1 coming back to the 

Lyric Oeorge r. Flxh has decorsled 

his nltlrr nt Itobln^uirs. with the pHiripnt 
w<>n ii.v ilic (Inly Terror, nit llic ibiiniphm or 
fin- n.-.-i „i ih.> firm* city Hani cinV n.- 
also xIiuhm .On' Irophles won hy tils olhsr 
limil -tlw Dttdlc ■>'.— nauifil for lilt wife nml 

C< i- limits gee — Lti-lln r»rep,ifigli VM\ 

('hnrles AV. Hrhwcilxer tHturns to the Co- 
lumbia, on jDMlftUllt tKftflUrer.j-jj/JTlie Jrfvo- 

he« Muln«a,— At Vmtrr'n Opera IIuiisc 
(Win. Kus<cr, marfakt'r) James O'Neill gun: 
a farewcU is'rfonnunee of "Montn Crlsto" 
lo it well, filled. hottsii Hept. 24. , Kdwln Ai- 
den. In -Told In tho Hills," SMi Clay Clem- 
ents,. In "Ham Houston,'' Oct. G; "Under 
SouLhera Kklen'' U. . . ! 

* OiuNn Opkka iiursn i Win. Kosler, loaim* 
ger). — "A Convict's Daughter" sliuwed to 
well, filled lioumiK Sept. 'Jli-ilH. "Cblnutowu 
Charlie" 27-29, "\l the World's Meryy" 30, 
Octi 1, "The Four Corners of tho Knrtli" '£, 
ii. "Secret Hervjce Ham" 4-11, 

Shuukst 'J. (', lleove. manager). — This 
hotine, fcrinerly the Mirror, umm under new 
management with "Before noil After," Oct. II. 

Km ruin Ol. J. Knrger, manager). — Ulll 
week of Sept. 30: Tho Itltzleys, Vardnmnu, 
t.eed* and La Mar, McCloud and Melville, 
Manlcy and Hterllng mid Tourist Trio. 
. ■■ . '' . ■■• ■ ■'■ 

C«4str lUphls, — At Ornene's Oiwra Hoiific 
(Wlll-M. (.'ofiler. manager) Viola flllletm 

llittvk, tlerlrtide Lusfh', Brndy and Oardm- 
Theresa Kemp and Nellie Hi. Oriiuind, 

AtHvrioN.—The Windsor ■ Hulol, opposite 
iln> new Orhhemu, U being flllwl up on Hio 
ground flisir ns n plucn of iinuiHeirient. for 
nil kinds of novelties, smdi us iiiovlug pli- 
lliriil, pnunnililU: shows, munletil nuveltles, 
vaiidevOlo, etc.; after tlio fashion of the 
entoi tiiltiinoiit given diiriug tlm Httiuuier sen- 
son- nt .Wonderland. There will- he a hiiiui* 
lit line part of the building. The plain will 
he conduced us Die Windsor Tlii'iimvby llin 

Windsor Novell y Co,,.. Oskur Iloiiu, u 

leading member of iho (Ionium Htock Com- 
pany that played- lu St. Van! Inst season, Iiiih 
returned to the city wllh a slock company 
of his own, Thu opening piece was "Tlio 
l'lcuKod Muh," given at Mosurt Hull, Sept. 

211 Another (human Stuck Company. 

under the management of M. Klsemanti, will 
open ii wnnou at tint Armory lu tho near 
future. Si. Paul's lieuvy Onrman popnlit- 
tlon limine* uuccHsK for the giving of ploy* 
In the ouilvc tongue,. . . i . .It Is a llitlu mii- 
eertuln Just when tlie nmv Oniheuiu will 
open its doors to the jiuhlle. The oiilsldn 
of the striicturo In nboiit reudy, but the In- 
side Is not yet completed, and with the due- 
orating nnd seating, It will be Heme weekn 
befuro It will o|hjii, Tho theatre Is u beauty. 
The New Orphoum Theatre Is al the corner 
of fifth, St. 3'i-ter and Market Htre-lH. . . . . - 
The city hns accepted- the big Audllurhim, 
iho same having boon turned over to the 
elty fathers by tho building trustees. The 
Common Council has voted nn addlllonul 
rtni'.oou of bonds wllh which to complete I lie 
largo structure, thu HMNMHWI sot apart for 
tho suuie not being sulHclent by reason of tho 
Increased price of labor and materials, 

■■ « — ^..i nw 

Dulutli.— At I lie Lyceum (C. A, Marshall, 
umiiager) "The Devil's Auetloti" pleased 
Sept. *J4. Lewis James 11A, 21), In "Th" 
Merry WIvoKof Windsor." nupportad liy Ni'lilo 
Mellenry, Norman Hm-kelt and a good com 
I Any. Business Is fair, "At Conr Corners," 
with (fct'trude Uohdhlll as tbo -star,' 27; CIhv 
Clemnit 2H, 2!», Jlobferi Lornlne Oct. 1, "Tim 
ColleuR Widow" 2, 3. "In. the lllslitip'o 1,'iir 
rhige" r», «,."Tho Umpire" 8, "Tlie Lion and 
ihe Mouse" u, 10, "Yoimg Bufrnlo" 12, 13. 

' iMntjwi'ulitam (W. It LoDgwtrcot, UmilH- 

fer). — Chorry BlnsKoms Co. lust wu«k. John 
'crry, as: the count, ntadii his share of fun. 
The house was H. It u. on the opmilng night. 
Dreamland HurIem|uoin tills we<*k, 

Bijou (Joe Mnltland, manager).— Boh) - 
new* keeps up well, 1)111 for Hept. :i0 and 
weelct Joe Whlteliead, the .Irlerson HIsfeiH, 

Kvn Thatcher, J, Oaffnay Brown, Hnofoid 
and DMHIngfoo, Teed uiul Lazcll, Jack oriool, 
Jns. McClollan, and the moving pictures. . 

. . — <»» 


Opera Co., In "The Girl and the Bandit," 
Kept, 24, bIcmH a good «i/<-d hoiiHe. "" 
from l'aris," 2ft, satislled a big house. 

Hept. 24, pleased a good *\/.<<>i hoiiHe. "I'eggy 
from l'aris," 2ft. satlslled a big house. "Mi- 
hiuey's Wedding,*' in, nnd "The Moyer of 

Tokfo," 27. 'did not arrive. James ONelll 2H. 
"Told In the Hills" 20. "Tht- . Ml He llniue- 
• i <-nil " :!». "I'mlri HmilliHni Skb-n" IM, 2. 
\\. If. I'ailou 3. Wnlk'T Whlteiddo I, ft, "At 
Cozy Conn-r-'' tl. "Thf Two Juliiis" 0, "TIm» 
Arrival of Kltly" 10, "Tlie Minister's Hon" 

ri;ot'i.>:'s (VI'-. Hugo, manager).— Blgbu-l- 

tm it«k fit fiepti iu Kiui tui mi bjlu 

H n rl In h ton.— At tbo Strong Thenlro 
(Cahn & Onuit, matmgei-M) Black Dike Bund 
Sept. 23, pleased,'** did Kbepard's moving 
pictures art, 27, "The. Voiuuteni'. ttrgnnlst" 
211. fills Hklntier Oct. 3, '"I'lis ' Hfiitiv Mnn" 
4, "An* Vnti » Miihiiii V" r., Itidd. It. Miinii-ll ii. 

S.-ri:. Memtfi-iH of "I'lid'-r Soiillifni 
Skies" r«. were ••iiI.m Inlned |.y lo. ul Afi|i> 
KnHlcH. IL H. Ciilmilli liefni: n iiieiiiber. 

lfi:i.nx TiiowiiriimiB Ims lieeii. engaged fur 
diameter*, hy the IVople'jj Stuck Co.. Fcv 
Vti'9 Smttlk CiilvigO.. .^...^i...../ ^ 

Ik? » ;*- " 

' ' ' V 

'• *• 

'••,', i' U'j( ' *.-.. si-'; :t-i'\ *■■':' - 



.> ; ; 

OBER 6. 



r r°;:h .:■ : . I i . ■ 

waoun & lualKn, OEiaAao, 

O. 0. V.nglian, Prop, strictly 

_ American Flan. •»-« single; 

inbler • Vand»T»|fl gjgMgg Ugjanh ' 

NEW AHSTEflDAV "■"K^a*-- —. 

. WKD. HAT. BEST SKATS «l.w. • 
NIXON k ZIMMERMAN announce Pirn American 
appearances -of 

Mr. II . B . lrvl ng «nd 31 I •■ Dor., h . . Balr.l 

and LONDON 00. In Stephen Phillips' 

(Arrangement with Mr. Geo. Alexander). 

.116-111 E.ll, M.l ., nr. KolOi'l, 
Acad, ol : Mule, bower. Koomj too., ISO- .L 
atea n«»t i$ioto t« wea>. w.D,HAHMiOAH,Prop. 

•- ••■ • WORCESTER. MASH. 


NeVlj.rniWtnC.i.-; steam heat; flas; up 10 date. 
Eaten*] cars' ,pa«a <lo6r. Rates, f lira, «i.:» per 
d^.'._Hnefl«i : raJe* to professi on, v ' -'.'■'/ 
T.WJi liTBr.u house, howum and Somerset. 

^Isr, Boston. WUMv of nil vamli^vllle theftlrea* 

Aboni-AjTreelt.. EMU* oANNW ART.Prgn, 

.*SEJSOw5®ESiTKTSi si-, Chicago. 

BitroDean,'»3.lio p'erweeK; isitli prlviite liatti, fl. 
ffg B.Hi. &£ IK B. HPMVHKKY, Prop._ 

tie .largest, .coljertloa of Hang Hets In the 
world.' -Prlcee from $2 a aft UM np. Over 
5,000 odd xlliliN. Scenna of Travel, Rnldler 
Pictures.. Moonllgotp, &r„ In Iota of DO or 
more, ]IVi..;-«aial?et.lotH,.llic- I all finely col- 
ored.- No orders tilled for 1MB tlian 111 alldea. 
"Cash wltu'ordi-ra." Hti( bargains In atereop- 
tlcona.. Srnd.permab'ciu oddi-esa fop our big 
bargain llata. ilU'CIv 1.ANTK11N SMDB.CO., 
apTi-Weat.ailo' Ht.. New York- Cltr: 


rtdlfa; Vloia, Oollo. llaan, miliar and Harp. Con- 
ner* Violin HUaWfiui sll*). '*> ( 'ent« ea-h. a 
for E&r -CKArWV'N WlnfclANB BUREAU, 

ta.Dfarbora St., Chicago, 111. 

a. M. BK ATTlB, lawyer. Oonddenllal ca«e« 
aaWcUilty. Judgments and ilecreei obtained 
ommW, 'Ho- notoriety Oonnaol free. 2«0 01»r|[ 

•'ELGIN BTEHKOPTICON," fur sung llu,'- 
tratora, lectnr era; foil aire. »ll.fiOi send for cot, 
BLOINWBr:. MFQ . CX).,»mKlmtoUJIt. I mjiln L lll. 

TlpoK SAIiE — MovUM Picture Macliine, 
»,P0OPpetKnp;sier»ptlcon a »fr„pli.ajf. 

rum, HiereoiuiLwun. n-., > ««(■■ ■ 
W: H.- RHODES. Hartford. Conn. 


lor any imtPnBABt or number ol lnaojmeatli. 
OjiKl . I^iVw RJohmo nal t,, Cincinnati, 6, 


lOoDJrtB-hteil), 8 different ton, loc. All mniiaact. 
OmetS 'SCHOOL, 631 N-Utl" 8t,,_WUa„P t 

front and Back Bending, each Mat lUoftr"*; 
Mt. EwSwa Scbooi. fa N. m St., Pblia., Pa 
HOTJtiK-Speclallniliii'emeni. Oiiollonlersof 
tin and up we »l" allow one-ball eiip. or all 
frJlgbtwlftin soo aaUaa. OnejiBlf jaali mttsi ac- 
comBanj. C. 0. l).,ordei». Blec. Bona, |l dof.i 
IMSBMia, STdnz.i lallalara, Ja« dor.; Sbap, 
W oo°. c»»c?. No exp. or fri.. allowed on aoa^. 
and inbelere. Wrlie fur price lilt and souvenir, 
tree. RI.KO. APPI.. <HI„ lllirllngton, Kana, 
inc. im, 

SttS MUSICIANS WAN ■ ED, "White, lo 
dSBole «l»gei "lano.ilonble clarionet or alto. 
Hftadywori year.aroimd. DMI KlmbarK Ave;, 
"livSJo" or roilto In CLIPPER, IMK. OUR OLD 
RliNTmlltTHOMB. .'■ : ' 

- ■KaVroMKaY btc, To, obdkb-itiom 
and ai references . for, stamp, samples (No. a) 
Parodyand Gaga, loc. ; 8 Parodies, 1 S Lags, i'.c. 
HARVK.J> ! ; THAVRR^'JlOOJlroad &.■**/■_.*■ }■ 

HBRB ANDTIIBBB, A I'alhor's Tribute, 

Tbe Future Hot Pemd on ihe- Watt, llealb Cnuioa 

at Dawn, Matrimonial Mnrcb. Prefe»lenal onplea 

MWH at U. an, encb. ■ J.KBAB000K, , 

,,. ; , ,/ ■ Box 10.1, Karnhamyllle, Iowa.- 

'kOB HA|>H OR RKNT, Or win exchange 
lor'-carwltb baggage room, Pnllman sleeping 
apd inning Car. All slate rooms, wash basins 
In liaclv, Willi rnntolng water and, waler lanls. 
cellars feel long. Kllelien, range. dUbes, linen, 
eio;--VVUI-sloop «1 people;'!! wlioel trooks. ,0ar 
IB- good oonditlou. and will T>nsa M. C. B. in- 
spection. - J. B. OLSON,. JR.; care of Clilcago 
snow Printing Co.', im rilib Ave., ciiicago. 111. 

- OPatN "TIHR— Allen's Opera Uonso. Frlcnda- 
villa, 3d. New alienor?,' electric llgnt. low lernis- 
t'osl operaUuba Just Blurted last Spi Ing. Oood op- 
laninnily (or tlrst class company. Seating capac- 
ity, ,ir>0; ' iKmulaiton, l,CD0; 1,000 more to draw from. 
A. A.ALI.te,Ugr. 

FOB BALlll-Two Rolling Olobes, very cheap 
'II vs. KI.LKRT, tO'Ectford t>t„ Ornnpolut, I,, r. - 
N.*- . , •' \ -'•■ ' ' ' '■ 


42*1 Ht.. Dr. lirondtray. Evh, S.'tff. Mm, 1% 


(I.IEBI.IvR A Co., Mnnagera). In tbe new 4 act 

Comsdy, bv 1SRAKI. ZANOWILI., 

HPW VisPK TI!K A™K, "'"ay. «'«St. Eva., 

niiTT I Una 8J6 . Mats. Wed. and Sat., 2.10. 

Prices 2r.c„ we, No Higher. 



NEXT HONDA V. . Seat Sale Thursday. 



Kves.atd; VaUBeefl Wed. nnd Bat. lit 2. 
Oreat prodncUon of UF.N. I.P.W WALLACE'S 

The Prince of India, 


Evening N:lu, atatlnec Saturday ate. ? 


DAVID BKLASOO presents ^"^ - 


In 4 Acts of '«fl~soenes .n California— by DAVID 
BgLABCO. Seats on sale five weeks In advance. 

HAGKE1T THEATRE, ™&£Wb%%?. , ">- 

MR, HACKE1T .Sola I*esaee and Xftpager. 

Rvefl. t-.-JQ. Mafn. Wftil.ab'18At.2:lfi. Lafweek 


by Alfred Solro. Monday, Oct. 8, One Week Only 
MR. H0PKIK8ON. Seats ready nextThnnday. 








East Iltn St.. Ladles' Mat. To-day. 


2 BurieB(tue-2— Koveltlea. 



r jr the hrat tvo nTgrit Aland Id Nev England, 

Mcdonough theatre. 

SoatinK cH|mrilv, l,ooo. Addresfl utl comoiQiilca- 
Uodh.q J t'I.E 8 KDTWK B, Manag er.. 


To complete their repertoire by adding 


Now belli jr t-nnR 1* j AH leading ))asa singers. 



Which made the nit ot the MMM when played 

T-7 Suuh.i'h Bund. Sent, ho»i,iald, tree, eacli, hy 
N. 11.— Professionals while Id New York can 
hear the nbove selccttons by railing «t the 

43 W. 28UiSt. 



263-9 BIU Ave. Cor. 231 St., N. T. DOT. 

iRnl ranee at 2ea> 

A lecluikal and praotlral IralnlnR selinol for tbe 

Drann , Opera, Comedy, and Vaudivllli Acli 



In ine world, and Sketches written to order, 

(staged complete. Bend /or tree lllnntruied hontlet. 
It tells how i, coo stndr-nr-i. now on the stage, pne 
reeded. Sucrefla guaranteed, failures ImpoBwlltle. 



Comedy Character Old Ian, Juvenile Ian, 
Gen. Bus. Kan, Straight Old Ian, Ian for 
small parts. Those who doable brass 
preferred. Al Sister lean who can 
sing and dance. AU mast hart Al ward- 
robe, Prop. Ian with picture maehlne 

-THE- I E.lSttlHt. Laitlra' Mat. To-day. 

MM Colonial Belles Co. 
Huber's Vx u Museumt 



Addresa J. R. ANDERSON, lfgr., aa above. 


■ W CeiMC' 


Of Hlatk fllaaa VandcTllle Thealrra. 
M. BlItTBRIrW.D IK.. PltKR. ; 
All ApplIcatlonH for Time MuRt Be Addressed 
te C. IS. liilAY, Booking Maaager. 

Majestic Tliealre Building, (Jblcago, III. 


4TW.Btth ST., NEW YORK. 

AT UBBttVV, HtTiing Baritone isingcr. Ten' 
or'range.-blg. liailadsitudi-liarBciornongf.. Vet* 
imUUa; good dresser on and off. Also mut>lcal ao- 
veltlefl.' iUnntreU vaudeville or mmlrat comedy. 
Ai-fspfiflalty. MnV<" good with the liest., ..Plrst 
•jlraWWy. W..S.;Wn f UOX, Oort|and, N. Y~„ 
geinlel. , . , . ... 

OOOOOPKST1MB at Ncwvlllo Opera IloiitM'. 
Cami.ctiora and repertoire comjianlcH write jn, to 
weavor A- Best, Hgro.-oaraof NewTlllo opera 
liQt^ie, P. o. Box n.-Newvllie, Pa. 

W^KTACO, at .Kliattsvlllo, llouroe.uo.; IihI., 

lifter, Nov. 10), -RoAd AHraoiloari, .Uusrry town, 
I'aydfct every m w.eek«. . Pon-^o. OjiemBaiiHc 
wrwwiilnpi go«asi:euoryandiigtits;Bf'Siiiigcapa- 
•;By 4QO; MfjigC lo%AO. - lltjlweeu |l]oyi,itUK(on *ud 

NPflP«'»r;;up- d. I. A, 'J.. H. R. . Os, A. IVaptr, Mgr. 
pram p| fur good rdmwri, .Hayirwpd'H "|fli 
wourl'tXirl" tjiieiiB 1^0)1x0; Nov. 



Artlats wanting Kuropuan time write, ntatiiiff otmn 
time and terms. Cable , ' ACO MC," London* 





CAN YOU OVB8B1 , r ■' : 

WAIVTWD PAUTNEn, M<id(^ra!«' impltal, 
lirflf inteVoBt. ' .Tour popular, KiiiQt|6ont Star.' 26 
wpAa JWrttwI. Add.i»aTAH,»"Uiirortr CUPl'KK. 

HM «A1*K-Trunk Mwtorj,; Hiu-rtoinr Act; 
nrMM Urn Aot, Spirit OftHMt, mutt Art Omili, 

l.t'g |n>B",<'iili-.tert,«-'iindy FlOHHAliulilno. UUdrlOU 
nUier l»rgftttiB> C(roul»rri for (WAilP. URU. 
aP| j -Underwood Ht.. Auiiurn N. V. 

■' VVArVTRD tor Mrdlclm; Co., Al tiVetch 'f rum, 
Man nod Wife, dolnk HmglcH 'and Dotiblco.' Must 
•>hauKe> fdr-wtrmtr Atmr HUtr fianr, ,8lght 
Heauet 4 or .Fakir. Monoy every Huhday. Ouen 

(TrtLir.. ^tldrenn Dr. C. h. llHiucit, IIMV. Chilli- 
«'titli8 8t..UrlloT(Jnltiliio. Ohio. .'.-;=• ■ 

.a. HIMMKkBIK wuiils a l.'iilnn Frop- 
»,.m, Willi Uw. <-U\w iMovlritrriiidro und IliUR- 
..>r,rd; , i*0)iR MMvltltie, Enuupli (lood -Hinm' to 
flnmnbe for, woek. Udit be oompoteift to act. mh 
wle.ifrivia'n.- glvon to mat) wlinrin 
piny 4- few minor parjH. Mm wftnr to hear frnm 
tV«r;Bppcl.sltJ' Map who cab, play, 
ttoVKf 'A nioBt oMCuiwl Ti'i-jutnif e* . Addrens 
K;-F. limiiTie.ein, MKi)!>gcr' HtuiuelelnM lmiietlal 
"Ijoxk Company, HulnifiBroO, M,loh. t Oct. M);Xanii- 

id fl'rst let't'or. 

A hniierlal 

mhm.i -» !»■ Mi; Lii.p- 

1Vt-«c stnto all partieulani 

10 ordur.- Have jtood Dutch Act.. HKNRVOLT, 
<i>F* pf :Krpegfr t :H8 Vm laitli St., New "York. 

WAK'^flBU^-rour mol-e Mertlclni: Perforacri. 
<tcxid plaint), for- all 'round .people, Monoy nure. 
Week stnodn. llotelH, Miut make good. State 
P.IU1U flfflt. My retetvncB, any pi^formor thAt han 
irMfi wl*h me. -lleen In tlio hn»inenH thlviv ycatR. 
OAPT.O.W. (SMITH, I'K^ctlUK.-Mo. 



woman tor i.paob nmi Jiiveiillijri, CharA<itei' 
W'draan, two Odod < it' 1 ,) 'j ttua. People. Never 
I'Uiup. jiure salary. laOtigieanon. State all Or m 
letter. ih\$k. UUA.VK, Peorlnju. : 



.-; '.. --AD I1JI K8ST 1113 oFgioB. 

Worked last Sunday for HUJLTIO A- SKAMAK and 
thoywork next Sunday for them.' MRS. Ql|y"JLLK 
now In Die city. __^ **§t 

Send photo and program, will return. State vonr 
lowear, as yon get it every wwr. Boozers save 
stamps, Addresa 
A. J. MITCHELL, l^a Wegf. Ave..Bgtfalo, N.T, 

Waflted; for Mystic Sliriiie-rs, 



R. D.-MOBPAS, L'M-1 WIKou Ayr-., Illevflawi, 0. 


For Riding Ilorscn. Musi know bis i>n<tineas 
thorougliiy, and lie KOber. Thomiihat talk Ger- 
man preferred. Stun- all In flr.-t. letter 

iiuno rknz, carp of onicors wkekly, 
Uib R'way, New York City. 




Al Heavy Man, jQvcolle Han. OiiniilFO p!m-i good 
Hano Player. Musi 1»? sober and reliable. Tell 
evorything Drut. letter. 

8WITZF.R Sl 11ARR1NOTON. Ray, N. Dak. 


That can do slngloa and doubled, flood In acta. 
Week stands, One of wine, hclji play piano or 
organ. Also Comcdltuniiitr ran help play piano 
or organ . 'Pop salarr, and jou get It, not promises 
Must make good. Other Med. People, write 
Don't misrepresent. Adorer 

UK. FKANKLYN, Kearney, Neb. 


Hi- A Is tlio latest. Tho lirlghtent and best 
■n-H vaudeville material ever put up at 
llUl V ANV Piucis. MonologueHTskctciies, 
Parodies, Khd Oaga, Oroas Fire Gagging, etc. 
PRIOB, 50e. Ideas Nob. 6. u, T, 6. $1 .vi, ! Any 3 
booki for $i; any 2 for BOo. 0178 BANKS, 
aw Pine Ht., ProvldenoQ,iL I. 


Ai Advance Agent who can book, Pall AcMbg 
Company for Repertoire, Clover Child. All tndst 
do ttriuMi.liy. Pay your own. Must bn good 
dro^stjrs 'mi and un. Tlcketa to those I know. 
Show opens on or about Oct. ,&. Add. ' ' " 

W.K.IIART, Qrcp.Bup, III. 


Dllwerth Faiinnae VavilevlUe Trnuiie 
of Trained CD Do(l. 

One hiinrtrod anil f.iriy dollars takes all. Ail'lresB 
». UII.WilKTH, IM Ernsil si., Savannah . na. 


ijidy Minli-iana desiring; an cngageinont please 

wrlietOflH. "ORCIIKSIKA IU'iIKaI'," 2«1 Pllt- 
n'am St.. Toli'il'?, O. • 

Experienced AGENT 

O.A. WATOiiN.JIos IM, IMMtaaja1',,pg , 



AililrWs ajj soirrn AYi:., HOCIIESTEK, N. Y. 


| OI>in8, KTC. Ol v. na n. trial oriter. 
' We deliver the gowli. 

I Intornitlonal Vaudeville Supply Co., 

1 College IMru'r-, KuiVala, S. Y. 



Two Pullman Gars, Combination Diner and 
Sleeper, » steel Wheel Trucks, good Cellar?, all 
I'uilinan lieddlng, in excellent condlUon. 
H.O. WIUSO.S.OO^ Bath-om St.. FlitUdelplila, Pa. 

WANTED, A No. 1 


Mnat ho sober. A long engagement to the right 
party. Amweraa per mure, or per. add, Little 
Sioux, la. . W. (I. D1CKKY. 

Mgr. Terry's Uncle Tom's Cabin. 


At I.lnrrty. 

May parts. Amateurs, tlon'l write. 
Address A. B.. L'are of OLll'PKIt. 


S. and Dance People thai double R. and O., Agcm, 

PlanUi. Picture Monhlne. Child Artist. Sonic opei. 
lluie . •.. ( 10LD Y WA DE, Flnrtlay, Ohio. 

Wantfld, Good All 'Round Med. Pei.3in.MS, 

Hiatolfyonplayorgan. flood amaieDrscou»ldered, 
Htate all In ilrsr. No tlrketa. Long <<eason. 



r\>r Comlo HexlDK and 8lnfllng Aot. Htrlr'lv 
solier. Have plrnl j ot (tood (Kiotlp!. - Adilreia 
-eft. ihnu*ot'OU»EH. ■ ' 

CUSS A ntlS, 16 OERI fEB R. 

CLASS B rlUll, 12 0EIT8 FBI FT. 


Films and Projecting Kinetoscopes 

Exhibition Model Klnetoscope, SI 15.00. Universal Model Klsetoscope, $75.00, 




A Thrilling Irish Melodrama, in Seventeen Scenes. 





DIIGAV. OaraaA watina Tool — ••• U..W. R.PLOTD 


FATIIBH O'CASSIliV, Till < Parlth IViett ..l.....-;l...N. B. CLARKE 

DANNY KELLY', Frlnid 0/ TcrMX '...J- MeBOVALL 


DLACK RODY, Tlit. Rtiooer Chief...'. .'.<>• *•• HBABERT 


DAKBY DOYLK j ty a* Robber Band ., 1. „ D. J. MeOWBIS 


The In.alt, Tbe Hold Up, The Robber.' eve, lerrlnc the Paper., The Chaw, 
Kathleens. Home, The Fire (Bea,,tlfoUy H.nri PalBted), The Abduction. Kath- 
leen In the Robber.' Cave, The DrngKed Whiskey, The II.. cue. The Angeln., 
The Village Dance, The Wedding. * _ 

Send for Illustrated Dell liptlve C Ircular No. 30a, 

Na. man. Cade vechtva an. Length-, i.ooort. ci.ha, si io.oo. 









We take tnls opportunity to heartily ihank you for ymir generous nppreclatlon and many 
complimentary nntlres and kind expression!) of our humble effort^. RDISON MAN'F'Q CO. 



Send for illustrated Deaerlptls-e Circular Ne. tlfiS. . ■ ', 

Na. easa. Code VEADORIA. Length, ?89n. tie., A. ,1 17.7 1. 





The Heeling— Tbe Propoeil— Vlafon or the Honeymoon— Ouadlao'a Home— Family ohjti-l kins— 
'Waiting at the Clrarcli"— "GaD'tOetAway lo Marry Von To-llay." 

No. (latin. Code VKCHTPERK. Length 470ft. Clam A. STO.IM). 

our itAtr&mrT hbadlikbr, 





The -"Die Horn" Saloon— Meeting between Hero and Villain— Kn.tmi.ce of Engllsli Tour- 
ists — Inltiatlng-the Tenderfcet — Collection for Salvation Army LuhhIc — Arrival. at tbe UM 
— Cowboy SportB, Trick Rldlnu, Throwing Lariat, Wrestling— Departu re of Stage Oom-h from 
Ifnneli — Attack by Indians — Uunnlng Fight (3 scenes) — Cunture Stuge Coarb and Abduction 
of Ultl — Indiana Escaping and Covering Trail — Arrival Wounded Stake Driver at Itanrb— 
Cowboys In Pursuit — The Fight — Thrllllnp. Reacue of Girl from Madly Galloping Horte— 
Keunlon Hero and Heroine — Death of villain. - • • * 

No. 0359, Coda VAVA SSKt'K. Length, 1,000ft. Clan A. $150.0U 


NO. Oil? .1. Code VBDANTINA8. Length,' 770<t. Class A. •Il.-...1i>. -I 

l. . L. \ RANCH, 
lUSr-T. ■ -— - ■ ■ - 


sianAiiai.. unrjui-i-jnu -.-« A-.-t-niHIJ A "LLAll" OH ISA-riv*. l^M,/. 



No. 6849, Cod. VAVLTAOK. Length, OOOft. Claa. A. tSO.OO. 



An AMERICAN BKAVTY ROSE. cHuoItm Into av bmt plctara of » tMnvtirnl 
AMERICAN GIRL, who dlaaolvea Into an AMJCRXCAN FLAG waving to th« brepi". 
whicBt In turn Into n atni-ltt backBronnd. tn« itnn. attar mncli 
manOrjnvBring, ■..♦•lllug thfr vvonU "GOUO MOI1T " - - - - - 



No. G'4U), CtMta V ACURVILLK. Langth 00ft. Clan A. 


Kooms. WllLpaMM.LMl.ln^pecUoD. Fntni«hea 
t-ompiete. C. J. PAUL, CUarleaion, III. 

s^ml for .jite-Nt Cataloaa and Illnatraled cirrniar*. 9 


„ .. . _ Chicago Oilier. 1104 Wabaah Annate, I 

New lerk Office, HI Union Square. Cable Address ZTtnollr New Yorlr. 


SEUlllB'AOKMl'H' Tll.IJ.KlNETIMJRAJ'H CO., . 41 E. ■ 21«t St.. Nesr Vor k. 

oaUHlulS aaaaniO. j. ET Elt BaCIQALUPI, 1107 Fillmore St., San Franclsca, Cah 

October 6, 




Hiss Clipper 'a AneeJot,,, Etc..:... 

crncoe.airl-Tflk.ttb .' - 

Oswald StoU— Sfceteli 

. nafon* ofitto.Wccklf show..... 

World. of. Plajrar.. ..... 

laxra Plafla or Oacar HtmoMtitcla 

Vaadmlllo and Minstrel 

Pliiw of • Helorich Oonrled 

MMI 'Answered i .... 

thii tjondon Letter ' ; 

Oar-cnleaan Letter .- - 

On tie Bold ....:,...... 

Latest br-atwa-irapa. ........ 

Vaodetili. HMM* Hit :... 

Neir York .Si ....>.. 

Under tbe Tints .' 

De«tBB In tbe Profession 

Moving Pictures .*........., 

Vlrjlnl.l. '.'. ..... 




.. 8(19. 871 


. . 870, 8711 


1 878 

.'. 872 

re. 884, 885 
875, 870 

...880, 881 



gjgjegjg Route Cist 

' Thla liat la made op aa nearly at>- 
carate mm 1C la hit, to snake, a Hat 
of vaade.-llle booking-.. To Laiare li 

oitr or town, MUST aoeoaapasajr aasasa 
aooklna: aaat no. 



Textta....': '..".. 

District of Columbia. . 
Colorado..::.*:..'.-. ..' 
Canada. ......' ........ 

ui»iMi|ipi :. . 

illiaourl ' 


North Carolina. ....... 



. Arkansas 

Uiauchoaetta. '..;.... 

Ohio. ■ 

loira it 

Minnesota... ... 

Tennessee .' 

Wert Virginia 

Nc* Von Slate 

v™«- Jsraee... 


.UuOito Island. Nebraska... 

Alabama, Illinois 

Connecticut Oregon 

Callforali, Keotnck.j 

New Hampshire 


'Harjrlsnd .... 



South .Carolina 



..... BuJ 
. 800. 881 
. SOU. 875. 

..... SOU 
. 806. 878 


808, 878 
. SOS, 881 


871. 878 



872, 873 





..... 88S 
■■... M B 
..... 877 







. .... 881 
. .... 881 

.... 881 






S.'h" v.. 00 ?!? 1 '" "' &V*BB* ! ™urj,»i]le, 

Willi Mia Allen aa tbe hetdllner, at trie Or- 

R?f u £ : , 8Kr S' t . «*'"•« Sam," at tbe Olllla : 

tbe Woodward stock Co.. In "Mr. Smootb,'' 

at the Auditorium; Miner's Bohemians, with 

Joe Gans as n special feature, at the Ceu- 

«JS i the Night OVlj, at the MaJeatlJ. . 7. . . 

The People's Theatre, on the West aide "KM *. J* * mt ' «epart«aea« tbe, came 

opened Sept. HO. tilth the Haynord Stock Co t&SH^SSS* SZ,SI&' k • "" "*" •» "9 

te "Her Only Defense." .... ftpperaonrMeVi: e,,r - °» •»*»■ •H** Beeoa.B».,r a»ak 

phone Minstrels gsre their nlnttt annual shdw I 

at Convention Hall, to a big crowd 

Klectrlc Fork's corn carnival opened Sunday 
with good attendance. 

J,ot:isvil.l.F., Oct. a.— "Tbe Wlanrd of Oi" 
opened a three Dlghts' engagement at M«c- 

juleys. to good houses Williams * 

Walker, at the Miteonlc, drew a well filled 
• house. ..... "The House of Mystery," at tbe 

Avenue ; tbe Merrymaker*, nt the Bucking- 
ham, and vaudeville, at Hopkins', attracted 

crowded houses nt tbe Sunday openings 

Tbe Louisville Horse Sbow opened with a 
big crowd. 


>■*. — At Ford's Opera House 

. Ford, manager) "The Virginian" 
L 1. "Little Johnny Jones 7, drew 



Special Ditpatches to The New Tobk Cliffkb. 
San Francisco, Oct. 2.— At the Darla 
Tlieotre, the fourth of the Weber &. Helda 
■erles, under (he direction of Harry James, 
Is rl'ouew Cafe.' 1 to be followed by ' Way 
Ul East." Uice and Cady, Bobby North, 
Lily Sutherland, Rosemary Glosi. Ed. Lynch, 
Matt Trayers, are In the cast. Geo. E, Lank 
Is Stage director, and there It a chorus of 

T CRSTBAt.— Kolh and Dili, In "A Lonesome 
Townv (.third week), to be followed by 

Obphkosi (at the Chute*).— Current bill: 
Three Row-b, Clifton Crawford, Zazelle, Ver- 
non, and companv, L-j Hoy ond Woodford, De 
Mar snd Fortune; Adnmlnl and Taylor, 
Eleanor and Dorel, Dc ilanen and Parks- 
. NotTE!>.— Al. Haymau Is In town. looSfnq 

over the situation Harry Jaraea has an 

ulTerfor bis travesty BtarB to again tour 
(be world "Rubin Hood' will be fol- 
lowed at Idora Pnrk, Oakland, by "The Idol s 

Brt." Geo. E. Latk has an offer to go 

tc Australia to produce new musical come- 
dies and op era a. 


Vldla AHem Mak«« Her Flp«t APR" 1 ,; 

nice n. ImoKen. in "Cy^e™/* 
- la Wo «hi n Bton. D. C^-The Sam 

abnbert, Kanaas Citr's New TMe- 
■ atrc, Op«ned. 

Philaorlfhu, Oct. 2.— Owing to Arnold 
Daly's refusal to play at the Lyric at tbe 
usual SI. 90 prices, the engagement was 
canceled, and the house wllf remain dark 
until 4. when Louis Mann and Cum Up- 
man will appear in "Jul e Bon Bon. to* 
liqlth the two weeks' time. . . - .«#■; 
tls Wilson, In "The Mountain Climber 

5bh Breeted by a crowded bouse at tne 
road.... "The Measure of a Maa'^opened 

|J capacity at the Garrick. ...... .RlcbanJ 

CaW In "Tha Spring Chicken," In Jls final 
week at the Chestnut, had a crowded house. 
....-.."The Prince of Pllsen." at the wal- 

nuvand "Painting the Town." at the Grand 
OnwaTHoutea, bad capacity.. ... .The bill 

at Keith's drew big afternoon and ■»■»«■•" 
The btber combination and burlesque houses 
hajl their usual big Monday business. 

j'Ohicacjo, Oct 2. — Sunday openings were: 
OhBuncey OU-ott, in "Eileen Ajthore. at 
M«Ylcker't: "His Last Dollar,"- at the Great 
Northern ; "The Blue Moon," at. the.GamcK, 
tb"'a"-crowded bouse; "The Law and the 
MBn.^ ut the Grand Opera House; saw* 
Hobbs," «t the Chicago Opera House; Brig- 
adier Gerard," at the Illinois; "My Friend 
from -.India," at the Bush Temple...^.*. 
Monday op'snlngs holding over were: The 
Time, tbe Place and the Girl.*' at the La 
HBlle;"The Squaw Man." at Powers, and 
"George Washington Jr.," at tbe Colonial. 
' BdSTOS, Opt. 2.— Three offerings new to 
local playgoers last night were: David War- 
Held. In R The Music Master" at the Ma- 
jestic,: Sam Beraard. In "The Rich Mr Hog- 
Mnhelmer:" at the Hollls, and "The Student 
Kino," at the Tremont. They were well re- 
ceived by cnpaclty bouaes The ow 

Homqutead" opened well at. the Borton.... 
The Ij'our Mortons. In " Breaking, ■ Into 8o- 
flity," nt tbe Globe.' and Lottie Williams, in 
*•% 'Toni-Itdv Girl," at the Grand Opera 
House, were popular priced openings, with 
tilled houses "Daughters of Men be- 
gan its Ust week at the Colonial, with a 
two-thlnr house, and "The Lion and tbe 
Mouse." In its fifth week at the Park, had 

capacity. 1 -The stock houses had the 

usual Monday crush, and the other resorts 
Npnl crowded bouses. 

Wabuinotgn. Oct.2.— Viola Allen appeared 
fuv 'the first time last night on any stag* 
as Iiuogene. In "Cymbellne." to a crowded 
and" delighted suillencc at the New National. 
....,-. rforoDce Roberts. In "The Strength 
of tbe Wetk," drew a fine following at the 

Columbia Morris' All Star Mammoth 

VtudevUIe Co., headed by Maggie Cllne, had 
a full house at the Belasco Howard 

flail. In "The, Mil lion a Ire Detective." packed 
Be A»-ademy "Lovers and Lunatics 

had a capacity audience at the Majestic... 
Seltna Braatz was the top liner (, f b good 
Wll at Chase's, fllllng the bouse twice...... 

The Empire Bdrlesquera crowded the Ly- 
ceum twice yesterday. 

• Cincinnati, Oct. 2.— Autumn weather re- 
sulted. In packed bouses all around 

Robert Edeson opened. In "Stronffheart." at 

tbe Grand, to good business "Sunday, 

with Norn O'llrlen. filled the Walnut Street. 

.-'MonMicur Beaucaire." at Robinson ,s, 

provod ni.ot.i-r sueress for the Forepaugh 

Stock Co .'Behind the Mask" Jammed 

Heuck's "The Curse of Drink" filled 

tna -Lyceum Vaudeville crowded both 

tS» iColumbla and Olympic The World 

tsrs-drew well at tbe Standard, and the 


(Charles E. 

returns Oct. 1. "Little 'Johnny Jones 7 ' drew 

large houses all last week. "The Galloper" 

comes 8.*MH» (M. J. Lchmyer, manager). — 

"The Clansman" la the attraction 1 and 

week. Primrose's Minstrels had a good 

week, ending Sept. 20. Next week, Viola 

Allen. In "Cymbeflne.** 

Auditobium (James L. Kernan, manager). 
■ — "Around the Clock" opens a week's en- 
gagement Oct. 1. "Breaking Into Society" 
did well last week. "In New York Town" 
comes 8. 

Ald a rail's (Robert 13. Irwin, resident 
manager). — Another strong bill opens week 
of 1, with George W. Thatcher and Charles 
Ernest. Edna Luby, 8Ignor Germinal, Wm. 
J.O'Hearn and company, Gardner and Stod- 
dart, Kaufmann Sisters, Woodward'* seals, 
and the stork sketch company, - In "The 
Night Owls." Good business rulota. 

Maryland f James L. Kernan, manager).— 
Mabel McKinlcy heads this week's bill, which 
Includes: Tbe Manhattan Comedy Four, the 
Fire Columbians, the Baizers, Kingsley and 
Lewis. Arthur Whltelaw and the Bessie Val- 
dare Troupe of bicyclists. 
' Holmday Stbuet (George W. Rife, man- 
ager). — "Custer's Last Fight" opens 1, fol- 
lowing "Queen of the Convicts.*" "A Mid- 
night Escape" ci.imes 8. 

TBLASdtt'H (Charles E. Blaney, manager).— 
"The Gypsy Girl" begins a week's stay 1. 
"A' Woman of Fire" drew well last week. 
"A Square Deal" follows 8. 

New .Monlmkstai. (Sam M. Dawson, man- 
ager). — Tbe Merry fiurlesquera open 1. 
Williams' Ideals bad full houses last week. 

■Gaykty (W. L. Ballauf. manager). — Man- 
chester's Vanity Fair Co. comes f. The Bob 
Ton Burlesquers attracted good crowds last 
week. The Bebroan Show Is announced for 8. 

Lyric (B. Ulricb, manager).— The British 
Ihisar Band will be heard in two concerts 
B, ft. The Philadelphia Orchestra Is an- 
nounced to give a series of five concerts dur- 
ing the season. 

<■» ■ 


■ Ne>w Orleana. — At the Tulane <T. C. 
Campbell, manager) "Coming Thro' the Rye" 
pleased large audlenceB lost week. "The 
Clansman" week of Sept. 30, "The Heir to 
the Hoorah" week of Oct. 7. 

Ckehcrnt (T. C. Campbell, manager). — 
Ydrke and AdamB. In "Uankem and Brok- 
ers," 0T>t*ned fleiit. 23. to f-wltj* and **"- 
Joyed big business throughout the week. 
"Tom, Dick and Harry." week of 80, with 
Murray and Mack to follow. - * 

Elyrian (W. S. Baldwin, manager). — The 
Baldwin-Melville Stock Co. opened 'matinee 
and night 23, to S. R. O. "Why He Di- 
vorced Her" week of 80, "A Romance of 
Coon Hollow" neat. 

Lyric (Davis & Lehman, managers). — The 
Brown-Daker Stock Co. played to big busi- 
ness throughout week of 23, and pleased, as 
usual, tbe bill being "The Price of Honor." 
"Out of the Fold" this week. 

Gbbenwald illy. Grecnwald, manager). — 
Big business ruled week -of 23 with Roble's 
Knickerbockers as tbe attraction. Rose By- 
dell's London Belles this week. 

OnPHGttM (Martin Beck, general mana- 
ger). — Resident Manager Tom Winston re- 
ports big business for last week. BUI for 
week of Oct, 1 ; Junle McCree and company, 
Paul Spadon-i. Waterbury Bros, and Tenny, 
Raffayctte's educated dogs, Lee, White, Chan. 
Ledegar, Kates Brothers, and new animated 
slides, with Arthur Warner at tbe helm. 

■ Notes. — Thos. Proston Brooke, of the 
Chicago Marine Rand, was a Crescent City 
visitor week of Sept. 24, to look after the 
completion of his new musical casino, which 
Is to be ready during October. . . , . .Thos. B. 
Flndlav, the well known stock actor, of the 
Baldwin-Melville Co.. became aa American 
citizen week of 28, taking out his natural- 
ization papers The Barnum & Bailey 

Circus is billed for Oct. and 7. The tents 
will be pitched at tbe old fair grounds. 

■ #■» 


Wichita.— At tbe Cawford (B. L. Mart- 
ling, manager) "My Wife's Family" came to 
fair business Sept. 27. AL W. Martin's 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" played to a large house 
28.' "Human Hearts" pleased 20. 

Bijou (C. E. Oleson, manager). — People 
tor week of 24 : The Three De Greaus, the 
Great Jackson, tbe WestcrleyB. David Jack, 
songs and pictures, and the Bljougrapb. 

won deb land I'.Mtft (J. T. Nuttle, mana- 
ger). — Tbe Acme Comedy Stock Co. are play- 
Eg a week's engagement,- opening 30. Grace 
Cortland Is specially featured In tbe vaude- 
ville work. The theatre will then be dark 
until Oct. 35, when It will open for one 
week's engagement during the county fair. 

Rinolino Bros.' Ciscub Oct. 1. . 


Charleatoa. — At tbe Academy of Music 
(Chas. R. Matthews, manager) Murray and 
Mack enjoyed good business Sept. 2ft. "Korty- 
Qve Minutes from Broadway had tbe first 
S. R. O. house of tbe season 20. "Peek's 
Bad Roy" Jrew juveniles in large number* 
27. "The Sultan of Sulu" drew well 20. Jos. 
and Wm. JelTerson Oct. 2, "Human Hearts" 
8, "On Parole" 4, "Finnlgsn's Ball" 5, At, 
G. Field's Minstrels 0. 

Note. — Al. G. Field will celebrate the 
twenty-Srst anniversary of bis big organiza- 
tion, 0, with a banquet, to which a number 
of prominent people have been Invited. 



file's held big crowds to see the American 

Kaksab Citt. Oct. 2— Kansas City's new 
theatre, the Sam Sbubrrt. opened Its doors 
rich- 1,-to oftnaelty. It In very liaiidsnnie. 
nrid is a credit to -the circuit. The opening 
attraction wa« Kddlo Fny, In "The Earl ami 

the Girl.- which scored a hit This H 

rarnlval week, nnd all tbe Sunday onealng* 
»vijo«ed,'proinerltj. They were: "The Girl 
andthe^Bandil," at the Willis Wood; "The 

Hot Springs. — At the Auditorium (Brig- 
ham A Head, managers) Nell Burgess and 
company, presenting "Tbe County Fair," 
Sept. 2o. pleased a large audience. Haverly's- 
Minstrels came 28. to a fairly good house. 
Booked: "The Little Princess" (local talent) 
Oct 2, "Ikcy and Abey" 3, "Foiy Grand- 
pa" 4. 

Opeba House. — The Harrison fc Burlww. 
Innd u«pertory Co. cornea for two weeks 
Oct. 2. 

• ■» 

AaBtlBw— At the Hancock Theatre Black 
Pattl Troubadours, Rept..2.'>. played toa fair 
house. Billy Kernnnrl's Minstrels 27. Ctt> 
and Johnson 28, "Tho Ilooslrr Girl" 20. 
. Galveston. — At Hie Grand Opera lions* 
'Dave A. Wots, manager) ■ Bill/ Karaaod'fl 
Minstrels had two top heavy houses Sept. 
23. Tbe Jeffersooa Oct. 3, "Happy Hooli- 
gan" 18. 

Acker A CiUlnv nt)o.i. Csntmi, O., in. 
Adelman, .Mi. A Mm., Kellli's, I'rovidciiu*, K. I., 

Ailnlr A Dshn. KcitU's. I'lilln.. 10, 
Adella, La, Ontnrj, Mlxtinwcks, In.l.. 1-0. 
A(laoin * White. Oraml, D.ij-ioo. O,. 1-u. 
Adtoix, Mahellr, K ft P. OStit St.. N. Y. 0., 1-6. 
Atlanta ft flrew. Poll's. Worcester, Masa., 1-0, 

Kupire. I'aterson, N. J., H13. 
Adama, Mii-lcnt. Main St., rear!*, 111., 1-0; Pco- 

ple>. Cedar Hsplds, Is.. 8-IH. 
Adamlnl A Taylor, Orpheuot, Los Angeles, Cal,, 

Adam* A Mnek. Old Orchard, Me., 1-9. 
AildtMD A Livingston. I'almctto Bencti, Tampa, 

Fla., 1-18. ■ 

Adelyn, People's, [^aveoworth, Kan., 1-8; Nov- 
elty, Topeka, »-i:t. . 
AlMnnx. The, -L'nltnie, Akron. 0., 1-0; Orphlnm, 

Hanadeld. 8-1.1. 
Albion*. Tbe. Unique. Akron. O., 10. 
Altbea Twin*. Keene.r'e. Bktn., 1-0. 
Altbofr*. The. lll]i}K>lp-.rap, N. T, C., 1-0. 
Allnrty's Camel, IllpiMKtrome, N. V. 0., 1-8. 
Allen A Keelev, ilom, Lynn, Maas., 1-u. 
Alva. Alice. Family. Sloui City, la., 10. 
Alton, Joele, Mnure'r.. Portland. Me., 1-0. 
AllHiTtua A Mlilnr, Empire Tour, Rug., 1-31. 
Alito ft Vsnneraon. Fair, Keokuk, la., 1-U. 
Allen A Onltou, f>»li.o. Phils.. 10. 
Alllnel's Monkpyn, K. A P. Otb Ave., N. T. C, 

Alhas. Great. Pair. Brockton, Mass., 1-0. 
Allaire A Llnd. Star. Seattle, Wasli.. 1-6. 
Alvlta Trofthadoura. <). U. it.. Plttaburg. 1-0, - 
Albene A Ln Brant. BIJou. Ponllac. Mich.. 1-8. 
Allen A Dalton. BIJou. Keodlnf. Pa.. 8-10. 
Ames ft Feather, BIJou. Qulucy, UL, 1-8; La 

8alle. Keokuk. Is.. 8-111. 
Americas Comedy Poor, Hat It a way's, Lowell, 

Maia.. 1-0. 
American NewabojH' Quartette, Bijou. Nashville, 

Teun.. 1-0; Avenue. LoulBTllle. Ky.. 8-lil. 
Amann A Hartley, »beedy's, Fall Hirer, Mass., 

Anita, Little, Empire. Ht. Paul. 1-8. 
Antrim A Peters. Morr In. Find lay , 0., 1-0 ; 

Oraml, Marlon, Ind.. 8-13. 
Aoderson A Golnes,- Rockland. Lie.. 1-0. 
Amlcr*on A Howard, AcDie, Norfolk, Vu., 1-8. 
Andersona, Tlie. MMdletotrn, O.. 1-0. 
Artols Bros., K. A P. Union 84].. N. T. O, 1-0. 
Arlington Comedy Four, Lyric, Esston, Pa., 1-0; 

Keith's. Phlla., 8-13. 
Arlington ft UeUton, Auditorium, Ljno. Usst., 

Armstrong ft Verne. Orpbeom. Denrer. Col.. 1-0. 
Armstrongs, Famous (3), Gaiety, Jllrtulngiioui, 

Alt.. 8-13. 
Armstrong. Geo., Crystal. Detroit, 1-0. 
Archie, Will, Uatlisway'a, New Bedford, Mass., 

i-ir : Audllorliini, Lynn, 8-l.t. 
Archer & Crocker, K, A P. Btb Ave., N, Y. C, 

1-0: Keith's, Jersey City, N. J.. 8-13. 
Armond, Grace. Gaiety, Galeaburg, HI., 1-0; 

Family, Davenport, la., 8-13. 
Arrtuherg A Marette, Family, Pottstown, Pa.. 14. 
Anliton A Martlite, Oran Varledades, Havana, 

Cubs. 1-13. ' 
Aug. Edna. Olympic, Cincinnati. 1-0. 
Airatln, Claude, BIJou, Calumet. Mlcb., 1-0; BIJou, 

)lari|iiette, 8-13. 
AwlM, Tossing. Ktni.lre. lloboken. N. J., 1-8; 

K. ft P. 12''<l> St., N. Y. C, 8-13. 
Alter ft De Onto. BIJou. Pontlac, Midi., 1-0; 

Bllou, Kalaiitasoo, 8-13. 
Avery ft Jlart, KelJhX N. Y. C, 1-0. 
Baker & Nemo. Novelty, Bkln.. 10. 
Biinies. Paul, Columlils. Cincinnati. 1-0. 
Bailey & Austin. Proctor's. Newark, N. J., 1-0; 
. Proctor's. Troy. N. Y.. 8-18. 
Baileys, The. O. O. II., Pltlsbnrg, 1-8. 
Ilarrlugtniis, The. Amsterdam. N. Y. C. 1-0, 
Barry, Mr. ft Mrs. Jimmy, Hlieedy's, Pall River, 

Man*., -1-0. 
Barrett Sisters. Orpheum, Bkln., 10; Gotham, 

N. Y. C, 8-13. -j." 

Hr''-"r * T-nr'T'- Unique, Akron, 0., 1-0; Family, 

Cleveland, 8-13. . . „ „ 

Bartnotitt's Cockatoos, Keith's. Plilla.. 1-0. 
Barnes, Stuart, Onihenm. Boalon. 1-0. 
linrlli Bros. S: Walton. Gotham. Bkln., 1-0. - 
Bates, Louie \V.. Crystal, St. Joseph, SIo.. 1-13. 
linker A Mack. Elite. MuscHtlne, la.. 1-0. 
Baa.Ier-La Velle Trio, Fair, Viola, Wis., 10. 
Baxter. Sid, Goliiam. Bkln.. 1-0. 
UarrowH-Lancasier Co., Poll's, Hprlnifield, Mass., 

Barry tt Halvera, Proclor'n. Newark. N, J.. 1-0. 
Ilnrtholdi'H Cockatoos, Kelth'i!, Pblls., 1-H; Maty- 

land. Bnlto.. 8-13. 
Barnes ft Edwins. Orplilurn, ^ewar^r, O., 1-0. 
Barnes ft Levlus. Bon Tou, Ogden, U.. 1-0; Crys- 
tal. Denver, Col.. B-13. „ _, _ . „ 
Batiks-Breateale Duo, Pastor's. N. Y. C„ 1-0. 
Baker Troupe, Poll's. Hartford, Cono., 1-0; K, A 
P. B8th St., N. Y. C. 818. ■ • 
Baker A Wavdoll, Galeiy. Birmingham, Ala., 1-8; 

Greeuwalt. New Orleans, La., 8-18. 
Bell Boys' Trio, Idea, -Fond da Lac, Wis., 1-0; 
' Crystal, Milwaukee, 8-13. 
Ben AH, Hanson. Shea's. Buffalo. 1-0. 
Bedouin Arabs (8). State Pair. Bprliigflelc], III., 

1-0: Columbia, St. Lonls, 8-18. 
BedUti, Donat. ft Dog, Doric, Yougers, N. Y., 1-0; 

Keeuey's. Bkln.. 8-13. 
Benton, Elwood ft Maggie, Don-flags, Logan sport, 

BenneVt ft 'sterling, Orphlitm, Sprlnttleld, O., 1-0. 

BellTrlo, Olympic, Cincinnati. !•«.. _ 

Bern Ice ft Mascot , Orpbeum, haossa City, Mo , 

Belfort, May. Keith's. Boston, 1-0. 
Berry ft Berry, Family,, Daveaoort, la., 1-0; 

Bijou, Dubuque. 8-13. 
BeUTord, AL G- & Mamie, Orand, Ountlngtoo, 

Intl., 1-0: Sipe'H, Kokomo, S-13, 
Resuey. Claire, Chasc'a, Washington, D, 0., 1-0. 
Bellman ft Moore. Keeuey's. Bkln., 1-0. 
Bentley, Jennie. Empire, Ht. Paul, 1-8. 
Bcllcltilr. Bros., Temple, Ft. Wayne, lad., 1-0; 

Columlila, Mt. Loiifa, 8-13. 
Beyer. Ben, Doric. Yonkers, N. Y.. 813. 
Bedell Bros., 0- Hi Tflimton, Hum.. 1-0. 
Sexual, k Mlllrr. K. A P. Otli Ave.. N. Y.O.. 1-0. 
Ucunlngton, Billy nnd Daisy, Lyric. Parsons, Kan,, 

llernre. Valerie, ft Co.. Keith's. Buaton, 1-0. 
Birch, John II. ft n., Bkln,, 10. 
Binney A Chapman, BIJou. Lousing. Mich., 1-0. 
Bison City Trio, Crystal, Goshen, In4., 1*0; An- 
derson A* 13. 
Biuim.- Boom, B-r-r-r, Main St.. Peoria, III., 1-0; 

G. O. II., Indlnnn|K)1ls, 8-13. 
nidvell, Carrie, Olympic. Clilcago. 1-0. 
Blsncharcl, Kleanor, Kmplre, Ilais»ken, N. J.. 1*5. 
Ulsck Hussftni (4), K. ft P. Oth Ave,. N. Y. 0., 
^ J*0i Uttvrell. Maw.. 8-13. 
Blair A MeNulty, Tonic. Billings. Hont.. 1-13, 
Blstnpliln A Hehr. Star, Atlanta. On., 1-0; Or* 

phliun, Sprlncrfleld. O., 8-13. 
ttlofnlell, B>L, ft Co., Ornheum. Boalon, 1-0. 
Dieting, Mr. A Mrs.. Oeiu. Lynn, Mau. h 1-0; 
. Empire, Mllford, 8-18. 
Slsm-hflpl. Hen. AmKterdam, N. Y. 0.. 1-0. 
Blark. violet. A Co.. Keith'*, Pitlla., 1-0; Moore's, 

Portland, Me.. MS 
Slack ft-r*slle. Lyric, Anlmore. I. T.. 1-0. 
Jtortlererry, Col. Gnaton. Ketth'a, Plilla., 1-0. 
Soylan, Arthur ft Mildred. Pasior's, N. Y. C„ 1-0. 
Bowers. Walters A Crocker, Orpheum, Utlca, N. 

Y., 1-0. 
no*,' Ted B.. Tlvoll. Cape Town. 8. A., Nov. 3-10. 
Borahl ft Novnro, K. ft P. 68th Ht., N. Y. C, 

14] Colonial, Lawrence, Mais., 8-13. 
Cortant Troniie, Alhsmbra, N. Y. C, 1-8. 
It::l.emlnn Trio, Idea, Fond du Lac, Wis., 1-6, Rl- 

Ji.ii. Oabkoeb. 8-13. 
Bradley ft Davis, Castle. Wheeling. W. Vo., 1-8. 
BryAut ft 'fbjtflH, Family. Hliamokla, Pa., 1>0. 
Bright Bros.. Grand. Stockton, Eug.. 10; Pal., 
. Aberdeeo, Scot.. 8-M ; Klng'a, Ostetiead, 10-20; 

I'al., Manchester, Eng.. 22-27. 
Bratz'n Dof-t. Colonial. N- Y. C. 1-8. 
Brooka & Vedder. U. O. II., Plttaburg. 1-0; Ly- 
ric. Alloona. Pa., 8-13. 
Brutilns. Les. Hheedy's. Psll Blver, Mass., 1-0. 
Brownlug. Arthur, New Broadway, Mlddtetov.ii, 

(>.. 8-13. 
Brltton*. Tlie, Empire, Lou-Ion. Eng., 1-31. 
Brnrlford", The. O. D., PIqua, O.. M| 0. O. H., 
.'itaadnaky, 8-13. 

Braatx, Setmo, Cbase'a, Waflhlogton. D. fl„ 10. 
Brnwil A Wright. Howard. lloMton, 1-0. 
Hmtmr Trio. Park. York. I'a.. 1-0. 
Ilrlstnl'a Pofltea. Pair, ftltnlinro. Pa., in, 
Sronks, Jennue. BIJou. Dtilmqiir, la.. Ml; Do- 
| minion, Wluiilpeg. Can.. 8-1-1. 
Brandt A Laraoo. Olymplr.Oitcogo, i-fl, 
Brata'a Dogs.' Colonial, N. Y. C, 1-0. 
Brown, Jack, A Lillian Wright, Howard, Boitou, 

V*t .-.* ,^- 

Burton, AL, K ft P. tlth Ave., N. Y. O., 1-0. 
Bustor, Eror, Braden burgh's, Phlla., 1-0. 
BurA's Dvp., Ortihlura. Hprlngfleld, O.,' 1-0. 
Burton ft Brocks, Orpbeum, Kaunas City, Mo., 

Hi Orpheuu, Denver, CnL, 8-13. 
BiK-klin A Berry. Orpblnm. Hprlngfleltl, O., 1-0. 
Buckleys. The. A. A h., Boston, mi. 
Burke. Dan. A Co., Colinnbln. Cincinnati, 1-0. 
Bt,ckleys, Mnxlcal, Bnaton: t-0. 
Hyron ft Blauch. Htsr, Dauors, Ta., 1-0; Star. 

Moneasou, 8-13. 
HyrOTt'ft Langilon. Poll's. Bridgeport, Maaa., in, 
Cannnn, Jark A (illdn, Itrsile-ilmrRh's. Phlla., 1*0. 
Carpenter, J. Fred. Itljoti, Plqnn, O., 1-0. 
L>vnn», Poll's, Brldgeiaort. Conn., 1-0. 
Carlisle A Baker. Kni|tlre, lloboken, N. J.. 1-0. 
Cs.*ads, UVj. Crystal. Ht. Joseph. Mo.. 1-0. 
Carus.-KmLna. K. A P. tM Ht., N. Y. C, 10. 
Carltlo, Leo. Ooluiilat. N. Y. C. Hi. 
Catea, Mualcnl (4), Kmplre, Han Fran.. Cat., 8- 

CaMera. A. K.. rastnr'a, N. Y. C. 10. 
Carroll ft Ctnrko, Ondienm, Portamoulb. 0., 1-0, 
Cirflownle Hliteri. Orpheum, Utlca, N. Y., 1-5. 
Calvin, Jauics, (ireen Front, Deadvrootl, H. D.. 

Carlton. Tom. Miinh-ttaii. Norfolk. Vs., 1-0. 
Campbell A Brady. Ilaymarket, Cblriuto, 1-0. 
t'aiper ft tTlark, Gem, Underbill, Mass., Ml. 
Carter Ac Blilfotd. Oriiheimi, Omslia, Neb., 8-13. 
Caprice. "Original." Lyric. Clevelanil, 8-1:1. 
Carlisle A llakvr, Kmplre. lloboken, N. J., 1-0. 
Casley, Fred, Gem, Lynn, MnM., 1-0. 
Cuter A lleitrlckl. Lyric, Cleveland, 10. 
Csrleton A Terre, KusonV, Chicago, 1-0. 
(Carlisle's Poulea and ix>g», Ilopklm', Memphis, 

Tenn., 1-0. 
Cnroii A Horlx-rt. O. 0. II., Indianapolis, 1-0; 

Columbln. Cincinnati, 8-13. 
Canon ft Wlllanl, Ilaymnrket, Clilcago. Ml. 
Carter, Robert, ft Co.. Valentine. Toledo. 1-0. 
Campbell A Kenney. Keeuey's, Skin.. 1-0. 
Carroll ft Baker, Howanl, Boston, 1-0. 
Carlisle. Ocrtrmle. Novelty, Bkln.. 1-0. 
Csrleton. AL, K. A P. Ath Ave., N Y. C, 1-0. 
ChrlMtopher, ' Phitlina. Blchmond, lud., 1-U; Or- 
phlnm, Portsmouth. 8-13. 
Cheery ft Botes, Trent. Trenton. N. J.. 10. 
Charlwlck Trlo,*Voong'a Pier, Atlantic City. N. 

J.. 1-0. 
Chnllmm Ulsters. BIJou, Marinette, Wis.. 1-0. 
Cbrlitlnn Bisters, MaJenUc, Ctilcaau, 1-0. 
Cli Utters. Onioiv Keith's. Pawtocket, It. L. 10; 

Keith's, Providence, 8-13. 
Cllvv*. Heory. Kmplre, Plltsfleld. Mast., 1-0. 
Clayton ShCcra. Dewey, Utlca. N. Y.. 1-0. 
Clay. Oeorg.>, Bijou, Lincoln, Ncl>.. 1-13. 
Claude, Tobv. K. AP. 58th Ht.. K. Y. C. 1-0. 
Clark, Harry Corwo, Poll's, New Uaven, Conn., 

"Clifford ft Burke. Valentine, Toledo, 0., 1-0; Tern- 

Pie,, Mlcb., 8-13. 
ClaitCD, Mnrgnret. Bostun, Fall Hlver, Masa., 1-0. 
Cotton. Lola, Phillips, Itlttiroond, Ind., 1-0; Htar, 

Muncle, H-18. 
Conroy, John A Mamie, Orpbium. Mansfield, 0,, 

1-0; Ornlilutn. Portainouth, 8-13. 
Cole, Will. Poll's. Worcester, Mrm,, 1-0; Poll's, 

Hprlngtlel.l. 8-13, 
fogavrells. 'Cycling, Touring Mexico. 
Connelly. Hugh, Derby, Conn., Ml. 
Cgut)no ft Lawrence, BlJon, La Croane, Wla., 1-0. 
CalMno A Urown, Alltamlira, N. Y. 0., 1-0. 
Colby Family, Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 1-0; 

Poll's. Bridgeport. Conn., 8-13. 
Cowley, .lauien, liny market. Chicago, 1-0. 
Cowper, Jlmiule, New ltedford, Mnai., 1-0; Salem, 

Cox, "Ray. Tempre, Detroit, 10 
tv*0K, Krj'ik. A. A H., HostOU, 1-0. 
Collins ft Collins. Howard, Boaton. 1*0. 
Cole ft Clcmum, Star, Mollne, HI., 1-0. 
conn ft Conrad, Prnotor'a, Albany, N. Y„ 1-0. 
Ciwll a cllniiMi, Auditorium, Lynn, Mass., 1-0. 
Cohan. Josvphhie. ft Co., Victoria. N. Y. C 1-0. 
CoHl&n ft Hustings, Olympic. Ho. Bend, lud., Ml; 

Otsnd. Mlhvnuki-e, Wis., 8-13. 
Cook A ModlaoH. II. ft B., Skin., 1-0. 
- CohMilal Heplelte,- Ve, II. ft, 11., Bkln., 1-0. 
Corall, Mnji'i-tlc, Chicago, 1-0. 
Cook A ,SteYPiii.,Moilinm. Skin., 1-0, 
CiipelanrI A Coitelnnd. Orpbeum. Webb City, Mo., 

1-0', Lyric. Parsona, Kau., 8-IH. 
Cooper, ft Bohliisou, Keith's, Providence, It, 1„ 

CresBy A Dayne, Moore's, Portland, Me., 10; 

Keith's. Proviileiice. 8-1:*. ■ 

('roawellr.. The. Atlanlle Ganlen, N. Y. C. Ml, 
Crotty Trio. Ketth'a, l'WIa., 1-0; $. St P., Union 
. .8$, N. Y. C. 1-U. 
Creoo Bn«., Kaliwiy. N. J.. 1-0. 
Crane. Mr. A Mrs. Onnluer, Keltli'a, Prorldcnee, 

bFi.. 1-0. 

Crlcketa; Electric. Hlieo's, Toroiilo. 1-0. 
Crawford, Clifton. Chutes, Han Fran., Cal., 1-0; 

Orphemn. Ixis Aiigelo*. 8-1^. 
Cralne, Long A tTraluv. Academy, Kalsmaaoo, 

Mich., 1-0; Bnlrd's, Latialng. H-ltl. 
Curtis, May. Orpheum. St. Paul, Ml. 
Cunningham A Hmltli, Kinnli*. I'ltlsfleld, Mans., 

Dalr * O'Brien, Sib Ave.. N. Y. tt, 1*0. 
Davis, Kilwurtls A Co.. K. ft P. tl8t1i Ht., N. Y. 

Or, 1-0; Keith's, Jersey City, N. J„ H-Hl, 
Ilavls, Tom. Trio, Hippodrome, N. Y. C 1-0. 
Daly ft Devcrr. Keith 'a, Providence, it, L, 10. 
I'oy.r (loo-.W., Kcllh's, Muiichcster, N. IL, 10; 

Kflith'a. Pnividctice. H-V4. . v . 

Dunuvsa, Ijea, Harter'H, Walutali, lud., 1-U. 
Lmiys, The. Braden burgh's, Phlla., 1-0. 
Handy, Ned, Manhattuii, NoKolk. Va.. t-0, 
Pacivell. Auric Ilaymarket. Chicago, l-o. 
DMcre, I-onlHc, BIJou, Dps MoIiiph, lu., Ml; Peo- 
ple's, Cedar Itaplds, S-13. ■ 
Daveiiporl, Lenn, Fiuttlly, Lafayette, Ind., 1-0; 

BIJou, Kvftasvllle, -8-18. 
DclVan Bros,, Ilaymarket, Cblcngif. Ml.. ■ 
Dc Hassen A Parks, Chutes. Hun fran., Cal., 1-0. 
iwmonlo A Belle, Lyric, Knaton. Pa,, H-HL 
l)e' Witt, Hborty A Lilltun, Alvurotta, Say Olty, 

Mlcb., 1-U, 
Deatie, Hydner. A Co.. Keeuey's. Hklu., 1-U. 
Deln.o, Pblllip-*'. Ulrliuioiid, Ind., 1-U, 
Heloro, Mile.. Hippodrome. N. Y. C, 1-U. 
IH> Haven. Hose. HextettC, Orplieiim, Bkln.. 1-0. 
De- Blnker'a Dugs, Carbondilu, Pa., 1-U; IlarrlN- 
, Burg, Slit; 
Do Hula- Count, A lira., 0. 0. IL, flyracuse, N. 

Y„ 1-0; Keith's, Cleveland, 8- lit. 
Do Vllbls, Oreut, BIJou, Canton, 0., 1-0, 
De Cgiic-o, Clin*. A Dog. Lyric, Cleveland, 1-0; 

Jcffet-H, Saginaw. .Mleh., 8-HI. 
Dervht. Jan. X., Yalc'H, Kansas City, Mo.. Ml. 
Del-a-rlione, Pt^plo'a, Cedar . BhpI(1n, is,, 1-0 ; 

Faintly, Daveii|sjrt, 8-ia.. 
Dv Cue, Hurry, MnJi'stlc, Blruilngbam, Ala., 1-0; 

MiiJentlc. Little Bock, Ark., 8-HJ, 
Do Mont, HoUert, Trio, Ondieum. Halt Luke, U., 
' 1-0; Orpheum, Denver, Col.. (Mil. 
DlsJe Berenaderri, Orpheum. Utlca, N. Y-, Mi, 
I)l2od - '« J Anger, Monro's. Porllaml. Me,, 1-0. 
Dlturlckx Bros., Cnrnlval, Cedar lliipldii, la., 1-0', 

Lyric, 'Cl-jvclnnd, O., H-JJI. 
Dixon Bros., Ornlietun, Denver, Col., 8-1.1, 
Diamond A Smith, Proctor's, Albany, N, Y„ 1-0 ; 

K; A P. flSth Ht., N. Y. C, H-14. 
Diamond Comedy Four, Oakland, Cal., Ml, 
Dttln ft Teraplcton, Industrial. Mollne, III., 1-0. 
Downey ft Wlllanl, BIJou, Flint, Mich., 1-0. 
DovMey, Joe. Manhattan. Norfolk, Va. ( 1-U. 
Dockray, Will. Ourden. Buffalo. 1-0. 
DwinelfyA West, Battle Creek, Mick., 1-0; Buy 

'City, 8-13. - 

Doyle, Palsy. Novelty, Skin., 1-0; Ualbaway'a, 

■Lowell, m.iiih.. ti-l.'i. 
Dowcli ft HuupII, K. ft P. Union Ho., N. Y, 0.. 

l-U; PoII'm, New Haven, Conn.. 8-HL 
Don, Kmma, Kmp., Islington, Kng., 1-0: Orand, 

OlHpiium, K-LI: Kmp., Itoclidale, '15-iW; Hip., 

Orlmaby. -ii-27. 
Doyle A Orauger, Lyric. Muacofae, I. T., 1-0. 
Donaia (»), Keith's, Cleveland, 1-0. 
Doiigins ft Douglas, Fair. North Judaon, lud,, I- 
. U; Majestic, Chicago. 8-1.'!. 
Drew, Dorothy. Kmp.. Olaagotv, Kug.. 1-0; Hit-., 

Brighton. 8*13; Oxford, MtddlsMliorougb, IB-IB); 

Haiisa, Hamburg, Oer., 2Z-'Mi. 
Drnbimer Qunrlelte, H. A IL, Bkln., 1-0. 
Dreams, Lydln, K. ft P. 2M St., N. Y. O, Ml. 
DrlPOOll. J. A,, Pastor's, N. Y. C„ 10. 

Duncan, 'Cbaa. II. , Ilaymnrket. Chicago. 1-0, 

Du Sols. Great, Family, Ilaiteton, Pa., 1-0 ; 

Armory, Blugbanilon. 8-18. 
Virginia, Columbia, Cltid-mnfi, i-u. 
Karl A WlJion, Lyric, Terre Huute, Ind.. 1*0. 

Kllte Mimical Four. Sheedy'a. Fait River, Mas-., 

KIllsNowlln Trio. Keltb'a, Providence. It. I.. 1* 
•. ■ 0.; Kmplre, Pateraon, N. J.. H-l.i- 
Kmmett. Kogene, Emllng's. Balto,. 1-0. 
Kmisrorx of Mimic (4), Majestic. San Antonio, 

Tex., Ml; Majestic. II, Worth, 8-Ct. 
Kmplre City Uunrtette, Hopkins', Louisville. Ky. ( 

Ml; Majestic. Chicago. H-IX 
Hnglhh Prliurvsea (8), K. A P. o8th 81., N. Y. 

a, i-o. 

f->meralda. Lyric. Cleveland, 1-0; JelTera, Hag. 

Iitaw, Mlcb.. BLt. 
F.thanlo. Naomi, Hippodrome, N. Y. C 1-U. 
Kvnns, Clirs. K„ ft n... Temple. Detroit. 1-U. 
Kvera. <ieo. \V„ L.isniip, Keokuk, la., 1-U; Ul- 

Jnti, Uiitncy. III., 8-lil. 
Kvnns Trio, Fntnlly. .'Mahanoy Olty, Pa., 3, Fsiu- 

liv. Hliamoklu, 4-0. , . 
Kvnns, Ceorge, Keith's, TMIa., LU. 
Kvcela, Mile.. Htar, Mollne, HI,, 1-0; Gaiety, 

Unlesburg, 8*18. 
Fnyi, The. ColonUI, N. Y. C. 1-0. 
Pagan ft Myron. Olympic. Cincinnati, 1-0. 
Karmim. Bud. Trio. Temple. Ft. Wayne, Ind.. 1-0. 
Fnust Fauilly. Kmplre, IM.terHOii. N. J., 1-0. 
Fay A Young, Mnjeattc. Chicago. 1-0. 
Fcruanile May Duo, Lyric, Lincoln, Neb., Ml. 
Ferguson A Pasanwre. Hlaney'a. Newark. N. J-- 

Ml; Academy, Jersey 01ty, 8-18. 
Kerry. l>r:dieuni. Halt Lake, , U., Ml- 
FerrUWIley Trio. Ihwllng's, l-ogaiisport, lud.. 

Ml. IIurtiT. Wabash, H-Hl. 
Fields and Hanson, Belleville, N. J.. 1-0. „ 
Fields A Mason. Crystal, Marion, lud., 1-0; Cry*. 

tat, Toledo. O., MB, . . 

Flske A MrDonuiigh, Orpheum, Lna Angeles, Cal.. 

Flligernld A ni'blav, K. ft P. Mb Ave.. N. f. C 

Ml; K. A P. 12ft|h Ht.. N. Y. C. 8-13. 
First. Barney, Albany, N. Y., Ml; Scrantou, Pa., 


Finn, "Mickey." A. A 8.. Boalon, 1-U. _ #i 

Fisher A Johi,*,.i,. Idea, Fond dn- Lac. WU.. 1-0; 

BIJou. Oshkosh. MA 
Fields A Wnlley, 

.j, Proctor's, Newark. N. J.. 1-0. 
lemen ft Miller. Olympic Ho. Bend, Ind., 1-0; 
Cental. Detroit, HUE, 8-1R. 

1'looii, Poll's, Hnrliiglleld, Masa., I-U. 
Fonla M). Kelth'a. N. Y. C. 1-tl. 
Fonla, The, Acme, Norfolk, Va.. 1*0. 

Karle A Hsrllett. Halhaway's. Trowel!, Mm 

IXarfr A Late. 0. O, IL. Orand Rapids, Mlcb.. 1-0. 

EckboiT A Morion, Dominion, Winnipeg, Can., , 
10: Orplieum. Minneapolis, fl-l-'t. 

Kdgertoiis, The, Luni ParJx, Waalilnglon, It. C. 

«.«vnln ft IM wards.' (I. 0. IL. Plltsbitrg. 10. 

fVilmhnd Hlst.'f*. Klwootl. Ind., Ml. 

I'-wtiiiM, a, it, ii., Plttatiurg, 1-0. 

Minor*- Hist.-rs. K. A P. CHtu Hi., N. Y. tt, 10; 
IW Hi's, Boston. 813, 

l.leanor A Dorel, Chutes. Hoa Fran., Cal.. 10. 

F.IWrt, Ham. -Hhea'a, Toronto, 10; Kelth'a, To- 
ledo, 8-1-1. 

Lidrtdgr, Or«at, orpbaua), 8t. Paul, 1-0. 

Fort utie A Hrown, Chutes, tfan Fran., Lai.. l-«. 
Forreste. Mualcal. Orjdietipt, Minneapolis. Mb 
Fortesnue, Oeo. K.. Auditorium. Lynn. Mn«-„ 1-0. 
Fontlnelle, Myaterlmis, Novelty. Oakland, Cal., 1- 
. 01 Novelty. DnkersfleM, 8-i:}- _ , _ „ 
Forlier. Havoy, Fall Blver, Mass., fl. 0; O. II., 

Attleboro, 8-13. ' 
Fouler, Harry. A, A H„ IIONtan. 1-fl. 
Foster A Foster. Orptieiim, Allentown, Pa., l-o. 
Fowlers. The. II. ft R., Bkln., 1-0. , ,. 

Fox ft Dn Bull, Maimtle, tlotiston. Tex., 1-U; 

Mnle*lli\ Han Anionlo, 0-18. , m 
i'og A Alger. Klectrlc, Greenville, Tex.. 1-0. 

Majestic. Dallas, tW...*Ml ' 
Francelll ft I*w|s, Lyric. Cleveland, 1-0. 

Francln, Km Poll's, llrldgeport, Conn.. 1-0. 

Fred ft Pnnly. Poll's. Worcester, Maaa., 1-01 

Koltn'a. Boston. H-L1. _ _, ,' 

Frnirriek.. Pony, Keith's, providence. B. I., I-O. 
Fretlerlck. Hek-iia. .41. O. IL. Indlauai»lla, lUj 
■ I'olnmblH. CliiL'liiautl, tt-lX ,. , M „ , 
Franks. A Franks, lloatoti, Ignrtll, 10; Uualou, 

Cllulun. 8-18. < . . _, 

Frehch, Henri. Olympic, Chicago, 1*0. 
Fuller. Lin, Frankfort. ««., 1-8L „ . rtt 

Oanlner A Miidflern, Or|ilicum. Minneapolis, 1-0) 

Hrplienm, Omaha. Nek, 8-lU, 
Oanlner A NlvManl. Allunigh, Balto., MJ. 
Gardner. Happy Jock, Knmlrc, Pateraou, N. J., 

1-0: Kmplre. .lloboken, «■*■■' . „, . - 
Gardner ft Vincent, Orplieum, Omaha. Nub., 1-0, 
Gardner A Revere, Olympic, Chicago, 1-Of Ma- 

Jvafle. Chieegu. H-IJL .... H v 

Garrhuui. Jules ft Klla. Proctor*!, Albany, N, Y., 

Gnlilam Ois-rnllc Trli), Lima Tark, Waahlnglon, 

J». I!.. 1-U. 
Gnffuey, J.. BIJou, Duliitli, Minn., 1-0. 
dor telle Bros., Ilajrath-. Oliieago, 1-0; Hay 

. ,Jllt 
fl.. Pltlsburg. 8.-18, 

oaawtux. tih'. k. a p. lastii St.. n. y. o., t-fl; 

Kellh'a, Prurldeuctx.N-lfl. 
Gaylor A GrnlT. tlrnWl, llunillton, O.. Ml. 
Gardner Children (3|, Cednr llnptdw, In., Ml; 

(hibitiine, 8-HJ. , , 

George, K<lwln. O. IL, I'uliner, Miiks.. 1-0. „ 
Oernlil, Mnsknl. BIJou, Flint, Mich., 1-0; BIJuu. 

liny Clly, 8-IH.. ., .;. 
(Icrmmt Hose. Amsterdnm. K. V. C„ 1-U. 
Oenw. The. Keith's. HoHtou. 1-U. 
Ceorrff A*Harrliigt>ii, I'alr, HtntTord Hpga., (.'inn., 

Ollllb'aii ft Perry. Orund, Jollnt, HI., Ml; Main 

Ht... Peoria, H-HL . . 

Glllpit. Kdwurd A llnxol, llopklnavllle, Ky„ 10; 

Cl-uksvlIlP, Tenn.. H-IU- , „ , 

Cll-Iiiv A Fox, Orpheum. L'llra, N. Y„ 1-U. 
nilU-rt. .Iidin D.. Vrtlciitlne. Toledo, 1-0, 
iiilroy, Haynea ft Monjiotnery, Olymiilc, Chicago, 

nilaioiv A.Corioll. Htnr. Mollne. HI., Ml; Peo- 

pie's. Oiilnr ilanlds. In., K-HI. 
Ol-lse. Aiianoja, H(i|ik|ns'. Irfiulsvllle, Ky.. ML 
(lollloti. Mc. ft Mrs.. Crystal, Milwaukee, Wis.. 

Golden * Hitai)ea.,Atlan1lr Ourden. N. Y. C. Ml. 
Goforlh ft. lioyle. Waldmaan's, Newark, N, J.. 

Gold-null!, ft Iloppe, Hntlinway's, New lledfonl. 

Mass., Ml; Hliee-l/i, Full ltlver, Kill. 
florili-.n A Chacon. HilRim's, Cblcugu, Mi; Tinea- 

den>, Cltlf-'agn, H-f«. 
Gordon. Cliff, Kcllti'it, Prorldeuce, IL I.. HI, 
Gulden ft Huaiies, Allaultc Onrdeu, N. Y. 0.. LU; 

Dork-. Yonkers, ft V., H-lll. . 
GoolmaiiH. AliiHk-aL BIJou. Knluiuaaoo, Midi., 1-0. 
Gorinuii, L. I,„ Anisiordani. N. Y, C., 1-U. 
Gray ft Gmhuni, Htar, Cleveland, Ml; Acadamy of 

Ihisk*. Plttaburv. 8-lil. . 
Grin ft llnrrett, Bristol, Tenn., Ml; Grveavlllp, 

H. 0., H-KI. . . , 

Grimth ft OrlOllb. Peuulp'a.-Ceiliir Uaplds, !■ , 

MI; G.ilriy. OiliafcilrV -HI., 8111. 

oiwwr, toafatmm.' "»swr, V. v., l-o. 
Grlllhi HUtprs, Kimdro, Ht. Paul, 1-0. 
Grunt, HIdiicy, Jutters,, Haxlnnw. Midi., Ml. 
lli.vil.-n, Virginia, IHJon. Danville, HI.. Ml. 
Hkltiea, Nut, K. A P. OBtll HJ., N. Y. C Ml. 
Ilnydcn. Fred, Crystal, Kok-i/nt,. Ind., 1-U; Crya< 

In). IrftgHiisjiort,. 8-111, , 
llsrcoiirt. Frank, Mnji-slb'; KiiliKas City. Mo., 1- 

0; ONlety, HI. Louk, IblS. 
Haley, Harrv, Urobilin,. HprlDgHeld. IL. 1 •-. 
Hutliuwuy A HWgcl. Doi'kslnder's. Wilmlilgtuu, 

Del., 1-0; Lyric, Bgglnn.- Pa.. H-l-L 
Hajiait ft Westcott, Paslot's, ft, Y, <J., I* 
Hays, VA. C. OriilHuui, Newark. H. J., 1-U; Star, 

Donora. Pa.. B-l.L _. . 

Hurt A Demietto. Vaially." Hlmlra. N. Y,. I* 
IfutrVklns, U«, CIjium-'s, Wnslilngfon, D. C.. Ml. 
Hiivwnrd, Conroy ft Hsywnrd, (1, 1 1. IL, Memphis, 

Tent)., I-'I: Orplieiuu. New nrlenlis, Ln,, H-I.'l, 
Hnuvey A Ihmtie. Orptilutii. Oiliimbiia, lud,, Mil 

Ondilum. PorlHinouth, 0., 8-18. 
Hull A ColDnrii. Olympic, Cblcugft. 1-U; Htar, 

Mollne, III.. H-LL 
Hull. Lllllo May, Brunswick, ith-hiieM HpgH., N, 

Y., 1.0. 
Harker-lAister Trla, ColmUal, N. Y. <!.. I* 
Haley ft Harly. Cryilul, Hlhbnrl, lud., l-« j lr< 

win. Oo*-ien, »-IU. ' M _ . _ 

llsnlen's Kleetrlcsl Bsllet, Kellli's, N. Y. 0., 1-0. 
Harveya (4*. G.' 0. IL. Pittsburg, 1-0. 
Hsymun A Franklin, CAtiLerlmrr, Londuir. Kug., 

10; Bnrnurd's, V. lint ham, 8-HI; Barnunrs, 

Woolwich: lfi-.Hr Croydon, X<jii(kjii. 2U-21. 
Hanson A Nel-ion. fluuklns', rfliilsvllle, Ky.. 1-0 i 

HopklNs'. Memphis, Ti ., 8-HI. 

Hanson ft Hnrrls. lllp|>odroiiie, N. Y. O. 1-fl. 
Hninllt-in ft Wiley, Ktnpliv. Hprlugflrld, HI.. I «, 
Hsrrlson. Lee. K. ft P. -lib Ave.. N. Y. 0., 1-0; 

Young's Pier, Atlantic Olty, 8-18, 
Hrir.-ui.-li ft Harris, Orpheum, Lima, 0., 1-U; Or- 

l.yrk, Ft. Hmlth, 8-lri. 
Hnn-oiirl, Daisy,, Noralty, Bkln,, 8-111) Albaugh'i, 

Balto.. fl-lfl. 
Huycs A Jiiliuann, K, A P. 280 Htrect, N. Y. 0., 

llarbach ft Harris, Orpbium, Lima, 0„ 1-8; Or- 

Idieiim. Nawurki 8-llf. 
Hfrrmnuii, Adelnlile. <L 0. IL. Indlanapolla, 1-0. 
Henney A Oralism. Ai-rpo, Norfolk. Va,. l-U. 
Ik-ntilitgs, IjcwI* ft Hennlngs. <L O. IL, Indian' 
: spoils. Ml; Columbia. Clticlmintl. 8-18. 
llt-Irli ft I'rennoll, K. ft P. Otb Ave,, N. Y. C. 

1-U. 7 

Hern. Tom, Central, Dresden, Oer.. Mil. 
Ilernld Hdum-e Qnsrtat'le. Auditorium, Lynn, 

Mass.. Ml: Keener'*. Bkln.. fl-ID. 
Hvrrnisuit, Oreat. -Empire, f-aleraoo, N. J., 1-0. 
Ilebler, Fred, HiiynisrkeL Chlc-go, Ml. 
Htsrl-erfs. lings.' Orplieiuu, Bkln.. 10; Allntmhra, 

N, Y. <\. H-KI 
Herl-erl. M«iim„ BIJou. D'llimpie. In,, 10; On* 
. million, U'ldulpf'ii.' Can.. '8-lil. 
Hewletles, The, Ak'nuir, Ih-uver. Col., 1-31. 
Heron. Berllc, Keeuey's, Bkln.. Ml. 
Hill, Murruy.K:, O. 0. IL. Imllaiispnlls, 1-0. 
lllllyara (.'iL.Aonterdam, N. Y, C. 1-0. 
Hilt, Mnrrr K., 0, O. IL, Indianapolis, l-fl| 
Hlldebrandt, Max, Orpheum, Bait Ukt, V., Mis 


trans ismztir: toek oiapBEEr. 


Columbia,, Cincinnati, Blft.- 
Ulnmaa, dipt.- Sidney, 'Grand, Hanuaoed, -Ind., 

l^l; t arnnd, Flndlay, O., 8-in. 
IIWMwd, flott., ft" Co.; Orplictim, Boston, 1-0, *l 
lllekman Bros* Orpbemn, ■ St.: I'aal, 1-0; Or- 
phean., ><MntkH(i 6-1*. '■ : i; i '■ • ■' - - •' 
Iiinw.fciRemlngion, (;, 0. H-, Indians polls, 1-6; 

Columbia, 'Cincinnati) 8-1.1. ' 

HoloomB. -Curtis * Co., Wilmington, DeL, 10; 

Pastor's, N. Y. XL 8-US. - ■ ' 
Holmes ft Woldon, Orplioun, Cnlllleothe, 0., 1-6: 

.MJddletown, 8-13. f *. - 

lioimec Taylor. -Huea'ai Buffalo;-- l-O. ■ s$ - 
Holraan, AL K. & Mnmle, Apollo, Maobelm, Oer., 

1-15; Cnloti, Btrawtmrg, lOvgf.xv ' f t ■ .*. 
lloudim; liarrj, «, o. H-, Pittsburg, !■«. 
HnldswoEths, The, Temple," Detroit, 1-6; Cook'*, 

laMMr, 8-13. *.:(.. ••:. . 

Iluer* Lee,. Victoria, N. Y 0., 1-6V 
Howard A Eland, O. 0. H„ OraadBapldi.-ldlcli., 

i-o. ■ .*. v\v; it •;•«■. * <c ■.*• ' 

Holland, nay, . Jeffert; 'flMlnair, Mica., 1-6. 
Howard Bros.. Mysterious. K, ft 'P. .23<L *L, N. 

V. O, l-O-TProeWsV Albany, N .. Y., SIS. 
UotbroaltPt; ntSr RradenburnVs-, Polls.. 1*0.' 
Howard «V-Notth, Alhambra, N. Y. C, 14. 
Hood, ■■Ham, .filar, Seattle, -Wash,, 1-0. 
llorTman, Kitty, A. * H. Boston, 1-0. 
Hotiston, Lillian, Oslery, Birmingham, Ala., 1-8; 
. '■ ihWrnpalfNew Orleans, - La;, t.8-13. -.'• 
Howe ft Scott, CI. 0^ II.. Pittsburg, 1-0. 
Horsky-Bergere Co.. -Gotham, Bkln., 1-6; Novel tj. 

-•Bkln;, *-io. u 

Howurd, Great. Huff's, Argon, Ind., 1-6. 

Uolmon Bros.. Fnlr.-Hnllfo, N. H., l-O.-. 

llrn<l..n &I>allas, ICeeney's, llkln., 1-6. 

lluehn, Musical, G. O. II., Grand, Raplda, Mlcb., 

' !•(!;■ Ft. Wnynt-, Ind., 4-lN : - -"'■■ - 

Hungarian Boys'. Band, Valentine, Toledo, .1*6.'> 4b -'Drown,- Keith's, Boston, 1-6; Keith's, 
providence 8-1 's: • •« #■ 

Hilgbes, Mr. A Mra. Gene, HA B, Bkln., 1*6. 

Hughes, Mr. A Mr*. Nick, A. ft 8., Boston, 1-0; 
Boston. Fall nicer, S-til. • 

ITnrIeja, : The.- Keith's, PliUtv, 1-8. 

llyama ft Mclntyrc. Keith V, Phlla,, 1-6. 

Hyde, He-nth ft Walalv Empire, Oklahoma, Okla., 
1-0; Tatjasho, BiklMj flwMj 8-13.- * <■■""■■ 

Immeimaq-bone, Proctor's, -Newark, N. J., 1-6. 

Inness-ftTiyan, Family, Davenport, la., 1-6; Crys- 
tal, Uock Island, ill., 8-13. 

Jacobs' JJogw Procter**, Newark, Ni J., 1-0, 

Jnrvla-ft Tudor, Olympic, Chicago, 1-6. 

Juudiies, Albert A Bro.j Mlddlotown, O., 1-0; 
BIJou, PlqnA.-H'W.''- ■ ■ M r* ' .* • 

.lewell'a ManfklnK,' Olympic, Cincinnati, 1-6. 

Jennings A , Jewell, Jtfaieatlc, Kansas City, Ho., 

Jennre'& Ellswprlb, Family, LaiicMter, T«;, 1-6. 
Johnson,. Oim-(i. O; KSMjjisal Uspids, Mich., 1-y. 
.Fohnson A Well^: AHlo, Vleniifi, Aus., 1-31. - 
lohnslons, Mualca),-'Km|)., 'Olasgow, :8cot.,'''-l«Q; 

Hipp.,' Brighton, Eilp., rVir,; oitord^ Mlddlea- 

Ixiroiwb. lb-20; Hnma, Hnmlinre, tier.. 22-27. 
Jolinsoit, Harn, Hradcnliorgh't-, PbHa.; -!•«. 
J<>ne»- 1 HJte, ShenV. Tomntu, Oan.',-l-«. 
Juniper A" HsvOn, ■ Ctmirnlngh. Klu-hhtirg, Mass., 

i-5; Broadwiiy, .Nonvlrli, Conn:. 8-13. 
Jupiter BroH-i llnthnwuy'*, lj>well, Mass., 1-0; 

hntbaivay'a, New Bedford. 8-13. 
Knufroan 8lstflrH,v.Allfnugh, Baltimore, 1-0; Or- 
' nbonbi; AllcntoSfHi I-a.,.8-13. ■ 
KaleJiHcon,'. Onihcinn.'New Orlesns, La,, 1-0. ■ 
KflfRRls,' J.~ F., Mneoo. «**i l* 
Karttltl, Apollo, Berlin, Cer., 1-31. ' 

Kantmnti TrWttw, Crtlttfublnj L'lnolnnatl, 1-0; Hop- 
. kins',- Memphis, i-Terhj.,' fc-irt'.- ■ -■; •- 
Knstron, "AirHHft Cblliralrta, Cinclimstl, 1-6. 
KarnoVPjin'qmlnje- Co., tlpllinra, Bkln., 1.6. 
Knrao's Comedy Co.. Cnlonbil.-M. ¥.C, 1-tt. 
ICnrrera.PMtors.--N. Y* C.;-l-U. I* : . '-■■■ - 
Kftlmq, Choa, A Ada. ■ tir*n t'lrco Bell, Mealco. 
lCiirlijilArio.'MBiv«ttf, (iblcwn^MJ. ■ /■■ ■ 
Keley; WJWlaW Alfr»d;'Malu ;8t., Peoria-, 111.. 

1-0; Mnjcsgc, Blrir.lilKhsiit, Ala.. 8-13. 
Kearney A.w'atfner, Slteedy'*. Fall Biter, Mass., 

Keniiy-4 'HolfUv I'twitrtr's; Allinny, N. Y., "1-0; 

Trent, 'j>;nloii,-.N. J., *-i:t. 
Kelb' ft Kent, OrplK'nm, "OmSilia^Neh., 8-13. 
Kelly ft'; Vlolette,- K. *• I'. . Union H<mare, N. T. 
,C..»1-«L •- : ■" *■*-■ T-'*'- ^ * 

Kelly. Walter 0.', •Allnrmbra, N-. Y. 0., 1-6: 

Ubn80's,..Wp«bliu(lon,-J>..O.,'8-l«.- m 
Kelly.-Hmn A l*«i-lftit<inc.^fiaii Claire, Wis., 1-6; 

, Unique. Mlmienpoll*, illnn., >8--13. 
Kemps^TJif.^rrthcmi, Bkln., 1-0.' / .- A ■ 
KeHyrJobb TJi'-A Co.', iOlymple, - Olnclnbatl, 1-6. 
Kennedy A Wllkens. BelriHeo, WaWiington, D. C, 

1-0 i-iOolontal.i Bfllto., 8-18. -t* •-."■•: «■ / 
Kennnlj' A Booney, ■Orpheiim.-'BiMton, 1-6. ■ s 
Keouah, Tlios., ft Co.,'-K, & 1'. Union Hqunre, N. 

y. «.. 1-0.- :•■-' ••' : = i-v-. ' .- 
Kelly ft tteno, Moliawk, Kdw-iwclndy, N, V., 1-6; 

Armory, -ltlntliaml6n,-8-i:L' ' 
Keelev, l.iil-i. (Jem, I.vmi, Mnss., 1-0. 
Klia-Hamui- Jflpn. Tcninle,' D*lrolt, 1-8. 
Klefe, Zeim, Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 1-0 ; 

Poll's, Bridgeport;' 8-13. 
Klnihall, lletnitin. Olpratilr, Ho; Bend, lad., 1-0; 

Grand, MUwajiUcc. • Wis., »-10.' •'-. '- 
Klnil.aU & Austin. Empire, Hojxtken, N, J., 1-6. 
Klein A -Cllffon, Hoptini', Memphis, Tetm., 1-6; 

Majeatic Chicago, R-13. ' ' 

Klein. Ott fcron. ft Nicholson. Majestic, Chicago, 

1-0. ■■• -■-<• '••-:• m ■ 

Klein, Mttalcal, -Colnnlal, Lnwivnce, Mass., 1-6; 

Kellh'n. "Jersey Olr>, -N. ■$<. , 8-13. .-.-:-.: -»••• 
Knight llrn-t, A Snwtelle. Majestic, Chicago, 1-0. 
Kneixger.: Lev , PatttHM Portland, Ore.;. : 1-18. 
Koc-ltly H(V)«.,.K. ill!, 23d 8l.,-N. V. 0., 1-6. 
KnniX', Cryntal, Marlon, Ind., 1-6. 
K oliier A Marlon, Andttorlum, i'uii'town, Pa., 1-6; 

Mltlvlllc.'N.'J., 8.18, ■*> •• 
Kurtls A Blisses UtJl(|ue, Hau CIMre, Wis., 1-8; 

llnltine, Minneapolis Mlnft., B-13. -i-" 
Lt Clair A -West,' Pastor's, N. T.- C, 1-0. ■. • 
La IWIe.'Kdwnril.iBcii'a.' JlacinslW, Mich., 1-0. 
La Nole Bros., I'llr, -Ml. Holly, N. J., 1-6; 

Northampton;' Northampton, Maan., 813. ■.■■•' 
La Belle Comedy Trio, Poll's, Springfield, Mass., 

l-O.--- I I* - - : ••:■■■■ •:)■ v- 

La Tell Broa., Poll's, Hartford, Conn,, 8-13. 
Lu :Mo1m*m. -The, Cryatel.nptrolt.l-fl. »«« 

Lntell, Ed., Orphanm. Allentown, Pa„ 1-0; Em- 

plre. I-atersoti, N. J,, ft- in. ■,<.*?*■. ■■ , - i- 
Lu Vnlls. The. Uln,, UlrrolughHm, 'K-jg.. l-O; 

Pav./NawcasUe, 8-13,' 1 Kmp.,"- Mnrnley, 16-20. 
Laveiies, Tossing ;(0), Bijou; Marinette, Wis., 1- 

;-BUou." Hockfoid, III., "8-ia, 
Lu Toskn. Phil.; Lyceum, Ogden. U;,- 1-6. 
Laogiry, Mrs., ft Co., K. ft IVBtta Ave., N. X. 0., 

>«,..-.: | :.-.■ ..... .,-..: -v 

LaHky-Rolfe Quintette, Victoria, N. Y. 0., 1-6. 
\a Henos <2), BUun, Winnipeg. M{7 1-0. 
Latov Bros., iDdiisti-lnl, Molfne, 111., 1*6. 
l.n Blnnclie. Marie, Madison Sq. Garden, N. T. C, 



T-a Mont, OUie. Topic, Btllltigs, Mod,, 8-18. 
La vine, Kdi, Dallas. Tci.i Ml; Houston, 8-18. 
Ln Vine-Clmaroii Trio, Hbca'a, Toronto, 1-0; BJ. 

A B„ Bhlu., 8-13. -•'■' 

Labakaus, The. Clmse'a, WnHhlngtoo, D; a, 1-6. 
Liihgiloii. Hnrdle, Dominion, Winnipeg, Can., 1-0. 
Ijnngdons, The. Peoria, ■!»!., 1-0; -Moilne. 8-13. 
Lafuyette Lyric I'our, Clileugo. 1>13. 
Lawler. T. Frtiuk, Cloniivnt, N. )I.v I'll. 
Ln Ceolx. I'liul, 0)-|.lienm, Alleutowu, Pa., 1-0; 

Ornliehiu. Bending; h-ui. 
Le Cliilr, Harry, IWS, Worcester, Mass., 1-0; 

Pull's, SprlngtioW. -K-lQ.-e--. 
I^oitnrd. PhlllliM, Aniatcrdsiii, N. V. a, 1-0. 
L*lra,-- Frank. AtlntUle Clatdon, N. Y.O., 1-0.- 
LehuoK.-. JiVedl * Oo..- HnMiiarket, -Ohleago, 1-0. 
Li*, Fltshugli ft Bensle, BIJon, Duluth, Mhni., 
JMl Bljbu, StiTierlor, -8-13.- 
Lewis. Dtrnv K.4tU'Si Btwton, !•«. ' • ■ 
Ix>lidd8, Nate, Jolniiiiie«l>»rg, H, A., 8-Nuv. IT; 

cispa-Town.-ai-IHsy.-U ( 
i.u lirnt, Grejitf. JhlTers, KagluaH', Mleli., 1-0; 
; AMrtdtS T«lodi.;-8-i:i- 
Uwiilmitlt, Al.. 'M'k.teHili', 8su Anlonlo, Tex., 10; 

MMWIW ft. Worth. 8-18. ■ * .' 
Leslie, Kddie. (Irrilieiim. Munsnold. 0„ 1-6. 
l^ liar &,. tlluliii, Han Fran., Cal., 1*0; 

OriHieiini, I.iiS' AltgeteH, N<13; - ■ 
LmtsfA Aekitiv lUiijdn-,. Hohiken. N. J.. 1-0. 
Lewis. AL, Oriihlum. Sprlsiiflcld. «., 1-0, 
l^ Tonr- aiitti^i. Novelty. ■ Bkln... 1-0. ' 
1^ Muirw ft U* Miilro. Family, N. Yi--0.V 1-fl. 
Le*dF fc 1,a-Mnr. Hinplrb.-lies Moinesi la.i 1-0. 
Leslie's PoniliH' OIwih, Fair, Kdlnlwru, Ph., 1-0. 
I.t* Uriiy. lcilll... Bijou, llselne, Wlo.; 1-0. 
i#»v, Mra. Jules. & Co.. ruiqac, . Akron, o., 1-0; 

■Keeney's, Bkln.. 8*13; . ..-■.: 
ly Clair, 1 .Tolili,. Ondteuni, -AllenlcMvn.ra., 8-13. 
Le#j-Heury, tlJ O. ll„ Iih1Uiiihimi11«. l-n. 
Leslie A WllllHmo, Ynle'S. Kaiii>ss Clly, Mo., 1-0; 

Kinplro, AU'IiIhoh. Knn.. 'S-lil. , . 

I.ladMy ft- Clmlt, Hin-nnl. Bostun, 1-0: Keith's, 

Phils.. 8-111 • . ■ . 

UpptBciiiiH. Tiie, Ci\i-i*t. iMi-ML- Shell., 1-0. 
Iflwell A LoWtll, M. 0..H.,- Pittslntlg, Ml. 
LonaoanvMh-'Proclor!*, Twyv N. Y.. Ml K. ft P. 

MVAViv N.y.-O,, 8-111.-. ... ■■■ .. . 

LAiaUrd Bros,. BIJwi. Hhavrnee, 1. T., l-ft- ■■ 
l.dkeox (4), Fair. Halifax, N, 8.. 1-0; Ornhenm, 

IK*|oo; J»'I3. - * ■■ ?.....' 

J.wfn A -LtieU>r. Kellh'a, Plilla., i-e; Kelth'n. 

PrtrtdMie".- a*l». ■•.•>.•• - v.. ..-. 
Liiii-. A Jenkins. PJeetrte, Wattrlno, U., 1-6. 
i miiiiii. Empire, llohoken, N; J.. 1A 
l-.x<'in ft Albino, Orphenni, Dkln., 1-6, 

Lrane',. Majestic, Chicago; 1*6. 
MaeDotaingti.'BtbtL/O. 0-. U, Pittsburg. l-O. 
Marcellne, HlppOdrofnPi N 3 .' V.'O.L PS , 5 ' ■ 
MadderOK,.Ttie.'->irnihBttfln. Norfolk 'Va.; I-*.' 
»arHBrttle*'-rtyWrtteK'Fair^«edalla p ' Mo., 1-6. 
Masaoney A WiJafiii, ' i.yrle. 1 Parsons; i Kan/, 1-6; 
■^L-yiff. SOMMbK I.'.TrTa-lX " i .. . 
Maryolla Mile, *Bradfnbnrgri'w, Phils;. 1-6, 
Mnris (t>, Family, Hnxleton;- Pa., 1-6; Family, 

-Potts r I lie, »-13; ■">■ . * . " '.. ■ 
M*rK, Torrj-, Amsterdam,* N; Y. C.M-8. « 
.Mack, Eddie. Puli'x, HrldgeporL- Conn,, 1-6. 
Mathews, ft. Ashley, K. A 1V2A4'- At,, N. Y. 0., 

'*W- ; ', ' '. Pr.n ■ v 

MAnley'A J Nterlmj. Empire, Des Moines,' It., 1-6. 
MaJvene ft Thomas, Ooilinra. Bkln., Ml. 
HJWD A Fox, : Colonial, Ltrwrence, Mass., 1-0. 
Mahoney & Lake, Family; Miboney City, Pa„ 1-6; 

Fgmliy, ' Shenandoah, t*-I3. ■ •■'■ 
Mnrr A Evans, Garden, Baffalo, 1-6. 
Mmtmlllan ft Sister, Hopkins' I«uliTllle, Ky., 

8-13. .• . ■••,-,., - i ■ 

Macy A Hall. K, A P," 23d Street, N.'Y. 0., 1-6. 
Slack A ;Hlll.-tt, ; Audi! orhun, : Lynn, ■ Mass., l-O, . 
Slartln, : Dkte 1 'Peroie, Noteirj. Saeriroento, 
' CilL, 1-6; Acme,' Hacramento, 8-13, ' ' 
Marco Twins, Columbia, Ht. IauIs, 1-0; 0. O. 

II., Inllsnapolis, 8-13. , 
Mareens, Neraro A Mareena, Valentine, Toledo, 

MffnaOCld A, Harvey, BIJoa. Kewanee, 111., l-O; 

Cafftle, BtoorrtinBton, 8-13. r ' : ' '- " "• ' 
MtnMMla, Gertrude,' Ganlen, BoffAlo, 1-6; 
Majestic Trio, Olympic, Chicago. 1-6; Haymarket, 

Chicago, S-13, - :-•■■: T , •«. 

i'anola. Family, Lonlnlann, Mo., i-fl, " 
Mkrckiey, Frank, MoorCH, M'lrjjm, Minn., 1-0. 
Moniuls, Mile-. Orpbeum, Boston. 1-6." 
Slarrtbtt Twins, Grkn Clico'. Bell, ! Mexico. 
Marshall, Bert, Unique, Akron, O., 1-8- ' 
Maxwell, .Tnmea ft Joe, A. A K.,' Boston, 1-0. 
Mallland,' Mndgc P., Arcade, Toledo, 1-6; Cleie- 

landj 8-13.- ■■ ■ 

Marlon A Pearl, Gaiety, Sprlngfleld, 111,, 1-0; 

BIJou, Quinry, 8-13. ■ ■ ■'■ " — 
Mnraclu * Mlllity, Temple, Detroit, 1*6. 
MnraeillcH, : JeTTers, ftfaWT. Mich., 1-ft' 1 " ; ' 
MnrdoTrio, d. o. II., -wmnd -Raplda, Mich.; 1-0. 
Mncart's .Doga ft Monkeys, Majastle, Chicago, 1- 
- -0; Haymnrket, Chieago, 8-187:- " 
Marlowe, .FJnnkett. ft . Co., Family, Lancaster, 

PA.V 1-6. ."T. • :- ■>-,.•!-. : :.r : ■ ■ ■ 

M<:Cloud & MelTllle, Empire, Dek Moines, la., l-O. 
McAVnttera -A" 1 Tyson,, Orphenm, 1 Kiniaa City, 

Mo... l-O; Orplienm, New 'QrieaM, Xa., 8-13. 
MrOinley ft DooovaA,'- Ilyrle, Bt. Joseph, Mo,, 1-0. 
.MHJratli ft I'ufET-, KeithV, Boston, 1-0. 
McKJnnon'A Beedj WJou/Pt,' Horon, Micb., : 1-0; 

■BIJon, Battle Creek. 8-13, ■ 
McOleIUn,'-Jns., JliJAn, Dulllth,^ 1-8. " •' ■ ' ■ 
McCi-ec, Junle, A Co., Orpheum, New Orleans, 
"La.V fc-0.''J .'■. ''; ■ ■ >: -»■■■-• i. ' -■■-■> 
McCeee A Poole, Valentlue,- Toledo, 10; Temple, 
^IK-tma, 8-13. r-.::s, ,'j VZim ■ i 
MeOnrthy, -iryles. BIJuu. Dubtwue, I a. i 1-6. 
Mctlec A Collins, llannlbal, ,Mo., 1-13. 
MnCJunc A-tfleant, -Bljoti,- Dltlnth,' Minn., 1-0; 

Bl ton, j Hupetlof, WM..-tJ-i;[.. .». I- ; 
Met-hcl. SMtUH, flipriwlronie. N, y. C, 1-fl. 
Merrltt.A Ireland, Pntttor's, N: Y. C.," 1-0. i 
'•ilenetokel,". r AlUKml>ra,' N; Y,-- C, 1-0.' ■' : "' 
McchlinernatlouHl Trio, PaBtdr'». N, 1 iY. ■ C.. ! 1-6, 
Melnotte-I.a '.Nole Trior Pnstor'S.'.N. Y. 0., 1*6. 
MclrdHo ft. Rlmpr, Bijou,- Ollntou, Mnka^; 10. - 
.Meeganr'Thoa, A; CM:,' Lawrehce, ; Slass., '1-fl; 

.Manchester,- N< H..-8-1.V ■ *.-./.. 
Mlllnmn tJ'rio.- Circus- vosrre,' Amsterdam, Bol., 
*M5i Apollo,- 'DaaUMifl Her.,<il0-31. 
Mitchell ft Cain, Oolhani, Bkln;, 1-U. 
Miller ft IMwards.-'MarT-TicWf.,' M-ich.j-l-O.. < ■ ■' 
Sillier ft Hnnter.' Faintly. Paasalc.- N.iil,, '1-fl. 
MIIIUimii.-CIHiH.-; HoMtoii, liowell, Mans.. 8-13. 
Mitdiell ft Biownliip,- BIJoir. Cautou, O.. 1-fl. .* 
Mitchell i Man-ot], Hoftard; Boston, 1-6. :■.,- 
Mitchells- -<n>. ■:■ Hnwnrd, ' Krwtoii, 10; K, A P. 
"t-Fnlon 8q.;.N. Y, (J;-; 8-lft;.; r- ■.-... 

MiUiirdllrosLlBlU-fc Uobl.Toitrlng South America. 
Military Octette,. Mnjwtlc, Chicago, 1-8; Q. O. .11., 

Indianapolis/ 8-13; - ■•.. •- . it-' 
Mllton.i ijlly* Dewey, Utlca, X. T. t l-O; 
MUM, A Nllram, 'Pa«lOr's;«N. Yi' C,- l-O..- ( 
Sltllcrahli) Slster-<,.Trocadero, Phll«„-1-B. - ** 
MlHs. A Morris. Young's Pier,. Atlantic City, N. J., 

Mortal. Pltll.,- Kiri|>ire, Mllforfl,.-Mast«., 1-6. 

Morton, JnnjCH J.,, UVmide, Detroit. '1-fl. 
Mrs-noy. a Jlnlbein. -'Htrtip Cireiilt, Etn;. , 1-31. 
MrmtfjKUL', A)ubor.,Qi"Incj-, Jllch., 1-13. ■ ' 

MrmiirtH.-.Tle, iHHdgcport, Conn., 1-fl; Poll's, 
, +New>-HatcH 1 -8-l:r. V,.!.,. -r > .; »it 
MontKomcry GnnrilH/Haymnrket, Chlcngo, 1-8. 
atotoj-lri; -Ln, RKMIJrd'ii Tonr, Australia. , 
.MMrer ToturiHhCH'H.vTorontA.^l-fl.' .•>■ --" : 
Slorrls A Morris, Arcade, Wallsce, Ma., 1-lft. " 

Morris ft Kramer, 'Family. Butte, Mont., 8-1R'. 
MrtttWr' Hlstem.- Keith's, Bo»ton, ' 1-0; Keith's, 

Providence, S-13.- "■ -•:-■=..•:- -*.•.'. .•*-«•* ; 
SindflJr A- Montrose'. Gaiety, Birmlnttbam, Ala.. 

1-6; OreenTfnll. New Orleans." La.','8-18i 
Modli-n ft Adams. Mendylllc; Pa., 10; Ou Bots, 

'8*18.-' i -.'■- - -•- •■■- . . .* - ■ -■ ■ '-- 7 
Morm. Ed.. Bijou, Decatur, 111., 1-6; Lyric, Dau- 

jTllJe, -S-I5,: 3 :- . ■» ;•; .■*.***? •- . • 
Monhlrs, TW, Moore's, Portlafid, Me., 1-6.- 
Mnnroe, Matk ft Lawrence, .Proctor's, Albany, 

nmF A" Nichols, ■Orpheana, Bkla., $4, 
Murphy 1 Mr., ft Mrs. Mark, K. ft P. 38tb St., 

N. Y. 0., 1*0. ■ "■■ -i-;i ■ I - ■.'•• i FE -■ 
Mm-pJiy ft 'Abiltrawj; Valentine,: Toledo, l-tt-v ' ■ 
Murray, Clajton A" Drew, Yooiiyft Pier, Atlantic 

Clfy, N.>i., 1-13/' 

Mnaketeers <3), Oniety, Detroit, 10; Empire, 

iTola.10,'8.13;- -'^ - .« ■ v! .'■•- 
Murray ft Lane, Temple, ■•Detroit*' 1-0. ■ 
Mnllen ft^Oirelllj -Oloore'S. I-ortland, Me., 1-6; 
Rtttira r ]-Man-chestrr; X.Wl, .9-13? ; 
Slyer*, Henry, AjI A ■a./Boston, ' 1-6. ■■' •'■ -"-•' 
llWrn, torn,' A-Obij: Ombanm^Ktlca, N. Y.,' 1-fl. 
Nnpp, Viola. Cryxtal, Frankfort, Ind., -1-0; Crys- 

tal.- Elwoid; H-13. 1 -- ■ ■ t . -• — .•■■ 

Neasen, Hunter A Nessen, Keith's, Proridence, 

1-6. .-- .-.■,.- .-.,; . rTw rV 
Nmrros'''-f4)t Majestic, Chlacgo, 1-6. - " ■ •■ 
Ncfc A.ATUler.'Onnid, Marion, Ind., 1-B; BIJon, 
, Evanavllle. 8-13. ■ B '-r " r 

Nelsorv; John, -Oriiheujn, Ht. Pnul, MiDtt.,' 1-fl.' 
Newman, Kohfrt, Crystal, Elkhardt, Ind., 1-0; 

lnvin, -Oothain,' 8-1'J.' - ■-'■':.■ 

Newell, ft' NIMo;: Empire, Johannesburg, 8. A., 

.1-8: 'Uroli, Uipe 'fnwn,'8.Nrttr; 1&; 
Newton, Ah, A-Oo.; Olympic, (Jlncltinntl, 1-6. 

Nirito.Kreti^'Vicroiia.N: Y^ o:,'l-0. • 

Nlghtons (4), Kelth'K Phlla.; 1-fl.' 

Norton ft -Nieholsnu.- Q. 'H., Slanchester, N. H., 

1-fl; Keith's. 'Jerscv C3ty, N. J„ 8-ls. 
Nowlln. Dave. K:''ft'JP. Union Square, N. T. O., 

1-fl; Moore's, Porllrtnd, Me;, 8-18.' 
Norton. ■Ned.-Luella (Irand. OhUHcothfr, Mo.. 1-0; 

0;'H..i Trenton. &-13.- :v.*- 
NoMh, Bolrtiy, Mason. 'Lo* Angeles. Cal., .1-13. 
Nome. Itobcit,, Olympic, Cltlcftgo, 1-0". ' 
Nye. Nonvoting'*. WaHhiugton,' D. C, 1-fl, - 
O'lT-nr,' Ida. (triiliefim, St. Paul, 1-0; Orpheum, 

KnimaM City. X-ltl. • ■ - * " 

Ihlifll A Klnfny, JJcRers, Soghiaw, Mich., 1-0; At* 

chfle, 'IWedo, 8-.1S; ■ V ' 

Ogden, Horen, Frhilly; Dareniiort; la.; 1-0: 

Weast's, Peorln; III.', 8-lS. '■ "■ ■." 
O'KuroMH, Toni.Orpheiini, Utlca, N. Y., 1-6. 
Olttlra Trio, -Ornhehni. Halt Lain-, U., l-O: Or- 

« ileum, Denver, Col,. 8-13. ' • 

ihf, tlHrry.' BradenhunrirH, Phi la,; 1-0: 
O'Meora Sisters (3), K. ft P. Otlt Ate., N. *. C, 

O'.NVlll, Jas. II., A Co.. Lytic, Hlonx City. la., 
■ 1MI," *■:* •■ ■•: 

Ollrer- (31, Youug'a Pier. Atlantic City, N. J., 

Orplw» Cpinedy- F«nn Ornfcctmi, Bkln., 1-0: Or- 

plteiim, Boston. 8-13.- - ■'.. ■...-■■-. .. t 

O'Tnotei Jack, Bijou, Duluih; Minn;. 1-0. ■ • i 

O'Rourke, Kngeiie, A Co., Jeffers, Snglnnw. Mich., 

Ortli-A Kerii, Keith's, Providence, i-fl; Lowell, 
M'kk,. 8-13. • Jarnu BIJon, Untile Creek, Mlcb.. l-O; 
lUJon. KnlatuasiHK vi:;. . 

Osars, Tlie, Fnmily, I'ltlston, Pa., 1-0: Family. 
Oltenlcr. tt-13 >. l. :.r 

Pally-Frank I'roupp. -Victoria; N. Y. C, l-O. 

l-'srh«h. tWonivid*', Hullo.. Mil., 1-fl.- • •* 

Pattys Bros., 1 Columbia, Cincinnati, 1-0; Olympic, 
: Chlcuao; 8.111,, ^..«- : - . -. - . « 

Pnr6', Ctiarlolte. Hatlmvray'H, Lowell. Mass,, i-fl. 

"'ni-ker. Nlnk. AtlauHii'fiawlen. -N. i\", C, t-O. 

PiUfwiy^ft/aoeller. »M.viii(dc, Chicago, 1-fl: 
5f9«i ':P*W5t L -' BfJo". Kenofha, Wis.. " 


Pern ft WIlKtit. .Gaiety, Galesburg, 111., 1-0 

BlJ-m.-Qnlnoy, Ml 

PettdletdiiH. The. Fun " 

I'l-iidleiinn' Tbe.' FtiiHilys Cirhondsle. !■«.. 1-rt. 
leiry 8lste.ra (8), K. A l\ Stir Ave., N. T. C. 

PlidyR Tlte",v-Keltlt*s, 'Bosl«iii''l-a.- . 

Plccotb Mtdtels, N„Telty, Bkln.,- 1-fl. .-* -.«.• - 

Pierce A Mfl[see.-Kmfilrt"Toiir. ICng., 1-21; Melro- 

ikolltan. lAhfldn,. i»B<tl. *> "-.• . -i- tf „. * 
l^hwrA LeVNew Bedford,' Mass., 1-6; PolPa, 

Woreesler. 8*lSr * ..... - ... 

Polrer* (8), Keokuk, la., Id; Grand. Jollet. Ill,, 

8* 13. 

Plane, Al., Dewey. «UiIca, M. Y..-1-0. 
POwrra A .Frewi.-ilarvlRj. F(nflla« O.S14. 
Ptifloe;i Art*nr.-VWorlaJ.'N>Y; Cr. 1*6;. 
■'Princess. TrlxJe.'t KeltU's, ..Boston, 1-fl. 
PrsmplnM, The, Keith's, -Plilla.. 1-0; K. A P. Mb 

""Ate.'.'N.'.Y. 0...S-13. .'..:-- *- 

Pryow, 'Uin.-.w; A' P.- Ilnloa Bnoare,. N. Y. 0., 
% l-Ol-Prrfelftr'f, - Albany.. X ! Y., 8*U. •- - 
rrln? A MUtlrcd, Coliseum,, Elgin, III,, 1-0. 
r-iicelfa ft Oroen, Keith's, Providence. - 1-0.' 
I'ullen, Btihy Ltieiln, Chester, Pa., 1-6; Lanciiter, 

1'nck* <2>. Orpheum, Boston, 1-6; Alhambra, N. 

Y. C., 8-13. ■ 
PuUeyfs Blackr Amerieanti {. r >j, Sprlngfleld, 0-, 1- 

0; HamJlloii, 8-13. • 
Qnlgg. dicker i Nlckerson,' Temple. Detroit, l-O; 

Krith's, commons; 0-. 8-13. 
Quak>:r City Quartette, Colombia, Cincinnati, 1-0; 

' Uopklna*; Lonlsrllle, Ky., 8-18. 
Rftj'nioiil A Overly, ' llnthaway's, Lowell, Mats., 

1-0 :, Colonial,- N. Yi, C. 8-13. 
liny. Fred.' # Co.. Shea's, Toronto, Can., 1-0: 

-KclU-'j, .Cieielaiid, iJ-13, 
Rrrmftey Sinter*. Lljoii, Beading, Pa., 1-0. 
Rnpoll, Hnymnrki-t, Culcngo, l-O, 
Bappo SiBtnrBi'Vlcrorlsi : N. .V. 0.; 1-0. - 
Rasins A Ranks,' Hip., Ipswlcb, Eng., l-O; Blp., 

Ilodderarleld, 8)3; Hlp. f Stockton, 1C-20; Pal-, 

- IHrtlepdoirte-T;: 

Rflln-Dcora, Wayhnrn's. Alhambra, N. Y. 0., 1-0. 
BaVeriscroft," Charlotte, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 

1-0. ... .... . .. 

Bansone, John: w., Colonial, N. Y. C. l-O. 
Undo ft Bertman, Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 1-fl; 

Poipa, Bitdgeport, 8-18. '■ 

Radford ft Vfllentim-.- Johannesburg, 8; A., 16; 

TlToli. I/>iid»n, Lng., 22-Nov. 20. 
HnffnyettJ'n Dogs, Orpheum, New Orleans, La., 

RanxeUa. A Lyman, Bijou, Clinton, Mass., 1-0. 
Iteeds, 'Musical,' BIJou, Manitowoc, Wis., 1-6; Bl- 

-rjoo, Bocklohl, 1)1., 8-13. - .-. 

Reno, Will ft Sfey, A. A 8., Boston, 1-6. 
Bono, Dotty A Denny, 0. H., Sedalla, Mo., 1-6; 

O. IL, SprlDgfleM, S-13. 
Reno A Atora, Lyric. Danville, 111., 1-6; Star, 

Poorla, 8-13. • ■•*-■. ... 

Hego, -Jcnoic-Orphenm, St. Paul, 1-0. 
IledConl ft Winchester, Keith's. Boston, 1-6; Proc- 

1 tor's; Athony, fi-13. "- - 
BeaoA Auacco, Pair, Akron,- O., 1-fl. 
liedinODd, Julia ft Co., Keith's. N. Y. C. 1-6. 
Bomlugton. Maymc, • Orpbeuin, Denver, Col,, 1-fl. 
Kerlnrds t?>). Poll's, , BHdcepott, Conn., lfl. 
Bevclie. Nellie, Majestic, Chicago, 1-0. 
Rcytianl. HL K.. Alhambra, N. Y. C, 1-6. 
Bice A 0/ieu l -Orpheuiu,-Bklu., 1-0. 
Uipe A Kluwr, Kelth'i, Jersey City, N, J„ 1-fl; 

-.Proetnr'v Albany, X. Y.. 8-13. •■ 
Bice Fnmllv, Marshall, Mlcli., ltO. 
HIcbDtio. Atlanilc.Cardei). N. Y, 0., 1-0.' 
Bltalcy*. The, Empire,- Des-Molnes,Ta, ' 1-6. 
Blallo Wturteiie. Atlantic City, N,. J., 1*6. 
Blarios(l), Colonial, Lnwrence, Mass., l-O. 
Illnfilers, Tli'e. BIJou, Snrierior. Wis., 1-0. 

Klcbsnls, Otri», Keeney'a. Bkln., -1-0. 
ltdhle,' Barbara. Trio, Olympic. Cincinnati, 1-0. 
Rkb. Jack ft IJcrthu, Poll's. Sprlngfleld, Mass., 
■■ -i-fl, : ■-■ 

llUttn-, Mile.. KelthN, Providence, R. L, 1-6. 
Rowm (::i. Chutes, s.iu .l'r.-ui., Cal.,' 1-13. 
Ilobyns. Mr. A Mrs.; Majcvtlc.. Hauston, Tex., 1-6. 
Roof. Jack ft Clara.* Majestic, Chicago, 1-0. 
Rose, Julian, Proctor 'H.- Albany, N. Y., 1-0. 
House) t, Marvelous, BIJou, flrcea Bay," Wla:, 1-0; 

BIJou., Mich., 8-13. - ■ 
Rnherts, HAyes A Bobertsr Kmp., Nottingham, 

Kn;;., 1-0: Kmp., 'Leicester, 8-13: Emp., Hnn- 

cbester,' 13-20; lllpl, l^nnon. 22-27. 1 
ml Musical Five, K. ft P. 3th v Are,, N. Y. C, 

ltu«alrci>, .The, Hopklna*; U-itlsvllle. Ky.V 8-13. 
Rockwell A , Conway,- Bijou. Kalamazoo, Mlcb., 1-C. 
HoiAe. . M»y<> A Juliet. Lyric, Cleveland, 1-T; 
' OlyithilrV' Cincinnati. 8-13. 

Ross Hlstcr,*, 'Gem, Lynn,. Mas*., 1-6; Grand, 
v Dayton; 1 8-13J. 

Rogers. Will, .Sliea'a, Toronto, 1-0/ 
RoBlrTMoii. Bloitsom,- Lyric, Danville, III., 1-0; 

Star, Peoria," 8-13. ■ -■ '•■-•■' 
Ropney MlstSrs; Keith's, Roston,'l-0. • 
rfockwoll. 1 Mau-le, Crystal,- Detroit, 1-0. 
ltoode.'.SIarrcloua, Dominion, Winnipeg. Cun., 1-6. 
Rostow. .Vtet*In,:N.'T. C..'1-O. r ' " 
Rogers * -peely, Doric, Yonkers.-N. Y.,.8-13. ' 
Russells; MtiBlcal, Family: R. St; L0«aV HL, 1-fl. 
Itnr A. CnslcA. BIJon, Decatur, 111., 1-6; Gaiety, 

• SpTlncfleld: 8-13; 
Held, Cnjuniot. So, Chicago,. 111., 1-0; People's, 
•Cedar Banlils, la..' B-l-1.'' - : ■ ■, ■.■'.■.-.-■ 
Russell.-.PJiil ft Cprrle, Hownnl,* Boston, 1-fl. ' 
Ryan A Biehfleld,' Poll's^ Worcester, Muss., 1-fl; 

- -Poll's, ,NCW lift veil, Conft!. u 8-"13, 
SavlUe, Lily, Kellli's, Boston, 1-0.' 

sanna, -nerr. Poll's. Spriturfletd, Maas., 1-fl. 

Sold. 0. K.', :-ff>ss Tottr, Ivny.. 1-30. 

Sandsrs. Deftn ft Sanders, Crystnl, Toledo, 1-6; 

Grand, Flndlay; 8-18. - ' ' 
Sfl-n>rns,'Tbe. Kteney's.' Bkln., 1-6. "' 
Satta A Whltilci', Logansport, Ind., J-fl; Frank- 
- fbrL-S-13, -■■■■ * 
Sarrfortl ft Darlington, BIJou. Dnlntb, 1-0; Bijou, 

Superior, Wis., 8-13. 
Sbvov (Juartetfe, Howard,- Boston, 1-B... 
Mabel, Jdiepblne. Olympic. Paris, Fr., 1-31. 
Seolt ft Scott. Dewey, Utlca,. N. I Y:, 1-0. 
Scntf-A Wilson, K.ft P. 23d 8t.. N. Y. C, 1-0. 
Krlittllnrt. Answi. Crystal, Detroit, l-B.'! ■ 
Sevelle. Lily. Keith's' Boston, l-O; Keith's, Jer- 
-seyrCrty,- N. J., -8-13. ' ■ :■>:■■■■ ', . : ■■ 
St-ftnn ft peKnle. C*ml<i«ft' Spokane. Wnsh., 1-13. 
iVyroour A Htllv rlheo's; Buffalo, 1-0. ' u N 
Selbinl ft (.0. lot, Providence, 1-6; Pastor's, N. 

8>srs.^ Chtts.; OolomMa. St. Louis, 1-0; G. 0. 13., 
Indianapolis, 8-13. •■ '-'* ■'.:.: 

Seinon^ Chnw. K^,' Majestic, Chicago. 1-0; Hay- 
market, Chicago. 8-13. 

Sukrpllw. >In|leal, Arcade, Toledo, 1-0; Pastor's. 
K Y. C.. 8-13. 

Shenn 'ft Warren, Colonial, N. Y. C, 1-0; Or- 
pheum,, Bkln.; M3. ■■■■■! ■■■■•■ 

Saarp Bro3.;-G. 0. IT., PlrtEburg.' 1-C. - 

Short ft Shorty, Sine's, Kokorno, Ind., 1-0. 

Shan-, Lilllnu, FI.' A B., Bkln., 1-fl. 

SJrams, Wlllord, A Co., K. A P. 5th Ave., N. Y. 

SlnelalK Mabel. KelthV, Manchester, N. IL, 1-fl; 

Keith's, Boston; 8-13, : " 
Rlrnon-flari]trer Co., Howard. Boston", -1-fl. 
Slron.'e, Jerfcrs, SnnlnaW, "Mich., 1-6, 
Hlnter ft Finch. Blpc's. Itoknoio, Infl., '1-fl. 
Hleedes," -TltfV Proctor'**, 'Alrwty, N. Y., 1-0. 
Smith ft Small. Novelty, Bkln.. 1-0. '- 
Smith, I'cldf J.. ; Star. Peoria, III.. 1-18. 
Smith, Chris. A- Two Jnhtimns. Empire. Piter* 

•son; ; N. Ts\ 1<-'0. ■ ■-•'■■• . 
Snyder ft Backleyr Poll's. Bridgeport, Conn.: 1-fl; 

Poll'f. Walerl.nry. 8-13. ' 

Sohtankl Troupe. Brodenbnrgh's. Phlla., 1-0, ■ 
SplUer Mnilcul Bumpers (3). Orpheum, Reading, 
: 'Pa., 1*0. -■** 

SuOok Minstrels, Sheedy's, Fall RLror, Mass., 

Ml. -•• " 

S|ilrf*ll Bros, ft Mack, Wlntergarten, Berlin, 

flcr., 1-31. 
Slieiicrr. Lloyd, O. 0. IL. Grnnd Rapids, Mlcb., 
-''t-fl.'- - - u ■ -v ' ' " •■ - * - 

Btrniid. Nettle, Ornlieum, St. Psnl, 1-0. 
Stolserl ft Tbutnas, Phlla., 1-0; Colonade, Bnlto., 

8H3; ■. ■;;. ■*■ ■■• ■■ --:. ■' « ■ * 

StovotW, K.'tlo, Atlantic (Jnrrteu, ?»: Y, C., t-fl. 

Httitamuo ft Crawford. Chicago. 1-13, 

StQiiloy'ft Alleen. Orphenni. Chllllcoibe, 0., 1-fl; 

Orfthetwi,- Mnuvflold. 8>13, .-■■-; 
Stuart A thu Kecley SUters, Majestic, Dallas, 

Tk«;i*0."' -■*■ -■' ■-- •■■*•*-!. .*■■ -:• 
Stlilfiuu ft r^etlon,- Vslentlne, Toledo. -I -0. 
Kteger, Julius. Kellb'F:. Clevelnnd. 1-0. 
Stanley*, The.rPnstor'n.N. Y\ 0., 1-0. - 1 
Htunlsy ft Ijeoiiiuil, Orpehiim. Flics. N. Y„ 1-0. 
Stprcns ft Keelev, Fsntllr, '• Lancaster, Pa., 1-0; 

■Fsmlly. Filinlrn.'X.' \V 8-13; : 

Stevens; Kdwln. Ornbeiinn Bkln.. 1-0. 
St.-Looo ft MeCnsleki-Alnaasr. Denver. Col.. 1-18. 
St.' nimo. Leo: l'nmlly, Hatletou, Pa.. l-O; l'nm- 

lly, Potlmflile. 8-13. 
St. Julian, M-. GO. IL, Hamilton, 0., 1-0; 

PlillllOH. ttlehuiciid, Ltd.. S-i:t.. 
St. .Arno ft Oroomcr, Slnr, Munclc, Ind., 1-fl; 

Onihlum. Lima.'O..V-i:t, 
Sully ft Pliclrw.. 0,;iL. Nangatuek, Coan-, 1-fl; 

Oi*H.. BrlHtol, 8-18. - - , •■ 

Sutlmi ft Sutttni; -People's. Cedsr Rnpldx, la., 1-0; 

BIJou, Dnbnqnei-8-ia. ■ 
Sully, Lew. Keith's. Cleveland, 1-6. 
SulUvuti, Joe. Fntacls, ft Co., Kmplre, Padrson. 

■■X,- J., 1-tt. ' ,-*. - " ~, ..,j l 

Susle.i La -Itelle.- Auditorium, -Norfolk, -Vk.. 14. 
SuhMnervllle,. Amellu.' ilajesllc. Cblcsav, l-O,. 
Swor ft We»thn>ol:. BIJou, Jackson. Sllch., 1-6. 
Swan ft Bnmbrnl, Uathsway's, IxtwHI, Mass., 

.1.0/ ■ .-.-..•. .- ,. ■• . " 

Sylvesler, Jones. Prlngle A Morrell. Colonial. N. 

i.f/.Ci, BO. .-.- -ittiu'? .'^-.v. *>. 
Sylvan ft O'Neal. -Fanll^'Bottsrllle. Pa„ 1-0. 
Tattn. Itillv, Pier, Maurfcld: o., l-O. -:*i 
Tsntter A-OIlhert. .poll's/ nartford. Conn., I-fl. 
TiflflL-OanlflOi' Buffslo. 1-0,"-. ■■ - .. ■ 
Teal,; RnTmrind. r^rlc.- Terra Hante. 1nd„ 1-fl; 

Cllumst.tfo. CMrvdro, Hl.,>6-18. :-•- 
Terley. Kimen Pastor's, KY. ft, 1-0. ' 
Terley, Orpbebu., Kansas City, Mo., 8-13. 

Texarkan* A, Wnllty, Keith's, Jersey fCltj, N. J., 

. -1-fl ' "* .'- r< ft 4 l^ W-' —S - - 

Qrfltf* l.aseJI.''BIMi.' UnluLh.- Mlun.. 1-fl. 

IWinla Trios', 0.0."1X r OthihI Rardcia, Mich.. 1-fl. 

Jliopis. Juggling, -.Oiymiic. Chicago, 1-fl. 

'iln-me A Ipr>ld>tw0rth', Kmpiro. Lo<i Angeles, Cal., 

1-8; 'Kmpire. San 'Bleso. 8-13. - 
'i'liornitfloii. lltlrr?, Auilitorlnm, Lynn, Mass.. I-fl. 
Tlwlrhe. Mr. A )lr«. llnnr. O. O. It., Pittsburg, 
i'-l-rffc' '■■'■ i.- • ■ * w - ■ 
Tbbtn.ur £ Pny»e. Dorier Yenker*,*? N. Y.. 1-6- 
Tbaicher, Eva. Bljcu. Dnlntb, Mior., 1-fl. 
Till, John. Jr., A. ft 8., Boston, 1-uV' '- 
Toys. Mwlcal. Grand, Jollet, III.. 1-fl; " - 
Todst- Turvy Trio. Parlor, Port Asgeles, Wash., 

1-13. • ■ ■ . ■; * 

Toledo ft Price, Rohaeher*s. Vienna, 'Ana., 1-31. 
Top* 'A Tonsy, Otmu Circe Bell, Mexico. 
TOwrtst Trli-.- Kmnlie, Des Moines, la.. 1-0; 
Trorollo, Hopkins', Louisville, Ky., l-O.' 
IrOBi.-in, Cheater, A Co., Sheedy's, Fall River, 

3iw„ i*o. '*•-•*• 
Trask A Gladden, BIJon, La Crowe, Wis., 1-fl; 

Unique, Kan Claire, 8-13. 
Tronuadpurs <">i t ■ BIJou, Appicioa, Wis.*, 1-fl; 

BIJou. Oreen Uav. 8-13. 
'fiide. Michel, Cnliiue, Akron, 0., 1-0. 
Tulxn, BIJou. Duluth, Minn., 1-0; Bijou. Superior, 

Wis., 8-13. - -- « ■ :1 ' I:i: 
Tyce ft Jermon, 0.0. H;;-'Indiana polls, 1-0. 
l.'eHsems,.'X1ie*, Hipnolronie/ N; Y. 0;. 1-ti 
I'sherfl, Olsttde ft Fannie, Gatbam, Bkln:, 1-C. - 
Vance.. ClarJce, Chase's, Waslilngton, D. 0., 1-6; 

Maryland, Balto., 8-43. > 
Valotn, Harry H., Novelty, Leodvllle. Col., 1-0; 

A'nveljy, Poeblo, 8-lS. . 
ValcMH).' Olympic. Cincinnati.. 1-0. " 
Van flnfr* A Cot rely, Fair, Burlington, N. 0., 2-5. 
Van, Billy, Ornhenm, Omaha, 1-8; Orpheum, Mln- 
1 no-r>dll", 8-13. 

Vnludor.', The, Doric. Yonkers, X. Y., 1-6. 
Vaasnr Girls, Ilaymnrket. Chicago, 1-fl; Colomhla, 

St.-UnH 8-13. ••-: - ' 

ValiiosrThe, O. IL, Sndhtiry, Out., 1-6. 
Yalenteeos, Flying (3). Fair, Ottawa, 0., 1-6. 
Yanlnmoii; Hmplre, Des Moines, la., 1-6. 
Vetdotte A, Old. -Majestic, Blrmlngbim, Ala., 1-6; 

Melestlc. Little Roek. 8-13." . 
Vernon, -Orpheuru. Omaha. Neb.; 1-6. 
Veola, Bell?. "K. ft P. Union Sq.lN. Y. a, 1*6. 
Verdi* Myrtle. : Acme, Norfolk. Va,. 1-fl. 
M'ardell, Minnie, Orplienm; Webb City, Mo., 1-6; 
-' Lyric, Persons, Kan.. 8-13. 
Ward Bros., - Sloore's, Portland, Me., 1-fl. 
Wolters, Clraxe, Dewey^ Utlca,: N. Y„ 1-0. 
Waller ft Mnglll, Orpbluii'i, Liros, O., l-O; Or 

phinm, Newark. O., 8-13. - -:.i • 
Walte. IL T., BradenlHirph'a. Phlla.. J-8. 
Wnrson'H 1 Farmyard, ("ook's. Rochester, N. T., 1* 

Walters A Prouty. t>lympie, : Cincinnati.- 1-fl," 

TTarner." Oeorre, Collwnni. Deliver. Cal., 1-6, 

Wnrdl Chnn. B.. Majesttc. Houston: Tex., 1-fl. 

WallKHirn ft Whitney. Watertown, N; Y„ 1-0. 

Wnllace A Co., Kcltli'v-N- V. 0., 1-fl, V 

Walton, Fred, ft Co., Keith's, Bonlon, 1-fl. 

Waluwrlcli*:. 1 Slurle, ft-Co., 11. A.B.. Bkln., 1-6. 

Wnldnuit. KiIuhi'I A Co., Novelty, Denver, Col., 
'1-6; Novelty. Col. Hpgx.. 8-KI. 

Wnqen, Martha. BmilcnmirBh's, Phlla., 1-0. 

Wnki'Helrt; Wllln Ilalr/IInyiuflrket. Chicago. 10. 

M*wil(m's Mons. Fair, Hulrfax.-.V. S. t 1-3. 

Wesley; Slaivhs, Empire. St;' rani; l-fi. 

West ft 'Benton: BIJon; Flint. Mich., l-O. 

Webtwouh.'Rose, JlipfHMlrdme. N. Y. C. 1-6.- ■ 

Wehh'ft Connelly, • Lytic, Kaston, Pa., 1-0; Ben- 
nett's,- liC-ndou, Cna./.g-^- ■-:■ 

Wealnn, Al.' H.. Olympic, Cincinnati; 1-0. 

Werden A.Oladlsli; Empire", Patersou, N. J., 1-6, 

Welclt, Lem, Uleard's Tour, fiermany. 1-fl. 

Welch'. ,1«e, : Piili:s, Sp'rltn:lleld, Mass., 1-0. 

White, Hlrnmoii-, Novelty. Bkln., 1-0." 

Wliltf « Stuart. Procior'n. Newark, N. J., 1-6. 

Whitman Slsrers' ft Willie Robinson. Poll'a, 
SpvlnL'nelit.'Mnssvi! 1-fl/-- --- ■ 

WheelockH, Wlieellng, JetTemHi, Wis., 1-fl. 

Wlilrehead.-Joe, ft (Jrlcrsmi Sislers,- HIJou, Dnluth, 
i Minn., 1-0;- BIJon. Superior, -Wis., 8-13. 

While ft U\ SlarL.S.t. Holly. X.X., 1-6. 

WMtclej- A Bell, Family.. Pilrslon, Pa„ 1-6. 

WliHne}'. -LIHle 0., BrndeLtturkh**,, Phlla., 1-6. 

Wills ft Hu?n:in,-Allai!tn/Oa.vl-6. " 

Wlesihanri*s lVvs.CIarrlcb, Wilmington. Del., 1-0. 

Wilt; SIrirle/Dewey. utlca. tt.-Y.; 1-6. 

Wilbur, Criryl, Garden. Buffalo, 1-6/ 

Wllswi 'B»s:', 1 Orptieiim, Ml nuei polls,- " 1-0 ; Or* 

"' pbcyut, Omaha.vK-l^- - >. ::,,■,; • 

Wilson, Jack, -Trios . Keith's. ■ Clefeland, 1-fl. . 

WhiaLon,. Juliet, KcHU's, Phlla., ; 1*0." * —-*!-• 

Wfxyu ft Eaton, Casino, phtla., l-fi ; -Bljoedaiin,- 

Wlsou ft Eaton, CnMiiu, Phllu,, 1-6; Bijoo, Read- 
Imr. 8-13: r. ■ . -..- - V^ 

Willis' Family," G. O. it.. Syracuse, N. Y.. 1-fl: 
Keith's, Providence, R. I.; 8-13. 

YvltllnhiH ft^Tncker, Victoria, N;t' Hi. 10. 

Wltl-stfis, Br.anf*by; Orpheum, 'Bkln.. 1-0 

Wlinama Duov'O,- .(I„ York, Pa,; 1-fl. 

Williams AiPullman, Garden, Buffalo. 1-6; Grand. 
Flndloy, O.. T-13. '•-=-- -* 

Wllilaiiis ArMayet- Lyrk,. ; Dan-rllle, HI., l-fl: 
•■. Lyric, Terre Haute. Ind;, 8-13i 

Wlggin, Bert,. BIJou. Reading. Pa.-.-.M, 

Witt's Singing 'Colleens, Keith's, Phlla., 1-6. 

WH>*on, Geo., Olympic,- Chicago.; l-fl, .-""-. 

WilsottV Monkey, Alhsmbra. . N.- y. c, 1-6. - 

Wordette. Kstelle, A Co;, Empire, Paterson, N. 
J *.."!*»: Empire. Hoboken, 8-1$. 

World ft Klnrtton. Empire, Uoboken, N. J ■ lfl* 

\ Proctor's, Newark, 8-13. 

Wood, Milt, ; Edrpire, Paterson, N. J., I-fl; Em- 
• plre. Uoboken. 8-33. - -■- ■ ' '.' - - 

Work ft Qn*er,- Alhnmbra, N.-Y/C..- 1-6. ' 

Wolffs, Musical, Electric, KnntuiH City, Mo.. 1-0. 

Wolff BroM., Gran Clrco Boll, Mexico, 1-13 

W^rlj-bt, porace, K. ft. P., -Union 3q„ N. Y. C, 

You'njl. Tot, BIJou. Wheeling. W. Vs., 1-C. 

Ynctrtey ft Bunnell, Manic Ilnll, Yonkers, N. Y., 
"■■I-fl.. -. -■ 

YouugB ft Brooks, Chase's. Washluslon, D. C, I-fl. 

Xanclgi, The, VIctorlh. N.' y.-CM-O. ' ' 

Zasel ft Vomon, Cbotes, Snn Fran., Cal., 1-fl. - 

Zanoraa. "Cyellne, Casino, Phlla., l-fl; mjou, 
Reading, V*;, 8-13.' - »-3vS^ -;. •■ YT* 

Znrn ft Stolsou, Proctor'n;- Newark; N. J.. 1-6. 

Zlngarl Troupe, Shea's.. Buffalo, 1-0; Shea's. To- 
ronto, 8*13. 

Zlipmermnn, Al. ft Peirl, Bl'alto, Elmlra. N. Y.. 
Mi; Ootn, Lyuu, t MaH8., 8-13. 

S!Imihermnn;. Willy, Cook's, Rochester. N. Y l-fl* 
Shea's, iluffalo,- 8-18. ' 

Zlpho, Gam, Lynn, SIAsb., 1-0. 

ZIngar! Troime, Shea's, BulTalo, 1* ' 

ZJnimrelln, Sllic, Fair. Burlington, «. C., 1-0. 

/ouboulalw'H, Guthrie Center, Okla., 10: Stn- 

Zdar; Mile., partot'i. ^ Y.-:Cvi-a -sl.- j**jj #§—« 

donia.-Oht.*. Catf.j'3; Parish; Preston &, osba. 
Ira 0, IM.-t Hope 8, Cobonrg 8, Urightoti - in, 

• Twmou ivl'lctou- 12.- v^*7 " --., • • / 
Elliott. -.Miitine (C- It. Dllllscham, ■n«r:)'-Krle 

Ma.,.-8, Ywirjpitown, 0., ft/Akroo Hl.><:-- •■ 
Fealy, Mande (J»hn On, "ttfr. >— 'Koekford,-Ill., 

Ji- ManuOD, -Wis., .'. Oreen B*y >\ Marlncitt* 

7. Menominee. Mich., 8. Escanabn I), Marquetls 

MQau .1. ^ - --. -■ -'»■ if. ' to 
Flynn>. Stock. (J. J.- -Fiytn, rnaT.)~-FItchhurg. 

• Mask., l-fl, Norwldi, Ooon.. 8-1K. -t 
"For -Ucr Snkf-"— N. Y. City 8*13. 
Oeorgla--MlniireJ8 (U. C. Snow, mgr.>— -New 

Iberia,- La., .3, Abl-erUle 4, St. Martlnrlllc | 
Opelouaaa >i„ Lafayette 7. -'•■- -*• - - 

GrUOth Specialty Co. <B. B. -Rates, nutt.)— Denl- 
wm,: la., l-fl, Tecnroseii, Nehr,. 8-i;t. 

Georgia Troubadours (Wta. McCabe, mgr.)— BH- 
dcnville, Wis., 3, Rlmwoou i-1. Emerald k 
Glenwood 0, Downing lu„ 11, Wheeler 12, (^it- 
fax 13, 44, -■ 

Ilitlman, Maude (W.' A. Dillon, mgr.)— Yonker^ 

n; y.. Ml pteiwkiii 8-w. • ^ 

Ilntenheck's, ' Carl, Sliows-s-Hlllsboro, Tet., 8 
' WncoO, Taylor 10, Helton 11, Hrenham I- 
GolTeston 13. •• ' 

High Flyere '(Harry Koster, mgr,)— GinnelU- 
vflle. Pa.; 6. Altoona 8. ■»; Irwlo 10, Mones- 
sen 11/ Wa«hln«trin 12,- CnnhhKhnrg i;t. 

"Her .Own Way" (Jules 'Marry; rnar.)---8tanii- 
ton/ r Vt.vT, Lynchburg- 2. nichmonfl i, NorMk 
4, BaJelgtr, N. C, G, WllmlngioQ 0, Crei-Qobnro 
w; Charlotte- 0. - ■*- 

"lleey and Abey" (Erlw. R; Salter, mgr.>— Fnrt 
Smltb, Ark., 3, Mnskogee, Ind., «, Oklnhotna 
City, Okla., 7, Shawnee 8, Chandler 0. El Rcho 
10. t: '* *•-* 

"lu. New York Town," Hnrtlg A Searoon's— Bal- 
timore, 'M*,- S-13. -. -■' 

Jones.' Angrjstus. K; R: fihows^ — Brantley, Als., 6, 
ArplnltMla 8, -Union Springs 0, Hunsboro 10. 

"JcrryfroniKriTy" (Patten A Tlecher, mgr*.)— 
Estevan, N. W. T.', Can.. 10, Brandon, Slan., 10, 

Kennettj-. Jomes (Spltt A NBthnnson. mgrs.) — 
Brockton, Jlass., 1-0, Lowell 8-13. 

I^ircb. Tbeodore (Peitnn ft Srnntrer, tngrs.)— Pn>* 
v* CltT,- By 3.' Salt Lake CTty 4-13. - 

"Lton and the Mouse," D (Henry B. Harris, 
mgr.)— 'frromcptnti, Conn:, 1. Wlnsteri 2,-S(flm- 
(oni-3. New Britain 4; Norwich 5, A, New 
I jjhdonr 8, ■ Westerly 0. Rlverpolhl. It. I..T0. 

"Lights nf Frisco" (Arthur J. Ayleswonb, mgr.) 
— Vallejo: Cal., 1. Napn-2. St. Helena 8, Santa 
lln--,' 4, Petahiraa 0, Oakland 0, 7, Hid Jose 8, 
Manra - Cna ^K" Wntsonvllle 10, Montery 11, 
Salinns -12, San Lnts (iblspo 13. 

Mnrkit Stock (Toin Mark*, mgr.) — Kraodon. Man . 

lo-aiv- • 

Mors3n*Pcpple---Wnco, Tm., 4(1, Temple 8, 9. 
Austin 1IM2. 

Majestic Cwneily (W. Heywood,' mgr.l->~Freeport, 
Sle:.* l-:i. -China 4-6, North Vassalborro 8-10. 

MePhoe's JHg'Co. (A. D. srcl'liee,- mgr.J—West 
Selkirk, Man,. Cau.._S. 0, Winnipeg 10, Carmen 
11,-13'. Hfltdii.' 13. ■. . : . 

"Mmnniy .1rid the'Hinnniing Bird" (Jnles ' Marry, 
iiigr.) — Champaign^ HL, 1, Charleston 2, I;e- 
iin-li 0, 'Piirls. -l. Alexandria. Ind.. S. Aluncfe 0, 
Hammond 7, Frankfort 8, Klwuod u. 

"JlMsenger BojM'" ilieo. 11. Swewt, mgr.) — Park 
River,. N. ; Dai., 8. Inkster 0, Larlmore lu. 
Sllchlcaii 11. - - .* .-- ---■ > 

"Mnfty nn.l Nine" (Edwin T. GlUlgdn, mgr.)— ■ 
Woonaock«iet. K. I. /I, Norwich, Cotin., 2, New 
Loudon- 8. ' Wllllmantlc -4, Potiankeepsle. X. Y., 
-", Newbnreh fl. Caenlen, N;.J„ S-10. 

'•New York Day by Day" (Archie Allen, mgr.)— . 
Leominster, Mass., S, Franklin 9. New Bedford 
lit; NtfnpotvR- L, 11, Brockton, Mass., 12, 
Wes(e.-ly,.B. L. 13. . *. - /--.. . . 

O'Nell, Nance (Ira W. Jackson, mgr.) — Anxnsta. 
Me.i l..Purtsiuui)l]i, N. H. '£, Saluin. Slass.,3, 
Lynn '4,"LawreiiC': a, naTtriilll 0, .Manchester, 
NVH..'8.'Coiicnnl 9, Nanhnu 10. 

Ryah, DnJitel--la>wUtun. Me.. 1-3, Berlin, N. IL, 
4-fl, Porisniooth 8-13; 1- 

"uVsalle" (NUou A Zimmerman, mgrs.1 — Blng- 
funitoii, N. Y., 10, Klnilra 11, Oleau 12, Erie, 
Pa., IS. :.=.:.. ... ... 

Skinner, Otis (Charles Frohmau, mgr.) — Salem, 
Mass.. 1. Manchester. N. IL. 2. Burlington, 
Vr.. 3. Jlens Falls, N. Y.. 4. North .Vlmn-. 
Mass., 5, I'lttsQehl 6, Schenectady, N. V., s. 
Utlca. 0, Syracuse 10, ...... 

Sully, Dnnlel (Edw: L.'Blodm, mgr.) — MancheA- 
ter, X. H.. 1. Haverhill, Manx., 2, I^wrenee 3, 
Nfshna, NV II:," ^;-S«lem.- Masa:. 5. Lynu M, 
Newbnn-port 8, GmuceMter 0; Newport, R. L, 

SelK-FlDto Circus — Brauofela, Tex., 5, .San Star- 

cits O.AmstlD 7..8. 
Tucker. Fr-Jnk, Thektre (Ed. H. Branch, mgr.)— 

Oscoda, .Mich., Ml. " ' ■- 

"Ten Thousand -Dollars Rewanl" (Spencer ft 

Aborn, mgrs.! — N. Y. City R-13.- 
"L'ncle TonVs CardQ.". Stetson's.' Eastern (P. J. 

Jones, mgr.) — Wllllaamown,. Pa:.- 4. Polhivllle 

5, Lebanon 6, Reading 8. Columbia P.- York Id, 

"Norrlstown' 11, Allentown 12, Pomunvn 13. 
"l.'neleTom'a Cahln," Bnrk*s-*-Poehlo. Colo.. 0. 
SVolfonl Stock (K. L. -Paul. mgr. l — Sargent, 

Nehr.. 1-3, Arendla 4 0, Aahtou 8-10, Wnlbach 

11-13. • .' ■ -L-. 

.. . »« . » ., ■ 


S apple mental Lint— K<*OiTCd Too Lsiie 

r for Cluaslttrut lun, 

Adsnis, -Monde * (CtioWcs' Frohnian, *nigr. ) — -Roches- 
rer.iN. Y.1-8-W; flyrauusell. 12. 

Alpino Stock— Darlington, Ind., 4-7, Sheridan 8- 
iii. KhvoOiL 11-111. -- *••-- - 

" A N V 8-5'' (Wm " A ' Urft " , - r - -"S---)— I'sKr-wn. 

BeroMopa. Hurry (J. .T, Colemun,. mgr.)— South 
Ben.l, ; lnil..- 1. >rcator. ill., 2..Tr*eport 3 
Rockfor-M, Junesvllle/WiH., r,. Hadli-on (I, She- 
boyg.m 7, Jpnil du-Lac 8, OshknaU 9. 

RlrtVlwk -Russell Sfoek— Pftge. N:ll H k., 1-3 Hope 
4>fl;-iCoo*icrstown 8-10. New no--kfonl 1 1-13 * 

•■lieeesy Tiuje^ (Clms/F/ Hbode-,, mj-r.)-Che- 
W.ygnn Mich.,- 2 S.-)itlt Ste. Marie KflH| Ste. 
Mnre.-dm., 4, Mnnlstlnne. MleJi:; 3. Ettcknaha 
*., Ulndatone 7, 8, Murlnette. Wla., !l. . . 
llurgliif'H ^"Kjl"" O'uncc A Sullivan, rtgrn.) 

Carle. Itieliaril ((^nrlev Mark*, niar.)— I Y. 

CIV'S, iiidenoltiv " "™^ ' .-' x * 

Crrtttod CKrkj.^ (Jules Marry;' ingr-l-Oi^outa. 

rri*; 1 ■ '.'**" hr »w'«dy t;.- BemtioKton, vt..- s. 

V&lfr J2g£JK S 1I1JWIM.1 I«». Brattleboro 
\l., 11. Lurlliigtoa'-18,-Birp»M. 
S'vllle l "\ v ,Hu,ir,r ? J"»klnn, mgr.)— Bahl* 
CIjiiiih.'h stock (W. K.'ciauian,. aiST.)_Kraoier.- 
N: Da*.. 1-3, Uupsell 4-0. BckilnT? 8-10, I.S 
ford 1 MX • 

C- P«7'f.!* ?k (K ' f " Cnr,Pr ' ll, «T-)-««cl"«'tfr. 
"Corner _ Orftecry" (Kmersouft Dittthond. nigw.) 

3. Miwrsvillo 4. Koyersfwr.l A* Burlington, N 
J-.-flj Norrlsiown, '1-a., *i. West .Cl»%trr ». 
1'oJelr.wu 1U. Pho-nlxrllle 11, Anhlaud 12, Lana* 
Dfcffi; Ilenry E. (WnltorN. La-Trence. mir.l— 
PltlPburc, Pa., 8-ii:.* 

"Hil2 " B, ; um " < J 1I' W Ca l«*. oigr.J-MBlden. 
Mtff.. l-Lynn 2. (BothjeSier-, Eba 4, Hav 

1^^, fclltt, Angijsta 11, WiteVrillc^?. 

"IVriPa Adcflon" IMi Wlie, mitr.r— Dlckl**son 
? Bo^ nn "r ,M a C,ty ^ P ^' 1 ^ ■"■'I.RkkvSEi 
?.".r ( *t??* n .. '.' A"««>nda..«, Butte 8, 9. Great 
Mil, 18 "' UtM0,lU «• ™S«V 

Detllon's Coon Co. (hMw. Dcnfoa. mirr.)— Cale- 

: MIFwawkee. — Excellent oDTorlncs rou- 
t lane to draw, crowded liouscfi at nil of. the 
IwoT iheawes. ■--; 

DAvmRo.s (Sherman Urown, manaKer).-— 
"The Umpire/* Sept. 23-"i«, : piTO a good 
show, to nearly cflpticlty business. Pre*l 
Since made a big hit. ' '-'The Land of Nod." 
27-211 wae also iilchly satisfactory, slattde 
l'twly. In "The IllUBlon of Beatrice." 3B- 
Oct. 3;ltobert Loralne, In "Mao and Supe-'- 
nltrh, , ' 4-0 : Wot. FflverBhnm, In "The Snnnw 
ilaHi'f-f-13. ■...■* . .: 

• Siiubfrt (Edwin Thanhatiser. -manager). 
----"Tho, Ijoto Uoiite."". Sept. 23-20, fottod 
miifh favor. Odette- Tyler, Olive May. Oram 
caiaaru; H: S.Northrnp- and J. f. Marlowe 
bundled tilt* prinripnl roles. I#a Ditrirh- 
stein, sonportcd by a company oLclever eom- 
etlians, wcored In "Bofore and After." 27-20. 
Anna Evn Fuy \te«k commencing 30, Mrs. 
Flake, \ In '"The New Vork Idea." 0-13. 
-•- Aliumriu.— "Gay ;New York'' put nn n 
floe pei'fommnce last weoki TiUIlao. Hoer- 
loln and Ilnrry Emerson were both popular. 
Mannc-or Jas. A. Hlgier offers "York Slate 
I-olka 11 . this week, "The Mayor of Toklo" 

week of 7. , ■ 

- BuonOrKRA Housb (John B. Pierce, resl* 
aent .manager). — Flake O'Harn. -the Irish 
uaor,. in 'Mr. Blarney from Ireland," whs 
enthiistastically received by well itlled honsen 
lust week. "Young Buffalo, King of the 
Wild West," 30-Oct. C ; "Old Isaac* from U10 
Bnwery" week of 7. ! .... - 

I'Abst. — Mnufl^er . Leon :Wachsner opened 
hi*, unininlseaton or dramatic performances 
HL'pt. 23.-TUe /Inrt aubiifrlptiou imrformancr, 
VrtlTjesday. 20, htoneht out a large audienco 
to witness "Noi-eiift.iS'Andrea." - 

8tak (Krahk It. Trottman, uaiinger).— The 
Merry Muiasus. Burlewpiera held the 6tas*e 
lrisr week, with' the usual good ntrendnncc 
The Kentucky Belles, with fteld and Clll«rt 
as lop liners, .'lO-Oct. 0. Yaukee Doodle Girls 
week of:".- • » , 

' .OhAsti (W. W. 'Gregg, manager).— reople 
week of 1 Include:" t'lirlisH* and MRrlone, 
bTTink ami IjiiiIw?,- Vox andSuiumers, ICddlu 
Bsriser. r.oiiM -French and Norma Gregg. 
ItiislneMs Is good. .:. • «T! 

.,^ n X 8T ,^ L — ^"gfr ■ V. R. Winter offers 
Amein; ibe (Irediinccr: Herbert -Willing, 
and Kohertsou's Dog and Monkev Circus, and 
oilier acts, for week ot 1. Buslne's*: Is highly 

Notfs.— Paul It. Benjamlnc. who 1ms 
sleiied to go in advance of Annie Russell 
this -season.- returned to Ui«» ellv"2B, from n 
two weeks' .littnlliig- trip up 'North. lie 
Irnvrs for ihe Kant about Oct. 0... . ..Mrs. 

Mske »ttd the ineinbens of -her cuuipnny are 
cxpeeicd' to reach Milwaukee Wednesday, 
ihr. .A. to commence reheai-Hnls (or her- uew 
play. "Tho New York Idea," which will be 
Riron its premier nf the- Shuhert Tiimday, 
wet. 0.. .-/.'■.. ..l>Jwln Tlianhatiscr hhs se* 

tdiretl along^tenn le.iko of (he Htnr Theatre, 
which is- now (he home or burlesque in this 
city.* Mr. . Thnnhiuiser will cominence to re- 
model the. botibe earlvln the Sprlitg.'arjfl will 
put on Summer stock prod lie tlona. '-He will 
nlso ronth:nc^a ma imger of tbe-Shnbert The- 
«!«.'.;. ,.;The ajUclcw-ot-cortM>ratioii ef ibe 
New. Jersey Theatre Go. and Milwaukee cor* 
poraiiou hare been riled In- the ortlte of lb* 
secretary- of. State* Madison, -Wis. It ta 
fV<pltnlUod nt *itn.uoo. ...Kimemlorf Travel 

Ttllta are booked for the PavMmui for eVenr 
Tnookiay nfternoon during Oetoher, com* 
meneing 2. . - . 





la oraer t# At-aid- m IsUkea and to 

— - the 


sTaeta r foil a vved " >HtbV wider, 

^ft-Mm^^^-Wt-eM W04 the. Hue 
t>nilu£»a followed by the - 
uwt iyUo 9* ei»c|p«ed. 

.'.i*keift> m?nHan,,H>« dui.j (or 

letters nent ?<ir wore udvertiacd. 

.>.**.. -=., LADIES' LIST. 

Atfan, BcMte '■'Pliiiimfr, : nwile- nowrdettc, — 

.\n>mtta.'MI*s lFerJrusgii..j ' . 
jl+a, A Hot |> , KUIm.ra 

Aninnlii Stts I Fanner. Prtliey 
aIiojiv Ra r >e 'lleiolug. (irace 
33» Mrs.Kred tJIzuitf', .TIkw. 

uohsom, LrLi . 
■ . Hfctftttc 
Her*c», IU>« 
UtrTuw MlfSA.p 
Hennvt:. -.Marta 
Ifflti Mrt- V. U 

BJck. Up C 
liMe, s Georgia 
filtji .. . „ 

"Violet * Co. 

.'. (prujcer) 

Bnnd'. 'Joaephlfte 
MRm ' mhh 
IMA ■LUtw 

Hiinitmra. Ben- 
r.v'lH Bernini 

■ laillttn, i>-ri> 

iHPPIl I*" 3 
• Bllafeum Oruce 
■T«Tk. Anna . 

- Jwpblue 

am. wn a- 


che»ter,. aath 

(Meaty Lottie 
chase* Letts: 


■ .;ataage 
Court, Leon* 
tttTton;- Bati'llc 
netut-ns. :Hn-'" 

Jew* L, 
Court, Leobs 
tjtrllte.- Mif 
Cox. G.n. 
i 'albert, Jose 
riJMTr Helen 
Imtuller..- Armf* 
iMinlc. Lo(ia 

■ Margaret M, 
imtdn. Madelin 

1*' Vere, "Vert 
Dpjt«, Mrs. 

Douglas. Helen 
Drew, Elulnc M 
liuooat, ; -". ■ 
.Mary & Co. 

Uyrjfci, Hay 
1 K'luii:- Ou'Joita 
K.fhjre Sister* 
Fatly, Cecil 
Kiltlf. Morion 

Kikto, LUllun 
Katie, Holy 
F4irif f Mrs, L.I 
Kybjvon leiibellc 
J * T q U t j ^ . Miue 
FditW Hr*: Ti. I. 
Eiflr, TtflM 
V.TID?. May 

tauott. it;.; 

Wraw 1 teste 
Klbrrle. Mltg 
Fnjter, uiorta 
I'reiuell, Freda 

Fredrick, [, I 

" Jr.WJll'.lce 
Ftftima La 'Belle 

AUhtlD. Claude 

Men, roiii- 

IM Howard 
AihtiAs.'Wm." C. 
Alt*. Sim S. 


AckUrt. QMM 
-VWlrcwa, G.'-B,' 
An}. Cons. Jr- 

■" Amus. Go. 
AJaUis, Stiin F. 

A!Jc*.''l(nu-j K 
Atiiou. alas a. 
aw: ai.-- 


Ualllnr.!, Ethel 
Clanlwr. Ellen 
(.{reaves,- W. U. 
UonKfli, Bemrlcv 
OifTii.v. aailk 
^k-bttnrdt,, Marie 
ltlllon, Creole 
Hoher, Ocrtle 

Pflrner. r#iiie 

Penk, Aurom 

Halfili M. 
PaBP, EHicu K. 

Pontzor Blnouie 
Perkins. Olive 

1*ftckahl (J .D. 
tlfili, I-'Iowiipp 
[Ichmond .Grace 
toy. Allx;rla 

mm. Adieu 

lto-f»taa. Harloa 
ftyan, Cnrdlyn 
iilrlijt.N. >>11U| 
Hdyrti, Slay 
ItbRH, IH'lla 
Beliun Adrlclta; 
Bliodfa. Allah 
Been. Miimt 
Itoberts, I'tv.rl 
nUa«cU. Mac 
HE c»rrlB 
Stew;ir:, jUMt 
iuiU'v S',r*r\ v . 
^t.lVUx Patera 

?' Hatvl E. 
Stanley, Ccrtle 

. Mn 

V. V. 

Karljw & 



T«iui (20c> 
DM EUu-inl. 

nSt, ffiuiQ... 
Bpra Bros, fc 

■■■ ;:w»itwi 

litrtvelt.- OlanSffc 
Ityil. Robt-C. " 
lM0a I'rlnce 

:0r*rf 1 O>. 
Hrown, ' Gpa. It. 
Rum, . Lt«n , 
HUtlr, Frnuk 
KniJIer, n«ai* 
llf niis'H £ ■ '■ 


7" ' ' tnrro! 
Raker It Sbioldt 
Bm'im, (1i_m. 

I'rowB, Frwt 
ltfnLi.-iLD 0«d. L. 
Dartlnese, .I«Ra 
Bort-IJa, Arthur 
Retell, Wfib, . 
Itctcber i.llal- 
loway . Co. 
RowiHi, Oot. 
RfHt. K.J.HotW 
BnrSf, Dnve 11. 

imti, Kteik u. 

nSoiM-', i'Vllt E. 
Itorello, l'*rance» 
Duaii. Win. 

Bttrt, i'r.,u:,- a. 
RncliblQilcr Jul 
Blast-, Joe 
Urn).), Vr*d 

■IJL ■>. ft. 

Berens, Mr. 
Brown T. Adam 
Blair, iiti ' 

Byyfc, i*7 J. 
Rtiito. Crank 

BttTtOD ' 

■^r' 1 - - 
flail, A1...11 t 


.. MrK. Cuta. 
Hclil, LUion 

SiiTMit. Alloc M 
Mar, May 
UaMiarrny Alice 
Hull, M-tHia 
Hart, Kitty 
Ucniiy, Kttlc 

U{r>toD. j'.'"-i>"? 
ILtii, Llllle M. 
Hiiuf, Ciiarlbttt 
Jim; ;■;..:;:', 
HcVaon, Cecil 
HamlHon. ■ 
''- - Florence 
Hani. Keiii' 
Hpuillton Oorro) 
Ijootl, JatM- 
Quotcr, LUliao 
(rtlur, Uoe 

fcimette' Mllnn 
Hroiiie, rvjB 
'.ir'is;.--. Margie 
fCeriiir, tlutlle 
mUt. l«na 
iftiLm rwroth] 
K(Jiipr. Uatt1« 
itejis C'uittwlla 
Lavnrrt Mrfl.Wm 
LowWI. Blanche 
ta Scllp. \ 
*' , Rotamond 
liOVeirtijE.' I'alsy 
Loovoli, Jane 
La Vi-;tr MUs F. 
Leonard. Nellie 
tXOir, Joale' 
U (jrclct. atell 
Mmar. Ada 
,' ' Kboble 

La 'Tour Twin 
" -■ Sisters 

MIsh Lav,- 
Irflir, Ailisle 
14'Vorle. Mnr- 
luli K.iUi'L'. T«t) 
LaBelle, Kittle 
Mi-cuuii, Dolly 
Mnvklian Mnyme 
Mayor, KJora, 
JUattun tWEU- 
Melhmtrn' Carrie 


fe-*. . Marsuecet 

McCoy'. I'niuk'le 



g .Mrt. Fred 

Morton. MV?. 

Cliiis. K. 
Martin, Co*sle 
Mutt-Nun. . 

Slipdeii. MHH« 

Meeker, FJbsslc [\Ve&t, Etiiel , 
II 3 (Donald, " -Wwlv-. LofcUe 
'"'■ " Christie wesiutj, Euitua 
NehMi, C-laht IpE, Nona 
Newttlrk Murlnii!\VVhd«n,-Ortce 
NAtllne. Miss Millard. Hahlct 
DBWnlti. iWHUili'.'Dorn 

I Clinrlt.tte M. WhUelaw. .Tenia 
Qgdiin, Helen Walker Chtrlntt 
Perry, Lucille jZaitne. C: 
Eorielio, GUI Ztnobla, MiM 
"xgon. Mutton . ;•:' 

"MEN'S list; 

De Castillo, 
%,* F. Jtek 
gawKOn ttSmlth 
t>awKon HiBcyl 
qiltuu. Wm... 
Pit J, EiiKiia- 
CtoVlc Ciihfll'J. 
oerinonte; !Ai. 

Dr«ke.'7t>lHl T. 
Don Court T. II. 
jPtii, -Albert ' 
Dornie, . Allen 
loiiglfiH it Bord' 
Unnbur, C*$. 
Dejilen. Clilia. 
Ufcyebjiort C. M. 
t'i^.r,';i! I.iiwreno 
btitn.ur, .Wit Haui 
Dickson,' ri.;,- : 
Donovan & ' 

pe Xoycr,' Edw. 
Dentin!,' I.tiwrenc 
Dudley Fr:iok 
Dial. i:u«eu« 
Davidson, Mr. 
He in, rico. 

Dsividwu Tuylor 
Oifcy, Eil. . 
Dcaves. Hurry 
Edwurds. Chus.E 

Kitrn« pntark 

Eliot. Fnink 
Ernie & ■ 

Kllis II. .t. 
Ernie, hit:. 
■Ellis, Melville 
Eatcrhrook Fred 
KrthK Ira, J. 
■Ntk '.iltrfy 
E^tri. Joe 
Erlckson El 
Eriekvon, Al. 

|S — 

(Homan Fish) 
Eipirett, Chts. 

Vomers. Mn. 

Kdlth 0- 
tylen. NUIlc 
exann, Nellie 
'roJttii, Jennie 

Trojqn,. May 


I Mabel k R. 

Temple, Ilaill 

mnn Edna 

Ted»: H. 

ITipntaa, Susie 
Veililer, DebMe 


:■ •MrK.AValdo 

vj(n, tim$ 


' Bertha 
Title. Lottie 

.Dorothy B. 

WaWrof. Evelyn 

WIlLnil, Coilnnr 
W|r|tvrt, Mrn,E. 
Winloghe Ihtibel 
Wood,' Virion 
wanl, 1 Carrie 
White, Anrilc 
VHfej. Etta 

WHllnms ArtnlcL 

O'jnnan A 


Oray. Dr. C. D. 

(looilwlu, Joe 
Itlliliif, «+,}. c. 
Uihliicr. Wext 
i ainulilrtc 
Qoljlrii. Qeu, Jr. 


. ..,„, «»car 
Hnr-jde, Jli. 3. 
nililtmore, Mr. 

. Curdner o. 
(MatMH Bro. 
(Ilottl. Joe 
liroT, Geo. 

noorpe E. 

Raryie, Kiliile 
lilli-en. tleu. 
MA W. (I. 
Rnr*Me, Jus. s. 
OahuKt. Quo. E. 
Oreene EUtturtli 
Forilnflm Attuut 
Uithel. (leu. 
(lejroy, Cliaa, 
nrM*e«, W. 
rtnlltmore, Artb. 
flahdn, W«i. 
prccbu.. Al. . 
Uity... Great 
.HoeU.. Frank P. 
iluciii.'H, Jack 
Hyatt, . Dau 

lteiltli .'. . 

r; ',:. PiTKeott 

lledlli. C. 0. 

mir, 00 

Hall Mm, Fain. 
lTerriunn Arihnr 
lluwarii, M, U- 
Huwriwk:E. G. 
Ilii), Strap 
llugl.w, N(Ck 
lloaau, Jtoy E. 
ljtuua. J. 
HDCniuou-1, J- H 
Harper Cheat A. 
UixMiki. A; L. 
Ubdt, Wiu. 

Ho'Hey & ],(>■*!!,' 

Hall, O. P. 
llay«a, 'fdiumy 
lUrrla. 11. B. 

pMnr, >i. K. 

HaUKtrus CM. I 
Hohv. Deu 
Heyiler, Hubert. 
Hhp)rr, Murt.w 
Hurleys, The 
llarlaod & 

Hamlin & 

Hart. Billy 
Hartiord, David 
Hfdfie, |MR 
1 i 

Clurence CiirtjiulJiiry. 

Clemens, Eddie 
(.■ullaUan, 0. 8. 
Curt lent Metl.Co 
CViiu:i:ll}'. JiiuW. 
CAiniody Jap. I ; 
OImIoh.' Fwd, 
^jyic, Walter V 
-viiuflly, Huich 
OnuS; " Richard 
■ . ■ - ■ ^rnltli 
Cook, It. Albert 
Orotund R 

'Che Aerial 
Cb'wiiii, Frank 

Dnam Roy 

LVxik's Miivlnfr 
Picture Show 


Collins, Arthur 
Cortez, lhTtmnr 
BmtjHt WB1F 
Cdok, hr.'H.O. 
Clark, JolinF. 

0-otn. Co. 
Oarltoa BMr. R. 
Cateiln. Cirl-j 
Conncra £ 


'"Banjo" fieo 
Cartuiell. John 
OwiiHk;, Fmiik 
(Xruley, Cluirloy 
Ugjpr, Albert 
Gunulnt: (Jail.' 
- : - lfriiiiker) 
CiiTlcton. W. T- 
Uretrv, Iiv-toVi 
Coidey, Mkr. 
nqilibn; Monte 
Cote; wilUfini 
Carnoll A Tinker 
iWrnond. W. U 
l>otC Jobuny 
Deiml Const atiw 

U-n-f'i. ri-nnki' 

Brooka Dawiwn HallcyJ 

Rnnis, Tarn : ■■ tarwll 

Ruuui, Frank Dial & 
BarSloy, ' ' P* AruHtrong 
Pror. W. A. Drew, Carroll 
t Dial, Enienc 
■ -\\JaW- 

I Robert f 

"El bid 

Boll. Harjy H. pa'vK _ 
HewJer," Harry nntiulcr. Jack 
H*jtcdlc(. vr, J. Mefatbi AKrpJ 
• ' DarllitK, Frunk 
Dtuiiey, F. W. 
tl:tvKl«>n MaxB 
Duty, Clin" . „ 
IJake.. Auiut Y, 
Day. iJeo. 
De rlultlrt. Woi 
DAtU, Jldrt n. 
feerlln. ' P. t 
Ik- N-.iT.-r. V*\. 
Dnr.ii.. A 
Danlihiutnu Albl 
fh( War. Ilarf" 
Df Afttellj' I'llll 
tV>i)m. Win. 
Delinfu, EllW. 

hrlir^; : liiiiy 
JJlHi'. CWml u 
RHniei'. I'tiul 
Ufllalr. Ikuy 
n««kljBML J. 
RAidhu,' inmda 
nSiiev *;intbrti 
Mn Ksn. 
jrTHBli Wtllanl 
BBJOM. Air. II. J 
Itetim lltOH. 
B*>Util, Jetmii 
Hem, UnMii 
BarrlnitloiiO. . 
Be..llj, Uariliiu 

■SttWw. tt ■ 

; Tr'sfo. pete 

BtHtCrtOKB. The 
Katf jn. Jt H. 
Even. Bay - ' ■ — 
Eilirertcn, Tlf 
Kllnuod.. Wui.S. 
Eroinepfoii. . 
■ •' . wnrreo 

Foy. Gra>iV»u 
Frawley. JEtldln 
Kenta. Victor 
Fusncr, J. I" 

Fcnn.-Pror, Alb 

Ffpysr, Fred 
Flints; The ' 
Fiintns, Two 
Klslier. Henry 
gWKi C. Wcay 
Fugjr. Frank 

Ftoer, Meafa, 

Tluceraid. Rich 
Fields. Lew . 
Fornnm. Woi- 
Frnita. Ctah H 
getkkt. John 
Free, Be* eti 

Fn|ife, Wra 
Fiiunti. Terence 
wBm. ' W. . A. 
■ Ma wet l d A 
, .ciiutr 

Fonlhara. Ari. 
Fillmore Mill Jid 
Klcjrtu, Harry. 
Freilcrlcks, . 

\ : . Cuim 
foi, Edward 
RaTk'ner. F. W. 
FMlla, W'm. 
Fle]dB, MM 
nerfime. Earl 
:.... Eilwunl 
Idlrard, Georvt 

L<t/Is A Hun- 
L% H"J, Bert 

[>er, Harry 
orau, l'iliiifj 
4ii Harvey p 
owjrds, Marv. 
imiiD, Syjl. M 
ayes, FfonkP. 
Mi Wni.'' 

_ oblk-r. Hurry 

Heodrlcb. Bob 

Hiiaivy, Oeo. 

llalMny Otn, V. 

IlDtM : n C. (Mua. 

Iftnl^h!, P. 

Hart. Geo. D- 

llupbtinl llui'yH 

Hlirley, Hef- . 
;. lunkEtq. 

Hbpklua, Ilitiry 

Htntlien, J;;nie> 

Houiiir LeltoyB. 

llalpeH UtalBI 

Hl 6 b'lri«. John 

HBrl ( .,.Ziick . 

IlfiuiiDlut;, Geo. 

Il'uycti, 'J'oiuihy 


HoiVsoii. Ned J. 

Iluuiliey, J. II. 

ItnrrlHuii. H. C. 

Healy. Frank 

HaHiilton Hnlett 

IlnbolT, Roger V 

Ml Burt M. 

Jrixon, J. .J. 

Jolina, staiiley 

jam, Hav p- 

Jpfco, fJfdlatif 1 

urm Eiitueat 

mm. w«hj . 

Juetthoiis. Three 
J«^e>. (Jen.'.W. 
13S&, Arihdr 
Kitnball, Oliver 
KliuteiH Bros. 
KUlov ft -GottitoUi 

Kloffer* Gun 
Konhe. ifut 
Kp«i:?L J. 
Klnlhall ■llfirman 
Kane, ' — , , 
Kelly. Cliac. J- 
Keller. Bol't- A 
Kelly, Walter 
KDettlrr Anton 
KeH«-. jtmcB 

Kelly K VirtlelH 
IChiL-dan KLeflle 
liluypli, A.C 
KOhler, )V. J- 
Koptie. yp'- 
KuTiii, LiniH 
Kiilins. Three 
Knai'iji. 1W.. C. 
Mgm. Harry 

ni (Vuntrii.i 

Kitcbler. FrankE 
Keii'inrd Hnrrcy 

bm Gob. * ■ 

Lcobl. Hui'i-y 
I^nery. Dave 

~ ' Sam D.ll 
liUkent, Four 
Le Roy. TIkih. 
Unton Harry B. 
Le Baron -.EAv. 
Lotto. Arthur A 
I,, Bert 
iJMjl», Bert 


'ter, OrtO 

L wtnia p. 

Siulth, Jdck 
l^auber,.- It. 
>»llTV!r. J.' It. r. 

Slocuin. Juhn P. 
Utcphea A KeUy 
Sage, Paul A. 
Bchnurr, tSuill 
Sherfcr, Cbai.U 
Slater A Co. 

Murray J. 
Stelu k Evans 
Sa&e. Puitl A. 
Scbnildt.-Fred R 
Shepard, Frank 
Slautfiter, Jack 
Hw.ud, Paul 
Smith & Mrcra 
Stewart .& , 

SliUw, Allen 
Htelllnd (leeckie 
Slljly, Jplm 
fiOinmere Lei toy 
Hliort; Frank 
SHukui. H. H. 
HcJftoti, II. 
SOilth. Walter 
Snyder. S. 
fwiomn, Fred M. 
St. ' )u.'e Brtw. 
KchnelTer. Geo. 
Murroti Turner, lfarryB. 


Itliiiyoo Ilelirj 

MeeHer, Wm. 

Ultehell & Lov, 

Heart. Win. IT. 

Mitchell. Jrimts. 

Mill.::. Win. ft 

Martin & Eiuury 

Mils well, K'lwln 

Ublct-lMia. W'm. 

MbtrH. J. D. 

Murray, met 

Matthews. C:.C. .__ 

Sldfttiu jc "Elliott Topriiaa, CHIT B. 

MllleV, Harwyp- Thompmjif, 

uey, K. ft 

Co.. 0. 
Thuraton's Mlat 
Mtnat. Co. 
Tetinyiuu. Wm. 
Tbbleas. Fred II 
Talbot, Arthur 
Templeton Jqh.T 

MorlTH. R. 
Mile*. Fred 

UeiroHe Ti oii'H? 

Melrose. Bent. 

W£r. Leon 
ntiii. Tom 
ajlno, Pletro 
iloy. T. K. 
irrav, V.. 
iddi'iii Juscpli 

MeOtren. B. J. 

Nonrort. E. A. 

J ovLt. Iftirrle 

I ttOMtV Nat. 

i . . , Stock Co. 

Myen, Juim K. 

' or ton. Jib. .4, 
urplu. Theo. J 
llrvln, JHI 

Nornihu, 1'red 

Sl.xnii. ■ Ns\l 

Kowllit, m 

flulBfc", Frank 
oyuulds, l'ujr 

it i:-m-'i :', ! Frank 
Rodney, Tlioa. 
Hmtt, Hurry 
Ifollesum Fraiik 
llyne, I'erry 
ltyueor>ioii A. J. 
flnukli).. Arth i.L 
unttbrolt K.-J 
RUbrUI, Frank 
Risndlctt. C. E. 
Bubprta. Audy. 
Ret»e> Hucie.. 


Rcjpin, Mart 

Petef tt. 

ThoniaK, James 
ttrridl, F. E, 
rrntN, Hilly 
riiiuatun Howrd 
t'Bger, Mbx 
MM B.. B. 
Ve^u. Dali 
yolkiaaim, Wm, 
Vitas; Victor V. 
Van Andcii. 

. qjeo-'E. 
Van Dentin, 

Vlcory. Harry F 
Vincent, Jack 
Vtllalr. Allau . 
Van Yrmken BA 
Villi, Wai. J. 
Vun, Arlllur 

tiwiu', a*un 
vaaflm, wm 

Rd. H. 
Vn*el, DhAiL.W. 
ttfin Trio" - 
lValt. Al. 
Wlll-.uus. . 

Cuuh. P. 
Ullatnt FredH 
.'hlttler. H. n. 

JMptu. Henry 
MIk. Arthitr" 

Weaton, Alan 
Wise A Mlllon 
Welker. Geo. 
Wbtfliiir. f;has.H 
-.-■.- F. Do B. 
Wnlih, It. 

Kllllanu). Joe 
l'hIqu, Alan 
WHwji. Wui, 
Wlllard, Olas. 
Waterbury E.M. 
Walv'fcbury, : 

■G. K Jr. 
White. Phillip 
Wilson, ProC 
VtMSC Ciiua.. 
Wright, Horace 
Wulcii. I'^hlh- 
ftldid N* 
Root. ¥ 
WllbiiL'. Jol«iW. 
mil|c. Vtm ' 
Writhe, Mi •"!.. 
Wellt, VT. K. 
Wallers.'. Snu 
We.llt, Lou 

Get/. B. 
Woodward Geo A 
Waller. G " 

Wo,.,ls & W.XI.U 

Ooblnaou; Ray WJ^hert. Allen 
Uae A Bencdlttc Wiatardu. Jaek 
Reed, Gils . Wulloii. Huleh 
Rkkrodr. II. JL Wallace. K. It. 
Ucraii. .Dap, Wvlla, Will 
Itcuzetla k Iwillair i Corey 
I^ouard A .. I,. ... Lymun Wlliwi Tom I'. 
Faljon Rolasun. Ro;. Wenctiester E.L. 

; A. J. Rochctu*. Jobu 

" Rankin, Art; 
Rohluaeii. Thus. 
Kciiit, U. U. 
RohliiKm, R. 
Rutlejieu. It. F. 
pfi ClitH.K. 
HaMB. Ruy L. 

Lnporte, a. 
La.wyencc. John 
I*e, H. A Jotle 
Luce. Gnmt 
Lnc«y, Will 
La Mare Bro«,"> 
Loiter. <\*.>. T. 
Uniulro Moonk' 
I nfJl.ilr ft West 
l«p((ren Bron. 
La Blrc't. •- 
I>»la, C. 

Uu'.-lK Andy 
Slevenn. UO 
Kylv-.>ier Harry 

WaltlHitir ft 

Wulihi J'. 0. 
Wellbon, B. T. 
Wtlllamx. 1. W- 
White, William 
Yhekney J. G. K 
Vvuu^. Jake 
Vountfoinli Hay 

jam Tina".; J. 

Yvimk. Edwin 
ZarellaR, The - 
Norftutu, J. A. 

drew it ftTr hottso 37, "Dnvlrl i;or*>n" toet 
a good hontc ^«. "The ItollUklne Qlrl" Qct. 

pniralo^-At. the Lyrfc ( J. Leostolln, nan- kVaw HHcUcork a. '4tosMl ij' 0. T»i 
er> William Morris VnariMllle Co.- week ot as Jaflesioa 4, v.My Wlft'i f»Wf' 0. B 
% ili Vlrjtlnla Harned iHd well laat week, OftpHHfeK <E. L. hvpelte. rcaldentnii 

Oct, l. Virginia Mai-nod did well last week, 
tn^'TlioLove Letter." u».i-- ..* » ■ 

Stab (P. c, Corot'H. nMDiicer). — "Hogers 

Itrothors. in Imlnud 1 ' and "The QlnKerbreid 
Man" divide meek of I. "The Rich Mr. llojt- 
xenhelmer" did vury well tnat wet*, an dhl 

gen. — This week. : Tom Nauru, and cupiynoy 
ulxle Herenadera, Howkts. w'alit-ra mid Pro 
ker, Oltday And. Fox, Stanley And Leonard, 

tit)d Cro- 

Uu" divide week or ). "The Rich Mr. llaa- Cardownle Klttert* «ud Toin;0*K|iros 

btnei Harrj inori'. 

Cokvrntion Hai i, (11. L, Meeeh, mana- 
ger). — Dime. Dlga Sumaroff S. 

Shba'b,— Imhe for week of. 1: '/.Higttl 

Troupe. Ilasaeii Bn All's Arabs, TAjlor 
Holmes, nnd ; Seymour and U1U. Marlu 

Walnwrlslit, agisted by J-'rank Sberldau, In 
'•Itfiby," wore muguoilv laat week. 

iUiiokn (I.-, N. Wooicpt, umuaKeri. — (Jt»r- 
truOe-MaiiMikld itiid Caryl Wilbur are head- 
llneria weekuf 1.' Sum Klton, Mills and 
UecelUT. l,n Mur-o DroN., and a good bill, drew 

. DnvKY Muhic Hai.l (Davtd Barry, mnna- 
Ren. — This wtfek't bill : Hi-oot nnd Scoot, 
Uracf* Wultfcra. Lilly Milton. Clayton Slstera, 
Marie Wilt. Al. l'lnoo and Jessie Grcgpr. 

NoTfc — The Ktnr Theatre has made an- 
other iiwiiceessfnl ntlernpt In do buslneaa, 
and U now closed. ( . • • 

Syracuse— JU Wcltlnjr Otiern Honee (J, 
U : Kerr, raaimirer) Itoherr 1 Btnjon* lu 
"Strortgheurt," rnino to blit butlnuts Scut. 27. 
"Urib«w laj'tiylntid;' US. 2}». Itayniond Hitch- 

.lick. |n"Xho Gnllo]ier" Oct. 1. 
sub« m ,tUllv Ilk week. . '...-■ ■ JTahtabij: (Hnrrr Hurtlg, mauager).— "la 

4i\MiH!!S™ i^ffft yl \ u *l*' 93&&l\ZZ N'W Vork Tywo" iifaycd to good IuipIoobs last 
T icNldiUiiguIratah Lwcek. . Broaiiwu 'Gale y w ^ k . ^"D ue en of the Clrciw" 1-8. "nome 
GirlH.foUow. Tho Tiger Lilies and Geo. P. i-vikM" J-tl. 

UiiAMi Oi'uka IIolsi. (Chas. II. Pluramer. 

Glrlt follow. Tho Tiger Lilies and Geo. 
Murphy dr»'w nicely. 

Tuck ir. C. t'orocll. miinnper).— Kellnr 
returni* to lorn (hla week. "The Tender- 
foot" week Q( S. "Tho Girl from. |) roadway " 
departed. Phil A. Kltfoll moving pictures ld8. 

Acadbhy (P. C. Cornell, manager).— "A 
Woman of Fire" shows this weak, ''While 
'Frisco Bprns" next "A Decpvratp Chaitcn" 
did u big bus-lues*. Pop cunccrts were begun 

manager*. — Current : winis Family. Eeno, 
Walsh nnd: Melrose, Jnliouy Johns. Mr. und 
Mrs. AlH»n, Count w "Ul 11 ««» Drnthar, 
Monnw ami She|burg, und Emerson und Bo- 

Albntiy. — At llnrmtunis Hleeker Hall (II. 
R. 'Jacoba, manager! -Urst dasH attractlona 
will". rule at this house duriug thc-.scasoa, 
and, with few exceptions, at Increased prices. 
"Th<> Heauly nnd the Beast" played to one 
of -flic best audiences of the season Sept. 1!4. 
"Babes In Tojland" repeated Its great sue.. 
<-ess- of former. setKuna, und crowded the 
house as,< vThe llolllcklng Girl,!' 2T, bad a 
big audience, and Henry \Z. Dlxey. lu "The 
Man. on the Box.'* closed a Hue week 1!8, 211. 
•'Tlie Master Workman" Oct L 1-3, "At the 
Old Cross Roads" 40, Louis uanu and Clara 
Linraan, In "Julie Bonbon." 8, tt ; Cyril Scott, 
In "The Prince Chap," 12, 13; Robert B, 
Mtiutell ir.. 1H-- 

■ PriocTOii's .(Howard tJroham, resident man- 
ager). — Bill for Oct. 1 and week : The Slcedes. 
Conn arid Conrad, Diamond nnd Smith, Jules 
and 1:11a GarrlHon, Kenny and Hullls, Monroe, 
Mack and Lawrence, John and Mae Burke, 
and Julian Itosc. . . - "»..j 

■ Bui'iBB (Tlios. R. Henry, resident omna- 
ger). — Lovers of burlesque tilled this theatre 
nt. l'ml-Ii performs no? Sept. 24-211, when the 
Majesties, gave, n tine sliow, to excellent biHi- 
neas. The Parisian Widows, 27-21), furnished 
the- enter ta lumen L Applause wns extended 
to Hickman and '.Cnlemah, nnd Le Clair and 
Hart. . .Gay Masque inuyrH Oct. 1-3, New York 
■MM 4-0. 

Oaikty (11. B. N'ichuls, manager). — Sam 
Pevere's Own Co., Sept. 24-2(1, amused good 
slsed audiences, giving a particularly pleas- 
log .performance. The opening play, "Fun 
at :tha KcnHliure," was bright and laughable, 
nnd In the,. olio McFarland and Murray, the 
Bhrodes. und GruuvfllB and Mack came In 
for, applause. Kv B. Cnrr's Thoroughbreds 
27.-2D, .were well up to the murk of excellence, 
and drew big liouses. The Laurens Trio and 
Mile. La Tonka wer; noticeable. Miss New 
York Jr. Oct. J-;i, New London Oaluty Qlrls 
4-tf. . 

ai.'ijm v.hi u ji ( That. Barry, manager) .— 
That roller skating lias again taken the fancy 
of the public was attested at the opening 
of . this big, .fireproof rink. The great floor 
space was- crowded with merry skatera, nnd 
;i successful season Is promised. . There Is 
an. acre of floor' space here, on solid cement 
foundation, illuminated with twenty-one buge 
electric lights. Gartlnnd's Band gives con- 
certs daily and nightly. - 

Notk. — Manager Jacobn, of Hormanus 
Bleerker Hall, onnounecs that he has secured 
the lease ot .tho-Cohoes Opera Boilsc, and 
will ritn it 'hi conjunction With his present 
theatre,. In the interest of syndicate attrac- 
tions only, during. the coming season. . ..-. 
i a ■ i . ' " ■ 

Troy.— At Proctor's (William II. Gra- 
ham, resident manager) the bill for Oct.- 1 - 
and I week : Hyama and Mclntyre, Walter 
Daniels, Mfly D^pont and com'pauy, Josephs 
Ine'Gasembh nnd picks, Alexin and Schall, 
Monroe and Weuloy^. Bates Musical .-Trio and 
the Four Londons. i i — j 

. KASp'H Ol-ERA.HOHSH (It. T. TflOmpsOQ, 

resident manager). — "Babes In Toy land' 
drew a', big- bouse- Sept, 27, "The Rollicking 
Girl" had a. good house 2S- Raymond Hitch- 
cock, in "The Galloper," filled tno house -2tt. 
"His Honor the Mayor' Oct. 0, "Mj"Wlfi:'8 
Family'?. 0. , i . : :• 

■ LiTKiui (It. 11, Keller, manugerj. — The 
ThoroughbredH drew well 24-2(1. Sam De- 
verfi'a Own Co. bad good bouses 27-20. ' The 
Washington Socluly Girls Oct. 1-3, Miss. 'New 
Vork Jr. 4-0, -. . J , .. ■ ■-, ,.j.- 

. .- ■■ ■ : ■■■■■»--■ - -- 

. Hu Chester.-^- At the Lyceum Theatre (M. 
K. Wdlff, -manager) Robert tideson, Ut 
-'Ktronghesrt," Sept. 24-2U, duplicated h|u 
success of lust season, to S, R. 0. Frank 
J. Melntyro and lea Hards ncored. Johnd'-J* 
Ueoshaw nnd an excellent «ui 

lllufilininton. — At the Slouo Opera Mount/ 
(J. I*. K. Clurk, manager) the Kurl Burac»s 
Co, -drew large. business Sept.. 3A*au. Tliojr 
will continue (let. Id. excepting 2, when 
Henry E. Dlxey, in- "The Man on the Box" 
appe nrH. ....■.' 

AitMOiiv (II. A. Bailey, reildent luannger), 
— -Bill week of 1: Halleo and Fuller, the 
Four Mtuflral Avolos, Rae and Broscne, Ouln* 
Inn and Mnck, Irene Lee- aud-Kandy Slda, 

WIidb uf the Cublugo Vatcli" 10, Henrietta 
CMpM 12. IB. * ., . m \ . 

Vousu't> i'lMR TUKAtBH.tV. E- Slbackel- 
ford, manager). — Vaudeville continues to big; 
bualncta, • ... ..' 

BTEmAX-HAtlH 1'IKR (QllCH W. CleUiebl. 

manager). — Moving pictures sru iitli-in-tlii|»- 
tbe wime good pniiuiiiigt;. 

;■ — ■■■< 

Holmkcn.— At theiLyric (II. T. Soulier, 
mnruiger) goiHl buslhtss has beeu the rule. 
'Hptty Tolty" Sent. 3U-0ct. 3, "The Master 
Wnrkmnn" 40, "wintn of the Highbinders" 
7-JO. ''Tho \V'sy ;n| tlie Tmnngrcssot: V Uslfl 
Kaiiskh (i. M. Btiiggemtun, jiroprletoii. 
--Week of 1 (souvenir we*k>: Jean Radial, 
assisted by Harry Hoarn nnd Attlinr G«ln- 
iiuM'f; World and Klhgston, Orllsln nnd 

linker, Letter and Acker. ToMslug AustlnH. 
Kimball uinl I.ewln, Elltiure Blnnrhard. aini 
Ludmn, hnmlcna. niciiort. Hnnlnssa U large. 

WiMH. — Kelih ft Praetor aro not Interest- 
ea in Uh piircbaso of Qiiartrtio Uall. , A 
party by tho name of Brentmn Is the print*; 
Factor In all Cm purdmse urraagemejftH, and 
innklug . fin tract* fur lltu recoustntctlon uc 
Gie htilldlm; liuo an nwusement resort. I'laua 
Save been (lied with tho biilldlug iiisiieclor- 
TJie Iipuup. when completed, will bo dayotojl 
Uf uuilrsiiHO attractions. . ..jCharlp* Cand'ie, 
sou pf Mrs, II. V, S/Hiller. hits aasumed tho 
Iwulerahlp of the Irfrie orcliCNtrn. Mr. Can- 
dee has been on tin* rund with a number of 
ilnt Has- attract loin, and In recognised' ba 
a couiposi'i- ami musician of consldevoblu 

■ a 

l'ntcr-oii.— At tbn Kmplrn (A. M. Bruggr- 
niiin. mnnngerl Ibe bill for week of Oci. .J. 
InelUili'rt : llerniiaua. UH Great; 1'mnt Kiim- 

lir, Wonluu uud .Oladdlsli, Jack Gardnti'- 
Kalelle Wurdctre. Milt Wood, Chris, Smith 
and Twu Johnsons. Jamea Frnnelt Hulliviiu 

inn unci Mncx, ireno irfs ano-aanay n-ius, --^t ';..,■«« ..«7i n.* ; iinntnirri nil 
the Keato,., .„d 8lae»y-. dog. a»I-«t«. "7 «» ,™" W; ..i-'i ll „h ' "« , ± 

Aulmni.— At the Burt Is Opera House (111. 
S. Newton, manager) New York Standnrd 
Stock Co., Sept. 24-2U, presented an excellent 
rompanv, ontl drew good business, Mitchell's 
All Star Tlayers Oct. t-0. 

Bvrtih Auditorium (R. B. Newton, man- 
nger).— Frank n. Gnrdehor Sept. 20, "The 
Hairy Farm" 28, "My Wife's Family" 20. 
"Itosalle" Oct. '2, Raymond Hitchcock -H. "Tho 
Rollicking Girl" 4, Maxlne BBlott 6, Jeffer- 
son 8. ».'.'. !- ■ 

■ l» I .. 


LYCBliH'iF, J. Gilbert, umnagerl. — Bar 
U«y Glliwore. lu "A Rocky U;«d..lo PlWi 

had eaimclty hmisos Sept. 24-2U. 

At tin 

Old Cros3 itoads" gave satisfaction, to wtilt 
HUed houses. 27-lil*. "A Child of tlic llegl- 
ment" Oct. 1-3, "Busier Brown" 4-0, "'fhiT 
Way of Urn Tranixretsur" «-l». "Queun o£ 
the IHghmiidurs" 11-13. 

*Arons> (Mntirlcc Jacobs, mnnnger).- 

TheUft'a Wine, Women und Song Co., sup- 
porting Alex Curr. the vcraAlllq comedian. 
broke nil previous house records week ol* 

u niiu'icn, unjus Mcurpu. juijnm n 

uid mi excellent supporting «*tn>' ft 
a Hhc prodnctlon of "CapL Care- m 

ski; NO TICE AT heap o f list. 


Wheellnir, — At- tho, Court Theatre [E. B. 
Franzhclm, muuaiteri "Cliurley's Aunt," Sept. 
24,-dld well. •'Her Own Way," ^7, liad good 
returns. Howe's. moving pictures had fair 
TfitiirAS. . "BobeH lu Toylaqd" Oct.. 5,. h« 
Tanguuy 0. . . - • - , 

citiM- uri:iii Hui-'Ht: (Cbos. A. Felnlcr, 
mnnucer).— "Tbc Cum* of Drink." Sept. 24- 
2(1, liutt big return*. "My Dixie Girl." 27-23, 
did well. Kathryn Paracll Oct. 1-0, "How 
HtjartsAre Broken:' 4-q.. . .... „.„-,- 

Ttuot; (Claud RMao% manager).— MU wr 
week of 2i; tln'w good attendance. People 
for week of Oct. 1 : Williams had Mclburn, 
Wavren and Howard, Mors. the. Mystic, E. 
r. Hnycs, Illustrated songs uud moving plo- 

. Castle flii W. iiogera, maniiger).-:-!!!!! for 
week of 23 was iuod, and had good returns. 
People for week of .OcL 1 : Roth Bialers, Tot 
YoiiQg, the. Cullahana, Illustrated songs and 
moving pii:turtH, i r ■ . ■• v.-: 

.: l t> « > r— . » ■• 

1/iirisK MaKSiHi.f. ssn r><« iiit: Kisu art* 
duliig a pleasing' slngiog und duncltig s[>e- 
elAliv vltlnthe -Uftiitk-Sanrify 1*0. Tlit-y ara 
nlso'prODilneotlycaAt- In the Jirst part and 
In ibe bdrlesqne.. , ..... . •:-.; 

jany gave 

Ipsss'-'to a -largo •audience, ',27. "The, Rogers 
Brbthors In- Ireland,',' no, :;o, drew three big 
houses. "The Gingerbread Man" Oct. 2, A, 
Raymond Hltrheock H, Lillian' KuswU fi, K. 

Natjonai,' (Max Hiirtir, mauDger). — That 
bright, tuneful, -clever bit of nonsense, '*Me, 
IDtn and l/'dkl Immense-business, last week. 
"Home Folks" Oct.- 1-3, ■ "The gueeti of thfl 
Clreuav 4-0; .• 

Bakbr (J. II. Moore, manager). — The 
Moore Stock Co., In "The Nlgnt Before 
Christmas," wna.wcll cast last week, large 
audleiitCK being the rule, Wilson Melrose Is 
weekly galuliig in favor, "Kathleen Muvour* 
neen'^ftl. , p 

C(*uk oi'kua Housk (J. II. Moore, mana- 

?ert. — For 1 and week : Mix Musical Cuttys, 
leredltli Rtstcrs; Q'Hrlen und HuyeL Wat- 
Hon'H Farmyard Circus. Han'thorhc and Burt,- 
willy "zlmuH-iiuaii, Mile. Madjl and kiueto- 

(.'otiiXTIIIAM (II. C. Jacobs, manrtger). — 
The Masqucrnders Co. had large returns last 
week, giving entire satisfaction. The Water- 
melon Tru&t ltistle Itu usual big hit. Bry- 
ant's UxtravagauEu Co. 1:0. 

... .-■ M ~ .,m, mm .■ ■ ■■ . 

i-:iiiiirn.---At the Lveoiim (M. Rels, man- 
ager) Nnbi Bernard, in "The Rich Mr. Hog- 
gcnhelmetv" delighted a large audience Sept. 
a.V I'Beanor Riibenii, In ''Nurm' Murjofje," 
20 ; "The Black Crook" Oct. If, Buy raou'd 

Nrwurk. -Ttie return tn the Newark 
Theatre (Le Ottolengui, manager) of another 
big succesH promises to make, the present a 
busy week. "The College Wluow' r li horo 
Oct. 1-fl, ■' "Tlie Clansman" received fairly 
good attention. May Irwin S-ltl. - 

Punr-rou's iV. K» I'rocter, manager).-- 
An uxcrlhmt show has been arranged "for the 
current woek, headed by Clnj-tnn White and 
Mario Stuart, lu "Paris." Balloy and Aus- 
tlu, the ImwiiOHnphone, Charlotte Havens- 
crofr, Barry and Hulvers, Zara aM. Stetson, 
Jacobs' lk>g Circus, and Fields and Wpoley 
.pach coninbuto well. Branaby.. Williams' 
artistic Itnpersouatluus of Dickens' char- 
acters wufO received with llnu appreciation, 
wbtch ttioy morlieir. 

Com-'mhia (M. .1. JncoliH, luanogerL— Tno 
Way of tin! Transgiessui" gives highly In- 
lerestiiig cnlfrtulamcnt this week. Including 
the Landscer dogs. "The Girl with the Au- 
burn Hair" la appearing in her specialty, 11; 
uii extra attraction. "When tlio World 
Sleeps" proved to be thrilling «nough to at- 
tract, wood audiences. Jessie Mao Half, lu 
"The Vendetta," 8-18. .;' 

'Bi.am3V'h (J. II. Bucken, manager). — 
"Klglit Bolls" holds lie:- boards tills week, 
wltiT vnilfl(*vllk> nets Including: Shiock and 
Hire ami Ferguson und I'niHUiore. Bentilce 
vtineu, In '"Queen of the L'lrctis." proved a 
welcome diversion. "Buster Brown 8-13, 
..Wai,Hsiak'h (W. S. Chirk, manager).— Tbt 
Trans-Atlantlcs are giving tho pntrona a 
good brand of burlesque this week, with 
some new ideas, mimic ami a clever 'specialty 
list. Including HlgglnH and Emerson, Friend 
And Ihiwnlng, Goforth nnd Doyle. Howard 
Brothers, -ami the Wi'ld'a Comedy Four. Tim 
Cracker Jacks took the town by storm last 
week; nnd'ipacked the limits at every per* 
fornmnce. Clark's Runaways 8-lU. 
: Notk. — Sam 1 Fisher, .reprcsenllng "The 
Way of IheAranBgressor," was In town last 
week. 1 1 

III . ■ ! . ■!■■ 

" Atluutic ci«y.— At the Savoy (Fred R. 
Hoorn, ruannger) Stutsop's . ".Um-le : Tom's 
t'aJdn" reiKiiitcd -past good palrotinge Sent. 
24, 20. 'The Measure of a Muu," 20, 27, 

bad excellent bouse*. ■ "The ltnggcU Messsu- 
ger" aitusted Cfeston Clarke's' ' popularity. 
her.' 28, 21). "The Hogged' Messenger Is a 
modern coioedy drama, Iti four arts, ami re- 
ceived Its Initial production nt this Ihcatro. 
28. The iiluy bus ueen dramatized by Gcorgo 
f'nstou and W. B. Maxwell ' from the novel 
of. tlu: sumo mime, by W. B. Maxwell, and ur- 
1'iiiigHl for the American stage- by -Ctiurlotla 
Thomiisou. The story la. as, follows: John 
Morton, 11 clergyman, has been called to tho 
bedside of » dying cnuslii, wlio bus 11 wanned 
v great fuiiune, but )ias-lcd 11 very dlHHO- 
ute life. The sinner becomes penllent, und 
makes n will becpicarhluif everything to lbs 
clergyman, completely Fgnorlug' the young 
woman wnom bo bus ruined, and who has 
been living with him. I'iioii learning, that 
UW .clergyman Is thc'.solo lii:jn;(kUty, s)io 
vows vengcauue. John Morton-- docs not 
know her, und when she bugs to hu permitted 
raj assist him lu lil-t work k omelioralhig 
the conditions of the poor, he bullnvcs that 
ho bus secured uijottiir duvoied convert -to 
tho holy cause. Blgiand. an old man who 
has <fluld out his lltlJe storo that tin might 
Is:- ever with "Tho Bagged Messenger," ao 
John Morton I" culled, it the first convert 

Sept. 21. sew Century Girls week of Oci.. 
I,. Colonial Belles to follow 

None.— LnAlsn, the "hank vault king" ami 
handcuff otpcrt, inystltted lurgn houses at 
the Kmplre last week. 

'i 1—- - 

Jersey City. — Business at the Academy, 
with "Raster Brown," week of Sept. 24, was 
of sueh a nature thst a spaclal matlueu hud 
to he given 2H.. Tho Jolly Grnss Widows fared 
well 111 the Boil Ton. 

Ar.wu.MV (F, K. HCfAWMM, mausger),-- 
Week of Oct. l. Andrew Mark, la "Arrnh- 
nn-Pogun." "Fight Bells" to follow. 

■ Bun Tux (T. W. Dlukiiw, inotmger),— 
Wine, Woolen mill Hong l-tt. The New Cen- 
tury Girls to follow. 

■ Sotes.— Manager Henderaon reports prog- 
rets with the now Mnicntle, In which ha la 

Interested lack Bell, Leila Cautuu, Terry 

Walling and Lonhso Moyem Joined "Buster 
Browp, ' at Bridgepor t, Conn.. Sep t. 22. 

(Hiiidoii.— At tlio Camdeu Tlu-atrc (II, 
\V. Taylor, mniiagerl the slac of Iiuiihw that, 
have ban the mlc here slinuld nuiko tho 
liatnajre.uent hanuy. Joe Huntley. In "Blll.v, 
the iflil," and "From Trunin in Millionaire. 
built got the nionoy hist week. "When lb« 
World. HleupK" Bflf. l-:i. Jessla Mtm Hall.. Id 
"Till" Holilliern Veinletln." 4>0; "The Ninety 
niu) Nine"'r|..lV. 

I|lj<:hc6ck fi. 

J.T IO, W. Mlihllctou. managorj.— rTho 
formal opening of this new playhouse took 
place, last week, three shown being given 
dally, to audiences which taxed the capacity 
Of tac theatre. An excellent hill was given, 
copipilslrtg Wetoieu, Walters und Wossen, 
Bales ntiii F.rnest, Helm Children, Burke's 
Musical Dogs, llnlght and Dean, Kreatoc 
Musical Novelty, • the- klneograph. New ar- 
rivals Ocl. 1 : The Great Itlchurds. tho Great 
Nello-nnd wife, Mills uud Beccher, Ida Bus- 
sell, Ilarte and Hennette. MahoUay and Luke, 

Rialto (F. W. McConnell. manager).— 
People for week of 1 : The Zlmmermuns, 
Murio -I'W.-iiM, Helen CUITord, Mudgo Daytell. 
May Mllburn, James D. Froudlove, Illustrated 
songs and Itlultoacopc. Business la big. 
Loonu La Marrand May Mllburn made a 
distinct hit last ,*«fc Lewis and Capln 
pleased so well that they were held over this 
week... ' » 

Notk. — Daa t|ulnlnu called upon Klmlra 
friends last week. 

riles.— *M (he Majestic 1 K. L. Kooeke, 
resident miBiiaur) Rogers Bros, ojiened Sept. 
24,! In M |i«t*ed tonne. "The Rcauty nnd 

tbeJlonsf' did re!l w. "Ctplala Carelesa"- 

that John Murton made. Neither of them 
KUspccL Mary Alnflldgli of uny ulterior inu- 
tlv#s. Tlii'oii;;li Ileille Ciirpeutei, ail urchl- 

tccl, who has long coveted the mistress uf 
the: dead mlllloualro for bis own, John Mor- 
ton lieurs ilio story of the .young woman, 
who 'was turned penniless Into the streets, 
l|o Immediately Institutes a.vlgorous search 
for her, dc-tcriufuod when ho" finds her to be- 
slow tho greater part uf his Immense Inherit- 
ance upon her in reparation for tho wrongs 
sliu has sufTcred. Alary AlnsIelgU's plans 
for revenge- iirovper nicely unlli she dlscovcra 
tliiit B. la t|te In lent Ion of John. Morton to 
share Ms fortune with the woman for whom 
be la uo diligently seurchlpg. :Th|s unusual 
niaguniilniity lu the clergymun awakens in 
her 11 deep sense of appreciation of his otlmr 
sterling qiiulltieM, und she grow* to lova the 
man she has vowed lu ruin, and they aro 
murried. Bertlo Carpenter has never relin- 
quisher] ills pursuit of Mary, Flpdlng thut all 
hla overt ores ore scorned by her, ha threatens 
her with i-nihHuvc, Him fours blin but defies 
hi in. He duiermluns to make 0110 buhl bid for 
her favor,, apd Indlles a nolo Inviting her to 
coipe to hla room at night. The note falls 
ipto tlio hands of, Sarah Bortlnglou, the 
daughter of 11 rich old miner, who Is madly 
lit love with John Morton, Mary leaves 
their home before John lias time. to realise 
that she 1ms been the. true, do voted wife ho 
would huve her. No trace of Mary can be 
found, when, suddenly, son roturns, as la a 
inuiLt*. A complete, utidi-ridundliu,' between 
Iheiii quickly follows, and John nnd Mary aiu 
remitted. The original last; Tho Rev. John 
Mort'm, Crouton Clurko; Blgland, John Car- 
ter: Dr. Cotbeck, A. Nitnu ; George Parting- 
ton, Marcus La Blanche; Bertie Carpenter, 
T..N. Reffron : GrJths, Frwl W. Huntly ; Par- 
rott. CliaPle^'Purnton: Walter-., Chat. Belli- 
ha 1 dl :'-Amrr Atnsielgh, Vlrgltila Thornton; 
Mrs. JnuoTollhursi.- Agues Herudou ; Sarah 
Pnrthigtiio, JkaMB Kdmoad. Coming : Prlni- 
r«se*s .Mliifireis Oct. 1. "Jusi Out of Col- 
legp" a, "When Knighthood Was hi Flower" 
a, Kirs Keudali i, "f iln.coM Beggar" 8, "Mm. 

»ctroll.-At tho Detmlt <»pera liouMn' 
(II. C, Whltnoy, mnnuger) Mnlntym . and- 
Heath, lu "The Ham Tree, wen* greeted by 
large and npprueliillve iiudlcuces week ot 
Sept. 24. Hlido Jnplt, In "Tho Vamlerbllc 
Cup," week of Oct. t. , „ ■ 

Lyckum (K. 1). Stair, inonagcr).— S. Mil- 
lar Kent, In ''BnlBeti," «iiiertulned good ( 
crowds last week, Tho new "Rumor Blown' 
this week. 

Wiiiv.vcv (M. D. Htulr, innusgor).— Ilarrv 
Clnv Hiitney. In "Tim Boy Behind tho Gun, 
phtyml to packed homios. "While 'Frisco 
Burns" tlilt week. 

TRMMJ (J. II. Moore, mnmigori.— Attrac- 
tions fur week of l: Charles 13. Mvuns nnd 
eomnuny, James J. Morion. Kiln BnnzHl 
trotiue. j. K. Murray nnd Clara Luim, Itov 
Cog, Uulgg, Miickey und Nlckerson. Mnrxela 
and Mlluy, the Uohlaworlhn and the klucto-' 
grapli. , . . 

Avustii; (Drew li Cnmpbell. maiiugerH).-- 
Thn Ulgh School Girls offered the best en- 
tertainment of the sesi'on, uud good uttend- 
iincf was thu ruin Jus), smmsil The Tiger 
LIHes this week. 

Uaibtv (H. If. Hedges, manager).— Thr> 
New City Sports and ImtlHug Nelson pluyerl 
to tlio largest iiiteudnnro nf thu season Inn 
week. ' Ooldeu (Jruok Co, this week. 

CiiYHTii. (J. J. Nash, nmmigor).— Tho 
Lufaveiie turnout Troupe yvns the lilt of lust 
wcekvs hill, unit llm utteuduueo ufternoon 
ami evening was good. Attrnctloiis for week 
of Oct. 1; Mnmie Rockwell, Hie Mpplticotrs; 
tlio La Moines, Goo. Armstrong, Anson Schlr- 
hart and tho kluoflromo. . , „ . . 

Note*.— Tho Brandon tjvumt Stock Co. 
closed its Konsou at tho LnfuyuHo Theatre 
2ft nnd dUlmiidud. The house will ho dark 
for the present, 

-,,.« j ■ 

Haicitmw.— At the Aradumy Mi I. Porte:*, 
manager) "V. very body Works Bill I'atlmr. ' 
rtroseyled here Hivjtt. 21, Is n comedy, 
lu two acts, and wui produced for thu first 
lluio on any xtugu ut Springfield, O., Aug. 
22. Lyrics apd iiiiislc 11 ro by llowanl Web- 
[>ler, Thu story hits to do with Rose Dcvlnc, 
who Is In scnrrri of a rich husband. HhO 
thinks' she Iihh fourul him lu Reggie Noodle«,, 
who Is In Hcarch of 11 rich wife, Mil is really 
In love wlih Arnold Lovelorn, who Is poor. 
Adolpli Hchmnltx Is adopted as her fnth-.r 
lu order to help out In "paying thu. hills," 
nnd lives at perfect case while doing so. Ar- 
nold' Lovelorn disappears, becomes wen I thy, 
und returns disguised us a count, no. make* 
lorn to Bonn- In this disunite, but is rufuked 
and twhl that Dm- girl really loves' Uivelorn, 
whiu-cHi ho removes tin- innsk tuul Is iw 
canted. The purl, of Bote Dvhm wits ■ votf.v 
creditably rendered by Kntliryu It Itolterl/. 
Thu Iteggli' Noiidlcs of K. Vi. -Frnmln wan 
also a good bit of work, at- was the Arnold 
Lovelorn of Arthur Carle ton. Ilarrb-nu Greoni', 
In ilie rol'.' of Adolpli Sihimiltz, pleiised. 
Among the nnisleul uiituliers of merli wero 
"Just Von nali I," "SliiuiMir," "Just unn 
Country, Just One Flap;," and "Ship Ahoy. 
"The Show Girl" H2. "railer Souilinrn Skies 
ratno lo fair bushi ess 2'L Harry Boresfonl 
pleased a good house 2"i. "Ole Olson" 27. 
"Dorothy Vernon or HmkJon Hall" 2(1, "On 
Hi"** Bridge at Mldtilgiit" lio-Oct. 1, "Sis Hop- 
kins" 3. 

Jr-mms Tioiatuk ('". K, Sargent, niatui- 
ger).— Bill week of Sept. HOI Marseilles, 
O'Deli uiiil Klnley. Zuy - Holland, llugem: 
O'ltoiirke und compuny, Sydney Grunt and 

I . ' ■ 

liny City.— At l|ie Wnnhlngton (W, J. 
Duiint. uiUnngeri Hurry Beresford, In "The 
Woman llpter." pk-nsed greatly Sept. 24. ,1'Imi 
Royal "Besses <y th' Burn" Band was Inilch 
appreciated 27, "Dorothy Vernon of llnddmc 
IfgH'f Oct. 1, "Oil the Iti-ldge at Mlilnlght" 
2. fi, 'Sis Hop'G-m" 4, "WJinl llawMtM f" 
Jon**" 0, "Wlu-n Women Love'* 7, 'Th* Oov- 
ernor's i'nrdon" in, II. 

ALVKtaisi tSiuii MurkH, iiMiniiffert— ■Bill 
week of H^pl. Sfl Itieludetl ; The Millly Ftindfy, 

Mnilge P. Maltlimd, Kennedy uud Quatrelli; 




October e. 

Joltii Walsh, the 'Shai-pHw, Walter Farns- 
wwth anil the vltagwpb, _ ,• .. 

' Buot! { T J). Pllmore, manager). — Attrac- 
WIodh for week-nt Sept. 24 were: 6 war; and 
Wembrooke,. Queen nnd Bass. Claudius and 
Scarlet, Avery and Peitrll, Charles Roche, 
and the Blj onseope. 

K ninnmnon, -At tbe Academy of Music 
(li. A, Hush, manager)' "What Happened to 
Jones" ennre lo fair business Sept. -4, an did 
'■Too Proud to Beg," *>"». "Mveryiwdy Work* 
Hut Father" pleased' a large Biidicnrp 2fl. 
■'The Shoplifter" had n fair house «J7. "On 
ihc Bridge til Midnight" 'JH, "Lena Klvers' 
I'll. Hlmmelelu's Stock Co. week of Oct. 1. 

WondI'BLanp (F. D. McCormlok, mann- 
gerL— Business Is good, both In Arcade and 

Duou (II. W. Criill, manager). — Bill week 
of Oct. 1 : KdWl Sawyer, the Malcombs, Or- 
vllle Pitcher, the Musical Gonlmnns, Arthur 
Van Boebove, and moving pictures. 

• ' ■ ■■ ! 

! Grand Hap Ids. — At the New rowers 
* Hnrrv f i. SommcrH ft Co., managers) .—Nat C. 
Goodwin Sept. 20, Florence Gale. In "Loves 
Victory," Oct. 2 ; Lawrence D'Orsay, In "The 
ftnibfls'sy Ball," -i : Pock trader's Minstrels 4. 

Majhstic lOrln Stair, manager).— Week 
of 23 "His Hopkins" played to excellent husl- 
u#ss. Harrv C, Maney, In "The Man Behind 
the Gun." aO-Oftt it : "The Cowboy Ullfl' 4-6, 

GkaNo Oi'Kra lloraR (Churchill & Davis, 
managers). — Week of Stent, 30, vaudeville at- 
tractions booked are: Early and Late, How- 
ard and Blund, Musical Ilnehn. Ouy John- 
son, Llovd Spencer, ihe Tennis Trio, and the 
Mardo trio. 

i m 

■ Lamina. — At Bnlrd's Opera Honse (F. J. 
Williams, manager) "The Show Girl." Sept. 
24, drew fair business. "A Bunch of Keys" 
Followed 2CV, with the usual upstairs house. 
Barry Beresford, In "The Woman Hater," 
pleased n well filled bouse 26, "Dorothy Ver- 
non of llnddon Hall" did good business 27. 
"What Happened to Jones" Oct. 1, Hone Mel- 
ville 2. Virginia 'ilnrned 4, "On the Bridge 
at Midnight" !■ "Texas Sweethearts" 0. 

Bi.ioii (i». j, HobSftn, manager). — Week of 
Sept, 24 : Marvelous Cowles Family, Donnelly 
und Went, TJieu. and Camllle La Jess, and 
Musical Gerald. 

■ ■! ! «' ■■■ - ■■■■I 

Juekwon. — At ihe Atheneuim (H. I. Por- 
ter, resident manager) "l*na Rivers" Sept, 

24, "Tho Show GUI'' 3fi, und Alberta Mu- 
latto. 2d, nil pleased. Harry Beresford 27, 
the Americans frepertory) weolt of Oct. 1, 
"Big Hearted Jlin 8, "The Governor's Par- 
don* it. 

Bt.toi: (W. H. Butterfleld, manager). — Bill 
for the week : Cllneroscopo, Kockway and 
Con war, Kugene Lynch, Le Compt, fire king; 
Howlson, und McDell and Cnrtwrly. 

• ■ 

Untile Creek.— At the Post. Theatre <B. 
K, Hmllh. mnnager) "Too Proud to Beg," 
Sept. 24; "Hverybodv Work* but Father,'* 

25, und "On the Bridge ni Midnight," 27, 
ware fairly well attended, 'irfoa Klvers" 
Met. 1, "The Cowboy lilrr* 2. Florence Gale 
II, "A Texua Sweetheart" 4. Doekstader's 
Minstrels f>. "Big Hearted Jim" II. 

Bijou tW. S. Buitorfleld, manager). — Bill 
for week of Sept. 24 : flwaln und. Powers, 
Maurv Barren, the Wallers, Hanek Shah, 
Muslenl Ooolmnns, nnd rilneoscope pictures. 

: .*«-« 


Montreal.— At His ,MuJesly's (II. Q. 
Brooks, managnr) Robert Muntell, in rsper- 
tnrv, mmo to fair business wept. 24 and week. 
I'.'. S. Wlllard Oct. Ml. Win. ijlllette 8-18. 

Acadkmv up'Mi'sR' (Waller Greaves, man- 
ager).— "The Arrival or Kitty" did good 
hiiHlneiW, "The «!)■! from Brondway" 1-0, 
••The Woman In the Cane" 8-i:i. 

ItOYAJ. (U. C. Kgcrton. inauager). — Clood 
housna greeted the Broadway Oulety Olrla 
last ■week. Sjitn Bevei-e'B Own Co. i-fl, MIs^ 
AMvYork Jr. HO X 

■ Fuanca'ih (F. W. Le Clair, manager). — 
"The Maator Workoinn" had good receipt* 
during tbn past week. "Billed Off the Turf 
i-CV"Hecri'tK of thi> I'ollee" K-L't. - 
1 Dhh NoirvioAiiTKa «U. Bnv«ux. manager). — 
Thu'pernmneni Krench-Htnck. company, In "!-.« 
Depute do llwutilgnnc." cam« to fair lionses. 
•'huv Bias" week , of , I. 

SUflONAli FiiAM'Aia (Paul Cajeiieuve, mau- 
agnrj. — The pennnneni. Frenoh wtoek com- 
nanv, In "l«e Frisson IVAlgle." drew good nt- 
lendancc "Irf C«dei rle tiaHrngne" t-0. 
1 Monuuknt National. — The Canadian tenor, 
nodolplie Fiainonditn, In rccltlll, Oct. 1. 
— - ■ ■ ■ — • 

Toronto.— At the Prlneeaa (O. B. Bhep- 
nard. imuiBgerL I<«wreuo> D"Oraay, In "Tho 
lOmluiHay Ball." drew big huslness lnnt week. 
•The House of Mirth" Oct. HI, 

tiiiA.ND (A. I. Hmnll. ninnnger).— Kellnr 
last week drew good IniBlnesa, "The Tender- 
foot" week of J. , ■ ,,_ 

Majhktic (A. ,T. Small, tnaungcr).— "Her 
l.'lrst Falao Sh?p" had good business last 
week. The Smart Set 1-0. 

SiiFiA'H (J. Shea, manager).— Bill week of 
i: Uiiru .Tones and Jlubel Hlte, Joe IlarLM 
"Crlcketa," Will Roger* and his horae, Fred 
Hue ami company. Sam Rlkln, Tom Moore, 
nnd Lavlne-Clmnrou Trio. 

Staw (F. .T. Stair, managar). — Campbell a 
Nightingales did big business last week, 
Bvmidway t.nlety GlrU l«fl. 

a ■■■ 

Hnnilltou,— At the Grand Opera House 
iAt H. r*mlom ranunger) "Buay tttra V* 
iflllnn." S'l't. 24, an, hud large and well 
ileapod niiiHencMj. Floreuce Oiile. in "Loves 

fcioiv," 2lt„met with n curdlal reception. 
The Gingerbread Man," 27. 28, repeated Ita 
former huCi-ww. before large houses, rho 
Wmavt Her 2i». "The KatbnMu; Boll ' tK-t. 3, J, 
■fllei' First Fnlw Stop" :i. "When Woman 
Irtvo" 4,. vocal ri-cltal. by Jacoh Itownatadt, 
si: Joint Urlnlth. hi "HIclmrd III," «. 

Nori!. - Onerntlons on the new vaudeville 
House, the Wavov. nre soiuewhnt behind, and 
It will not lw ready for opening for a few 
Weeka ycl. ■ 

: Berlin.— At ihe Berlin Oporn House (J. 
Kuan , mnnagerl "When Women Love" played 
to -Kiiofl iHiHlness Sept. 2.V "Red Fentlier " 
luid a large house 27. John GrllUth Oct. 2. 

; <;u«'iph.— At the Royal Opera House (O, 
I, Ulgglns, manager), "Wiieu Women Love 
rteni. 21. "Love's Victory" had fair hucluess 
2d. A large advance nolo for "Red Feather 
28. John urifllth Ort, 1. 

i ij 

1I1IODE3 IS1.AM1. 


and "The Collrg* Widow", 20. "Bj'M. «"• 
?JS" ployed i mc«.»M «««■•«, *t 
iSorr IcwPtt woo «ccn Here In "The Sqaow 
SS^M. M>. Jewett nod 13dlth C.rtwrlgl.t 
were heth well co«t. und were »upi»rted by 
J, «« lent eoropaiy. Brines, m «« 
"A» Ye Row" M« lo«t none_of lt» popularity, 
nmi drew well a?. "Tbe N nely nnd Nine 

" "rilrl. Will Be Olrla" 5. "*W •*«■ 

.**"*•; ^* 


lM«l.l».rit.— At <he NlionlTnoa. FjZM" 
.Ir„ managorl Ethel Barrymore E^22 
"Alee Rlt-uy-tneFlrc" Oct. 1-JI. "»'■« «*.. 
•1 noma" W. Ito»«. In "I'opnlarlty," Plwed to 
iiod imalnean. -toe WcDer'o Co.. P.reWntlne 
-Twiddle Twaddle" and "Tile Joy», . 8-«. , 

Ar.viN in. M. Gnllck It Co., raanniicra).— 
"Tptjw" l-«. The piece Is pre»nntjd with a 
lloecnat. iSeludlM'MabelUtoy . Laat weej, 
Andrew ilu.k <lld ti-ell, V W V-2.T PhoVb. 
tor two weeks only, opening 8, v#tli mocw 

""onaxn (Harry Bavla. manaBerJ.—rctla 
week's hill Inclndea HoudlnL rte handcuff 
"iperl : May Edonln and I'reci IMwards. Mr. 
and Mrs. Harry Thorn, /our Hurnjj, AW Ita 
T'ronbndoura, John and Bay Bailey, IvUiej 
MaollonoUKh'. I*w3u and lx>we«, Brook, and 
Vedder, Hharn Broa., Jos. A. Dnnn, and 
Kdestus and the cinematograph. 

Belasco (J. A. Reed, manager). —-De \Vo II 
Hopper lieiran a week's engngement prenent- 
lng "Ilappyland" for the nrat three night", 
and "Wang" for Uie rest ot the week- Xast 
week Margaret Anglln and Ufnry M Her 
played to goo« bnalncss. Henry E.,piley, la 
'•The Man on the Box," 8-1S. 11... 

Bwm.t'3 EMPinn (N. c Wagner, roana- 

Ser)<— "ConfeaelonB of a Wife" }»0, -«J" 
ramatic from atart to flnlsh. Last week 
•™h i;ount-.*nd ihe Convlcr • proved to he 
a winner. "A luce tor Life' 8-K3, 

Bijou <It. at (iullck & Co..; nioUagera);— 
"Across the Pocmc" 1-n. Last week ; ■Oneen 
of the Highbinders" P'wd , o goo '?L llll K!!S' 
Hownrd lloll, In "The Millionaire Detec- 

1 IUTBW '(Jas. 13. Orr, manager).— The Bon 
Tons l-«. The olio Includes the 'Blx Car- 
llnga. I,aat week the. Dainty Bnphe«B t.o. 
gave one of the beat shows seen ln|PIttsbnr6 
Ihls season. Vanity Fair 8-JS._ 

AonKMl' ne Music (II. *■ Williams Jr.. 
rannnger).— The Twentieth Century Maids 
1-(1. Lait week the Pay Foster Bprlesquer; 
did well, and the McCall Trio scored a J It 
r.t every performance. Williams' Imperlala 

i'.uxa Pauk will close Saturday- night, 0, 
nfter n very successful acason. UtW 
nival reigns for another week. Tlmnndi 
nf maskers, tons of confetti nnd novelty con- 
tests are In evidence nightly. 

KBKStwnon.— Sunday. Sent. 30 was clos- 
ing day of this popular park, .and a "Pfclal 
pinginmme was ansnged by Nlrella and Dls 
hand. 11. K. Blaney sang the Idteat New 
York hits ; I,. Clnlre McLaughlin, In- ktorlel 
nnd darkey melodies. ;■ - f * r •' .^ 

Wkstvikw P*bk closed .10 with a concert 
by IlOlcnmbes' Hand. ' 

NOTti— nrenm City. Oak Woail, Southern 
and Calhoun closed last week,} jitter very 
successful seasonB. '« : 

«■» HI j . 

MIS80UBI. , I 

Kaaaaa «:|ty.— Tho New Slmhert. Thea- 
tre, under Ihe management of Walter, San- 
rord, will open Its season Monday evening, 
Oct. 1, wllh Kddle Foy, in "The lEMl ami 
l he Ulrl." The theatre will he In nne shape 
for ihe opening. ,„, ,._ I , , - . 

Wll.l.m Wool) Tiimtiii: (Woodward & Bur- 
gess Am. Co., managers). — l*ast week, 'Ihfl 
F/ee l^mce" came to good bualneBS... Joe. 
Cowlhornc. Nellie Bergen, Jennette l.owrlp, 
Alfred Hart, nnd Oen. Shlller all (Ud UMUfflt 
work. This week will he divided between 
Viola Oelletle. In "The Olrl and the Bandll,' 
nnd ( 'lay- Clement, In "Sam IIoiuMon. ■ Next 
week, -Coming Thro' the Rye." 

iIiiand Opbiia Hol'HH (Hudson & Juduli, 
mumigers). — Last week, "Fantasma" .did lis 
usual good business. Jas. a, Rome and Mar- 
guerite Ferguson, Fred Hanlon, Oen. Han- 
ion Jr. anil E. M. need's Burton terriers 
were rlio features. Thla week, ''The Sfankee 
Consul :" "BiMlfnrd's Hope" nexf . 
* Oki-iibum i Martin Beck, general uiana- 
L.,-ri. -Hill this week : Nlta Allen and com- 
pany. Edward Clark, MeWotlem-Tysdn Co., 
llurlon and Brooks, Curler and Blhfonl, 
/lella and King, and Bernlce and Boy. 

Oli.l,ln (E..M. Hrigunm, general manager). 

■— Ust wei* "The Four Corners of the 
Earth" proved to he a melodrama of nu- 
merous thrills. Hurt L. King nnd -Blanche 
Shirley both gave good satisfaction; This 
week, "Secret. Service Sain." Next week, 
"Queen of the, While -Slaves." . 

AvniToaiUM (Woodward & Iloi'gesa Am. 
Co., managers). — Last week, the Woodward 
Stock Co. gave Hue performances of .the clever 
comedv. "Alice nnd Men." Evn Lang was 
excellent an the foundling. This week,.".Mr. 
Smooth." , •'• ■ i 

Mukbtic (E. C. Davidson, rnanager),-r, 
Laat week the Rose Hill English FOlly Co. 
put up their usual burlesque, to pleased 
audiences. This week the Night Owls, and 
next week, Ilobie's Knickerbocker. "'. ■ 

Ckntuuy (Joseph Doncgnn. manager).— 
Last week Edmond Hayes, In his clever Im- 
personation of "The Wise Ouy," assisted by 
the Jollv Olrls, scored a big lilt. - This week, 
the Bohemlnns, with Champion Joe dans art 
a special feature. Next week, Blley & Woodjj 
Big Show. ■ ; 

CuiprnniNOR; — Al. Wltxenhouscn, of Itlog- 
llug Bros.' Circus, wae In the dfy last week, 
renewing old acquaintances. He reports this 
senson one of Hie beet Iho show has ever 1 
had. Business here, S4. was a. packed nfter- 
noon tent, nnd a glve-monoy-back night house. 

This week Is our annual onl-nlyal 

week, with the following programme : Monday 
u'ght, Epperson's Megnplioue Minstrels, In 
Convention Hall : Tuesday night, Priests of. 
Pallas parade Wednesday night, Priests of 
Pallas hall: Thursday nlglit. Eppersons 
Megaphone Minstrels. In Convention Hall ; 
Friday night, cnrnlvul ball; Saturday after- 
noon, airship exhibition, and at night, ath- 
letic contest, In Convention Hall, Sorren- 
llno nnd his Bnnda Ilossn .furnish music tor 

the entire week Ashcr Levey, formerly 

of the Oarrlek Theatre. Chicago, arrived hero 
last week, and will he the treasurer of Ihe 
lien- Sllllls?rt theatre. 


. PrnMnn<— At the Providence 0|«ira 
House i Felix 11. Wondelscliaefer. manager) 
bonis Mann, Clara Llpiiian and nimnnny 
plavcd Sept. S4. for a wi-ek. In "Julio llon- 
imii." "riie Prince Clinp" 4-11, "The Treas 
Agent" 8-18. 

: EMPiiin ISpllz & Niithaiisou. managers). — 
"The Oamblcr of the WeHt" delivered a line 
imsoflinenl of thrills U4. "Secrets of the 
Police" were revealed' (o good houses Oct. 1. 
KKITll's (Charles Isiveuborg. nianairer). 
-— Excellent bnsliiess was doao week uf Sept. 
114. when llariuler's Electric Ballet headed 
Hie bill. Tile programme Oct. 1 Includes; 
Mr, -nnd. Mrs, Oardner Crane. Sir. and Mrs. 
\dclmauo. Selblal nnd Orovlnl, c'Mir Onrdon, 
Hie Ellis Nowlln Trlo.-Cooper and Robinson, 
lillllto, Ortll ami Forn, Nessen, Hunter and 
Nesson, Fi-ederlck nnd his pony, Don; I*u- 
cella and Orden, and Daly and Devere. 

Wrstminstku (George 11. Batchpller, man- 
ager). — The Champagne Olrls gave, a good 
shnw last week. The London Oalety GlrlB 

Nun:. — The Hlnck Dixie Band was hpnra 
at Music Hnll 211. In two concerts. 

Wooiisnek*-!. — At the Woousneket Opera 
lloiiBe IF. W. Barry, resident manager) Tom 
.Waters, la "Neighborly Neighbors," Sept. 28, 


l.lii.i.l.i At Hie Oliver Thentre (F. C. 

Kehruuv. niumigcrl Whltten's moving pic- 
tures did fair business Sept. 24. 25. "Arl- 
unnn" plenscd 211. "The Old CJothea Man 
dlil fair business 28, 211. "Peggy if roll) Paris 
Oct. 2. 3, "Tbe Moonshiner's Daughter" 5,11. 

Lvuic (H. M. Miller, manager).— Bill week 
of Sent, 24: lllltou Bl-os., Morris Jones. Nel- 
lie Florlde, Chas. Orrln Cowles aud l^oro- 
thy Aldeu, Ned and Minnie Werntz. IHub- 
traled songs mid Lyrlscope. u . ' „. , 

Buoir (L, M. IJormnii. mnnaier). — Week 
of 24: Prof. Belmont nnd company. Will N. 
Smvthe.- Ncblette nnd Mnratinll, Cnrrolton 
nnd HodgH, Blirgras, Daniels and Burgess, 
nnd hlogrnpli. 

«■» , . 

ALABAMA. •' i 

M.ntgomery At the Montfrornerv The- 
atre (lllrscher Bros., managera) i "Wonder- 
land," Sept. 2(1. had good returns. Jane Keo- 
liark. In "The Toast of Ihe TownY' 2P. 

Ill.iou (O. A. Nenl. mnonger>o»- , 'Tom. Dick 
nnd llnrry." Sept. 24-2d. drew well. 

Norn. — "Tho Clansman was hilled for ST. 
hut was prevented from playing la thlaclly 
hy the authorities. 

Uitaetibe Urn. 


-i-Clvdo AndcMon, one of the managers of 
the show, haa heftn on a vl»lt to I^whrtown 
rrtd icrtfl. rn. ( for the Inxt week, looking over 
maltf?™ for Winter quartern for their riuw. 
We eloso In Dft-ember, In TexaH. 'The Jlttle. 
Bhofv, fcir it mm one, has Iwcn a winner from 
ftie xtart, und ihe wanon of lf»07 will find It 
still hetter. All wish Thh Old RRblAVU 
KnwieMH, aa It keeps everything on ihe go once 

Bun 'Gooi>wjn Js- en route with the fore- 
paiigli-iSells I(ron.* Mhowa. ■ ■ 

ItOHTBn o» ndvanre car. No. 1, of the 
Campbell Uron.' Cirrus, which arrived in 
minima Sept. 20, with a fine lino of paper: 
Ono. a. Allen, manascer: P. O. Beers and 
It. K. Bo»er, ho»H bill posters: Chan. Man- 
rose, Harry OrHntli, Wilbur Wynne, H. J. 
Ward, J. Hi Nirhols. Frank Cunnlfrham and 
K. N. Smith, Mil jKisters; Wm. Hpencer, 11th- 
oftraphor ; lioraee Brown, chef ; vlrgle Stone 
porter. All are well ■ 

Mauvrllr aso (iLKAflON are In their twen- 
ty-fifth week with the Barnnm ft Bailey Cir- 
cus, and are well booked In vaudeville for 

Xorns intON BUTtAliO Bili/s Wild Wkst. 
— Wo made twenty stands In Oermany, to Im- 
mense Imslness, and entered Belgium at Ver- 
vlers Sopt. 10, where w« met with a hearty 
reception. Chnrlerois, 12, was one of the big 
days of the season. ■ Bnissells gave us four 
davit* turn-awny business, with the worst 
kind of weather Imaginable, a cold, continu- 
ous rain prevailing during our entire stay. 
The population o? llrusseHs certainly de- 
serves the medal for coming out en manse to 
so outdoor exhibition In all kinds of weather. 
Sam Fiedler has charge of the police arrange- 
ments, and ce fills the bill 0. K. Nick Fos- 
ter, of Jo Jo fame. Is twenty-four hour mnn. 
We close our season of twenty-six weeks at 
Ghent, Sept. 21, It hns embraced the foliow- 
Ina countries: , France, Italy, Kroatla, Aus- 
tria, Uungnry, Galldfl, Saxony, Prussia, 
Alsace Loralne. Belgium, the Princi- 
palities of Iteass, Sflxe-Coburg, Hesse 
UrmRtndt and the Grand Duchies of 
Buckowlna and Luxemburg. Col. Cody, Jule 
Iveene and family. Major John M. Burke and 
the Indians boII for America from Antwerp 
Sept. 22. Bill McCune, the Mexicans, Amei- 
Ican cavalry, cowboys and Prof. Sweet) eye 
Band left from Southampton, Sept. 22. Only 
the best of the liornes will be taken back, the 
balance will bo sold on this aide. Capt. Dev- 
lin's Zouaves. Armem's Arab Troupe, SnBha 
llirshnte, uthlote, and Yeager and. Yeager 
will Play continental engagements, returning 
to America In the Spring. The four years 
Kuropcnn tonr of the Wild West has been 
enormously successful, and Col. Cody.naB 
lidded many novelties to his exhibition for 
next year In America. _ _ ,. 

AnvRBTtsiNO car No. 1, of the Great Selis- 
Floto Show* t.'onsolldated, Ik In tbe South 
tigaln, and the men on the car do not expect 
to go homo until about Christmas. Ralph 
Boot: Is car manager; Henry M. Mason, Horh 
hill poster (local No. 2): W. 8. Maddox, 
'Ithognmlier (probation) ; J. Harris, banners 
(probation) ; A. Turrell (local No. 20), ». 
K. Uhoadea (locnl No. *\), V.. O. Tlnsley <lo- 
• hI No. SCI, J. C. McConncll (local No. «), 
(*). H Pord (probation), Wm. MorchendMlo- 
<ul No. 10 1, W. S. Hoover (probation), V. 
Klltes (prolmtlon^, C, Thompson (local No. 
t4). bllf posters; !. Thomas, programmer; 
IP, Barber, porter. Wm. Morehend Is stew- 
ard on the cur for the N. A. B. P. and B. of A. 
. Thb official hoi;tb of Buffalo Bill s 
Wild West Show hns been received by Thh 
Cuiti:k. Including a map of Central fcuropc, 
showing nit the stands made In the trip. 
The innp 'h marked, showing the consecu- 
tive cities and towns, with ft contlnous line, 
making tho tour very easy to follow. The 
trip opened March 4. at Marseilles, Pr., ond 
I closod Sept. L'3. at Ghent. Belgium. 
1 . Donn Fihk'h Great Dog and Pony Show. 
nfter. a very mict-cssful season, will close at 
Klchinnd Centre, Wis., Oct. li. 

. ■ i ■ 


Peoria. — At the Grand (Chamherlln, Har- 
rington & Co., managers) "The FaHt Mall" 
drew the usual Sunday crowd, Sept. 23. Car- 
ter, the Mysterious-, pleased greatly 24. "The 
Oow Puncher" deserved better patronage 25. 
Walker Whiteside, In "Hie Magic Melody." 
ag, pleased a good house. Mazie Trumbull,. In 
"Dad's Side Partner," 2"; "The Mayor of 
Toklo" 20. "As Told in the Hills" .10, "Told 
In the Hills'* Oct. 1, "Yon Yonson" 2, Rob- 
ertson's pletuves 0. 

. Mais .Struct (Davis & Churchill, inann- 
gers).~Woll8 nnd Sells, Grace ■ Armond. 
•Berry and Berry. Myles McCarthy, Polly and. 
Ktfiel Hnxol, Avon Coaiedy Four. Pekin 
Zouaves, nnd the klnodrome made up a strong 
hill lust week. Business was exeelent. 

Wkamt's (Chas. P. Bnrstoii, manager). — 
BUI week of 24: Pauline Dc Verc, Gilmore 
and' Carroll, Ilalmnnd and Good; Vox and 
Fox, Gene Rogers, and moving pictured. 

Stab (Davis & Churchill, managers).— 

irren hill: Llxate Weller, Peter J. Mara. 
..'ijllauiH and Mayer, Harry Harvey, Ruf and 
-™lck. und the klnodrome. • * ■ 

Jacobs' (A. F. Jacobs, manager). — Week 
of 24 : Meeker and Unker Duo, Walker and 
Burrl'll, the Gales, the Morrows, and moving 

St'onb Hilt, Oahdkn (Frank Grave, man- 
ager).— Miller Bros. Co.. in "A Gamblers 
Sweetheart." Tills stock company is in Its 
tweutv-slxth week, nnd owing to excellent 
"business, tbe pavilion been enclosed and 
heated. The season will continue all Winter. 

Ai. Prksco Pauk (Vernon C. Seuver, man- 
ngpr).— This resort closed a successful sea- 
son 2.1. wllh a baud iournnment. 

Yiuuima Bkacii (Frnuk A. Helneke, man- 
nccr). — Business contliiueH good. Week of 
'A: Kdward Lnntz. iiiul Fnuolle's Orchestra. 

N OTK h. — Can*. Hugo joined Carter, the 
MyHifirlous, 12, as buslnfss mannger. ....... 

Howard M. Seeinnn la hi charge of the Wood- 
men nnd Merchants" Street Knlr, to he glvea 
We're week of Oct. 8. He reports thirty-two 
shows booked, nnd the fair promises to ha 
Ilie largest nnd most successful ever given 
hero. .....The new Majestic Theatre will 

obeu In November. The theatre will be In 
Frank Bnrt'e circuit, villi Al. I.. WlBweli as 

local manager John S. Flaherty, who 

died In New York 20, was manager of the 

Grnnd for several seasous Edwards' 

indoor Boo opened 21), J 

— . . » - 

Hock I it land— At the Illinois, "L'cggy 
fron Paris" Sept. 27. "Dad's Side Partner" 
:». "A Pour Relation" 21). "Under Southern 
Hklcs" SO, Walker Whiteside Oct. J. "Th« 
Mayor of Toklo" 2. More? Stock Co. 4-0, "The 
Marrltige of Kitty" H, Kdwln Aruen \K 

MhIIim:. — At the Mullne, Walker White- 
side, In "Tho Magle Melody," Sept. 27 J "Oad'a 
Side Partner" 20. "The M^Hyor of Toklo ' Oct 
7; Robcr turn's moving pictures 11, Smith's 
Specialty Co. III. 

I 1 > 

Notks asd roster of "A Runnwny Tramp" 
Co., Mcmnieu ft Young, managers. — Sinn 
opening at Yllllsca, la., Sept. 21, business 
hhH been excellent. At Mnssedontn, la., we 
showed to a packed house, made up of peo- 
ple who came from two nearby towns In 
hnnd-cnrs, besides the regular city patronage. 
Roster * O. II, Meminen and II. C. Young, 
owners nnd proprietor* 1 ; Geo. Tappau. Ijaw- 
renco rev ton, Victor Lee Hoy, R. II. Mapes, 
Itnlelgb Wilson, Kathryn Dale. Mnvme Pnn- 
nell nnd 'Violet Byron, with R. If. Davlcs, 
musical director. Lee Roy and Mapes are 
doing some Rplendld work In their special- 
ties, nnd the nhow In general makes de- 
elded hit. We consume eight eoplen of Thh 
Ci.ii'PF.n everv week, nnd must say that It 
U the actor's bible. Ratelgh Wilson Is doing 
his unlcyclc specialty wllh the company, and 
Is ranking good, ,. .. 



John S. KjahebtV, • formerly inmnager sf 
tbe Majestic Theatre, New York City, and 
this seaaon manager of Franls .McKees or- 

Janizationa-T-Kzra Kendall's "Swell Elegant 
one*" Co. and the Pour Mortons — died sud- 
denly In his office In the Savoy Theatro 
BuJIdlng, this city, on Kept. 2C. Mr. Flaherty 
compluinetl of feellug III at rchcnrstl of tho 
K*ra Kendall Co., held nt the Havoy during 
the afternoon, and going to his office he must 
have been attacked suddenly 'with heart 
failure, for be was found shortly afterward 
lv^ine on the floor, dead. Mr. Flaherty was 
about forty-three yeara of age, and a native 
of Chicago. For several years he man- 
aged a theatre In Peoria, III., although he 
lived In Springfield. When Stair A Wilbur 
opened the Majestic Theatre, in Hew York 
City, Mr. Flaherty came here -an their man- 
ager, and he stayed at the, house until the 
Shnbertn took control of It. Then no became 
associated with Frank McKee. He Is nur- 
vlved bv his wife, Margaret Shaw, a member 
of the fczra Kendall Co. 

Jci.iuh Stokhai:s>:n. German singing mas- 
ter, died In Frankfort, Germany, on Sept. 23, 
aged eighty years. Although IdentiUed for 
manv years with his art- in Germany, Prof.. 
Stockhft'i.ien was bora In Paris,- ana in his 
youth cultlvnted a fine natural baritone 
voice,' with the stage as blN object. Ha 
studied first with Busstne and later with 
Manuel Garcia. Stockbausen sang In con- 
cert, in London, appeared at the Opera Com- 
lque In I'arts, and later went to the opera 
houses at Mannheim and Leipslc. He be- 
came acquainted with Wllhelmfne Schroeder- 
Derricut, who gave the young Blnger letters 
of recommendation to the opera directors at 
Vienna. His reputation was begun In the 
Austrian capital. After he had sung In Ham- 
Imrg and Berlin, he retired from the stage to 
teach singing In Frankfort. From 18fi2 to 
1S77 Stockhnuaen was at tbe height of his 
fame as a singer. He assumed the poBt of 
profcesor of tho conservatory at- Frankfort 
nfter tbe death of Roff, but resigned it In 
18H8 to give only private lessons. In recent 
years, Stockhansen had been best known as 
a teacher of lleder singing, and his pupils 
were nearly all men. 

PaoF. Simeon Bissrll, one of the best 
known musicians In thla country, died. In 
Pittsburg, Pa., on Sept. 25, from heart 
trouble. Prof. BlBsell's compositions were 
numerous. About ten years ago he tried 
operatic satire, producing "Luciella" • at a 
Pittsburg theatre, but after a week's run It 
was abandoned. Besides his widow, tbe mu- 
sician is survived hy his two children. 

William R. Wehion, the well, known mu- 
sical director, died suddenly- from acute in- 
digestion at his home. No. 158 Fifty (ifth 
Streer, Brooklyn, N. Y., on Tuesday, Sept. 
2f>, nt the sge of forty-nine years. Mr, Wes- 
ton was born at Stafford Hollow, Conn., In 
1857, and came of a musical family. He en- 
tered tin! theatrical profession about thirty 
years ago. In San. Francisco, Cat., and dur- 
ing htfl career has been connected with 
hmcrson's, Reed's, Comatock's, Dockstader's 
Minstrels, tbe Rellly A Wood Co:, the Nelson 
Family, Jno. L. Sullivan. Lester Walters and 
the Three St. FCllx Sisters Co., generally 
filling the> position, of* musical director and 
business manager. It was during his con- 
nection with the last named company thnt he 
met ami married Charlotte St. Felix, the 
youngest of the trio. He waa one of the 
organizers of the Culhane, Chase & Weston's 
Minstrels, and for the hrst two seasons was 
musical director of tbe same. .During the 
past nve seasons be tilled the position of 
musical director at the Music Hall, Yonkers, 
N. Y., ond at the time of his death was an 
active member of the firm of Culhane, Cbace 
& Weston. He was a member of the Royal 
Arcanum and the New York and Yoakera 
Musical Unions. Interment took, place at 
Evergreen Cemetery, Brooklyn, on Friday. 
Sept. 2S, In the family plot. He la survived 
by his wife, brother and three sisters. 

i,-m:i)i i,i .tin, well known as an actress a 
ouarter of a century ago. and a sister of 
Wlllard Shniiis, the comedian, died ou Sept. 
4, In Chicago. She was the widow of James 
A. Lord- She began her career at Indian- 
apolis, Ind.. as a member of a stock com- 
pany. Her first venture as a star took her 
to Philadelphia, Boston and -New York. 
Thereafter Hhe was for two season* "stock 
star".' for n manager who had .houses both in 
New Orleans Hnd Memphis. Hhe then came 
to New York City, under the management of 
.Tame* A. Lord, who arranged for a company 
to support her on tour, "The Liu wood Case," 
hy Scott Marble, was performed hy her, un- 
der tho direction of Lord & Marble, supported 
hy her own company. After having gained a 
western reputation, Mrs. Lord made ner 
metropolitan delist on June 1, 1874, at the 
Bowery Theatre. Three of her plays were 
"l*ad.v Ainlley's Secret," "Ireland us It Was" 
and "Our Hal." Her last, recorded New York. 
iippenrance was In lftito. as Mary Martin, In 
Lincoln J. Carter's "Tbe Fast Mall." 

■ Flohkncu Cohhis (Mrs. Theo. V. Rennle), 
well known as an emotional actress, died at 
her home In Providence, R. I., on Sept. 20, 
from consumption, aged about thirty-five 

{''ears. Miss Corbln, who had long headed 
tor own company on the road, was a native . 
of Canada. She wrote the plays which were 
produced by her company, eight In nil. the 
titles being: "The Last Witness," "The Mld- 
nleht Curse," "The Kmblem of Ireland," 
"The Child of the Forest," "The Brother's 
Oath," "The Creole's Revenge," "The Sot-, 
dier's Honor" nnd "The Fatal Command." 

Gsonnn Taylor Cartrr. well known In 
theatrical circles in Philadelphia and New 
York, died uf hlR home, No, 40ft North Frank- 
lin Street, Philadelphia, Sept. 22, from heart 
disease. In his sixty-second year, Mr. Carter 
was well known through Ihe many mechani- 
cal t lieu t. 'leal effects he Invented. Several 
Improvements to moving picture machines 
were Invented by him. He was an active mem- 
ber of International Alliance Theatrical Stage 
HmploycH, Local No, 8. Interment took place 
Sept. 2d. He Is survived by his wife and 
two daughters. 

Pcti:ii .1. n.wyuN, who had been for the 
past fifteen vears ticket taker with Buffalo 
Bill's Wild West, died at Ills home In Lowell, 
Mass., Sept. 25, aged forty-two years. Mr. 
Brogan was n clever linguist, which made 
bis services very valuable during the tour of 
the world undertaken by Col. Cudy's Show. 

i.iHisK Blancharu, whose name In pri- 
vate life whs Mrs. Frank H. Smith, died In 
Cleveland, (jL Sept. 24, from heart disease, 
iiged tblrty-Rijc .years. She retired from the 
iitnge nine years ago, when she was mar- 
ried to Mr. Smith, but returned for a brief 
season lu the. profession about three years 
ngo, when she appeared. with Harry Bryant's 
Co, During her career she -was a member 
of Flynn & Sheridan's Big Sensation Co., 
llMP ft Barton's Co. nnd several other com- 
panies.. Two months ago Mr. Smith went to 
Mones«eu, fa., to locnte. Intending to have 
his wife join him later. He knew nothing 
of her Illness until he received the message 
stating that the WBB dead. Her parents, 
several brothers nnd slaters and her lius- 
bund survive her. Interment was In Wood- 
land Cemetery, Cleveland. 

• 1 » 

Notes and Rortbr ov "Thb Warnix*, 
Bmll" Co; — Tho piece Is a great success, nnd 
notwithstanding the intense hent, we hove 
heen doing n fine business. "The Warning 
Bell" Is considered one of Gordon & Bennett's 
banner attractions. Roster: Kdwlu Morris 
manager: Phil Jean Barnard. Susie Fradelle, 
Charles Fisher. Raymond Gilbert David Oil- 
man. Amy Hlgglns, Peter Hnnes, Charles 
Hunt. Gladden R James, .1. J. Le Beau, 
Wanda Ludlow. Rtcwnrt Lester, Fred S. 
Majur, Angus Miller, OHie McMann, Oswald 
Roberts. J. H, Rice, Shaler, Walter 
Reed. Alan C. Slanchlleld. Gordon ft Bennett, 


mooing. Pictures, 

- The Blograph Company, which contributed 
the fambns "Personal" comedy chase Mai 
have brought out 'another along the sam4 
line, which promises to he even more suc- 
cessful. The new . production Is called 
"Wanted, a Nurse," and tells the story of 
how, on a wager, a Jolly old -chap bad' ad- 
vertised for a young woman to set as nam 
and companion, nnd succeeded In getting ttvo 
Who watched hl'm socarefnlly that be found 
It Impossible to lose them. Another blo- 
graph subject Is "The Country School Teacli- 
er,' f Introducing a very clever reproduction 
of a country school In action. . A series or 
laughable Incidents Is brought to a shoutln- 
climax when the children net lire to tbe 
schoolmaster's' c0.1t tails, and he; flaming like 
ii comet, runs totbeheadquarters of the vil- 
lage' tire department,' there* to come as near 
bis finish from water as he previously es- 
caped from Are, A remarkable series of pie- 
tui'i'K showing the principal scenes of the 
Vanderbllt cup racs, Including the hair ruls- 
Ing flight around tbe "hairpin curve,'* Is 
another new film. 

Arrangements have been, made with K. 
Lubtn, of Philadelphia, whereby many of the 
best known Lubln subjects, particularly Ihe 
most popular fight Alms, are now available 
for use In tho mutoscope. The Blograph 
Company's stock of mutoscope reels Is rapid- 
ly approaching the ten thousand mark, and 
practically the entire floor space of the four- 
story factory building at Hoboken, N. J„ 
Is taken up with the mutoscope reel rental 
library service: i ■ . : 

"Ax Indian's Revbkoh" Is a new fllra pre- 
sented by the Vltagrapb. The pictures de- 
pict scenes In Florida, and the characters in- 
clude Osceola, the last of the Seminole^ 
Indlnn life and costumes are truthfully por- 
trayed. "Pals," "Secret Service," "Reception 
of Wm. J. Brynn" and "The Great Naval 
Review" are other late numbers In their 
catalogue, A new autom,otilIc film is lu 
preparation. The Vltagrnph's new factory 
will soon be ready for operation. "Katn- 
leen M,avournren" is a melodrama film, In 
seventeen scenes, depleting the story of the 
well known' piny,' produced by an excellent 
cast. The<Jaunting car, the reel dancers and 
other realistic features find great favor, Thr 
Kd I son Co. also hove 1 "How the Office Boy 
»rw the , Ball Game/' "Waiting at the 
Church," "Life of u Cowboy. ,r ''Scenes lu 
Hawaii." "The Terrible Kids," and "Three 
American Beauties." 

"A Dbsphbatk Crime/' "A Roadside Inn," 
"Soap Bubbles" and "A Spiritualistic Meet- 
ing" are the latest Mclles'. Importations, 

"Thb Secbbt op Death Valley" has been 
placed on the market by S. Lubln. It shows 
many thrilling scenes Incidental to the life 
of miners. A crime is committed end duly 
avenged. "A Night OAT" Is n comedv film, 
and "The' Great Mall Robbery" shows sensa- 
tional series of aeUon. •' 


Notes .from TAi.noTTVt "Fiuiitino thh 
Flames." — This show has been the star at- 
traction at the big Home Product Exposition 
at Idleotrlc Park, Baltimore, and has been u 
strong drawing card. It Is now controlled 
by the Outdoor Amusement: Co., which cor- 
poration wsk organized In St. ; Louis just 
prior to the departure of the show for Balti- 
more. The new directors unanimously elect- 
ed Frank L. Talbott general manager. He 
retained, of the old staff, Sam. C. holler, a* 
general agent; John'W. Connerj'. general su- 
perintendent, and Joseph' Byrbri Totten, stage 
director. The aggregation now consists of u 
city fire department, consisting of three en- 
gines- and hose wagons, salvage corps, hook 
nnd Judder companies, u Hayes track, a 
water tower, patrol wagon and ■ ambulance, 
chief's wagon, etc., and carried three hun- 
dred, people aqd fifty horses, ' together with 
a train ioad'of pcenlo i>ulldlngfl,etc. It nl*» 
carries u flue band chariot, steam calliope 
and other features. The • production made 
such a hit at Baltimore that it was selected 
as the official eptertainment fdr the visiting 
firemen who attended the big Baltimore Ju- 
bilee, und In charge of -George ,W. Horton, 
chief of the city lire department, over six: 
hundred firemen from adjacent cities were 
the guests of the local deportment there. 
Upon the conclusion of Its cpgagement at 
Baltimore It will go on an extended Southern 
tour, which will include Richmond. Raleigh, 
Columbia, Birmingham, Moblle'and New Or 
leans. . , , • - 

Notes fbom iWA-lfod MbdhJinu Co. — We 
closed our cainn season at Dayion, 0., to the 
best business In two years,' and everybody 
Is happy. Roster: . Dr. Chas. Herrmann, 
iitonagur; Kd. Daniels and .wife, Joe Spencer, 
Tom Wade, and four Umatilla Indians. We 
went In houses Sept. Id. 

Wai. A. Mace reports meeting with s».> 
cess with P. S, Story's Show.;' Cryrtalflkx Carnival opened 
Its season Sept. IT, at ' the' Dpern House. 
West Derry, N..H. Mr. Walsh writes thnt 
his new show, with band and', orchestra, Is 
a big success. A. G. Kelly Is manager. 

RoLLiNO TnunDBii Notes.— We have Just 
closed a season of one year and ten months, 
not missing a single performunce In all thtt 
time. Wo ere closing for about two month*, 
as Rolling Thunder is making some cxteuslve 
repairs on Iris residence and ' store. Next 
Spr'ng he starts to rebuild his hotel, wblcli 
he lost by lire. Following was the roster 
when We closed: Rolling Thunder,- proprie- 
tor; Mrs. L, B. Newen," treasurer; Moot 
Wakelee. stage director; Billy Ashton, Alice 
Hariand, Mike Hadley and Frank Wnkelec. 

men^ Co.-r-On Sept, Id. while m rout*' !■> 
Lincoln, Kan., as we passed through Abilene, 
the home of. Col. C. W. Tarker, and where 
his extensive factories aro located, we picked 
una brand new private car fbr the use or 
our managers, Cramer 8c Tyler. It Is with- 
out doubt one of the finest cars on tbe road, 
and It speaks volumes for tbe excellent work- 
turned .out of the Parker factories. The ntr 
hns been named "The Cratyl," In honor or. 
our. managers, and taking the ' first threo 
letters from each of their names, an honor 
worthily bestowed. The Sunflower Belles i M 
n new show which has been added to WW 
company. "They made their 'Initial how 011 
Sept 0, at Lincoln, Neb.- Tn'ey are present- 
ing a musical cxtravnganzo, with benntitiu 
costumes and elegant stage .setting, lb" 
roster of the company Is as follows : H. Mar- 
shall Young ond Jesse M. Slioat, managers : 
Geo. Stephenson, stage director; Phil Keno, 
lecturer; Job. Bnlrd, musical director; Byru.." 
Wilson, prima donna; Geo, Palmer nnd Nell 
Flemmlng, comedians; Floyd Wilson, Jennie 
Stephenson, Mvrtle McDonald, DalBy Mr-Gee, 
Mabel Waters, Eugene McDonald, and n 
chorus of sixteen voices. Sleln Wren i" 110 '* 
lu.eliurge of our animal show for Al. <•■ 
Bnrncs. Mrs. Wren' Is on, the ticket box. 

Mrs. Kittib Morbibbt, of the Four Mor- 
rlseys, writes - "I arrived last week nt ui»- 
cngo, from Pittsburg. .Pfl. At Kennywooti 
Park. Pittsburg,' Pa., I had ray, Irish Villa** 
and Panorama of Ireland nil Summer, anu 
did a big business. 

F. B. Story hns closed a successful Benson 
under canvas, and Is now. plnylng opera 
houses. Wm. A. Mack Is still with the Story 
Show, meeting with fine success. 

'Notes fbom Hollowa* ft .BfrreiiBit a W" 
MrDiciNn S110W. — We are touring ttnouj,' 

Wisconsin, aud plesslng both managers 


.jstrons Id every town visited. The compnn> 
Is evenly balanced, and will favorably co.n- 

Enre with any medicine company. on the roan. 
cualnesa coutltues good, and. the mftn n ' 
wlitte" nppeir.* every Sundny. TnB OtD iw- 
LUPi.E reaches us every Saturday, and »» 






FIlEl. Pn.f, ..ion.l ta t a, » to prrformer. melatlng program.. 

JOHN SCKOHAKER, Prof. Huagar. 

]VOW BBA.D Y»»l' IJ! '. Me v l)0 ,"'• I"i»'n«. »r I Won't Pl»y.'> "I'll sen* It lu Wire- 

MSf&^8L8£C ,, »^" Bel»w»fe'« Sweet Bank»," "The Dead Summer,' "I Love Ton, Ony 
You," "ivy," "wait /inc. ' * 

MELVILLE MUSIC PUB. CO., 55 West 28th St., Hew York. 

contents eagerly devoured. Roster Is an fol- 
low*: Dr«. W. J. Botcher and Kmuk Hollo- 
way. owners; Ed. Hollowsy, stage manaser: 
I'rof. F. J. FlooiL musical dlrertor; Dave 
Marlow, Har.-y Brown, lielen Morehouse, M>. 
nnd Mra. Hart und Chester Roy, Prof. P. I. 
Flood, mimical director, Joined, the company 
utAbbotsford, Wis. 


Tom Oilmen ("Finnegan'a Friend") has 
finished fourteen months of continuous work, 

g laying the Poll, I'roctor and Williams 
ounea. &Iro the Summer parks for Frank 
Melville nnd Maurice Boom. His time 1b 
wpII hooked up until after the holidays. 
Freeman Bernstein has signed him to play 
the Sullivan & OonBldine time, commencing 
hi .Innuary. Hi:* act has been improving, 
and Iiuk been very successful. During the 
past year much oE his time has been return 

Inns B. Mantell writes: "I joined the HI 
Henry MlDBtrels lu Seattle, wash., In Sep- 
teinlier. The act Is the novelty feature of 
the olio, and has met with great success at 
every performance. I am now presenting; a 
wRgnlfkent setting, Introducing forty-five 
elegant figures, ana claim the best marlon- 
.ette act over operated by two people." 

La Boy and Morsk, after plnvinp a suc- 
cessful season of park dates are at their 
home rehearsing a new act using three peo- 
ple. They expect to Join one of the big re- 
pertory companies to do feature specialties. 
. BfiiKFi and I'rmnr, "The Automobile 
Qlrln," report success In the Northwest on 
the Sullivan & Consldlne circuit. They open 
In San Francisco Oct. 1, being booked for 
u tour of California. 

Hanson and nelson, two talented young 
women, now appearing In vaudeville, have 
signed with a well known theatrical llrm for 
one of their bis; Broadway productions next 
Spring, Alice Hanson, we are Informed, will 
have a comedy part, written especially for 
Her, and will Introduce a character new to 
the stage, while .Miss prison will have the 
leading Ingenue part. After the opening per- 
formance In IndkniipollK. recently, their act 
was changed to the No. fi on the. bill. They 
opened on the Orphenm circuit week of 
Oct. 7,. , 

Bud Farnuai, musical comedian, writes: 
" I- closed the act. known as the Bud Fnrnum 
Trio, ut Myers' Lake, Canton. O., week of 
Aug. VI. With my family, had a three weeks' 
vacation, hunting nnri hsuing at Mt. 'Clemens 
and the Clinton River. Played two weeks of 
independent dates, and open with my single 
act Oct, 1, at Temple Theatre, Ft. Wayne, 
lad., for a sesHon of thirty weeks. 

Blair and McNulty appeared at the Or- 
paenm Theatre, Seattle, Wash., week of Sept. 

" Ai.brrt Jacques and Bko. have Just closed 
n live weeks' eugnguuiem nt the Cincinnati 
Pall Festival. They return to vaudeville 
with an entire new act. In which they will 
feature their "drygoodB box mystery." They 
uro booked solid until the latter part of 
December throughout the Host. 

I'bbo asd Wilson write: "We are booked 
solid until l-YI>. 4 In the West, and are doing 
iluely. We have the Orpheum circuit to 
rolldw.". . , 

AitMSTOONfl and VtiRNE ore playing on the 
Orpheum circuit, they having closed with 
'•The- L'jnd of Nod" Co., after a successful 
engagement of fifty-six weeks. Week of 
Sept 24 tliev were at the Orpheum, Salt 
J-ake City, following, week of Out. J, at the 
Orpheum, Denver. 

. ; Jhbjuij J. Hayneh, In her Negro songs, has 
a style which In said to be peculiarly her 
ov?n, and away from nil female black face 

. Job M. Howard, formerly assistant gen- 
eral agent of .Pawnee BUI Wild West Shows, 
nils closed to join Jticobs k Jcrmon, as their 
uenernl representative. . , 

Blanchb Hazhlton, after (he cloning of 
(be West End Heights, St. Louis, entered 
vaudeville in a sketch with Geo. Fox, called 
-Moving Day." They will play the leading 
vliudevflle houses, Including the Majestic, 
'tiblcago. , „ 

'THb-Von Nieda Bnos., acrobats and equll- 
ibrlsis. t\\ route with lbs Hargreaves' Circus. 
and Bert Howe, rube comedian, have Joined 
hnhds. The trio will be known as Von Meda. 
Howe and Von Meda, the Three llubes, and 
will present their original comedy acrobatic 
aei," entitled "A Day nt the Circus," carry- 
ing their own special scenery. The act Is 
hooked solid for this season through the 
Western States. 

R. (?. Strickland, musical rube, opened 
llle season with Harry Hester's High Hyefs 
i:\tiavngama Sept. 20, and reports raeectlng 
with Htlceexs, doing his comedy musical act 
la the olio 

' AuTin'i: Lane has become the lessee and 
rrianager of Hit* New Unique Theatre, at She- 
boygan, Win. The house, which seau 1,000 
people, at prices ranging from ten cents to 
twenty-Jive cents, la uu the Jones-O'Brien 

Prricy and PitufiSLT, after working fifteen 
rant, have dissolved partnership. Mr. Terry 
will be seen In vaudeville this Benson, and 
Mr. Presaly retires from the profession. 

McCaulby and Donovan are on the Jaek- 
!> on circuit, and rejiort meeting with great 

'Harry Ward, the minstrel mnnager, lias 
f-«tnbllshed three popular novelty theatres 
hi the Missouri River district, wllb two at 
St. Joseph, Mo., one at Lincoln, anil with 
two more in prospectus (one at Lincoln and 
another ut Cheyenne, Wyo.). which will open 
shortly. The enterprises are reported as uni- 
formly successful, and they will undoubtedly 
' have rt long life. The theatres are called 
"Orphcon," Koa, 1, 2, 3, etc. 

The Threr FundEM have been playing 
parks mil fairs since May 21 to Oct. 22. 
They play the Keokuk. Iu.. Free Fall Celebra- 
tion, With Jo! let and Aurora to follow. Then 
tliey go to the coast for sixteen weeks, 

' Bert Marshall, black face monologue 
comedian, writes that lie has been re-engaged 
far a second week at Ave different places out 
■if. teu. He was last week at the Colonial 
Theatre, Lima. 0. 

: C. II. Thompson, who was for several ecu- 
sons- with the Cole Brothers' Circus, la now 
proprietor of the Palace Theatre, Montreal, 
i 'mi., and reports good business. 

• Likzih N. Wilson Is resting for a few 
weeks, visiting friends In Buffalo, N. V. 

"Norita from Murdoch Bros.* Show. — This 
fchoW has closed for a two weeks' vncatlou, 
after which we open our hall season with a 
lour through New York State. Our roster 
will be the same as last year, Including a 
band and orchestra. , 

Binney and Chapman are now playing 
with great success 'some good time In Mich- 
igan, for the Western Vaudeville Manager* 
Association. ._ . _,__. 

having jnstoloneda verv successful *rason 
of M weeks aa general agent for A. 0. Allen's 
Minstrels, I invite offers for the Winter season 
rrom managers who appreciate a wide-awake 
linsuing Agent. Address w. n. Tibblls, Arkansas 
i.'itf. Kansas. 


OUTFIT", Edison K.xhlbitloa Machine, wlihStere- 
optlcon and Take Up Device, finest calcinm 
burner, double set of Lenses, two S'-recnB, 
flange, 111. Song Slides, nearly o,ooo feet film, 
plain and colored, Stolen by <>ypiies. Personal. 
'Frisco and other strong restore (lims. Cost 
laoo. Sell for t2»; no less. Machine and Alms 
In Sne condition. Sent 0, 0. D. for examination 
or $10 deposit. W. K. ALEXANDER, Rock 
(Castle, Ky. 

WAN TKD— Colored Performers who Doodle 
Brass; both male and female. Also Piano 
Player. No R, k. fares advanced » any one. Ad- 
dress ijnick. B. W. PARKER, Kandna, Steuben 
Co., N. T. 

Machine witu take-up, Electric Lamp. Rheostat, 
Screen and Heel of Film. All like new. Price 
$100. Sent privilege of examination. All reativ 
to give show. AMERICAN EXCH ANOE, (530 Halaey 
St„ Brooklvn. 

World of Players* 

Dolly Kemper will appear at the Columbia 
Theatre. Brooklyn, wpek of Oct. 8, In "The 
Oypsy Olrl." A carefully selected cast has 
been secured by Mr. Keogb. The production 
is elaborately staged, ana several new and 
novel mechanical effects are Introduced. The 
play Is a heart story of tears and laughter, 
mingled with terisatlonal scenes. A special' 
feature will be Hie rcn-ptlou given by Miss 
Kemper on :ho stage, after the matinees (be- 
ginning 'lV.M-.lH.vj. to the ladies and children, 
to whom she will also personally present her 
autographed photograph. 

Aimee Anueles, one of the Angeles fils- 
ters, was married on Sunday, Sept. 30, to 
Ocorge Consldlnc, the hotel ami sporting 
rrmn, at the borne of I lie bride's mother, Mrs. 
Andrew Anderson. No. 247 West Fifty-first 
Street. Now York City, by Alderman Timothy 
!■'. Sullivan. The bride announces that she 
will retire from the stage. 

Cheridah siMi'sn.N'H starring tour In "The 
Red Feather" has been very successful. The 
route at present lays through the Canndlan 

It. B. Mack Ir playing Greppo, with "The 
Black Crook." nnd Is one of the hltn of the 
show. Nellie Nichols. and Colt Albertson 
Claim also are prominent in the cast. 

Aliiert Dashinotos Is iu his fifth we-.-ii 
with C. II. Kerr's "Trip to Egypt" Co., play- 
ing the Irish comedy part and also appear- 
ing In his singing and eccentric dancing 
specialty. He reports meeting with big suc- 

lion Weston, with L. J. Carter's "Flaming 
Arrow" Co., writes: "We are doing great 
business on our 'one nlghters.' Mr. Hellun 
Is our manager, nnd we are a happy family." 

Notes from Edward R. Sai.ter'b Attrac- 
tions. — J. \v, Meebaa has replaced Chas. 
Conway with the "lkcy and Abey" Co., and 
Joseph Smith has replaced Will Cohan as 
Abey, Edna Russell and Charlotte Love 
are doing a stater Instrumental musical act 
with the same company. Ida Lawrence and 
Irene Menra. now playing soitbrettesi In "Ikey 
and Abey ' Co., will bo featured next season 
by Mr. Salter In a new melodrama, the theme 
of which Mr. Salter eJaimH ia original; two 
girl heroines In the piece nnd no mule hero. 
These young women are with the "Ikey and 
Abev" Co., and have been well received 
thntugh the South. J. Edward Pierce, of 
Pierce and Roslyn, now featured with this 
company, was formerly a cow puncher from 
Oklahoma City, and when we play Oklahoma 
City Mr. Pierce Is to be given a Immittet by 
the nfllclals of the city. On Nov. 12, Mr. 
Salter will produce a new drama, eulltled 
-The Drunkard's Daughter," starring Lyda 
Powell In the same. The premiere production 
will take place near Chicago, as the booking 
of the attraction begins at tlmt city Nov. 18. 

Amono those engaged by Manager Ueo. II. 
RrMUUll, for "The Jungle," a drama tiziitlon 
uf Upton Sinclair's sensational novel of the 
same title, which wlil have its first produc- 
tion at Trenton, N. J., on Nov. 5. ore the fol- 
lowing: Blanche Hall, Joslc Sadler, Marlon 
Ashworth, Helen F. Orrosby, Nina Alnscoc, 
Alphonz Ethier, Frank Sheridan. Edwin 
Chapman, -It. C. Turner and Boyd Coleman. 
The complete cast numbers thirty apenklmj 
parts, while a large contingent of extra peo- 
ple will help to reproduce scenes In Chicago's 
crowded "PackJngtowii." Rehearsals have 
begun under direction of Frank Hatch, who 
staged "The Clansman" las! season for Man- 
ager Brenn.m. "The Jungle" will be pre- 
sented on a brief road tour before colng Into 
Philadelphia. Chicago and New York, for ex- 
tended engagements. 

Mallev and Phillips report S. R. O. busi- 
ness with their play, "A Bister's., Sacrlllce/' 
nt. Hart's New Theatre, Philadelphia, week 
of Sept. 24. , m . • „ 

Mace Urebxi.baf, leading nmn at the Bur- 
bank Theatre, Los Angeles. Cal., was mar- 
ried recently in that city, to Mrs. Lucy Ban- 
ulntr Bradbury, said to be an heiress to mil- 

l |onB - ... - « 

Clara Clemenb, daughter of Samuel L. 
Clemens (Mark Twain), made her debut ns 
a concert slnirer Sept. 22, at the Norfolk 
tiyranaslum, Norfolk. Conn. It la stated 
that she has n very pleasing contralto voice. 

Kathkrine Lau.nbd, dresser for Elizabeth 
Kennedy, of the "Mlzpnh" Co.. was married 
on Sept. 21, at Baltimore, Md., to Thomas 
Caldwell, I non-professtonrtl. 

Notes from the W. F. Mann enter- 
i-nisKN. — Business Is excelcnt with Mr. Mann's 
various attractions, which Include three com- 
pun!"* In "As Told In the Hills" (Eastern. 
Centrnl and Western), "The Moonshiner'* 
Daughter*' and "The Cow-Puuchor." The lat- 
fcr has been breaking lecords through Illi- 
nois und low.t this senson, nnd reports of the 
merlts of the play are very favorable. Mr. 
Mann lins purchased a beautiful home In 
Chicago, on Lu Sulle Avenue. 

Notes from Cohan k Hctiikrlakii'h "The 
King of Trumps" (Western). — We are In 
Texas, and getting our share of business. Not 
e change has been macL> since the opening, 
with the ex2.?nllot of adding a trap drummer. 
\t Palestine, Tex., Bursa members of the com- 
pany were initiated Ma Hie F. O. EL Thev 
were : W. C. Turner, Louis Roosevelt and 
Chas. Glenroy. We nre booked In some of the 
best Western time, and look forward lo a long 
and pleasant season. 

Hall Cainb's play, "The Bondman," found- 
ed upon his novel of the same name was pro- 
duced at the Drury Lane Theatre, London, 
Kng., Kept. 20. The critics differ ns to Its 
vhIiip. hut ft lsi reported that the audience 
liked It. ... . 




CLARIONET, HAXOl'ilOSE and all lira-s. 

P. 8. —We want only the best, and if you are not 
an aniHtou your chosen Instrument, save <itampii. 
HeHdqnartcra for Women NnalolanH, 14 Music 
Hall Building. Boston, Mass., tlRQ .W. SMITH. Mgr. 

FOR BALK-Pn«e OntflT, compU'to; silk 
Dress, 16 eirects; Velvet Cloak, %\i; Black Art 
ntittlt, new, «I8; lot of Tricks ohcsp, new White 
Moire Siikoienc Serpentine l)re*i. t*\ pair Nickel 
Plated Side Tallies, M; :x»Misi. Slide-'. IA: 'Ji Col- 
ored Dance rilldes, it. Enclose stamp for list. 
MRS. WM. CARL, .'ft* Conrt St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Frank II. Reynolds, otter accepted. Letter to So. 
Wayne returned. Let me hear from you, Mrs. Cart. 

form Outfit, Striped Top and Stde Wnii; will lit 
any -ir.c, lsxisfuor less. $ir>: Hand Organ, with 
loinnes, fio; Striped carc Hoard or show Tent- 
Top, lo.xi-ifr.. h. Ail above tn good condition. 
One Brand New Working World Mechanical 
Show, worth $£>0, only t;r- cash. 


a Van Korden St., No. Cambridge. Mass. 

skktches, Trsveatlea, Buricsnues, etc., 
written to order. Only the >>cat original work fur- 
nished to profctPioDAia. Jos. Kershaw, KB Hut- 
tonwood St., Phils. 

FOR SALB— Conn Soprano Saxophone, a to 

shape; B flat Trampet, Slide Cornel, Double Hell 
Cornet; all gold-silver. Novelty Oello, small 
Organ, fine half -i?.e Cello. 

ESTER1IR0OK. jjtt E. nth St., New York. ■ 

CVRIONITV FOR BAUI for Tent or Piat 
form. Greatest money getter on earth. The 
3-Kyed MaJagasin fatapooka, with sno Pointing, 
*». Can ship at once. WM. NELSON, 8 Van 
Marten ML, lfe>» Cambridge. Mass . 

WANTED— Singing and Danolng Sketch 
Team, man and wife, change for week, both do 
singles and doubles; alio S. and 1). All 'Round 
Comedian. No tickets. Money sine each Sunday. 
Jninonwire. Slate ail. Can use Operator with 
Picture Machine. A.B. VANOOROER, 
Bnrnwond Sosgnahsnns Co., Pa. 


CITY mki>. SHOW. Salary no object to right, 
man. Hast read and transpose. Address MAN AtifcR 
MKO. SHOW, Electric Family Theatre, St. Clone; 


machine (Universal model}, cotnp'ete with cal- 
cium Jet, 1-10. AMERICAN KXOMANOK. d.O HalrtOV 

stj, isNMBya . 

LADY WILL SELL handsome Street and 
Evening hresaes. ffitocifi. Opera Coat, Atitle 
Dress Seal and Persian Lamb Coat. Desman, 
Ml W. iutb St. I night. 




With machine and 2,0011ft. film. Illustrated Sougs, 
Herpcntlue Dance, Magic Act, Mechanical li,>ll 
Act. Both plays responeilile parts, Stag and 
Dance some. Any :. night or week show send 
hei*t offer, and for fun her particulars to JAOK 
FISHER. Gen, Del., Pott-town. Pa. 


Wanted, good shows. Oond Opera House. Seat 
lag capacltv 800. Population 6,000 In cltr. Man' 
Hirers, address J . li. tlltA NT. Manage r. 



Salaried position only. Competent and experi- 
enced iu at) branches. Member of A. P. of M. 
Responsible Leader. Address E. W., Clarinettist, 
2;< Marvel St , Taunton, Mass. 



complete emit. Men double Band. SutlMH, Joe 
Barnum, and all other old itinera, srlte. 

MASON UliOS., (ilea Hock, Pa. 

Wanted, AAAJN 

With traveling compuu.v goitiir South, as Csshler. 
Mustlnivet&oo cash. Half liiiercm, or eahiry |.10 
week and expenses. No experience required, l 
have company, printing, electrical effects, and 
act, and time booked, only those incsnlnx filial- 
nose need answer. WM. CLARK, 

Bin W~. Court St.,t'lliclnnsH, 0. 


Wanted at Once, 

And later. If you play organ, please note. State 
salary and ail you do. 




ROBERT WAYNK STUCK 00., Bmn»ylll», Ind. 

fib HIT 0Z0 GflRBI m OUTFIT. 

ML with Chemical. The best made for Motion 

HA11HACHA CO..W0KlbertSt„ Phils., l'n. 




Time HIM after Oct. a nmn March. Nu lie. 


For Opora, MUhlcal Couifiiokos, VaQdevIlle 
coached. Introduced. Trial i urns, all v appusram^CH 
srranneil. Foneater, Huiti; ggd, HM Hr'dwny, N.V. 



Hie ProOta. Dealers and 
ahl'hw. write for whole- 
sale catalog of tho latest Puzzles. Novelties and 
Poeket Tricks. UNIVERSAL SUPPLY CO., 133 U 

Sails St.. chic.wpn. K-'*nil-l""' taoo. 

WmiteU Quick, 

llf MS MAW. Permanent st-ork. 

ggMj RKLLA. Ooireyvlile, Kas. 


Tents, Circus beats, Blues and Reserved, I'olcsand 
hiuirri, Msvecish for good canvas. 

PBARL VAN, Northvllle, N. Y. 


W. II. m:ll II.LI vo. 

Vlnllnl.t, and AJT.Dger. Burlcune, Vftmlf- 
till,, etc. Mdrvt, Cue al CMI'PRft. 

Money in Roller Skating. 

The Spalding Rink Skate 
Wakes Roller Skating Popular 

Tht revlvil of till ptpilar pasllat 
Mdi lair lo held for I ltag tlmt. 

Th ' Spalding 
Rink Skate 

the beat skato ever made, 

la being uaed in all large 

rinks throughout the country. Used executively in Madiaon Square 

Garden Bink, New York City, largest and most popular rink in tho world- 

Moil MOBon.lcl .ket. In link owner., bKMV lltll. tin.. I. ipent In whluh iim Indict., estremely «n.r running qnnlltl... 








1440 BBOABWAY (Holland Bldg.i. N. T, 

101 l)KABUOIi> eillEET 



t-'iiKK I'loffikitnini (onii-i to |iarfni*int*rit *>nt'loiln|( prograuiN, 


Villi ttMiHV— "»•«•" " Tl "' !> '» irf """" »>•" " M y Hsiiihie," "ATBiii|.oMiu.-rt 
l^^FTT nwStOkMW M. ■""■call," ^UnDAuiKiilPrsui'ti I'iimibi rfuiipA." "Tiist'» tho War • 

^ivc You.' 1 "I wo Llltlo Ohllrtren," -'Inlhe Hindi of Mny." -'P-iijay anil Untiiy," "TIhj tthanly lit th" 
oikIj," "World Lovers, You and I." "ItBim Party rtoml YoVunn YottKou," "Hi itt,""Aa tin' (Ji'lilonHilll 
wan MiiKliifr In the Wort," "Hush, M\ llnrlltin." "Tell Me," "KlMS," "Sly Hear Hwi'ui. LUtle Marli'lie.'i 
"My Boyiiuoii Uav«» I Hpeni Down on tin* Farin," "In Ihn L.mlor i, irhiait" Mhnilow." "Tho I'olliloliur 
Ijimeni,'' "Mr. WsiiiHley'sGanie Law," "When the Trees Are wiiiti' with hIohhoiiim,'' "IiatiulDirMnMu. ' 

MELVILLE MUSIC PUB. CO., 56 West 2Slh St.. New York. 



NEW MANAOKMRST, Comedian with H|>ccialty, ?*oulir«llo with cp-elHUy.Rnd Lt'Silliig M.m. Olln'r. 
write. Ki-hfiirrialH Orl. 6. Opi'li in, AddreH* A. P. 1IHKU, Hut l**r. I'm , 


Bennett-Moulton Co., 

Pianist, Leader, Agent and Character Man. 

A. P. RKK1I. I'iiIIit, I 



A from) Vauiluvilli' IIomi- Manssur that artuslly knows. how lo handle tho puliilo> |irei>H and nrtinin.' 
Town uf ono hundred thuiixand in New York Htato, To in'riin- iniHwerMiatu lowenna'ary nxupiiti'd 
iiiidyoiirfxiierleoou. AilttrcasesreorK. Y.ULIN'KH. A. OWNKR. 

SW" M — WMW *^—^T— ^fFfST* I . ^UJJBP 

May Hillman Oo. 


WAnlrolie .nd ulillltf lmlupou".blo. Call Stiirutvftot W.fl.',th Mi., itiiill Thiiritliir, Oct, 4; 
ulli-r Hint. Cll.lllherillltirtr, l'«. KHNK.T BI'II V AIIK1., Mnnngxr. 


Willi Clolnm Mill Kluiilrlr AltOchoieDM. Hiiini' 
l.mi.i 1 :-, u.eit l Minea inily. Fully Mukol I'lHteil. 
Will .tup II. 0. 1). , |i«micki- of oumltullon. 

ouTifrr, msta.oa. 

, Rheostat, Bwlfidi, win 1 , etc., cuiiiuleui. Hurl 

L'uMt Kn two rnniituv aau A \> .rtrnln Tor suiui' 011 

I,. HAIH.KK, v.U) Kit" t 07th M„ New 

r York. 


Al Song and Dance Comedian 

To put an Arth u mi iiuiko them iro. Hkctt'lt Team, 
Klieut Act. Mini With MiiuNinu uti'l Hunt- Hildc* 
thstdoen HpectaltleH. Ihoae liDiiiiinjr liram pre- 
r^rn-il. Hiuic nil flrxt Irrttor. Hs'aty nurc AddrcHX 
J. 0. Hl'IlH, llillihun. Ilr.. N. II., care or llnnl'ii 




Hand sod orchestra. MiidL ho Hnlmr and MiorouKli 
trouper. I>inirenifMfr<] merit. Join mi wire, (ithirrn 
write. . KUOK Kit. Korr Worth, T«». 



Alter Ni>T. 1. 


Ballot; cparlly, WJO. tlooil HllOl 
JOHN R. HNAPP. Jit . II|tr„ 

OAK TOWN lliillium. 


Hoiibrctto, l-Aily l'lanlitt. t pay all, pliu Hiding 

HfllorT low: hjre. 
Spring., H. Y. 


T. FALKH, UDlou 

WaiM, Midiclit Show Coaedian, Piano 

Player tliat can .log. M.n with Picture Mailtlm- 
Willi plenty or Film.. Other, write. 
il' PASTUH CHKUIOAL Oil., Nlar/M* P.III, N. Y. 

iss.9ih YEAR— i 

| uu 1 mipsmlluled hiiocl-hh or th<- hen Known. 

I oiHt lUtiil anil in.'.ir CMlMlillHlutd hook of 
Hiatro roiuedr In trio world, tiiwtd Tor the 
current MMUS 1.|AI>I80N > H UVIIUKT 

Nu. IU, whliilt roiiuiim si parody Huueos-Ori, 

i> really funny munoiufruea, m flue nkeuiiei. 

f-ir 2 iinttm, and 4 lor inula and female, a 

| ".veli cuiiifillcH und tiurleHques ruillllllg 

ii'dirlyan lioureimli, hesldvn a iromendnim 

j ti ini'ti i.r new taw*, Jokos, eoniln pomrie. 

Hldowalk piitttT, ri.;. I'rice only SI PfBK 

V JPY. Mnnfg returiuiUfbw nay mo. Murk 

In moo fiit of print except I1UHUETH S. 7 and 

i, Will Hond unv 2 for ii.-vj, n for %'t, or 

H liirnnKTH :t, ;. a nnd in for %j.m. JA.mkh 

H tIADIKOIV, 111)1 1II1HI) AVI, , 


isWB i !■ ■mini mmmtrunnm 


Novelty Theatre, 


MATT UBE, M«n»|i»r. 



K I 1, I, HTAUK. 

Addrei" ». I'. I'm care or CLIPPER. 



; , . .," ' ■ ' , " : ' ■ "... ,. f ■ 1. ■ \ I : — '-r-f — '—■ ' ■ , • '> ' ' . 


/ ywy ygwfc wry*. 

Keith -X I'roetor'a t'nlun Hiiqnre 

Theatre (12. F. Itogei-B, reHldont manager). 
A bill which drew forth rounds of applause 
niia/iitenly of I* tighter was bresotitetl vct.l, 
tu^iLU'romlffil matinee. IJartlnln't Kleetrlcnl 
flatlet appeared fur I he first time In this 
■ •tfy, and sco-cd n miceCriH, There nre n inim- 
her of women who wear Illuminated w»- 
i iiirn-H, rpprcneiitlng different birds, and the 
effect Ih pleasing 1 . The cilnmi, showing the 
twenty-four \\mum In n gorgeous taoloau, 
Wait imihushtruTcnlly nppiau(M> "Arlols Brn*. 
I first time in New York) offered one of. the 
i levrcst oar arts ever seen In this city. 
Uotii men are clever ncrobnts, and the eoni- 
Mian "Ih one of the liest wen In thin stylo 
»t nets;- The Four Fords returned to dance 
ibcJr way again Into the highest favor. Thos.. 
■'v'Keoagh nnd company met with a very 
Cordial reception. In "The Way He Won 
l|'er."' which given hlru an opnort unity to do 
sottifi ijufck change' work. Julia Redmond 
mid company, hi "Too Milch Married" fflrrit 
iluie here)i stirred things up In u lively man- 
ner. The latter holf of the farce 'was ex- 
co<H«gly funny. Al. Miiyncs made tt great 
fift m the Irltui gnrdncr, Jerry. Julia 
Redmond pleased ns Sally, nnd Harry Fowler 
wnR-iuece«sriii In Hie role of Ueacon Hmlth. 
AVery and Hart again tentwi a big hit ;m 
their clever offering. Tiitse coloral men 
mirk quickly; and Imtli have a kern scjisu 
"f Itumor, of wiilcli they make Jiiftleloiifi line. 
Ifo ye Noivlan went well In li|a offering, 
h(i'd hlAoliltlme "HiuwklliK*' recitation mam 1 
it* .usual hit Kelly nnd Violet te returned 
lifter nn nltkenoe of nearly two years, anil 
■mgwvd Improvement, together With handHome 
umtpmm Mr. Kelly luj» n good voice, which 
V' linq with excellent direct In either "roan" 
or lrluli songs. Dorsch nnd Rusnoll In their 
nnlijiii! musical offering, won numerouu eti- 
foren. The set nnd plaj'irs nre n big success. 
»)tbers were: Hornet* Wright, singer ; 'Frank- 
IJ'ti mid Kva vv. Wullacc. hi comedy j Ilclln 
Veyla. dnuiltic ami singing,. nnd the Pryors, 
l»t)Ji)|Hfrt.' The klnetugr.-iph closed the bill. 

Victor In Theatre (Oscar Jjamthersteln, 
inhrtHpioVT.TltP itWiirtl bill of vnrIM>*celle'iii:e 
narked to nth-act the u*nir»l Wf audience' at 
Hie Monday matinee of Oil. 1. Arthur Prince, 
flu* v"nt I'iinqulHi. returned to the stage of his 
Ih'Hl American hiicccsh, nnd bin welcome wan 
most cordial and well deserved. Others on 
ilin Hplciultd bill, who received a hearty wel- 
i-oine. nn<i id whom tiuplaiis^ was extended 
without stint were: Josephine Cohan and 
••ormmiiy. In lier comedietta. "Krlday, tho 
i.tili ;'' W'liiiniiiM and Tucker.- 'preseatltiK 
-'Hhlniiv'H Flnlal:," a vdutlevlUe 'etntislc ; 
l'ri'*l N'lblu, In :i Merles of stories, which 
Nclntlllnlc with wit: the Loakv-Kolfc Quin- 
tet, expert Instrumentalists: the Xlin'veltlua 
/.Hiiclicst 'whose fedts u mental wewtnjr 
iii' 1 liimui-passed by any other exponents 
of thh in'i : Uoey and' Lee. uotiufar Un- 
hrew comedians, who seored stroflfrl; In their 
H'inKH and patter ; Hie Itaptio Rlnters. In l(us- 
stun dnuces. mid costumed beautifully t were 
a delight to the eye, aUo causlna; won;Ier nt . 
their gnue nnd skill In whirlwind gyratlohfi ; 
Itostow. (tn exjiert eQiillIhrlst. and the vita- 
yropli, dlup'uyi'd new pluturefi In Ufa motion. 

i'oloiilmi Thcutre (Percy O. WlllltimH. 
niaitagi'i't. — Tito new seaxon'itns -started off 
with n boom nt llils beautiful theatre, ami 
Kesidcut Manager Victor WIN hi ma reports 
the bnatticsH to i.u- up lo the nild-sensop Htanil 
ord, iillhoiigh 'tile present scftfun - started 
biit'lhree wcrks ago. it Is safe to iiHsuhio 
Hint then 1 will be no retrogression In the 

'•allbre of the bills offered nor In the volant 
of IniHlneKu nccorded to the Colonial, ns Ibo 
theatre linn a distinct clientele of patrons, 
composed of residents of the locnltty In 
wlilcli the iiii'iiiri' Is situated.' One of Fred 
Kftrao'i blc KiigllH)) pantomimic productions, 
.■'■tilled -A niirli c In (lie l^lums of London,' 1 
lu.wbjch fliircii pi'onle lire engaged Ih i>m- 
thiylng the different ehariicwri*, lipids the 
io|i line position nr . i . I ■- yaeWtt bill. It Is 
In two acftiefl, and proved very entertaining 
id tlio Mondiiy amlttmrr-K. John W. Itlttl- 
souo gavo, for the drat lime here, l|ls tiew 
fjmracU'r Impersonal lou of Ayilliiim Jeiinui((H 
lllydii. which uenred. hhcIi n -sttouK- suctiflis 
i-eVeiilly nt iluoilier effy theatre? flli sile- 
'■cun hero wnM ' juat as mat-lied oh Moti- 
<lny. This Is the second ntid last week of 
the fiivN, In ihelr feats at thaumuturgy. 
others who aided In bringing sneeoas to too 
bill W4re: Al. Hbeun and Cha», Wiirren, 
lu their fuuny sltll, "Kidding t'Hpt. Kldd,' 1 
one of tbo best bits of truvesfy these uccom- 
pllshed farceurs have ever appeared 'in; 
Hint OUHl-tette, in vocal bmiuiintci.; UratK'n 
•tugs, a ){oal net in Its line; tlio llacker- 
Uslec Trio, ulllffll bfuMlfWI dfp Tnrlllo, 
ifi fiiiltutloiis, riiid stories In 'Chinese iilnlcct. 
nh[cU nleused guully, and gained a, Well 
mntA reciill. ntiil lite rltngrnph wltb'n'ew 
(lluiN In life mottiiii. 

MiuIIhou Ntiimrc Curilt >i. Momltiy 
evvDlNtf, Oct. 1, found Ibis Inrrfo ■uinliltlifHtro 
l.'ackedlo the dun to wIIiichs the second 
ubiiuiit't'L'ounty li'idr," which proved audi a 
HjMW' insi >rnr. It I» "un Interesting 
••Hhow," and should surpass Itw previous ycur. 
Tlii'i-c wen' fully ni.ism people packed wlihbi. 
iMtd"tibour half tlutl (lumber llglitliig to "get*' 
In. ,f Everything ifntnat)' WW Inuuliiiute foririil 
ta ihe gi'uoln.* county fair can be found her:'. 
mi'] H renilndsitlic onluoltcv of the farm alia 
country. Then? ore ninnr new nets, bollt In 
tlm aei'lnl und tumbling Itue. among whlcii 
nro the ureal NclHuii-Favilnm Troupe, (be Six 
Flylltg Itilnvir.ds, the (H'eat Alfrcno, high 
ȴlre wnikcc : Prof. AruOldo' nud his Jeopard-*. 
nnd Dure H.>vil ltnlH.-ock, In his "looping the 
death hup loop." on a blcycje. The fair will 
bo' wllb iib (hree weeks. • 

roiirtfi-titii Htri'vt (.]. Wesley HoKcn- 
ipiost, iiiunngei1.-- , 'Carollnn." with the' fol- 
lowing, cast, vita given here Monday a 
npnii nnd rvculng. Oct. 1. to crowded Koum-i- : 
"■-tut Ilui-Viird. llcnJnmlii llrauburyi .luck 


*, .I'lV* 

.- Fifth Avenue 

: been closed all Sum- 

Mlh 4 Proctor'» K|£U -claim. 
Street Theatre <E. F. Albcf, jj]»unKfi I- 
The bill i<jr,,Ujb cotfyit weelt at Sill*, theatt 
drew bvenmwla; *" 
ercDiDg, Sunn!-- 

uier, tjils luiuse reopened on Oct. 1, unflerjhe 
new innnngemtot of Keith & Pooctqr. T1>e 
above date marked the change of the tneatrc'n 
policy from tlrumnilc stock to continuous 
Vaudeville, and, Mrs. Lnugtry. as the. big 
feature of Ibo Mil, then made tier vaudeville 
debut, lu every respect, save only the outer 
walls on Hiondway and Twenty-eighth Street, 
the Fifih A venae Theatre lit practically now 

from garret" to dome". ' Qi Buridrty (wooing, , 

Ment. :i(t, the house was open for Inspection satlllty in her clever Singing and^chnractcii- 
by member* of the l-ress, who found a roaltl- rations. The Might Kngllsh Mjuvm a 

Htrirgt The»tc«.— Kmtna Caru»,-.wI»o -kHM 
thprotigltJy ttWrorUt of the limes 1ft per Mfg 
neroct!ons, U a big feature on. .l]jj». W MJl 

IBM hoWs, both aUernoon aod s<rect!ons, 'fi a big feature on this weera 

, ^fflf, Oct. l ' liordnl and Nevario bill, .and on Oct. Q^M^ffm^MS 

opened the fyp tesHlon and p«t thp bouse lp greatTy pleased with htt, dMjtfiR™ W& 

gj>pd Immur. .Miibelle AdtUns. ti>e_ i Ijrtlj , »M3' J .oiid ii ''SSSLi/^'iSfli &ISP%'!Sul 

jliaracter vldlliilst. was llbernlly iipplaiirtec). 
Those old time favorites. Mr. and Mra; Work 
Murnliv. wore as satisfying a* of yore. m 
tbelf familiar PtetpL "The .Coal" Strike." 
fialhly Toliy Claude gave prrtof of Ijer vcr- 

)ffcll>' of stirprlseH at every turn. Artists 
have really tvorked wonders In the audi* 
torlurtt of the old house, nnd the result, in 
one "of the h a in! ^m. est Interiors of any the- 
aim in New York City. The decoratlvo 
upect Is confined to three shades — Parisian 
grrv. Chartreuse green nnd two-toned blend 
of o hi Ivory, with a sea-shell pink. The wpUh 
hour tljfl green hnckgtoiind with the boxes tlnd 

7HI10UK. JUG I'.ipiU I'.Oglinil lliuilliwn, • 

troupe of clei-cr alnglng nnd dancing glrln. 
caUgtit rim house. Nat Jlalnc» has lost none 
Of Ids powor to please, the audience qulcklv 
catching on. in BM miuiy citmiiitly made jokes. 
Hit. Davis, Warren lOmewon. Frederick Haw- 
thorne, Vernon ' Horncri, Adele ItloOd nnd 
Maud Hulilason made a lilt, in the one act 
tragedy, in two ncenof. '•The Unmasking, 
written by Mr. Davis, and held the 'undivided 

hnicouy sitd ,'nllerV fronts, and alt the wood attention ;oj"*nC" large, nudlcnce, the fencing 
' In lvdry rina gtey. The ceilings of mtim gJilig MnMnliy well. The Kllnoro 

Is trimmed hi Ivor? rtnd grey. 

firrhcitrn nnd h'nlcony are panelled Id hues of 

crushed row, blending Idto n erenm color. The 

draperies throughout the auditorium are of 

heavy silken ffltirlCrt; pf a deep Chambertlo 

red, and the Wilton carpeting uircvcfy floor 

Is n Hch ilurgundlun crimson. The Ilroad- ., 

wny facade Is, treated Id antique verdigris, work, produ 

itml thci entrance, lobby present^ a warin nnd 
cheering aspect In Its gilt frnnted panels of 
n confJi red nnd nbslnthc green. The Indies' 
reception idoin* i.rc most nttrncjively deco- 
iiuimI' h: InVeihlcr, with a cream-hued dado. 
The entrance lobby to the tbeutre proper Is 
panelled in brocaded old-rose sohn, with 
Versailles grey bortbtrs. The dome of the 
theatre, wllb Hn eight pnncln of hcrolc-slzcd 
figures, which the late Tojettl palmed for 
t!lc Oft«:cy estate, lina'beeh restored to Its 
original grtlatlc beaitty, and the panels rep- 
resent Tojfttl fu tli': zi'uitji of his fame as 

g'jljig esii' 
Kistdra Wei* ir|Hy fiinny in their' reiwtttee, 
ahd -singing anddnnclng. The Fourteen 
PWdt vEGBm* were clever in their Play- 
ing of |i>su']Hi'<ntM, the bass drum 
portion of the act being especially good, and 
their mnrct»lnc ovolutlons evldehcidg linn* 
stive of good rcaulta. Tnc 

t Ion: pictures closed the show. 

New Amsterdam Thentre (Klaw A nr* 
langer. minuget*). — At tlila holme on Mon- 
<:av evrjilng, Oct. 1. If. ii. Irving and his 
wife jiproLnpn M.iirtl, made their American 
dehr.t In the llrst ptodrctlou id this' country 
of Mteohon Pbllllps' four net plliy, "Paqlp 
nnd ■■ Frnnceaeii." .The eta rs, who were .as- 
sisted by a cotnpimy iiniib- up of I'.hcIIhIi play- 
ers, were «lven a hearty reception by the 
large' nudltince present. It Is Xinfortunate 
that Mi. Irving should I.ave chosen this May 
In wht(h to-mtikij his how to nh American 
a genre ilgrre painter of cifpida, cberuus nnd audience, as Itglvea him no opportbnlty to 
seinphs. The tirst per forma nee began Oct. diu»jlav hU tnledtii. Top cole of Malutuatn, 
1. nt 1 o'clock, and to mark the dedication as d|awn by Mr. Phillips, differs widely from 
of the playbouso to continuous vdUdeVjlle, that In the various other wrsloos ot the 
Mrs. Lauglrv nnd along programme 1 were V/ork with Which we r.r'e fdmlllnr. As Tk\t. 
provided. HI*. Lnngtry presented "He- Hiilflps dl'riws rlie ' charftctpr It, Is, never 
twnmi the Nightfall and the Light," n liuuiiio. and the other characters suffer, 
aki'teft, iiv cniiiii in Hill, which tells of inofc or !qs9. f » * m tin; sttiiie defect. The 
a visit paid to Mra. Branfoy by Arnold plrty Is clothed }tt' un Unreal ."atmosphere,-'; 
< Jul loner, n close f rlond , of . lier 'hus- nnd never onre tloes (t touch the heart- 
hum]. Cimloner tells -Mrs. Braiifov that gtilngs or sympathies of the nttdlence- As 
ho wants her to go uway with. him,. because u literary, effort It possesses eoiisldemhl 1 .' 
in- has proof ti-nt. her husband loves his merit, but for |CHJ0 purposes it Is lapkiUg 

Bented "The MUgplcanil the jiHglMA— 
flrst lime here, und made one of the bltr- 
geHt bits scored nt thin bouse by n sketcn, 
team in some time. Miss Halt appeared as 
n Howcrv lough girl, nud delivered .some 
really funny lines In such an IrreslBtlbly 
humorous mauner that the audience frequent- 
ly lniigbed long and loud, n'rnl Interrupted 
her at various, tlnies with evidences Of (to- 
ttsuai favor. The sketch tells of bow Jay 
Uird, a good Jienrted young former, becomes 
Hraitten with "Limr because lie has seen 
neat pictures In the l>npers nhd read' of Iter 
lierolc saving of some drowning persons. 
He writes for her to come out to Ills 
i'arm from lmc IlijwcrS: liomo— "object nintJI- 
Inony"— and "LUxIc" arrives, .'slang and bag- 
gage. At llrst they do not appear to, ,get 
along very smoothly, .Jay Wli'drs old ;muld 
jUtcr proving rather a Htuutblipg block /or 
the Bosverv" girl. Hut .lay sraoothH .tfilngH 
over, and "Mzzlo'' remains, with every prfls- 
licet of eventual happiness! The skit ,*yna 
_ written bv Rdwanl \VoIIk«I, nnu Is a.gentiin 
the mo- its. class, being cleverly "hundled and provlqed 
with nctlon nnd comedy In Jiptt the right 
proportion. Mr. Mac'y played Jhy Hlrd eleV- 
erlj,. aqd the sister was also entertaliigly 
rtCted. Miss I lp.ll, however, . mndo the reo.1 
artistic triumph, artd her tough girl 'tow ,n 
ctnsalc. Lvdin -prHuavj in a cove* ventr|lo- 
(jitlal specialty, ontltied "Dnce.'h Soldier; Al- 
waya n Koldlcr," held abKorbed rittentlon jlur- 

Ive, the oni* dnininv used, that of nn old match 
vinl'r and for rrt or so id lei, proving reuiarkHbl;- 
llf^tlke. Applause for the vcntrlldqiilnl 
work wob hen'ity And sincere. Others on 
the excellent Mil wcro : 1 ho Mystcrl.ouV.HoB> 
nrds,' In ail Interesting ami clever cuturtiiih- 
ment of thought i-eudlng: .Mathewa and Aeb- 
tey; In "A Swash up in Chinatown ;" Koc.bley 
HflM., III an icrobntlc noVelty nc,t that proved. 
most Effective': t'atherlne -JJayes and Subel 
Johnson, in "A tiream of Kaby Days;" Scott 
ahd'. ivllBoq, ncrolaitlc comedians. . .and tht 

Fmiptre t,'onnrfy Four, with !t» ,.\f. ry tunny 
T 1litchtnqii. Anlmuied, pictures ctmtiuue. , 
Mlner'fi Klfrfafh Avenue Theatre (£d- 

(Ohuloucr's) wife. Mrs. Itraafoy refuser 
lo itgree to such a plan to even up the score, 
and Chalonor devnrtu, telling lier that with- 
in nn injur l|f will kljl biir husband unless 
she meets tit Id. ilranfoy, who has returned 
home In the meantime. Is confronted by bis 
who with the proof of his deceit; and admits 
Hint he tins he«n wcfllc, 1 tmi begs Iter to for- 
give him. This she does, and Ming anxious 
io >mvc him from t'hnloiier she put on llrans- 
by's army eoat'rtnd lint, steps out where tho 
waiting man may sec her, nnd stops the 
bullet .Intended for Iter husband. Mrs. Hang- 
ji'V was greeted with great cordlullty when 
she appeared, find her acting wus apparently 
wel< Ulied. Kin- was called v.pon to play with 
e|i)utlot]|il Intcijftlty In oho Urong scone, and 
whs litmrllly rewarded l>y the audience for 
her work, .Arthur UolineH-Uore, who was tho 
husband, ,'llr.insby. wits capable, and Hubert 
Carter did riouie splendid work ns (.'baloncr. 
Others on the bill were: Wllliml tilmtns nnd 
com tinny, in (he hrlftljt sketch, "PHnder's 
Kurnished- him :" Hlstem O'Mcers, In their 
remarkably fine act; I^e Harrison, ,lh his 
monologue : liesnnh nnd MlltCr. singers ntid 
dancci-s;' Archer a|ul Crouker,, acrobatic 
comedhins: l-'Il^sernld and (llldhy. eccentric J. Arolk 
comedians; Thr^o l'erry Bisters, Aleuel and wj : Mlrt 
"l'eter tlie Urent ;" Al. Crirleton, Royal Mu- l-'tabk H 
hli'nl i-'ivc lli'.dl-lx and I'roscdtt, Al. Bi)rtdri r 
aiid the riiollon pltliireH.' , 

Amceiuiiii TJientru (J. M. Ward, man- 
agcr). — The favorite llttlo comedienne. IVlor- 
cucn Itlifdicy, sppeurml for tho flrst time at 
n dowuMown Ituiisc 1 , In '"The, Olrl nnd tile 
(jjuhIjIcv " a fottr net melodrama; by Hal 
Held. ii. !■:. Forrester bits aupblled a Una 
hi-rli'n of stage plciiires, and' tin- costumes 
wefr nil hi excellent tnste. The, dtol'V': 
tvnltor Liiwivnt-e Is tiiu'rested In n mine with 
DoiiijIihs llbiiiclianl, n l|ruh>tj whl>. Is also a 
gambler, lllanchard loves Gernldlhc 
rencu, whose sister, Nellie, he has previously 
rulbed, but "Jerry" loves and Is loved by 
David MuaivcII. niuhchard, ' assisted by 
lii'lrin; Mui-kIiuII {who loves' Dave), succeed 
in Retting uwPMM under their contrdll und 
show him Hint Mh wife Hum not always 
Iweu whnt ,she ulioitld be. I^iwrencc turns 
hlH limine out of doors und taken the 
two "worthies to Jil« heart. They pro- 
ii'Cil tb get Ills 'money ami ■ keep lilm lii- 
toxU-iiied on cliiimpngne. Mrs. litiwrcnce 
nnd Hid two girls arc starving, but can 
got no in'iiic.', from Walter. Oernldluc 
slags for nmii'v, inuL nt :i road. house Where 

SllC IlHH heCU 1.1' Hlatlt'liiLnl ;.vl n 

l.awri-tice lo stuke lii<t mine against his 
i iiiinirhitiit hi Ufe, and then stacks Hie curdH 
(Jeriildltic thou ilclles Illnnclmrd to ppt his 
wliuilnipt ngiiinst her love, declaring If no 
wlim siie will renounce Dnve, nnd abe wln.i. 

.... n-nlH.v and declidon. Mr. frv|hg In np- 
peni'i.ntT: closclV r^ai-dlbleS . till Lite fatlier 
i Sir Ihnrv'i. and In speech, manner ahd 
i-i'llon !!'• nisu recillln htm. At limes, when 
the part apt-mltled 11, Mr. Irving gave eyl- 
flnnce cr mfjrked iibil|ty. but these opporlunl- 
tleBwere so few' ami far between thaf it was 
Impossible to judge the actor at tits 
worth. He acted ralher with repression thdn 
force, save in the oios'ntv scimc of the pla.v, 
after he .has killed his wife and brother, 
urn! Iii this. scene he fnlrly won the ap- 
proval accorded blm. It is to be hoped 
that Mr. ■ Irving will permit us to see 

_. In one or iddre 
Ayed by Ids father, 


the charactei-B 
In some other 

win' V. Mine'r," manager). — Xobn grieves 
I'aclslah. Hcltus. TlxtrnviiitHiiia . Co. opened 
duu first JMujiballun engagement ltero mati- 
npe of Oct. l. In "A Fair of Peaches,", a 
musical farce. In two parts, by WillnrdlTol- 
eobibe And John OrieveB. The ■ entertain- 
ment is full of lively 'songs and dances, with 
plenty of (un. Albert and Alfreti are the 
two "poaches," nnd the confusing clt'cura- 
etahecs Incident to tliclr striking resemblance 
toi-ni the jmm of the evening's fun. Hheppnrd 
Crimp and Al. I lice caused lots of Intercut 
In tlie title pntts: Krcd Law nlid Bert 
Sbnters; HA proprietor njid clerk of the hotel, 
kept things moving fast ; Arthur Ynlc, as 
the porter, ranged a laugh every tlmo he 
N|iuke or mgvep, nnd was the soul or mirth. 
Allci- )Varrcn was a_ fiicccss as IIcle.n, ahd 

Wallack'i (Uhns. Hnrnbam, - managery. 
— Thopiiia-W. Hot* reappenred on- -Hrofldwuy 
a:t -a star at this theatre on. Monday .■night, 
Oct. i. This time Mr. Kosa uppcate uhder 
the ra'stmisemoni of Cohan k UntrlS.-]. In 
George M. Cohan's InteSit coiaedy.:'i ,- i;pjii|- 
larlty.f'ijc Is. In' three acts, and wan,-Qv»t 
produced nt the. Lyceum ',Tleatre, lltfdbestii, 
S.T., Sept. 3, of lbls>enr: The ' yoDB* 
author has succeeded very well In maklh^ 
nri effort to write a play Without the aid of 
nnislc to. make It go. It uhimi not besup- 
pifsed that' Mr. Cohan. In ellinlbatlug the 
jlnglini; music,' Hip dancing^girls: Klifl •■tjic 
pther ilcon-iiu that have mudc his n othep 
comedies so successful, hail in view the i'- pre- 
sentation, of a Berious plby. Mr. Gollim 
ilrtvor hjui taltbn His -,<worli, or ills wvitlhgs 
tor th(t stage, in a t.crloim manner, nbr^bsK 
he ever Imagined that they contributed id 
the solid literature of tho'draina. His one 
aim has .been to . arauso and entertain, 
nhd, , In this respect. It .must 'tie ud- 
mltted that ' he huu . met with a greater 
measure of success tbnn any other youpg 
rttftn of his S't-flrB. The lending character U 
tin actor, whosb love a/Inlr with a million- 
aire's daughter, ahd the complications which 
leshlt tfierefrobi, fiirnmji theprutr ,'J'he sfor,/ 
of- this lAtc$t Cohan play Is oiie that will 
avnMl.l^cnljiny to New York, hdd. 1,-t 
cfORely aallUtetl to the cuvfronmimt df/tha 
Ihe.iHr . -^Ij ,H« fttniQsphere. The, cc'ntot 
chnractrr,' Robert Unnd, Is that of a young 
actor, who has .crontetf tiuite n vogue "Wlto 
bis public, In fact, to an extent which' iridVe.s 
one. .of. his >utmlcy to declare that he has 
attfllbed. u dbjgu.stlng »ot?rlpty. The first .act 
discloses the rciibience or .Juhies Vulleh. u 
sbclrtlly prominent, millionaire. Tin; ribwj- 

Rnwn tnuounced the engagement -of 
Ib daughter, Gertrude,, to the actor. Rupd, 
Wtiich causes Immediate|oh jn 
the household, as pobnld Bprnstdc, the .soil 
of nn:otd friepd ahd huslncss 'associate 
Is engaged to he married to the glrl.lD'U 
tormil nud nppruy'ed fitShlou. The sudden 
and. flttprlililtr Interference of Hand -place:! 
Burnstde In a rldlculoilt* position lu : the, t-yei> 
of. his friends and member* of his club. Ain 
demands of Mr. .Puller some action- which 
wjll positively terminate the relation of. the 
actor and his ( : ;m< cc b'UUer sends for Kaud, 
bell.t v'lna him' net tinted hi his attentloh' to 
his dntighte): by. a bono of obtaining, tnmfty 
6f of " increasing ids popularity.. Bnru- 
side (w^o 1 has Introduced Ills mistress to. top 
Puller famllyl, plans to trick linnil and tin; 
woman In such a manner that It will appear 
tbUt she is'tbc companion "of the actor In- 
stead of the clubman, ana thus cffettdnlly 
disillusion ' the girl 'nud get rid' of (h-J 
woman who has become nn interference -In 
his (ilitns. Mr- Fuller, the father, innocflbtly 

ny |n w'hlih, lie ha* an opportunity to show did excellent work: Mildred' Orover'wa' 
"'".ty to Kg fullest extent. Dorojllea ?J (1 tho big snccpiwes of the slmw .in Maida 

ltalhi niade a iileAslhg Francesco. Sfnuu 
Milton illd very creditable work as Luet'ciia, 
and E. HarcQiirt. Williams wits very capnble 
as I'aola; The play waa elaborately* stngcri. 
The riist In fiill : t.lovannl MHlatostu. Tyrnht 
of ttlmlnl, II. H. -Irving: raolo. K. Ilarcourt 
Williams: Corrado, ¥ " 
i'M-W; LUISI,,8. A 

Kittle Olirlun cnused lots of laughter- us 
Bridget. The qIIo Included: Reba Ii6nal0- 
sot). In national character change ditucliik', 
1 O'Brien, 

which was greatly cnjoyp^l ; Daly nfld ._ . 
cotnedy hln^cr-i and tanglefoot dahcers, .... 
wete a blR success; La Belle I>e Vlllers, In 
Tyars; yalentlno, A. plctstltuie' dlssnivlpg views. Miss De VI I ■ 
_,. Cobk'Koii ; Marco. .' T. Hers took first prfiie at' Paris, for beapty 
pui-?l, Olmrleti Doilsworth'; Oilrlo, of faco and perfect form; Vomers and 
Law, m nulo-maplacs, presenlldg "Mr. 
Auto frbm Mobile' For genuine filn 
ahd ii thoroughly cpjoyablc cvenlug oil 
ihrougli. it trunk! be loud, to Hud oil uttrai:- 
tldn of Us kind illicit* could better this i»ne. 
The scenery nud costumrs, esnt'cliilly the hit- 
ter, Ulre n delight to the eye, had the Km-gliii; 
nnd dancing (u vigorous un4 enjoyable. Ml'. 
Gi'lev.u Is' to he congratulated on prtwehtln.g 

f*Jl$ i *",' 
lier,; OaleOtto, W. .T. Yeldham ! Pletvo, 
rfpi; '-BeniOj, CllaS. A- Dornp; Orihprto, 
Frablt %\m\ "I ; I.'e.iqc;, Henry .Wbrrall ; JIAl- 
cft-ila, peg ' finest I; Maud Ml lion : .'Constanxa, 
Mnv triirglcives: First Old. Kftimcllh'c CSV- 
dor: Serond-^GIrl. Uny Kargrenves : T«sa, 
Nahulo'B'-auet'.-i Myrfa, Emma LoVett; Nltn, 
mono Inescjrt! Angela, 
. . - i "orotl 

-.., Ada Mellon; Fran- 
i-i-Hcii da lthuini. DoTothca BBlrtt. ' Tlie,t6Ur 

Ik Under tin*, mniitigemeiit of ' Klxoo & Zim- n good, clean uttinctfon. which 


Mnrrny iiiii Theutrv (Ham Dessauet-. 
mrthflmt ) .— Tbei.Mon'flry Burlcsquera opBned 
to good hftnjH .Mpndny. Old. 1. . This show, 
■viifi'li 4il*iiy* Intu llllefl all la light or- making 
plii-pos?^. Is again huudsuinely cipilppcd,.aml 
well Uunltried lo.koeH Up th,« imcc. "On tno 
llowefy." the first »nrt(_ Is l lie well known 
"Mumming," willi considerable new business 
Introduced bv Farrell nnd Taylor, The .va- 
rious eTnst side qidsoUcsurc^xaggi^rntild JUst 
f.noUglrrto b? flitiuy.' IdSm Frellgh and 
lllaiiohe Hiivecport, in ttuiitilug gownw. were 
Botri'e of tlio visitors ffonrulilown, -while -Mtiftt 
hV&v eburactoi-r. wore portrayed by Ida llfl'jr- 
ton, Flo Kussell,. (ipj-He Hurt, llnri-y ll|lls, 
Tom C'flrtor. :lutt es Wilson, Xealy Limboch. 
FrapH Tuylor nud Ben Junsen were funny as 

' «ltiini CdudldaiOtf, Harry Kealer, : also 

on prt-Hentlug 

is well worth 

the mom*y, Tlieenst: AllierLi'oach. atieppnht 
Catnp; Alfred Peach, Al Bice; ll.-lnricli tie- 
lUlbnler, Fred Low; lAjidlnund Front, Bert 
Kotnera; lfpstla BaHouUi, Chns. linly ; Con- 
stable Bluff, Clonics Itiill : Peter -Puncheon, 
Arillnr Yule; Bclectlve Quick, Frank Mack; 
Helen Pencil, Altec Wnrreu : Mnjda Money. 
MllOred Ofover ; BfWgct Husoull, Kittle 
0*Bt'lcn ; Aniiett* Arvorue, Clara Cole ; Il(ic((y 
Farnway. Lulu Kenyan; La Belle Carnwn do 
■Vlllers. ns uh«|I« Marie; fSm week, Balti- 
more Beau lies.- 

London TliRiitre (Jumcs II. Cprlln; hum- 
agel'V.— -Tile ' Jolly Xlrnas widows had a 
hearty rcci'pllon Oct, .1. .A tlioronghly enlcr- 
taltilhg pi'ogruVntile fu 'provided by'Muriager 
(Jus Ilogu'i. "The Frolicsome Widow"- la re- 
tained as the first pact, mu Buth Everett 
vpeclally tilted lu the tltlp role. Maldu 

.... climax in net two. in The theatre; this 
nct'ls a hovel one. as It deals with cimdltlonH 
back of the curtain,, and discloses part of th-- 
stage and tho star's dressing room, supposedly 
lUSt before the.evenlng.perforffmnee. /In 'tno 
Inst act there nre two scenes, the noiorid being 
the lobby of tljo theatre, Just ■■ the iiey- 
fol-mauce Im over. Tt Iii here, that the., du- 
plicity of Burtpfide Is discovered, lie "-Is 
raiiile to "square ' himself" with his family 
ami ids mistress, and the manner In which 
tlie young actor bus conducted himself; com- 
pltftely wins the father uf the girl, whMs 
not unly iccohclled to the engagement, '"it 
happy to welcome Rnnd to his home. Dnr- 
gln the entire course of i. in; play Mr. 
Cohan has introduced ;h|s Now Yoj-k typo 
of, • men ahd 'Wbmien. and' the play' also 
abounds with i. lpcallsiiis : of New YoVi. 
Thomas W. Bos* Interprets tlje rol<* -of 
Robert Rand admirably. The reception «■ 
cotded tho . star nud Mr. Cohiih s lahist 
play by ait nudlencc of ilrtil-iilglttois. '•^'iilCli 
i.:ukeii the Hieari'c. wni ccrdiul lu the ex- 
treme, "ronularlty." Is not u .grunt play, 
but It nfforuB a' very plensunt evenlog's eji- 
lertaihruetii. and thai In ml Mi-. Cohan has 
ever plr.lmedj for It. besides the ajar, tile 
chief rolhri nre well taken care,I/rcd«i'- 
tflj tin, Jlej'.eville, as James Fuller; l-'lorem-c 
ItockWel) .w:i is .excellent lit aliepiotlonnl rolii: 
WHS seiwyji bud the rather tliuiiKless tole 
of ■ Doiirthi Ihii'nijldf 1 , tub Bcheiuiug. IbA'cr: 
Adelrthle ^[ltnoIa filled every rcituU'emmit or 
the chnu\ctet' of »,erlrude fuller,. audqNjers 
who dtd well were: John Jack,, yVllliaiu 
Keough, Tim Cronlh anil, Loreji Orlmm. 
'Tojailfirlty'*' has been stnged Muriiptuo^kly. 
hut In excellent taste, tl:e interior of .JaiinW 
lulitr'rhoiite,, lu act one, " helug rich and 
elegant l|i',i]ii>->lnlmeiit. Actor tta? huil three. 

the stage ann liibliy of the theatre were vl'iv 
millbtle, und caught tlie, Taney -of the big 
[iiidlenpc, Which npp|,iiii(tcd lieiuUly thg mliliv 
ojiportlmitfeH the play and production ftffO| 

Dupre and fllllc? Htorke. ns two lively girls 
also scored. Perrjh Homers. Artlutr cfaiilugi'. 

Cnrlotlii'' made a tremcuiloim hit as I,uclnda handsome and itpiii-iprltile, the Judges were 
:ot u laugh on evevjf especially fnniiv.- Tlii> snectacufar numbers 
.. ...BUHiug tts"Mr».'Lniv- 
Ainl Leonard lied a good Idea of the 
of U'-lcit*-. nnd carried ollt her [uHl 



in a hiiuu'ity, blase nnd ryiilcnl iiiunner. 
wlfirli wt>ti her the hisses. Inughter nud lip- 
phitiM! due Mie clmractcr. lbtrwln Knrr gave; 
un excellent iioiforinnwe of ' Thtvls, and 
warmly welcomed on his ctitrhne 

Uaytoh: "«ogd-bye, Sweet Muggle Doyl 
bv Miss FivlTgh; "My WptTtJ|*lo, q 
Blanche Hayeiiimrt, with the choruij In Im 
some velvet, sulla nud clouks; "Choer 1 
Wary," by Miss Frellgh: "A(lce, Where Art 
Thou QqliifrV" "I Do Love You" and tho 
lowliiir V*kY"wi* uivpii iVliiV MomiMv Hrfer- l>l||r l, * w rrt0 I M '"' )W IhniglHsa Hliuichard, waa medley flbiilo won encores. Joseph Hurllg 
2*«J!ff2JES HWl»»> l LfflHR ." f WT: MiUh-lently yllluluous t» merit the cxnrcs- Ih manager- Next wppK, Fred Irwin's Ma : 

on every especially fnnnv." ' Tlie spe — 

throughout ■ ffim linndnomoly costumed. 

'LlKM!" "M>" Ousky. Ubse,:* led by. Ids 

'- IJoyle." 

"' hi 

„. hand- 

somc velvet, sulla and clouks; "Chocr i'i*. 

Diiricll, Johu F. WeobtHT. . 

Lewis Wood; j»r. Kterllng Duke. Modgers 

Judge Andrew, 

....j Utike. Rodgers 

Darker: Richard Qulgg. Corliss lilies; Wll- 


played a Jew with apod efTcct. .The vaude- 
ville features. InoUlimtally placed, wore: 

The Karrell-Tnylor. Trlo.iu their well kuowu Al.tituet and Jack -Gruel held un Hie comedy 
find clever musical comedy uet: Oarmellta end In praiseworthy manner. The incidental 
IlElccdero, in. n. posing act. with hnuds&me numbers w?rc well staged. Amohg the most 
Illustrated eltcciH. 'and Hill and Wilson -In successful were : The liny Soubrecte, by 
Interesting comedy not. ' "The Sculptor's Mnldti puprl* ; "Alice, where Art. Thjbu. Go- 
KlUdlo" and "KssOX Market. 1'ollce '-Court 1 ' Ing? by TUlle Stovke : "The Jolly Cosier 
.. gave excellent oliportunlty to the company Boys;'* "Crocodile isle," by Mpldii Dnnree. 
ihe hearts of her admirers, singing, dancing for thoroughly mWIUw comedy work, and. UU n medley. The .olio '.Included: ;UjjUOt 
and acildir wllh' Vlvnclty nnd earnestness, the IWUM uo(r ycotiic tfurrouudingB ifete nnd timet, In their laiiglmblii hef, entitled 

*~ "Ham's Substitute;' MuRln Duprec Ifi sev- 
eral . 'chii'deter songs, " cleverly " rendered ; 
]tmh i:v -ret l. in her. well known doll act. 
with Imitations, nssistefi by Al. Grue.t and 
Arthur damage : the iiurrow Trip, who per- 
form ii number of novel 'cycle tricks, mingled 
with ninny .laughable unties by the smallest 
meitibcc. and Cmdeii and gomers, lu enjoy- 
able cornet and .trombone selections, as ' \% - cl I 
ns overlures nntl ajedieys well pluyed on; i\\a 
xy lop Jin lies. "Are You a Lobster.'/" la the 
topic all through the burlesque, and the vari- 
ous 'members of, that order and their belong- 
ings iirc lu coii&iunt action. Miss I£verc7t 
and Hie other members of the company aguln 

bur (hunt. George Gordon ; "Young" Motfe. 
.1. II. Uirensen : Joe. Frank II, Wilson ; 
O'Urlon, .mates' Edwards; Carolina Tolllver, 
llelulne llndloy; Grace Wilson. Kdlth Itel- 
Iowhi Stella Jurdnn. I'hlln May; ITIscllbi 
FtlkluH. Alice Washburn; iMitm Tolllver. 
Ilclun Uui'iioy; Juu, by himself. Next- at- 
triu'ib.ii. "Tim Ninety and N|ne.** 

ThJrtl AvcuDc 'flu-iUre, (3lar(.ln J. 

iiJxon. rnnnngi 1 !'). — John atuT James RUsnuII. 
the two well known comedians, uppt'iirna 
Momliiy.' i»ct: 1. in Yiirlous characters, m 
"The Great Jewel Mystery," with Ihelr usiml 
siivcess. John Russell Jr. also mode good In 
four different loles. Tito supporting company 
Included rriink R. fjpone'er, Roynl Thayer, 
Jowph llotid. pal. Win. Ilexler, Chus. R. Fogg, 
.tobu Hurt. 'Aiiiiie Conroy llnsSell, Jessie 
I'hnrrou. Flora Itiinfmitl, \lay Mncai-tyand 
Annie Kuiild. Tlio stuff include*: G. K Siour, 
ma nagcr : F. I,. Wlilthcck. biiKlness manager; 
Uriciir Idickstoue. musical director; Frnuk It. 
Siiiiiccr, singe maunuer : licit llexlcr. lutistor 
of pVopertliis: CMm, IL Fofft cnrpenler. Next 
week. 'Tur lier Sake." 

>*•«■ Vorlt Theplrf. (Klaw ,A Krlnnger, 
irtinigersl. — "Mrs. Wlggs of the Cabbago 
f'nii-li ' begnu lis ihird ntid hist week Oct. 1. 
NfxT w«*ck, Ilhinche Ring. In "Miss Dolly 

\stor Theatre I Wiigeubnls St Kemper, 
it.anitgrrsV- Aimle Ruatell, In "A Mldou tu- 
rner Xlghl'a Dream," entered her second wWfc 
Get. 1 1. ' 

\vw York iiippodroiiK' iShuhort ^ 
A'iide^nn, inntiatrers). — "A 'Society Circus" It* llflli week Oct. 1. 

l*rln<<i'HS lln-ritre i Iknrj Miller, iimnn- 
ger.l.- This hoiwe was dark Oct. I, "J, but 
wll Inneu It with llejAy Miller apt) Margaret 
Angiln. In "The flrMt Dlv|ile." Tl^ -pint 
will oo roelewWl noxt p*cejr. 

i*i»ii<"<>* Ti't»iilr«' (llmirv It. Harris, uiiin- 
iri'il- — "Tli* Hypocrites" begau Its sixth 
wrick Ocl, 1, 

alohri of (be (flitter}' amis. Arthur A. Klein 
worked hard us an lrceprcss:II>lc Fccnclinian. 
Jubn McKce wns earnest hh >VaIter Law- 
leiice. 'rim cast : David Maxwell, Darwin 
Kair : l^oiigliuts Itlnnchard, Hlgelow Cooper; 
Francois Mnurlre Dt)liols, Arthur A. Khiln : 
ii. H. Hmllh, J. 1*. Mac Sweeney : Walter Law- 
rence. John Mr Ken : J<>hq Anderson. Allicrt 
V'r lloc'.icr ; Vurkfus. Frank Baldwin : itcv. 
Amtuosc, Wltllitm Lyons: N'nllle |.nwrcucc, 
l.lllfan t*oiilHuiltli.: ilvleue Marshall. Anno llnnkey 
Leonard : Mir*. Annlp Lawrence, mm J 'aimer ; 
Liieludn .|tr«wh?'''Cnrloitji;'' Clara Walton, 
IMelle cclbei't : lieoralrt llolmnn. rercle 
Jiuhih ; 'Muuel IidncO, Lllllaii Kimball; Huo 
Jturker, 10tli(h (illl; Mumle Wilson, May G, 


Hinkfit Then t r<* (James K. llackett, 

manngeri.— This house reopened Sept 27, , 

aftel- three days' dnrkness. with James K. J"'" ipw wltlfgiKid Inugblug results. A 

Hnckelf In n revival" of "The WaH* of Jcti- Spnnlslt song and dance. ,T I Waot. to If car 

cbo," to n good sized nudlencc, Ilea trice a laukcr Doodle Tune," by Miss Dtinree ' 

IT 'V.A.. I .„„»,.,„.. .*),.!..-. - ' - -I- " I IVi.lll.r V..,. I Ibn In T ll.n, .. ft I ht III. 

I.voiil; Jennie Mtivunrd, Maud Yoiiiig; tleral- 
illnt" I.nwh'itc. Florence IJlndhy. Next week, 
"ylOiUnO Itew.ird" 

8nro>* iiiciiin- (Frank McKce. mana- 
ger). — Rose Sttihl stnrted her llflh aud last 
week Oct. I. In "The Chorus Lndy." Next 
week, Lillian Russell; l?i"Hnrbnrh'a Millions." 

Kin|tlro TiK-iitr*' (Chits. Frohman.innit- 
ngeri, — John llrew opened his 'fifth week Oct. 
L In 'ills House In Order. 1 ' 

Lyric Thentri' (Smn H. St Lee Slnibei t, 
tnuiingci'sl. — This house closed after Hi- 1 
uinTormiuire-Hiipl. !IS, tm'lug u* tho Illness, of 
Male. Kulhh. who was "obliged to undergo 
an operntliui for appendicitis. Virginia 
llnrned, in "The Love Letter." will open the 
house Oct. fi. ■ "" 

HrondTvny Theatre (Lltt X Dingwall. 
mn lingers). — "The Prluoe of India", 
ItsBeeonU'we-l: OttM.' 

Uuit'Mtlf T h nitre fW. T,. Rowlntid, Innii-, 
ngcrL— ''The Tourists" began Its alith w'H'k 
Ucl. L ,.,. 

ICiildkcrlinckcr Thcntrc (Al. IliiTinan. 
k Co., oiHuugcruK— Mont i^mo cy and Ktone, 
hi "The Red Milt," started their scqoud week 
Oct." l; .Owing to the treuieodous'fluocesa of 
this offorhic. tt lias been found ucces.iury to 
give Wednesday matinee,**., totnnveticltig Tl. ' 

flnrrlok Theatre < Otitis. Fmhinaii; limn-' 
«BI«i).Wm. H. t-rniio siftrUld hh p-ltUr'nuil 
limt week ticf. 1, ill "The Price of Monoj." 

I'Hdw Wunld'Yoii Like to Uka a.Oirt'Llke 
Me" and other numbers were well sung. The 
costumes throughout were very hIiowv. w£h 
ter Veyers Is business VmUfit' tor Mr. 
Ilogtin, who t" personally, looking if tor af- 
fairs Hil:* season: l-'ratik' Fulii-cr, miisfc^il 
dlieclor: Henry WaRer; jaastcr mechanic; 
.lame's NewcotKli, electrician. Next week, 
"The I'lirlslun He|teK." 

Ilaher'a H|nH«um {John II. Anderson, 

nuinager).-- K1I lloweii. the legions woman, Ik 

the feat lire iittimtlor) here for Week of Oct. 

..,,,_ L HenlrlceOlga. rtnhke chnrnier, und iialr.v 

Fredericks: Lady "Wester- l,c - Ma ri'. Iron Jnvvcd man, ulso nttracted 

,.,.... o _.„.i.._...„ ^...»„l ronsldernble attention. Mnpch. Uic man-Obii, 

Is alHo iimioiinccd us a. special attraction. 

In the theatre. Which Is dojug an excellent 

l.itslucHS, the following are ueen: Cole" nnd 

Kearney, Leonard and Uustedo, Mllo Sisters, 

Ltliel .lucksori nuiJ'l*>e IJtllHoii pictures. 

Atlantic tiKntcn (Jfc Kiamcr'B . Soiis. 

nianagur»j-.— Jlio rrdm^llu.. trapcae-«ct; 

face comedlann ; 

" and acrobatic 


dancer; Nlefc Parkor. -lllastrnted eonga ; 

1-rank Lolri^ wire wulkcr: Anp.u CranforU, 

Next irt'ek, 

Rose WailiL In "Tlie fhorua 

Ib'tikloy made Tier American debut oh Lady 
Alcthou; and created n most favorable |in- 
prt!ns|iMl. The Others were very competent. 
'I/he cast : .lack Froblwher. JameS K. Hnckett ; 
lituinlrtter. D:iyld (ilsfisford; Mur- 
,u in of HieriuiHoii. Arlhur R. I<aw*ren'ce; 
iord Dii.vL-jn, .1, t!lciieiiv Matthcwa; tjjirry 
lullns.' Otlltndo llnlv : : Dertinm llannaford, 
I. Ncwklrk Clugaton : Hon. Wilfred Keu- 
i on. John ' Itoonur; Lord Murchtnoht, F. 
Atktm>bh J lion! .Jasper Twelyctre'es. ' 1*. 
Jiiffersbti Hollow: Peters, Mr. Rollow; Slmp- 
aou, l'ViiUV A'. No r I fiii ; .Limes 1', A. Hulll- 
vi\n ; William- V. Fredericks: Lac. 
bv Ruth Chester: MIhu Morulugtoti, Kvolyn 
Wledllng: The Ducliess of " Rluneno 
Klllce: Lady 1'iirehettler. Mrs. Felix Morris; 
Mlas Wyail, Mary VI. Forbes; Mary, Isabel 
Ooodwln: Lady. Lucy Detenham, May niar- 
ncy; Lndy Atetbea Fi-riblshpr, Beatrice TWcft- 
ley. The secona woek began Oct. 1. '"Mr. 
llonkliison" will be rev" 
- -u'liilKiiiy of lln 
kllin, ~|iuiuiigersL' 

orid wentt'Oet. L l>Ve|yii Carter-Carrliigton 
rcplttcdu Lillian' Lqms.0n as Queen Vashtl, 
nud May Audersbii succeeded I/Oiilno lUiil as 
HtiigaVnia ou that date. 

Aointirilnm Thrulre (Jlnvls * Clark, 
muungfrsi. — Tito following peopb- are booked 
week of pet. 1 : Three Hlllyem, L. L. Uor- 
nmn, Mfl ' lllaiii-lnml, Tony Muck, (Jeripan 
Rose, the Hnrrlligiotif?' and'- Leonard nnd Tltll- 
llps. , ' . ■ ■■ - 

Liberty Th**{rr> (Klaw k nrlanger. man- 
n.a-em, — This house was dark Oct. 1, U. aud 
will open ii Willi ICIcnnoc llbbson. In "Nurse 
llurjorle."' . . .,'.'•.■. 

t,'»r.t.-u Ihfatr* (Ilepry W. Bnvage, 
iiiiiupuen. I'hi.-, Iuiiihc \\'tii* dark Ocl. I, 
Opelilng'J wllli "The Rloteii Hlorv." 

t H"inu (Rnih s; k Lf> ain)iH-rt. mint. 

gersW-My Lqdy"s afalil" opehefl Its third 
wees Oct. J. •' 

revived 8.' iiuuiiigersi. — ilia iTonmeitt; 

*«Ie (0|lmorp & Tbran- fifVLJM NfM hliiL'k t 

Mlisitalt" entered lis sec- IHch . uim, nnpfk. danpftg 

Ivvefyn Carter-Carrlngton V^W'^MMfe. WrVcnii. 

soprano: now moving ^icYiiVct?, "ixiTrt Tl'iTj", 
Lady .Orchestra are the attractions for 



QaIv'm 'fheatre (Frank McKee. matin- 
mrl.— Mafie 1'ahljl cominonced her sixth und 
lust week Oj:t. .1. ,ln '/MlilTyliig Murv.". ( Ncxt 
week. Ukbanl Carle, lll'Tib Snrlhg C hlrkcu." 

(Stuibert & Fluids,., inunamtra).— Lew .Fields 
started m sixth, week Oct, .1, la ."About 
Town. 11 ' • * . ■ ""*r> Tin-Hire , H'io. A. Itfady 

iiinnafiefl.--ijnice tlwt'ge began her rpurili 
wcekT.h'1. 1. ,n "Clothe*. 7, 

IWfM MWHEft (LTiarlni Fi-olliiii|n. 
iu.ihntf>r).-— llAitle^tlllliltiiK onleredner 
w^klJici. 1, |n 'hbe Lltllu Cherub."' 


wl, The gUt i:i full: Robert Raud. 'llio^.-vV. 
loss; .TaipcH Fuller. Fwlerfc tie niillpvllU 1 ; 
JJIiVId lhimside. Join Jack; . PonaljJ IJnru- 
aide. Edgar Selwyri ; Stogo Manager aid 
Daly. Mnrcus Mc-rinrlly ; Hjitkl and Regan. 
Tim Cromn, { I'cankllu Fieldltig, Wm..Kaougb ; 
Jphesy, pores firlmrtt ; Joseph Wilson. ,IIow- 
«rd' Stevens; Tuhakit. Sncluit'd Oldii: a MUM 
Uaiul, Sain Fjap.lnip : » property Man, l*rank 
Tvolly; .Marlon Vnuderveec, FJoVcnce I^ocjc 
w*ol| ; Oertrudo Vuller, Adelaide Moiioln,; 
Mr$„ Fuller, ljhrrlct Rosa ;,:Adrlcnnc, Ki'ivHic 
Moyer. Executive stall for Cohan & tlarrls; 
Ed. W. Durin, manager ; J. A; Auums, stage 
director; Fueeiic Waller, .blutnow managoi''; 
Nnmniion fielder, master ine'chaolc, Wililuui 
Ueaity, nsaliitaht 'master mechanic : \W. *K. 
Wllk-rr, clectilclun; Ham Klunlgap, master. uf 
propei'tk's; Mine. 'liryniu, miHtl'tsa of tbo 
wardrobe. ;. ',,.',', ..■'.• 

i'urkv.liic i heutrr (Frunk fierstiu, man- 
agor). — gu Wills began a week's cDgagctucu'. 
hero Ocl. 1, ln v hl**.pew comedy, "A Lucky 
Dog." ' Noil weelc, Jitnica J. Cbrliett, iu "T|io 
Uurglur aud the Lady." ' '; 

ihin.eo Thentre (David Bclasco, man- 
ager). — Blanche Data coibmepced her ninth 
week, , Oct, i; in "The Ulrl of the GoltJe,D 
West. ' , £ • 

Lycenm Theatre (Daniel Frolimuu, iqtut- 
oger). — "The Lion und the Mouse" begun lt.i 
forty-sixth week Oct.; L.. 
_»•■ Weher'n Mnnle Hull <Jo>|Cpli M. 
Weber, (nanoger), — Hilda Hppug, In "Lady 
Jim," started Iter third week Ocl. I. . Tho 
TiP'sdny matlnn-."i wll! coamtttCD "i. . ... 

i Grand Oiiera House (John II. Springer, 
manager). — til an tho Will sh opened a week's 
cngngepont, Ii) "The Kreittgnr Sonata," Oct. 
L ?>cxt week, Frahk:Danleln, In, "Sergeant 

i*u«ior'fi Theatre (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger). — A goot] bill was offered Oct. 1, lo tho 
usual crowded houses. lilmcc Tt-nley met 
with great fftvqr - In .his monologue, and di* 
the material way good, he deserved It. Tha 
ltiinkH-nreazente ITuo CncW herel , 'bffcreil n 
mustcal net which tboroiiglily. pmiwC It 
iM.VPiln'ed and Intoreutlng. Arthur nnd Mil- 
dred Roy Ian returned .In . the e'nU'rl'|hii"« 
act, "Jack and Jill." and met with com<ldei- 
nble npptnuse. Merrltt nud Ireliind fflrtt 
time here i, \n song anil dance, found favor, 
dnln-r hath well. J. A. IJrlscoll was u'iiep- 
tlvsly IbitetMal to in ins illustrated song 
net, and pleased. Miles nnd Nit nun enter- 
tained well In . their tjuiglug, dancing arid 
comedy. The Mcch interim I tonal Trio (npw 
here) .proved n. good i|tt melton. Their mus- 
cular work wnk a feature, and' the gymnast Ic 
reals culled for lots of applause, T. K..Csl- 
defn. juggler (tir**t time here), was -web 
coiiit;u. iud hlfl work was enjbyabln.' (itlion 
were: l-IIUabelh and, Bernlcc. Ihigim tdiil 
WnteHf. fflnt time Jicrnl. Karre*;jfcw 
here), Mile:; 7«qr. |hb, Hinnlcya. and . Lji 
Clair and ,-Weat. - The vltagrapb clott-il.the 
bill. - t .-','., — j 

Mlnpr'a i]»T»-erv Theair*- (KflpJh P. 
Miner, manager).— ^Tbe. Innocent \ldlds prir- 
w «n. ijlterest-lpg progrumme, which in- 
i-hldcs; "The Ituiocent Maidn in uiitpittown." 
■Hft UtlVoniiiit] Mile. U :i'niskn. iMrry-nml 
jnid Wyrti; niighe.i und Uilaeltun.-.fimma 
ti.NvIl und "Flddla hiim Dtiui.V S'ni SfttW 
nnd Hid l-1|el,lrt, lend Ihe c»inicdy element* Kent 
week, Wwfc WvMinh and Song. 

DtftOBEft 6. 



HiioH Theatraf, £H.- U. ■6rre,>manag*r).— 
in a farce 'roirieai-A-ln- Mitw nets, entitled 
■K Genius/* by^Wdi. aGd ana Cecil dc Mllle. 
vti-C. itooflwin made hit re-entry into New 
Vi'irl; theatricals rniyMondn? evening, Oct. 1, 
living ml "I hut dale the ilrst performance 
ioclliy of llu above pluy. .Thin work was 
, riiriiiiiHv .'nil.-'] '"Hie Genius and tl:o MiMlei, ' 
itnd received 1M f.rst preducUon on any staue 
at* a- matinee performance on Oct. 14, tDO.'t, 
j l the Lvcenm Theatre, . Hochcsrer, N. V. 
It Is broadly fnrcieulln 1 1 h tcciument, and 
hmisiona the foibles of nrt critics and Ihe 
artistically inclined with h free bond. These 
jitwrianf entire are not tipped with venom. 
However, nnd nre generally productive uf 
niclitor, and In spite or the fact that there 
Is'- crudity In nimndnnce Itt the way In 
which the material 1* handled, titers la con- 
plfirahM good.eontertiiinnicnt In the-' )i!nv, 
which gives Mi*. OootWvlu some tine oppor- 
tunities. In fact, the star was nhlc to get 
plenty of fun out of 1 hlit linen, and the ail- 
thorn of the play deserve thanks for giving 
nun' the chance to shine once more. The 
sforv: Jack Spencer, n wcnltliy young man, 
N in |ove. with Josephine Van Duaen, a 
valine 'lady with an artistic temperament; 
"<he refuses Jack because he has no knowl- 
edge uf art, and in the effort t<i win ihe 
ladv's hand .he decides to go In for art. He 
heeomea acquainted wlUi n Herman musician, 
•••French nn Inter .ami an- -Irish sculptor. 
TteM men posses* ability, but have been Oft- 
able- Itt 'gain recognition, from the critics, 
consequently bring nimble to dispone of their 
work. ..•fuck tells them of his predicament, 
and a» he la' very lunrtlntlc and they 
very -900$' they all 'enter Into n scheme; 
whereby Jnrlt In to pose as a- great genius, 
signing ull i in' artistic productions of 
i b»> three mni. (Tlulterbuck, uit amateur 
rrlttCi dnds Jack preiondlntr to Instruct tho 
ilireo artists, who pose ns his pupllH. Tho 
critic Is -Impressed with the Idea rliat Jack 
Is ft Vonderfui genius, and proclaims that 
fact , through -.the newspapers. Jack 1h now 
reeospilffid by tho world aH a genius, nnd 
Josephine .'s n-m over. In the meantime the 
genius become* weary of the game, nnd dls- 
c-overa that he ha longer loves the saner* 
jii-Ia! Josephine, hut has -become ennmoucd of 
Nell, tho model' .op the three artists. Ucalix- 
J'i" that' Josephine (Ioph not •low lilm for 
himself as much as for his' genius, he in- 
duces Josephine lo break ihrlr engngeineiir, 
and flndH that Nell Is willing in leave 
the world 'of art --and become his bride. 
Air. Goodwin was given an. ovation when 
lie appeared, and his work wns really very 
creditable, 'be spfeeh which be whs forced 
to mnkc coming aflcr reiwaied- and well 
luerlted applause. - Kdnn Goodrich, an ex- 
ceedingly 'good Inciting wmunn, anil natural 
In her acting, vu received with general 
praise. Nell O'liricn, Holicrt I'aton litli'H 
and (tardea .rohnstobu urAn excellent as the 
three nrtiKtft, and IioulAe. Itnndolpb, .Miss !/*• 
ile'ninftliom and II: fli uiftndnu were also 
most eftectKe. The cant : Jack Hpencer, Mr, 
Goodwin ; "Otto VogelBberger. Nell O'Brien; 
Vlcior Lb Mcivler^ nauert i'aton Qlbta ; Brian 
?.IcfJonlyaI, tiordon JoluiBlonc; I'erclvnl Clut- 
icibut'k,' II. (}. Lonsdale; Cyril Farqubar, 
■ !n i mv Uvln';*ioii ; ,Iom pblne Van ]hjHr>n, 
Louise Randolph: C'yriH Jenkins, M. It. Sny- 
der;' Mrs. Van DiiHen, Row Snyder: -Lilly 
Scott, Leslie I'.lnghaiii'; Miss Trevor, Evelyn 
Walla; Mrs. Van Brown* Smith, Mabel Jteed; 
Neil rjrahain, Ldun (loodrlch.- 

n*w*y Theatre (Union Theatre Co., 
inanageis). — The Avenue Olrlg Uurlesquer*, 
under : the niunngQinent uf l7.y.y tirotz. began 
a week's engagement here Monday afternoon, 
Oct." 1 ,- They were given u roaring recep- 
tion, and mi house ni packed both nftci'- 
noon and evening pcrfonnances. The fun 
starta wlth.ii ]>:'■'!•/•«■ N.iit, culled "The Tiger 
S|ir(ngn," which went with a rush' from the 
sinrt;' The prlnelpnl roles are well taken 
rire of. Chiis. Johnson, Mabel Lord, Klale 
Leslie, Mike McDounhl and l'bll McFarland 
were capital, und nil received well earned up- 
|ilaune. The scenery and coHtumew were beau* 
ilfill to behold, and the many stage group- 
ings were, n real treat. ; A- sell oo l si'ene, witli 
rims. Johnson and cliorim of fourteen girls, 
was th". funniest thing seen here In souio 
lime. I'll" company «s it whole. Is a good 
■•ii.'.: The full cflflt : Otto Trlnkhniis, t'Jinx. 
Jbbbson ; May, Mabel Lord : rountess of 
N'rwpoi't. Elsie Leslie; Mm Van Mover, Olga 
<7rlaff : Dick Dujmwti. Will Cunnlnchum ; 
Wta; Travels O. Rortin, Mlko McDonald; Ad- 
miral O'Hoollgail, Phil McFarland; : Gladys 
Grand, 'LUllun Allen; Ocelhi Swell. Mil- 
dred Fletcher; mule llhiod, Ltnnio Al- 
bert: Bertha 'Breeding, Grin Hannan. Tho 
■'horns: Llllluu Alleu, Mildred, Klclclicr, 
Grace Hnrman, May Boyle, Laura Spaiilding, 
Mac Walton. Ilel Nctni. Cecelia Dowiihi 1 , 
Nellie Stvle.i. Mabel Ilelmorp. Sinclair Dale, 
lilBM Tie Moire' and Anna water, ' Ail excel- 
lent olio followed. In which appeared : IClsio 
Leslie, ''who sang well: McFnrlnnrt and ' Me- 
Donald, who always are a hli in their clever 
net ; Charlov Johnson, Uennnn comedian, 
v;ho kepf the audience In an uproar for ten 
oimutpH, ani (,'unntngbum and I*oid, VU 
proveil to lie two very good dnneers. T'.i^ 
jinish is called "Get ltk-n and Quick Broken 

and Is a good audience bolder, and thecoia- 
unns agnhi aiHiulttrd RmU wlthgrenthonors 
In lis prpseninlion of this exi-eilcnt Inirlettn. 

puny agni 

In lis prpi._. 

Mxoeuilve stalt for Cnnipbcll-Drew Amuse 

nient r Vn\ : Geo. M. ■ Unle Is representailve, 

W. II. Sellllng Is musical director, and Prank 

0, Irish- Is electrician. Next week, Wllllama' 
idea! Kxtnivngnnaa <•'«. ■ - . ■ * 

Timlin Tbentret (Sullivan ft Woods, mnn- 
anrs).— "Th» Oaera at Aa iiighhiuders" 
played to a packed house Monday evening, 
Oct. 1, and the numerous sensational epl- 
MHJM cnuscd noisy applause. Next week, 
'"l'he Burglar's liaughter." 

. Ilnrleiu.—liarlem Opera Houee cioawl 
Sept. 'Jll, and will remain dark until Oct. 8. 
The Mouse id now in possesion of Keith A 
Proctat, who will make needed alteration 
on ihe exterior and some painting and chang- 
ing Inside the theatre. The housn will open 
Oct. 8 with vaudeville. It is the alrth house 
under tho Keith ■ Proctor management In 
Now York City. 

Wijht Kxn (J. K. CooksoD. mannger I.— 
Uril Iteld's new mcloilraiaa, "A Mllllonnlrcs 
Revunge,'" Is here tills week. A crowded 
house was on hand Oat l, to see this, the 
Ural Harlem pn-scutalbm of the play. The. 
work la well stnged und the cast a fnlrl.y 
good oue, Next neek. Not N, Mills, in "A 
Lucky Dux,'' 

Mktiiohh.ih (lhirllK'ft Seaman, ma ua- 
acra)^— "Mi, lilm and 1" la lh« atirncilou 
foruhls week, and a rikmI sized audience wel- 
comed Hie- return ■eiigiigineiit of 1lily inuslcal 
comeily 1. Next weefc. "Carolina. * 

Htaii (Wm. T. Keogli. mnnngerl.-— "3 he 
Gambler of Hie West" Is the offering for the 
current week. It opened to a crowded Iioiiho 

1, and seems nnsiwd of a good weeks unil* 
wm. Next week, "From Tramp >» -^'1- 

"Kkitii ft raocTnii'H Om: HrxnnKhAND 
'l*WK>'rv-riiTir Stiikkt TliKATiu;.--"U«ortuuin 
IHInd** Is Hie offering (tf Hie stack cuilpiiiiy 
this track, It l« one of ilte largest ncenk 
productloiiH offeivd at Ibis bmisr so far this 
henson, and is* n positive treat, l'he roles 
were in most capable' hand*, the nunpniiy 
being headed bv I'anI McAlllslcr and Bea- 
trice- Morgnn. well supported by tleorgc How- 
ell, WBilam Norton, llerhert BostwU-k, Dud- 
lev Hawlev. Ittlcy I'luiuibciloln. Agnes Scott, 
Mathilda jJCHhuii und Ktlicl . Clifton. ihe 
hdnsc has been 'doing u record breaking i»i]j-«- 
r.faa so ' far litis season, The vaudeville 
i-Unt The Gnenaux, Caarlea .mi rauna 
Van. and Nellie Kulbnnn. 

AT.iiA.umiA (Percy O. Williams, manager). 
— Bnslne.w continue!- to be excellent. 'Hie 
current hill Is headed bv Ned WaybiirhB 
Rein Dears. Others arc: Menetekel, Illu- 
sion: Howird and N'orlh, Walter C. Kelly. 
.Wort and Owcr, Edward V, Uaynnrd, Col- 

lins ajidiRjown,- Dnrsani Troupe, and Wil- 
son's f*Jcs6le;" n nerobflilc. monkey. -- "' ■■ * 

HraiTu -ft Hi:aMiis-s Wl'HIO Hall f«c« 
Ilurtlg. manager); — Tlie Troradcro Bur- 
iomiuers is • this -week ii nttrnctlon, and : It 
opened i o a well iillrd liotise I. The entire 
cunipnny scored big from ihe »tari, and the. 
rbmedy jrork of the comedians won rounds 
of applause. -The miiow is in three scenes* 
and !* entitled" to rank nmong the iwst of 
aitractlons that have appeared here so far 
I his sensou. The olio Includes: Mae Taylor. 
Stlrk nad London. West and itillfema, the 
Grahams, and Ihe Wilsons. Ncxl week, Bos- 
ton Kelles. ■ . 

Ootii.vm (Have Kraus, mnnager).— Col- 
onial Belies rande their tirst linrlem appear- 
ance 1, to a packed bouse, aud were well r«- 
I'cfvcd. The flrsc part, "Is.wn On ibo Baby 
Farm," with thus. If>blnson as the leading 
comedian, kept the audience laughing- from 
curtain to curtain: Mr. Ilobinson Is ably nH- 
siMted by theentlre company. The musical 
numbers were well rendered, and tho several 
chances of costumes were very line. The 
olio Is capital, presenting: Rose Carllu, Law- 
rence Edwards and Marie Richmond, ("has. 
Robinson; the Grant VnlrAn und Chna. I'alke. 
The enlertalnment concludes with "Cohen, 
the Count," which sends ihe people home In 
good humor. Next week, Carr's Thorough- 
breds. :■ ■■'■■■ ' : ■■'•■ 

Family •( i\l. Onken, manager).— Reports 
fronir this house- urn of n most ; fnvoraMo. 
nature. The bill for this week : Barker Bros., 
Ira Kaaanor, lleuelln, 'IVhelun and Searles, 
Athon Uomedv Co., Marie Laurens, .Mile. 
SchelUa Lions, and La Mcer nnd La Meer. 

1'ark. — At this house the prices are law 
and- ihe atlMctlons fairly good. "Itlp Van 
Winkle" Is Hie offering this Week, and it was 
well preseoted 1. Next week. Sarah Mac- 
Donald, In "Adrift in New Vork." 

Brooklj ii, -At. the New Montauk (Ed- 
ward Trail, manager) Frltzi Schorr, in "Mile, 
Modiste, Oct. I nnd week.- "The Mountain 
Climber" did well last week. Next, Blanche 
Wnlsh, In "The Kreutzer Sonnta." ■ 
' • HtiUBKnT'H (Lew I'nrk«r, innnnger). — Adelt 
ltiteble nnd ('banes .1. Boss. In "The Social 
Whirl," this week. "The Prince Chan" drew 
crowded- houses. Next, Bertha Kallcb, In 
"The Kreutzer Sonnla." . ■ 

Ma.ihsttc |W, C. Krldley, manager).^— 
('eel! Spooncr started a two weeks' engage- 

meni ban In "The Girl Rafflu,? Nat It 

Wills wus well received In "A-I.ucky I>Og." 

Hum; (Mrs. spLoner, manager; . — "The 
Belle uf Rlchiuond" U presented/ liy, the 
Spooner Stock to. this week. Kofti May 
SiiiHiner is seen in the title role. "Du Bnrry ' 
packed ihtm In. Next, "The Stubbornness of 
G'TsidLu 1 ." 

Giiami (Milton T. Mlddlelou, manager). — 
Vance ft SuIIIvhu's "The Burglar's Daugh- 
ter"' nnend liere 1. "Bertha, the Sewing Ma- 
chine Girl." had the crowds. Next, "The 
Gambler of the West." ".' 

UoiitfinUA ' lOhas. II. Wnera, manager).— 
"A Rm-c Cor Life" Is the melodrama seen 
hern l-«. "A Square Deal" Inst. 

Ont'iiKiiM .(Percy (1. Wllltams, manager). 
—Hill week of l : Bruimby Wllllaius, tho fu- 
nifHis" Kngllsh character actor: .lolin C. Rice 
and Sallle Cohen, iu "Al the World Is>ves a 
Lover;" the Rose De Haven Sepleite. Will 
II. 'Murphy and Blanche- Nichols, I-Mwlu 
Sloven*, nsslHl-'d.hy MIkh Marshall; Orpheus 
Comedy Four, Herbert's' dogs, Lydia and Al- 
Mill Ihe Kcinps, nnd the vltagrnpb. Busl- 
nesd was goml last week. 

ii-.i;i; ft JIhiimax'h (Nick Norton, maua- 
ger). — Marie Walnwrfgut Is the feature of a 
goal bill' MJ. She Is seen in ''Our Bahy. ' 
Others are: Ye Colonial Septette, Mr. and 
Mrs: Gene Hughe*, In u' new comedy, "Hup- 
pressing tlie I'ress :" tbu Bruinincr Quartetic, 
Cook nnd Madlsuti, i.'owlers, Lillian Shaw, 
and motion pictures. 

Kkk.\kv'« (Then. Wcnzllk, ninnnger). — 
The mniiagemeiit preniMitp the Sa-IIerus, mys- 
tillers, as ibo iK'tidlluers 1-U. Otliam nro: 
AltheaTwIn KIkUts, Sydney Ueane and coni- 
luniy. In "Clirlstmns on Blnckwell's Island;" 
Bellman and .Mount, Howard Brothers, ChrK ' 
Rlclinrdn, Campbell and Keuney, Melnotte-La 
Nole Trio, and the.lieeneyscope. 

Staii (Archie ICIHh, manager). — Tito Crack- 
er Jacks hold Hie bnurds 1-0. 'the two bur- 
Ipsoucs, "A Society Whirl" nnd "Nature In 
Marble Hall,'' are good. The olio consists of 
Bob Van Ostcii, ltul|y Leonl, Dora Denton, 
and Mllnrd Brothers. Boston Belles Bur- 
lemuftfa dirt bit bwlMM Inst week. 

-IinvRiAL (W. C. finvlor, manager) .^—'llift 
lialtlmorc Beanlles this week. "Fun -On 
Tucker's Farm" and "Mrs.- Mooney's Unugh- 
lern" are t Jin burlesques given. The olio Is 

f;nod, and Includes: Kennedy and Kvnns, 
)oyle and Ilownrd, Snwiellc and SearcB, 
BImcII and Winters, Leon Brrull anil La 
Uoses.' l'ai'lsbm Belles Kxlravaganza Co. was 
well received hist week. 

Ti:lli:u'h Buoahway (Leo. C. Teller, le><- 
see).— "The Virginian" drew big houses last 
week. Nexl, "The College Widow." 

I'orj.Y (B.'nnet Wilson, manager). — "The 
Nluoly- and Nine,"- wiii.ii scored a big bit 
here last sea-ion, begun a week's stay nlglit 
ot 1. Bnione Whipple sllll playa the heroine, 
and True S. James Is the hero. Last week 
"My T«n>-Boy Olrl" had a big week. Tho 
Four Morions 8- 13. 

Havktv (.lames Clark, manager) .—The 
Boston Belles, witli Frankie Bailey ns the 
chief attraction, are hero this week. Tim olio 
brings out Clarence- Wilbur. Crawford nnd 
Maiming, Amy Butler, Harry Lo Mar. Rico 
ami Walters end HiflLle Mills. The bur- 
ksqiies are new. Hood business ln«t week 
with the Tr^cadero Burlesipiers. Next, tho 
Cracker .lack*. : . '■': 

Novri.ty (Charles K. Williams, manager). 
— Ned Woybiirn's "Kitty Town" tbla-^eek. 
Ocrtlu Carlisle Is a feature of Hie produc- 
tion. Tin* other part of the bill Is looked 
after by Daisy Ilurcourt, Frnnk' II, White 
ami Lew Simmons, Baker a ml Neno. the Le 
Tour Sisters, Smith and Small, and the ric- 
colo .Midgets. Crowded Iiousch laHt week. 
- Hlaxkv's AMl'iilo.N (.M. S. Scliiesslnger, 
manager). — "A Bad Man from Mexico" Is 
this week's offering: Standing room only 
last week, wllh 'A Millionaire's Revenge." 
Next, "The Sewing Machine, Olrl." ■ 

Cortmi (F.dgur F. Olrurd,.. manager). — 
Tills week '. The norskey-Bergeit* company, 
Mitchell and. Cain, Claude and Fanny Usher, 
ItONi'i. Malvern- and Norma Tliomns, Bid Bax- 
ter. Cook nnd Stevens, and ltni-lh Brothers 
Hiid Wntlou. Oond business Just week. 

P.ivrox'H (S. s. Allen, ruauager).— "The 
1'rodlgal San" tills week. "The Two Or- 
pliuns" drew big housi-s Inst week. Next. 
■'Darkest Russia. " 

(JiiAMt fKSiiyt TitKA'rnt: IF. It. Ciirr, man- 
ager).-— -"The Slim'ofihe Four" tlds week. 
"Ovpsv .lack" liail a good week, ending 1f\. 
Nexl, "The Black Hand." 

LiiT.r.M (Louis I'blHliw. innimger).— -"The 
IJuccu of tin- Highway" Is produced by Dm 
huitKC coinpaiiy (his week. "The Convict's 
Daughter" did will Inst week. 

Niiti.'m.— Wafer's Mnrlno Bniid. conslstlug 
of thirty pieces, will give Sunday evening 
concerts nt ihe Oram! Opera limine, start- 
Illif'Ort. 14. Several well known singers 

will be heard ..The AclolV Church Al- 

I In nee. of Brooklyn, has engagitl xeven liuii- 
dred seats at the Majestic. Monday evening. 
Oct. BV lo see "The <lirl RaiileH." After Ilia 
jn'rfdriDiiiii' • ii dinner -I* to he given at Ihe 

Imperial la Cecil S|ioo»er Crawford. 

or the linn of Crawford • and Mn mil tig. who 
have been connccled wllh the BoHton Belles 
ltiirlflnr]ucrs, shot hluuielf In the linger, In- 
juring It badly, nndhls pnrtner. Manning, 
fell from the trapeze, breaking bis orm In 
two places. ..... .'Percy ("I. Wllllamg opened 

an onlce nt 1440 Broadway, New York, Oct. 
1. TbU will- be Mr; iviljfnms' henilniinriora 
hereafter, instead of the Orphenm Theatre. 
J. ,1. Moloney will Ih. his general manager. 

Week of Oct. «, when A. H. 

Woods' 'The Oambler «f ihe West" 
will bo at the (Jraud, un upright 

( planof wll- he given nwny Sultirdny 
evenlug, - 18, to the' inekv 'winner*, l'he 
manner o* dlapostng of tlda *Ha« bMTh^M 
kept a seurei untlt tho apftnlDR-nlRht. . .* . . 
The business nt-ibe'Star last week waa 
larger (ban at any previous week this mi- 
son A number of. largo theatre parlies 

have been g (ten lit the dfftjratlc this season^ 

." MiiniLgf!' Krldley states that he has 

wild tlcketH for fifteen theatre partlea-dilr- 

Ing Oetcber "The Lion and the Mouse" 

will Iw Been at the New Montnuk during the 
season. ,■ , ;,' »-k ' •:",■' • 

Lt ruO '(Keating It Flood, inatuigers).— The 

Lyric * Utnt-k C<». Is presenting- "Tho Cuban 

Snt" Week orsrnr: i'4-- "V 

1 BTAh (Jame* 11. 'Urrlekson, manager). 


Plans wkbi: oompletkh last week whereby 
ihe Berkeley Lyeenm, situated nt I *orty •fourth 
Street am) Fltrh Avenue, will lw conyerted 
Into n regular theatre for the presentation 
of plays, musical comedies, etc! The atage 
will he enlnrged. nddiilonnl teatliig capacity 
provided, ihe front eutrnnea entirely remim- 
■•lled. und Hie playhouse hnndsoraely refur- 
nished nnd redecorated, tleorge A. Rlumen- 
tlinl. for a number of yenrs mannKer'of the 
Harlem Opera House nnd West F.nd Theatre, 
in linrlem. has been nppolntcd manager. Al- 
terations begin litis week, and Mr. Bltimen- 
thai hopes to. have. Ihe Uicatre ready for at-* 
tmctlmis the latter pari of October. The 
house. In the future, will be known as the 
Berkeley Theatre, *- * .' 

M. IfoiiNKii'gnve the tlrst harmonica and 
arenrdoon tm-ltol In ibis cltv. Hie nntlonul 
miiftlc show, Mndlsnti Square Garden, Wed- 
nesday evening, Sept. 20, and It was very en- 
joyable. The prr>graa>me Included: A few 
remark* In' behalf of M. Hohner, by Kdwanl 
C. Iirnendle: haraionica ?oln — ta i Anvil 
('boru.f, 'from "II Trovntorn;" <bi selecllon 
In C Khurp, minor (two hnrmonlenaK (c> 
Ouard Mount, Wm. II, Burke: nccordeon sum 
— in)'Mnrch, lb) selections from "Martini.* 
l'eter .lennerlch : medley of popular aire — 
The Hohuer Harmonics Bnixl, dlrecilnn of 
Mr. Brnendle : huraionlca koIo — Inlcrmezxo, 
"('avallerln Rpstlcaiiii :" piano ncconipanl- 
incut. A. S. AtB U nraW i nri'ordeou solo — 
oi>ern selections, A. A*les: hiirmotilva soln.— 
"Iienrle," »vii h piano accoinpanlniciil. Mr. 
Urnendlp'rhnrinonica iluet—'iJij-"Tlien Tou'll 
Remember Me," "Bohi'tnlnn Olrl:'* (til "Alice, 
Where Art Thou?" MNhwk, Burke and Braiin- 
dte; hnnaonlca «olo — in) "Annie Luurlc' 
(miniature haimonlcn, th) Selectluu , ou 
minor harnjonlcn. Sid C. France; bnimoni-a 
:i-["- Mcsm'-. Burke, France and Hrnendle: 
medley, national nlrs— The llohncr llnrinunl- 
cn Hand. 

l(oi;sr:s ruck ARHl The Madlsnti Sfpiarc 
and Irving I'I.hi*. ■ '■' " 



The Alle.i Stuck Co. Is preaciitlitg.."i;n,itt 
l.vhno" week of *J4. 

tiiiAXi* iJ nines II. Krrlckson. murineer). — 
The ■ Omhilierliiw. Ihe Nellie- Ahdrews com- 
pany, Charles 1\ Haaelrlgg. Jimmy Wall, -He 
Vnro and Cnrtb, Wilson and Rich, Humid 
Hnrr/Rtid gramHsi-ope. '■ ' ' ••» .-' 

• TaStAiikM (John A. .lohhsoh, mnnaiterlii" 
Thc Four Bees, Seal and Onoke, Pat and 
Ffrnnlo Kejley. -Maud 'Still, Harry Clifford 
nnd company. Jean Wilson, mid Ihe biograph. 
1 FaiW s i Thomas It nancy, « miiuagerj , ij - 
Bessie Ford, l.llllnn JHnck. f Bonnie Hotinle, 
Manretlu.-i and Hall, Monerlef aud Smllh, 
Rnmiey and 1'orresler. Marie Ollinrd, Mae N, 
Ve'vnoii. Virginia Vernon. June* »nd Rnvi'lle, 
Frnnces Klmer and Je*sie sIshoii. 

Kaikn HcRxic Torn nvrtra Wmti.n (l-'red 
Frliz, iiinnnficr.i i-eolluues to do fair bnsl- 

THE OAK« HfMsiMi P.iliK (S. II. Frled- 
Innder, manager) eonl limes to do reuson- 
aid y good hiNlneiy. In sp1|i> of solne Inclem- 
ent weather, add will pmhahly remain open 
two or lliree week*. Special ntirncllons m 
tu' Sepi, 21 : Bert Murphy mid PTrdhuno's 
iinvui Kalian Bniid. • - 
4 i |i 
IMHWA. .. 

atitger* ;:>1ly«i^ilous,Fohtlheiie. kndifhe latent 

Ben niolinn- plrtnre».'''lhlBihcsa was Ufflfty 
last mm "^• 1 ** <***#■* -• •■• ■:>?■■■ « 

NoTKirrY (Tmiy , .Imbe t lakl: ■mnnaaerl'.^tHll 
(Vf.'-T-ftnil week •/Md^n-Heliy nntrconiptrnr. 
pi-Mi'hllnr-^rlic OnW Tnw ;"' Von, HiMir- 
thmlatj; llerbert nnd Vance, mmdcji) -net ! 
I lay ton Sisters nnd Oeo. lh> Voy, novelty 
dnncuri*, .ind.lho. pwjectuscope. Cnpaeliy 
ImslnesM last week^jj.*, ;-,-i.i.\- 

• . ««» 


' ;.,}»■ 


Mm IIuv«mi.— Al ibe llym>iliiii <Kam S. 
A Lee Unrtmrti maiingersl "It llapiiened In 
Nordlarid'Mmd a good house Sepi. "J l May 
Irwin drew a large linusc L'.\ "Tho Student 
King" drew: good hous«s 26, g7. "The Col- 
lege Widow" hnd good returns 88, 20. 
r.intsi lie Hl.ig Oct. 2, "His Ilnnor Hie Mayor" 
II, ■■■VVroiilqiie" 4, ,*i. "Mr. Hopklimon" «. 

XRWtwTMJI'tll, If. Bunnell, mnnager).^ 
"Tun Ninety and Nine" hud n good Iioumc 
Ut-20. "The Man i.f Her *:iinh-e** pleased 
27-21t. "The Hull ROOM Boys" Oct. 1*3, "At 
Cripple Creek"' 4-tl. I ' 

Pmi.i'r (S, ■'/,. l*oll, pi-oiiiietor).— Bill week 
of i»ct. 1 : PoweB-Coltcdi Trouiie, the Colby 
Family, l-'anny nice, the fNmimhlit' Four, 
Harry t'orson Clark and company, iJiwreuee 
and ilnrilngton, uml Jtndo and Bertman. 
• :; i! i ' ■»-■— ■ ' ' ■ .■ 

llitrtronl. Ar I'lir-iiiiiH' (H. V. ParHOllS, 

proprietor and manager) Otis Skinner, Befit. 1 
34, "jr.. gnre a fine presentuilon -of "The 
Ouel." lo largc'andleuceH. Paula Fid warden. 
In "Princess lieggnr," was warmly wel- 
eiuned by n host of ndmlrura 2t\, 27. The 
production was highly satisfactory. Kyrle 
liellew. In "Drlgndlei- Gerard." 28. drew n 
large oudlenr-e at Ihe Initial presentation. 
May Irwin; In "Mrs. Wlbimi. That's All." 
drew a In rye sudlence 2b, and delighted her 
numerous admirers. "His Honor, Hie Mayor.' 1 
Oct. I : Tliomns .lefferwin *J, "Mr. llopkln- 
soa" .'I; 4, "The College Whin*" It, 

IIAIITIOIU' Ui'iniA Ibti -u: (II. ||. Jennings, 
inanngect. — Th(- adiiilrers of Henry 1). IHitev 
turned out strong and gave lilm a warm wef- 
enmo in "The Man on the Box,". Sept. 1!4 
und IT*. The company was a nimpetent one, 
"MoiUunn," u strong Wesiein plav. was wull 
mvapniefl 2t». and keenly: enjoyed liy en* 
rhusluHtH. "Vernnlque"' luid a miccfssfnl pre. 28. 21), and \> ni i ii.'-- wiim good. 
Cyril Kcotl, la "The Prince Cluip," Ocl. I, 
J: Louis Mann and Clara Llpuiuu, In "Julie 
Honumi." .*{: "Bcrllia, ibo Hawing ,Mnejiln« 

'Piu.i'H (I.ouIk K. Kllhy, manager).-- Last 
reek i»ie S. It. ii. sign was In -evidence. 
Harry Le Clnlr, nu old tlnu> favorite lu Oils 
city, wuiihonars. mn week of Oct. 1 : Wil- 
liam Rock and 1:1s Fight Loins Buds, the 
Baker Troupe.. Zend Klei'e. Tinnier und 011- 
bert. Rmmer Be Voy and curupiiny. ibe Misses 
He Voy nnd company, and William lumiui 
and company. 

■ . *: ■ «■-—■ , ■■- • . 

Bridurii.irt. At Smith's IK, C. Smith, 
manuger) May Irwin, lu "Mi-s. Wilson. That's 
All," Sept. 1*4. did big business. "The Man 
of Her Oholce," 2.">. 20. did well. "The Lion 
and ibo Mouse" played b> big retuniH *JT. 
"The Ninety and Nine" did good bunlnesw 2K, 
2l>. "Mr. Ilonklmion" Oct, 1, "When Knight- 
hood Was in Fimver" "-. 'I, "Oollv Oolbirs" 
4. "The College Widow" .", "The Hall Room 
Boys" 41. 

Pom's (K, ft, Mlicliell. manager).— Booked 
week of 1 -. Cavana, Fred mid Bva .MoznrV. 
Bison .ntld lairigdon. Kddle Mack, Kimiia 
KranclH, Snyder and Buckley, and the Threo 

NotHh,— Ben I'nwell. ibe lightning ticket 
aeller for tho Buffalo BUI Show, remembered 
his friends with hand«miie' souvenir poHfiil 
cards along the route of the show iibmait., ,; 
Terry Isic, formerly wllh Terry Metiovern, 
and who recently brought Blllv Fitzgerald 
and Ambry Meiiurrv logetlier in UiIn eltv, 
Is negotluttug lo biliig FliXKi'iUld aud llnr- 
tllng Nelson to M nAlinir in tbN city In the. 

near future The mipersiruciurc. for tile 

new nrldgeiMUt Tiiealre. In onirse ofecec- 
Hon In IblH-elty, is hellig iwrfi-ehvl. ' Charles 
V.- Kades, u| New Vork. Is supervising Un- 

work. The Itriilucpon LihI K c „r Mlks bull 

team defeated » team from the Until. mr 

Lodge, lu (bis cliV, Sept. 2K H to II Crof. 

T. .1. Lenimn. Ibe an pll«hed plaulsl at 

Smlili k Theatre, known u nil (lie prorosiiliiu 
vlslilng HiIh bouse, tor |||«- pa m| leii'venh;. 
lias resigned hls:|H(Sitlo:i to lieeoim- orgnulHt 
of HI. I'l-ter's Church. In Mnnbiirr. Hi* was 
orgnnlsl. or St. Au^iimiIih'', Cliurcf), this clly, 
for llfleen' years. ;■ i ■: 


l'lirHmin. At the Hellig ( W.. T. Pangle, 

liiunager) ltle|uin:« it Prlii.tlf'« Oeorgla Min- 
strels had n goisl hoiiKe S.-m. 24. l'he eii- 
ituseimjut Is for three tilglils slid ninll|us> yil. 
l'he . fWewaH Oisrn Co, did goud busbie.<H 
wei-k of lit, presenting "The Two Roses." 
••nomtby" anil "Buheifk" Wuhisrnar Llud. 
violinisl, 2H. asnlste<l liy Mrs. Walter Ileeil, 

ntinlto; | In Lnktne IMurlcl. Mrs. W. K. 

Thoniu*, plualst : Ait bur. Alexander, tetibr : 
Itoiii .). r/.iu. bnrltoho. and !■:. F. Coarsen pl- 
noisi. "Tho itoyni Chef :;<i.iici. :;. liittW 
Hell, 4 A In '"Ihe l-'duculln» of .Mr. I'ipp.V 
- Ha k nu (fleo. L. 'Baker, manager).— The 
llakcr Theatre. Co. had f Wo good houses Rent. 

28, lo witness "The Wilderness. I'wo 

Little 'Vagrants" produced uood biihineis week 
of 10. *A Tesnn Htter" SO. 

Empiiii: (Milton W. Seaman, manager).--* 
"A Mad I.ovo" hart Ho capacity hoimes 
Rent. 88. "On the Bridge at Midnight" did 
fair biiHiness week of 10. "A Millionaire 
Tramp" 30, "Uncle Joih Perkins" Oct. 7. 

Friinktort. — At ihe Bllnn .'ri-nngchrnkc 
& HufT.trd, innuitfters) Walker 1 Whllesble. In 
"The Mngte Melody," nave splendid satisfac- 
tion Sepi, iM. The theairn eneniHl for ilia 
Mtnson .in Unit Hate.- . 'iTlm M^ugle M«*lody" 
is a eonmly drama lu threw 'acta, by Limit. 
tlordon Kean, uml was given- Its Initial nor- 
fornuiiiiM at Fort Wayne. Sept. 17, The 
piny wi'.s a- success from. tin) start. It 'Is 
clean and wholesome, und bait an Inexhaust- 
ible fuml of heart Imerest. being full of 
poetry and romance. It Is brim full of 
iH-tlon, ami pri-seuix Hltitntbins of. Intensity, 
'l'he Hectic «'f the play is laid near MUnhiitlnn 
Island, and the nhiry roiicr-ms a young vio- 
linist. Ilelmar, who Is trying to carve his 
way. to fnme wllh the four strings uf his 
violin. Hli f:itii"i', Jonlan ltnwker r -n futmnis 
eapifallnf. deserted bis mother when he was 
quire young, .nut- left hhu tu struggle alone 
lu tlie world, Icnorout of tlm fact that - lin 
has a rather living. He fulls lu lnve wllh 
Clorls Flldlng. the wnril nf Ids father, ami 
(•horny niter dlo'-orei-s thnt be 1« Hawker's 
Min. ■ Thru uk h Clarl*. Ilelnmr limb* an opiair* 
tiuiltr lb gain recognlrhin for ids Keulun, 
i.nd )il*r father Is compelled to put him iui 
ili" projiminiee with some ruinous coiuerl 
players. Wlii-n llollunri appeals belore i ]<•■ 
iiuillcnei' lie cnilipli'iely n.Hshllies all tlie 
othiTH. IL> Hkh refin-es his fntber's far* 
tune tind mime. ,;md marries Clorls. 
Mr. Wiilh-slibi's purirayal of Htdmnr wan 
splendid.' Ho put Ills whole soul Into ills 
work, uiid tlie audlem.1? wnrinly rewaiilisl 
lilm. The cmnedy of the pln.vMs In the bauds 
of Martha Ocurgr, whu takes Hie role 1 of 
Uns*w4ltteri n tiermnn wonmn. She liniidlcs 
Ihe I'liurnclcr well. Miiude Slinw, an (Miira 
liongiass, phi veil lier part cleverly, and Lelln 
WolHlanj ns t'lorls Klldiug, the berolnu, acted 
ailinliali y. The pre** acknowledges Hint Mr. 
Whii, -ill.. 1ms h piny I hut is suitable In 
♦every r wye l f»r hhu. The cast: llelmnr. 
Walker • Whiteside; •Ionian Ituwkcr. Her-" 
liert Sears; l,ord Klldare. W. II. Carter: 
Pleiro illnntn, likhard Shemmii : Mrs. ft'll- 
ner. Mnctlin Oeorge ; (Mara Douglass, Maude 
Shaw!: Claris Flhllng, Lolbi Woisinn : 
"Jolmnv Wise" pb'Hscd a kimiiI house 20. 
Sieisun's "I'ni'le Tom's Cabin" Oct. 1, "The 
Isle of spice" :>. "The Mummy and tlie Ilulu- 
iii I ii g Bird" P. 

Ciiystai, l Clin s. Welch, manager). — Viola 
Nap, Vice and Vbilu, Mthel Vnuiig, Kvn Ray,. 
Cbas.jiud Jennie Welch, and the klnodroiuc. 
Notk.- --.iohii Petty bus cloned wllh Markl.»'s 
"Sncny South," and Is Hinge manager ai the 


* Mil OHMV. 

i.u* Aiiireles. — The Mason Opera HoiiHe 
(II. c. Wyol I. manager) lasllll rlmra, 

llui.AHco (.lobn H. Blackwood, inuiiiiger). 
— "The Only Way," as preseiMcd by Hie stock 
compjiiy, wejk ending SpjiI. 22, drevr gaml 
bUHini'Hti. "Business Is ItUHlnnRS," liy Ilia 
stuck. 24: "Tin- Climbers" 90, i*i 

, Monnscn'K Bukiunk (Oliver Morosco, man- 
tiger), r- "T.'llliy," liy thu stock cnnuiauv. 
, I.mciI Its kccoimI stiecesNfnl Week 22. "Janice 
Meredith" W, 'The Otbar Olrl" !«».' 

tin. .mi oi'i:iu llni'MK , tchu'enee Drown, 
nianaj:eri.- , The Black lliind." by the llli'b'h 
Stock Co., drcA' well wwk ending iKI. "gueci> 
of Ihe Hlgbblnders" 21, "AiiIIh, Ihe Singing 
<;lrl." W. 

Oiiimiki'm (Martin Reek, general innunarrL 
— -Features I'-i -and week: Chlnko, Mlnnl" 
Kiiiiliiiiinii, Flsk and McHoniiugh, lu "(bud 
News;" Hie Italian Trlii, Five Halvuggbi, 
Max lllldebrnidl, Ben Welcli, and motion 

llnrt'iiKisN (C, F, Hamilton, iiinnagor).— 
'1,'hn llowiir'l-llamlllbli Slock Co, presented 
"Incog," to h>hh] buslaesti, week ending '2A. 
"Fiuicliou. the Crtckel," Hi 

Pkoi'LK'h (C. Mack, imimgcrL— "The Pay*, 
master." villi Iklllli Tucker aud t-oiupiiny, 
drew well WWII ending 22/ "Curmep" 2'l. 
' L'viqi v. (Ilenlx & Znllee. pronrlelorsi.-- 
l'Vatiire>i 2.'t anil week' I'nhiuo Contedy ('»., 
presenting "My Uncle's iti-tucu ;" Harry 
Mnek anil company. Sis Whllesldcs, hoiiIu etie ; 
Leo- Itnrili. dlnlect comedian: Ahlro Bros,, 
nerobais; Blust rated songs nnd •IJuhpic-o- 

FtHi'lll'lt'H (A. II, Fischer, manuger), — 
f.Msi-bet's All Co. proHenl. "All Whiles," 
wllh vuiidcvllh* fcnlures and moiloii plctiireii 
21. ,.' ■ '. ■ '- • ■ 

'CfXMMiRAfMi (J. A. Browne, innnnger), -~ 
l-'entures 2.': end week: Arthur lIurrlnglrui'H 
InvlKlble (^iini'tetle, Clhlfl Vomig, soubrclle; 
•"fitberlue Walsh, sword dancing; Mtidnllric 
Howe, HiiiKi finest songs: Pole Oernld. eotue- 
dlan*. mothm pirlurcs, anil sketch by Ibe 
stock company. 

Fmi'iui: (llllly Banks, resident manager). 
— Fenliires *J .biml week: The Adalrs, aerial 
net: Lhura BHtiks. pleiure balindlst ; Hulcb- 
Isou 'and Lusby, lit "The Hooklnv AireuM" 
Lit Vidyne Trio, In "A NlgbL Si Ibe Club:" 

stuek. nmuaiiiy. In "Tho Hiiltun and ibe Hall* 
or," and the elncuiatoumpli. ■ ■ 

Notkk.- -MniUgnr Oliver Morosco bus re- 
luriied t'l'din Hie Kind .,.,, .Marian llerg will 

Slieceed Betty .lollllHUll as lugetilie 111 Hie He- 
lasi-o, when "The Clluibers" Is preseiitfil, 
...^-.Mitee Oreeiiletif, leading mall al Mo- 
roseo's Burbaiik, was married 1b, in n nrm-- 
profeHsbiaiil. .... , Wllllnm Heroin il, of the 
BeluNco, b-uv*>H for 1'exus to assume n miiiin- 

aerlRl'.cniiacliy Fred Itelntu-ii Is now n 

freouenl and welcome visitor Joneph 

Oalbralth has relumed, wllh Ids bride, nnd 
is kii Id to contemplate engaging in real es- 
lute liusiiiess. . . .(•■iirc|inugh & Hells Bmtli- 
eiV SIimmh nit doing mi Inituense biisltiens 

Spok line,— -Our seven thentrca nnd parks 
were thronged; nt every performance -'last, 
week. Ihoiisaiids i-omlm* from vnrkma pnrt-t 
or thtt'lulend empire in at lend the Spokane 
liiterstate Fair, Sent. i'4-Ort. il. The-e*cp,i 
kRIoii la complete in every department; nnd 
indications Him Hie :iticniliim-i> will enntlmu' ' 
ut the BMHHi ncirk until ibe eioslng day. 

Sisikani: Tiu:.\riii:t*'barh'4 . Muehlmahi: as- 
sistant manngiir i. r - •Invi'iille Bn'sionlno<i, Hi-pi. 
24-24J.' did tiiir •■Checkers," Hans 
Boliorts hi the' name |V»rl; 27, 2N, "The 
.Maid and the Mummy ' tin. Oft. I, ihe ".lease 
.luiiuis" Cn; 2, "InW'n Ne Hn" ;t, "The llnlv 
titv" 4. "PiirslfaP* »», ik , ■■ i ■■ ■ 

CnM'MitiA (Hen. M. Oreber, manager). — 
La 1 1 week Hm m«kuii uf'IDOtl.* o(ienetl Willi 
vitudorlllft, -HiisrlngN and Wilson. 'Painiiitiiu 
groiemine occrnirUs, being the brridllaeis ■ 
i-bah and I j» Clair. In Hkelch: Hie Fashion 
I'lnlc 'id... stngiTs hull dnitcors; Itlllrb'ruiiit 
uml Vlvbtn. InfenlH of .strength ;' the tleor- 
gtn Miignet and the blografih. S. R. o. Miiu- 
iinv and evening iHTfonimnees. "Ah 'i'olil hi 
the Hills", wei'k «TWIM, W. .'. I •■'..-■ 

Aiihtoiiu:m (Harry 'llnywaril,- manager), 
—The Jessie Shirley Co.i lit "A Texas Steer," 
Oeorge .Mcijmii-rle as .Maverick llrnnder, hnd 
e:inaclty lutu.M's last weekj -■• • .'..;•. 

\v,\Min\(,TiiN to, M, Drelier. manager). — 
.1: Roy West and Bin Van Hlclen, llarrlsou 
liruthers, Allnira and I.lml, Hie Tennis Dim, 
Doiolby Ray. Ci.urles Allmnii, and Hin bio- 
grnpn. ■ ■ '■ ■ ■••■ . ; 

«ajT Hbisk' Mipwav (Nat Helsa,; mana* 
gei't. — Kiiiu'l:*.'ii " .»lniivs and curio hall find 

vlrcim,' ihc-iup liner Isilug Mme. Wonder nnd 
her roach dogs, lllg laislliess. .* ■ 

Notk.-TIu' big link at Nalaioiium Park 
(t'linrii'H W. Iloyi, inunagiirt was destroyed 
l>v lire Frnlii.v i veiling, Sept. 21, during the 
fcKellng HCShbin. There wiu no. jiunlc. ■ Init 
not a dnlhfr'M ivm-ili of property was inveil: 
The loss will reach sbi.oimi, witli ulioui 30 
per ceni. Insurance., Tim mrpnrnHoii owning 
Die pi'ii|ieriy,biis dlssiilvt'd. 

*- -.-i . . t ' , I,, ■ , 

' TlHMMiin. At the Tneoiim Tlieufrii ((?bn-i. 
II. Heral't. niiiiiaueri- III Henry's 'Mlusirels 
Sept. -il; 2J. cilucle .lush Perkliiii" :i». 

Ht.ii:' ill, M, Owens,, niiumgcrj. — Week be* 
gbinllig Siipt. LN. Allen Sloclc Co.. No. 'J, ill 
■iTlip Tiger'* Hyc" May lloberts, leadhitf 
woman. • •. ..■■. 

i ;im m. i Demi B. Worlev, ni,'Uin«er I.— Week 
couuiieiieing Hupl. 2| : Tlie Berry Troupe of 
ilcntlintH, Ml|i«irel J||||y rinrk. I'lllT Ih'iiu 

and eniupiuiy,' I'niiJ in- iiiviv, Sultnon 'mul 
clienturi Jniues'' liiirkc, in •Jllmtiriltad song, 
n'tiil'Orfindli'coiie. . . :■■<■■ t, : ■ 

' ', (W. J, Tliiinions, mnnneer), 1 --- 
Week ■iiiittaeiielug Sept, 24 1 Tho IhHsclR 
Lfinwnii Misters .fit-urge . and Clara Bird, 
Mary .Miidani', Jaek-Olli'ei'. Turn Ln Ruse,' In 
lllusi ruled song, and imillmi pictures. 

;- ' ♦■ , » — - 

LouUvllle. -ai Mmaiuley'H CI'.' J.Ma- 
iiiui.'.v. itianngeri Wilton Uiikoyc prcsentail 
"The Ijiw mid the. Man " week of rtejit. I**, 
lo large nnd »iiiliuslastlc nudlnn'ces, Nioct tu 
Hie slur, Melboniue McDowell cama'lA for 
the Miiongi'Mi a|ir«vni. Tlie others »r Ht>- 
ifiML weru Tillly U)i to Hie refpilri'iuentH and 
were given hearty applause. "The Wivnid 
of On" Ocl. l-.'l, "Charley's Amit" -mi. • 

Mahmnii: tCbas, A. Shaw, inauaaer).— 
"Snadiiy," last week, wits presented to g..o.i 
audiences. The title Nik was well titkaa by 
Mlna I'liilHhH. i in* audlciiee reNpoudliig freely 
■■villi approval. She was glvnn line suppdrt 
bv a well iM'lected nut. For wcrk Sf, L 
Williams and Walker. -, 

AmgPH (Cluis. A. Kluiw. manuger). -.-"Tlie 
l)ve WituesH," butt week, nit railed' jidmtrcri 
of nieliHlrama lu largt) numbers. "The Houae 
iff SIystei-y" l ibls, w-ai'k. " J ;:'.•'■»• 

BiMhONttirAM ( Whallen Bros.,] imiiingern, 
-Miller'^ AnierlCntis. lint week, was the 
HtroiignHt ami must well, iinlnnctd show seed 
nt Hits house Ibis Kfimoii. The hiirlntte, 111 
Iwu lIClS, entitled "MlXi't! I'lelilff," w/l« nil 

luuovati'iri. The nllo was u strong one, and 
rnwlatwi of Meivliio and Roller, the Bar 
lows. Jolly Zi'u, Clark, HlRglim nud Bergaiuii. 
nnd Mnrje timid, Tlie |ioti#ft was packed in 
every performance. Wbnlleii Bros, nnd Mnr- 
ieir>. Merry Mnknrs tbls*Ay>ek. 'Jr ■' 
■ HuridNs' (,Win. Relchinnit, iiiannuer).— 
The uirtimgemeni. ' picsented uk lliiit n nt'o- 

aninniie Lint- Week u-l WAN ever HCMl liere, 

Adnbilde Herriiiami and cnnipany were i he 
headlliiers, mid |ln> ud cititghl i be limine at 
vtich iiurionuiiiicu, Smith und duiuiibell.. 
Jane (.ourthope mn\ Loiapnny, t'srllHle's .dogn 
nlld (miiiIih. Sa Van ulld MtBrlep, Mon*. 
Herbert and P.ihcl Kohlnsou nil scored well 
and i ei'ei ved ) Mietvi i approval. For this 
week! Umpire cilr giiarietlc, AuguNlu Clone, 
Maxiiillllau and HUier, lloniuu atid Nelson, 
Tro Viiiiu, Tyee and Jerome, and tlm kino- 

.. ... T 1 * ■■ Pf* - ■• 

I'ndiK-oli,- At Ibe Ken I lie hy (Tllftll. W. 
Itnliei'ts, inuhaxerl "Hiippy llaollgiin" MM, 
2«,- "Sbc Looks Hood to Father" at, and 'Mil 
old Kentucky" 2N, all laid good buslue^. 
Al, II. iWllsnii Oct. 1. -Tim nuiiity Chillr* 
innH" -2. "Why Sin* Was HncrllhTir 4. Mnv 
r.inersoii ii. -A Hiicc for WldnwM" ft, Frank. 
omllev hiihK Co. ul:i, ■ si Klmou Sim- 
ple" 111. ■ . i 

BMtsi'M & B.ui.rv's CiuctH, Sept. 27. 
played tu I wo full t<nits. . .iTVi 




MunriifsiiT... Ai Kelihs New Theatre 
< Frank U Mack, resident muniig«ri, for 
wei<k of (mi.. ] ;.MIh* Nurtou and Pnal Nich- 
olson, in "I'llu's All Jllght:" Oeo. W. May, 
lliiiiiMib.'ll Hsiers, .Mn he l sinclnlr, Prof, Dit- 
hoK ami Die kimiliigrupti. 

PAiW-riiKAtftK (John rtilles, uiittmgeri.— 
••Molilalia' ettuuded Its cugngeniuiil sept. 
24, Jo und did well. Al. Leech and thu 
I bno Roneltihls, in "Hit-Is will Be olrl*," 
•-'ii, uml two cxccllciii houses, mid [ileiistUl, 
"At Crlpjjle CJrcek," 27-2H. met with the aii- 
proral of n large titunuer of pnirans. IMn'l 
The MiHehmiikiT,' 1 Oct. 1: Oil* 
A Romance ur Ooon Hollow" 4-tl. 

I TAIL ... 

Hully, in 
Skinner : 

Oiibliintl. — ,\t the Macilonuugh rchns. 
P. Hall, mini 'lifer) lOlli-fonrs Stuck Co., In 
"JiihMiui Wbltconili," drew cnpaclly haui > i>s 
week ending Sepi. a:t. "The sign ur th» 
Four" IM-IO. "Lliile Alabama" follows. 

LumnTV ill. W. Bishop. rnaiuigerj.—The 
Llls'iiv Stotk Co.. In "Before the rirliijmrs 
I'liioe." drew excellent business week ending 
2.1. "A Trip to Chluniown" 24-,'W. '■ "me4M 
fill jVallcy" follows, •• ■ 

Worn Park >(H. W. Bishop, oianager) . -^ 
"Hobhillood," by (he Idora Ojiera t'o„ nided 
a ■mreespful run of fmir weeks' 211. "Tho 
Idol"* Kye" 24 nnd week, "lolantbe" under- 
lined.. > ..,.*-.■ ■ • i B tEd. Ilomnu, mnimaer).-— Atlrnc- 
tloas Oet. t and weak ■ The MrtTllns. in pluy- 
let, "Harvest Time:" I'enrl Wilkinson and 
company, presmting "The Amateur Kehnir- 
huI ;" Carter dad Thornhlll, coruedlans und 

Killt Irftke jr;lfr.~-At the Halt Ufce "fhil- 
atid' Oeo. ill, pyper, munagcri William Col- ■ 
ller. in "i|u tbu, i>i,|ei." gutid luudue-iw 
SeiL.-M-ail, Siewnrl Opem I'o. 0«. 141. 

OltWlKi'M <\y [„ .leiiiilngs, M-Khli-iit mami- 
Mn.- #|. 24; l^ulllo. Ada Jew- 
ell. Aruuiirurur ami Verne, in. k Lyncli. Mnv 
Bnley mid Arfnur liemliig. Bill week of def, 
1- Margurot Wyclierly, Lillian AHbby,- Robert 
lieimint 'irlo, ^etry und fliarlcs Sharp, » 

OBAKii iAj'M, Cog, nuiiiigeri. — "A Rural 
Slave- mi tfooii biistnesH Sept. 2:i-2il. "dlrl 
of tho Hlreita" Oct, 1-X 

- — *, — n 1 $ — ^^ 

Mildhbuami. Iloiifi-KHH will alwrlly oiien 

Ihlilr mml tour, ivhleli Iuim. Ii*,m' lnViVe,| |.v 

Klnw.nnd-lCrlringer. Among the special acta 
engat(rd are Kdalo, U.ille und Mile. I'artle.- 
Several new llhislons will lie inn-oihieed. 
Air. Rourler»'s papular ,.oiel nt fililgewnnit 
ban Just closed n most ncoNtieniils heasfin 

»!«« HvLVRHTnt, lierebifore known ns ibe 
orlglunl Sylveator, has -foimed a pnrtnernblp 
with oeorge BiihIi, nun tlie ream will b« 
known an Sylvester and Bush, 



October 6. 



Imported direct from Gcruisny. as Special feature 
for 8.K. Wallace's World's Greatest Shows. 


Introducing Somersault on Bicyilc, Pirouettes, 
Head Hnispcing,- attlrcsse 'Jumping, .Pvritm'u 
UnlidlDg. Ft;. AT UliKllTtf, CIRCUS, 
VAUDEVILLE or IflJRLE&litJE. AddrtjuB'all corr- 
lnuincatlODB to PAUL ulUCilAid), care of 
B. E. Wallace's World's Crcfitbht Hlnwa, as per 
route. Whenever, Tenn., 8; Sonth Pittsburg 4, 
l>n'tnn», MarloHa'6. ■*•■•-■-■**• "" 

For Sale, 

3,000 Feat "Miles Brcs." Earthquake Films. 

H Slides, ErtlBon'a Universal Machine, Rheostat. 
Switch and all conneotlocBjcompiete, in flr»t 
ciAMti condition,' ar>out uoo pounds swell Litho- 

graphic Plctorialand Dcperlnllvc One, Three und 

hcetmandsU bill attraction Vlin. HA IMS 




FIT IN SIX WEEKS. Kail 'description mid price 

i»n application. r 


HUSTLING AGENT that, .ban route 'mid wildcat 
one nlghtor, farce comedy; PIANO PLAYER, 
sight reader; FICTU1US' MAOJUNE Ol'EltA'fOH, 
to doable stage. Address, 


7108 East (Sreen Lake Blvd., .Sea ttle. Wash. 



Hood Flrsi and Second VIolmlBt, }\\m Violin, Cor- 
uut, Trombone and Trap -Drams. Mutt be able to 
play Ftnndard moslo. Married men employed; 
Mingle men preferred. AdiireHnJl'UUS WINTER 
Musical Director. State Hospital, Ml, Pleawmt. la. 


For Tom and Ten Nights. On'hoMra Lender, Harl- 
tone, Cornet, Hum Drum, all Doiiiilo-Ktage. or 
Orchestra. StMe lowest sit ar? mid experience. 
0. fi. DEYERLK, Ilnivcr Cftmindo. 



WITH 1300 to take HALF INTEREST In a Musical 
Comedy. You to act' n<i treasurer. Coinpanv nil 
bonked and. have the best o( printing. Address 

Al It. AUTHOR, - .'07 E. 14th fit., N. Y. ClIT, N. Y . 



Also other Useful 'Dramatic People. Address 


V«r. Woods Siverp, I'redcilcktow ii, Mo. _ 



Tuba, double Piano, or ]>. Bass or Stage, Piano 
Player, dbubto Brass. Peopio who doutiio, write. 

UKU. It. SWBhT, 
Out. 8, Park River. No. Dak.; n. Inkster, No. Dak. : 

10, Larlmore, No. Duk.; it, Michigan, No. Dak. 
Per Storm Lake. la. 

Wanted Pctr 


Souurettoaml Juvctillo woman, Address 

O. 8. PKIMKORK., Wisconsin. 



Of DaleUro*. Cornet In bnud. Plnjpirle. 
Addrctt IUNHUUY. i;ONN. 


McGirk Bros.' 


Performers that una sing and dance. Mimical Act, 
Novelty Acts and quartette.' Address 

DR. K . 11-liE ALVA. Wntrord. Ont., Can. 



Ludy Musicians,' Pianist, to double Big Drum In 

Bund. Tuba, Clarloue*, Trap liriimx None* ntul 

Cl*ucy. If you ciui Jnlu.-wlro at onco. Address 

J Hi. K If. 1>B ALVA, Mealord, 0*.t., Caiman. 

. Un\-. ...- 






The Mighty Ruler of Mirth. A Big Howling Success. 
Superb, Quaint, Curious, and Amusing. Comedy, Vau- 
deville, and Pantomime. The most talked of Show pro- 
duced in years. More Novelties. Song Hits, Laughter, 
and Novel Ideas than all other Musical Comedies com- 
bined. "? 


h e 



The Black Politician. 

The Greatest Colored Organization on Earth, 
Sweeping everything; before it. The Record 
Breaker. Never such singing heard outside of 
Grand Opera. Marvelous cast of Famous Come- 
dians, Singers and Dancers. S. H. DUDLEY and 
50 others in a programme of amazing scope 
and incomparable superiority. ,..'*, 

GUS HILL. 1358 Broadway, New York. CHAS. E. BARTON. Gen. Mgr. 




Al Lead, Woman wltti Child, Man with II. P. 
Machine who can aot, J'iauo I'myer.etc, AddrcBS, 
with all lu llrst. 

J. TE.1IP1.IV, Nnrrlitown. P.. 


r-ltz «fe Webster's 

Eccentric Comedian (tall), Dutch Comedian 'short), 
LlgiitOjmedy Juvenile. All ranst Ring and dance 
pomeorhavo some strong specialty. S. and D. 
Bonbretles, Pianist: mast arrange. Treat. Must 
give bond. Agent, If you arc good, state ALL In 
first. Address per route. 


Wanted Quiok, 


DALHVMl'LK t OMFDY CO., Oshkostl. Win. 



Leading Man, Oliaracter Man and Woman and 
Property Wan who can aot. CORINNE RDNKEL 
CO., Alexandria, Vs ., Oct. 1 to l4_(tw o w coka). 



All must tie llrst class, und one that can play 
organ. State salary In first loiter. Address 

Dr. It. J. ATKINS, Moravia, Iowa. 



A good Sight Reader, one that can Sing Illus- 
trated Songs, steady work the year 'round, at a 

small theatre. No boozer*. Address 

T, J RIORDAN, Ottawa. 111. I 

Wantfd, Muring Picture Man 

with coniDlctc niitdt and latest Illustrated send 
slides. Full particulars tirs' letter. Just what yon 
lisve und lowest salary. Want to hear Ironiigood 
repertoire people. Address M. B. RTREETER, 
stage Director. Auburn, N. Y., this week; Rome, 
N. if,, next week. ' - ■ £** - 

Wfl^Trn lilTTPtr Leadtmc Man, Man tor 
nAUlliU yUlba-'ccD. BosT, Character 
woman and Man, Man with Machine aod -Films, 
I'Vnluit! Sp«'elaltf, man or womiui, and blnglng, 
Dancing Honbrette. AL. ORSBORS, Mgr. rJtltcl 
Dufuiond Comnany, Dunnvllle, Ont., Oct, 4,6, o; 
Cstedcronl. Ont., Oct. 8, 9, ID; ParlM, Onr., Oct. n, 
i:, ia. Dottle Urcene and mothcr.UenUrecnceld, 
Wm. Lenox, Wa*tor Khle. write. . ;-. 


1PALU A KAnmus Trained Animal Shows, in rlnssi 
ariuorU^,' coiiscuins In largo cities. Must hu 
uapablv of handling fraternal order* »nd sool- 
otlrs. If not familiar with this line of work, don't 
write, show now playing Hroi>klyn, Indcflnito. 
Add -cms or call. WASIIHUEN & D'ALMA, Win- 
ter (juvriers. Corona. N. T. - • 

At Liberty, lor 


Age, »u yesrs; lie glit, t-6; weight, 1461b. One 
piece or slock. Of good habits. Per. kddrcss, 
K. N. KNELL, if;n>o Christian St., riuia., Pa. 
1 ml mi my own imslticss. f ' ■ ' " 


want Porrormern Also Piano Player. Plato low- 
est with expenses. IIKEUUKR A MAYt;, iNjrt 
Deposit, Md.. Out. 4. A. 

Two Freaks Wanted ! 

Fji Freak, Human Skeleton, or fresk nf any do- 
xurlntlon. Address P. K. McMAiiON, ■ it^ Ut. 
Pleasnnt St., Mcrldon. Conn. 

Two Experienced n. P. Operators, 

Fir*!. class ciect rlclnns, can mako good under aor 
conditions. Road or city work. First ola«s rof- 
(Tpiiccb. J. COOK, citro of ULUPBB. 


Who can play Hoy pariA to Join mc In (itHtttig o\it 
« » otneoy Co. No ntijocltonH In clover aMaTKUP. 
Addfe^s AL. W11ITK. (l HanoVerHt., NfiwYort. 

WAHTfib, Party with $10o7 either 

lady or iient. Have sivme amount for Comedy Co. 
Suro winner In tonsil tnffiis. Short casl.- ' 
Addreas AL. MOIU1AN, o Hanover Bt., New York, 

The Zaretskys, 


Positively the greatest ^ctof 1'k kind 'n existence. 
This act la gorgeously costumed. The greatest 
pirouette and * tiiriwind dancers in the world. 
After a Ave. months' rnoceBsful engagement st 
HUIVM Clrqse, Pari". France, were Imported lo 
tlilM country ny H. E. Wallace. Will he at liberty 
Nov. 16. .Vaudeville or circus. Address all com- 
muok'utlona to PADL BRACHARD, care of The 
Great Wa'lace Circa*, as per route: South Pitts- 
borK. Tenn., net. 4; Dalton. 5; Marie tn, -:. • 

Wanicd, Medicine Lecturer. 

Mn-r he: strong oitlce worker. .One, that fakes 
organ preferred, -.a per cent on all-' Satis, and 
ex. Al Comedian to do strong JB. F, comedy In 
acts/ Must fake organ and piano. Salary $12 and 
all afttr joi nine People to open Oot ]fi. 
'■ .'OMAFP1N UH03.. Montporaery. W. Va. 

Crescent Comedy Co. 

WANTS * . 


others write. 11. E. BERGMAN, Georgetown, 
Ky., Qct. 1 and weok. ■ 


03 Hiala.y St., - ■ llrook lyn. 

WaotoiJ, for (be Rontons Dianutlo Co., 


Not over 6ft. 10 Inches, capable of playing light 
comedy, Piano P'ayer, UBeful Repertoire rcop'e, 
till lines. 'Positively no tickets unles* known. 

MAX A. ARNOLD, Manager. 
Ticonderoga, N. T., Oct. 4-8; Rutland, vt., 8-13. 


Man for Marks and Bt. Clair; Lady for Ophelia and 
clarionet for Band and Orchestra. Address LKON 
WASHBURN, as per Eastern Co., rente In Biipplc- 
montAry route list (this issue). 

At Liberty, 


One piece preferred. Address 

O KS. llrJLIVEBV.Pllll. dclplll.. Pa. 



Change for week. Work in acts. Other useful 
Med. People write. State alt. CLIFTON REMEDY 
CO.. U960 Windsor Place, St Louls.<Mo 


Irish, Silly Kid, Straight or Comedy In Act*. 
Ohaneefor.weik. Vamp organ or piano. Ticket. 
CLAUDE BOYUE, Adams. Mass. 

WASTED, Engagement bT Midget 

(male,. wrtfht, DO lbs. SniHllpart 
in tin', or Sketch- Address 

WA LBHE .aSOW. 14th St. N. Y. 


Hmt elft!»H .evenly feot CAR rurnt.tic.t tltroupti. 
out. Address A. J. MITCUKLI., 

VW, West Arc., BnUUlo, N. V. 



FREE— Prof ess tonal Copies to Performers Enclosing Program*.- 


Tar^vMr "PJJ171 * 14"V "Merry May," "How Can 1 Leave Thee," "A .Southern. Love 

HI V W MM/WXA.MW X""sr7ry," "Sarah Jane," "I Ain't No Faded Coon," "Too Ute.Sol- 
dicr Boy," "My Spirit Lover," 'Thoughts of Thee," "Simple Life," "I Can Draw You to. My Heart, 
My Dear Maurlnne." "Sue." "Sad Old Maid," ':The Boo-Boo Man." "I'm Not Fooling Now, Dear." 
"Alice," "Memories of Home and Mother." "Mister. Help Me Find My Mamma." "The ?x.lle,^' "When 
the Soul of the world Is Laid Bare." "Her Last Oood-Bye," "Where the Wild Roses Bloom," "The 

Auto," "My Lassie," "What I Saw Up Country.' 

MELVILLE MUSIC PUB. GO., 55 West 28th St., New York. 

50,000 FT. OF FILM, 

On reels, $30.tx> cacIi and up. Shipped for examination on receipt of $5.u>. ■ 


. At $2.oo per Bet and up. With words and music. 

HARSTM <&> OO., 

T.l. 3SU Uruimrry. 138 BAST 11th ST., NEW YORK, 9. \. 



OLD INTER-OCEAN BU)6, Dearborn »nd JInd lion S ti., Chi tapto. 

Harry Hastings' Big Burlesque Attraction. 


WANTED— flood Llvelv Singing and Dancing Sounrette and all 'round Comedian. Other useful 
Burlowine People, write. - Address CURTIS & ADAMS, Mgrs., aa.per.route. 

Jones Railroad Shows. 

At Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 26. J. AUGUSTUS JONES, Brantley, Ala., Oct. 6;'Andalosla S, 
Union Springs o, Hurtshoro 10. • ' • • .' 





Address, staling lowest salary, HARRY ROUCLERE, Rldgewood, N. !• 


An Original Siteolalty, introducing correct Bag Piping and Scotch Danclnir. KeaiKmMU!* parts. 
Souhretfc and Comedian. AddrcsB, week of out. 1. care of JEFFERSON I THEATRE* 
Portland, Me. Pcrmanont address. 68 Lyell Ave., Rochestor, N. Y. ■ ;. • 

Pianist to Double Stage, 
First Class Dramatic People. 

Bend full particulars and lowest ^alsry In flrst leuer. Ceinpmir di 
i» low, « It Is sure. H ah it y Sh 

J.t week stands only. Salary must 
,\N.\o\. I.qpemlng, Mle". 



.lust closed season Willi WAl.TEIt h. MAIN AND CUMMIN SHOWS. JiiIii on wlreT Any rell.l'le 
mtrai'llun. J. II. Illiivn 1 , Lincoln II, >„«... Ontnrlu 81., tile, .land, Ohio. 


noNuLuur/Bs and parodies . wrltien i« 

order. Uuaranleed work only. i • _ 

I'll AS. E. UABT. 21ffi Norlli mil, SI., rhilHi!, ! tliis. P» 








MR. AT.T. HOLT, Caro "CLIPP3SK," 48 Oranboume St., London, W. 0.: 
DBAS b:E : ■ --I dtly received yonr letter of Uw 88 th Inst. At the meeting las'. we»k It wa« agreed) 
to make you an offer lor a tour of THBEB YHAHS, which doubtless you will raoolvo within tlis next 
lew days. I am yours troly, ALLAN YOUNG, 

. Dietriot Kanatar for Moos & Stoll. 

$6.00 Per 1,000, 

New York Husie Pub. House, 

1433 Broadway, 

Moonshiner, Hijrtiwav Robbery, Bold .tank Boh- 
i.ery. Chicken Thief, i»oon-J*over, Nitclit of Terror, , 
sroien hy G>p«i''-, Kidnapped Child, nnil twenty ; 
thousand feet of other subjects. Priees raDginp: 
from two to eight, cenn per foot. One Kdlsnu Ex ; 
lilbltlon, eomplete, % :tlM; e.ilra tense and curtain, i 
tsS.oo. One Universal Kdlson, eoniplete, $tkm. : 
Qn l.abln Head, f-jo.oo. lAOje quantity of slides 
lit aAertltre sale. 

C. L HULL & CO.. 

209 E. 57th St.. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. ! 


1 would like to liear rrom anvonc thai- has » good 
location for a. tim-nlaiw MOVINO PICTITRK I 
aind l^fcVR-TRATKD SONG SHOW. Week i 
Manila or longer. Splendid machine, and good 
operator. Plenty of feature illms and w>ng slides. , 
liood ringer and planltu. Fine line or paper. Pre- | 
rer New England locations. Adilresn MHVlNC 



At moderate prices. lArge Btoek, immense 
variety. Illustrated Catalogue Free. New Mam- , 
moth Catalogue just Issued, uoc. Jnat out, list of 
uew books ou Magic and new Hut of bargain* in 
trickF. A. B ggW. na Ontari o St.. Chica go. ; 




Free Samples, Contracts, Tickets, Envelopes, etc. I 


Fk(f. BTAIIF. MUXF.Y, 15c. BOOK OP OUTS, 200. ] 

New Lisa of Repertoire or Stock Co, Printing 


1-2-gL. l-Sh , 3-SU. and 16-Sta. Siudi. 

snuil Cor Samples and Catalogue. 
St. Leal., Mo. 

Printing for Dramatic Companies, Falre, Oarul- 
vala, Holler Rlnlis, elrcM, Wild Weil, Labor Day 

celebrations, etc. 


. Don in Leary's Alleyway, lUc sky is always nine. 
"AnA pr'ry mains' as bom us trie next one, hiju 
sometimes a damn sin hi heller, too. 
All the. girls are handsome, imi you'd better not 

get gay, 
Viiles* yno're very sure of your welcome in 

**i.earj 'a Alleyway." 
That's the clioros. Want the rtx*ii Send for a pro- 
fit '«. ropy. DBAS U. COLES. Mlddlelown, Conn. 
.FuliJircheatratlon. lQc. Hand. iP*!. 


DESCRIPTION. From Government Aueilon. 
No matter what you want In that line I van 
vtipiily It. New or secoud hand. Send fur 
ittiaiugiie. 1). It ABRAHAMS, 

l^j South St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

"Tell It To Me" 


for sale on all traloa and news stand., or by 
nail, line. Address EZRA KKSDAU, 
ll Cadwel A»e.. Maylimd Hetelita, Cleveland. O. 



Leader. Must double lUnd. Repeilolre People. 
Address- WINN1NUKR BROS.. 

Applewm, Uhi^ 


Thmt cam , hauui- for nil" week. 
Faae organ. No Mid. 10. Tlixets to people we 
kunw. II." J. BPM8RLL, Plover, Wis. 


Hate own maclilne and :t,iooft. of joort min». Aino 
do Juuffllug. Hood companies, write or wire me. 
TOT U KKATORNNARO.JloHJ, L.vona, Newport. 


HI ACK fai.-E COKKUIAN. nnod, loud sinter, 
litunii ar.M, oliange for two wceltfl, fake organ. 1 
i.rry Stertopllcnn and lllosiraled Songs. Write 
or wWullARMS L KKN1\A19 IIBt., JQl?'®**!- 

Wiite., A Piano Player, aed also Magician 

Whoean change act for one week. Other people. 
write. Adrlre-H HARRY CARROL. 

1 ■ Ro x.V.,,y l ll. 




Address P.O. BOX jH penui.f.ton. ore(i(in 


<;. shi.\;>ii::i-.m. iih w. 

^dtli St.. N. Y. The up-to- 
.tnri- TMlOATJtK.'AI. HTU 
.M -Kt'i: Send Mlntnp for 
Dew Wet l.lit Jual out. 




138 East 14th Street. 


TF.I.. I1H1-J I.KAHKIll V. 


Writ*, Wire, telephone. 


"There's Nolliing Like 

rni'Vs-lonns si-mi stamp Tor r/ipy. 

< -le.ii.ry. Plane ami nictate.-. Publisher*, 

137 Homer Street. Chicago. Idl polw. 


comph'ie Hneof Uadiiiji Jjidy'a Wardrolie and 
Home HoiihreM-e) l>rew.en, wigtt of all kinds. All 
llr^t itea, Ten Strong Itepertolro Hills, Parts and 
Scripts. Also Kellar'H Clot-k Illusion. Will Irnde. 
sau Francisco Film for Comedy or Song Slides. 
This stntrcheapir sold iinlck. Address 

LEAH MORSE, imndty. Mich. 




Wixthl engagt' a First Cla.s Hand ror linlance or 

so»« n anil next summer. Address 




Wearc'eiiuipped to make you Hoods for your 

machines 10 ault, and designed to* you, at a lower 
nrlcc iind fitrter delivery than you ran obtain In 
your city. Send for piirllniJar*. S. STERN, 
Mrg.of IloodK, Kiel-*, UoxeN.AceiyieneOeiieratoM, 
etc., iw N. iOijt_st.,j*jiij«4el|ihlii, > Ptt. 




(imiil wanlnilic, utagc and mreet. Addresn . 
■ ids: i.'QUKT »r„ Memphis, Tenn, 








SAMK, WITH 1,000 FRRT OF, 116ft 






Al Baritone 

PATRICK LUNN, 22H K. 6ih St., Usveuport, la. 



Baritone, in doable '-'d Violin; Alio, to dimhle 
Flute; Cornet, to double Stagi-. 

* J. I). QHUNN, Oklnhoma City, ft T. 



H. J. Meyer's Moving Pictures aad Specialties 

Mnsli-sl Team that sing illustrated HODga, Novelty 
JudKler. Other people doing sue rial ties wrtle. 
Stale trlnit you do >»od lowest to nrat letter. Mum 
change for two nlgui4. show never closes. No 
booze. Tfckcisr no, unlew I knOw you. 

Address II. J. MEY F.R, Recchtree, Pa. 


we nave made tbo enre of Blood Folna a 
■neclaltr. Blood Poison Permanently Cured. 
An can be tre.tcd at borne nnucr same 
goannty. Caplul ♦ We solicit ike 
mo.t ca,e«. If you Lave el- 
tainted tlie old methods of treatment and 
■till bare aclie« and pains. Mucin Palclies In 

Spots, Were on any part of tlie body, Ualr 
SrKyebrowa falling out, write for proof, of 
curei. 100-page Book Free. 


1 1 1 M.KnlcTimpli.ClilcllB; MI.,U,8,« 

(Latest), ELECTRIC, 

AND 1,0110 FF.F.T OF FILM, 



6. LUBIN 1906 CINE06RAPH, It I OR 



Man ror Genteel Heavies, Lead* and Juvenile Nun, Character Woman that does ■perialile r i, Ut in 
Gin 'rt>rstniUK*'lil)d parts and specialties, Comedian to put on aois. Hint dne<ts|H<elaliifs, t)pet.'i»iiy 
People U» work in arts and between the acts of the dntma. A'to-s iliat do *|ifeii»itl<M or plAy ina—. 
First Violin to lead orchestra. Must arrange. Sober, reliable, e.xperieneid |i*>nplti r, my wnnie.i, I 
witlttdvauce ticket* from Chicago or St. raniand xtand imif Hie farvs, (tn-n'.d iwodtf KiaiMhouiv. 
If you hoo/e, don't write. Wnk-orWIRK. A. I). Mci'HKK. earn Mel'liw's itlg i:iinr|Hiiiy. 

Weal Selkirk, Man,, Oct; h, i); Wiunliieg, Man., 10; Carman U. 11, Hiitdnr 1:1. Then li-tjc T*>, Flemliitr, 
Bs«k.'| Canada, and M will lie forwitriUd. Hive mull time to teach uiv. 
f. S.— Can always make room for nood dvanmtio people. 



Addrosa I'lire of IIHN llllNlllllfKH' "OLH OLSON" 1X1, as |irr riiiilo. 


Al Co|nedii>n for Kid. Heavy, Juvenile, Trump, Woman ror Lead.soubreite, MuHlelun* tu double Hiimt 
and Oretlmsira, l'latto Flavor !■> dotililellrasw. Aelors tlmt double llranH proferred. Sii-nu 4u weeks, 
open Get, -.11. People with me lust hchhoii, wrKoHgiilti. If, H. VV III iTaKKK, Mi.Cb'iueun, Mb-h. 

Nos. 4, 5 and 6 Han Fire Magazines, Nos. 
4 aad 5 Also Adjustable Legs, Elc. 

Mil llivm IV AlllllI'S ItlAKKM. KII..1H, 







HARBACH & 00., 



Open lime of all allows playing tlie U'KST AND 
souTiiWEHT, ror 


The two heat show towns in tkxas. Repcr- 
loire and Minstrel Companies, write iiulck nud 
get in on Mg money lit the. part" or 'fcx** where 
everybody Is prosperous. 


H. r». HORNBY, 

Regarila to Daddy Hnonner. 



Write for tatmplea and Prices. 





Wtio ran sing. Must lie six feet olnclies In lielgbt, 
or more. State bclgnt and ahllilv, wild refer- 
ence, In flrat teller. Ulg -Hliirj or comralaslon lo 
right parties. . ; ; 

PIlOF. w. N. kinhluw, Uelolt, Kanias. 



Tlioroughly experienced In nil linen; also ballad., 

BABY GERAI.DXNE a k «i v, 

1'iiH- Mill Npt'llslllfk. Urn. H.I.. wirhliB. Kalis. 

ni SVC Fursioik »nd ltoml.uoH.nn, low 
rLflial n>yallle». Write- tor llirt. hJvo 
■ ■■■» ■ wr w . vem , 

>^ro.iitecl« for tlie 



si ii nere. it.uireis, planNt, Itlnek Fuee and oilier Vt^U\\ Hpcul<.lly Per 1 
ff>i -red. Otdy steady, reliable 
Don't .nlsreprenei.1. Address 

Tho*e il Iiiik bund prd^ 

fflrreil. Only steady, reliable people wauted. We pay nil. State your low«s». and all von cau do* 


FOli THK UOMAnt'l'IU MtNIt Al, 


A trood iirim.L donna so|n-auo, a xood prlnm donna notitralio, ttood eirjrus pe ijiY who run Hlnsr, gootl 

nit! opera i!o„a plum*, wiioemi lead (irulicHira* 

tlluii who can slug and datiro, a H.uhrottrt wild 
. .. ;lress for trnDieci henvli -, fnn-i »lil|(; good reper* 
lory in all lines. Salary miitii bu low as ll Is suit. At) A No 1 ndvariee aifuill. AddieMs 

JIIANAOBfl, A <.f|i«y Hover Cn,, llllltsiard. Cltieluimtll, Ohio. 

-i KO'nf, ea|>atlleaelor for tfOUK'Ol hen vies, n ui»n\ eonie 
' s n. gooil speeluliv, i. tiiorouttlily exptrlene«d t\ 



MOIIl.TON, THOMPSON \ MOULTON (Inc.), .Ill to. 1 1 SI.. UiMllill, Main 

N. Il.—lf yon do iiollicar from us, Ihe pnalUotl IlilH lin'in 


A 0001) WING Ml) \Mim SOIJBIOTE. 

A K<w)d eapahle ncior for Oeiiteel HenvleM. 

Hiit-e. Gihei'it. write. 

IVture Maehino i»|i«rat n r. Salary must tut Tow, a* It n 
Adrtn^s M. I.. KINSKY. North Matiehesisr, itui. 



UI.OIIK SHOW PRINT Comi'ANV, "Til. I'rompl Kind," Ill,,, Iowa. 


Harcourt Comedy Co., 

Aildres. CHAM. K. HARRIS. A i,, ,.!,,,,, , Main, 



Cure of KIlHsKLL's, "in W. Mutli St., New Vurk, 

A LOltfl TIHK — NOIININI. DAIL.V HKCOHD, S.,,t. 4T. IllOtl. 


The Morgan-Pepple Company 


WANTKII- Leading Woman with swell wurilrolie. Solid photo. Kline ugii. na»u-v nud full ritrtlill 
lars, Alan waul good (lencral iiiihIiiish Mhh who can du resture Hpccliilly. AildresH Whcii, Ten., 
Oct.',, A, o; Temple, Tex., oci. a, w; Austin, Tox , Oct, lo, ll. PL 


Vauftivilie Arts of all kinds, three good Piano Players, Illustrated Song Singers, IxjciI MauHKerx ami 
(jeer-lorn. Theatres will open Nov. I. Address nil e.oniniriiilcnllotiM lo 
■ I'AIMJY ti. (HIIHGSS, MUrThoatrn, JoannefiR, l"s. i * 


m iliat h Ht. and tliird Ht., Broaai, lVrw York. ALSO LOTH l\ l.o\(i Kl.ANIl. 
Address FRANK SCOTTof Kwitt A Wilson, week Oct, I. Keith A PruelorU tWt hi., New York: Gel, N, 
liGthSt. Tiieutre, Now York; Oi;t. i.i, ostli «(. Theatre, Now Yotk. 


ioln on wire. Slate lowest and all first letter or wlr*.' Man who rtMts preferred. J. II. UAI'MAFf* 
Mirr. country Jay Co., l>iniieoDing, lid., Oct. :;; ll .gerstown, Ud„ Out. i; ctinmbeirburg, Pa.. 6i 
Waynesboro, «, uetiyntiurtr I, 

F»fett5r May- Vaughn, 

Tlie mri'i'irHt lilile love ana. slnee "Annie RooneyTf lieg. i onles, loc, liulo). ProL rnulea Mr a mud, 
ll. i:. MANN, aoi K. ni St.. -sea- tu.b ^ 



October <j. 

N. TBI 1* Brralfjn, H.'T,, ■••FJimi|t* , i> mirMOHte' M«k. JuKr. 1 )— Siraitfr, 


Oo the K**4 

rogr.)— Newark; 

»g^' " ^ 

All ftoufcB Mnd R«neh '1)iii Sot Him 
Than Montlny. r- .IM *TH 

■ . -rwrd &?"-" •)!■.■- 

Allen. Viola (Charles W; Allen, mgr.)— Washing- 

ion, 1». C, Ml, Bsltlroore, Md., W8i» . w 
Angllu, Margaret (Henry , Miller, rogr.)— N. Y. 

Clly 2, Indefinite. ■'•" -". 

Aldrlch, Chax. T. (A- II. Wood*, ragr-)— Kansas, 
-'City, Mo.. 1-8, 81. Joseph, 7. 8, Omaha, Nebr., 

I). 10, DM Molars, Ii., lt-lfi. 
Aubrey . Stock (Ram C. Miller, mgr.) — New Rp- 
• «UcIle. N7y., 8-13. ; ," .; B 

Aiigell'* Comedian*, Northern (J. 8. Angell, mgr.) 

— Uutlirfc Center, la.. 10. Stuart 8-13- 
Aiigel!'s Comedians. Western (Jack Emerson, 

luar,)— MM Kan.. 1*0, Btocktpo 8-13. 
AogrU's Comedians, southern (B0. 0. Mitt, mgr.) 

Americans /Arthur E. Herbal, mgO-r-Jaekson, 

Mich., 14. 
Arlington Slock (John Adair Jr.; bn*. mgr.)— 

Urattoii, W. Va.. 4-0, Maf#lilMsS 1 III I 

"As Ye Bow" (Wm. A. Brady, mgr.)— Brooklyn, 

n. y„ lo. „ - ■■; 

"Ariftona" (David J. Uaraage, mgr.)— Denver, 

Cola., 1-0. 
"At the Old Cross Bonds'* (Arthur O; Aliton, 

mgr.)— Albany, N. Y„ 4-a, 

"As Told In the ffl|m," W, F. Mann's. Eastern 
(Nesbltl Bcovllle. mgr.l—Mayavllle. Ky.. 1. Afh- 
•laud 2. Huntington. W. Va., 3, pnrneroy, 0., 
V GnlllpoUs or. Charleston, W. Vs.. «, Kt, 
Mary* 8. Btalervltlo B. New Martinsville 10, 
Clarksburg 11, Salem 12. I'arkprtb'.rrg 10. 

"As Tdld lit the Hills," W. F. Mann's. Western 
tDoo ; A.Maonillloii, mgr.)— Spokane, Wash.. 1- 

ft. Bprsgue B, rrosser 0. Yakima 10, Ellens- 

~--\ 18. 


At . 

^ Jestni . _ -. 

H...:K-;l(auiilbnl. Mo.. 0. QUluey, III.. 7. fitta- 

&rgrnrchriin j 
•An. Told r 

_. KentlS. 

"& J* In the llllift." w. F. Mann's, Central 
(tV B. Barfteclt, mgr.J^prlngfleld, ' Hi., 1. 
Hlishocll 2. QlUeBhurg 3. Canton 4 Burlington, 

HmdioMl : 

Ii-., o. . 'Him mum. iiiu.. u. v" 1,IL ".' ■ *■*•• ■ti'srlW 
Held g,-. Jacksonville 0, Bearditown 10, Taylor- 
rllln 11, Mtchfleld 12, Alton 13. 

"Aromul Uw Clock'' tons. Hill, nigr.l— Baltl- 
, nutre. Mil., 1-0, Wllkea-Barrc, Pa., 8-10,. Scran- 
ton- 11-13. ' V 

'■AVrow th> Parlfle" (Cliia. E. Blaney Amuse. 
To., niitrt.)— Plttiuurg.l'a., 1-fll WUeelHif, W. 
Va.. 8-11. Ymwgjrtoirii, 0., 12, Bliarpbi Pn,.lC. 

"At OtHH Creek,*' H. £ .Carpenter's, Kaatern 
t(CJia*. 1.. Crane, mgr. >— Lyon. Ma*a., 3, New 
Hfipii: Cotni., 4-0. Torrlhgton B.'Houtu Nor- 
»«tk It. Monnt Vernon. N. T,. 12., . -'. . 

"AlilArlMocratii: Traiutt." Ktlroy * Prltto" a. A 
■--Wa'hob; Nehr.". -1, Ahhlund 4. Nebraaka City 
.', I'luliHUMMitJi 0, AWtilwn. Kane, 7,:.l'l«tU- 
■Ininfc Md.V K St. Jottcnh P. 10. Mealco 12, 

"AKrlTiil of Kilty." 0. K. Vllllani»;Od.'». Ka,at- 
een(W:J. Jtotiwllrt, wn. liigr.)— Nortli Aflamn. 
Ma<«.; .:i. l*Htnfleld'4. jpi-| Bfgfiapm 
0. KrtdgfjKirt, Conn., H. KllMUclh..N, J.. 0. 10. 
Ww BrllHlu, Uouii.. 11, l*rfty 12. Watcrbory 

••Arrlrnl of K1UV' C. H. Wlllihma Co. a mm 
i-m tW-'J. nHmllcl, WO- iwnT.)— Klgln. III., 
h. Aiirttrii'4, ttwkfonl B, Krwport 0, MM 8. 
t'lliituii. In.. 0, C«ilar llajjld" 10, Pourltt, III., 
II. (Inlp4btire 12. - Cnutoii Irt: 

"Aniikeiitng of Mr. Plwi"— Norfolk, Va.. 1-0. 

lllaiiclH- IIhU-m (Uarltl Urlatco, nigr.l— N. Y. City 

■ I. ImMlultv. -.1 *V- 

BarrytiKin'. Kttiel iCharlea Frohman, mgr.)— 

■ : PlilirtJlirg. Pa„ 1-0. ' . 
BcllMr. HyrW 'MeMer ic Co., tngra*)— Chicago, 

«i»ll,"l>l«hy (liank'l V. Arthur, mgr. >— Portland, 

BliHlley. i'loretiiH' (Jl, K.- Forrester: "mgr.)— N. Y. 

Ctry 1-0, Philadelphia, Pa., 8-1S. ' 
Ukjer. W e U a lwgjjaa, Ky., 1. Somoraet 2, 

nordBtOWii 3, Iluwltng Qrecb 4, ; M«uIao»*llle .0. 

l'Miiicnli-B. mi ton ,«, ,C«lro..Hl.v 10. Park- 
itotlW,' Ark., 11, Joliesljoro 12, Carntherirllle, 

hit:; i^;-' " • ■ . • " - " / ••' '. 

«k*ri. Wnthon ami ' Wrothc (A. II, .Woofli, wgr.) 

-^icvr Orlcntra, Ha., 1-0, HeinphU: T«in.: 8-13. 

Brown;- Ktrk tf. T. Mitauley, 'ingY.'j-^Altoottn, 

Huiitihs, KlliniM (Karl Bitrjwati, r itugr.)— Beading, 

Pa/.-l-«.: \VillhmMi«.rt h-w. <■ i"*V • 
Biir«e*M; Ita'rl (FnnI Olllen, ingr.)— Blrighamton, 

N^Yi. 1-Oi Chentrr, l'4-i 8-1't- ■■ ■ »0" ' 
Bora***. Karl (Fmnk H.'HIiPrry, iugr.)— Uaaleton. 

Pa*. 1-0. PlyniOUtli S-13^ , . -ir -;'•" 

Uiu-gew, Katl (FreU A. Uayirard, mgr.)— tiloto- 

.crater. Kip., 1-6. l.yiin 8-lM. , . . 

Bej«KHl-M*iiltoii (A. P. - Heed, mgr.))— Hliwrta, 

(.).. 1-0, Bucvrui 8-13. 
Beiinet t -Moult on— Naugatuck, Conn., 1-0, Bristol 

itarrlo' Stock' (Edwin Barrle, mgr.)— Anadarks, 

Okln.. 1-3. Chlcaaha, Iuil. Tey., 4-8, Tulsa 8-10, 

Mnwogw 11-l.V' ■ . - " "■■: 

Bi'iiiitp's Slock (J. IT. Bonnie, mgr.)— Oreeu Bay, 

Wis.. 1-0, KsranatM. Midi., f-14. 

HiwtavMcCtiiin (M- MeCaVm,- mgr.)— Haremtraw, 

!r*. : Y*.-1-0, KlDgaton 8*13. : : - l 

ipafgiV t'Muye'K Qvawnggfl I Will 8. Bcccher, 

nVur.l— DclawHrt- City. 1>1. ( 1-3, Port DcwhII, 

Mil.. 40, Klktou S, North Bsat U.-10, |*err)- 

•vlllc |l. Newark. lhH., W- J&,. 

"Keil'lliir" (KIhw A Krlan&cr, mgrn.)--SL I.ouis. 

■ Blb.i'l'-O.liittlatiaiirtlts. -nw:-. ■•8*W. '■.' " ; 
"Brown or Harvard" (Henry Miller, mgM — 

«le.relmul, O., 1U, I'Wb Wayne, lad.-, 8, Hsnnl- 
Iwl, Mo., 0. Mobrrly 10,'Fulton 11. Jefferson 
<*lty 12. Seda I !a ■ Ufc : * 

''He^brd'H ■Ilope," Uiirblii 3. Garter s— Omaha, 
NeliT,. 1 0. KauHHH City. 4!o.i TH3. 

"BiMlor Bruwiii": Kuaterii (Biofter-'Browii Amine 
(Jo., muro,)— Palerson, N. -J-„- 3.0, Newark fi-l'l. 

"Mnxter Brown," Western (Hunter Brown Amuse. 
'(Jo.i-'nnrm.l— Detroit, Mlrlf.,- 1-0. Bowling 
Orewi, O,. N. FlinlUy p.- Lima 10 ( Kenton ir. 
Belleroiititliie It Nesrark l'l. 

"Bproro siirt After" ' (Ullfidisteln * Hunter, 
mars.)— Madmoin Wis., l.rweport, VbiVJHl 
Moluea, la.,' 3, natennoU 4, Oalesburg, 111., 0, 
Coniusvllle 0. St. tool*, 'Ho..- -M3. 
- '-Billy;' tile Kid 1, (H. H. Raneoeic,' mkr.)— Sctaii- 
loii. Pa. 1-3, Wllkes-Barre 4-0, 1'hlladelphta 

s-13.-- ■■.'•;.' ■-■ ■ ■ 

"Bertha, tlie Hewlnr Slacblac Olrl" (A, II, Woo.ll, 
'rngr.i— Holyoke. Mm.,- 1-3, UaHford, OanM;, 

4:8. Brooklyn, NV Y. t 8-13. 
"BI4ni|»'rf fkl»1ig|"' (ftiHal 4 Co.. nigra.)— Du- 

lull). Mlmi.. CO. ;•■ ->: " y 

"ttiiiicli of Keys"' (Una Bot liner, -mgr.)* — Greeu- 

■ Title. Mich;, 1. Welding 2. loiila 3. Benton liar- 
. Iwr. 4. iMWaalav 0. lUclue. Win., Or Waukegan, 

lit., 7." MhdTwm, Wis., 8, Kaukamia '», Orerit 
IIh.vIO. Mmotuliwe. Midi,, IP, Marbjettc, WU., 
13. • - ' 

(U. ltarrta 'Klilon. mgr,)— 
MI1110, x. out, ». Park Utrcf, 5, Conway 0. 
(tuiinliiw'i 8. I.niigilk)ii U, l.urlinora 11, I.ikota 
111, CWgry 13 -" l_ 1 

. "Hlg llrai-iiKl Jim." Kthnt & Oassolo'H (Daniel 
Jtocd,. mgr.)— Ciiieaiw. 111.. i'-H; ■ Fort Wayne, 
Hid., 7, Jat'kHun. Midi., 8. Bait la Creek 0, 
KHlHinasoo 10, (IrHiitl Itanlda 11-13. 

"Buy Behind .the Qtin" (tfhas. B, Blanoy Atuusc. 
tin.. ntpr*'0 — *Trnna .Hniiliw,,Mkh... 1-3, .Toledo, 
o:, 4-0, Colnmlrtia 8-10. Dayton U-13. ■' 

''liaiikrfh Clilhl," ltastern iH^rj Sliannon, 

■ngi-. 1 — Hiiyward. Wis., ti. 'rrunwood, Mich., 

■I, BCHNemei- 3. litiivmlnv 0, MmiUlng 8. Ncw- 

U«rr.v K Snitlt Mv. Marie,; Man It Sir- 

Mario. Mich., 11. Ht. Ikiihcc M, Olieuoygan 13. 

"BiuikcrV Clilhl," WMleni IR sfc I'trty, mgr.)— 
BiiHtklyii, In.. 3. Orlnncll 4, State Center r>. 
llldom it. lluni|ttoii y..Oi'hvolu 1U. Simmer 11, 
AllHtltl, -Minn., 13. 

"Itm-jtlar's liaukhtvr" (Vam-o & Sullivan, nigra.) 
—Brooklyn. N. Y.. 1-0. 

'■ Hulk-In r and tin- Watt" (Sbkw ft. Gallagher. 

■ intffil.t—Kiink denier, Mlnu., 3, Melrose 4, 
0*skls 3. Alexandria 0. '"■ .a 

"Bell- Boy" (Jaiues A. Osltlu, mgr.) — Ottawa, 
Cs'n.V 1-S. ■- ■',' 

"Behind the Mask," l-Mitnmd Pny'n — Cincinnati, 
0.1 1.-0, 


Crane, Wm. H. (Charles Frolnilan, mgr.) — N. Y. 
City I 11. 

Collier.' Win: (Charles Frohmnn. nigr.l— Cheyrnue. 
Wvo.. 1. Buiihlei-, Colo.. 2, tViturado Hprlnga 3, 
Victor *. Cvl|»i>l« Oeek fl, PtH*bl«-«. 

"Croiiimn, Henrlellsi (Maurhtf Oainpliell. mgr.) — 
AIkmmn. Pa..' 3. Atlantic City. N. J., 12. 13. 

Cvesloh ClHlko (Julua MUrry. uigrj — Scrantuu, 

K.. a . , ^" ■ 

Clay Clement (Ottns. IF. Ureenr, ingr.1- -Vwtt 

IUHlge. In.. 3. Klout Clly 4. 1<cm MoIitn 3. Ht. 

Juseph, Mo., 0, Kansas City MO, Omaha, Nchr., 

U-13. . • - ' 

Oirhetl, James J. (Mlttenlhal Bros. Amuse. 

Co.. mgr«)-- Trenron. N. J,, 1-3. I\irt Jervls, 

N. V.. I. Mhl.lli'luwii ft. N, V. Cllv N-W. 
I'tdi' and .JtdtiK.ui tMi'lvllte B. Ituyuuuitl. micr.) - 

Critve-I.'ii, Tf\..:t, MIHe Ida, Ark.. 13. 
t'jm*.' l.Wlt'r Theatre. Norlhrru Ollt-im F. t'lia-i 1 , 

■Mcr.t— MlaAHiri -Viillevi la., l-flv •- 
"College Willow," Esc tern (Henry \V. Savage, 

Cradoc- Neville (Wm. Cradoc. mgr.)— Ueadvllle, 

Pa., 1-0, Oil City 8-lH. 
Cliauiicoy-Kfirier (Kre*.. C. Chauocey, Dp.) — 

- K*i.e, pa-. 1-0,. Jawettuwn, IrzStj Ja-ia.iT: , 
Cutter Slock. (Wallace B. Cutter, mgr. ) —Ottawa, 

Oj, 1-9, CsrmUtou 8LT.. ; ., -V r" 

cr«aeMtOooeto;<ll.-AVl^riiDaB,,mgy.)— Oeorge- 
tosfh: KyTT'i-o. WglrHrt B-13. ' ' 

Centnry Mtock (Uarrlton ft Sutherland, nigm.) — 
-Hot Springs, Ark.. MS. 

"College Widow." Western (Henry W. Savage, 
ragr!)— TJilfutb, Ulltn.. 3. "Winnipeg. Man.. 
Can., 3. 0,. Grand Porks, N, Dak,, a, Fargo 0, 
Livingston; Mom.. 11. Helens. 12, Butte 13, 14. 

"College Widcw." Snutliarn (Henry w. Bavagvi, 
mgr.)— Norwich, Coon., 3^ Putnam. ,4, Bridge- 
port 3. Hartford 0, Fitrhborg, M«M.. 8, Oard- 
ner 0, BelloWa Palla. Vt.. 10, NOrtti Artittis, 
Masa.. It, PlitsOeld 12. Wlonted. Conn.. 13. 

"Cbeekera", (Dingwall ft Gardner, nigra.)— 8e- 
Attle. Wjwh., !•$.-. ■ 

' CUnsmarf,! (Geo. If, Rrennan. mar. t — Balti- 
more. Md.. 1-0. Washington. D. C. 8-13. 

'•CharleyV Aunt" (Wilfrid North, mgr.)— Indtan- 

- a polls. ImL, .1. IxiulsvlUr, Ky., 4-0. Detroit, 
Mich.. 8-10, Toronto, Out.. Can.. 11-13. - - 

"Carolina" (Lonla Miller, mgr. i—N. Y, City 1-13. 

'Count}' 'Chairman,? No. tM8. A, Schloss.- nigf;) 
— l-Tii L Ubi:rK,..Va,, ftJ 4. Peterslnirg 0, Norfolk 
0, Newport New<* 8. Blchniond 8, Graenahom. 
K C;. IS 11, WlnsToQ-Saletn 12, Ashevllle {3, 

"Cane Cod Folks" (Llebler.ft Co., rngra.)— Port- 
land. Mr., a 10. 

"Cow-I'tlnellfr."-W..F. Mann'M (L. B. Hilt; mgr.) 
-^-Toledo/O., 1-3. Trentoni K. J„ 8, 8, Pblln- 
delphii.-Pa., 8-18: ;: -' 

"Child or tin* Kegiment" (Chae. E. Blaney Amuse. 
Co.* mgnfc)— ngaagM, N. J., 1-3, Bcranton, 
I*a;. 8-10, Wllkej-Biirre 11-13. 

"Convict's Daughter," Western (B. R. Baiter, 
niKr.)— Seattle. Wrtfch., 14. . ■ -' ; • '. 

"Crown "of Thnrns'" TEastr-ni (Phil llnnf; mjrr.) 
— Harrlxbam, Ph.. J-S. W'lOdber 4, 8ottU| ForW 
jS; .Johusiown 0, Altoona 8, :..-'. 

"Crown of Thorns," W«»erq (Phil. Hunt, mgr.) 
— Lawlatown. pn„ 11. Haitlnga 4, Oleu Camp- 
bell'?. Pknxaatswney ti. St. Mary* 8, Emno. 
rinm 9. Brook vl lie 10. New Bethtehom Tl, 
Clenrfield 12, Benova 13. 

"Ctipiter'ii Last rigltt" (J; B. Clifford, mgr.)— 
Bnltimnre. Md., 1-0.- -». 1 ' 1. 

"Curee of .Drink" (Cline. K. Blaney Amitee Co., 
mtrrs.'i — Clticlnuatl. O . 1-0, St. Lonla, Mo,, 
J-13. '•• ■ 

"C6|i(ew<lnnj 'of a Wife" (A. II. Woods, mgr.)— 
I'ltMurlr. I'm.. 1-0. Johnstown 8. Altowia 10. 

"Cowtwr.Uirri" Ktlroy-ft BrILton's. Western (Ed. 
R.,-Wtiellau. mgr. ) — FredoriU, Kan,-,- 3, Yates 
Oettler .4. :,. :- ■ "■• ( l 5 ' . - 

"Chiiiatown.Ctiarlte" (A. H. Wood*; mgr/)'— Chi- 
cago. III.. 1-20. - 

"Country Jay" -(J. II. Bauman, mgr.l— Wna- 
(Vising, MO., 3. Hageralowu,4., Chamotrahiirg. 
Pa... 3. Wayueslioro 0, Oeltyshhrg H. Hancvcr 
K Cjjjnmhla . 10. Miinhelm 11. Epbrata 12, 
CoatmlUi? 13. - ■■• 

"Cotuilry Bilftor," C. It. Colson's. No. 1 (S. h. 
Noble-; Manager).— Wlllter. Nebr.. 8. Crete 4. 
■Uoirltt 1 fj. Western flj lMyar. 8, Avtora 0, 
SlrtttiiKhnrg 10,. York 11. Da>kl City IB, Coturu- 

Uhsiia. ; -i ■■■; --'-i ?i s > ••■ -■■■■- •-, 

"tiKinlry ISdltor," C. U, Colson'B. No. 2; (8. P. 
(Witter, riurr,i— SolpMlr. 1ml. Ter.. 3. Durant 
4? ailnesTllle. Tek.V S 4 Anbnore. IihI. Ter., 0. 

■ '■■-. to '.-' 

Drew. John (Chorle* iFrnhman, oigr.l^N. Y. 
City .l r lodeflnlb?;. ^ .. 

D'Orsny, Lawrence (Daniel Frobiiian, mgr.) — In- 
dlonciwlla, Ind.,.5,-0,. 

Daly. ATniilil (jHaoi Ii. ft l^c SHuhert. Inc. nigra.) 
— PhlU.lttiiliii., pa.. 113. -. - / 

DaUey; p«t»n \-. -(Ham 'B, ft- Loe Hhiihert. Inc., 
mgrs.) — Hprtngfleld, .Mass.. 3, 4, Worcester 3, 
rt^Prpfldeurre, B. I., 8-1 3 - . l -•; • 

Day. Amin' (Swi-cty, gnipbiaii ft Co., nigra.) — At- 
lantic City, K. J., ;i; Ticnton 4. PIslnHcld 3. 
Elian bed. 0. .... ■■..-, -• ■ •='■-.■ •••;■ 

Dooue, 'Alton (Kelinc.v ft Weaifall, nigra.) — Wood- 
hoebcr;: II. L, -3. I'llllsdclpbll. Pa„- 8-13; 

De : Vondc Clieatcr. Slock— Amsterdam, N. Y., 
lvfl, J t&YbohdI|i!e,_P(i, 1 8-.13. „ .. 

Dnvl^Guo-lwin Ht(,ek— AatieTMe, N. C, 1-0. 

Uildlcy, m£ SI nek— Bed wing, Minn., 1-0, Chip. 

'■ tiCWh FhllH'8-13: ■-■ .'■ : " 

Deainund.' Ktb«l <AJ. Os|iprne . mjrr.)— Dunvllle, 
Out.. (. > iiii M '-4-0.'nHlftfahta.HJl > 0.:PBrItilt4ni- 

"Dsii«j((^rs of Men" (Henry B. Harris, mgr. 1 — 
'BoHtou. MgHt*.. -1-0. .' , .- ■- ■■- ' 

"David Corssu" (Hurry \Docl Parker, 'mgr.)— 
Nlagnrn Fglln, N. Y„ 3, I^ekport 4, BaUvIn 5, 
Jthai'k~0, .(Jenevo «, PennVaii 0. Auburn 10. 
(Wrilrtud 11; oiRMiitii- iti, Blughnmtoii 13. 

"Horn Tnonic." Ilowland ft, Cllfford'a.' A (Harry 
• J»- Bryan, ' irfgr.WFarkenibirtt. W. Va.. 3. St, 
Marys, .0., 4. Martinsville .1, Kll-rla 0, Waynes- 
litirfr. Pa., 8. •Washington ' Mouoitgshcla 10, 
Charterer ll-. BUoWHarllle 12. Cnloutown 18. 

"lXita Thorne," ItowlBuil-ft ClISord'K B (Harry 
CtigpfMiUj - ingr.)-*Iielbyvllle Ind.. 3, ,Terre 
llante;4.0. Linton 8. Bloonidrlit 9. Bloomlnglon 
10. Bedford 11, Loogootee 12. Vlncetmea 13. ■ 

"Dora Tliyrue," Ilowland ft CllffonCa. C (L. 1 15. 
Pond, nur.r— MIhsouIh, Mont.; 8^ Wallace. Ida., 
4. Wardiwr u/Citur; d'Alclle «; -S'^kiine, Wash., 
7. 1-eK'lntoii. Ida.. '8, Most-oW 9: Colfsi. Wash., 
10, Ptilhflilli II, Daytoii 12, Walla Walla El. 

"Desuoritte -t3laiiee" (Bortr Howard; mgr.)- — 
Cleveland. O., 1-0, Klpila 8, Rlulnn'.nrl, . Id-.E. 
12. Uaiulllon, O., 13. . :■ 

"Di'tiver. Bxt gpaa* 1 (It. J. Itnvencroft,: mgr.) — 

Klllolt,. MJilne (C. -B. Dllllncham, rugT,)— Wor- :■ 

ct-stcr, Muua.. 1. Holyokc 2, Plttsoeld 3, Ithaca. 

N. Y„ 4. Auburn 3, -.Via gum Fa lb 0, AUruu, 
. O-', 10. .. ., . . 

Ederfoh, Robert (Hcyry B. Harris, ngr.)— Clu- 

climati; O.i I-Oj-'' \< ■'"■» 

Evart, Lawrence (A. W. Cross, mgr.) — Sandusky, 

o., 3, Marlon 4, Defiance 3, Fort Wayne, lad., 
•0. Chicago". Hi;, 7*13. ' ! 

Ewlng, Oectrude (Wm. N. Smith, bus. mgr.) — 

Fort Scott, Kan., l.-ll, Rich Hill, Mo.. 4, Pleas- 
ant Hill 5, 0. Butler 8-13. 
Kills Stock— 8t; John,-N. B.. Can.. 8-11. 
Eiler's. W. A.. Dramatic (Joe Becker, mgr.) — 

Clifton, Kmi,. J, Bclojl 2, Osbunie 3, Stockton 
. 4, Do'ivnK .",' Concordia -iJ. Mil tonv ale H, Hope 0, 

sirotif City ,10. Florence Hi. Augtfata ,l2,.Bello 

Plulne 13: 
"Kro. Willie**.*' Lincoln J. Carter's — IiidUnapo- 

Up, lad., 1-8, Dayton, 0.. 4-0. Cincinnati 7-13. 
"Kverybedy Wortre But ! F«ther" (A, 8. Webster. 

mgr-)— St. Louis, Mo., 1-0. 
"KUjiit BcIIk,". Bros,. Byrne— Newark. N. J„ 1-0. 

Jersey City 8-13. . 

Fiskc," Mrs. (lliirrlsou Grey FJake, mgr.)— Mil- 
waukee, Wis.. U-1U. 

Faversham, William (Llebler ft Co.. -nigra.)— 
Chlcugo. III.. 1-0, Milwaukee;' Win.. 7-13. . 

Fariium, Dusllu (The Kirke La Shellc Co.,; mew.) 
—Baltimore, Md.. 1-11. Phlladclnhla, P*..:8-13. 

Flelda 1 All Slnrs (Lew FleltHi -mgr.)— N. Y. City 
1. Indefinite 

ginnery V, Pensacuta.. Via.. 10. Mobile 11. Bl- 
^ fosl. Miss., 12. muleaburf 13, 
PrankentlMd. Laura (Boyd-f'. Joy. trtgr.)— Falr- 

ntout. Mlmi.. 3, Mankk'rn- 4, St. Peter 3. Mln- 

neola 0. Watertown, 8: U«k„ 7, Clark 8, : A(rtiton 

n. Grot on 10,' Oakcq, X. Dak., 11, LJdgerwood 

12,. JlaDkluaon HL. ->-: - 

FltEHlmmons, nnbert ■ (J. C. Matthews, mgr.) — 

Waukegon, III., 1. Racine, Win.. 2, Jane»vlltc 

3, ' Hammond, Ind., 4. )^i|»rte 3.,. Chicago 

Heights, III.. 0. Clilt-airo 7-10. 
Feiiherg Slock (Uaat, M. renberg, nigr.)-T*-W»ter- 

vlllc Me., 1-3, Bangor I -12. 
Fleming. 'Maule (W. H. Gracey, mgr.) — Kaston, 

Ph., 813; 
Perrfs' ' Cmtinllans (Harry Br. lib, mgr.) — Red 

Whig. Minn.. 1-0. Cliitinewa Falls, Wla., 7-13. 
roitrr-0 00.I win. Llltluut Stock (T. W. Gooilwiu, 

mgr.)— Moimt Holly, N. J., 1-0. 
Franel*. Bdythe (Seth Peel, mgr.) — Paris. Mo;, 

;-;i. Macon 4-U. Bevier 8-10, Muntavllle 11-13, 
"Flaming Arniw." Lincoln J. Carieta— Vlucen- 

i:e-. 1ml.; it, WWi>hliigtoii 4. Betlfonl :>. Bloom- 

Ington 11, Seymour 8. Ouluuibuu 9, Buahvllle 10, 

Cotntersvllle Jl. New Cnetle 12. Munch- 13; 
"Faitst." Porter Jr. White's (Olga Verne, nufr.) — 

MllllMiik. 8. Dak.. 4, Wab|ietun. N. Oak., 5. 

Orlitnvllle.- Mlmi:, 0, Montevideo 8. Melrose 9. 

Sank Centre- 10. . 
"Four OurutTs «f tlie Earth. " Kllint & (Issaolo's 

(Frank. :<»mmdii,- mwr.j—Ofs Molnm, 1 la., 3. 

Prorla. IH., 4-0. Olilviifto 7-20. 
"Mmm Slall" f Si -(.in. ft Itaytior. tngrs,! — Jollet, 

in; 1 , 3j Ottnv.11 4, prlucttoA 3. Kawa&ne 0, 

Dsvehport.- U.. T. OaleHtinrg, 1 111,; », Wtm- 

month. », Burl hurl oh. la.. Jl>. Jaekaonvllle, HI., 

IT; Qnlliey 12. HiiiiiiIIwiI. Mo,. 1.1. 
"Fnwi TmiiIii l« Mlllloitnlrr 1 " (A. H. Wnnds, 

nuirH.V-N. V- city H-1.1. 
"For Hit" < (.Bobitie ft Smith, nigra. I— 

I'oiihi ill.-. Pn„ 3,. tllrardvlllp 4, . Freetatitl ■>. 

.!,.**>... Hh OP » h t,^.. n-'-.j,, fi i|,A lura 'ii, <i H | v . 

toft'll, BDpVilUw IS, POft Alleytny 13, 1 

fla.. >1. AthniM 8. Mat-on 0, Savannah 10, 
wick II, Woyewa 12. Jaekaoiivllle, Fla.. 10.. 
"Fantaaina" (WW. ft.Ednatd Hanlon, tagn.)— 
Bfc «Voola, gfc.,-V£ 7 

: - : , - ■ *> 

Grace Ororge" (Wtd. A. Brady, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City 1, indellnli.'. 

Clllqtte. Wm.- (ChArleg. Frohman, angr.)— Mon- 
treal. Cm.. 8-13. 

Goodwin, N. C— N. Y. City 1, Indefinite. 

Goi/atln, .AHjertr (Bweely, Bhlitman : ft Co.. 
mgra,)— Manistee. Mich.; fl, Traverse City 4, 
Petoakvy .5, 8nuU -Stc. Marie 8, Marquette 8, 
Clltunet 9, Hancock 10. 

Gnle. Florence. (Keitney ft Weatfall, mm,)— Bat- 
tle Creek. Mich.;. 3. South Bend, Ind., 4, Otta- 
wa. HI.. 5; Jollet 0. 

Gllmom, Paul (Jules Murry. mgr.)— Scranton, 
ra,. S. . -. - * "i- 

Grimtli, John (A. Heuwlck Sanders, mgr.)— Oslt. 
Can,, 3, Brnntfard 4. Hamilton S, St. Catber- 
Inea 0. Woodstock 8. Stratford 9. St. Thomas 
10. Chatham 11, Port Huron, Mich.. 12, Bay 
City: 13.' 

Gllmore,. Barney (NlpolaJ ft ' Havlln, mgra.l — 

Phlladel^la. J*h. , 1-0, Waithtrigton, D. C, 8-13. 

Or aim me, Ferdlnaru) — washingtOB. Pa., 1-0, 

Piinxsiitawney 8-13,. 
Glrrnrd-naerUig (Adblpfi Glffonh, mgr.) — Bosco- 

bel. WU., 1-0. 
Glider Stock (Chss. W. Glider, mgr.)— Augusts, 

Me,. i.n..w«tmlito 8-i3 r ... 
(KUile Stock (W. A. Ooble, mgr.)— LinOeu, Utch.. 

"Greater Love" (Witter ' N.""Lawrenee, mgr.) — 
Sp'rlngfleltl, 0.. 3» Columbus 4-0. 

"Girls Will Be Girls" IBraiiy ft Hart, mgr*.) — 
.Putuiro. Conn., i. Webster, 1 Masa.i 4. Wooo- 
aocket, U. I... 5. Newport 0. .New Bedford, 
Mass., 8, Attleltoro: 0, iBrockton 10, Marlboro 
r.2. Mlt-ford 12, Taunton ID, . '"- ■_: 

"flamhler of the West" (A.. H. Woods, mgr.) — 

0. Avn'nbhla,- 0-. 10. Eljrla 11, Akron 12, 
Yoeatwtuwr. 10:--; — ■.■'■ *■ •" —*-'.'•' ■**• - 

Kent. 8. Miller (Edward A. Bradea. mgr.)— To- 
teflo. O.. 14. LVj . -*iie ' IV- 

Keudall, Kirs (Llebler ft Co., mgrs.)— Atlantic 

[ City. N. J.. 4. .- _> . 

Karroll. Dot (J. C. Welsh, mgr.)— TaUDloo, 
Mass., l-0, t Pali River 8>ISi ■ r c'- - . 

Keystone Dramatic. (Mat A. Arnold, mgf.y— Fair 
Haven. Vt- 1-3, Tlconderogi, K X., 4-0, Hut- 
lasd. Vt.8-19.- , ■ : *" -■'_1^1 

Kenqdr, Nellte ,(T. H. Detaran. lop-)- Vernon, 
SVT. Ml* Rulland, VL.8-13. .-...- 

Knickerbocker Stock (Wm. B. Uamlllon, mgr.) — 
NorrlatowD. Pa.. 1-0, Lebanoh'8-18. 

KefkhotT-Hniman (Ivan KerkhofT, mgr.)— Glatco. 
Kan.. 1-9. Belolt 8-18. 

Kltigaley-RttsK'll (E. B. Russell, mjfr.)— Mont- 
gomery City. Mo., l-il, JerseyTllle, Dl., JWB.. 

Keniwly Players JBen Lewis. mgr.)-- r Hopklna- 
Tllte. Ky., 1-fl. Clarksvllle. Tena.. B-13. . 

Kiarj-Ckbau (Harden Kiark. - lagr.rH-«oulI6n, 

*ft of Trampt..' ', Weatern "( Leoo. Altai . rilgr. ) — 
DaTlas. Tei., 8, Fort Worth 4. HUliboro B, 

"King, of Trainps." Souihern (Eddie Delatiey. 
mgr.l— noonerllle. Mis*., 3; Tupelo 0, Corinth 
8. Okobma n."New Albany 10. Holly Springs 
11, Oxfo-d 12, Water Valley IS. 
■-.•"*:';. '«** 

Lorlmer, -Wright (Wm. A. Brtdy. mgr.)— Port- 
lantf, Me.. 1-0, Worcester:. MaJW.. 8-18. . it.. 

lorslfie, Jfobert (C. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— Mil- 
waukee, Wis.. 4-8. * i_. 

Lacfcsre, Wl)ton .(W.m- A. Brady, mgr.)— Cbl- 
cago, IlL.vtrgB. , ■" j. '.\ . ,. 

I^ewla, J. C. (W. A. Junker, mgr.)— Macou, Mp., 

N. V. City 1.(1. Brooklyn, "N. Y.. 8-20. 
"Girl from HapnrloDd" (w. B. Irons, mgr.i — 
.JV-ranUJovPa,, iOH.CUy 4. Oroetivlllo 6 ( Ash- 

-t ;«h»im'> r iii» niviiiiu; 1. uiiniiini<."ui iru' 

tabula, 0., 0. Sites 8, BarbcrtoD 0, North Bal- 
timore .10, Bryan 11, Gosben. Ind.. 12, Elk- 
hart 13. : . v 

' "-". . -H '■'. 

Harnetl. Virginia, (Sam 8. ft Lee Sbubert, inc., 

mgrs. )— Lockport, N. Y., 1, Loadob. Out., 

Can., 2. Flint. Ulcb.. 3, Laming 4, Toledo. O., 

0.-0, N. Y. Clt»>gMsT. v - 
Hackkn. .Tnmes K.— Ni Y.. City I-C" ■'■"■-- 
HljtoWack, Raymond (Henry W.' Havage. mgr.)— 

AuBurti, N. Y., 3i Roclieflter 4, Klndra &, Har- 

risburg, Pn., 0. Baltimore, Md.. 843. , ' 
Hoftljr,. .Maude (John Cor t, . mgr.)— Milwaukee, 

Why.; 1-3.. • 

Holland. Mildred (Edw. C. White, mgr.)— Bar- 

risburg, iPa.. 4.,:;- " 
He^kna, Helma (P. II. Sullivan, mgr.)— Phlladel- 

HE Pa.. 1-0,'N. 1, City 8-13. :.. , 

Hall,. Jesale Mae-JAL TralterL, mgrO— Wllinlnc- 

ilce (.Uurlawl Giden, mgr.) — Bi 
. ■.. 1. Atlantic Oily 3. Poltatoii 
. JTftajJ" 

!lo)[ldivn 8, (Jreciisburg u, 

-3, FultoD 4,.MexJco 5, Mohexly 8, ; 
8. Otasgow ». Salisbury 10. Carrolltoa 11, Rich' 
mood Iz, LexJBBloo 13. >- . e- - ' ; . ■ 

Leslie, Roiabele (Sim Allen, mgr.)— Chester, Pa., 
■ 4.-8. Lancaster 8-13. ■* : i"-''.'. 

Lockea. The (Will H. Locke, mgr.)— Clyde, K to.. 
&> 8L Marya 4. Manhattan 6, 0, Blue Rapids 
8. Waterrille 0, Washington 10, rrankiort 11, 
Downs 12. Osborne 18. J-j 

Lycellm Comedy— Newport, Tenu., 1-0,. BrlceTllle 

"Uon'and the Mouse." A_,( Henry B. Harris, 

mgr.)— N. Y, aty 1, iDdeonitc. 
"Lloti and fbe Mouse," B; (Henry B. Harris, 
mgt.i— Botton, Mass., 1, .uidiflplte.. __ . 
,-*aTaTai the Mt»dse," .C . (Henry B. Harris, 
jl— MluaeapOIls, Mlhii., 1-3, SL. Paul 4-0, 
__atlY 9, 18. - ■ '. 

'Love Route" Of. Ray Comstock, mgr.)— St. 

fLnntg. Sfp.. JO. Kajuaa City 8-13. . _ 
LliD!mtMdV..'<\yta. Macauler.mgr.)— De* 
v^E«e rnvvts - 

City 11, Fort Dodge 12, .Boone 13. 

• «\ A. Walker, mgr.)— Portland. Ore. 1 a 
- -VtHcotlven-Wttdi). f; Ctieftalhi 8, Centrulia bl 

HuquiamlO, Aberdeen 11, olympla 13. - 
. ■: *.vfc' », - 
Nelhrraole. Olga (Louta . Ketbersole. mar 1— 

fiaekport, ,Itag„-l*0.- . •**•'.■-- 

Newmin, Jctavh (M. . T.- Casstdy. mgr.) — Or,,. 
-.-♦#«, Colo., -.Mt Idaho, Sprlnp 6. Central Cut 

0,.Latnyetto"B,' Boulder U, Longtuunt nj n... 

thpiHl IE Lovcla'id .12, Fort Colllun 13. 
"Singly ami Nine" ; : (Fred K. Wright, mar 1 — 

Brooklyn, N. Y..-MJ, N. Y. City 8-13. ' 
"Nrula; toe N'owa Oiri"— WilkH-flarre, p t 1. 

«, Scranton 4-0. 

I; ■ .,: . .' O 

Olcott. Cbiuncey (Aogoatna Pltoit, mgr.) — Cul- 

Miav. 111., 1-18. 
O'Neill, JaoiPS (Lloblcr ft Co., nigra.)— St. Paul 
. Minn., 7-ln, Minneapolis. 11-13. ■ ■ n,, 

O'teili >' ' iMrKee Ranklit, mgr.) — Salem 

Man.. 3. Lyiiti 4, Lawrenoo-S. 
Oagatg Siojtr (John Osman, mgr.) — Bristol, Tenu 

1-0, Greenville. 8. 0., 8-13. 
"00c WotnaJV' (Oeo. H. Brennsn, mgr.) — Rich- 
' rrfohd. Vs.. 5. 0, 
"On iPerole'* (Ed*. A. Bradeh, mgr.)— CharleH- 

.Intti S. C.V 4. - , ,. ■;.: 
"Oair New Mlnhter" (Joseph Couyers. mgr.) 

feh Claire. Wla., 3. Stillwater, Minn.. 4, 1,* 

CroVe, -Wis.. 0,' Owatontta, Minn., 0, Albert 

Lra 8, Faribault 9, Stillwater 10, Nortbfldd 

'IT; WhtirloTjrili:. 12; Dutmrrue 13. 
"Old latac from .toe Bowery" (Ohaa, R. Blaney 

Am bse,, Co. ^ mgrs.) — Mtnneanolls, Minn., l-n" 

Milwaukee, Wla". 7-1B. «• - 
"On thoiBrirtge at- Midnight." Eastern (A. K. 

Pear*Qii,.m|r.)— Bay city, Micb.. 3. St. Jobna 

4; I.aiisLDg B. Ionia. 0. Muskegon 7. Charlotte 8. 

"Ollr Old Kentucky Home" (Wm. Ileywoug, mgr.> 

--iKlewrltr, la,. -3.- Urand Junction 4. Knox- 

vllle 3, RwUfllleB. Dwp River 9, Belle Piaiuc 

10, Trarr ll. Vinton 12, Laportc City 13, 
"Other Fellow" (Harry Kostcr, mgr.)— Princes 

ifliie, Md., 3. . 
"Oh, Dangerous Ground" (Vance ft SUlllvan, mgn.) 

— BL pant, Minn., T-18; * ' 


Pat ton, ,W. .B. (J. M. Stout, mgr.)— Davenport, 

la.. 3.- Iowa City 4, Cedar Rapids 6, Anomr-n 

0, . Independence 8, Watcrluo B, Chsrles City lu, 

Decorah Qm 
Pumeil, Kathryn , (W. D. Fltagerald, mgr.)— 

Wheeling, W. Vn„ 1-3. East LlYerpoo), O.. l- 

0. Dealer: Falls, Pa.. 8-1B. 
Parbjh '818 ten (C. 8. Payrou. mgr.)— Durant. 

ItiB. Ter.. 1-3, Madlll 4-0, Gaiuesville, Tei.. 

Pafteflo Stock (W. A. Partello. mgr.)— Jolins- 

tovftj. N. Y.. 1-0, Herkimer 8-13. 
— '"hs, tha-Four Wlllta P" 
on; N. c. 

toil, Ual., 1-3, Catudvn, N. J., 4-0, Neiyark.Jt-I 
Uamlliou. Florence (Gurlaud Gadeu, mgr.) — Bui 
llncton. N. J. t, Atiiiutlc Oily. 3, Pottgtowii, 
Reading i. WllllnuHuon 3, Latrobtf 0, 


nhtifordra»flrt"U~." : rK.™lTil*r«ricc Walker, aigr.) 
— Roaiiuke, Va., 3, Htsunton 4. Charleston. W. 
Va.. 0, Huntington 0, I^hlsvllle. Kt- 8-10, 
Bowling Oreeu 11, IJuiiklnsvtlte 12, Owensburu 

Ill&wiiiH. David " (K. D. Blair, mgr.)— Chicago, 

HE'. 1-13. «- 
Ho»«nl Hull (Cbax. E. Blaney Amuse. Co., mgrs.) 

^•WaiUlngtoti, D. XL, l-y. PUtsbdrg. Pa.. 8'13. 
llewArlekr. -- Ben (Wm.- Gray, mgr.) — Owouo, 
-Mich., 3, .Alma 4, Big Haplda 0, Lud Ington 0. 
Hall, Oeo. l\ (**rank W. ^Nason, mgr.l— MsJoue, 
'.- N. V.. 3, Saraoac Lake 4, Tupet Lake 0, Mas- 

sepa «;- ,. ,. - 

Hunnligs. the. Four (Harry Dull, mgr.)— Shcl- 
- dob, 111.. 3. Bltxmilnktpij 4, Decatur I, 0. Terre 

Haute 7, Paris. 111.. 8. Lincoln To, Danrllle 11, 

Soldiers' Home 12. Kankakee 18. 
nogtm." ErnCst (Hurtlg *' Sesmon, mgrs.)— Co- 

lifmbiiii, O.. 4-u. liiuulnnftU 7-W. »,- 
Hlmbcleih'a ideals (John A.' Hlmtnelcln, mgr.)— 

•pfttna, o.-.'rs. • 

Hlmmeleln'a Imperial Stock (R. F. Htuivleln, 
. fiurr.)— Kaiadinatio, Micb.. 1-fl, Lstinlag 8-13. 
Hbyt's Ootnefllf .(H. <i. Alien, mgr.)— KHinctt, 

JMoC', i-*.,Ca|>emraMe«ti 8-13..,: . = .-• ■ 

Humei»u.u-13r,ei]ieH>— Mimteatimai/ Ind., 1-^; 
lluruld Suiwrr Stock (Hitter. ft 'Fapshawe. mgrs.) 

'--Mlddfeport;' N. V., 1 (J*, Hetieca Calls 8^18. 
"imtoiTltb'' 'tCliflrUs l'roimuli, .mgr.)— N. Y. 

City 1, •lnflrBnlte. .' 

"Houeo nf Mirth''' (Charles Frohman, .mjrr.)— 

Vnrinitb: (int., Can;. i-OV 

"Ixrvera and Lunatics" (Cliarlea Taronp. mkr.)— 
Wtighluglon, O. (-'., 1-i-i. Richmond, Va., 8-13. 

"Lena Rrvcr«" (Nlxob ft Co., inirs.)— Dllhart, 
1M;. ». Oosiieh 4, Ahdenwn fcjMB kj sj 0, Oon- 
nfrsvlilc 8. Xenla, 0.. 9. HprtngfJeld. 10, Lou* 
dob 11. Kenton 12. Marlon 13. 

"Lights nf Gotham!' (Dnu Steele, nigr.)— Sat* 
toll, Pa., 3, Hopewell 4, Pleytnont, W. Va„ 8, 
Midland, Md.rii. -UfttlH. W. Va.. 8. Lohacbft- 

fng. Md.. B, Elk Oardeu, W, Va.. 10, Thomas 
U, PhlllppI 12. West Hiilou IB. - ■ 

- ' ■ '•• ■ "- H ' 

Maiitell.- Robert B. (WM. A, Brady. mgr.)-^Ot- 
iswa, Can., 1-4. Burlington. Vt.. U. - 

Mack, Andrew ijamcu H. Decker, mgr.)— Jer- 
sey Oily, -M. J.M-4L 

Matin, lonts; and Clara Llpman (Sam 8. ft I-ee 
SliuisrrL. inc.. mgrs.)— Worcester, Mass.. 1, 2, 
Hartford, Conn.. 3, North Adams, Mass.. 4, 
Brattteboro, Vt.. fi, Cotioa*. N. X., 0, Albany 
S, 0. Jolinsiowu 10, Atlhoru 11, Suubury, Pal, 
12, Annabolb, Md„ IB. , • £• 

Murnhv. Tim (T- E. BauBden, ' mgr.)— Waco, 
Tex.. 3, Fort Worth 4, Dallas o, Oklauotna 
City, Okla.. 0. .,-. . 

Melntyre nnd Heath (Klaw ft Erlsnger, mgrs.)— 
Chicago. III., MB. 

Montkuniery and Stone- (C. B. Dillingham, mgr.) 
— S. Y. CltT'l, lrtdedBlle.; 

Mclfllle, Rose (J. R. Stirling, :'mgr.)— Saginaw, 
Mlfcli.. 3, Bay City 4, Port Httruu C, Fllab 0, 
Detroit 7-13. 

Merrltt. iJrncb (Sweuly, Sblputan ft Co., nigrs.) — 
Btlilgvliorf. Cduu,. 3,. Eelt ttWer, Msua.i 4. 
Ivevrport. R. 1..-3. Attteboru, Mass., 0, Hurt- 
fiord, Oulin-.. .8-10. . -- -• . -j-J 

Morrimer, Lillian (J. I.. .Veivnee, mgr.)— Chi- 
e*gD, llL f .Mn. '." - ■ 

Mudut. Lydln Von 1'lukelstelii (Hwi.'ejy, SblpuJau 

"Plt; 7 ;(V 

lekert, mgr.)— Unr- 

. ..Wm. A. Brady, mgr.)— Sandusky, 0., 3. 
PJlhee of lmlla" (Klkw ft Erlatiger, mgrM.)— 

tf,;,Y. City, 1,-lndeflbllr.- . 
"Plittniom Detective," Rowland ft Cllfford'a (Dare 
. S*ayinonr, : mgr.V— Sanlitllle, Teun., 1-0, LouU- 

vlllw Ky., 7-18. 
"Poor Relation," Davis ft Eugene's (L. A. Ntdius, 

ritgr.)— Newtbu." In., 8. Oskaloosa 4, ottumwM 

r>,- Ifurlingtou 0, Fort Madison 7. Klrkavllb-. 

MbV.'-S; ;Novltiger 0. Clillllcothc 10. Brookhcld 

H, Brunswick 12, Paris 13. ' 
"Pnlr or Country Kbla," Kaatern (C. Jay Hnillli. 

nigr.l — Han Marcos, Tex., 3. Builllivllle 4. Ssn 

AntoOlo i|, Victoria 8, Oslveston T, IluUHluu >. 

Humble 8, Beaujhont 10. Port Arthur 11, Jeu- 

nliur-. La., 12. Qt-stige, Tex.. 13. 
"Pair of Country K.dH," Weatem (C. Jay Siullh. 

mgr.) — ttlawatlia, Ksn..*i, Frankfort 4. Marys- 

vl lie 6. ' Beat tie 8, Babetlia 0, Geneva 10. Hum- 

tnltlt. Nebr., 11, Wyniora 12, Ashlaud 13. 
"PahUlOg,. the 1bwn ,r (Chaa. H. Yale, mgr.)— 

Philadelphia. Pa.. 1-0. -.:... 

"Peck's Bad Boy," Western (Union Amuse. Co.. 

tflgnJ,)— Grand Island. Nebr.. 4, I^xiugtou ~>. 

North Pintle ll. Sterling. Colo., 8. Brlglllun D. 

Lhfaiettc 10. Central City 11. Idaho Springs 

12,' Colorado Springs 13. 

"Qncen of; tlie Circus" (Elmer E. Vance, mgr.) — 
.Syracuse, N. Y.. 1-3. Ilocfaeater 4-U. 

"Queen oC.the ^Vhlte Blares" (A. H. Wb iiia, 
-nltr.)— sftj Ixmta. Mo., 1-0, Kail*** Clly 7-13. 

"quiet' of-, the Hlglil)lmler»"-(A. H. Woods, mgr.) 
-^C. Y.'CUy 1-0, UobOkeu; N. J.. 7-10, Pater- 
sdti U-13. 

"Qufncy Aitamn Sawyer," Western IW. o'Neil. 
a^st,)-^thtUelsniter. Wis., 2. -Anltgn 3. Hter^nji 
I*Wlht 4. Tutn nil n, Vluoba. Minn.. 0. Sew dim 
7,' St. Pelera 8, Mankalu 0. Owatohua 10, 
Farlbnult 11, Rochester 12. 

Honie ' Folks" ' (KIhw ft Erludger, mgrs.) — Bo- 
cbester, N. Y„ 1-3, Syracuse 4-8, Pblladeli " 
Pa., 8-13 

ft- Co., v.ji- ■ 'rul..-!.'.. HL, 10-27. 


"Heir to the Hooruh" (The Klrke La Shellc Co., 
mgrst)— Chattanooga, Tehtt,. 3.. Atlanta, Oa.. 
4, Montgomery, Ala., 3. Mobile 0, New Orleans, 
La., 7-18. 

"Her Ouly Sin," Lrtimtn .J. 'Carter's— Irwlii. Pa., 
8, Jeaunette 4,- BlalrsTlIle 0, ' Utrobe 0. 
Meyemlale 8, Somerset 0, South Fork 11, 
Burnetiboro 12. Altoona 13. 

"UmO#i| Way" (Jules Murry, mgr.)— Rich- 
moiKl; -Vg.,.'i. Norfolk 4. - " 

"lla)l Room Boj-k" — Brldgeiwrt, Conn., 0. 

"HlUiinn Hearts;" Southeni (Jay, Slrutos, mgr.) — 

■Charleston. S." C, 3, HuYunuah; Ou., 4. Jack- 
sonville. Fin.. 0. 

"Holy Cty,'*'Oonlon ft Bennett's, East (H. M. 
Bfackailer.'mga.)— Akron, O.. B. ' -'■ 

"Holy- City." Gordon ft Bennett's, Coast (Le 
Conitc ft Ftetiher, mrrs.1— Seattle, Wabb., 7-13. 

"IftnfHc of Mystery/' Mlttenlhal .Bros.' (Irfoo 
wntluuiH, mgr.)— LoblsvliHV Ky.. l-d. 

"IIoiae*[i'jn Heart" (Kit* .ft Pejrklus; mgrs.) — 
WiiKece, Mlmi.. 3. Hedwooil Falls 4, Spring- 
Beld-fi, Tyler 0-, Caiiby 8, Murahult 0. Graolto 
Fdlla: 10,- Wlllmar .,lt . MatHso^ U, Moutlvedo 

"Hamuli Hi-artH," Western (Wm,' F. lllley, mgr.l 
— -Klnguun, Kan., 1, llutchlnaoii 2, Newton 3, 
Snllna 4, Herlngtou 5, Einuorta U. Topeka 7, 
Paola 8. Ottawa 9. Lawrence 10, Leavenworth 
lLlHorton 12. AtcIih*on.l3. 

"Hiipp'y HootlgHii,?' Went, Ous IIUI'b— Central la, 
III., I, Murpliysboro 2, De Soto, Mo.. 3, Pop- 
Inr Bluff 4. ofewnort; Ark., 5. Little Rock 0, 
Pine Bluff S, Hot Sprlutm 11. 10, Tcxarkana 11, 
Sbrevc|*ort. La.. 12, Mouroe 13. 

"Homcacekera" (M. . *iV. ■ MeOee, mgr.) — Inde- 
pendence, K:iu.. 3, Wkhlta 4. Wellington 5, 
Hutch hieon ii. "Newton 8, Kloreuue 0, Burling- 
ton 10. ■ 

"How "Baxter Butted In" (Vajice.ft dulllvan. 
wgfs,)— Mobile. Ala., '8. ' 

"Hooster Girl" (Otis ' Cohan, mgr.)— Fllllshoro. 
Tex.. 5. Weatlicrford 4. Mineral Wella 5, Dal- 
Irb 0, Fort Worth '8, Waxabaehlc 9, EuoIb 10, 
Corslcnna II, Tyler 12, Terrell 13. .. 

"Hans Hanson" (James T. McAlpIn, mgr.)— 
Mocoint), 111., 'S, i,u Hnrpe 4,' Warsaw 5, Can- 
ton, Mu., 6, Palmyra'. 8, Label le 0. Milan 10. 
Jumesi«6rt .11, Mnjavllle 12, Bavannali 13. . 

"How Hearth Aie Broken" (Mlttenlhal Bros. 

' Amuse. Co., nigra.) — Columbus, D.,- 1-8, Al- 
toona, Pa., 0. ' . . '" '. 

"Her JFlrat False Stcu." C. F. Whltaker'a— Ham- 
ilton, Caut, 3.' '-:.'■-.■-.■ 

"Holty Tolty"— Hoboken, . N. J., 14. 

'-. .1 .... , 

Irving, H. B., nnd Dorothea Balrd (Nixon ft Zlra- 
mermua. mgrs.) — N. Y. Oily 1-27. 

Irwin, May (Harry Sloan, mar.) — Wilkes- Barre, 
Pa., 3, Scranton 4. . Hurrlsburg .', WlliulngUip, 
IM., 0. Newark, N. J., 8-13. 

"Ikey and Abry" (Eilward It. Salter, mgr.)— 
Hot Surlnga. Ark., .'L Little Rock 4. 

"Iti Old Kentucky" (A. W. Dingwall, nigr.l — 
Memptita, Tenn.. 14." 

"It Happened In Nonlland"— Norfolk, Va., 10. 

James,- Louis (Wallace Monro, gen. mgr.) — Base- 
man, Mont.. 3, Helena 4, Great Fells fi, Butte 
0, 7. Missoula 8, Wallace, Ida., », Snokar.e, 
Wash., 10, 11, Walla Walla 12, Seattle 13-10. 

Jen'ersofl, ■TgjgggMg (C. B, Jefferson, mgr.) — Ctlca, 
N, Y., 4. Auburu 0. • '-.'■ ' 1 - 

"Just Out of. College" (Charles Frohman, ajgr.)— 
Ijffo«asW, Pa., 3, Enaton'S, SprlngBeld, Mats., 

"JoTly American Tramp" -(H. P. Franklin, mgr.) 

-—Salem, W. Va.. 3, Wcwton 4, Buchbanuon 5, 

Phlllpid 0, Klklna 3. 
"jerry rrom Kerry" (Patten ft Flclclier, mgrs.) 

— BnttlneiUi, N. Dak.. 3, Rugby 4, ' Sllnut 5. 

Kenmarc 0, Bowbelte 8. 
Knllcb. Bertha (Harrison Grey Flske. mgr.) — 

N. Y. City IB, Brooklyn. N. Y.. 8-13, 
Knott. rhMClle (Swoely, Bhlmnsji ft Co., mgrs.) 

— Newburgh, N. Y. 8, Pittsfleld, Mass.. », 

Nortli Adams 10, Cohoes, N..Y., 11, Gtona Falls 

12. llurllnglou. Vt.. EX 
Kcnnnrk, Jano (l\ Wel«. mrr.)— -M(|tidlaB, Ml«.', 

3. hmfim 4, Nalcbea fi, Vlekslmrg (1, MehiphN, 

Teun.t S. 0, Jackson. Miss., in, Nnshrille, 

Tenn,. 11-13. 
hi'lhir. the Great (Dudley MeAd»w, inur.l— Huf- 

fri., N. Y., 10, Njagara Falls V Erie,' Pa., 

Peuascotn, Fla„ 0, New Orb-ads," La., '7-EL 
Mortoni, • the Four (Jobh S. .'Flaherty, mgr.) — 

Bdaton; Slaw'., l-o. Brooklyn, N. Y.. 8-13. 
MyrklMIarder Stock, Easieeu (W: H, Hard 

mgr.)— York, Pa.. 1-0 , mgerstown. Md., 8-13. 

iyrkle- Harder Stock, Western (Eugene J. Hull, 

mgr.) — Clarksburg, W;~Va., 1-0, Cumberland, 

■B 8-ta.. 

Myrkle-Hardcr Stock, Southern (I^tlnwre ft Leigh, 

mgrs.)— Hamilton. O., 1-0. Coshocton '8-48.- 
Murray ft Machey. Kaateru (John Ji'Murray," mgr. ) 

— osslnlng, N. Y., 1-0, Tarryluwn 8-13. 
Murray ' 4' Mackey. Western (John J. Muraoy, 

mgr.) — New Casfle, Pa.. 1-0, MgKeespoct:8-13. 
Marka Bros'.'. (It, 'W. Marlw, mgr,)— Walertonn, 

N.';Y;;.r-0, Oswego 8-1.1. 
Mtller Brw.' rMoek (John M. Miller, mgr.) — 

Peoria. HI.. 1. Indefinite. 
Maxam ft SlgliLM' Comedlana (J. W. Sights, mgr.) 

— Moquah. Wta.. 1-0. . - TT ^ 

"MM: Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch" (Llebler ft 

Co., mgrJj-^N. Y".' City 1-0, Atlantic ^ City. S. 

"Mrs. Temple' i» Telegram" (W. N. Lawrence, 
mgr.) — Newark, N. J.,.1-0, Washington, D. C, 

"Mr. Hoiikliisou" (Hackett ft Ouraoa, nigra.) — 
HsrUord, Conu.. 3, 4. New Haven 0, N. X. City 

"Marriage of Kitty" (Jules Murry. mgr.) — Da- 
veuuort. la.. B. :j***tt * - 

"Mum,my and the Humming Bird" (Julea Murry, 
mgt ;J— Frankfort, Ind.. aWi •■ »-.. 

"Moonshiner's Daughter,' 1 W. 'F. Mann's (Roy 
Kinghton, mgr.) — Onawa, Nebr., 1, Blair 2, 
Schuyler 3, Columbus 4. Lincoln C. 0. Council 
BlufT-, It:', 7, Seward. Nebr.. 8, York 0, Grand 
Island IV. Kearney 11, t'olrburj -12, Beatrice 

"Misjinh" (P. J. Keiinedy, mgr.)— N. Y. City 1, 

"Measure of a Man" (Daniel V. Arthur, mgr.) — 
Philadelphia. Pa.. 1-13. ... . 

"Master Workmin" (Phil Hunt, mgr.)— Albany, 
X; Y,, 1-3, Hoboken,: N. J.. 44. . ■ .... 

"Man of Her Chotce". (Edw; M. Simmons, mgT.) — 
Sprlugneld, Mass.. 44. - .- 

"Mad Love." Western (Edward R. Salter, mgr.) 
—Walla Walla, Wash.. 8. .- 

■'Mr. -Blarney from Ireland" (Ctua. E. Blaney 
Amujse>'Co.. mgrB.)^t Pgul, Minn.,. 14, Min- 
neapolis 7-13. 

"Midnight Flyer." Northern (Anson Varncy. mgr.) 
— ABoland, Wh., 3, Iron RlreT 4, Clonuet, 
Minn., S. Snperlor, Wis., 0. Hlbblog. Minn., 
7. Virginia's, Blrvablk 9, Two Harbors 10, 
Aitkin ll, LUIle, Falls 1,3. 

"Mldnfght Flyer." Western (Ed. Anderson, mgr.) 
— Wyinore, NebTi',' 3, Talrbury ; 4, Hastlojrs fi. 
Kearney. 0.. I-exlngton : 8. - North Platto 9, Sid- 
ney 10, Crawford. 11> Chudrco 12, Kaph.l City, 

"My -Wife's Family." Eastern. B. C Whitney's 
(Freeman Flake, mgr.)— Cdrltmnd, N. ;Y„ 1, 
CatiaitQta 2, Csmdco 3. Norwich 4, Ctlca fi. 0. 
New Berlin 8, Hlon 0. Little Falls H). Olovera- 
vllle 11 . Johnstown 12, Schenectady 13. 

"My Wife's Family." Central 1 (Frank Cooke, 
fnaT.)-TRlchuiond, Ky.. 8, Cynthlsna 9. Maya- 
Tlllc 10, Wlaebester 11, Irontop, C, 12, Jack- 
son 13. 

"My Wife's Family." Western (W. M. 1 McGowan, 
mar.)— Mason ' City. la.. 3, Wells, Minn., 4, 
Owntonnn a, Iji Creese. Wis.,0. -- 

"Minister's Sou." Mnmuley ft Patton'a (R. F, 
RuUedge, mgr.)— BeardHtowu, lit.. 3, Mount 
Stirling I. JLii.nlbal. Mo., 3. Qutncy. HI., 8 
Fort Madlaop;; la.. .8, De Witt p. Clinton lo. 
Tlptoh 11. Iowa City 12. Muscatine 13. ", 

'Man'e Broken Promise" (J. L, Veronee, mgr.) — 
TJavtOH, O.. 1-3. 3 

"Millionaire's- Itevehge" (Mlttenlhal Bros. Amuse. 
Co;, mgw.)— N. V. Cltrii4. -• -t ! 

"Midnight Kt«!spc".(Kd, II. Lester, mgr.)— f?hlla- 
delpbia. Pa.. 1-0. ' 

"Ms u aer i grr Buy'' (Geo. T>. 3«eet, raqrr.>-JTliler 
Rlwr ■Palls, Mbii... 3. Red T*ke FsIIb 4. 

"Mistakes Will Hnpneu"— Sfohlle. Ala.. 8. Me- 
ridlaf. Miss.. 0. 

"Mr. Hint am) I." Hurtlg ft' Beamoo's— N. Y. 
City' 14: *"; ' -'-•■ 

"M*-F«ddeii'p Finis." Rns H Ill's— Dallas. Tex.. I, 
Kdrt Worlb 2. nslnesrllle 3. Oklahoma Cltr. 
Okla.! 4. Shawnee It, Tnala,- IWL : 'art.. K, i|,m. 
L.o-- s. F.tfl Smllb. Ark.. 0. NiwiaucttrfcVMn.. 
t« -Jwlln ii; Piiiahnre. Knit., Ut,. Topeka l.i, 

"Millionaire Traaap," Boiitberi), Elrner Walter*' 
- (maUaitpoga. Tenn., fj. 

"Mlllloualre Xramp," Weatrrn, Elmer Wallers' 

Ronton, Eleanor (Llebler ft-Co., mgrB.)- 

Cl'.y 3t IrtUQi.ltc. --. .iV 
Rum-ll, Lillian (Jonrph' Brooks, mgr.) — Columbus 
. 0.. Hi 4, Rochester, N. Y., 5, 0. N. Y. City 8, 

Rol>erta, -.Florence (John Oort. mgr.) — Washlnc- 

ton,. D. C. 1,0, I'tl-B, N. V., 8, Syracuse fi. 

Slagara Falls 10, Erie, Pa., 11, Caulon, 0.. 

12,^ranBtletd 13. 
Ri#s, Thomas W. (Cohan ft Harris, mgrs.)— N. 

V, City. 1,. Indefinite. 
Itu>eetl Bri*. (ChurlCH E. Blaiicy Auiuse. Co., 

ingr*>— N. Y..CIty. 14. 
Roy, Johnny nnd l-'nlnn (E. D. Stair, mgr.) — 

- ClcTPlaml, O.:" 1-fl. 

Ryan. Daniel— Lynn, Mass.. 8-13. 

Richardson Slock (Frank W. Rlchardsuc, mgr.) 
— Kckomo, Ind., 1-0. 

Regal Stock (Beaumont Claxtou, mgr.)— Jeffer- 
son, Wis., 0. 

Rose Stock (Joseph S. Sklrboll. mgM— Sbouan- 
doah.I'a., l-o, Soatb Bethlehem 8-13. 

Ree's. John O.— Kensington, Kan.. 1-3, Smith 
Center 44. - 

RentCrow's Jelly Pathflndera (J. N. Reutfrovr, 
mgr.)— Mount Gilead, O., 14. 

Ru»*eH Comedy (Nick Hnsscll. mgr.) — Counelln- 

- yllle. Pa., 1-3, Somerset 44, Wlndbcr 8-10. 
' Tyrone 11-13. 

"Rogers Bros, in Ireland" (Ons ft Max Roger*, 
mgra.)— Buffalo, N. Y.. 1-3. Erie. Pa., 4, 
Yodbga>owu, 0., fi, Akron 0. . Cleveland 8-13. 

'■Rairged Hero," Leittider Ue C. r ,rduTn's (Jamex It. 
Rhodes; mgr.)— Corry, Pa., 1, Union City '-'. 
OH City. 8, .Mies 4, Franklin. Pa., 6. Beaver 
Falls 0, Kllwood City S. Butler 0, WaHhlugiHi 
10. Browiisvllle 11, Scottdale 12, MorgsintDwa, 
W; Vau. 13. - • 

"Ruled Off the Turf" (A. : Ui Woods, ntgr.) — 
Montreal, Can.. 1-0, Boston, Mass., 8-13. 

"Rare for Life" (P. II. Sullivan Amuse. Cm., 
•Agrs.)— Brooklyn, N. Y., 14, Pittsburg, Pa.. 

"Romeo ouil Juliet" (Harry L. Dixon, mgr.)— 
BemldJI-. Minn,, 3 Black Duck 4, Mcintosh .'. 
Thief River Falls 0. 

"Romance of Coon Hollow" (L. J. Slaveu. mgr.) 
— Holyofce, ' Mass-*, 3. Manchester, N. n.. 4-«. 
Marlboro. Mass., S, Ware B, Palmer 10, Spring- 
fleW 11-15. ... 

"Royal Rogue" (Rice ft Oonley, mgrs.)— Ring- 
cold, Tex.. 8. Naeunt 4. Henrietta 5. Wicblla 
Falls 0, Seymour 8, 0, Haskell 10, 11. Monday 
I2*i 13. -- -.- . 

"Runaway Match"— SL John, N. B., Can., C, 0. 

Sotlieru, E. IL, and Julia Marlowe (Sam S. ft 
.Lee Shtibert, Inc., mgrs.)— Philadelphia, Pa-. 
1 VN ,7. 3. . . 

Skhier, Otis (Charles Frohman, mgr.)— Burliug- 

- fon. Vt.. 8. 

Spf-ng, Hilda (Walter NV Lawrence, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City 1, indefinite. 
Stahl. Hose (Henry B. Harris, mgr.)— N. Y. Clly 

Scott. Cyril (Walter N. Lawrence, mgr.)— Provl- 
•lence.R; L, 44, Sprtugfleld, Mass., 10, Albauy. 

N. Yl, 12, 13. ' 

Shea. Thomas E. (Nixon ft Zimmerman, mgrs.) — 

Irfjwell, Mass., 14, Boston 8-13, 
Snootier. Cecil (Chss. E. Blaney Amuse. Co., 

mgrs.)-^Brook!yi|. S. Y.. 1-13, . 

Sidney, George (A. W. Herman, mgr.)— Akron, 

0., 3, Etyrla 4, Fimllay fi, Lima 0. 
Sully, Daniel (Edward L. Bloom, mgr.)— Ljna, 

Mass.. O. * - ' .• _ . 

Smart Set (Harry Hill, mgr-*— Toronto, Ont-, 

Can.. 14. Cleveland, 0., 8-13. 
Sterling Htock (Wm. Trlplett, mgr.)— Skldmore. 

Mo.. 14. Wichita. Kan., 0-11. . .. __ 

Slater's Coined I an a (Wm. Kralee. mgr.l— upper 

Sandusky; 0-. 1-0. Mount Sterling 8-18. m , 
StuHtUnj Stock (W. I* Stewart, mgr.)— West* 

rllle, X. S„ Can.. 1-3. 
Salisbury-Murray Stock (8. M. MporRy, mgr.) —'. k. Y.. 14; Doddsvllte 8-13. „_ 

Soiilkem Stock (Ahlco'ft WHlams, mgrs.)— Con* 

way. Ark., 1-3. _ _ 

"Sandfly" (Jules Marry, mgr.)— Cincinnati. 0., 

"Stolen Story" (Henry W. Bavsge. mgr.)— N. Y. 

Clly 3 Not. Ih. 
"S.HMiw Min"' (Lh-Mer ft On., ntgn".)— BMrllnS- 

l««H Vll. I. 

"ShflilMW bbHHbmI the Throne." Tj-amter Pe < «r- 
•Unr«'< IJamfx II. Rhndex. msr.1— IlalHejeJ. 
Mi.. I Fdr-ot CM- T *tl"'l.-t|t t. r»ly-w h *. 

East Stroodsburg S, PlalaMd, N, )., fl, llooot 

October 6. 



Holly S. Snlcin 0. ConlesTlIlc. Pa., 10, Trenton, Warner .Comedy iiuu it. Warner, mer.) - Duniut. 

\ J. 11. 13. Xew Brunswick 13. wis.. In. 

•■Snaare IHrtl" (Victor -MiaO*. mgr.)— Rich- Wllllim* G-jmedv (T. P. lh? UalTcrellv. mgr.) — 

ftJonil. .V».. 1'C. RtUHn, MO- - 8-ia. 
-*MiM«'ii.8«criflM" ljt*9g * rbUllps, 

'V'rcilerk-lc, Md., L Cumberland 2, McKeca- 
r«,rt Pa.. 3, Ki"t Liverpool, 0., 4; Yooogilown 
it. Canton A, Fort. Wayne, Bid., !>. .South Bend 

"Secretf ot tho Police" {A. II. Woods, ingr.)— 
l-rovlrfence, R- I.. M*. Moptreal. Cnn., M& 

•-•Ini of (he Cm**" (It- ft Crearln, mgr.)-~ 
JdneHiciH ii. N.rDi.1.., 3, Glen-llve, Mont., 4, 
Mil* fSKfm Billing- 8. - 

■Shoplifter" -I Jules- Walter*, myr.) — Bloomingtnn, 

lit.,'3. Cnal On l.tnrkbt fl, Kankakee c. 

•■"OriirgtC for Gold" (Arthur J. WOMbx mgr.) — 
Washnnr.i, III,, :!, I-ncoti 4. Wertonn 6, Strcalor 
n. Mlnoftk 7. Dana 8. 

•"twrt-lMt Girl lu % |H*l.*" (C, S. Untile, mgr.)— 
threveport, La,, 3, liOiigvlcw. Tex., -I, Texar- 
■jmn.i Ark.. .fi,:.Tyler 8. TeiTCilO, - Kaufman 1(1. 
1 :■ ,n-* 41, McKlnnoy 12. ParKM. ..! . 

"snug Harbor". (A. L. Shepard, irmgr.) — Pater- 
*,iT N. 4., X Orange 4. Preksklll r.. Fata*. 

kCCpSll' ft,' II:iV( t-itr;.\v 8, I'OH Jervls 0, Xew- 

Jmr-h .10. t'Utstleld, Mass., 11. Troy, X. V;, 12, 
john-Gown IS. 
•■"•nap Hubble*' — Chattanooga, Trim., 8. 

Thompson, Denmnn — Boston, Mass., 1-13. 

Ilmr-toii. Adelaide (r'nincl* X. Ilope, mgr.) — 
Kr,i itYir.l, l'n.. 1.' J. irirnoiil.ii re 2. Warren 5. 
Dunkirk, N. *-. 4. Tl.usvllle. Pa.. 5, Oil City 
fl, Ji'mnklln S, Mcodrllle ft. GrecnVille .10, 
Yountwlown. O., 11, Hutl«r, Pa., 12, Kant 
mZ o„ 13, ■ 

Tnnpiay. K»ft— Dayloo, O.. 3. Wheeling, W.Va., fl. 

•j'urner, Olaru. (Iro W. Jackson, mgr.)— New 
Bedford, Muss., 1-0, Salem 8-1:1. 

Taylor Stock (II. W. Taylor, mgr.) — Rockland, 

■ Me., ■ l-<:« Jjewlston 813. 
Tucker, KUiel. .Stock (Mack Bros., nigra.)— Los 

Angeles, i-'al.. 1, iudeflnlte. 

Tmlma Stock (W. T. Coulon.,Digr.) — Mena, Ark., 
1-3, Van-Biu-en 44), Clirkuville 8-13. 

Ti*inpe"t Stock (J. L. Tempest, rajtr. i— Berwick. 
■J'a.. 1-0. Fremont 8-10. Wllllamatown 11-13. 

-T«o Proud to Beg," Lincoln J. Carter 1 *— Hoopea- 
.tosi, 111-, a, Danville 4, Champnlcn 5, . Bloom- 
infiton «, Peoria 7. Decatur H, Taylonllle 0, 
,1'ana 10. Mattooo 11. Paris i:i. 

"Told in the Hills" (Will C. Block Amine. Co., 
ingra.)— Burlington, In.. 8. Davenport 10. 

"Those Prliurnae Glrlo." Chaa. H. Yale'a— Wash- 
ington. D. C. 10. 

'Thorns and. Orange Blossoms," Rowland k Cllf- 

■ fonl'Sr A, (Peed Walton, uigr.f — lilrmlngliaoi, 
■Ala., 1*0, Monlcomery 8-10, 

•Thorns and Orauge llioKaonii*, " Rowland & Cllf- 
for'I'M. i: (Prank. Wlncli, mirr.)— Athens, Q., " 

Htm, r. a, . 

mint.)— Wayne Stock— FiannTllle. Ind.. 2-0. 

Wem*a Coinwly— Johnwinhurff, Pn., 1-3, Kane 4-C. 
Wallaek'n Tlienlw-, Norlheru . (Dntilnnky Hroa.. 

rngra,)— Itwk. Inlnotl, 111., 1. Indefinite. 
Wullack'a Theatrr. Soiilbern (Dubtneky Bros., 

mtT*.J— Colnmbln. S[«„ 1-13. _ 
'"Way Down RM 9 (Win. A. Brady, met.)— St. 

Louis. Mo.. 1-6. PHtslNirc. Pa., 8-13. 
"'Way Down Ka*t" (Win. -A. Braily. mar.) — 

Unonaocker, R. I„ (L 
"Way of .the TronKtrMwir." Chaa, H. Vale'n — 

Newark, St J., l-ti.' Pa tenon. N. J., 810. Ho- 

boken ll 1H. 
"Whllo 'FrJwo nurna." I.loeoln J. Carter'a — Df-- 

irolt, Mich.. l-«. IMamta, X. Y„ 813. 
"Woman ur Fire" (P. II. XnllUau Amunf. Co., 

mifrs.)— HiifTalo, X. V.. 1-0. Toronto, Ont., 

Oan.. 8-13. 
"W.Lrnln^- Hell." Coition k Rennet t'a (Kdwln A. 

Morris mar.) — Jnokmn, p., 1, Portamnuih a. 

Clrelevlllo 3, I-nwaMer 4. W'a>hlnnton ."., C*ll- 

Ik-otue il. SaUiia S, iiiH-u.m ii. I^lmiwn 10, 

llnmtllon 11. Xenln 12, Plqici 13. , 
"When hio Wwlil Hlevpn" (rt«>l Swartx. tnitr.) 
• — rnmlon. X. J.. l-:i. Phllinlclphln. Pa., 8-13. 
"White Cnn*" (Joeeph W. tVmnly, niar.)— Phlllp- 

pl. W. Vfl., 1, lt.ii-klninn.iii 'J, Silt ion 3, Wr*- 
. Inn 4. Fiiirmoiit 6. Moriuntovn a, Mnimln^i..n 8, 

Pn rkoml mm P. . Lnneester. O., Hi, Clrclevltle 

II. UlJInbnro 12, nreenfleld 13. 
"Wlfe'H- rtecret" (Vance k Siillltnn, mars.)— 
■jtaMk A)n.. 4. , 
"What lUpiiened lo Jones" (N. h, Jelenko, miir.> 

— Pllnt. Mich., 4. Bay City tl. Saxlnaw 7. Port 

Huron 8. Jacluon 10. Coldwater 11. 
"Why fllrls Leave Ilnme" (Vance k Sullivan, 

nigra. )— Fall River, jfaf . | |. . . 
"WKen Women Love" (Spin k X&thanaon. mgra.l 

—Hamilton. Out.. Can.. 4. Bay City, Mich.. 7. 
Wonwrt 'la the Caw," Encenle Blatr— Worcester. 

Mass.. 3, Montreal, Can., 8-13. 
■ . * 

Ynrke ami Adams (B. K. Forrester, mgr.l — Green- 
ville, Ala., 3, Selnw 4, Montamnery 5, 0. At- 

Innla. Gi., 8-13. 
"York Stale FolW 

Milwaukee, WJa.. _ . 
"younn BufTalo. , King of the WM West" (Chaa. 
■ h- Blither Amuse. Co., nigra.)— Milwaukee, 

Wla.. 1-0. Dnliith. Minn.. 12 13. 
"Yon Yoitrton" — Burlington, Jt., 3/ 

Ad«*e, Irfo, Musical (Jas. J. Corcoran, mgr.) — 

Monroe, 1a,, 3. *" 

Bernanl. Sam (Charles Frohman. mgr.) — Boaton, 

Xelsonville 4, Lancaster 5. Zanesvllle 0, Newark ""f'' III 1 ?n ^ *«»■■«. mgr.)— CIU 

S. KM Commeratown 0. ChrJchsvlUe 10, New -:*** B -- JI1 ". l .«*■■ 

Philadelphia. 11, Moslllmi 12, Canton 13. 

-"BiaagUi**!, CHaBi_*_ T,,|, ■'."-."; *~~* " J 1 . 0, f^axraboro 8. FiiRwasli 0. Oogglua Mines 10, 

Sclifff. Frllal M'.U. IHIllugUtiin. tngr.l-.-.llnxik- , Amhrnii II. I'liulhinii, X. R., 12. 

Fa, X. Y„ l-«. Itoalon, Slasa,. 8-». Ihwkstader. !*«■ HMH D. Wilson,- mjr.)— 

"Sto'lent King" (Henry W. Savage, mgr.) flNjrt Bj a*ja._ W p>, 4. Rattle Creek R. . 
ton. Mum. 1-27. »■ , ,,. .:i*7..j. ' * , '.l>mrieUj« ♦wllildrkT*— ClieMer. 8. «,, 3. \\m*ln- 
■ -ft. hon.1%. KF*. Marion. H, C. \ Darlington 0, 

Florence B, 8nmier 0. Orsngebnrg 10, New- 
l<err> 11. Laurent 12, I'lcilntniit 13. 

"Social WHlrl" tSam 

(Fred K. Wright, mgr.)- 

Thoms*. and Orange Blossonw," Rowland k Clif- 
ford's, O (A. W. Taylor, ingr.l — Hannibal, Mo., 

:t. Loitlslana 4. Litchfield, III., 0, SI. Charles, 
■ MO., 7. 
"T|me, the Place and the .Girl" (M. H. Singer, 

ingr.)— ^Chicago, 111., 1, indefinite. 
"l'*n Tb.ouss.nd Dollar* Hewant" (Spencer k 
■■ A horn, mgrs. I— Philadelphia, l'n.. 1-8. . 
•Texas,'* Bradhtirat k Currle's— Pltlaburg, Pa., 

14), Cleveland. 0.. 8-13. 
■Thorn In the Heart" (H. T. Olick. mgr.)— St. 

Cloud. Minn., 3, Will mar 4. Litchfield 3, Whea- 

lon 0, Mlllbank. S. Dak., 8, Ortonvllle. Minn-. 

0. Watertown, 8. Dak., 10. Redfleld 11, Aner- 

dew 12, 13. ■_ , vm.i,' «„. i n.tii. Cnrle. Rl'chard r "*(Cba"rlea Marks, 

"Tetaa .Sweetheart" IA. \ lllalr, mgr.) — Battle ,j,u p- am 

Creek, Midi., 4. Bellerue B, Unalnr 0. - ■".■••.r"-* I";- .... . 

-Tiioronehbretl Trump," KImer Waltera' (Oscar 
mgr. )— Bradrtock. Pa.. 4. Browmvllle 

Black Pattl Trooliadours (B. Voelckel. mgr.)— 

Dallas, Tex.. 3, Denlon 4. Waxahachle 5, Knnh 

0. Cnwlcana 8. Mesla ft, Palestine 10. Tyler 

11, Terrell 12, Greenville IS, 
"Blue Moon" tSau S, k Le» Slmhert, Inc., ingrs.) 
. — Clii(-nj,n, ill., l, Indeflnlle. 
"Bane? In Tnytand" (D.-A. B«iila, mgr.)—Wbeet-, V. Va.. fl. Clnclnhatl, 0.. 7-13. 
"Raautv Deator" (Ilflands.A Plillhrlck. nurrs.)— 
■ Mnkslllon. 0.. 4. (.'anion A, Wooster 0, Akron 

S. Sbelhy P. Miirtnii 10. Wapiikonetit 11, Adrian, 

Mlcb., 12, Jackson 13. - j 
Calilll, Marie (Daniel V. Arthur, mgr.)— X. Y. 

City .i-n. Philadelphia, Pa.'. 8-20. 
Cawtliorne. Jonepb (Klaw k Erlanger, nigra.) — 

Denver, Coin., 1-6. 


Jones. ... 

■1. riilontown tj Scot (dale 8. Mount Pleasant 0. 

Mannlngton, W. Va., 10, Sutton 12, Buckliati- 


, U 

"Under Southern Skies," Eastern (Harry Doel 
Parker, mgr.)— Portsmouth, X. H-, 3, Law- 
rence, Mnw*.. 4, Lvnn 5. Salem 0, Concord, 
X. II., 8. Bellows Fall*. Vt... 1). Keen*, N. 11., 

• Hi, ■ Gardner, Mass., 11, Xashna, N, n., 12, 

HaverhUL Mans.: 13. ' ' 

"Hnder Southern Skies," Western (Harry Doel 
Parker, angr.)— St. l*etcr. Minn., .3, Faribault 
4.-Xowhfioid Hi Uastlnga .«. St. Cloud 8, James- 
lown,.X. Dak., 0, Maialan 10, Dickinson 11. 
(llendlve. Moot.. 12.. Miles City 13. 
"Under Sotith-rn Skies," .Central (Harry Doel 
Parker, mgrj— Mandialltown.. la., 3. Boone 4. 
Perry S,.Ucs Moines «. Allila 8. Centervllle », 
Kirksvlllf. Mo.. 10, Chlllicotbe 11, Lexington 
\'2. l.i-iiveiiHOrtli. Kbii., 13. 
■"Pnele Toni'a- Cabin." AL W. Martin'* (Ed.- B. 
Martin, nutr-)— 4A>luml»us, Kan., 3, Joidin, Mu., 
4, Xevudu n.-JefTerimn C(ty (1. St. ; Loiil» 7-13. 

"I.'nele Twn'tt Caldu," Stelwin'H, Kasteru (P. J. 

- Jone»;- mgr.)— Mlddlelown, Pa., 3. 

"I'm-le Toui'a Cabin." .HteWon's, Western (Win. 
KILIili*. uigr.l— Hbelhyvllle, ImL, 3. Franklin 
4,- MbjIImou C. Culumlius 0. ■ Mitchell 8. Betlfurd 
td Rloomlngton 10, (Ireencaatte 11, Crawfonis- 
ville 12„ Lafayette 13. ■ 

"Unole Tom's Cabin," Stetson's, Northern (Geo. 
PeOk,' niirr.)— Franklin. O., 3, North Vernon, 
Ind., 4, llronnstown r., ltloomfleld tl. 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin," Terry's (W. 0. Dickey, 
inane.)— MellKHim. la., 3. Baxter 4,- Mingo 5, 
Hnnduraiit 0. Pern H. Shannon City 9,- Benton 
10, Blockton 11, KnowI(Gii.l2, Lorlmnr 13, 

"Uii.-le ToinV Cnlitn.V J. C Chunn's— klown, 
lii.L'Ter., t. South McAleMer 4, Kufuula o. 
Cheentoh if, -Wairner 8, Cluremore 0,, 

"Hnt-le JohIi SpriK-eby/* Kastern, Hanks k Fm- 
SR JfclW MuillnMvHIe. W. Va., 3, Cameron 
i, VVjivii^hurj,'. l'n-. ,-.. Sleiibenville, «... U, 
-'Washington, Pu., H, .McDonald 0. Hrownnvllle 
10. Fayette City II, Monongnhelu 12, New Cas- 
tle. HJ. ... 

"Pwle Jonii Sprticeby," Western, Hanks A 'Fro* 
W'k- Glasgow, Moti L, 3, Uarlent 4, t*Ulna«k 
r». Fort Beuion Great Folia 8, Havre ( ; Col- 
■linhlii Fiilla H). Knllsiiell U. Sand Point, Ida., 
12, Newport 13. . . „ 

"I'nele Josh Sprn.*liy," Southern, Hanks k Frn- 
tee'H— Nevada. Mo., 3, Fort Scoti, Kan.. 4, 
Jtiimrttr, Mo., .'., Springfield If, Pittsburg, Kan., 
7v:-Neodeshft B, Erie tt.'.Yaten Center 10, Hum- 
holdt.-ll, ciiettipn 12, ColiuahUH 13. . 

"Uticle Joxh Perkins," Western. II. II. Frnaee'a 
— Alturdi-eeu, Wcsh., 2, Montesnno 4, Oeutralla 
D, Cliehulls 0, Portland, Oce>..7 : 13., 

"Uncle JohIi Perkins," Southern, n. U. I'ra-*e*s— 
cotdwnltlie, Tex., 3, Uolcman 4, Bellinger 0, 
Ran Angelo 0, Itrownwood 8 Dublin 0. East- 
hind 10, Thurbor 11, Slnmfnrd 12, .Albany 13. 

"t.'ncle Joih; the Yankee Fanner" (Orran 1'helpa, 
ingr.)— Ward. S. Dak., 3, 4. While d 0. 

"Uncle 81 HnsklnB." A, (J. S. Prlhirose's— Pres- 
cott. Wis.. 0, La Cross 7, Preston, Minn., 8. 
Austin ft. , : 

"lTnele SI Ilnsklns." B, C. 8. Primrose's— High- 
luml. 111., 7, Murissa 8. 

Van, Billy B. (P. U. SnlHvon Amuse. Co.. mgw.) 
— PhlladelplilB, Pa., 1-0. Trenton, N. J.. .8-10, 
Xew Brunswick 11, South Norwalk, Conn., 12, 
-.New Britain .13. 

Van Dvka & Eaton (F. Mack, mgr.)— Owensboro, 
. Ky„ .1-0. Ceatrnlla. III., 8-13. ■• ■ 

Van. Bureii Stock (Win. W. ■ Lapolnt, mgr.)— 
.Warns point, X. Y., 1-3, tilitogate, Vt„ 4-0, 
Johnson '8-10. Morrlsvllle 11-13. ' 

"Village Par«oii" (Wee, Mack k Co,, rngra.)— 
Clrefevllle. 0.. 1, New I*Klngton 2. Newark 3, 
Marlon S, TlfCn 0, Cblcsam Junction 8, IxmII 
10, Wooster 11, Alliance 12. 

"Village Grocer' 1 (Woi. W. Lapolnt. mgr.)— • 
Tull.v. X. V., 3, Maravla 4, Grot on 0. Addi- 
son 0. 

'-Village Parson"— SI, John. N. B., Can., 12, 13. 

' -w 

Walsh. Blanvlie (Waaenimls * Kenuier. wgrs.)— 

X. Y. City Ml. Brooklyn. X. T„ 8-13. 
Wnrlleld. Diivld (Dovld Helrieico, mgr.)— Boston. 

-Mawj.. 1-37. 
Wilson. Francis (Charles Froliman, mgr.)— Phila- 
delphia. P*., 1-13. 
Weber's AH Star (Joseph Weber, mgr.)— Cleve- 
land. 0.. l-'i. Pittslninr. Pa.. K-13. 
Wilson. AL H. (Sidney It. Kills, oigr.l— Juckson. 

Tetin.. :t, Metnplila 4, Little Rock, Ark.. 0. 

Mot Springs <i, Texarkana, Tex., 
.J.B.. Q„ Tyler. Tes. 

12. Denlaon 13. 
WHIard. K. S. ICbas. A. Moore, aigr.)— Montreal, 

Can., 1-0. 
Walker Whltesldes (A. W. Cross, mgr.)— Cedar 

Rapids, .la.. 3, 4, lawa City 6, Orhmell 0. 

Wnferloo b, Osage ;►. Mason City 10, Kroraeti- 

l.urs; 11. Sioux City 12, 13. 
Wills, Nat M. (Win. H. Currle, mgr.)— N. Y. 

CUy. 1-13. 
Williams, Utile (Henry H. WlBCbell. mgr.) — 

iloatoii. Mass.. 1-0, Provldenee. R, 1., .8-13. 
Walter Wilson (Chis. K. ltuuer Amuse. Co., 

uirs.)— Brooklyn. X. Y.. 1-0. Albany 11-13. 
Willlaniu and Walker (Melville B. Raymond, mgr.) 

— Lonlarllle. Kv.. In, 
Ward. n*i> <R. D. Stair, mer.)— Ailsalo. Ga., 


.., .. Sbrevtn.- . 
HI, Greenville 11, Paris 

Curtis Musical (Curtis k Lewi*, nigra.) — Denver, 
Colo., 1-fl. 

"Captain Careless" (H. C. Whitney, mgr.)— 
Scranion.. P«., 1, Carhoartsle 2. pulsion ::. 
Wilkes- B.irre 4. AIIenlownB. Mahanoy City 0. 
: llarrlsruirg . 8, A'toona 10. Johnslown 1 1 , 
' Grri'ivitnirg 12, Ijitrohe 13. 

"Coming Thro' the Rye." Geo. W. Lederer's — 
Memphis. Tenn., 5, fl. Kanst'« City 8-13. - 

Diinlels, F.-enk (C. B. Dllllr^hsni. mgr. I— Fall 
River, M,iKfi.. 3, Worcester' 4, Springfield ">, 
X. Y. Cltv S-U. v.- 

Do Angeles. Jefferson — Washington, p. C. 8-13. 

■"Dolly Varden" (Mlllnn ft Sargent Aborn, mgM.) 
— .iltoonu, Ph.. «. . 

I-M warden, Paula (C II Dllllngliain, mgr.) — 
Kaston. Pa., 1, Allentown 2. Wilmington. Del., 
3. Tren'oti. X. J., 4. Harrlsbuyg, Pa., 5, At- 
lantic. Cltv. X. J.. 8. . 

"Earl and the Girl" (Ram S. k I*e Rhuliert. 
Inc., mgrs.)— Kaiutaa City. Mo., l-fi. Sedalla 8, 
Chllltcotlie 0. .Jefferson 10, Molierly 1I< .Belle- 
vllle, III.. 12. Alton 13. . 

"Forlrllve Mltiutrs from nroadwny" (Klaw k 
Krlnngcr,- m^rs.) — Atlin.i.i. Gn., 3, Knoxvilk, 
•'i'eiiii.. 4. Clinttanooga r., Birmingham. Ala., II, 
iliHilgnniery 8, Pcnsacnla, Fla., II, .Mobile, Ala., 

10, .Selina 11, Meridian, Miss., 12, 'Jackson 13. 
"Fantana" (Sam H. ft I*e Rlmhert. Inc., mgrs.) 

— Jfnr Castle, Ph., 1. TUnHville2, Yonngstowu. 

O,. ;:. 4. Warren r.. canton ill. Clevelnnd n>13. 
"Georg* WnshlttglOft Jr," (Cohan k Hnrrls, mgrs.) 

— Chicago,, ill., 1, Melinite. - 
"GlnjiTlnviid Man" ifMkT- - A. ■ Braden, mgr.) — 

Rmlienter. N, Y.'. 3. Buffalo 4-8.- 
"(Iii-1 from ltmadmiy" (Al. K. Brandt, mgr.) — 

Montreal, Cnn.. 1<U, Toromo 8-13. 
"Gay New York" iJosfjih P^ttlnglll, mgr.) — 

Clih-ago. 111.', 1-0. Ottawa 7, Canton 8, Peoria 

11, Mmiinwiih 10, Galesbtirg II, Burlington, la., 

12, Ottutnwn 13. 

"Girl from 1'nrls"— Springfield. Masn., S, (1. 

lloiiper, Im Wi-if (Snm s. Sbnbert, Inc., 
rngra.) — Plttslmrg, Pn., 1(1, Yanngalown, O., 8, 
i>. Toledo l", ll. n.hiiniHi-. \2, in. 

Held, Annti iFlon-nz /legfeld, mgr.) — Philadel- 
phia, Ph., 3-13. 

"Isle of Spice," Eastern (B. C Whitney, mgr.) 
— Oreenlmrg, Pa., I. Latrolw 2, Joiiustowu 3, 
AltouniL 4, Wlllliinmporl r., Sunlmry 0, Shamo- 
kln 8, Mount Connel I>, Mahatsty Olty 10, 
.Shenandoah 11, PottsvlUc 12, llarrlshurg 13. 

"Isle of Spire," Wrstt-rn l». C. Whitney, ingr.) 
— IIartfor)l City, ind. ,3, .Logaiwport 4, Frank- 
fort 3, Irtifnyetlo u, Crawfunlsville 8, Nubles- 
vllle ft, Shelbyvllie lu, Madlsuu 11, Columbus 
12. Ajidersun 13.. ... 

Jauls, Klute iLit'hler ft Co., mgr-i.)— Detroit, 
Midi.. 1-0. Clticltmutl, ()., 7-13. 

Kilties Baud (T. P. J. Power, mgr.) — Aberdeen, 

. S, Dak... 1-0, 

"Little JtMiuiy Jones" (Cohan A Harris, rngra.) — - 
Cumberland, Md„ 3, Union town. Pa., -I, Con- 
uelisvlllc 0, Wheeling, W. Va., 0, Columbus, 
U., S. Dayton i), Klihnion.t, 1ml,. 10, Muucle 
ll, l>aiirin« 12. Terre Haute 13. 

May, Edna (Charles Krobinnu, ingr.) — Londou, 
hug., 1, Imlefliilte. 

Mace, Fred (Hurry Aeklu, mgr.) — St. Paul. 
Minn., 1-3, Minneapolis 4-0, Duliilb 8, : Su- 
jierlor. Wis., 0, Jlroliniril, Minn., 10, Winnipeg, 
Man., Can., 11-14. 

MiieiBirlilmt, Jessie, Concert (Sweely, Shlpman * 
Co.. mgrs.)— Fort William, Ont., Can., 1, Ke- 
nota 2,- Selkirk 3. Dauphin, Man., 3, Wlnnl- 
- peg 8, Gladstone 1). 

"Mudnm Butterfly" (Henry W Savage, mgr.) — 
Washington, .D. C, lfi-20.- 

"My Lady's Maid" (Sum 8. k Lee Sliuliert, Inc.. 
.mgrs.)— N. Y. City 1, hMleflnlte. 

"Mafor of Luiithland" (Nixon k Zlmmenoun, 
mgrs,)— Fall Utter, MM*.. 1-3, Marlboro 4, 
South Fraiulngliam .", Worcester 0, Lawrence 
8. llaverlilll l>, Lacouis. X. IL, 10, Franklin 
It, Concord 12. Nashua 13. 

"My Dixie Girl" tH K. Allen, mgr.)— New 

I'lilladelphla, u., 3, Beaver Falls, Pa., 4. St. 
Mary, W. Va., fl, Cambridge, O., 8, New Lex- 
- il 11. 

. 441. 

"Miiyor of Toklo" (Chas. .Marks, gcu. mgr,) — 
Km-lliigtuu, la.. 4. Milwaukee, Wis., 7-13. 

Pryor. .Artluir. Baud (Dou W. Blnart. mgr.)— 
Aalinry > Park; -X. J., 7. Bountun, tnai., and 
I'laliifJeld 8. ElUnhcih, mat., and Xew Uriilcc 
wick P, Grunge 10, Urldgetou, mat., and Bur- 
lington 11. Trenton H, Reading, Pa.. 13. 

"Prliioe of Pllsen" (Henry W. Savage, mgr.) — 
Pldltidelplila, l'n., Ml, Unlontowu 0, Steuben- 
vllle.-O.. lb, Csiui'Fipigc 11. ZanraTlIle 12, Mid- 
dlftown 13. 

"PUT, Paff, Pnur' (B. (.'. WliHney. rogt.)— Can- 
loii, (»., 1, Wtirren 2, Mniislleht 3 Coshoctuu 4, 
S>iuRe«vlllc •*. Colunibus il, Llmu 8, Marlon H, 
Tlfllii 10. Xewurk ll, Springfield 12. Dayton 13. 

"Perjy from Paris" IMacllsiai Corey, mgr.> — 
Kreinout. Nelw .,3, Kearney 4. North Platte 3, 
Cheyenne, Wyo., «, Denver. Colo.. 7-13. • 

Ring. Ill »uche »C, B. Dllllnghaiii. mgr.) — Worces- 
ter. Mau.. 0. X. V. City 8-20, 

"Hornl Clief" (Harry Herbert, mgr. I— Portland. 
Ore., 1-3, The Dallas 4. Walla Walla. Was)).. 
i, (t. Pendleton, Ore., 7, La Grande 8, Baker 
City h. Wciser, Ida., 10, Boise 11, Logan, L'., 
12.- Ogden 13, 14. 

"Red Featber"— lie Neville, Can., 3. Ottawa C. Q. 

"ItiJah of Bhong" (Eugene Snofford, mgr. 1 — 
Pari Artluir. Tex., 3. Jennings, I,*.. 4, L;i- 
fayette *i. Donaldsourllle il. Baton Roiiire 7. 
I'lmiiwmiiK' 8, Alexntiilrla 0, Monroe HI, Huston 
11, Rliloraik*. Ark.. 12. Camden 13. 

"Rollicking Girl"— Auburn, X. X., «. 

I.f* .*&nifaert| 
■Brooklyn, X. Y.. 1-H, Xew llaven. 
UMbM 8. V. Oreat n.irrlagi*n. Mass., 10, llnrt- 
;fonl. Conn.. U-13.- .,.,.. .1 
"Sluiw Girl." R. C. Whitney's (John P. Goring. 
mgr.) — Fort Wayne, ImL. 3, Bluff ion 4, Gnaheti 
r.. Ktkhsrt n, s-.niti Bend 9. Michigan Clly ft. 
' Heutnn Harbor. Mich.. 10. Dowa-flae 11, Battle 

Greek 12. Kalatnaam lit. - '- 

"Simple Simon Simple" (Xlxon ft /Imrnermau, 

mgrs.J— KancsTllle. O.. 3. 
"Sleeidnc Beauty ami tlie Beast," W. K. Xanke* 

vllle'K— -Easlon, Pn.. 12. 
'^Saltan of Sulu'* (Madison Corey, mrr.)— Au- 
giisu. Ga , 1, Savannah 2, Jacksonville, Fla., 
». Vamosl-,. Ga.. 4. Uanlele tv, Maisttt 0, At- 
lanta 8, 9. Knnwille, Ti-no., 10, Cliatlanoogn 
11. Birmingham. Ala.. Vi. Montgoaoery 13. 
Tm«;>teton. Fay (Kluw ft-Krlanavr, mgrs. > -■' min- 
im, N.'l.r.. in, MluiieniioH*. Minn., 7-10. St, 
Paul 11-13. 
"Tomrlets" iSam S. k Lee Slmlwrt, Inc.. mgrs.) 

— N. Y. (Illy 1. I.i.iemiiie. . 
'Terslerfnot"— TotHito, tint.. Can., 1-0, llnffalo. 

N. Y., 8-13. 
"Veroabiite" (Sam S. k T*e Bhaherr. Inc.. mgrs.) 
— PoeUklil. X. Y...1, C'lhoea t, Xortli Adams. 
Mass.. 3. Xew llnven. Conn., 4, .'>. Mouut Ver- 
non. N. V., 0. Newark. X. J., 8-13. 
Williams. Battle (Charles Prohman, mgr.)— N. 

Y. Clly 1, luletlnlu-. 

Wills. Mnaleal (John B. Wills, -mirr.)— flreena- 

1 lsm>, Ga..: 3. Klbrrton 4. Asliefllle C, lUnwidt 

ii. k, Moulicellu 0, Eafontou 10. Mil- 

ledfievtlli*' IL Spnrta 12. Stateaboro 13. 

"U'laard of Os" \\Wrn. Gray, mgr, j— Loiilsvllle, 

Ky.. I* • . ™" 

"Yankee Consul" (John P. Slocutn,. mgr.) — Kan- 
■aa City. Mo.. Id. 
Americans. >Mwin D. Miner's — Cincinnati. 0., I -0, 

Cleveland 8-13. 
Avenue Girls (Geo. Hale, mgr.)— N. Y. City 1-0. 
Boston Belles- (Jack Singer, mgr.)- Rrooklyu, 

X. Y.. 141. X. Y. City K-13. 
Bachelor Club (Harry Hastings, mgr.) — Hlrnilug- , 
•- bam. Am., 1-U, Xew Orleans. I.n.. T-13. 
Bryant's. Harry C. Kxtritvaganta — Rochester, K, 

Y.. 1 ll. Albany 8-10, Ilolyoke, Mass.. U-13. 
Bebniuii ■ Sliow U'. D. Hr-au, ugr.r — Norfolk, 
. Va , 1-0, Baltimore, Mil., 5*13. u 
B 1 00 Ribbon Girls tJanies Hyile. mgr.)— Philadel- 
phia.' Pa., id. 
Bowery Btirlesqiier* (Joe Ilurtlg, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City 1 «, Philadelphia, Pa.. 8-13. 
Bohemian* ( Uarney GHanl, mgr.)— Kansas City, 

Mo., 1-0, St. Louis 7-13. 
Bon Tons (Rush k Weber, mgrs.) — Pittsburg, 
Pa.. 1-0, Columbus. O., S10. Indianapolis. Ind., 
.1113. ■ . 

nnltimore Beauties (Chi*. E. Taylor, ingr.) — 

Brooklyn. X. Y.. HI. N. t. Clly H-20. 
Hrlgadlers ((.'has. Cromw«>H, uigr.l — Indianapolis, 

Intl.. 1-U. Louisville. Kr.. 7-13. . 
Broadway tlalety Girts (Jnmen II. Curtlu, mgr.) 

— Toronto. Can:. 1-0, Buffalo. X. Y.. 8-13. 

Black Crook -Jr. — Mononnsuela *>, Charierol ll, 

Sharon 8, Xlles, ()., tl, Alliance 10. Harberioii 

II. » 

City SiMMs (Phil Slierldaii. mgr. I— Toledo, <).. 

1-0. .mllauanolls. Ind., 8-10, Columbua 11-13. ' 

Cracker Jacks (Harry Leoul, mgr.) — Brooklyn, 

N. Y., 1-13. 
Chiimpaime Girls (Phil . Fisher, mgr.)— Boston, 

Mass.. l-O. Worcester fi-i;i. 
Cherry liln^xoms (M. Jacobs, mgr.) — Minneapolis, 

Minn.. ]■<■■ 
Colonial Belles (Cbas. Frank, mgr.)— X. Y. City 

in. Pmer-vn,. N. J.. 8-13. 
Crawfonl's Xlglttlngales (Ilarrle It. Pierce, mgr.) 
• — Boffalo., S. Y., l-«, Detroit. Midi., 8-13. 
Devere's. Sam. Own — Montrenl, Can.. 1-0, To- 
ronto 8-13. '" 
Dnluty Ibicliess (Rush it Weber, mgrs.) — Colmn- 
*■ bus, O.; 1-3. IndlanapnllH. IihL, 4-0. C'lnclnnntl. 

tK, 8-in. 

Dreamlatul Beauties (Burt J. Krmlrlck, mgr.) — 
Ditlnth, Minn;. 1-fl. Mlniieunolls- 7-13; 

Empire Burteatiners (J. Fenne<>sy, mgr.) — ^Wash- 
ington. D. C. 1-0, Baltimore. Mil., 8-1U. 

Fay ■ Foster (Joseph Oppenlielnjer,. mgr.)— Wash- 
- Ingtoo.-D. C...8-13. . • .. . i; .n 

Cay Horning- Glories (San A. Scrllmer,' aagr. )— 
. Provhlence. R. J., 1-0, Boatoii, Mm,, 8-13. 

flay Mascj'ieraders (Snm A. Si-rlbner. mgr.)— Al- 
bany, X.Y.. 1-3, Ilolyoke, Muss., 4-0,. lioslon 
h-i:i. • ....■...■• 

Golden Crook Uncnh;' & Jermon, mgrs.) — Detroit, 

Mich., 1-0. Toledo, G.. 8-13. . } 
Greater New York Starn (JaeobA Jermon. mgrs.) 

— Springlleld. Mass., 1-3, Albany, X. Y-, JO. 

llcfidlug, Pa.. 11-13. 
High -■ School lllrls (M. M, Tbclse. mar,)— Grnnd 

Rupldi. Mleli., 1-0. CUicngn. HI., ,S-11|. ' 

De Rue Bros. 1 Ittlly He Rut. mgr.J— Alblan, X. 
V.. 3. Medina 4, i*>ki->n :.. llonenye Falls 0, 
Cale-lonla S, P. Avnn Hi. Mount Mor- 
ris ll.'Wa.flniid 12. Cnhoelun 13. 
Fleld'al Al. G. (Hoe Qiitgley, mgr.) — (\dnmhus. 
Ga.. 3. Macon 4. Augusta 0, t'liarlrwton, S. C, 
it, Savaiinsti; (la.. 8, Briuiswlek P. Jaeksonvllle. 
Fla.. 10, Pensueotn 11. .Mobile. Ala., 12. 13. 
Gorion's (0. e. Henri, mgr.l- Pla ttsbiirg. X. V.. 
4. Rnttsn l*olnt 3, Saranac. 8, M alone 0, Mus- 
sina 10. OHili'iiNl.urir ll. 
Giiy>HMt.' IG. R. Guy, mgr-) — P"« Ili*j»e. Can., 

3,' Hcterhoro 4, llnwninuxvlllc r», Cobonrn 0. 

Ill Henry's— Van.oiivcr. II. C 3. Xew West- 

sjlusler 4, RellliiB-bani, Wash.. 3, Auanvtes H, 

Kvetelt 8. ll.i.iiiiilm 11, Aberdi-en 10, ivnirnlln 

ll, cii:iiuiils 12, Vniicoitver 13. 

Kcr?iit*K, Billy (Geti. I,. Burton, mgr.)- -Cal- 

vert. Tes., «. i.\»rsleniinn 4. Kinds fl. Heburne 

• ll. -Mineral Welt- 8, Knet Worth t>, Dallas in. 

Wjllls Point, 11, 'Greenville 12. Tyler 13. 
Mnunri('« (Frank Mnhnrn, mur.l — Pnvsoil. 1'.. 3. 
Sprtngvllle 4. Spring Clly 3, Kphrulm fl. Xephl 
a, Mumni .0, Maull HI. Sallna tl. Rlehfleld 12. 
Mount Pleasant 13, . 1 

Primrose'-*. Geo. (F. J. Dunne, mgr.)— llnrrls- 
I'lica- Pu.. 3. Ijicu-aster 4, I.ehatiou fl. Potts- 
vllld 0, Philadelphia 8-1.1. 
Richards A Pflhgl.' s iHuseo A Ilollaiul. nigra, t — 
Rosebiiry, Ore.. 3, Grants pans 4. Metlford fl, 
Afhlnnd (t. Yn-ka. Gal.. 8. Dunsmnlr ll. It--!- 
dltijg to, Re<1 Bluff 11. Chk-o 12, Urvvllle 13. 
Rlee A Coiiley's— Moody, Tes.. 3, Cameron 1, 
Somervlll'* It. Uryan il. Calvert 7. Marllu -H, 
Mart lo. Italy 11. Dallas 12-28. 
Viand's (Jolin W. Vtigel. mgr.) — Ciirwlnsvllle, 
Pa.. 1. Clearfield . 2. Hmitadulc 3. Bel1cr»nt>: 
4. Lock Haven 3, Wlltltttnaport fl. Gatetou 8. 
Wellsboro ». S anbury HI. Shaimikln 11, Mount 
Cnrmel 12, l^wlstown lit. 
West's. Wni. II. (Saiirord II. Rlenhy. mgr.) - 
Sprlngtletd. HI., 3. Jacksonville 4. Hellevllle 0. 
East St. Louis 7. 

Ti>:.\T SHOWN. 
Alton A Anderson's— ..Monroe, Mo.. 3. Mobcrli- 0, 
-Cllrftnn 8. Norwood l). Mammoib Springs. Ark., 
10. PerdB-oiiHl 11. Fair Oaks 12, Cmuiio,, |:|. , 
Bnnium & Bailey's— Greenville. Miss.. 3, Vlcks- 
bura 4. .Union Rouge. La.. S, Xew Urleans 0. 
7, IHiliicshurg. Miss.. S, Mnhltr. Ala.. U, Meri- 
dian. Ml"]*., 10. Jm-ksou II, Greiiiidu 13. Jink- 
son, Tcin., 13. 
Bureli A llelss'— Sulsun, Ctil.. 3, HeiiecU 4, Ala- 

kned« 3. Berkeley (L 
Colosaal tK. G. fmllh. mgr.) - WoodsUvco. Md., 
4. i'nloii Bridge ,"i, Xew Windsor fl. Hntoniowu 
M, Taneylnwti 0. 
I'orepflugli h Sidla Bros.'— Blsbeo. Aria., 8. 
Dmutltis* 4, Demliit;. X. Mex.. ,1. El Push. Tex., 
«.. Abilene 8. Wealberfnril 0, llenlsnn 10. Du- 
t-siil, luil. Ter.. 11, Ada 12, Muslcogcsi 13. 
Ungonhrck's. Curl— I'arlr. Tex.. 3. I limey Grove 

■I, Cleburne .*■, WnKiihachle fl. ' 
Ilnrgreave-i'— Bnnnd Brook, X. J., 3. 
Maekey's, Auilrew—North Spring, W, Vit., 4, Sui|- 

mount, ■ N. 

Greenville ll 
Rlnglitig Bros.'. -Wlfblta, Kan.. 1, Perry. Ok|n., 

2. . Oklahoma (Illy 3, Anlmore. ImL Ter., 4, 

Gainesville, Tex., ft,' Clelnini 0, Dallas 8, Jle 

Kinney 0. Waxahaelile 10. Port Worth 11, Dub- 
lin 12. Hrowuwon<tMl3. 
Robinson']', John- - -Hcnmiirk. S. C. 3, Havaiinnh, 

Gu.. 4. Htateslwro B. Miller 0, Wnflley N. 
Sell s-T'lnto's— City (d/ Mexico. Mex., 14-24. 
Wallace's,. B. K.— Winchester. Tenn.. 3, South 

Pltiahiirg I, Ilnltuu. Gu., J. Murlcttu ll. 
Witslibnrn A D" A Imn 'a— Brooklyn. X, V.. I, In- 

deftnlle. , . • . 

Wheeler. Al. I-'.— Oxford Fiiriiace, X, J.. 4. Hnlvl- 

tletefi, Naxaretli. Pa.. 0. 

Buslock's Animal Areiui (John P. Cliureli, mgr,) 

— Sprlnajnelil. Mam.. 8-13. . 
ftonnty Fair (Frank Melville, gen. mgr.)— -X. Y. 
1 City. 1-20.' • . 
Cryatatnlex Carnival (M. II. Wnlsh, mgr.)— Ports- 

inoiilh, X. IL. 1-0. Amesbiiry, Mass., K-13. 
Onok A Harris' Mnvluic Pictures (II. A. Cook. 

mgr.»— Itrth: N. Y.. 2-4, A*«cn 3. O.Gohiwiou 

8, WnyUnd 0: 10. Llvonlfi 1 1. Avon 12. 13. 
Coyler Itroa. Mirseiiui (K. R; Coyle, mgr.) — 

Gimitiii. N'elir., 1-fl. 
Cftiker'H Performing Horses (Joliu t\ Patrick, 
mgr.!— Shelby. 0., fi, (I. Ashland H, (1. Mns- 

sllliin 10, ii. Mount Vernon 12. 13. 
Critiksluuik— New l^itidon, N. II.. 3, llosi-uweii 4. 

Litifinln n, 0. 
Curler— Cleveland, O.. 1-fl, Erie. !'«., H-13. 



are wnterp roofed linen. 

WrinkloK and frayed edges im* 

Alwoys fresh— always stiff. 

When soiled you cim eleoii tlient 
ina nioiiietit with a damp cloth. 

All Hit ii pes and sizes. 


»* Waverly Place, New York 

Galoiuiit Gas and ^ 

Moving Picture Outfit 

! The Latest Victory/ 

Irwln'a Big- Show (Fred Irwin, mgr.)— Chicago, Inwards' Znn— l-nirln. ID-. 113. 

III., l-il, Deirolt. Miidi,, 8-13. ; Kinerson's Final lug; 'I'qtare—I lima IdiKtu vllle, Lu.. 

Imperials (IL W. A Sim Williams, mgr.)— 
Cli'vidniul. O.. 1-0. Ilttshurg, Pu., 8-13. 

liinm-enl. Mnlda (ls>uls Harris, mgr,)— X. Y, Clly 
1-U. AHiany. X. Y.. 8-10, Troy il-lll. 

Ideals (It., W. & Sim Williams, nigra, )— Phila- 
delphia, Pn., I-0..X. Y-.CIty 8-HI, . 

Jolly Girls' (T. K. MeCrenry, mgr.)— St. Ijiula, 
Mo., l-'l. Iiidlan'nnolis. Tint.. 8-HI. 

Jersey Lilies (J., l-'rohaln, mgr,)— Clilcagn, III., 

Jolly Grasp Widows <Gua W. Hogan. ingr.)— N. 

V. Chv 1-fl, Philadelphia, Pa., 8-13. 
Knickerlsiekera (Lotils Ruble, mgr. )— Kanana t'lty, 
- 8.13. 

l^llnt. Mr. A Mrs. (Herbert L. Pllnl, mgr.) — 

Fond ilu Ijic, Wis., Ml, Ijifayette. ImL, KI3. 
Helms (Unls Kiislimnh, ingr.)— Wash I jig ion. ill., 

Tfe's. Jack.^Gloss Blowers— Desire. Pn.,' 1-0. 
M^ePtiee's— Pilot Mound. Mali.. Pun,. II, Mniilloii 

-I; Mordi'ti 3, Xeelie, N. link., 0. 
ifjirta'a Riieclully (*«. f At. Maria, nig*.)— North 

Dana. Mass.. 4, Burro .',, I'elenthani 0. 
Pinill Bros.' Hiiow— Albion. Pu.. 4. GtuineaitL O.. 

n.-Gnliiiwtiitvllle, l'n.. II, I.liu-HvIHe 8. RllwiNid 
Clly. 10. Wdmpimi II, Kasl Pitlesllnt', ft., IS, 

I'oluiiiMui 11 13, 

Keniuckv Belles (RolieH Gnixlon. nigr.1— Mllwait- P'>well. llallon. Faiwt Mfenrniiwi— Clay Oily, ImL. 

■- ■ = " -' ' 1-3. Iliiruiony 1*0, Brulll S-IO, lli.rtcimi ll-IS, 

Preseelle mid Mrs. K. KL.MtiKooii (F. W. Mnifnon, 

ingr, )— Gloveravllle.* N. Y.. 1-3. 
I'jirker, c. W., Auiuseiueiit (>>. iGrumer A Tyb-r, 

limra.) — FrfnpnrlA.' K1111.. 1-((, Lyaiii H-13. 
Itenlv Bros.' old Plniiinlloti Show (J, \V. Keiilv, 
wgr.l- -Alla-rr Is'ii'.'Mlnii.. 1-3. 
tOm Xew York Jr. II. II. Herk.' mgr.)--A1hnuy. . , *"jP'V ; Mr ' uml Mrs (AugiiHius Ititpp. mgr.)-- 
i X. Y.. l-'t. Troy 4-0, Montreal Can 8-1*1 Oshlemo. Mleli,. mi,.- 

Majesiles (FreillrwIn.aigr.j-^iatoii.'MiiHs.; 10. tofff*'*. Frank --Rlelnnonil, Wis.. 3, 4, Sponncr 

Si. Y- City 8-13, . / -. fi,«, J5aWs.IL ft. 

Merry Butlefiiuers (Edwin D. Miner, mgr.)— Rub 

llmnre. Md., 1-fl. Plilladelphlu, Pa., 8-1.1, 
Merry Makers (R. K. pstton, mgr.)— I^ulsvllle, 
Ky.. I'd. (.'Invliinntl, .«., 7-13. 

kev. Win., id* SL Pnul. Mlnti., <7-l3. 
Ijir:iyette. the Great (T. G. I.nfayettc, mgr.)r- 

I'bllmlelplila. I'-i.. ML ..-;■, 

Lid LIGers (II. S. Wnorilmll, mgr.)— Boslon, 

Masx.. Ml, Springlleld H.|0. Allnoy 11-13, 

Mfiry Mniiicfis (t.'iia-, vv. Danlria,. marr.)— Rt. 

Paul. MI1111.. 1-0. Dululli- 7-13. 

Frank- Rich mo ml. Wis,. 
.'.ible 8. ft. 
Hsveiignln . ^ Waller fl. Mm-k, mgr. )— Barrle. 

O'lL. 'Can,. Ml, Peti*rt«r« 813. 
Hwn'n, Olive. Slmw™ York, Va., 1-fl, nii-liinond. 

Xew O-ntiiry Girls— Patenoa,*' N. J.. 1-0, Jersey B, tt! t * t F,, r ,, I 1 ' 8lmw (,,1,rt *-l« , l**. mgr.)— Lumb, 
Clly a>JX . , ...... ', . ' „i. M ^. hl ' •"'•, „,. ,„ „ . 


Nlatit Owls (Robert Mancliester, mgr.) — Kunsus. 
City Mo. 141, St. Loitls 7-13. 

Xew Limilou Galeiy Girl* (Cliff IV. Grant, mgr.) 
— Provlilence, R. I., Ml, Boston, Mass., 8-13. 

Parisian Widows illiisii A Webfr, mgrs.) — Head- 
ing.. Pa.. 4-0, Philadelphia 8-18. 

Parisian Belles iJoIui Grieves, mgr.) — X. Y. Clly 

Rlalto'ltoniiders (Chaa. .Franklin, mgr.)— Pruvl- 

denee, II. I., 6-13. 
Reeves', Al. — Cleveland. 0.. 10. Rochester, N. Y„ 

Uose Hill Knglish Polly (Rice A Barton, rngra.)— 
. St. Lcnla. Mo., 1-0. Clijcago, 111.. 8-20, ' 
Rentt-Saotley (Abe Leiviti, -mgr.)— Philadelphia, 

Pa.. 1-0, Headlui 8-lfJ. *" 

Rtt« A Barton's Big Gaiety— I»)UnauollN, Ind., 

.1-3, Columbus, O.. 4-U,iCleveiainl 8-18. 
Rellly A Wood's li'at Rcllli. mgr.)— St. Joseph. 

Mu., 2. 3. Karisaa City f-I.'l. . 

Runaway Glrla (Peter S. -Clark, mgr.)— Reading, 

Ph.. 1-3, -Newark, X.J., 8HL 
Rune SydelPs Loudon Ik-llea (W. S. Campbell, 

mgr. I — New Orleaim, La.. 1-11. 
Slar Show Girls (W. Pciiliessy. ingr.) — Worces- 
ter, Mais., ML Hm«*lyii, X. Y... 8 If.. 
ThoruuglilmMla (Wash. Marllu, otgr.)— Hcrarilwn. 

- . Pu,i 1-0, N. .Y. Cltf -8-13, 

Ttans-Atlimtlc Hnrk<*i|iiers, -Hurtle A Heatnoh'a— 
■ Xewnrk. X. J., ML Brooklyn. X. Y.. S-1WL 
Titter Llltca— Delroll, Mlrlt., Ml, <;raild Itiuilils 

8-1.1, ' ■ 

Trnriideroa KMiaa. II, • Waldrbii, nigr.t- -N. X. 

Glt> I-". Providence. IL L. 8-13. 
Twcntk'th fi-mnry Mrildi (.Mniir.v Kraus. iiigr.) — 

PlttalHirg, Pa.. 1-0. 
Vanity Fair lltolwrl .Main! lies jt, ingr.) — Salt)- 
1 more, .Md.. 1-0. Pittsburg. I'a..'N-Itl. 
Wnl>*un's HnrlesipMTK (W. IL' rt'iiwii, ingr.) — 

- Philadelphia, I'a., Ml.- ProrldetH-e, R. I.. 8-1.1. 
World Besters iJ. Herbert Mack, mgr.)— Cliielu- 

nntl. 0.. Ml. Blrnilugham, Ala.. 8-13. 
Wine, Women nn I Hong (M. M. Theirs-, mgr. ) — 

Jersey City. X. J., Ml. X. V. Clly 8-13. 
Wa<hliigt<c* H-h-M* Girls (W. ll. Walson. mgr. r- 

Troy. X. Y.. 13, Allmny 4-0; K-thIiIoii, !<■., 

YniiLee Doo-lle Girls .(Sol Myers, mgr. t— Chlcn- 

go, III., 1-0. Milwaukee. Wis.. 7-13. 

im si hi: is. 

Barlow A WllsnK'a (Lawmlce Barlow. 
Chestertown, Md.. 3, Kastnn 4. Ckmb. ._._ 
Harrington. Del.. (I, Uurel 8, Seaford ft. Mil- 
ford 10. 

Thurston, HnrOld (IL P. Lyons, mgr.)— Cut- 

.eutta. Inilln. 22-Der. 3. 
f/.lnu'a Travesty I Jos, A, Miller, mar,)— Colfax, 

.Wftab., 3, 4, U'wistoii, Ida., 3, 0, Dovotiport, 
-'.Waidi.. 8-111, .--,,■■ ' 



Memphis.— At the New Lyceum Tlnmlrn 
(Prank flrny, leaaee) the Nelson-dami flRbt 
nlcturoa imeked the .Milan Henr. *J5. Al, ft, 
Field's MlnstrclR plnyeil -JO, 27, to rrowiled 
tiuuM!*. Kvprybody won [ilcused. "Vnty finiml- 
liB'VOtr, I. Al. H.'WIIaon 4, "ComliiK Tliro' 
ltMV.R>H"-6 «. - -. - " 

'.Hopkins (A. ll. Morrlaoa. mniinger).— 
BujlRMa Wfls gwul eiittie week of Hout. 24. 
The vaiulevllltJ orTettU MAhelle fiordon. 01111- 
hnnd and I'erry. Robert Whttllor and cum 
»duy;. ftaffjvetw'N doj(fi. Ue White, Stein 
L'roho Trotifie, iid(1 thf kfnodrome. 

ili.'ni 1 HtoiJ m. siuhiliuiik, ninnnRen.— 
"Tim Hliaiiiotn Deteetlve," week of 'J*, plnyeil 
to emwded honae», The produetluii wna gal- 
Ittrutihiry, iimlitbc vnii.levlllo " 
rm -M l eulei'luliilDg. , 
] ll. ' 

_.. iiroviN 
"In (Md Keninrky"' (let 

KMut.vllle.~At Htatib'a, "Huiiinn ltnrla' 
rniiie fur (wo iWi'forniAili-OH Hopt. 25, to guild 
NHWWfl, I.yoeiiin. Comedy LV 20-20, "The 
Heir. 10 iln> lluurnh" tjsrtl 2. "I'l'i-tV-llTe Mill 

utra from Hrnfl(hvay"'4. "Keraji'iuii' Klfly" s. 
"The KilHitn of Hiihi" «. "A R-iyni rrUnner" 
IS, :"T|i« Ulrt. Pinny" .Hi. 

CliilllJtHOttlgli. — The AltiiTl Opera ||oii:ie 
(I'ntil It. Albeit, iDiMJiigft-), -The Mono 
illilible." Gel. H, "Hersegiil Kilty" 10. "The 
Rfllltiii of Mulu" II, "The Mlllloiuilrc Tramp" 

JoilX J. HitOw.v, vice prealik-iit of the H. 
I., rHib'-'riaonCo.. at Magi r a KoIJh, X, Y„ 

8otl inaiiHjter of the Old I'lantstlun mid Mys- 
tic Hwltig, Bliffnlo, wan n fiLti-PUB caller 
-ii , Mt- •**■ He.r»inorl8 the heat neimon In the 
i^K*. l)l*wy of outdoor moUBcmentH In that vl- 
n'\ni * , iHllJ'' Hf Ok* Clnwi] lontracta IjooklilK 
1 "• »■■■ Mm*. PmilU. in lb* Dip of Penlh. for next 

Beach A Rowers (J. H. Smith, mgr.l-l.oMH.Bd, M W^^•]S,J!. ro ffi t l ,' , A re *?.'*. ","«»"• Al 

Coin., 3. Fort (*oll|ns 4. . 0*W, OWftfc black f«co illBlect voinf-dlAD, 

Bartow's (J. A. OM-hm. mir.l— Rome, Ga.. -*. I'»>*."»1 •■ siirnwaful enifatfenietit nt IM Tru- 

culhane. Hiase A Waisoo's (Wm. IL Chase, mtr.l enrtero. WW Gwirje, New York, Inat weiik. 

— Cl.artoiteiow-i. ■'. K. I.. Cnn., », SnmnVr- lie Will aoott open on lhn I'routur and olhec 

side 4, Sackvllle, X. B., A, Spring Hill, N. H., < lrrillt-4. 

Enta-Ulnlng «ha Publltt. 
with simple ami -xplldt liiitriictl.Mia. 
The Field la Larae, "SgSSP^K 
rrgnl.1rthc.1irc annHMtura clrtrnh, «'*'> 
hs-al llcbls In Cbur-'hes. Public Hch«i|s, 
,od«ns ami General l'nhlln •"ftth""'!- 
Notiilng afT0ld« ImiwtBppiirtunltlaa for 

, y;; , :..^:;. , . t ... Our OntlU Coraprisas 

I in. o. P. OO.'t mod«l. PU»* 
0M.0IUM OM OUTflV, ~m 

gr.nte.t oamlle power, th-jwil»»t 

Ftims. snd.. di.n'r :;,*ss 

ml.rtallim.DU. Al»»l 1 "" , *, , !'".i!,"!il!j 

V_JJJ" ,,J,ct. mrim pi «'■ «»J' ;»™™>l 

,ni ,nt*rtplnm.nt «ur>pi» 0D, ■, l0 ,■' l • 

nt, Itivi. |"M. 1'slalwts" kr*i. 

Sl*lll hi. t HrHKUl-t llttludwl I : 
PriU . t*->ri.t.t4iri|)' 

TIIF. jiaiioiva co„ 

ubi. *- aio g-fih muiv it., ai*Mt. 


Willi St. lionls. S« pi. 'JH, UU, Gel. I. 'J. 
Wlt>i PllliauleluhiM. Oct, :i, 4. 
With Boalon. (let. ft, 0. 




OCT. 1-6. 
All Coney Island Boutes. 



<)CTpBER 6. 



rilJou'Tbeiilre, , .'Alrpona, Pa. 

Shcn's -Thontre '.' liupTolo. N. T. 

Hhca> Ihcntro ',' ..Toronto, Can. 

Cook Opera House .......... ltoche$tcr, N. T 

Tcmp^i* Theatre -. . . . Jletrplt, Mich. 

S. Z. Poll's Theatre Wot-centcr, Mass. 

S. 7j. l*oll'« Theatre SprlotrOcId, Mas*. 

H. 'A. Poll ■« Theatre Hartford, Conn. 

S.Z. Poll's Theatre New Haven, Conn. 

8. Z. Poll's Theatre Bridgeport! <'->""- 

8. 55.. Poll's Theatre Wntcrbury, Conn. 

S. 'A. Poll's Theatre Wllkcs-B&rre, Pa. 

9. S5. Poll's Theatre Bcranton, Pa. 

Colonial Theatre.* Lawrence, Mass 

Kmplro Theatre 1'atcrion. N, .1 

Empire Thcntre Uobokon, N. .1. 

Valentine Theatre ( . j.Tolcdo, o. 

Trent Thcntre '. Trenton, N. J. 

Itennett's Theatre London, Out. 

Hewlett's Theatre.. ;.. .Hamilton, Ont. 

Hcnnett's Thcntre Ottawa, Ont 

Mennctt'a Theatre Montreal. Que. 

Henderson's Music Hall Coney Island 

Celeron Theatre Jamestown, N. Y. 

i Keith's Theatre ..,..-.. Boston, Mass. 

' Keith's P.IJoti Theatre Boston, Mobs. 

Keltn'l Theatre Providence, It, I. 

Keith's Theatre Pnwtncket, It. I. 

Keith's New. Thcntre Philadelphia, Pa. 

Keith's Prospect Theatre.. Cleveland, Bv 

Keith's Theatre .. Colutnbua, O. 

', Keith's New. Theatre t Portland, Me. 

Keith's New Theatre. . .-. . .-Manchester, N. H. 

Keith's New Thcntre-/ Lowell, Mass. 

Keith's IloyalPrincesB'Thcntre. London. Eng. 

Keith & Proctor'* Union Ho. Tbestre.N. Y. City 

Keith i Proctor's UBu 8t. Theatre.. N. Y. City 

Keith A Proctor's Gth Ave. Theatre. N. Y. City 
'.Keith ft Proctor's 58th 8t. Theatre.. N. Y. City 

Keith ft Proctor's 125th Bt-Theatre.N. Y. Cllv 

Keith ft Proctor's Thcntre. .Jersey City, N. j. 

V. K. Proctor's Theatre... .Newark, N. J. 

V. P , .'Proctor's* FT 1)eaire I.. Troy, N. Y. 


Oar new 1000-07 CATALOGUR Is completed, with full description of. mod •hovrfng method of operation of PV , r . 
thlna pertaining to electrical stage craft and psrk Binaiementi, . Price of Catalogue, H cents, which antonnt will {■>- 
deducted from flr-t $10.00 purchase. Sent to regular customers free. 



354 WEST 50th STREET, H. Y. CITY. 

P. F. Proctor's. Theatre. ....... .Albany. N. Y. 

Harry Davis Grflnd Opera nonsc.'Plttsijurp;, Pa 

Chase's Theatre..-. Washington, I). C. 

Kernnn's Marvlsnd Theatre.. . Raltlmoro, Md. 
Grand Tlc^trc....... ........ .Hyrncnsc, N. Y. 

Alao Booking for 20 Parka nml fl*»n*hnrr> Rfiotti, 
Perfursaeri will keneflt thomNelvea by keeping this •me* lurarwed Of 
their route and open time,' •*♦<■■: 

B. F. KEITH'S BOOKING OFFICES, St. James Building, 

B. K. HOOODON. Boeklng IWIanaacWr, 

»»3 lo *»« Rl, .l.,n.. UilU,lln e , »KW VOllK CITf. £_.' 








l.KNOTTI, :M0 Fo.1, — PHK'K, 113. nil. 

fhe Inn Where No Man Rests." 


LBNOTII, Ullll F..I, 





. 204 Enl 3Blh SI., Niw York City. \\ 


52 Slate St., Chicago, III. 


For the Haag Stock Company, 

On Account of Incompetents Furnished by 
/ Amusement Companies, 

Ono Heavy Hhii, diameter Alan, (.cuoral Business .Man, Comedian (Specially,, and f.uiicral 1liiBtno«n 
"Woman. MiihL ho miiilr and ri'Spomdhlc. Hcnd pholnit mid 'program. Tell hII In Ural Idler, HtAtv 
lowest sure salary. Pay own. 1-ohH f cation. Winter In California. Tiokots It required. Address 

' ' W. 11. 1IAAG. Mail.. Tomplc, Texas, 


Oae that run slnjr llliibtraied sonfTH preferred. KUi^irU: Fire Danger. Miin'tlmr thorm.jrniy under 
HiHnil-i work Inn Mollim Plchiro oilin-1-. <KOH »a l.K Sun I'l'nmtsrd Murlliiiiinke Kllni 1 * and otlter nub- 
JuctH. Aildruid : ' .*>, [T. ORAWVOIll), Itlaiingrv Guynly Tlitinlrn, Ht. Loiif«, Mo. 


-Plays lor Slock Theatres, Repertoire Companies and Specie! Road Productions. 

w»i furniKti pilnilnit fur any piny yon mny notoot, ami txmk your ruuip. Wo leiiac, hny and. sell playn, 
wrlto thciin in iirih' am) revlHO tliflin. Koilnmreti jrlvoii on Soonniy and 1'rlntiha. Wo trnn»m:t r 
general Tlio'iirlcal IHipIiIuph. 8ittiHra<:tion umi Hijiturf dcHlltig atmoliiiely minrnntccd. 
Wire, wrlifi or will'on T, II. WIKNI-Xi', MiiimRlnjt Director, uo; iiroadway. Now York city 

r uaKRTY 



IIAHllV, 1CVA, F« K|l»R A , i>a>> 14; MINA, ago '."; With ■!> Ilint cluia V »u«li> v llln Ail», 

Tiic Moat VcmiiiHd puoplo.ln the inmlncHg. cimnx 1 for uiii' rnll wook. Leader or band (Oruui). 
1,111'ko repertoire of htaiKhrd (ivetturca, Bi-torHnns, incdleyo, niaroliCK, elo. Wc nave alio goods, mi 
monoy iiiiiotbu surer OniraiinvfiirnlntrllAKItV W. hV.V. 

hand. AddrcRH IIAItriV L\1IKANK 
Film, Ulcli., weuk Oct. k. 

riKtiiMt (LeHdnr and ArranirervBarltoiib In 
aro Tim AmerlcHUH-StocIc Co., Jaulcaon, Mica., week Oct. ); 



VKIUATII.K rKDI-I.E fi'l ItlllR nml Cnu.,.1, (OIltVIiT. THAI' 1I1II JlJIlHil and 
OTIIHn MIIEIICIAIVN. Lnitu .cii.imi, h,ii.< mouoy, ilink^ lllnw. m~.''. . 

Ilonlv (IMui.l F.iin.i. ..H. ,[..(>■■<. I; Ilnlvldrrr. N. .1 , !>: Nn>.i,t.'lh, I'n.i 11. 

wa n *r 


Three nlftht stands, Pennlc lit All i.tnoj. TltosednlPKHpri'liiliteH preferred. I'lnnUi.IIiiHtUntr Agent. 
Tell an, wepay. 

Mgia. In No. and 80. Uukotu, Mliin. and VfU., xondopen (line. 

I), ii.i'itturr, iiL'troit, Miun, 



riftrlng Kl.w k Krlmitier 

man, Bkavvman, <;to 

< iliv 111111 v. WANT ttVICK. -full. I In" Umkliii!, Vimi:ik, Jl'VKMi.l-: 

his MAN, Willi .nonlallloi..' : Hl»r«j itll III hi lotlcr; par owa. Miiat Jollton 

wire.' Will riIvrihm' tl.'kot ail.v l*lavi' In Hie r. S. irl kliuff yoit.'itnlrt' Pcoplp'lhftl have 
nml wanlmlii', ivilir. IMV111. uni.\ HHKI'IICM), AV. Vi\. 




1'. S Tllusi' 111 ilimnl will lie I'Uin IIH'f il lij lullltijl lIlH Wliek nt FAMIIiV TIIBATHK, li.MIl St., N. V. 



arc Htaudurd, and wc, recommend them. 


lint the largcst'and only exclusive of Hit kind 
In this city. We sell' every thlnp pertaining 
to Moving 1'lcturcs and Stereoptfcon. We 
have n department we call "USIiP IM)ODS" 
I'cjU. Here we sell machlncH and Uinta taken 
In trade aa part payment for new goods, and 
we offer auclt gondx to those who arc not In 
a poaltlon financially to buy new outfits. 

Note the prlceB : KdlHon's Exhibition' Model, 
with Takeup, Device, and Klectrlc Attach- 
ments, 1 85.00 ; aa good as new. 

Kill :-im's Universal Model, with . . Tnkonp 
DpvIcp, ten-Inch Arms and Klectrlc Attach- 
ments, $00.00 ; as good as new. 

Thousands of Slides, assorted, at.lCr. each, 
and thousanda-of feet of Flltn at/S'/jc. per 
foot, or mounted on a ten-inch lfcel, about 
J, 000 feet, 1.163.00. 

Model n, o'xyiithc Outfit, complete, $26.00. 

Uptlgrapli Mechanism, flu.OO. 

A few ilbeostats und Eleetrlc Lamps, |3.00 
each. • ' • 

Two-tank Acetylene Outfit, practically new 
and complete, with Lamp, cost $35.00; our 
price, $16.00. 

Profeaxlona I - Ktcreoptlcon, perfect order, 
with Lump, $L>0.00. 

Double IHssoIvcr. complete, with Lampa 
and Dissolve! 1 , $46.00. 


Heels, t'Hi-lmns, Condensers, Cciuent. Oil, 
Kther, Limes. Gelatine, Uxouc, Oxylithe, 
Lenses nnd Lamps. 




Tlie, filckcrless, . Motion I'tcturo Machlnp, 
nimhlned lter0Otrtl«on and ron-er's 
oiucii\\i, i«'ii'('i)roof'Mngu7.lncs, for which 


Kdlson's KxHtli(llbn 'a«d Universal Models, 
Kntet-prlftc, No.^4, N'ew'Model Optlgiaph, for 
■\Yhlch jtytn sik'clhl nJtPnts. 


338 Spruoo Street, 




The umlcrstgned Is now hooking for season r 06- 
'07. Boating capacity, ^oou. Kur tltuo, wrlto or 

john a. scoirr. 





r.'iekcil so It ennnot brromo unsalable, 
ami our 6 nnd lOcpnckago cnndlcs will 
greatly incrcRse. Its. value. Inform ns 
» iicrc .on hold iv c<tncoanl~tt and 
we will Gcnd.«amplon and prices. 

243 SO. rpOItlA.ST., CBICAGO. 


havo on hand a largo assortment of alight!; worn 
KvonlngGownn, Dinner, Itecepilon and Tea uowno. 

Thono'robos aroppirocl lii ovevy renpDct,andarb 
oapoolflliy suitable for wclir In 1IIGU CLASS DRA- 
HATlp PKODUOTIONS. , Wo hnvo. a fall line of 

Seal Skin Coats aud Kursof all kinds. 

MRS. H. STARR, ?6T South State St., oniCAGO 





lilltt., •Tlie CroUo of, Ili» lilmlvs;" 041(1., 
•'Sir Joucs I.uoklntr tol- Jolm Smith :" 5:t8(t., 
"Niu WeditldK Hold for Him;" 570(t„ "i'ho 
MH^qucrrtilprs ;" 1R0H., "Sklrtiloo Bro«. :" 
■HUSH., '•Tlio Mslit nt, tlie rmty ;" 508(t., 
■"Aiirt Her NameAViiK Mnud;" 581(1., "VlllHgo 
Cut-Un ;•• tiorifl., "Tlio SubpoBna Ser,or ;" 
UOStt., ''The I'liyinuslfr." 
I.. IIKTZ, Mamilncnlror of stercoptlcoDB, 
.102-Ha»t-2:t(l SlreM. Nrw York. 



stale .Re, hrlRlifamt extoerlcarc, if an..' mm AM, 

SAMM' Ionian. iifvn A .iTANLKV, 

- (1 on I Dallrer?, univago, 111. 

Western Dramatic Agency, 

127 LA SALLE ST., near Madison, CHICAGO, ILL. 

Uan&gera waallng rellalile people In all hranchen of the ilieatriciil profcaslon, wrlto, 


NOTICE.— We can furnish the beat dramatic people— LEADS, Heavies, Ohnraotera, Javenllea and 

General RnilnoaB People, Soubrettea. etc. Also vaudeville and Min.trol People, Song and Danca 
Teams, Slater Acta, Slngera of all klnda, Musical Acls.'Plano Plajera, etc, 


NOTICE.— We Invite people in all lines of the thcAtrlcal profeealon, that with fim class endaie. 
menta, to call or write. P. J* RIDOIfl. Msnnger. 



For, lo new Cnmpanlcn. HuHt be (rood Lectnrcra and capable of conducting their Company on t>U8lnef.g 
principles. KeaMh, a]ipcnrani-e and good liablta most epnentlal. Nnthln^ oliu> will bo tolerated. Will 
nnrround you with the best pcopio In the tmaincBi. All towns we play In arc booked nolld until next 
May, andonc-slxlhof the people In the townawc visit know me tiy reputation an I have advertised 
six months in advance, and have billed them like a circus that I am cnmlim. In.wrltlDtr, mention 
salary, and If pi<ssltile send photo, which will be returned. Alio want Versatile Performers, Novelty 
Acta of all klnda, I'tano Player*, etc. Most have clean wardrobe, and be ladiraaod gentlemen at nil 
limes. To thnac I canotrer a frood^oiiirand p'oU table cotrairemcnt. Doclorn, In wrlttiiR, iiddceBsmsll 
to PHENOMENAL KRAV8. Performers, address mall to L.OUIH HaHHOlAN, 

Addrc** lam ORNTRAL avk„ COR. OLIVKK. Olnciimail, Ohio. 


Ai Singing and Dancing Soufcrctte or sinter Tram : go*)d dresHers on and oil'; mu»t! be good eeouith to 
feature. Al Sketch Team or Novcltv Act. These nets imiHt be Al or will cancel you on J»t. Rehciirsal. 
Salary sure. Bank reference. Send photos, to bo rctnrncd. Address KI>w. U. miiiN, IlatiAger, 

P. 8.— Tltla Is not a vaudovillc, htir. u high class nmglc show. 

Route: Webb City, Mo. t 3-4; Columbus, Kan., Hi; Uherai, Mo., 10-11; WlcrClty, Kan., 14. 


KEITH HILL POSTING CO., Kid liliiu R, Ml. ... 


CONJURERS' MONTHLY MiflAZOE, hamt^jqudiiii, 

Par Yeavr, 91.00. Hlngln Coploa. Ten CvnU. Till; ( :<INJ ntKltS' M.\(l Ki. INK IB devoted to 
tho World of Mtglc, oxpoBiiiBr from lime to time the various Mvsterlca or Maple, Illusions, Handcuir 
Tricks. Escapes rrom Hiraight Jaukots, Chains, Wires, Spiritualistic BtTuctJ, and reproducing the old 
tlmo Magicians' ProirammcB. Ai dress all com. . . 

CONftJKEIU' M.\t; a/i nk PUllLISHING CO., 'jtm West 113th Street. New. York UI'v. 


Must have complete outfit, both gas and electric. Good salary and long season to right party. Rxplalo 
everything In first letter. Hunt lm aide to join nn wire. (Don't misrepresent,. Would be innnsgera, 
Have stamps. Addreas S. WAflNKU, ftMt Luiticr Ave., Drooklyn, N. Y. DtW'T OALp, -PliRAHR. 



Want Al S. and 1>. fioubrette, Al (Jen. Bus. Man with Hpeclallle?, Stater Team. Somo parts. Otlier 
poodlU'p. People, write. State full pariicubus. Join on wire. Must have wanUubp. and be atileto 
API'. l^ingBcason. sure salary. Address HARRY ItUflTON, Shelby, Neb. 

Maude Selden (Stetson) Harry Stetson, 

Juvenile*, II«avl«s. nnd Cliuractera. Rceantrln Conifily and Clinrnclera. 

Wardrobe, Sobriety, Capalidity, and Appearance. (Hie piece. Stoek, or Kojiertoho. Hep. preferred. 
Reapnnalblo managers only. ' Address 1IAHHY UTBTSONj RAVENNA*, 0. 


AGENT with repertoire experience; pay own. COMEIUANH and <;. it. MAN. Preference given those 
doing Bpeubvtlua. Can aso a feir MtiMlclann that, double. I pay all. Car H how. Address 
_____ Oil AH. W. MKitUHIt, Manaiier Ui;v bTOOK CO. Homo address, WorMilngton, lad. 


A first; class Team. I,ndy and Gentloinan. Comedy or is'ovelty for winter aca^on Sottlh. Board mid 
transportation furnished. Address j, ». fttcNAlIt, MonudOlty, lit. 


Arlington StocK Co., 

Woinan ror Lead., Hcavj Han, Han for nencral nuelnraa, Garncnlcr wlio can act. Speolalli 
lllnalmtcd Smj shiKcrwItli inaolllnc. I'aul Kloli oalo Harry, Norman Hanloj, wrllo. 



ADAMg. Mgl., Oration, W, Va., Oct. ,-a; MurKuntoiru, W. V»., MM woe*. 


Heavy Man and Woman. 0OME1IV OLD MAN wltli apeclalty, atrong Oorniit and UlaMonet, riano P aycr 
to doulilo band. Trap Drummor lo donhto brais or olarlonel, noon Sduit Uoiik Anaouncor (for ■ liaud), 
olaruiiiatnrcrari'iill; Oariiiuetafor band, double mrlnir or trointroni. Aildroaa .-■ ■• ' 

■ ■ C. B. BEWI'H ATTIIACTIONS, I»»0 ll.,,uil,v»y, K.m- YmU. 

TMI>. HPARKH WANTS Reliable Actors In all linn toi reportoho, wlock and one 
....*• om *M.*WM*.sy pie™ alltaotlon> of good .tandlnE. Send fulHIaeCrlpllpn, ;nd your wliercmonta. WAMAllBRS wnnllnir dml clam rcpreacnlatlon, send In 
y..iir "wan<a" and keep me aoppllrd will, ynnr ronln. TKD. upa HKS, Theatrical A «rni CentniT 
irid'K., kannw inty, Mn, aii iouk distance 'piinne., 4»i Main. ", 

N. 11 — Hatch for Hie openlnir or ror Chicago olllco. • ' ' 


Or Gen. Bns, 

yuu-k ittudy. 

Clever Pp?clalty lu one. 


Musical. Comedy, Builciit'ie or Ono Piece. Atwi ya itHier. 
.UOADDE KKLLY^Mulr, Mitti. 

October 6. 




The M. Stein Cosmetic Go. Make Up 

Akron, O. 
Day Drag Co. 

Baltimore, Mil. 
nochschlld Kobn &Co. 
-Willfunaon * tVitw 
A, T. Jonea * Bods 

Brooklyn, N.Y. 

E. J. Huels 

h. Bnrkbarde 
Brockton, Mail. 

JaracN Edgar A Oo. . 
Boston, Mass. 

Cincinnati, o. 
F. Bswlrachlna 
Vosa' Pharmacy 

Cleveland , 0. 
w. Kr&ute * Bon 
Standard Drug Co, 
Btearn A Co. 

Ctdumbus , O. 
7. F. MvJcrnnU 
Kampmann Cot-tume * 

Chicago, Itl. 
F. M. nuten & Co, 
Win. Hepner Wig Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Mrs, a M. Read 
Orand Rapids, Mlcb. 
Bcbrouder & 

Hartford, Conn. 
Wise, 8mi tli & Co. 
Indianapolis, Ind* 
Perger'a Pharmacy 
It, KinaJlu. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

B. F. R. Erliman 

Louisville , K y. 
T. P, Tavlor & Co. 

Ksiufrtiiina-t»tr,iu« Co. 

Lynn, Mass. 
P. D. MsgrsQe 

Merlden, Conn. 

A. 8. Tnomai 

Milwaukee, Wla. 

Carnival Costume Co. 
Public Drug Co. 
Glmbal Brotbere 

Petty. PLunnaoy 
Peterson, N. J. 

Uejer Bros. 



7Sc. Pound, 40c. Half and tic. Jan 


25c. Slick In Cardboard Tub. 


lie. SUck. Sam. ■• Paint Tub. 


30c. Mall Pound, 20c. Quarter 


25c. OIbsb Pot. Three Shade, 


No. IS. 20c. Per Box 

44c? Sixth Avenue, 


A Liquid Powder, 40c. Bottle or Tin 


50c. Pound, 25c. Hall 


lie. Uottlt, with Brush 


$1 Large, 10c. Medium, 25c. Small 


7!c. Pound, 40c.llall, 25c. Quarter 


New York City. 

Kolckerbockor Pharmacy 
Bcaali Drug; Co. 
ltlo nnlnndala mothers 
A. Ratoer 

Oeorge Bblndbelin 
£ II. Macy ft Co. 

(ilhlMTl till! DnigBtlt 

J. A F. Orotu 

Plttaburg, Pa. 

Mrs. J. Klralfy 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

N. BnMtenberg ft Co. 
H. A, Noire, Drujfl 

runup J. Buck 
Qimbol Brotbere 

Portland, Me. 

A. Carles 

Richmond, Va. 
Tbe Cohen Co. 

Rochester, N.Y. 

Na.aoa Barrowclougb 

St. Louie, Mo. 
nohort Schmidt 
Kricb Woil-tisn 
bus, Beer A Fuller 
Sao Antonio, Tea. 
Wolff ft Marx Co. 

Springfield. O. 
0. W. Westeofoltcr 
Washington. D. C. 
Hccht ft Co. 
Wheeling, W. Va. 
McUto's Drug Store 
Wilkes barro, Pa. 
Jooim Long'* tone 
Williams port, Pa. 
Prof. Cbsrlee' llalr 
Yonbore, N. Y. 
Perry Corning 





14 Leicester 8t., Leicester Square, London, W. C. 

Fonmon guBSOBiPTiom. - ■ ■ ■ . ... m. pur year 

ritOFKHHIONAI. AUVKHTIHKMKNTH, - . »■. Od., Slauxl. Oolamat Iaeb 

advertisement* will be recolveil. Ooptes on file. 


EST. I860. 

412 6th Ave., Cor. 25th Si, H. T. Cliy. 

No. i io.ts u.»s ia.iir, i4.»t> 

Prof. 28 80 N 84 86 88 40 

Above Trunk guaranteed for 10 yean, including 
Prof. T.B0 B.OO 8.BO 9.00 0.00 10.00 10.50 

No. ■ h n a n m «i 4o. 

Bteel 0.00 9.S0 0.00 0.110 T.00 T.BO 8,00 
Clnd 28 30 83 84 30 88 40 

Write for catalog B, we make over 100 different 
■tries of trunks. 


«. A. TA YLOH TllIIDK WORKS, da B. Randolph St., UU10AUO; l»l W. IIU St., MW TOU. 

Write for New Catalogue. 

Casey's Theatrical Trunks. 

XXX 28 Inch 80 83 84 80 88 40 

PUOF. 19.00 13.00 14.00 18.00 10.00 1T.00 1H.00 
XX SSlnch 80 82 84 80 88 40 

PH.OF. T.SO 8.99 0.00 O.Tft 10.80 11.1.5 19.00 
i SThKL CLAD, tbe beet cheap Prof. Trunk for tlio money, 
to Inch 80 82 84 88 88 40 

0.S0 0.00 0.50 7.00 7.00 8 .00 8.60 
Shipped 0. O. D. on receipt of $6. Write for Catalogue. 
1905 Broadway, cor. of 44th St., Opposite Hotel Aator, the 
grcatoat Theatrical Trunk Corner In America. 
Also 441 Sixth Avenue, near 27th St,, N. Y. City. 
Y. Ka3«aftbllsBh«»cl **& years. 



SECOND HAND AND NEW. special sale. 

A I.I. STYLUS ot all the I.BADINO M AKKB In First Clan Condition. LOWMT PlllCKS 


SCHWARZ & eo. 

Leatheroid Trunks. 



Send for New 
Theatrical Catalogue. 

189 B'WAY. M. X., natar Sprtsuf it. 


26ln., 17 50 ■ 281n.. $8.50; 30ln., S0.50 : 301a., 110.50 l 40ln., 112.50. Clrcm Trunk. 24il8il«. 
IT.80. *BI1I Tninka', 30T2SH5, Inside, I12.0O. Lltho. Trunha, 42i4i28Hll2. ln.ldV ,18.00. 
Shipped on receipt of $3.00, bnl., C. O. D., eicept over 300 mile., then remit whole Bmoont. 
BIlIONS 4 CO., CENTRAL, TRUNK 1'ACTOIIY, Kit. 1864, 8. W.cor. 7lh and Arch BU.,l-hlla. 

MANAGERS, Attention! 

If you owned a railroad, perhaps yon are satisfied to carry hoary . 
, excess breeding trunks. But if you want to save exceat baggage, 

get a BAI* truDk . 
Bend for Catalogue "0." WIUlUAM BAL took- 

lie w. seta bl, a. i. any. 



IPolM and stake., SKATS, run. Btft, 


WAolW. Wailungton St., 0I1IUA0O, ILL. 


P\>r Circuses, Wild West Shows, Black Tents, 
Candy Tops, FIirb, Kldd A [laker Lights, etc. 
Send for in pnge price Met of second bend 
7th arid Wynndotte, Kan wan City. Mo. 

United. States Teat und A wit Inn: Co., 

lloadolph and Union Streets, CHICAGO, III. 


Ill, »<!ll TENTH llur Specially. 





{-I Large Stock soft, and UDdor4SfeBjjsjw v 
New ami Second Hand. Write ^""^ 

Biiccrattors to too T. W. Noble Co., Tent Dept., 
Detroit Bag and Mfc. Co., Detroit. Midi. 




And All Other. 

Siil l,r t ATHDC. ■nlui IM WllUI 

Special Altnllia Gives tbe Pirfeuln 

Western Uniform Go. 

'ai«B. CLARK ST. 





Future nusb. or Wlfo Photos Tor Palmlsta, Palm, 

Purlin, etc., $2.00 per S1-3A per 600, pontpald. 

CADINKT PHOTOS, copied, iud.ou per 1,000. 

EDKN'A STUDIO, 0112 N. Broad BL, Phila., Pa. 




la the only Show Printing House that can funlsh you with 
your Entire Line of Show Printing 

Lithograph Work 
Block Work 
Type Work 
Dates, Heralds 
Booklets. Window Cards 

and give you the Lowest Prloe on eaoh and every Item. 



t=»r©rn pt Sorvloe« M "ffir. , .» , ,I. p ;.'" 




We wish to call special attention to the equipment in our dale department. Itenllxtng tho notion* 
Blty or the uulokoHt putuliilo Morvloo In this department wo liuvo liiaiignralua asyetum wlioruhyall 
rush date ordura are tmiutled on the following rtohedule: 

Ordent rocetved herore 8.30 A, H. hIiIpium) ut 12 o'clock mmn sumo dsy. 

Orders received boforo 1 P. M. shipped nt I*. M. same day. 

Orders received before 12 o'clock at false Ut. nblppud at ou next niorulng. 


Wrltu for Prlcoa unit Siimph'.. Our Theatre- Tlekels hitvu Iratiit mi iknowlsilaed 
as the HKHT oa the market. 




lannfacturers of THEATRE TICKETS. 



IV M WS WAST TO laWD 1 oc 

w. knew w. bar. to. beH bnrn.r erer mad, for tu. In . atereoptlwn .r MrTlsg 
riflin Maaalae; llao for U I nun, m, MMIlola. cme. and OlroniM. 
Addr.M law 1,, KatalMlBg l(w. few I.aipl.. 

WBL U. ORAHE CrOMPAMT, 1131-33,, Waw Torfe. 


WHy bandle rocky goods when you can. handle goods that will sell tbemaslTws, 
Blsctrlc tielta from II per dos. up. Large rarlety to select from. Ulectrlc Jw 
7tV. dot. ; Electric Insoles, 87 %c. dos. pairs. Hoap, »* gross; Fine Uedi. 
cal Batteries. rJend 75c. for Hample No. 14 H. n., eip. prepaid. Latest out 
Oaa third cash required. Trial order will convince. Largest Manufacturer! 
af Electrical Helta and Appliances In U. H. A. Betabllshed 1H78. Lecture anS 

frtee list bm. f^ ELEC THI0AL APPUAIOB CO., Burlington. U* 


HoVIOKBB'S TinsATiir., i". ill. Telcnlione— Central, on*. Bend for Catalogue. 


For Stock Companies, for Repertoire Companies, lor Amaiiurs. 

ainiiHetnent, Negro l'lay., 1'tiper, Bcenerj. Mr,. Jarlej'a Wag 
Work,. t'elalOKue IProo I Free I Free 1 

iampei. FiiENCii, IT w. aaa It., R.w Tork. 

IIIAAI BBS Ollnni ICO Olah,, Onm, m.lllng Globe. Hoom, 

JUGGLERS vWru^"WSffJnssssss£Ss^ 



October e>. 





"We've Been Chums for Fifty Years," 
"I Love You for Yourself Alone," 



iYljso tlie Big 
Instrumental Hit, 






THE GREAT HOMK SQNlt. BY HOWARD D. SAL1N8. Wherever sung or 
pliijdl, It ruoi'is with fiiHtaut SUCCESS. It touches ft chonl In every heart. Once lieuru, U 
la nover forgotten. Orchestration with a beautiful cello, cornet, or trombone eolo. 10c. 



aMed. very uatctty. tsuntt or plftyoU. It ulwuyw wins out, A WA'TZ SONG 


Tho Great March and Two-Stop, Hy ELBERT N. RIPLEY. Excellent for Acrobatic 
Acta, Musical Acts, etc. Orchestration 260. 

Prof. Coplei of above Rent free upon receipt of recent program. Otherwise please send 
Ave cent* for postage. white for THEM to-day. 






OurapecfaUy la value for your money 
at one half tbe price others aak for 
the lAttie goods. Perfect «atl«ractloD 
guaranteed or your monoy back. On 
receipt of $1.00 deposit wo will tend 
goods 0. O.D., subject to examination, 

Remember the Name 
and the Place. 










And make yon a fortune. If you have a 
SONG or BOOK tliat is worth anything, 
yon slum kl copyright it. Don't take 
chances when you can secure our serv- 
ices at small cost. Send/or our SPECIAL 
OffER TO INVENTORS before applrlntr for 
a patent, it will pay you. HANDlMOk on 
patent* sent FREE. We advise If patenta- 
ble or not. FREE. We Incorporate 
Consult us. 



Columbia Copyrinfct A Patent Co. Inc., 







Best of Food, Perfect. 
It Cooked jDell clously 
Served. Prices rea- 
sonable. Special Dln- 
lng Boom for Ladles- 


Spangles, $1.00 Per Pound. 

Cotton Tights, pair. $1.00 

Worsted Tights, — 

Plaited Bilk Tlgbl 
» lncb cotton to] 

Best Silk Tights, 


Calf, Thigh and Hip Paddings. 
Gold and Sliver Trimming*. 
Send Deposit with order. 


88T WasHlntrton Bt., Boston. Haas. 

Ie HI, manufacturer 
of Theatrical 
Boots A Shoes. 
All work made 
on short notice. 
No disappoint- 
ment; we make 
from 1 pair to palm. Clog 
a specialty. 

802 W. 23d Bt., New York. Tel. 100 Chelsea. 

Tho one that started all the "FLOATING" 
Imitations all over the world. 

I * "V Tl iV H A 'l* A 1* A (HftT , Oim( of tlK'preatt'Btprotliictlonnumtiereever written I 
** i'l'AJi* ■*»- M. Jm.MM/imcy\wmj andaBpocialnoveltyforsonbretteorensemblowork. } 

111 IJk \ ft.n.l It! A I 1 ! I ill A A fr 1 ^ "timber with just a little nigti-olaas 

Mwmmj ijr.m. aiiu iVeVta. M. Mmjurim. coimdylnthe veraeandablg whtntiing chorus^ 

A new Idea in songs with a new style of comedy- 
Just the chorus ,to slug at a man In tbe audience. 



HUSIC PUBLISHER*' BX0BAI6E, 43 W. 28th St., lew Tort. 
All Ball Bequests 1DBT be sent to 0. 0. PIH8B0BT CO., ■lnneapolls. linn. 



Short Vamp and at*. » fc*eta 

alwaje on buiil. Mall order. flUed. Fit guaranteed. 


Tel. m Madlaon Square. M Sixth AM., near Hit St., H. T. 


ACTORS, BEWARE (Every Dog Has His Day) 

Bona out wara all right id tnalr day. so van mm oorered 
trunks. Bat their dap ere naaaed. 

■oral-Oat a BAL FIBRB TRUNK. 
Mad tor oetaloro 0. WILLIAM bal (lae.), 

TOW. Mw!L,S.T.Oitr. 

Q ES IB -is S 



nlaarafactarer or Theat- 
rical and Ooalom She. 
410 FOURTH A VS., Del. 
2St!i and 29th SU..N.Y. Gogs 
and DanctngShocB a specialty, 
Ordoraof all deaorlpaou 
Eitanllthed ISM. Bllcd promptlj. 

Fine Magical Apparatus, 

Grand End of Oenturr, rully 
Illustrate!. BOOK CATA- 
LOGUE, 26o., rrea tjy mall' 
Cataloftue of Parlor trleke free 

in 5lii a Ave. . N. Y. 


CATALOGUE, :5c: SUP. CATAL., Be. None 
free. Only N. II. Agent (or Mohatma. 10c. 
W. D. LEItOY, 103 Court St., Boston. Maaa. 

That Grand Old Name, That Grand Old Place 

JOEL'S, 206 W. 41st St., opp. Amsterdam Theatre. 
Chile Con Carne. Spaggcttl. 6 Grades Heat Beer. 
Reasonable Prices. 



Registering Turnstiles illfiBjafjBjpjaKEW STRIP TICKETS 

LUtfl mt $38.00 

(0 second hand ticket chop. 
per boxes, each $18.00 


1,000 good us new ..$1.25 

Printed for use at tho Expo- 
sition; hare never been 
used: 2,000 to a roll; consec- 
utively numbered. Denom- 
inations: 2c, 15c, 25c, 50c. 
Different Colors. Pries per 

thousand 18c In lota of JO,*90 12c 

000 Eight Candle Power 

----..,_ Lamps at 5c, were used, but 
are tested and serviceable, ltoto 110 voltace. 250 In a barrel. 

Pnce eaca _ JSo . In small quantities, each ^.™.„6o 

100,000 same as above, brand new. In full case lots, each......lOc 

60,000 now.lscarnllopnwerluinpi, each lie 

8S,0O0 Lamps, used, natural colors, ruby, green, amber and opal. 

Tusttd and serviceable. Price each lOo 

20,000 same as above, brand new* price each JSOc 


wcJod; boat malleable iron nUlnzs; simple in construction; fold 
r.crfectly flat; strong, dutahlo and comfortable; will act warp; are 
far suporlor to any other moke; brand new. 
Price, in dozen lots. — $6.00 Special Price on Larger Qnantles 

1,000 UNIFORMS EffiJrSSfil&JB. 

. "Write for our Spoclal 500-pa*jo Catalogue No. 8, A. 578. It con 

:te Hat of all klnoa of Electrical .Supplies, general amusement material such yon are 

Write for our Spoclal 500-paee Catalogue Ho. 8. A. 678. 
- t j oI to k J ndB ?* eleetrieal Supplies, general unnaeme., « 
conatantlyjpnrchasinB. We have tor sale Plre Hoae, all kinds of Plre-QghtlnB Apparatoa. Electrical 

Bupptlca. Flags. Hunting. Fnralture, Household Qoodi, Plumbing MaveriaJ, Machinery^ -Lr> fact 
evcrvthinip IibTiIii tho huh." Addraaaa ■ ■ * " ■■"" 

everything "nnder the ran." Address 



Amusement parlors and penny arcades are the greatest money makers. 
Start one now and reap a fortune. Edison Coin-Slot Machines draw the 
crowd and the pennies. Run automatically by electricity, and require prac- 
tically no attention. Write for full particulars to 

64 Lakeside Avenue, Orange, N. J. 



Tbe average town or city will readily support as many "Aatomatlo VandeYiUea" 
as It does tbeairea. Dozens of Arcades were opened last year by men of no previ- 
ous experience with coin-operated macblnes, and all are coining money. 

Do jou know of a good location? II so, don't hesitate. Tbe Autumn months are 
the very best of tbe year. We have a splendid new model Hotoioope at $50.00, 
and bargains In used machines as low as $3*8.00. 



11 E. 14th ST., \EW YORK. 

5&?^iiM , ""«»mH ExoiaHSE.33&eHieAaoia 

Tha Ma J that gat the monar. Call or writ*. F. 8. ZlfUBTEIUtlAtf. 5K. 14 th St., N. V. 




We write MqbIo to yonr word,, Introduce and 
• linksr 

tupnlarlte. Sendlu— ™. 
POPULAR MUSIC P«B. CO. (Inc.), Salt. 814, 5o. »0 Dearborn SU, Chicago. 


And Ihi and Matt Popular Style* 1 In Udltt Hair Driailng. 

A. M. BIC1I dfc CO., 

11» «. Iflatk BtrMt, ..... FUlaaUlvkta 

October 6. 



^" *-^ B '»M» LIFE MOTIOnViCTURE *MACHIWES°4fe FILMS • P "!V.&°fih L g^!? IA 




We have, among the T.n BntlBmrndi, the Lett One, the Hi, in wkloh the FOTJL BLOW i. plainly elunm. which Releon delivered te hie eaperior opponent. 


The Funniest Film Ever Seen. Full 

of Ginger. Full of Merriment 


Length, 800 Feet. Price, 888. 






in. Tim wipk'b vision. 





Aokmowledg«d to bo th« moat perfect MOVING PICTURE MACHINE. 

This outfit eomplete, INCLUDING TOP AND BOTTOM 
RHEOSTAT for direct or alternating current, ALSO CALCIUM 
LIGHT LAMP. - - $85. - - 

&'>■■-■■..•■. '•• ■.'■''-."■:'.' 




Full of Excitement, Snappy, Another 

Big Hit and Honey Maker. 
Length, 550 Feet. Price, $60.50 

All Our Films Class A. Price, II Cents Per Foot. Our Beautifully Illustrated Catalogues Free of Charge 



ufiLxxo-tlAex' Big ESit. 






1 dramatic story of Florida. 

The natural scenery is pic- 
taresque in the extreme; the 
acting snperb. The Interest 
is most Intense throughout, 
and the climax thrilling and 


LENGTH, - - T05 FEET. 


PALS; or, My Friend, the Dummy. 

Tbe screamingly funny adventures of a tramp who steal* a tailor's dummy end Ingeniously 
"works" everyone he meets by protending the dummy Is alive. LENGTH, 070 FEET. 



SECRET SERVICE; or, the Diamond Smuggler 


uurrniuuT, it 



lie NA88AU ST., NEW YORK. 


■» State »•., Ckleaae, ill . «S Rapert St., Laadea, Bag. 



II Cearfcarn St., 0DI0460. 



Unapproachable Service 


J Wide Awake Office. 


•an. ciat-a sc. csuriAan, ill. 



-l> AND -I- 





And Other Accessories. 


The Power Cameragraph 
Edison Klnetosoope 



»<£KlvIE>® FII.M8 



All Films at 12 Cent* Per Foot Except Edison Olaa A, 
Which Are 16 Cent*. 


Heine L en ses for Picture Machine. Cover the Whole 
Range of Practical Projection. 


52 STATE ST. I Opposite Masonic Tchpu 


lew York A.areis, U7-I29 W. 33d ST. 


O.TALMUl nil. 



October a 




Words by JACK NORWORTN. Music by A. VON TILZER, 




Lyric by ARTHUR J. LAMB. Melody by A. VON TILZER. 

This high cUu ballad Is so easy to sing and so popular with 
your nuif Innco, that It mak«s It the nest song In the country. 



Words by BILLY JOHMI. Music by A. VON TILZER. 

A positive hit. Can be asad as a ballad, conversational 
■oag and danco or sextette number, Alwarsmakos good. 

Professional Copies) and OrchcMrntions In All Beys to Recognized Performers— NO CAKDH 

If in Chicago be sure and call on ALBERT 

VON TILZER at the Sherman House. 

Addr.» all Mall to 


40 tVEBT 1 28th ST., WE"^F 'TC'OX&XS:. W 


Bstablished 1Q03. 


Oat out thin map If you contemplate playing the Nash Circuit. Owing to the 
uncertainty of aeouring theatrical ratea at this time of publication, the full 
first olaan fare in pointed on the map. 



g/ ^ClRCQj rg* ' 





..lift io« 



a)tt?wr.j wnio a/id c?/iTe?ntD 
by tiAtn.DuKKiwi.Ano Vam Duitc. 

n.~~~ • MILWAUKEE 


The Xfaah Circuit la now In lte third year of unexampled prosperity and auooeas. 


For time and dates write 


07 Soulli Clark 81., Olilcaun, III. bijimi Thoat e, Winnipeg Miin. 



. Thcat e, Wlnntp 







TUB BBLBBR TRUNK AND BAO CO., l«» Oelmmbla At.., Philadelphia. Pa. 


we hate on hand a large assortment or allgliuv Died BVBNINQ QOWNg, DINNER, ll kcep- 
TKIN sad TBA GOWNS. Triojo Oowm aro perfoot In every renpoot, ofllhe latent atjlej, and are 
2 , JK?Wj." n "* ,lle ' or "•»' ln HI B h claM Uraniallo Procluotlona. Wo aliohavoa toll lino ol 8KA1,, 
SIMJIRRBL, BUNK, PERSIAN LAMB COAT8 andFlIRS ot aU kinda, Wblotl we be| jou 
to kindly call and Inspect. Wo aleo bur your tllacardod apitarel (both BOxea), rurs and Jowolry. 

«-„„»re. MME. DOKTOR, 481 6th AVE., CITY . 
F*oifio Coast Amusement Co., 


■%J*T A TVrnr A ¥-J v ¥^ ** *" ^B**, FIRST OLABH ACTS OP ALL KINDS 
»» -^*> •*■ *VJLft ttatWHid«u-er the goods. 

BOLE BOOKING AQBNTS: AL. ONKKN. Family Theatre. 185th BL, New York Olty; OHAS. WRAT, 
•OS American Bank Build., Seattle, Waal..; OBBI8. 0. BROWN, 61 S, Clark bl, Chicago; aiwjiiik lkv T 
ill Kddj St., San Francisco, 0*1. 

nun it: niDMHiiKiisii-ropuiiirico your 
Catalog through the medium of tiio 

40 of the prominent publishers of New York sod 
the couDirj st largo, with tho co-oporailon of the 
entire talking machine frsterollv and the leading 
singers of the minstrel, vaudeville snd theatrical 

FrofertHiona, ,ro obtaining popniarlrlng results of 
he kind that bring quick flusnclnl returns. Are 
jou Interested! 1 Call at once, or writ*. 

MCAf. HrKNCKH, Manager, 



Avail joursolves at once of tho advantages offered 

JOU I'T tho 


400 of the featare hl» from the leading publish- 

ers from which to eeleot Just what will suit jour 
ncoili. Uniform eouricsj extended to all callers. 
Out-of-town performers write us Just what jou 
want, enclosing nismps and program. 
43 Wost MMi. St., Now York. 

Rubber Ballnona, 
Rubber Balln, 

Rubber Good*, 
For Carnival Sales. 
Caiie Rack Cavne*, 

Knife Raolc Kni v ea. 

No. 3717-C.unatook— 70c. per dosen. 
We have the largest assortment of Knlfs Board 
Knives west of tho MiBnlsalppl river. Our prices 
are absolute rock bottom, we also carrj a full 
line ot Btreetmon's Goods, Carnival Novelties 
and goods for Fairs. We are ono of the oldeit 
Btreetmcn's supplv houses ln the United Btatei. 
We have tbonnsnds of satisfied customers. We 
can satiBfy jou and want jour business. NO 
■UBSTITUTINCl unless jon saj so. Orders 
shipped the same daj as reoelved. Large Cata- 
logue Free. 


T«h and It. Oharlm St., ST. LODIS, HO. 


Aad Trlclc A ppara In. 

YOST A OOMi'AMY, Ml Filbert 8L, 

(KMtHlillHhi'd 18101. l'lilladolplila, 

m- Large Oalalogoe tor Sump. 



For those critical professional 
players whose artistio reputations 
are partly dependent upon the fine 
tone quality of the particular in- 
strument they may play. These 
instruments have no equals, and 
fill the hill for Vaudeville Per- 
formers wh o SD8T H ATE TEE BE8T. 

Used exclusively by WM. H. BURK, 
wto was the first to introduce the harmonica 
into vaudeville, and is acknowledged the 
world's greatest player. 




Canadian Office. 

76 York St., 



SOe. por 100. 

Our 1800 STREET- 

now raady (or distribu- 
tion. Write tor II to- 
day. You cannot afford 
to be without a copy. 
Mailed lm. 

South Bend 

The Hurry- Up 




J. c. 




Used bj All Leading Artists. Bend (or New illus- 
trated Catalogue. THE ONLY THOROUOtlLY 

wo only manufacture our own inventions, for 
which we hold letters patent. Oar goods can be 
seen at 0, U. Dltson, Now York; Oliver Dltsnn, 
Boston; Voikwcin Bros., Pittsburg; Ignai Fischer. 
Toledo- Knitter Muslo Co., Cleveland; Grlnneli 
Bros., Detroit. Alwajs a fow bargains In second 
hand Imttrumonts on hand. 


■*•» _ MAKE MONEY 

S m DM, Hlu.Uat.-J iiatalr>iu«. ulU *h*l 


BJtrKttd catal.-Rut. UlU Vhkt A 



'Q t 

p»ylof aMpafi 

BtiixiaTsa, af ( . OfUsam 
to Itwwa ffaraMt, 




H| M IfA Largo List o( Now Profes* 

Ul fl ONk filonnl and Amateur I'lnys 
I LH | <£S Vuuil.ivllln HI, ■ 


II orb, lH-toariif*. Malr^uptWilArk.falalinTmKrt*, 

T.8. DENIBON, Pub., Oept. 17. Chioago. 

>Vnuclovlll<i a 
Moimlonm*. Mln»tTol 
,*! 1*1 

to linn, Kiituii 
,»tn^ MnlorlBl, 
J0k><». I'lf^™, Krrl 


"Nolo;;" " 

, ' . .Vli Ut, I,'. 

mmm\ ci, <sc°x 


T(<0"N'E ; ,'^'M : S"n~a'ir"eT" 



PnaentlBf the unitary Sketoh by HOWARD P. TAYLOR, 




Pullr Protected. Addreaa 
W. P. BHOWALTBB, ISO N«...n Ntr.el, New Yolk City. 

Both Acta Coprrlghtod and Fullr Protoctod. Addroaa 



Now booking for Vaudeville. AT 1.IDK1HY lice. 10. For oartlcutora nildrena 

MB. fioBERT P. 01BA11U ;710 Brownlng-Klng lild,., twgdlva,, Sow Tort City, K. T. 








D0NNYBR00K FAIR. ■ ■ ■ Mirch 
LADY BALTIMORE. • . - Waltzes 
MANHATTAN RAO. - Characteristic Mirch 

PRISCILLA. ■ ■ - Colonial Intermezzo 
DEARIE. Waltz. MILO. Two Step 

CYMBAL OANCE. • - CharacUrlitlqua 

The 10 Nob. above will be nont to Recoirnlzetl 









Altar They Author the Hay. 
Let Bo Writs What I Dare let Tell. 
We 'artel in toe Sun Weal Dewi. 
Erealni Breeie Sighing, '"Ti£Z Mt 
SnDBot Tama Oeein'a Bine te Boll 
Selden Antnnn Tine, Sweet Elilse. 
Dem Where Sllv'ry lohawk Flowa. 
Bar. eat lean IsBbtnlng oa the Blrer. 
My Heart'a To-alght la Teaeatwa. 

Any of Ihe »bo-v. ■«!■ (in .ltd.,, title 
■ nrt rlinru.) split on r.rMpt of •9.00 
...oh. Conjr and Or«h. FREE. 











34 E. 21 ST., 




MY- -G AL- -SA L 





Of any song in this ad. 


To those we know. 
Others send late program. 







The Great Hustler, 


47 WEST 28th ST., NEW YORK. 



Wo mil nuke ft half tone from photograph you 
Cumin h; let op jour name, address nud act In 
tjpe, and print MO Letter Heads, SKxll f ,r ja.&o, 
015 fifty St.,>, T.nn 


uuliv NOT "" 



H jonnnye not»lre»dTpnronMedyonrtrnnke,wbrnotn£ll joor 
order to oe. It will MM prompt .Mention. Mouej returned, ir 

not HUstActorr. 
Sena (or ceulogue 0. WILLIAM HAL (Inc.), 

110 w. inn St, H. T. OUT, » Doora E«t of Aotort' Socletr. , 




Kan j to let at OTerythln g with- 
oat dUitarblof anything. Ho 
r*Ugac In pacltinft and unpack- 
in k- LI got. Strong, roomy 
drawers. Holds a* timet, and 
costs no more tiian a good 
box trunk. Hand riveted; 
strongest trnnk made. In 
small roomserresaa oblflbnler. 
0. 0. D.wltb privilege of ex- 
iialnaUon. 2o. stamp for rata- 
log. P. A . HTALLMAIi , 

is w. Spring St, Oolamboi, O. 

No. 7591 Spar Bracelet 
and Necklace Set 

Ouly costs 

you 10 cents 

per set. 

The best 35 
cent seller 
that ever 

Bead 16 cents for 

sample set and our 

now catalogue 

No. ie. 

i$ 1 4.40 per Gross. 

B06BB.8, THDBMAH a CO., 38 Michigan Ave., Chicago, D. 8. A . 




Must be young, lienitaome, versatile, and clover, with loin of OOOD wardrobe and MVHT HK ABLE 
TO ACT. A handaome HEAVY MAN for polished line of parts and uno or tiro GENTEEL 
CH AHACTERH, must have fine wardrobe. YOUNG WOM AN will, swell specialties to pley Mine 
parts. HAN with strong specialties for props and small parts. Arthur Hrownlug, let nio near from 
you again. Hake your salary reasonable ai you WILL got It. Hunt Join quick, m tell all. If too want 
an answer, name your lowest salary In your flntt loiter. Hhotr playsall bunt time and goes In Williams- 
port, en , for Summer stock. Prepay your telegrams; I'll do the same. Incompetent people closed 
after dm rohearaal. Tickets, If known, Address quick PRANK DUDLEY, Mgr., Red Wing, Minn., 
Oct. 1-0; Chlppowa Falls, Minn., Oct. 8-13; Kftu Olatre, Wis., Oct 16-20. 

65th WEEK 




Nu p porting MIMN MYLVIA SUMMER*, Now In third HUOD. 

W A TV r rU To hMr fr " m desirable hkpkhtoi hk PEOPLE In nil linen. Thoie doing 
** •<'■. i« M ~ MpLM-initica given prefercina*. Hiattt all In first. Incompeteiita or thoio ralsrepre- 
eeiitlD« closed wltliout notice. Chris Koran, wire. AdtlrcHH Inrilanois, la.. Oct. 1; Skldmoro, mo., 
Oct. 2-6; Morton, Has., Oct. o. Per Western undress 610 South, loth St., Council HIuiTh, low*. smjj 


For tbe following cities : Springfield, Hamilton. Lima, Newark, Mansfield, ChUlfcotns, Porto- 
mouth, Dayton, Marlon, Fludlay, 19. Liverpool, Ohio; Itlchrnond, Muncle and Columbus, Ind. ; 
Wheeling, W. Vn.; Donoro, Monessen and Ilrownsvllle, I'o. Eighteen weeks to first class 
acts, Btate full particulars and lowest ealnry In first letter. Borne Immediate time open. 
No acts too gooa for this circuit. Now building a now iSO.OOU theatre la Springfield and 
Newark, O. Can use Eiperlenced Vaudeville Pianists, Illustrated Hlngers and I-ocal Man- 
ogers. Address gum SUN, Orpblnm Thciatre, BprlNffOeld, Ohio, 


Playing Theatres, Week Btands, Long Season, Opens Oct. 8, 

First Class LECTURER, Two First Class CIRCUS CLOWHS 

To work between animal acta. Call Thursday. uorrocK**, Coimy island, w. Y. 



October 6. 

Pabst Extract 

When you are tired, fatigued or over- 
nervous, Pabst Extract is The 

"Best" Tonic. It will quiet your 
nerves, strengthen you 
physically and give you 
the vivacity that comes 
to those who possess 
perfect health, like the 
"Pabst Extract Girl." 



Copyright, 1906. b; tin Frank Qumd Piikllikuif Compinr (Limited) 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 18, 1906. 

VOLUME LIV.-No. 34. 
PrlCB, 10 Cantl. 



October 13. 

Mi55 Clipper's 


ST1GE FOLK and Some times OTHEBS 


A story reached Broadway last week con- 
cerning one of the principal musicians travel- 
ing with a Urge musical comedy company. 
The youpg man bad always played In New 
York orchestras, consequently waa not fa- 
miliar with all things calculated to make a 

season of travel with a company comforuble \*£»Z«* l£#£ k *** tu * 
at all tlmei. For lnatance, be bad sot been 

viewer behind tbe scenes the other day, with 
Rose Stabl, tbe bright particular star of "The 
Chorus Lady," said: 

"Nov that you're foil- fledged, at the head 
of a company on Broadway, and can do about 
as you please, how would you like to have a 
try at one of those flying parte so success- 
fully taken by two stars, aa yet farther up In 
the firmament than yourself?" 

"No, Indeed," aatd the new star, then laps- 
ing into tbe delightfully unconventional ver- 
nacular of her Patricia O'Brien role, added, 
"terra flrma for mine I No," yet modest In 
ber quick advancement, "I haven't been a 
fixed star, high In the firmament, ttke them 
long enough to want to rise above earth. 


but Just now — the solid earth for r. 


on band when tbe others were notified to 
speak to tbe proper authority for tns reser- 
vation of ileeplng accommooatloni. Conae- 
qnently the night of the first Jump he had to 

In some of the traveling "medicine shows" 
the "doctor" hss little or no knowledge of 
the profession, to which he li supposed to 

-£^J^*«^»?»f3 ,0 roTn r S long haired bad*- 

B^ ^^Jm O*?** £« «d narangulnga thrW of village 

busy at his profession all the time, ***** ^^ gatne:ed arouna \ U wai0D . H e gave 

mE n bad not become ^*<* wUb toe P* P « ^ ^ w§ ^^ 

geography « M* **** m *** <* tWj medIc|ne ^^ ^ ^^^ ^ 

one of the a et ou '"«*«> was mrt, and ^ ^ lUiam _ 

when the violinist ™ >»"* * Xa^blm «»f «»lr special ailments, warranting cure. 

Mi sleepless night. a* ««""« JSftJrf * *■■ medicine In all cases. Finally a pale, 

hereafter "«£*»»£" in Dlenty ot cadaverous youth stepped up to the wagon, 

*S S2S^ *?-<*JS? t 1MD explaining that he had been suffering from 

' *E w gV W Jg , _* , i 22SJt5 tTpbolo, and that the village doctor had said 

>m Albany to Troy, and I advise you to " ' . nrt-r ..„ fn _ M 

from Albany 

have a berth reserved." 

Whereupon tbe young man made his want 
known to the manager, who at first did not 
comprehend that the applicant was the victim 
of a Joke. 

"You say you want a sleeper engaged from 
Albany to Troy ?" repeated tbe manager. 

"Sure," was the reply, with Teutonic In- 
tonation, adding, aa If somewhat nettled at 
the manager's astonishment, "If I asn a mu- 
sician, I waot to sleep sbust so well as an 
actor, don't 1?" 

"Well, must you sleep between those cities t" 
repeated the manager. 

"Sure," said the man, "If I don't get my 
rest I can't play so goo*.' 

all that he needed now waa s tonic for his 

"Will your medicine do for me to take?" 
be asked. 

"Do for yout" exclaimed the "doctor," 
with fine superiority, "of course I It's tbe 
very best thing yon could take. Why, with 
that medicine I've cured convalescence In less 
than a week." 

A small group of very prominent New York 
leading men were indulging In reminiscences 
of the time, a few years back, when the Inde- 
pendent companies were branching out beyond 
the bookings of the theatrical trust Tbey were 
comparing the beautiful bouses now under tbe 
management of tbe Independent leaders with 
"Do you know how far It Is from Albany thofle tteJf j, arl i0 pIaT | n previously. At 
to Troy?" next asked the manager, who, upon ^^ tlme vta( jevHle had not claimed many 
receiving a negative reply, said: prominent legitimates, and eyes were dra- 

"Well, H'b Just about eeTen miles." matically raised In superior astonishment 

Since last week the violinist and ths wheQ % deflectJon to the vaudeville ranks was 
comedian of the company have not been on aBn(>inceaj How different now 1 
speaking terms. .. T remember" reflectively aald one of the 

» group, a star at the time referred to, "how I 

Margaret Hammond, during a season of felt when we played (to Immense box office 
stock work, waa once cast for a child's part, receipts, by the way,) In a third class variety 
though at the time Bhe was "sweet and place, because we couldn't get anything else 
twenty." During the week she made the |„ the city. We, with our big company, all 
conquest of a seven-year-old male heart. Her f them people of highest ability and repu- 
pretty impersonstion of a small girl deceived tatlons, reduced to a miserable place use 
the youngster, who, with bis none, came that. But that wasn't the worst to remind 
daily to the stage door, after the matinee, Ul f our plight Twas the notices' pasted 
with some offering for the loved one. A big „ p in every available spot, reading: 'All per- 
box of candy, a beautiful wax doll, a fairy formers muat go to their dressing rooms after 
story book, and similar articles of childish their turn.* Turn! Think of it— we, legitl- 
ndmlratlon were presented by the little man mates I It offended us then, but now some 
to tho little girl of the play. of us are glad to get tbe big money attached 

It transpired that the mother of the to the formerly-styled variety act, and do 
youngster bad been prevailed upon to Beek reckoned a ■performer.* " 
nn Interview on behalf of Miss Hammond's w" . -.-- 

youthful admirer. Bo Saturdsy, after tbe The conversation of the same group turned 
matinee, was appointed for the young man to upon a certain member of the club having* 
come benlnd the acenes. reputation for saying ^extreme y ^aver thtag.. 

When the actress came from her dressing »Do you know," said one of hem, himself 
room, attired in ber street costume, and voicing an aphorism, "I've analyzed most of 
said • "Where Is tbe little boy who wants to x*s epigrams and smart sayings, and nave 
aueak with 'Trlxle'?" tbe youngster atepped come to the conclusion that they are not tne 
bashful* forward. result of aa inherent cleverness so much as 

"I'm him," be said ungrsmaUcally, but they are the harvest of a good memory. 

fit. Louis. — Lait week was "Home Com- 
ing Week," and It was the biggest festival 
In tbe history of the city. Each day was 
marked by some special feature of entertain- 
ment for the thousands of visitors, there be- 
ing parades, Including the Veiled Prophet's 
Parade snd Ball. Fifty visiting baudi con- 
tested for a big price, there were baseball, 
auto races, sight seeing excursions and beau- 
tifully Illuminated streets. It was a big week 
for tbe theatres. Tbe houses were practically 
sold out for tbe week before the curtains 
went up on the first performances. 

Oabbick (Daniel Fl shell, manager). — "The 
Love Route. Edwin Feple's melodrama, was 
tbo right itlnd of a show In tbe right place 
last week, :or It pleased tbe big audiences 
that filled tbe bouse at every performance. 
It was presented by a splendid company. In- 
cluding Odette Tyler, who played Allene 
Honaten, She gave an excellent perform- 
ance, and made many friends. Lilly Caer- 
hew also made a most pleasing Impres- 
sion. Omar Caldara. J. O. Marlowe, Her- 
bert Ayllng, Walter Thomas, Olive May, H. 
B. Nortbrup and others filled their respec- 
tive roles admirably. Leo Ditrlcbsteln, In 
"Before and After," Oct ?-13. 

Cznttry (P. Short, manager). — " 'Way 
Down East" was the offering for festival 
week. It was a wise selection, for our town 
was filled with our country cousins, who ap- 
preciated the rural atmosphere of the good 
old play. Phcebe DavlB' Anna Moore could 
not be improved upon. Frank Bell, the orig- 
inal Rube Whipple, reappeared In tbe cast. 
Robert Fisher, Mary Davenport, Ulrlc Collins, 
Mable Strickland, Frank Currier, John E. 
Brenuen, Burt Flansburg and Ella Hugh 
Wood were among the players. Tbe Village 
Cbolr was a big hit Lawrence D'Orsay, In 
"The Embassy Ball." this week. 

Olympic {P. Short manager). — "Ben 
Hur" played the second week of Its engage- 
ment 1-6. to Immense crowds. Robert Lo- 
ralne. In "Man and Superman," this week. 

Grand (John G. aheebey. manager). — 
Hanlon's "Fantasma," full of beautiful Btage 
pictures, splendid ballet effects and charming 
surprises, wss the offering last week. This 
old, vet always novel show, pleased large 
crowds. The cast was a big one, and In- 
cluded Alfred Hanlon, Fred Hanlon, as Iico; 
Geo. Hanlon Jr., Edna Parrel, Jeanne Rob- 
erts, Albert Warner, John tlaslem and others. 
"The Yankee Consul" this week. 

Imperial (D. E. Russell, manager).— 

Tbe Night Owls and Gens-Nelson fight pic- 
tures this week. 

Notes. — Friends and admirers of Blanche 
nazeltcn, late with Ethel Fuller at West 
End Heights, will be surprised to learn that 
she hoi gone Into vaudeville. Miss Hazel- 
ton accepted a line offer from George Fox. 
the veil known comic opera star, to Join Mm 
In a sketca. They opened In Chicago Oct. 
1, and will be seen at tbe Columbia Theatre. 

this city, week of Oct 28 It seems that 

each week brings announcement of some new 
theatrical enterprise, the latest one being 
that tbe Shuberis are planning to establish 
a 1300,000 roof garden In St. Louis next 
Summer. Choice of location has fallen upon 
a new fourteen story bulldlog now In course 
of erection for a mercantile concern. Big 
attractions, Including Victor Herbert and-bfa 
band, the entire all-star Joe Weber Co., and 
other similar features will be offered for en- 
tertainment. J. J. Sbubert la In town now 
looking over the ground and to confer with 
prospective stock holders. It is purposed to 
open June 1, 1007. 

* i » 


Indianapolis. — At English's Opera House 
(Ad F. Miller, manager) Nat C. Goodwin, In 
"Tbe Genius,' 1 Sept. 28, drew a very big 
house. Sousa's Band, afternoon and evening, 
encountered a bad rain storm at both per- 
formances, which cut Into business materi- 
ally. Lillian Russell, In "Barbara's Mil- 
lions," Oct 1, was greeted by a big house. 
"Charley's Aunt," 2, 3, did a fair business. 
Lawrence D'Orsay, In 'The Embassy Ball," 
5, 8; "Ben Hur" 8-13. 

Park Theatre (Dickson & Talbott, man- 
agers). — "On Dangerous Ground," Sept. 27- 
20. pleased large audiences. "The Eye Wit- 
ness," Oct. 1-3, did blgbuslness. "A Man's 
Broken Promise" 4, 6, Williams and Walker" 

Grand OrssA House (Sbafer Zlegler, man- 
ager). — Adelaide Herrmann and Henry Lee 
were the features of the bill last week, to 
capacity business. For week of 8 : The Mili- 
tary Octette, tbe Marco Twins. Gillette's 
monkeys, George Wilson. Pautfrey and Hoel- 
fer, Cameron and Flanlgan, Bimm, Bomm, 
B-r-r-r, Charles Serra, and the bioscope. 

Eupibb (Chns. Zimmerman, manager). — 
The Brigadiers gave s pleasing performance, 
to very good business, week oil. The Jolly 
Girls, featuring Edmund Hayes, week of 8. 
The Bohemians week of 15, with Joe Gans as 

Fort Wayne,— At the Majestic (M. B. 
Rice, manager), uniformly good business 
here, often capacity. "The Woman Hater," 
Sept 30, played to capacity, and the company 
pleased "The Cowboy Girt," Oct. 1, drew 
good business. "The Show Girl," 8, mat- 
inee and nlgbt. had good business. Lawrence 
D'Orsay, In "Tbe Embassy Ball," 4, did fair 
business, and pleased. "She Looks Qood to 
Father" 6, 6, r 'Blg Hearted Jim" 7, "A Sis- 
ter's Sacrifice" O, "Behind tbe Mask" ID, 
Dockstader's Mlcatrela 12, "York State 
Folks" 14. 

Tbmplb (F\ E. Stouder, manager). — Week 
of 1, good business, with Belleclalre Brothers, 
the Daileys, Bud Fa mum, Don and Mae Gor- 
don, Misses Olna and Cunningham Bertha 
Meyer and tbe klnetoscope. Week of 8 : 
Julia Marie Taylor and company, in "A Sub- 
ject of the Czar;" Howley and Leslie, Wells 
and Sells, Lena Davenport, Bertha Meyer 
and the Tennis Trio. 

Princess Theatbh (John A. Scott, mana- 
ger). — Anna Eva Fav had excellent business 
fast week. Henry Woodruff, In "Brown of 
Hnrvard," & 

Notes. — Fred J. Relneke, the veteran or- 
chestra director, has just celebrated his 
fiftieth anniversary as a professional mu- 
sician, Mr. Relneke has been playing tr-e 

violin since early childhood Much local 

Interest centres about tbe appearance of 
Julia Marie Taylor, who presents a dramatic 
sketch, entitled "A Subject of tbe Czar." at 
the Temple Theatre, this week. Fort Wayne 
Is Miss Taylor's borne, and associated wl:h 
her In the sketch la Frank Jones, a well 
known Cincinnati actor, tbe piece being pre- 
sented by Manager M. E. Rice, of the Ma- 
jestic. It Is Miss Taylor's first appearance 
In vaudeville. She has been seen with Cres- 
ton Clarke, In "Richelieu," with tbe George 
Fawcett Stock Co., a year In Baltimore ; 
with S. Miller Kent, In "Fighting Boh" and 
"Facing the Music," and with Richard Mans- 
field. Miss Taylor has met with much suc- 
cess in Shakespearean roles. She has not 
been on the stage since her Illness, following 
her work In "The Redemption of David 
Corson." Much Is expected of the new sketch. 

a special feature. 

nevertheless Boulfully. 

"Well, I'm Trlxle," snid Miss Hammond. 

The youngster looked unbelievingly for a 
moment, then scanning her face Intently, he 
seemed to realize all. 



All Sydney, that Is, all the musical Sydney, 
"Oh, Mamma," he faltered. In an agonised , B In great anticipation, expecting something 
small voice, as he turned and threw blmBeif wonderful from Madame Blanche Arral, the 
JEU, tat. M. *ond P—f «-. "W. ^ h or &°ffi FaTSrM.Si't 
Mamma, If a a woman I" purnoae. , . .... „. 

Tbe manager standing near, made the a«- * tV> Tlvoll Tieatre, H i usual, to packed at 
aerUoa that. In about utteeyea,, (rom .ha. fPJ^SSS^Mm% 
date, the hoy, under a almllar situation, JJJ ggSH Halt. Auitralla'B favorite barl- 
would not torn awny weeping because "It's a (one The other performers are : The French 

aerobata, Les Cahlacs, "YaaCT," the mpd mu- 
»lclan; Alexandra and Bertie (the former, 
by the way. la Vsaco'a wife, and Bertie 1« 
their aon) : the clever American specialty 
and comedy team, Seymour and Dopree; 
Florrle Henderson, and her performing 
dogs, Kelly and Agness, Tom Davison, 
I,teale Parkes ana Olive I/enton. 


One of tbe bis feature acta now with the Frank A. Robblns Sbow, are re-engaged for 1907. 


One of the New York theatre! advertised 
during a certain run, "Fifteen hundred seats 
at fifty centB." Of course, that number of 
good seats at a good theatre at that price 


SlTno't uVli' «a ta« wn. came'nrat R&^^K^h'K T.vof. pVtro'nfn'S 

Boon to make tbelr acquaintance. 

At the Atheneum Hall business is excel- 
lent, where they are exhibiting new and mag- 
nificent pictures of the great Parisian The- 
nlregrapui, and in the vaudeville section the 
KIlTvotl troupe of muslcnl Instrumentalists 
(a very fine trio) Freddy Oarnctt and 
Blanche Tlmralns. _._ . . _ _ 

At ner Majesty's Theatre. Gilbert & Sul- 
"You say your fifty-cent leats are all sold? u V An*B opera, "Utopia. Limited," Is In full 
she reiterated. swing, produced by WllHaiimoB'i Oirern Co., 

"Even so," replied tho treasure, a&%L^B*1!^^« 

"And you have none left? was the next ^ le Thornc nnd yera Buttel In the cast 

. i. „ ,. , a i i. „ tl. „„»... In nnnlrnil fl nlluprai 

were first served, Several hundreds of ap- 
plicants for regular priced seats at fifty 
cents were turned away disappointed. One 
of these, a persistent woman, put several un- 
necessary questions to the weary treasurer, 
wbo waa waiting to sell to others In tbe long 

unnecessary question, 

"Even so," ha repeated, 

"Then what on earth shall I do," she ex- 

"Madam," ssld the treasurer firmly and 
lerlousty, "I refuse to be cross questioned." 

An amusingly Indignant proteit was heard 
a few mornings ago, when a member of a 

Kfich evening the theatre Is pocked a quarter 
of an hour before the curtain rises. 

At the Theatre Itoral, under the manage- 
ment of Bland Holt, the exciting melodrama, 
"Hilling to Win," Is Bhowinjr nightly to ex- 
cellent audiences. "Two tittle Waifs Is 
being produced at the Criterion Theatre by 
the Chns. Holloway Dramatic Co. 

Maurice Shapiro *■ Publisher, 
Edgar Selden Is being congratulated on nil 
musical comedy chorus came upon the call ^SSU^n^B °»n S. IS 

posted up. Tola was an exceedingly early 
one, as the company were to board tbe out* 
going train at 11 a. m. 

elation with Maurice Bbnpli 
duct of the affairs of bis new music pub- 
lishing concern, wblcb will begin operations 
on Dec. 3, and for which, on beharf of Mr. 
Shapiro, Mr. Selden negotiated a long term 
lease of tbe first floor at 1410 Broadwsy. 

"took nt thatl" he 6nld to one of the mem- n 
hers, "a rehearsal called at 7 In the morn- in addition to the publishing business, Mr. 
"g," then added, pointing importantly at »«■» « lEV fe *««ggXgM» 
his own chest, "but not for me— I won't 
stand for it wlfli me 'Andrew Mack pipes' I* 

business propositions In any other line. 

This sounded very funny to those acquaint- 
ed with the vocal beauties of the lyric slur 
and those of the chorus man. 

Apropos of the success of Maude Adams, 
la "Peter Pan, ' and Annie Russell, aa Puck, 
la "Midsummer Night's Dream," an Inter- 


Charlotte— At tbe Academy of Music 
(O, V. Kesalcr, manager) "Human Hearts" 
pleoBcd Sept. 28. "Playing the Game," with 
the Jeffersons, played to good business, and 
gave excellent satlsfsetlon 2C. "On Parole" 
pleased immensely Oct. 1, "Sergeant Kitty" 
4. Bhepard's moving pictures 0, "Her Own 
Way" 0, Arthur Dunn IS. 

"Queen .of tbe White Slaves" was the attrac- 
tion last week. The plsy pleased packed 
houses. The company was a good one, and 
Included Dora Orr. M. J. Sbeehan and St. 
Clair Ijvans. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" this week. 

HavLiir's (William Qaren, manager) . — 
"Everybody Works But Father/' a new musl- 
cnl comedy, with Harrison Greene aa the 
father, was tbe offering last week. It wss 
prettily staged, contained some attractive- 
ness In catchy songs, and on the whole was 
a good show. It waa a departure from the 
usual run of offerings at this house, and the 
patrons enjoyed the change. Tbe cast was 
large, and included: Katbrryn B. Roberts, 
Arthur Carleton, Wlltard Francis, Clare At- 
kinson, Bert O'Rourke and a big chorus of 
maids and butlers. "Tbe Curse of Drink" 
this week, 

Cox.ui.BU (Mtddleton & Tate, managers) . 
—Rose Coghtan, In n pretty little playette, 
entitled "Toe Ace of Trumps," was the spe- 
cial feature of last week's bill. She was 
ably supported by Edward S. Emery. The 
others Included : Tbe Marco Twins, Fred 
Galettl's monkeys, Dillon Bros.. Charles J. 
Btlne and Olive Evans, in their sketch, 
"Wanted — A Divorce ;" Irene Frankllu, 
Charles Serra, Jlmmle Lucas and new moving 

Gi.ouk (It E- Rice, manager). — Manager 
Rice offered a splendid show last week, the 
bill Including: flrydon and bis troupe of 
trained dogs ; the De Grecs, bat spinners 
and comedy ring set ; the Moons, Hinging 
and dancing act ; James WcBt, tulu Besselt 
man. In Illustrated songs, and new moving 
pictures. This little house Is enjoying large 
patronage, as It deserves, for a majority of 
the acts preaeated are commendable ones. 

Standard (Leo Relchenbach, manager). — 
Edmund Hays, as the Wise Gay, with the 
Jolly Girls Co. were here last week. Special- 
ties were Introduced by : J. W. Sherry, (he 
Four Prentice Troupe, tbe De Karby SlBters, 
Mnggle Nev.'cll and others. Mr. liars is sup- 
ported by Adele Palmer, "the Girl from Tex- 
as." Big *rowds was the rule at every per- 
formance. The Bohemian Burtesquers snd 
Joe Gans this week. 

Oatktt (O. T. Crawford, manager). — For 
festival week, Manager Crawford had a 
splendid show on view, the attraction being 
the Rose Hill English Folly Co.. la n three 
act musical comedy, entitled "The Royal 
Blliv Goats." The cast wns headed by George 
W. Rice, and Included : T. F. Thomas, John 
R. Cain, Harry Evans, Blanche Newcomb, 
Idylls Vyner, Mile. Beatrice, Henrietta 
Wheeler and Sultana, the wonderful dancer. 

Gatett (Edward Shayne, manager). — J. 
Herbert Mack's World Beaters, Sept. 27-20, 
hare one of the strongest olios seen at this 
house this season. The burlesques were well 
staged and beautifully dressed, and abounded 
In much good comedv. Rice A Barton's Big 
Gayety Co. kept the house In a roar of laugh- 
ter from curtain to curtain. Business was 
up to capacity at several performances. The 
Dainty Duchess Co. 4-6, City Sports 8-10, 
Bottling Nelson will be a special feature 
week of 8. Golden Crook 15-17, Vanity Fair 
18-20. v 

Evans-vlHe — At the Grand (Pedley * 
Burch, managers) good audiences were In 
attendance at almost every performance of 
the Wayne Stock Co. This company Is ex- 
ceptionally strong, and will stay here per- 
manently. Muclyn Arbuckle, in "The County 
Chairman," attracted a big house, and gen- 
eral aatlafactlon was given. The Wayne 
Stock Co. will give "Tbe Lottery of Love" 
Oct. 20. "The Prince of Pllaen" 24. 

Peopub's (Pedley A Burch, managers). — 
Two good audiences Sept. 29, to see "She 
Looks Good to Father." and satisfaction was 
given. "A Mad Lore' 1 followed 30, and did 
good business both matinee and nlgbt. "The 
Enchanted House" comes Oct. 7. A perma- 
uent vaudeville has been Installed st this 
house, and popular prices of ten and twenty 
will prevail. The list Includes: Tbe Four 
Dancing Harrises, Vernon and Verner, Dodd 
and La Bart, Ida Howell, Billy Arnold and 
Lldla Gardner, Harry Webb aad the optl- 

Bijou (Geo. Bellinger, manager). — This 
houte, after many improvemeats, has the 
appearance of a new theatre. Tbe bill week 
of Sept. 30 Included : George Fox and com- 

Siny, Tom Ryder's trained monkeys, tho 
rest Weatln, AI. C. Coleman. Leonard and 
Louie, Dixie Harris, and the bioscope. 

N0TBB.~-The Theatorlnm offers new views 
In the klnetoscope twice weekly, and con- 
tinues to have good patronage The new 

Wells BIJou Is rapidly being finished, and 
Mr. Jenkins, tbe local manager, Is here look- 
ing over matters for an early opening. The 
new house Is to be a beauty, ana will greatly 

add to EvansTllle's theatres In a recent 

novel plan to Interest people In politics, a 
vaudeville sbow composed of local talent waa 
given, and some clever people took part. 
The bit of the evening was made by Col. 
Jack Ropke, of the Bijou, who has a host 
ol friends and admirers here. 

Lafayette. — At the Grand (Geo. Mandtr- 
back, manager) " 'Way Down East,*' Sept. 
27. gave a good show, to good business. Mr. 
and Mrs. John T. Powers, in "She Looks 
Good to Father," Oct 2, drew a fair bouse. 
Flint, the hypnotist, week of 8: "The Girl 
from Happylaud" 16, Lawrence D'Orsay 20, 
"Tbe Governor's Tardon" 23. 

Family (D. W. Maurice, manager). — Good 
business rules. Tbe bill opening week of 1 : 
Orace Hoopes, Felix Rice, taura McDowel. 
Mel Bros., Roblsch and Childress. Week of 8 : 
Jarvls and Tudor, Helen Greatrex, J. C. Fox 
and Naoma Miner. 

'Notk. — The owners of tbe Family Theatre 
contemplate building a new vaudeyllle the- 
atre, and running It with two shows a day, 
at 10, 20 and 30 cents. 

Frankfort.— At the Bllnn (Langebrake 
de Hufford, managers) Stetson's "Uncle 
Tom's Cabin," Oct. 1, had S. R. 0. "The 
Mummy and the Hummfnj Bird" 8, Maro 
10, "Too Proud to Beg" 16. 

Cbtstal (Cbas. Welch, manager). — Latta 
nod Whltten, the Orvilles, Ethel Young, Ur. 
and Mrs. Wesley Stemsnorn, Chas. and Jen- 
nie Welch snd the klnodrome. 

Vincennei, — At tbe McJlmsey Theatre 
(Frank Greur, manager) "A Had Love" drew 
fair business Oct 1. "The Flaming Arrow" 
played to capacity 3. Royer Bros., In "Next 
Door," 4; wrestling match between Alex. 
Swanson and John Voss 10, "Dora Thome" 



Denver. — At tbe Broadway (E. F. Mc- 
Court, manager) "The Free Lance" proved 
a very popular attraction last week. Wil- 
liam Collier. In "On tbe Quiet," Oct, 8-13. 

Obpiusum (Martin Beck, general mana- 
ger). — Bill for week of 1: May Boley and 
the Polly Girls, Mile. Tberese Rcnr, Mayme 
Remington, Arthur Demlng, Linden Beck- 
with, Johnstone and Cooke Armstrong and 
Vernon, end tbe kinedrome. 

Tabob Grand (E. f. McCourt, manager). — 
"Arizona" had well filled bouses last week. 
"Peggy from Paris" 8-13. 

Curtib (A. R. Pelton, manager).— "A 
$10,000 Beauty" did good business week of 1. 

Novi'LTi' (Henry LubelskI, manager). — 
Crowded houses were the rule last week. 
Louis Hutchison and Sunetaros were features. 

Cbtstal (G. 1. Adams, manager). — Good 
business last week, with the F. Maltese Co., 
Alsola, Randolph Askeland and pictures. 

Tivou (J. t Clifford, manager). — The Tl- 
voll Opera Co. preseuted "The Singing Girl" 
to well pleased houses. A double bill, con- 
sisting of "Tbe Bohemian Girl," for four 
days, and "The Maacot" for three days, week 
of 8. 

< i» 

Portland. — At the Jefferson (Cahn & 
Grant, managers) Wright torlmer, with a 
strong supporting company, presented "The 
Shepherd King" throughout the week of Oct. 
1. A special performance of 'The Wild 
Duck" was given on tbe afternoon of 4, in 
wblcb Mr. torlmer scored well Tbe attend- 
ance throughout the engagement was of ex- 
cellent proportions. Booked : "Cape Cod 
Folks" 8-13. 

Pobtlasd (James E. Moore, manager). — 
The attendance and offerings were of the 
best laBt week. Due 8-13 : Bailey and Aus- 
tin, Violet Black and company, the Three 
Durands, Al. Carleton, Nessen, Hunter and 
Nessen, Maceo and Fox. 

City Hall. — A grand concert for the bene- 
fit of the Maine Association for the Blind 
occurred here 3, with vocal and Instrumental 
eelcctious by the blind and other talent, 
from which a goodly aum was netted. The 
Maine MubIc Festival. W. R, Chapman, con- 
ductor, featuring Scaumann-Helnk, Kelsey, 
Duce, Miles, Johnson, Wiley, Canpana, Ba- 
rlle and Hawee, occurs 8-10. 


Manchester. — At Keith's New Theatre 
(Frank G. Mack, resident manager) business 
continues good here, tho S. R. O. sign being 
out several times. For week of Oct. 8 : Tex- 
arkana and Walby, Adair and Dahn, May 
Bclfort, Master Gabriel and company, Dave 
Lewis, Mullen and Coretll, and the klaeto- 

Park Tiieatru (John Stiles, manager). — 
Dnnlel Sully, in "The Matchmaker," came to 

Sood business Oct. 1. Otis Skinner, In "The 
ruel," 2, gave a performance that waa ex- 
cellent "Coon Hollow," 4-tf, pleased. Nance 

luel," 2, 
O'Nell 8 


Oklahoma City.— At the Overholser( Ed. 
OverholBer. manager) "Josh rerkina," Sept. 
24, pleased. "'Way Down East" 28. "His 
HiKhness the Bey," 29, had a fine audience. 
"Lost in JSew York," SO, had fair bUBlncss. 
Stater 8tock Co. Oct. 1-3, "McFadden's 
Flats" 4, Tim Murphy 0. 

Eupibb (A. Feist ensteln. manager ) . — 
Opening, Sept. 30, bad capacity, with Miss 
Walsh, Hyde and Heath, Stella Stewart, 
Ansel and Doraln, and klnodrome. 

Bijou (E. J. Lassarre, manager). — The 
house opened for the season 30, with the 
Great Jackson, the Three De Oreaus, the 
Roylands, Jack Benson and bijougraph. Good 
opening business. 

Rinqmwo Bios.* Cinccs Oct. 3. 

*n. FS/ITORSS of me WSSKLY SHOW caRKamRa* m P. moraim. 

JohnRPeimypiC&ap t ihe2>iflio72&iFeCPfiil.£r*nson) 
sbraOnsJc wtthdriwfiis support /rom Usova colYede 
JolheaonsJtern&Koiio/fbrecasr& (Ed.B.Mxptindeig 

lying 7he nap?i&2knot between •Srevehkffles CflappyBu7&p) 
And MtJpicuIi-fJluttieJlrnold.) 
"Do you promise A suppopr JMs rn&n elv.eJc.i- 

Jimsam'i (HeItnHAle)exeT>c!tjnd /op , 
a. lu§ of u>AP And £ft Beisley (GMieplGt'ejoJ'yj 
, Xmrtamt Mala on&n investigation Soup. 

How Hxvihnd Brooke changed /pom a henpecked husbind Jo zpcXI Pooh-Bih ■ Capt.Gfejiisfep under tfoes the 3^ degree. 

JimMelville RosieDupeen Mrs. Brooke Jiivffcnd Bpooke 

CGep&ld Iwrence) (Wd/ie Jfolcolm) (EllisJe/fpegs) (Cbis. CarSjwJgby 

MrJ&lfend C&pJ-.GJeziistei* MrsGlenistep 
(lierbeplSfonding) (Geo.ffiddens) (AliceJohnson) 

m mm of memiMPM cwMcrsjis mm 'mcnsKimmsa: 

896 THE 3STEW YORK CLIPPER. October 13. 






















Words toy JACK I>RISX<iVT9E>. Music toy THEODORE MOHSB. 


"Arrah Vina, on my Honor, ril tike care ol yon, While Uu neon shone Ion upon them Arrah Wanna sighed, 

I'll be kind and true, we can love and bill and coo; 
la i wigwam bnilt of shamrocks grain we'll nuke thote red men 

When you're llstee Barney, heap much Carney, from KUlamey's 

Ill tka wild aid woolly prairies live d an Indian ir eld, 
Arrah Wanna, queen of falrlea, of ker tribe afraid; 
laoh nlgbl came an Irish laddie back with i weddlig ring, 
Ha would ill ontalde her tent and with hla bagplpea londly alng. 



'tenia great race nut call yon Big Chief, Uun TU be your bride." 
"Bare that's easy,'' whispered Barney, with a smiling lace, 
"All my lamlly were good runners and ware first In every race." 






Greatest Patriotic Song since the "Star Spangled Banner." 


us -- 

Makes no difference where you wander, makes no difference where you roam, 
You don't have to stop and ponder, for a place to call your home; 
When they ask where were you born, lad, speak right up, be proud to say, 
That your home's the land of Uncle Sam, the good old U. S. A. 

Copyright, 1908, F. B. HAVILAND PUB. CO. 




NO CARDS.— Send your late program. 

F. B. HAVILAND PUB. CO., 12 * w. 37 at., 







Don't go away and leave me, why don't you stay and spoon? 
If you should go 'twould grieve me, stay 'neath the silv'ry moon; 
I like your stylish manner, linger a little while, 
I've got a tale to tell you (bout what ?) 'bout Crocodile Isle. 








World of Players. 

Nones and Roster thoh thb Dawson 
DiuMA-rin Co. — We will open oar regular 
theatre season Oct. 22, after playing a Tery 
successful Summer under canvas. The com- 
pany will be the beat that Manager Dawson 
' has ever carried. Roster as follows: J. Al- 
bert Dawion, Jimmy Callarj, Arthur Stanton, 
Billy Moore, Eugene Zsra, Prof. Harvey 
Baker, Delia Vernon, Lucille Howell, Mile, 
De Arno and Maude Burgees. We will carry 
all special Bettings. Thi; Old Reliable 
reaches ua erery week, and Ib a welcome 
' gue3t. _ 

Nona raoic Wildwood, N, J. — Manager 
Spencer, of the Crest Theatre, Informs us 
that it was one of the best seasons In the 
history of the Island. Wlldwood now has 
threo theatres, and next season the fourth 
Is predicted. The stock at the Crest Theatre 
did very well It opened early In July, and 
cloEed In August, and finished the rest of the 
season with vaudeville. The following were 
members of the stock comnanr : Warren V, 
Hill, stage director ; John E. Inee Jr., J. E. 
Le Saint. Will Lonla, Win C. Carr, W. I. 
Flsgg, Ceo. Reenm, Marie Curtis, Loulie 
Kent, Helen Davenport, Eleanor Calnes, Miss 
McNeill, Helen Flagg, Will Cohlll, Cbas. 
Adams, stage carpenter; Walter D. Tymer- 
sone, assistant stage manager ; Win. J. Ogles- 
by, leader of band and orchestra ; Alexander 
Spencer, advertising agent. The following 
vaudeville acts played the house: Robin }\ 
Heath (six weeks), the Great Chester De 
Amon and others. The pier Is In the hands 
of a contracting company, and will undergo 
some Improvements. 

Alpind Stock Co. Notes. — This company 
has just finished a number of fair dates, and 
has met with great success, having played 
through the entire Summer, with but one 
losing week. The roster remains the same 
as when the company opened, with the ex- 
ception that Walter Frazler haa been re- 
placed by Joe Massey. Golda Zone continues 
to be a strong feature with the company. 

Notes from Cohen & Sutherland's 
"Kino or Tramps" Co. (Southern), under 
management of Eddie Delaney. — We opened 
at Decatur, III., Sept 1, to S. R. O. Showed 
Springfield, 111., Sept 3 (Labor Day), to fine 
business both matinee and night Since 
opening we have been doing a floe business, 
and our booking looks great The cast Is 
pleasing chc public We are carrying a band, 
which brings them down to the house, snd 
the orchestra Is sure to please them after they 
are there. They certainly do the work for 
the company. In all we carry fifteen people 
and our rcatcr Is as follows : Eddie Delaney, 
manager ; Harry Du Bois, business manager ; 
II. Stlllman, stage manager : Leo Sternberg, 
Itolane Davis, Wm. Dunn, Annie Bradley, 
Joseflne Euehnell, Marie Ostella, Joe Reich- 
err, Loula Koval, Sle Jacksonville, Wm. Kru- 
ger, Theo. Stoat, band leader ; K. Pierce, 
musical (iltector. 

Notes from the Florence Hamilton Co., 
la "The Other Woman." — At Atlantic City, 
N. J., Sept 24, the London and Paris suc- 
cess, "The Other Woman," with Florence Ham- 
ilton aa the beautiful model, Mollle Wynne, 
was the attraction at Young's Pier Theatre, 
and both star and play made a phenomenal 
hit The company supporting Miss. Hamil- 
ton was acknowledged one of the best acting 
companies ever seen there. A large and well 
pleased audience witnessed the performance. 
This play Is booked at the Princess Theatre, 
New York City, later In the season. 

Laura Winston, leading lady of Robert 
Sherman's "Village Vagabond" Co., has beeu 
compelled to cancel her engagement through 
serious illness, and will proceed to her home 
In Seattle, Wash., for treatment. Sbe will 
remain there until March, when she will 
return to fill her Summer engagement with 
the Stanley Stock Co., at St Louis. Cecil J. 
Lionel will work alone for the rest of the 

Akthub Id. Johnston is again managing 
the Opera House, at Perth, Can., this sea- 
son, and reports big business. He has al- 
ready played the Famous Georgle Minstrels, 
"Jerry from Kerry," "Out In Idaho," La 
Carre Bros.' Minstrels, Sbraccla's Italian 
Rand, and has booked a number of other good 

Notes raou the Gage Stock Co.— We 
opened our season Aug. 25, at Salem, Mass., 
to the largest business In the history of the 
house. The company Is a very strong one 
in every way. Roster : Frederick Gage, man- 
accr ; Ernest A, Provencher, advance repre- 
sentative; Jack Moore, master mechanic; 
Dennis Casey, properties ; Chas. Boody, elec- 
trician ; Wonderful La Rex, Sumner Nichols, 
Tom Bnteman. W. H. De Haven, W. L. Ro- 
bards, Jack Usher, Gordon Thomas, Katne- 
rlne Parker, Josephine Danforth and Rita 

Two people well known to the theatrical 
world have formed an organization known as 
the Halgh A Thomas Attractions, with home 
offices at Eaton Rapids, Mich. The pro- 
moters are Cbas. R. Halgh, who will have the 
general management of all the enterprises 
of the company ; L. O. Halgh. the financial 
member, woo will have charge of that de- 
partment, and Elizabeth Thomas, who will 
star this season ab the bead of her own com- 
pany. Miss Thomas' company will be tbe 
first to take tbe road, opening about Oct ID, 
playing cities la the central States. Soon 
after will follow a new melodrama, by tbe 
author of "Shannon of the Sixth," which will 
be given a brief try out on tbe road, prepara- 
tory to a city run. 

Sadie Galloupe is playing the heavies with 
the Bennett & Moulton Co., No. 1, Ira New- 
hall, manager. 

Geo. Mantell, business manager of the 
Stoddart Strip Co., reports tbat the com- 
pany is doing capacity busfness through 
Canada and Nova Scotia. The company In- 
cludes : W. L. Stewart proprietor and man- 
ager; Leah Stoddart, Scads; K. O. McLeod, 
Geo. C. Wood, Ren A. TUlson, Paul Hlllls, 
V. C. Whlttier, Adelaide Secord, Maybell 
Fowler, Great Berry Family, Irene Mantel!, 
musical director. 

Roste* or B. C. Whitney's "Show Girl*' 
Co. : Executive staff — J. P. Goring, manager ; 
Jack TIeraev, business manager ; Chas. Moore, 
agent; Charles Parcor, stage manager ; Harry 
Ferguson, musical director. Companv — Hilda 
Thomas, Lillian Gorman, Kitty Nell. Ben L. 
Mulvev. Samuel Kline, J. A. Saunders, Lou 
Hill, Wendell Phillips, John Klefer, Wllford 
Goldman, Frank Rose, J. A. Ross. J. H. Hen- 
derson, Charles Tidd, V. B. Luck, Iva Bro- 
bette, Era Parcor, Ida May, Lulu Wsdham, 
Grace Howe, Beatrice Kellog and Le Roy 

Geobod L. Cox Is playing the leading juve- 
nile role with "His Highness, the Bey." Co. 

J. H. Fitz GEKALt), of the McDonald Stock, 
was called to Chicago Sept 12, by tbe death 
of his father, from a stroke of paralysis. 

Will Mead writes: "I opened at the Val- 
entine Theatre, Toledo. O.. Sept 23 (on the 
Keith circuit), with my talking dog, Sparkle, 
and the act went big. The dog finishes the net 
by playing the musical bells. I Introduced a 
new trick for tbe first time it was ever used 
In an animal act. I have a large clock, and 
anyone In the audience may call out the time 
he or sbe wishes tbe clock set to, and the 
dog Immediately noses the hands around tbe 
dlnl to the very minute. It Is a big hit, and 
I am the first to Introduce It" 

Eugene Emsiett, dialect character change 
performer, played the Colonade Family The- 
atre week Sept 24, at Baltimore. Ma. He 
scored a big success, he writes, and adds that 
Ms act Is away from all other single acts. 

nnoH has procured new pictures 
for bis Illustrated songs. His dancing spe- 
cialty Is a success, he reports. 

F. E. Blanch add, musical director, late of 
Hie Myrkte-Hardcr Co., Western, 1b this sea- 
fn Identified with the Orace Hayward com- 


Ton b CABiN\"—Desplte hot weather, the At 
W. Martin "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Co., has con- 
tinued on to the usual big business prevalent 
wltb that organization. At every Btatid the 
company has received the highest encomiums 
of praise [rom the press, and the universal 
verdict seems to be r, the best ever." The big 
concert band, under the direction of Woady 
Van Anda, Is a big hit. The time worn hut 
ever popular drama is moving with clock like 
precision, under the master Band of our effi- 
cient stage manager. John E. Kane. Tbe 
Magnolia Octette and Voctl Corps receive 
numerous encores at every performance. 
Freddie Bookman, as Cassle; C, W. Lang- 
staff, as Le Gree; Dave fioyer, as Marks; 
Emma Belaud, as Ophelia, and Baby Mack, 
as Tops j, all contribute their share to 
tbe acting success. It Is an admirable 
cast which Manager Jlartin has this sea- 
son. The show's coming Is heralded like 
a circus, under tbe supervision of General 
Agent IT. H. Whlttier and his efficient corps 
ofisslstants, and, to cap all, Manager Ed. S. 
Martin wears bis usual good natured smile 
on account of everything Uelng "all to the 

Notes thou thb J. C. Lewis "Si Plonk- 
abd" Co. — We opened oar regular season at 
Benton Harbor, alien., Aug. 16, to capacity, 
and so far the rule has been packed bouses, 
notwithstanding the extremely warm weather 
we have encountered. la presenting "81 
IMunkard" to its many patrons and admirers, 
Mr. Lewis has spared no expense In making 
It a full scenic production. He has rewritten 
the play, and has surrounded himself with 
an excellent cast and Judging by tbe com- 
ments received from both press and public, 
tne season bids fair to be a record breaker, 
which is phenomenal, considering the many 
successful seasons this popular star and play 
have been before the public. Roster: 3. 0. 
Lewis, proprietor; W. A. Junker, manager; 
C. B. Ackley. treasurer; R. Lee Harris, mas- 
ter of transportation ; R. G. Toomer, band- 
master; Fred Null, musical director; John 
L. Mack, Herbert N. Capos, Ed. MInnes, Cbas. 
Hornsteln, Will Hartwell, Marlon Lewis, Ar- 
ietta Lewis, Edith Toomer, Branch Bowers 
and Ethel Junker. 

Whev John Griffith comes to New York 
early In the new year be will be seen for 
tbe first time here as King Richard III. 

Harris Comedy Co. Note. — We are In our 
slith week, and business continues good. We 
broke the house record at Osceola, Nebr., on 
Sept 2(1, playing to tbe largest number of 
paid admissions and (he largest gross re- 
ceipts. - Everybody Is well and happy. We 
will soon go into South Dakota, over our old 
territory. We have been asked for return 
dates la nearly every town played this sea- 

Chas. E. McBride, leader of the orchestra 
at the Temple Theatre, St. Marys, Fa., In- 
forms us that he has been on crutches the 
post two weeks, having a badly sprained 
ankle, the result of a slip and fall oa Sun- 
day. Sept. 16. 

Notes fbom the Edwin T. Ehert Stock 
Co.— We are now In our eighteenth week at 
tbe Mission Theatre, San Francisco, Cat, 
and record breaking business bas been the 
rule ever since the advent of this company. 
Mr. Emery, who toured the Eastern circuit 
last senson, having lost none of his follow- 
ing during his absence, bis return to Cali- 
fornia has been a renewal of the success 
which lie formerly enjoyed at Belasco'a Al- 
cazar Theatre, where be played for five con- 
tinuous years. Tbe company Includes; Pryce 
Mackaye, Al. Luttrlnger, Paul Atherton, Jas. 
Forbes, D. Edgar lltce, Nat Weotwortb, Lil- 
lian Lucas, A .Ire Doovee, Viola Lambert, 
Maude Alnswoith and Harry AInslee. Tbe 
scenic productions as presented by this com- 
pany are the talk of tbe town. "The Progress 
of Mr. Pilgrim," Mr. Emery's new play, Ib 
the offering this week, through Selwyn k Co, 
"The Prince Imperial." Mr. Emery's new ro- 
mantic ploy of tbe second empire, has been 
submitted to the producing stock company of 
Nixon A Zimmerman, at Philadelphia, Pa. 

Maiue Lout closed Sept 20, wltb Silnceiil 
Kros.' Dramatic Co., after a long and pleas- 
ant Summer engagement, to Join Kilroy k 
Britton's "An Aristocratic Tramp" Co., at 
Fort Dodge, Ia„ Sept. 28. 

Notes fbom AngcIPs Comedians (West- 
ern), Jsck Emerson, manager. — This is our 
seventh week to capacity business. Our fair 
dates have been played to exceptional busi- 
ness, and tbe show is making good. The roster 
remains the «ime. Our scenery and five 
feature specialties, as well as our strong 
line of plays create a fine Impression every- 
where w s- play. Mr. Angell has spared neither 
pains nor money to make this tbe strongest 
repertory organization he has ever managed. 

Mr. and Mas. W. E. Browning are suc- 
cessfully appearing In prominent roles with 
the "'Chinatown Charlie" Co. 

Della Leon, formerly leading woman of 
the Summer stock at the Francals Theatre, 
Montreal. Is now playing the title role In 
A. H. Wood's production of "Queen of the 
White Slaves." 

Sydney Kingdon began his tour In 
"The Cowboy King," a drama of which he Is 
tbe author, nt tbe Doric Theatre, Yonkera, 
K Y., Oct 1. May Sargent formerly lead- 
ing actress with N. C. Goodwin, plays the 
principal femnlo role. 

Tiios. W. Itvi.EY, who has the American 
and Caradlan rights for tbe English musical 
comedy, "The Belle of Mayfalr," by Leslie 
fetuarc, has engaged the following principals : 
Van Renseler Wheeler, Ignacclo Martlnettl, 
J. R Gardner, Richard M. Carroll, Thomas 
L. Klernan, Bessie Clayton, Annabelle Whit- 
ford. Valeska Suratt. Ilonore French, Stella 
Beardsley and Jennie Opl, while negotia- 
tions are still pending with others. In addi- 
tion to the large chorus, it will be further 
augmented by the engagement of bIi English 
show girls, who arrived on Saturday last. 
The show will be seen at Daly's Theatre, 
tbe middle of November. 

Thomas Jefferson, who recently played 
two successful weeks at Boston, where he 
presented "Rip Van Winkle," will, when he 
comes to New York next Fall, add the role 
of Caleb Piummer, In 'The Cricket on the 
Hearth " 

Notes froit tbe Ethel Desmond Co. — We 
have been playing the pnrks South all Sum- 
ner, aad have Just made a big Jump from 
Wellsburg. W. Vo., to Welland, for three 
solid months In Canada. M. L. Belcher, of 
Rochester, N. Y„ agent. Is booking tbe com- 
pany for tbe season. Miss Desmond has sur- 
rounded herself with the following people: 
Howard Jones, Norman Green, L. L. Greene, 
Harry Sherwood, Bill Taylor, Bob James, 
Janice Murry, Pearl Evans, Grace Fortney, 
Alice Horner, of Joe and Alice; Sisters Mel- 
ville, Rnby Holley, Prof. Ruber, Ethel Des- 
mond, At Orsboru. manager; Chris Uickpole, 
Rgent. Ghost walks every Sunday, ana alt 
are happy, and we all get The Clipper. 

noaTEn of Macaulct it Patton's "The- 
Minister's Son:" Mitchell I ncra ham, Claude 
RoimlmnD, II. F. Rutledre, J. 0. MacFarlane, 
Frank Harris, It D. Dmsmore. Robert Har- 
rington. Grace Ualnbrldpe. Floreoce Randall, 
Anna I'omeroy and Agues Lane. Executive 
fl tair — Macauley & Patten, proprietors; It. F. 
Rutlc-dge, manager: Al. Young, advance rep- 
resentative : tour directed by J. M. Stout. 

Alice Walters Is still playing the heavies 
with the Howaul Itrondon Theatre Co., which 
opened the season Aug. 13. Miss Walters Is 
innkins: a vcrv favorable Impression wltb this 
attraction. .md has been engaged by Manager 
Brandon for permanent stock In a large coast 
elf. opening tbe middle of December. 

Yarick and Lalosda write tbat they are 
In their eleventh week with Welter's Musical 
Comedy Co., and are doing nicely. Com- 
pany numbers twenty-five, with fifteen out 
of that number la the chorus. 

Erxest Lamkqk, the Dave Lacy In "The 
n*tr to the Hoornh," will star next season In 
s ffortmtB role In his play, "From 'Way Back 

Elmer S. Hansen, business manager of 
the Wolford Stock Co., writes: "We opened 
the new/ Temple Opera House, at Brokea 
Bow, Neb., Monday, Sept..--), to a capacity 
business. This was our record breaker for a 
fair week, despite the fact tbat we bad op- 
position at the old house, and numerous free 
street attractions against us, S. R. O. busi- 
ness prevailed at onr house tbe entire 
week. E. L. Paul, our general manager, has 
surrounded himself with a company of clever 
people to support Mamie Sheridan Walford, 
and prides himself on carrying the strongest 
attraction of tbe kind now touring this sec- 
tion of the country. We carry special scen- 
ery and paper for each production. Oar 
repertory includes : 'Was She to Blame?' 
'Lights and Sbadowsof Paris,' 'Dora Thorns,' 
"The Widow Goldstein,' 'Mystic Mountain' 
and 'Heart of Arkansaw.' The roster of the 
company Is as follows ; E. L. Paul, mana- 

Er; Elmer S. Hansen, business manager; 
arry W. Barlow, Oils Hunter, Jas. O'Leary, 
Frank Manning, Pearl Alberts, Mona Mnvors. 
Grace Hunter, Margaret Farley, pianist, and 
Mamie Sheridan Walford. We are playing 
week and three night stands, and the season 
promises to be a successful one," 

J. ltc-93 Wilson, manager of Bradshaw'a 
Players, writes : "We have aad a most unique 
and I think unprecedented experience this 
Summer. Af Salem. III., F. S. Gordon re- 
ceived a telegram to tne effect tbat bis 
mother was dying, end closed at once aad 
Joined the Stevens Comedy Co., at Watsefca. 
Tbe Rbebur^s, Red and Dolly, closed after 
the customary two weeks' notice, and went 
home, aa Mr. Rheburg's mother was about to 
undergo a dangerous operation. At Morris, 
Ceo. N. Miles was called home by a telegram 
announcing the serious Illness of his ared 
mother. After his mother's death, Mr. Miles 
returned to the company. At Ottawa, J. O. 
Hlgglns was called home by a telegram an- 
nouncing tbe death of his mother. He left 
at once and joined tbe '91 Perkins' Co. At 
Mt Vernon, our character woman, who was 
to have Joined on Monday, died the Satur- 
day before. Can any one beat that record? 
We are thinking Quite seriously of recruiting 
our company for tbe coming season from aa 
orphan asylum. In spite of tbe above Inci- 
dents we have had a long, prosperous season, 
and expect to close soon and put tbe little 
Wilsons, Lois end Howard, and little Babe 
Bradshaw Into school." 

Allen Curtis, In the musical production, 
"The 110,000.00 Beauty," reports making a 
success. The company consists of twenty- 
five people. Including a chorus of girls and 
the following performers : Al. Bruce, Harry 
C. Lewis, Fred Cutter, Ed. O'Malley, Mar- 
jorle Lake, Lois Ceclle Hobaon, Mayme Pra- 
ger, Gladys Eag?n and Hal Lawrence. 

Da Phw-Bl-rdettb Stock Co. Notes.— 
This attraction, numbering sixteen people, 
opened Its season at Ft Smith, Ark., July 
20, and has broken four bouse records alnce 
then. The local managers apeak In the high- 
est terms of tbe company, and the manage- 
ment has booked return dates In a number of 
F 'laces, This is our fifth season, and prom- 
sea to be our best We have a strong reper- 
tory of royalty plays, including : "A Home- 
spun Heart" 'The Man of Mystery." "Jim 
Bludso,' "Wedded, But No Wife." and "Dora 
Thome." Our paper Is all special, and when 
tbe agent gets tne town billed, one would 
think that a circus was coming, Judging 
from tbe amount of paper. Minnie Du Pree 
la making a decided bit with her buck and 
wing dancing. 

Clyoe A. Phillips Informs us that bo had 
to cloae with the Herald Square Stock Co., 
and returned to Little Falls, N. Y. 

Notes fbom tub Howabd Brandon Auupe- 
iickt ENTEBTBiats. — The Howard Brandon 
Theatre Co. opened its season Aug. 13. aad ■* 
now In its eighth successful week. 'Phis at- 
traction bas broken two house records, and 
business has been at the top notch since 
opening. Manager Brandon Is negotiating 
for a permanent stock theatre on tne coast, 
where the companv wilt be Installed after 
our last week of fair oates. We are carry- 
ing ten acting people, and three featuie 
vaudeville acts, including Leapo, who gives a 
free exhibition on tbe outside, leaping tbe 
"gap" every evening before the performance. 
This Is without doubt the highest salaried 
act ever carried by a repertory company, but 
U draws Immense crowds every evening, and 
Is the talk of every city that we have visited. 
"A Thoroughbred Svede" opened the xason 
Sept 2, anl Is now on tbe way to tbe coast, 
playing the principal Western time. Thl* 
excellent company Is beaded by Hana Erlck- 
son, tbe well known Swede comedian, una :s 
en Immense favorite In the West. Mr. Erick- 
son is supported by a company of twelve 
Jack P. Hall Ib company manager, and Harry 
Pierce la tbe mac ahead. "Saved from 
Sname," a powerful melodrama, In four acts 
and nine scenes, op-ens its season the second 
week in October, near Seattle. This attrac- 
tion will be under the personal management 
of Howard It. Brandon, and will play ill big 
city time. Grace Farnum will be featured In 
tbe production. 

Notes from the Tom Franklyn Nye Co. — 
Have Just concluded a long tent season (two 
Summers and one Winter), having played 
sixty-eight consecutive weeks under canvas, 
going ob far south as Laredo, Texas. This 
BeaBon we will play opera houses, opening 
again under canvas early in May. Our 
opera bouse 'time Is lining rapidly. Day 
Davso Ib taking a needed vacation. Mana- 
ger Nye will surround her wltb the best com- 
pany obtainable, and ber uew play, "Under 
■ Le Torquolee Sky," promises to be a big 
money getter. 

Cujille Saint-Baenb, the composer, will 
come to this country shortly, and will be 
seea with the New fork Symphony Orches- 
tra Nov. 8. 


two slngerB for Henry W. Savage's produc- 
tion of "Mme. Butterfly," arrived in New 
York Sept. 10. The former Ib a Dane, and 
haa been Identified wltb Wagnerian works In 
Europe. Mlas Bebnee la an American, 

Ellis Jeffreys and William II. Cbanb 
will star In a production of "She Stoops to 
Conquer." Mr. Crane will play Uardcastle, 
la which he was seen twenty-three years ago, 
when starring with Stuart Robson. The 
compnny will Include: George Glddens, Wal- 
ter Hole, Herbert Slcath. Fanny Addlsou 
Pitt, Margaret Dale and Fred Thorne. 

Eli Nelron has completed an oil Sum- 
mer's engagement as orchestra leader In a 
theatre in Cincinnati, O., and has signed for 
tbe season as trombone soloist with the 
"Jerry from Kerry" Co. He Joined tbat com- 
pany Aug. 0. 

(fEOBOB Dutkef! bas leased tbe Opera 
House nt Conaellsvllle, Pa., and will play 
first class attractions at popular prices. 

Mas. Harhy Edman (professionally known 
as Rose Gaylor) waa compelled to cancel 
ber engagement as leading lady of Oscar P. 
Cook's "Ooosler State Folks" Co., to under- 

?o a surgical operation at Reld's Memorial 
IoBpltal, Richmond, Ind. She Is nor out of 
danger, and slowly recovering. 

Darrrll U. Lyau. writes that C. II. Col- 
eon's "Country Editor" companies are giving 
excellent satisfaction, nnd doing a nice busi- 
ness. They have a newspaper herald The 
Country Editor, which Is creating much 

comment, and certainly helps business. 

Hurt IIodokins Is playlnc; the title pari 
tvlth H. II. Frazees No. 1 "Uncle Josh Per- 

kins" Co., through (be Northwest 

C. W. Col'btnet writes: "I have closed a 
nine years engagement wlib the llendermn 
block Co., and myself and wife, Ida Court- 
ney, are now In our ninth week with the 
Warner Comedy Co." 

Notes from the Oubfnlt (III.) Tne- 
4tre. — We are doing fine business this Fall 
wltb a better line or shows than ever before. 
"The Minister's Son" pin red here sent '20, 
and gave the best of satisfaction. Its pro- 
duction of this plnv la hy far tbe best thing 
that we have ever had In our bouse, 

8WBBLT, SH1PMAN A CO. N0TB8.— Albert A 

Gallatin and company opened their season 
at Kane, Pa., on Saturday, Sept 15, to a 
splendid business. Miss Gallatin's portrayal 
of Dorothy Vernon, of Haddon Hall, IS de- 
lightful, and It Is surprising to those who do 
not understand the star's great varsntlllty 
to see ber la R role so different from any- 
thing she has yet attempted. Tbe many 
curtain calls during the opening performance 
were a confirmation of the good Judgment 
of Messrs. Swcely. Shipman h Co., In their 
selection of a vehicle In which to exploit 
Miss Gallatin this season. Anna Day nnd 
company, under the management of Swcely, 
Shlptnan A Co,, crowded the Metropolis The- 
atre, New York, week of Sent. 17-22. As 
Mary Tudor, In "When Knighthood Wai in 
Flower," Miss Day la thoroughly delightful. 
an! her youth, cleverness and personal 
charm. In the face ot extremely warm weath- 
er, filled tbe house to overflowing. Jessie 
Mnclacblan opened ber season at Sherbrooke, 
Cm., on Sept. 14, under tbe management of 
Swcely, Shipman A Co., to a large and fash- 
ionable audience which Oiled the Clement 
Theatre to overflowing. Miss Maclacblan 
came direct from Scotland with a company ot 
the best Scottish singers obtainable. James 
F. Kerr wilt act na manager for the Alberta 
Gallutln Co. this season. Instead of Frank 
Norcross, who was taken suddenly 111 In Kane, 
Pa., and removed to a hospital. Swcely, 
Slil.-man k Co. have engaged Frsnklya Rob- 
erts to support RoBelle Knott In her new 
production of "The Duchess of Devonshire," 
which lias gone Into rehearsal. Among others 
engaged to support Miss Knott are: Theo- 
dore Hamilton, Andrew Robsoa and Agues 


win Co. — We opened our regular season 
at North Adams, Mnsa., Sept. 3. and have 
been doing a record breaking business at 
every stand. The company numbers twenty 
members, and Frisco, our mascot dog. Wo 
carry a carlond of new scenery and special 
paper for every bill. Our roster Includes: 
Lome Elwyn, Gladys Grey, E. II. Strought, 
Grace Verno, Jack Oclrlch, Ada Holmes, 
Jack Holmes, Sam Hnrlow, Pearl Wilson. 
I'ar.k, Lawlor, Jas. Reed, Jack Wicks, Corlnno 
La Vaunt, James McDougal, lues Kemble, 
P. Richard Davis, Alice Oetrlch and James 
Hayes. We carry seven distinct vaudeville 
acta. Including F. Richard Davis, the man 
who mystifies : ilclmcs and Holmes, "mon- 
archs ot music:" Snm Rnrlow, the fellow 
In the white suit, and Ines Keinble, In the 
latest pictured melodies. Tub Old Rblia- 
pl» is a welcome visitor every week. Geo. 
Itlckey is the man ahead. 

Nona raou the May Htllman Stock Co., 
under tbe management of Krncst Scbnabel. — 
After a ten weeks' Summer stock engagement 
at Buckroe Beach, Vs., we Jumped direct to 
Bellows Falls, vt., where we played Ave 
weeks at Barber Park, to the largest attend- 
ance of tbe park theatre. The company laid 
off one week la N. VT. City before commenc- 
ing rehearsals at Chamberslmrg, Pa. Begin* 
nlng at Staunton we play cities of the Klrnv 
k Erlanger circuit, going as far South aa 
Tampa, where we ploy Christmas and New 
x*ear s weeks, then four weeks at Key West, 
returning North again In time for our regu- 
lar Hummer season In the Adlrondacks. 
Our scenic artist has been busy preparing 
two full productions for Mr. Rosenore new 
play, "Clair of Old New York" and "The 
Girl and (he Bandit" The other plays, 
written, especially for Miss Hlllman, by 
Qeorgo Rosener, and which wo will again 

Slay this season, are: "Shores of Dungcr- 
eld." "Children of Satnn," "Above Hie 

Clouds, l'he Daughter of the Ooda," "Land 

of the Setting Sun?' and "Tbe Handicap." 

Leon and Rehtib Allbn whits ; "Wo aro 
In our alxth week with 'The King of Tramptt' 
Co., and doing flue. Clies. Olcnroy, brother 
of Bertie Allen, Joined tbe company Sept 
10, at Hot Springs, Ark., for trap drummer 
In orchestra. 

Notks >-ito« Klabk-Urban Co. — We 
opened our season last July at Camden, Me., 
and have played to big business, many 
nights opening with S. it O. sign, Rooter 
of company Is as follows : llnrdon Klark A 
Frank Urban, proprietors ; Hardin Klark. 
mannger; Frank Urban, treasurer; Wilfrid 
A. Griffin, business manager : Harry Law- 
rence, proi)orty man : Edith linker, musical 
director; \\\ A. Orlflln, Davo Raker, J. ICd. 
Ralfour, Clifton Whitman, Harry Lawrence, 
Charlotte M. Bolton, Edith Baker and Paulina 

Tim Howarp JIbandom Thbatbb Co. 
opened In Montann Aug. 13, and Is meeting 
with gratifying success. 

MiNMin TiionNB Is touring Ontario with 
Francis Greene Co. 

Gracb Kaiinuu goes with "Saved from 
Shame," which opens near Seattle, tho sec- 
ond week In October, to create the leading 
feminine role. This attraction will play big 
city tloie only. 

Lew F. Davenpobt and wirn, Emma F. 
Davenport, nre with "Hoosler State Folks" 
Co. Miss Davenport plays leads and Mr. 
Davenport, Juvenile, both also doing their spe- 

Hans Erickhon, the popular Swedish dia- 
lect comedian, Ib In his second season with 
the Floward Brandon Amusement Company's 
"A Thoroughbred Swede" which opened the 
season Sept 3, and Is now playing Western 
const time. 

Mehrkh. Jackhon and Rkbd, manngcM of 
Nance OWull, have secured Hie rights of "The 
Socialist," from Charles Froliman, for their 
star, nnd reliciiranls are now progressing, un- 
der direction of McKce Itunklri. Hiss O'Ncll 
will discard her Bhakcspesrlnn roles fur n 
time, after the opening of "The HoclnllHt," 
wblch will bo at Norwich, Conn., Oct 15. 


Dunn nnd Sydney Cowoll have been added to 
Mr. Mansflfld'« company for tho cast of "Peer 
Gyi.t," He will leave Tor Chicago, Oct -I, 
with 137 people, anil will ttenil ahead Bcvcral 
carloads of scenery and costumes. 

Nutbm fkom Tim H(i»f:hton-Hiknnan Kn- 
TEitFXiHKH. — We opened our No. 2 repertory 
comiHiny at Arthur, III., Sept. 17, to a packed 
bitslnesH for three nights. Tho opera Imiuw 
managers say we are one of tbe best repertory 
shows on the road. At Atwood, III., the same 
buxlaoas prevailed. We carry all special 
s<-onery for our productions, brsldi-s mechani- 
cal effect*. Our roster Is as follows: A. K, 
llunieaton, Francis Urennnn, Fred Qonlori, 
Jomel Marsone, Harry Mckulght, Eugenia 
Rrcniiaa, Stella Stanton, Lillian Watts, lirmim 
Marsone, Alfa McK night, John Clark and Hob 

Uobteb AKn Korea of "Peck's Rsd Boy." 
— The company this season is undoubtedly 
the best tho play bas ever bad. Hurt Hover- 
Iv, tbe minstrel star, Is playing I'cck ; Llttln 
Cora Qulnten, featured with "Tho lTatal 
Wedding" for several seasons, Is tho had 
boy ; Bessie Hurt, a remarkably clever child. 
Is playing Hunter, aad Harry Koles. a head- 
liner In vaudeville, fans made n big hit as 
Sdmliz. the grocer. Roster: Union Amuse* 
merit Co.. proprietors ; Nell Florence, mnrni- 
ger: C. H. Callahan, advance: John Llcck, 

Sropertles: Frank Walsh, carpenter; Cora 
ulnlen, Hurt Haverly, Mary Muriihy. Flor- 
ence Noles. Resale Hurt, Hophlo Webb, Joe 
Conway, Ilnrry Ftsbcr, Jack Marsha sad 
Harry Noles. 

Tifko A. Moxaiiam and Frank IS. Kiliott 
hnve signed for the season with the "For 
Her Honor" Co., doing characters and 
heavier respectively. They write : "W<j 
opened our season at Stamford. Conn.. Kept 
1JI, fo good business, and at Port Chester, 
N. V., and New Rochclle, we displayed tho 
K. It 0. sign. The plctc Is equipped with 
special scenerv and electrical effects, and 
met wltb Instant success. Tin Old Rb- 
LIAM.B Ib a welcome visitor." 

I(di:k(T B. Maxtkll appeared as lago In 
"Othello," for the first time on any stage, 
nt His Majesty's Theatre, Montreal, Can,, 
Sept. 27. 


From Dread f til Pains from Wound on 

Foot— system All Ran Down-MU 

rnruloiiM Care by L'utienrn. 

"Words cannot speak highly enough for 
the Cuticura Remedies. I am now seventy- 
two years of age. My system had been 
all rim down. My blood was so bad that 
blood poisoning bad set in, I had several 
doctors attending me, so finally I went to 
the hospital, where I was laid up for two 
mouths. My foot and ankle were almost 
beyond recognition. Dark blood flowed 
out of wounds in many places, and 
I was so disheartened that I thought 
surely my last chance was slowly leaving 
me. As the foot did not improve, you can 
readily imagine how I felt. I was simply 
disgusted nnd tired of life. I stood this 
pain, which was dreadful, for six months, 
and during this time 1 was not able lo 
wear a shoe and not able to work. Some 
one spoke to me about Cuticura. The con- 
sequences were I bought a set of the Cuti- 
cura Remedies of one of my friends, who 
was a druggist, and the praise that I gave 
after the second application is beyond de- 
scription; it seemed n miracle, for the 
Cuticura Remedies took effect immedi- 
ately. I washed the foot with the Cuticura 
Soap before applying the Ointment, and I 
took the Resolvent at the same time. After 
two weeks' treatment my foot was healed 
completely. People who had seen my foot 
during my illness, and who have seen it 
since the -;urc. can hardly believe their 
own eyes. Robert Schoenhaucr, Ncw- 
burgh, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1005." 

Fine destroyed the opera house at Hillings. 
Mont, Hnturdny, Hept. 22, Origin of lira 
unknown. f,04S, Sltl.tHH). partly covered by 
Insurance. I'lmis aro being perfected for a 
neiv theatre. 

ICnwAUo Wau mann-, the young Shaken- 
pennnn actor, who appeared ns hcadllner In 
the prlnrlnnl theatres of lltu West, North- 
west anil I'nclflc roant In his condensed ver- 
sion ot "Or. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and 
"Faust," In playing towns 011 his way Knst, 
to organise his company for his regular Win- 
ter tour of Hhakesponrcan plays. 

Notks mon Mason'* "Hast l.rnne" Co.— 
We opcoed at Knrkwoll, In., Kept. 1M, to 
S. It. 0., and imslnom remnlUH ihc asme 
everywhere we go. We will ploy lown, .Min- 
nesota and Dnkolft tlmo. The raster In na 
fol'ows- Frank Hherinnn, manager; Franc 
I. ii Cour, FtiiKe director; Kdwln Mason aikI 
Frank Urcnn-m, aireiits; (,ottls Ilsrknesa, Carl 
JohuHon, Katlicrlne Hhcriuan, Unlsy Hoy- 
more nnd Kva liiinvan. Krerything po1mn 
to a Rucresafid senson. 

Mhs. lUuKiirr A. I'mcs, mother of K. D. 
l'rlre. general ninaagiT of the Intorntalo 
Ainuuenieiit (.'o., died muldunly nt .luck-on. 
Mich., on ttcpl. I'll, aged Hcvi'iiiy-aevcn year*. 

Maris Winhon, furmorly uf the "Kloro- 
dora" sextette, whose nnino In private life Is 
Mario L> Gamble, was married to Frederic 
Gcbhnril, of New York City, lust January, and 
the niarrlaKO waa kepi avcrc-l until Inat week. 

IUciiahu Aumh, who was to have pi.iyni 
the lend In 'Tho Motive for the Crime," hme 
resigned front tho company. 

IdiNTBit op the Aubrey Htock Co. : Ham C 
Miller, mannior; Albert I. to, Heln, uukI- 
rii'iH manager; ttobt. T. Parkinson, stage 
inunngcr ; Mitt Kohlcr, carpenter; Geo. W. 
(irnhnm, clectrldnn; Frank A. Miller, rtiurdcnl 
director; Kdwtn W. Vail, Claude Unfit, Tim 
Leavens, Johnny Nolon, Clara Lewis, Marie 
Iliircoiirt, Dorothy Wallace, Unby Hope, 
Kitty Uiiveim, Leon K. Ilrown nnd Albert 

Ai„ Lewis, "Tho German Merry Mnkor." 
ronortn :nfi>lliitr with success with (lux Hill's 
"Happy Hoolivan" Co., doing the Dutch 
csmrtly part. Tie played the samu pnrt last 

rtOTKfl Fltnji MAX AM ft BlUIITR' COMKPIANfl. 

— This comutiny closed a very sueccsaful 
Hummer scnsun, under canvns, at Fredericks- 
burg, la., 8r»t. I. and shipped tho ontilt to 
Motjunh, Win., where Mr. Htghls Is IuIuiihk 
n cottage an I More room on his farm. Tin.* 
followlug pc.'pio nre there with Mr. and Mrs. 
Htirhtft: 1), I.. Hildas, Marie Mlxhts, Minx-* 
Ht, John, diaries (raunce, .feaaoLte Faumv, 
W. K. Maxniu, NVUIe Mae Maxntn nnd Unity 
Mary Mnxam. The genllcineu are enjoying 
the shootlnic. Tho following ppuple go with 
Moxnia & Mights' Comedlana this hc.twjii: 
W. K. Miixinu. J. W. Hljjhts. CliurlfK Faunce, 
Jcanette Faunec, l'nutlne Kltfhls, Millie Mse 
Mnxam nnd Ttuby Mary Mnxnm. Our season 
will open Oct, 8, and we will tour northern mIb. 

Cms. A. Kohtrh Is still In advance ol 
FJlmer Wallers' "A Millionaire Tramp" Cn. 
The show Is hooked solid In the Houth, over 
tho Kiev & Krlnngcr tuns. 

Lkiicit ami M ai'ks wrlto : "Wo are being 
featured wlllt the o. 11. MemtnciiH Co., »|u. 
lug our vaudeville act, nnd nlso doing partH, 
Mr. La ltoy In doing tho Juvenile lends, nnd 
Mr. Ilapeu doing The comedy rolcn. our 
alumina; unrl dnnclnv act Is a hit. We are 
plnylng North to Mluncnota and Canada, We 
receive 'Jim Out Kkmaulh every Huturday, 
and ore nil look for If." 

Haimly Mauwn, who opened tho seanou 
Hept. Si, wi'.ti "A Thoroughbred Hwcdo." lint 
l««n transferred to the "nuvoil from Unarm;" 
Co., which is r.lao under iho luiiiiiiirt'iiicni "f 
Howard Brandon, to croud; the llifiit comedy 
part In this itttrnctton, HuaNon opens uenr 
Hcnttle, Oct. H, with six one night stands to 
follow, after tvhh'li tic Htiractlun will pluy 
week time only. Mr. Murvln \viih n meiiihi'r 
of "ulmstH" I1 1 -' sviinon, playing Oswald Al- 
vlng, which attraction wna produced hy Mi. 
llrnmlon In the lending Wonu-rn rltlen, 

MhM. Caiitkb will !>.■ Keen In a new 
plav hy Kclwln Milton Ut.-Io, cntllloil "Cleo," 
under Die management of C. H. i'kii Inglnim. 

Tun Nkili, Ahusrmknt Co. uf New York 
wns Incorporntcil at Albuny, N*. Y.. recently, 
and rrtpltiillzed at »«.««». Tin; directors are 
Jnmea "Velll, Henry Miller and F. II. Wag. 

Tin-: Owi,s, a now theatrical fraterniil 
orgunlrntlon, was recently organised hi 
Wulta Wnlla, Waah.. hy II. I. Lonvitt, rann- 
figi'i' of the OrpliMim In thnt city. 

liumi.ii II. Wai.i.ack, hod of the late 
Lester Wallnck, died at Long Ilrnncli. N. J., 
of fnatrltls, nged forty-six. Mr. Wallack 
wiih u prominent aportsinnn, hut wan not 
connected with the theatre. 111m wife and) 
llireo children survive him, 

I'iiu.i.ih Dakm has lieen selected by th* 
Mi*mhm. until to nnccppd Kdnn Mny. In "The 
Ittdli) of Unyfnlr." at the Vnudevllle Thea- 
tre. London, Kng. 

Tub Guam-ian Tiikatkk. I'ooksklil, N. 
V, (owned by Ht, Mnry'n I'nrlKh), opened 
to the public Mondny evening, Oct. 1. with 
a performance of "Veronlmie." It Is the 
object of the priests to make the prorci-ils 
from the theatre nws'Ht the c-hnrrh, nnd nlwn 
thnt their pnrlnhlonorn mny nee good plays 
under good circumstances. 

York filed urtlclea of liu-oi'ivirdlloii at Albany, 
N. Y.. Sept. 27, wjlh n rnpltnl of Vlu.Mm, The 
rur|HiH«* slatPd In to carrr on a goneriil elpctrl- 
rni nnd mechnnh-al work of nil klnda In re- 
lation to loaning nnd o-H-rnilug devices tot 
stage and anitineniont piirpoKCK. The follow* 
Ing nre mimed an dlroot'irn : .1. AiiMlIn Fynes, 
imi.!«' h. How, F.mliy M. Howe and Allison 
E. (.'oltln. 




Thomas Aldhicii Uarmbtt, author of the 
comic open, "The nig Itugiboo," was In New 
York City last week, arranfilntt lor the music 
or Ihe production, which will be rnralshDO bj 
a well known music publishing house. 

Oho. O. Hamulson writes from Campbell, 
Mo. : "We are fitting; up a first class modern 
opera hous e at this place." 

music and Song. 

Fboh M- Witmabx A Bows.— In the race 

for fame, the majorlt? of people arrive over 
the route of an uphill road, every atop of 
which means toil and weariness, nil of which 
is forgotten if they bat reach the «nU. 
Henry Bloasom's first ambitious work, "The 
Yankee Consul/ struck the public hard, and 
the one that followed, "Mile. Modiste " cre- 
ated a great furore in New Ifork. Still work- 
*nit for higher recognition, if that were pos- 
sible, Mr. Blossom is mid to have reached the 
crowning miccesa of bis life, In "The Red 
Mill " 'fne number of successes that are ol- 
crultig constantly to Victor Herbert a fame 
pile up so rapidly that It fa more than the 

£ utile can do to keep in touch of them. Like 
lr Arthur Sullivan, he belteveB "inspiration 
Is perap: ration," and works on tarolna out 
miiiic of greatest originality and of big-heat 

Srode. While the musical world regretted 
lr. Herbert's withdrawal from concert work 
is "cello bcIoIs:, when listening to his or- 
chestra under hla able direction, or to a 
musical novelty, no one can refrain from ap- 
preclatlnj hie larger gift of wmpMltloii. A 
few of ills succesMea are: "Mile. Modiste, 
"It Happened In Nordland." Mlsa Dolly 
lJKjllara,^ "Wonderland," "IJabeB In ToylamT 
end "Unhette." Ills latest composition, "Ihe 
lied Mill," at once scored heavily. The 
opening night was a social event. The 
Ited Mil 1" aboundH In bright, catchy songs 
and musical numbers, among them ari : 
"tfeetf Day Is Lady's Day to 5Ie," "Whistle 
It " "I Love You Dear Because You re You, 
"You Never Can Tell About a Woman," "'A 
Widow Has Wnjsj," "In the Isle of Our 
Dreams," "The Streets of New York," 
"Moonbeams," "The Legend of tbe Hill/ ' I 
Wont You To Marry Me," "Just Fof Sher- 
lock Holmes," 'I'm Always Doing Soujetbing 
1 Don't Want To Do," and "Go While the 
Ooln' la Good." New Wltmark sensations 
are: "Tbe Sandman," by Geo. Spink; "Bun- 
ny" and "Chaudra Nele," by the same au- 
thor, and some numbers by Melville Kills. 

KllOJI THE l'\ H. llAVILAM) PlIB. CO.— 

Kenny and IIollls are featuring "The Good 
Old \l 8. A." and "Keep on the Sunny Side, 
and both songs are big lilts. Grace Demur, 
w I til the Transatlantic*, continues to meet 
wltn success singing "Crocodile Isle. ' Ma Ida 
Duprep Is using "Crocodile Isle" with the 
Jolly Grass Widows Co., and tells us It is 
the best Bong she ever had. Joe Emerson 
will shortly add "The Good Old V. S. A. to 
her clever act. The song, with Bildea, Is the 
hit of every show It Is In. Tyce and Jermon, 
and Mills and Morris are slnfilng "The Good 
Old U. 8. A„" "Keep on the Sunny Side and 
"Crocodile Isle," and all three are big bits. 
Mmbert and Williams. In a letter to the 
Ilnvlland Pub. Co., eay that "Keep on JH 
Sunny Side." "The Good Old U. 8. A." and 
Crocodile Isle" were the three song littB of 
ev ry bill they played In this Summer. The 
musical numbers In "McFadden's Flats' re- 
ceiving the most applause at the opening, In 
Orange, N. J., were ''The Good Old U. 8. A., 
"Oli, What a Night to Spoon," and "Crocodile 
Isle." Dolly Tin-bold Is making a special 
feature of ''Keep on the Sunny Side." The 
Hootblacka Quartette have added "The Good 
Old U. 8. A?' and "Keep on the Sunny Side " 
to their act. .Tnnies Purvis la singing "Tbe 
Good Old V. S. A." Winifred Stewart is 
plenslng her audiences with the best waltz 
nook on the market, "Keen on the Sunny 
Sldo." Among Ihe new publications from the 
K. It. navllnnd I'ub. Co. are : "The Good Old 
II. 8. A.," "Keen on the Sunny Side," "Take 
n Little Ride with Me," "You Never Can 
fell by the Label," "Girlie, 1 lave You, and 
"When lier Beauty Begins to Fade." 

Knou tub Boum ofIIbmick. — ufM Rem- 
ington added to her act, last week, the popu- 
lar Itemlck cowboy song hit, "Cheyenne, ' 
making a special costumed feature of this 
spirited" number. Clarice Vance, the "Southern 
Nightingale," opened her season at Brighton 
Beach. Her repertory Is composed entirely 
of Itemlck Bongs. Including the new one. "I'm 
Goln' Right Back to Chicago," which she In- 
troduced for the first time , "I'm Wise," 
"What's the Use of Anything?" and "Marlar." 
The last named song was written expressly 
for Miss Vance by Mose Uumble. Frank Clif- 
ford, of tbe l'ayton Stock Co., Brooklyn, is 
effectively singing Beveral Illustrated Remick 
son* numbers, Including "Cheyenne," "Why 
Don"t You Trv'i" and "Alice. Where Art Thou 
Going?" Yulr and Ilevere are featuring In 
vaudeville the Itemlck "good gravy" coon 
song, "Camp Heetln' Time,'* and another 
showy Remick vocnl number, "My Sweet." 
The Sharp BoyB have done well with "Linda" 
and "Won't You Throw a KIbb at Me?" Tbe 
t'hree Lelgbtons, In an act called "A On* 
Night Stand In Minstrelsy," are also using 
"Linda." May Rosella, singing comedienne, 
writes J. 11. Itemlck & Co, thnt she 1b doing 
wonders with "Jessamine," "Alice, Where 
Art Thou Going?" and "Camp Mcetln' Time." 
She says : "They went great." "Won't Yon 
Come Over to My House V" tbe new and 
pathetic song number, by Williams And Van 
Alatyne, ami recently published, Is rapidly 
finding favor with the public through the 
efforts of the many leading professional 
singers who are featuring It In vaudevll'e. 
Among these are Herbert Holcombe, of Hol- 
comln'. Curtis and company, Jim Brockmao, 
of 1 .ockman. Mack and Belmont. The popu- 
in' ,iy of "Cheyenne" does not seem to dl- 
> .inlsb one particle as It grows older. Irene 
.■'rnnklln Is enthusiastic over her succeBS 
with this splendid song. Lew Hawkins has 
also added It to his repertory with satisfac- 
tory results. I'aullne Welles and her picka- 
ninnies are featuring, In vaudeville, the three 
sonx successes, "Cheyenne," "Jessamine" and 
"Alice, Where Art Thou Going?" The lust 
named song linn just been added to tbe rep- 
ertory of the Herald Square Comedy Four. 
f ascot, the coon slioitter, Is making hla nucll- 
encea shout with laughter with IiIb mimical 
lendltlon of the Itemlck vocnl eccentricity, 
"Good Advice." Jessie Mac Hall writes the 
publishers that some of the biggest song suc- 
cesses sung by her which Ihey publish are 
"lola," "Won't You Come Over to My HouBe?" 
"I Like Yon, Too." the new Itemlck conversa- 
tion song, nnd "Won't You Throw a Kiss to 
Mel" ami "Linda," the candy coon song. 


and I'lUMiAUMtisic OitriiriTiiA Is at Hot 
Springs, Ark., giving concerts at the large 
hotels. The organization la creating a de- 
( Idedly good Impression, lloatcr is as fol- 
lows : Slg. ltoltert Ktcrke, director; Fred R. 
Ilernlmnn. C. B. Jones, Chns. Donovan, Louie 
J. Valle. Joe Lldej. Max Bunch, Albert Schu- 
macher, A. J. Brock way, Avery L. llurd, Al. 
I. Miiisor, Amlel Burr, Rudolph Schuclder 
and HI* Jiallono. 

1'uiscKRR Ciiinqkiixa, the Indian womio 
who. with Rd. Newell, does a novelty act, has 
an Indian song, entitled "Vaianoso." This 

Sloce was composed by Mrs. Ella Dlsbrow 
onr-a, who died n few weeks ago, at her home 
In Trenton, N. .1. Last Summer, when Mrs. 
Jones wns here visiting relatives, the piece 
wns not quite finished, nnd she worked on It 
vyblle here. She completed it shortly afler 
leaving, nnd Inter sold the copyright to a 
Mew York publishing house, who are now put- 
ting It out. 

Tiiko. A. Mkt7,, formerly lender of the 
Primrose, Thatcher and Dockslader's Min- 
strels, nlso the composer of the International 
Mint; hli. "A Hut Time in the Old Town,-' 
tins started a music store, and Is running a 
swtiool of music. In Stamford, Conn. 

Frou Jos. Sttern it Co. — "Why Can't a 
Girl Be a Soldier?" for which Stern & Co. 
secured the exclusive selling agency, is a 
march song hit. Dealers and Jobbers alt over 
the country have been wondering over the 
Urge demand which has sprung up for the 
new march son^ by the above title. It was 
orlglnnllr published by K L. Halle, a welt- 
known musician and leader of this city, whose 
son composed tbe music. Knowing that lim- 
ited facilities might handicap its ultimate 
success, unless handled by some first class 
house In touch with the entire trade, Mr. 
Halle has placed tbe exclusive selling agency 
with Stern & Co. Mr. Halle has made ar- 
rangements for Stern k Co. to handle his 
latest song, "A. Daughter of Uncle Sara," 
which musical critics say will not fall short 
of hla other big success. II r, Halle has sev- 
eral other bread winners In bis catalogue, no- 
tably: "Baby's Prayer," "In the Springtime 
I'll Be With You, Sweetheart Mine/' and an 
Irish characteristic march, "Top 0* the 
Morning," and all three will In fntnre be 
handled und supplied exclusively by Stem St 
Co. Tb? Bradfords, colored entertainers, are 
using "I'll Keep a Warm Spot In My Heart 
For You," "Robinson Crusoe s Isle" end "I'm 
Looking For My Ten." They write that tbey 
are tbe best songs that tbey have ever 
beard. Frank Lawler, late of "Coming Thro* 
tbe Itye*' Co., now with the Leone Elwyo 
Company, has added two Stern aongs to fits 
act, "Indians Along Broadway" and "Rob- 
inson Crusoe's Isle. Mr. Lawler was tbe 
leading comedian with tbe "Coming Thro' the 
Hye" Co. "Bailey and Fletcher, in vaude- 
ville, find that two songs of this boose 
are Just what tbey have been looking 
for. "Kiss AH the Girls For Me" ami "I'll 
Keep a Warm Spot In My Heart For Yon" 
are the two songs selected. Eddie Foy, In 
"The Earl and tbe Girl" Co., has taken a 
song from the "House of Hits," which we 
will nnmunce later. He Bays It Is tbe great- 
est song be baa heard la many a year. Rose 
De Haven Is miking a tremendous bit with 
her four new songs from the "House of Hits." 
Tbey are featuring : "Waltz Me, Bill," 
"Mflo," "Little Girl You'll Do" and '"Indians 
Along Broadway." Last week they had to 
answer to six and seven curtain calls at 
every performance. This firm has just Is- 
sued a series of books which are attracting 
unusual attention. The Mozart book, al- 
though oc the market only a few days, la 
finding a ready sale. It consists of a splen- 
did collection of the favorite gems or the 
composer, Including extracts from his sym- 

f monies. oncrsB and church music. A sfml- 
or collection, containing the works of Men- 
delssohn, las also JuBt come from tbe press, 
and other books by tbe best composers will 
follow In rapid succession, The edition con- 
tains : "Allegretto," "Andante Grailoso," 
"Alia Turca, "Presto," "Andante Canta- 
blle," "ltondo," "Allegretto Joeoso," "Adieu," 
"Allegro Assa," "Andante Con Affezlone?" 
"AndsQtlno Non Troppo," "Don Giovanni," 
"Andante Gon Favorl, "Placldo E II Mar," 
"Allegro Molto," "Menuetto," "Benedlctus," 
"Gloria In L'x^IsIb" "Dona Nobis," "Agnus 
Del," "Qui Tollla,'' "Sanctua" and "Bene- 

Chas. K. Harris 1 Notes. — Julia Mackey baa 
returned to New York from her London tri- 
umphs. She will Blng the new ballad, "Some- 
where," which she predicts will become one of 
the blRgest song hits ever written by Chas. K. 
Harris, the will also Introduce In a novel 
manner, "The Tale of n Stroll." Margaret 
Asbton, If she can accept American engage- 
ments, will use "Somewhere" and "Just One 
Word of Consolntlon." Jessie Sbnrp, with 
the Bon Ton Uurlesnuers, Is making a feat- 
ure of "Somewhere, with beautiful slides. 
Kvcry elide thnt Is thrown upon the canvas 
receives a round of applause, and she has 
had to repent tbe second verse of the song at 
every performance. Martle Ward, with the 
World's Comedy Four, reports success with 
"Somewhere" and "Just One Word of Con- 
solation." Dave Lewis bad to Blng eleven 
verses to "Mother, 1'In a Rose Oa Me," at 
the Grand Data House, Pittsburg, Pa. 
Harry Kills and his Quartette, tbe Metropolis 
Four, late of Dockstadcr's Minstrels, are cre- 
ating a misntloii with their rendition of 
"Somewhere." Frank Coombs la another 
singer who has taken up "Somewhere," and 
will mnk-a a feature of It. Ida Gladstone, 
with Wm. S. Clark's "Jersey LHlleB" Co., 
who has been creating a sensation wherever 
beard, la going to make a feature of tbo new 
song, "Somewhere," Chnrles Foreman, bari- 
tone, who lias been engaged by the Eva Tan- 
guny Co., will rvature "The Tale of a Stroll" 
and "Somewhere," which songs he will, no 
doubt, render to great advantage. That Quar- 
tette, composed of Prlngel, Jones, Silvester 
and Morrell, who have made one of the big- 
gest hits ever known In the City of New 
York, at the New York Roof, have selected 
"Somewhere" as one of their feature num- 
bers for the quartette, while Mr. Morrell, the 
tenor, will make a special feature of 'Vuat 
One Word of Consolation." The Metropolis 
Four, Hurry Ellis, soloist, have succeeded 
In making ''8otue where" very popular at At- 
Inntlc City. This "Four" make a feature of 
singing this song. Tbommy Qulgley, tenor, 
reports that "Somewhere," since he has Bung 
st Atlantic City, has beco tbe biggest hit he 
has ever sung, and predicts that tbe eong 
will be one of the biggest hits this coming 
Fall that has ever been Issued. 

Know tub Gus Edwards' Music Pub. 
Co. — Bert Morphy, tbe original "Man 
Who Slugs to Beat the Band, Is scoring 
heavily with tbe original skate song, enti- 
tled "Come, Take a Skate With Me, ,T which 
Itlnnche Ring also sang in "His Honor the 
Mayor," Mr. Morphy Is also Blnglng "I'll Do 
Anything In the world For You," which he 
claims Is the blggeBt hit be has ever bad. 
George Gaskln, the well known tenor, baa 
been engnged to feature the famous Cobb and 
tidwardn march ballad, "Somebody's Sweet- 
heart I Want To Be, with band concerts 
for seven weeks through New England. 
This Is the result of Mr. (Joskins singing the 
song at a concert last week, and having to 
repeat the chorus over and over again. 

"Givb Mi An A&ibricah Girl," a waltz 
soa.r. Is being sung by a large number of the 
profession ; also "Come Back, My Evelyn, to 
Me," and "The Alligators' Parade," a two 
Btep, all of which are compositions of A. D. 
Mngbee, of Allegheny, Pa. Mr. Magbee Is a 
theatrical pianist of ability. He has been 
tbe past Summer at Bartbolomay's Pavilion, 
Charlotte, N. Y., playing the piano and cor- 
net, simultaneously, which Is pronounced an 
artistic mualcal novelty. 

PlNIMURBT I'ahk, Worcester, Mass., J. P. 
Caples, general manager; J. F. Donovan, as- 
sistant manager, closed a successful season 
Bent. 11!, with NavasBar'e Ladles' Band. 

Rout. A. Bkackbtt, who for two years 
was manager of Lyman 11. Howe's Moving 
Picture Co., has been engaged by the Arthur 
Prior Band Co., to put on the big electrical 
and mechanical act, "The Triumph of Old 

Bam Tacbeb, manager of tbe profenional 
department for Francis, Day A Hunter, haa 
received word from Vlotel Mascotte, tbe stage 
directress of tbe Howard, the popular bur- 
lesque and stock bouse of Boston, that she 
opened Monday, Sept. IT. She states tbit the 
bulk of numbers to be used In the stock, bur- 
lesque and part of tbe specialties, will be those 
from the house of Francis, Day A Hunter. 
Having been so enthusiastic about tbt suc- 
cess of "Waiting at tbe Churcb," she will 
follow It up with the numbers of Jerome and 
Schwartz's "Sweet Aoastasla Brady" and 
"Float Me, Charley," and the other new Eng- 
lish numbers, which she thinks will all be 
positive hits for her for tbe season. 

Ross Bush, who has JuBt started In vaude- 
ville, Is using Lewis A Rose's ballad, "We'll 
Be Sweethearts to tbe End." Sbe writes: 
"I sang It tbe other night, and the audience 
would not let me go. There la something In 
tbe song that touches the soft spot In their 
hearta. Chas. I). Lawlor and daughters re- 
port great success with this new ballad suc- 
cess, and J. B. Lowltz's "If You Don't Stop 
I'll Scream." Both songs are the publica- 
tions of Willis Woodward A Co. 

Rudolph Aroxson Is In receipt of the 
manuscript copy of Leoncavallo's new marcn, 
entitled "Vive l'Amerlca," which, together 
with bis "Ave Maria," are to-be performed 
for tbe first time at tbe Initial concert in 
New York, on Oct 8. Rehearsals of tbe 
artists and tbe Scala Orchestra for the Le- 
oncavallo tournee in tbe United States and 
Canada are now progressing at the Teatre 
Llrlco, Milan, under the coaductorshlp of the 
maestro, and will continue until the date of 
departure of the company for Genoa, la Sep- 

A. P. Pinto Is organizing a symphony 
'~trican h 

chestra, la which none but American born 
young men will be engaged. It will be Mr. 
Plato's policy to give concerts, the pro- 
grammes of which contain music both classi- 
cal and popular, a mixture of the old mas- 
ters and the modern composers, including 
many of hte own works which have never been 
beard la public. 

Rt:ssELi. A. K&LLEr. who has Just finished 
a season at Watch Hill, R, I., has returned 
to this city, and accepted an engagement in 
the orchestra at Hotel Bresiln. 

Oauacpiiig ana minsirci 

Mabel Lockuart writes that she has 
Joined the team of Buckley and Martin, In 
tiit'ir succeBSLUl act, "Muldoona Picnic'' 

Caldwell and Wknxwurtii are piaylag on 
;he J. li. Morris circuit of Family Theatres, 
'iuey report meeting wuu big success in their 
ciuuclng act. 

L.UC1LB Mazziotta, late of tbe Mazzlottas, 
Is singing illustrated soogs at tne ttljoa 
Theatre, Wheeling, W. Va., ioc the Beason. 

Mas. N. 13, Kol£x, manager of the htaplre 
Theatre, Ashtabula Harbor, 0., la having a 
very successful season. The bouse remains 
open all Winter. 

Ll: Maziku, principal comedian with tne 
Geo. Primrose Aliustreis, closed with the above 
company at Baltimore, Md., on Sept. ZD, 

Luw Palul'U, the mimic, reports tbat he 
Is uieetfag with tbe very nest of suc- 
cess over tne Sullivan & Consldiue circuit of 
Western theatres, and that he will play the 
West for some time to come. This is the 
Urst season In many years that he has not 
been In burlesque. 

Lijwis and hsssiaatoy, after a two weeks* 
rest m their borne, will take to the road 
again with their act, "Setb Spinner's 
T roubles," wblca tbey claim is funy pro- 
tected uy cop.vrlfcbt. Tbey have a new drop 
to their bdujlo scene. 

Capt. Su>.\£i' iiiNUAN began his vaude- 
ville dates with bis uew aquatic show and 
life savluy dogs, ut the New Star Theatre, 
Aurora, 111., Sept. 17. He has played tbe 
Urand Theatre. Jollet, 111., and the Grand, 
Hammond, lud., with other good dates to 

Nina Lesteb Is spending a two vreeks* 
vacation at her parents' bummer home, Lynn, 

'I'm: Gbsqobi Pamomime Co. closed two 
successful weeks' engagement at Bonhag's 
Casino, North Beach. N. V., also at Inmau's 
Casino, Coney Island, N. Y. The troupe 1b 
now composed of Geo. L. Gregory, james 
Gregory, Marry B. Gardner, Andre Ma Dill 
and Leo li. Lorella. 

Ahthub Ashton, female Impersonator, 
and Rose Martine have returned from Ha- 
vana, Cuba, after a twelve weeks' engage- 
ment Arthur Aahton will fill eight weeks 
with the L. B. Walker's Dancing Girls bhow 
at the State fairs, and wiU then return to 
Havana for the Winter, with eight dancing 
girls, opening at the Indiana Music Hall. 

Tub Thrkb Kobebs write: "Have been 
working steadily for twenty weeks since we 
arrived from. South America. At present we 
ore playing the J. L. Jackson middle West 
circuit. Open on the International circuit 
ut tbe Kmpire Theatre, Des Moines, la., Oct. 
15. We are working on our way to Wheeling, 
W. Va. Have not been there for five years, 
and will spend the holidays there." 

Euobnb West, of West and Henry, writes : 
"Owing to the hit we made at the Lyric The- 
atre, Lincoln, Neb., week of Sept 16, Mana- 
ger Miller engaged us for a return, week of 
Sept, 30, with oar new sketch. Miss Henry 
went to her home In North Dakota on Sept 
-3. owing to a death la her family." 

Tub trio, known aa Williams, Thompson 
and Hoey, after playing twenty-two weeks 
over the Novelty circuit for Henry Lubel- 
skl, appearing In only three houses and 
playing return dates In each house, opened 
on the Crystal circuit for Geo. 1. Adams, 
playing two weeks la each house. 

AcKun and Collins have added many 
new featuea to tbelr shooting act 

Matt Dbb writes that he has Just closed a 
successful Beason ag manager of the vaude- 
ville shows at Lake Manawa, and opened a 
vaudeville show, under canvas, at Omaha. 

Cvclinu Zakobab, knockabout comedy 'cy- 
clists, are building a new and original appa- 
ratus, to be used for the finish of their act 
Ic will replace their sensational ladder ride, 
and will be much more dangerous. At present 
the act la In Its seventh week as a special 
feature with the Rentz-Santley Co. 

Sloan and Soiha write that they lost only 
two weeks since last March. They report that 
their new act, "The Prestidigitator and the 
Mnglclan," is a hit everywhere. Tbey are 
hooked solid up to 1U07. 

Thb team of Stuart and Woolley have dis- 
solved partnership. Mr. Stuart will Join 
hands with Eck. Bailey, and the team will 
he known as Stuart and Bailey, Irish com- 
edians, presenting their new act, "The Dog 
I lilt," written by Chas. A. JoneB. 

Oenabo and Theol have closed their Bea- 
son with the Wallace Circus. They will short- 
ly sail for Europe. 

The write that the/ have re- 
ceived a sketch from Charles Landon Carter, 
entitled "The Sonora Mine." It Is aa excel- 
lent piece of work, full of good, clean com- 
edy, with an original plot and novelty finish. 
They are confident that It will be a hit 

FR7.ii Martin. Juggler and contortionist, 
has just finished twenty-one weeks with tbe 
London ft Tattle Olympic Show, this being 
his second season with tbe show. He has 
been very successful with his juggling act, 
and alto In his balancing and plate spinning 

Ed. Thabdo and Hki.bne Tuttxe report a 
decided success with their dogs and Impale- 
ment act, being among the special features 
for the Volunteer Klremena' Carnival, at Cam- 
bridge, Fa., week of Sept 10. 

Chas. Hildbbro writes that he has just 
closed a very successful season of twenty-one 
weeks with London & Tuttle's Olympic Show, 
which has been touring Western Pennsylvania, 
West Virginia and Ohio tbe past Summer. 
Hllderro has Joined bands with Jas. Canfleld, 
of the same show, to do a double magic and 
Illusion act for the Winter. They are rest- 
ing at Mr. Canfleld's home In LeroysvlHe, Fa., 
and commence tbelr vaudeville dates about 
Nov. 1, opening In New York City. 

Williams and Melsurn report meeting 
with big success In their new act, "Cooker's 
Call" They open at Pastor a, Oct. S. 

Clara Botle, better known as Mrs. Jas 
Dalton, who had been 111 In St Joseph's 
Hospital, Chicago, for the past eight weeks, 
has returned to her daugbter'a home (Mrs- 
Terry Ferguson), at Buffalo, N. Y. Mrs. Dal- 
ton has retired for the season, and Mr. Dal- 
ton has joined Alice Tlffey. The act will be 
known as Dalton and Tlffey. Time la all filled 
for this ctason. 

"Thb Yankee Doodlb Girls" are playing 
the Western houses. The show Includes- 
"Tim Sullivan's Chowder" and "Sullivan On 
Guard at the PhlllpplneB." with Jas. JF. Leon- 
ard in the title role. The olio presents Joe 
McDevItt and Andy Kelly, Billy Hart and 
Anna Vale, introducing ihelr novel human 
ventrlloqulal figures; James b\ Leonard and 
Clara Whitney, the Great Crane and com- 
pany, and Mills and Lewis. Sol Meyers la 
the manager, and U, D. WHHamBon, business 

The i Bdsch Faiiili will begin work Oct 
2£, Johnnie Busch, the young comedian, hav- 
ing fully recovered from bis recent illness, 
the family will be four la number this sea- 

Chas. Heclow, eccentric comedian, and 
Marie Heclow, character medley dancer, have 
Just finished fourteen weeks of park time on 
the Melville circuit, and opened Sept. 24 at 
tbe Bljoa Theatre, Kalamazoo, Mich., for 
the Western Vaudeville Associatioo. They 
are booked solid until July, 1907, ploying 
many return dates. They have not plaved 
Aew York in nearly four years, and have 
worked steadily la the West, losing only 
twelve weeks in that time. 

HAttYisr Wolf, of Wolf and Zadella, Is now 
rapidly recovering from the recent severe sur- 
gical operation he underwent The t^m ex- 
pects to work In about six weeks. They have 
laid off about ten weeks on account of Mr. 
Wolf's illness. 

Wayxe La Mar has Jumped West to visit 
her huaband, H. V. Hllgert, manager of Dia- 
mond Comedy Four. She will remain out 
there for six weeks. 

Notes from Beach & Bowers' Famous 
Minstrels. — We are now equipped with the 
greatest show we ever had, and are now In 
oar sixth week, playing to packed houses 
erery night. Eddie Nixon joined Sept. ^3 
t The Valadons, Daniel and Lora, European 
cyclists and tight wire performers, write : 
* We have not lost a week the past Summer, 
and public and press give us credit of having 
one of the neatest and strongest aerial 
cyclist and tight wire acts before tbe public. 
We are booked up Bolld until May, 10u7 In- 
cluding the Doric, Yonkers, N. Y. ; tbe Mo- 
zart Family circuit, and Pastor's Theatre, 
Isew York City." 

Pbof. J. Apdalb writes: "I closed at Vas- 
sal-. Mich., after a six months' steady run. 
« 111 go to Canada for a two weeks' vacation, 
then return to New York for my Winter sea- 
son, My act has been a big success this sea- 
son. 1 played seven weeks la the South, on 
the Jake Wells' circuit, and have booked quite 
a number of return dateB for next Summer " 
Voelckel & Nolan's Dandy Dixie Min- 
strels, headed by John Kucker, 'The Ala- 
bama Blossom," report meeting with great 
success through Texas, aad frequently have 
been turning people away. 

Cham. 0. Hoou&s and Geo. It. Brown 
opened on the Keith circuit Oct 1, at Boston. 
h. E. Richards will offer a new act for 
next 8ummer, It being Sherwood and Flynn, 
two well known performers, In a novel elec- 
trical act with Bpeclal scenery. 

Uarbv Thomson, "His Honor, the Mayor " 
writes : "I am still delivering 'the gooda.' 
Am not with any show, but am still In vaude- 
ville, and have my title famous from the 
Bowery to tbe coaat." 

W. H. Gcbald has signed to support Violet 

Black la a vaudeville sketch. Mr. Gerald will 

produce a novel act In vaudeville next season. 

Lulu Tiiies closes with aa amateur show 

at Americas, Ga. 

Ton Gillen, "Finnlgan'a Frlead," an- 
reared at Murray Hill Theatre. Sunday eve, 
Sept. 30, and he scored such a success tbat 
he was Immediately engaged by the Colum- 
bia Amusement Co. for an early return date. 

Jackson and Hoon, who are playing a 
forty weeks' engagement with the Anas Eva 
Fay Co., are usW Al. Hoon's original nov- 
elty production, Blnglng to moving pictures, 
and the act Is a big success. 

TnR Juggling Dupontas, who recently 
closed on the Sun circuit report meeting 
wltn great success. 

Johm amd Louisa Till are now on their 
tour to San Francisco, where tbey will open 
on tbe L. circuit. 

LbMairb and LbMairb did not dissolve 
partnership as they had Intended to do, but. 
instead, are still working together, and will 
soon produce their new act, "The Hebrew 
Conductor," which proved to be a "winner" 
when presented for the first time several 
weeks ngo. 

Fricb and Mildred have signed with 
Western Vaudeville Managers' Association 
for Western time, opealng at Elgin. III., Oct 
1, for twenty-nine successive weeks. They 
have entitled their act, "The Ilube Girl, the 
Sport and the Leading Lady." 

Waller and Mauill report meeting with 
great success through the middle West, and 
are hooked solid to March, 1007. While play- 
ing Springfield. 0-, recently, they were en- 
caged to do their kid act at Spring Grove 

Sutton and Sutton write: "Ws made a 
flying trip from New York to Chicago, to 
open at Sans Soucl Park. We are being feat- 
ured In our original comedy acrobatic nov- 
elty. 'The Living Pumpkin.' * 

Hammer the Hammer 

jtcoldantal Dltcharga Impossible 

Every owner of an Iver Johnson has a 
double reeling of safety— safety as to 
protection of life and property, and abso. 
lute safety as to accidental discharge; for 
there is but one way to discharge the 

Iver Johnson 


and that is to pull the trigger. 

In addition to the safety features of the 
Iver Johnson is the knowledge of abso- 
lute reliability and accuracy and depend- 
able quality. 

Ivsr Johnson Saf sty 
Hammer Revolver 

3-inch barrel, nickel-plated finish, 
ia rim fire cartridge, 33-31 . 
center fire cartridge ... * 

Iver Johnson Safety 
Hammerlns Revolver 

3-ln. bb!., nickel -plated nc 
ith, 33-38 center #» ,- 
6re cartridge ■ fwi' 

Sold by H*rdvare in rl Sport 
I Dg Good! dcaien <t*er]>* ' 
oc »il! be Mnt prepaid 
receipt of price f r your 
will not supply. 


[Sl&l AFSIY 

Place In crack or door and 
turn »o teeth sink Into Jam. 
and little arm holds door. Jnsi 
think of having a securely 
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Prtce25 cents, sumps or cash. 
Write for circular 11. 


If there is one member of the 
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will hasten the day of bitter regret. 
Stand by SOZODONT and your 
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ICJ2»dedlorcr , 'H0LTON'']nitrnnieEU,wliJchex- I 
MtaUofcberc I* you want tn« beet, bay e, "BOLTON" I 
—It yon will bave another auke.we hava It for too I 
deap. IrtXTthlns for baadt, Ouj catalog and bar^ I 
gain net traa an raqoeas, 
raAMKHOL-I OHaCO., OtUwaB:df,,CHIGA00 1 

Fins Magical Apparatus, 

Grand Ena" of Century, fnllj 
Illustrated. BOOK CATA- 
LOGUE, 26c, tree by mail 4 

.Catalogue of Parlor tricks tree 


493 sixtb Ave., H. T. 



















Pbiiwdelphla.— At the Chestnut -fttrcel 
Open House (Nixon & Z I ■ merman, mann- 
ers) Anna Held mad* her reappearance Oct 
s; In "The IMrlalan Model," which received 
(Is • premiere on that date, "The Pacinian 
Model" In a musical corned v, la three net* 
nnd four scenes, with book and lyric* hy 
Harry B. Smith, and music by Max Hoff- 
man. The production was staged by Julian 
Mitchell. The comedy was received with 
many in-inlfestntloDfl of approval, and Miss 
Held has several new songs which will un- 
questionably he as popular as auy of Iter 
former offerings were. Charles A. BIgelow, 
In the leading comedy part, has numerous 
importunities, and keeps the fun on the 
lump from start to ilnlsh. The minor role*, 
In Jh« hands of Henry Leoni, Emma Mateliu 
Baker, Tnlly ShattUck, Louis B. Foley and 
Ldpuard Ihirand. add very much ro the ef- 
miMaii' of the production. -The story 
tells that Arm.i. a beautiful model In a dress- 
making eatiihllthment In Paris, la la love 
w(tfi 1 'julIeD,'an Impecunious artlat. She has 
nlw -miny other ndmlrera. Dim most persist- 
ant df-whom Is Silas Ooldnncfa, a wealthy 
cold, ralner. who la visiting rarls with hi* 
wife.' Anna has been bequeathed a million 
francs. Mr an old patron of the establishment, 
on'rtwvlltion ihat she keeps the source of her 
wealth' a secret until she marries. In the 
meantime she begins io wear magnificent 
gpWM and spends money freely. This excites 
toe' Jealousy of Julian who imagines that 
Goldfinch is providing all these luxuries. l'hi- 
mateiy Ann* tells her lover the real truth. 
nad etetyinlDg ends satisfactorily. The pro- 
dv.cuoh its been staged most magnificently, 
and/ the bcwuderlrig array of gowns worn In* 
the ttrlndpaN and choru-i Is simply dazzling. 
One of the big hits In the iirodncllon Is a 
roller skating rink. In ihe third act. In which 
the entire chorus appears on skates. Ca- 
pacity 'houses wee In attendance at everv 
performance last week, and the outlook N 
that; the same business will continue until 
the close -of the engagement, Oct. 13. Tao 
entire east is as follows: Anna. Miss Held; 
Wins Goldfinch. CharleH A. Bigelow ; Calloi, 
Kdouftfd Dnrand : Violet! o, Truly Shattuefc : 
Sanflowe. Louis It. Foley ; Flrlne. Ethel till- 
more; Thine, Madeline Summers; iiasun 
UKUK Ashley Miller; Jullen l>e Marsav. 
Henri Leant: Celeste, Adele Carson; Mrs. 
ftlMi Goldfinch. Emma Mabella Kaker; Co- 
iojnpfj. tierifiidf Hoffman. Joe Weber, In 
■■Twiqdle-Twaddle." follows LI, for one week. 

XTitir tMesars. Shubcrt. managers i.— -Clara 
I.ltunin and I-onls Mann. In "Julie Bon Bon," 
oproM 4, ■tilling In the time caused hy tlie 
■.■noreljlnit of Arnold Daly's engagemenr. Both 
the stars received cordial welcomes, the act- 
ing oflsvuls Mann causing much -favorable 
camrhen.!. The engagement ends is. Marlowe 
and rtmncn; begin a three weeks' stay IS, 
.ipnenring In ".leanne B'Arc," "The Sunken 
Hell" nnd "John the Baptist." 

.mjf.ststi (Nixon & Zimmerman, inona- 
gnfsi.— Local audiences will see for Ihe first 
tlbwA. Marie Cahill, In "Marrying Mary." 
'J'hw engagement Is for two weeks: Hichard 
carle. In "The Spring Chicken," had a fnrt- 
nighKot unusually profitable business, ending 
»». ."The .College Widow" "fit. . . 

HfiOAii (Nixon Sc Zimmerman, managern). 
— Francis Wilson, Jn "The Mountain Climb- 
er," .begins his second and Una) week 8. Both 
ihe. press and public have rotou the show a 
Ujt luccesB, the efforts of the star and an 
tftteilent supporting company, Including May 
ilobaon, Ella Mortimer. Joseph Brennan, 
Edna Hunts and fieorge. Irving, meeting with 
jiopillarapproval with (be big crowds In at- 
tendance last week. Henrietta Crosman, lu 
"All ora-Mudden l'eggy." ». 
■ GVkHick (Frank llowe Jr., manager). — 
■The Measure of Man," seen locally for the 
ilrtt lime last week, met with decided soe- 
costt, und has attrncrcd crowded houses. The 
KccOnd and last week ends lit. One feature 
•>f the play Is the fine acting done by Hoberr 
Broiler,-- K. 31. Hollnud, Cerry Han well and 
Mary Hall. Kyrlc Bcllcw, in "Brigadier 
Gerard," 15. - , 

WaI'Spt (Frank Howe Jr.. manager). — 
Hnetlft in "The Virginian." H, for 
a two weeks' star. "The Prince of I'llseu" 
liOH lo*| -nunc of Its popularity, nnd crowd- 
*i\ .bouses were the rule last week. Jess 
Ihinay, in the comedy roM. acorcd a big hfl. 

Park (F. («. Nlxon-Nlrdllugcr, manager;. 
— Magma lllndiey. in her new play, "Tlie 
(<ip\ and the ("JHmliler," is sclicdnte*! Tor n 
fortnight's staT, iieginnlng H. Billy Van. In 
"■(falsy- in, Politic*/ 1 . plnyiMl '" capacity -:ir 
iiil, fwrrnniiniieus litst- irrek. "The ItullkkUtt 
filrl 1 ' Oct. 22., 

ft||'\>n OvHU Untn (i:. A. Wegefarth, 
iitanigcri.— I'rl hi roue's Mlntdri'lx wwk (,i s - 
Audlen'coi bf fair <*\r.v aitfwatn "I'lilutlug 
tb«, Town" 'taut nek. Nat M. Wills, hi "A 
LtMUfOMT 1*. 

Wman Xvvsrt (Miller & Kuuruinu, man- 
agOftiL—All^n Boone, in "Kerry Oow." X 
iiiid W-cek. Sc'.inti Herman. In "^ucen at Ibo 
<'i»nvlcU,*' did a succwnfid week's btisincss. 
LB7- >lvl*n Prescott, In "A Cblld of the 

Hcutinwnt," follows. 

riJQVilB'H (K. ,(l. Xlxoii-Nlrdllngcr, maun- 
gar). — "itome Folks'* U the current week's 
nttrnctlon, following nlue performances, In 
good, relurna. done by *10,00t> Hewnnl." 
"Qupeil of the Cirnis" 15. 

- J|iir*T J ir' (J. 1'. Eckliardt mnnager).— 
"j'h* Cow Puncher" has Its first local view 
8 «ud wwk. Barney l ill more, lu "A Rocky 
Hoa'd-to Thibllu." dn-w big houses last week. 
"Coiifensloiw of a Wife" next. 

Nation At. (Joseph M. Kelly, manager!. — 
•Inamh Hantlev.. In "Kllly, the Rid," n-13. 
"A SUdnlnlil 1-JK'apc" puN the jwtrons 
raaCfM. "While '1'TIhco Burns" Iff. 

H4H3-'ri (.lolin W, liar I, manager). — "When 
thf World Bleeps** week of S. flic Great Ln- 
fiypUe Show iurniith«l plenty of entertnln- 
niO|il, to good slxisl liouses, 1-tl. Icalwlli 
l<dvo. In, "Nettle, ihe Xewsglrl," 1.". , 

- Faiipi'Ai.viij's (Miller & Kaufman, mann- 
gerpj). — The stock will Is- seen the current 
S«l iu-"More to Be Pitied Than Bconied." 
Ktliiard Mlddleton will enact the role uf 
fla'rrh'k flaunt, while Bertha Crvlgbton and 
Arthur Maltlaud will be seen in other im- 

_ parts, "Orusa Wayne" offered the 
sfwk'goert opportuullloa. and attracted big 
noiisea fast week. "The Lank of Lyons" next. 


■J*t-»np*m> (Dairy k Sperk, managers).— 
"When Lendon 8^5?.*' by the Block, week 
afS .'Qn^n of the Highway" wa« presented 
•"■rsijly Mst week, to h\g bouses. "Her Mad 

wShr 1&-20. 

'Kt: 1 tits ill. T. Jordan, manager) .— Yred 
Wilton; In ''Cltty'* Pream." beads a strong 
btlr we« of fl. Other fentarea are: Julia 
KMOMnd and compnov. In "Too Much Mar- 
ried r' the Adeimnnns. Elmer Tenlcy. itennih 
and Miller, the flemx. Clayton White and 
Uirle-BtUBTt. the. Balers. ]>sre Nowllfi, Ar- 
llnfton, Coneoy Four, Maybelle. Meeker, Hor- 

ace Wright. Unertlu nnd r,amb, Berzac's 
ponies and the kluetog'rnuh. Crowds were in 
In attendance last wotk. 
# lluor (fJeorge w. |(|fp, niiinaavri.— The 
Merry Hurle«njuers week of S. Tlu-v will lw 
seen lu "The Mummy Olrl." In which the fol- 
lowing will display their talents: Phil Ott. 
(eddy Hlmondn. Ford West, George All. W. 
S. Hnrvey, At Steadman. Nettie Nelson,. 
Blcuicho Ijondon, Jowphlne f»tarr, Fanny 
Pteadnmn, Kdllh Ottell. Williams' Ideals 
nrewnted an aUrnt-tlve shon- to big houses 
last week. Wine, Women nnd Song next. 
m Lvcmsi (John, «i. Jernion, manager).—- 
The J'arlslnu Widonx «. The olio uaben : 
Snltr. Moore, Le Cinlr and limit. Heckmmi 
and t'oleman, Mcfilnln 11ml Smith, nod 
Hrooks and Jeanette. The lllue Ribbon 
(ilrls bad nice pnirouage last week, flreat 
New York Mtara next. 

Casinii iFJllaa & Koenlg. managers).— 
Tlie Ilowery Burlcsfpien will disport Iheru- 
wlvra week of «. The vaittlcvllic features 
nre: Lhrafo Frellgh, Bcu Janseu. Farreil 
Taylor Trio. Hills nnd W1Im>ii, and Cannel- 
itn d'KIcedere. The Iteata-Santle)- Co. drew 
big crowds last week, lrwla's Majesties 13. 

TnocvpKHi) 1 Fred WUI«on, lunnagcrt.— The 
.Tolly Hrm Widows are tcanuts week of H. 
The show opens with the skit. "The Frolic- 
some Widows,'' and ends with "Are Yon a 
Lobster?" The olio Includes : Gardner nnd 
Homers, the Gruels, Malda fluprec, Harrow 
Trio. Watson's Burleanuers furnished an 
animating show, io crowded bouses, the 
previous week. 

Ktxvkxth Opera Horrsi: (Frank 
Dumont, mnnager). — A. new burlesque, "The 
Mounted Cops, ' will be put on week of 8, 
wllh Hughey Dougherty and Vic Menard* 
as the leading fun maker*. The other bur- 
lesque still continued In the hill is "The Bool 
tatale Hiiftl Co." The part continues 
tu he a femure, the songs being rendered bv 
Joseph V. Ilartlz. J. M. Kane. James McCon'i 
unci Kdward Oaldrick. Business continues 


■Rkapf.miiikou's Pi ah: MtKr.iM (T. V. 
Hopkins, nutiiiceri. — Cnrlo features week of 
s consist <'f llnrrlden Bros.. iMIle. .Vara, 
Martha Wagen, Mae. Marvplle, l*rof. Grove 
Harry Demsr and Husior Kvnr. In the the- 
atre are: Lillian Waltnnn and company. 
Torn Mnek, Shnrpler nnd Klynn. /ainne. 
Halten noil T^e. :md Lnbln's clnengmph. 

Nrrrea.-— I*. «\ Meitlor is a new comer with 
luimcinrv Mhisirols, oftenlnp Oct. 8. Wm. J. 
Vail I. ndrerilHiug manager for the flrand 
ftpera Hnnse, iris his annual heneflt Dec. ::-7, 
with "'I'sie Girl from Broadway" in the at- 
traction The lltlladelpnln Orchestra 

begins lis Fall concerts at the Academy of 

Music Oct. li' The tiermnn Theatre 

Stock Co. will produce "Die Schoenr l'n- 
tjarln" week of &. 

PUtnhnrir.— At the Nixon iThoe, F. Kirk 
Jr.. munnger) Joe Weber's <'o„ including 
Marie Dressier. Get. R-i:s, In "Twlddie- 
Twnddle." and the laughing skll, "The Juys." 
racked houses should be la order during 
the ' engagement. Jjtttt week, Klbet Bnrry- 
more, 'In "Alice Slt-by-the-nre," proved to 
be a good box office winner and a good show. 
Khde Jnnls, in "The Vanderhilt Cup," 1.VJ0.\ «Jt. M. Oullck & Co., raanngera). — 
" 'Way Down Bast" began a two weeks* en- 
gagement 8. The cast includes many 'of the 
original company. Last week, "Texas' 1 played 
to satisfactory business. 

Gkano (Hurry DaTla, mnnager). — This 
week's bill Includes Mondial, who 'has been 
retained for another -week. He packed the 
theatre at every performance Inst weak, and 
popular demand held r.ini over another week. 
Gibers are : Lebrun Grand Gpera Three, 
Nichols Slaters. Carter and Water Co., Cun- 
ningham tnd Smith. Chefalo, Julian Rose. 
Three. Donnls. Juliet Winston, Lee Tung 
Fno, Lew Hnwkiu*. fester and oulun, nnd 
the vlncnuloprnpb. Ctipiii-lty IionIdcsh pre- 

Bklasco fJ. A. Ueed, mannger), — Henry 
II. Waey. In "The Man m the Box." R-IM. 
Ijist week, I)e Wolf IIopi»er presented 
"Huppyland" and "Wnng," nnd packed (be 
houfic. Ia'o Ultrlelistcln, In "Before nnd 
After." in-20. 

' Bi>ror (It. M. Gullck & Co., tuunageni). — 
•The Millionaire Ihstectlve'" 8-i::. Last week 
•'Across the raclllc" played to larcu lutsluess. 
Krtiest' HoRan. In "Jltifm ItastiiH,' 1 next. 

BJUUntv'a Kmimrk l-\. C. Wagner, mana- 
uer).— "A Rnie fur LbV' SV.\. Tills theatre 
has Isjen fiackcil nlghily tdncv Mr. Blanev 
has taken charxo. liist wcuk "CoufesKbiuM 
of a Wife" did well, mill packed the house. 
•The Hall Room Boys'* K.-lil>. 

GAttiv tJas. K. Oir, uuiiager).— Vanity 
FnJr 8-1.", In two giiod burlettus and 11 K'kmI 
olio. Tro <:xtra attract Itnia aiipear — the blrf 
siM'ctacle, "Blrlh of Ihe l*ulted States: or. 
Ilit* iJeclnrntion of Independence," and lla*- 
wu Ben All'n rrouiN* of ten ncrohatlc Arabs. 
Last wrek ihe lion Toiik played to giiad hbd* 
ncss. -The Belimsn .Sliow 1K-*.N». 
■ Acajibmy io* Miaic (II. W. Wlllliinis Jr.. 
manager). — Williams* Imperials, one «f (he 
lHirlcsqiic coinpiiulcs In the Buuilre clreiill, 
after I m wct*kn* absciiee, returns K-UI. 
Thev present (wo funny hurlcsiiucs and a *tru 
oIloMiiuludlng Murphy and Mag<:c. Ben Cook. 
(Irav and firahaiu. Julia llcltzman. I'aulluc 
Moran. Zlnjmer. nisi other*. La*t week Hie 
Tweiirli'lh reutiiry Maldtt playeil to gimd tiusi-. 
Bess. .Miner's Americans next. 

Ilftrrlaltnrar. — The dedication of 1'eun- 
*ylvnnla*s new rapltol wiw a big feature, and 
h-iahlUH* the pOKt wi>ek was large. 

Lwti'M tJI. K'.Ih. luuuagcr). — Henrietta 
TroamiiQ atarh:d Oct. J, with ''AliHtf.u-Kutlden 
I'fL'gv.' 1 and drew a crowded house aud 
scored an cmphntle success. Brlmrose's Mln- 
xtrelx had g<HMl ImihIui'ss *t, nud made a hit. 
illltired Holland, lu licr new play. "A Para- 
dise of Lies,"' -I, won the highest praise pos- 
sible, from :i large audience. Tit* pla,y Is la 
threo actH, iiy Matthew Harry. Jt was glrtu 
Its lulllul production nt the Htone Opera 
House. Rlna-tiBiuptoii. X. T., Sept. 18. The 
scene Is laid in Holy In the latter part of 
the eighteenth century. A nobleman's 
tiepliew attempts to dniwn a baby girl hi 
a lily iKind that be may inherit the Inrgo 
fortune, hut his effort la blocked bv the ar- 
rival *t( an old oniric muster, wboic cblld 
has been drowut-d lu the pond many years 
before. The girl's career from then until 
she Is acknowledged as the daughter of the 
English liar!, and finally become.* the brldr? 
of the strolling plaver, to whom she gives her 
firm real love, nre then portrayed In a bril- 
liant, masterful way. The first scene, which. 
la the prologue. Is at tba «dge of tne Illy 

Knd at Marco, and ahow« the finding of tho 
by girl. The flrst act shows Loltla 
as *.i ilowcr girl In the market place at 
Verona, and dpvelopa ih** real story of the. 
r.lav. ■ The oephew, passing as an artist of 
lelaurely bablia, attemptn to make lore to 

Die girt, mid a strolling player tnkes her , 
under Ins pmtccttnu. The second gel brlnu** 
the girl to the Iiallnu villa of her fnthcr. 
and causes her recogntltou hy the Karl. The 
act etuis with u stmnr nknut; which Is 
truly strong. In rlic third act,, two years 
Inter, ;fic girl appears as ibe ilHDcce vt ihe 
man who attempted lo murder bcr as u 
child. The strolling idnyer, with whom she 
ts In. love, hsvph her- from him. The piny Is 
elaborately staged and In the hands of x 
company of enpotde player*, ibe cast being 
ax follows: Auioulo, Ilowsnl Hydiiey : Mother 
Smla, Viola Crane; Barbara, Itowlle ram* 
Inetou: Itichard, W'ta. Blair: retlro, IM l,n 
Itarrc; (Carina, Viola Crnne; Josef, Frank 
Fnrrell : Fahlo. BmnM IV01111: Itrunetta. 
Qrare ' Young; Toco, Howard Sydney: 
Uiinhnel. Frnnclyn I'siitdsirn : Lollta Ml hind 
Holland ; ' Isahollii, Aliuu Chester ; I'rlni-o 
r.iiiHtiiutliin, Frederic By run ; Marchess Cus- 
tellauo, JaiucH rreston; Ixinl Htunton, Heone 
Wnrrlnstou: Itoctor Vlncimso, . John imp. 
May irwiu dlo well >'. lu "Sirs. WI1s.iu t 
That's All." Uuymoml Hitchcock did g*su1 
iMtslueas 1;. in "The GuIIaimt." John K. ilea- 
shaw, lu "Captain Cureless," S: Burn Kcu- 
dall. In "Swell Klcgani Jouea," !) ; l'urter 1. 
White, Id "The Proud rrlnce," 12 : "TUt* 
Isle of apice" IK. 

Onu Housk (X, Kels. manngin-). — "A 
Cniwn of Thorns" drew good houses l-*l. "In 
New .York Towu" was one of the biggest. 
hits and best paying attractions of the sea- 
con. The Irene Myers Co. K-1,1. 

Xotb. — Colonel M. 11. and John W'olah, 
the well known circug men, were, .here T», 
startlnc plans for their automobile .circa* 
lor next season. 

•««■ Gel. 1. Stlftmaj's '■rncli- Tom's Cabin" 
drow crowded house*, mslliie and evening. 
1. *'JUat Out of (Ndlege" wan well received 
:t. 1'rlmrosc's Mln*tr>.'l* did well I. M rVf-k*s 
Bud Hoy" hud a «.iml h<niHc ,"». **The I'ruint 
I'rlurf." plenited large nndleuee it. "The 
Prince of 1'llsen'* H, Itosaliclle Leslie and 
■ omtiany. in repertory, IM'l. 

I'amua- <Kd. Momrt. manngeri.— ^'urrent 
attractions Include: Harlow. Plunked and 
'•ompany. Bryant, nnd Savllle. (Invn llroiii- 
crs, Brobst Itlo, Harry (Jreen, Gorman, 
West nnd Kennel tc, and moving pictures. 

«~»^ "— 


Knston. — At the Able Opera House i \\~. 
K. Detwlller, managers "Miss Holly Ditlliin.,*' 
Sept. 27, drew a large and extremely ile> 
llehted audience. "Caroline" proved a very 
pleasant production, nnd hud good business 
1*8. "I'cck's Bad Itoy," Sit, played to largo 
houses. "Beggar l'rlncosa," with 1'aula Hcl- 
warden, had u large aiidlenco Oct, ], aa did 
"it Happened lu >ordhtnd." 3. "Adrift lu 
New York," •£, pleased. Jefferson l)e An- 
gellu 2d, "The Harvard Girl" 22, "'Way 
Down lOasl" 2i», "The lalf of Spice" 24, "The 
4'horiiH sjim-T" *j.'i and Francis Wilson 2d. 
■ Knii'ii's i.vrtit: Thkatri: (C W. Brown, 
manager) opstnwl Oat. 1, with u very at- 
tractive bill of vaudeville. Business wasull 
that, could he desired, nnd with it contlnuHncc 
of the talent selected success Is sure to fol- 
low. The current bill Includes : La Belle, 
comedy Juggler; "The Clrl Behind the Drum, 
Athawny nnd Hlegel, Helen Bertram nnd 
company. Tim Hlpley. Viola and Kngler, and 
moving pictures. 

m ■ ■ 1 ■ — a ■ 

Xcrnnloii. — At the Lyceum (A. J. DulTy, 
mnnager) "The Black Crook" (let. 8, Heta- 
rlettu 4Y.isman '■<, "ill- Honor, the .Mnynr." 
10 j Andrew Mack 11, "The Itolllrklnjt Girl" 
12, i:;. May Irwin. Oct. 4, came to H. It. o. 
1"uul Gllmon?, >", drew n good house. "Thu 
yiceplng Beautv nnd the Beast" 0. 
' Acamoiv (A. J. Duffy, manager). — "A 
Child of ihe Heglment" 8-10, "Around the. 
Cbs'lt" 11-i:i. "Nettie, the NcwsRtrt." i*l. 
came to good houses, , 

star (Alf. 41. Herrfnglon, mnnager). — ■ 
Washington Society (Ilrls week of 8. Carr's 
Tboroujthhreds week of 1 were received by' 
good houses. 

Family <W. \V. Kly, mannger). — Week 
flf.S: Tims, Q. Henhrooke, Pnuline Hull, 
lll'U ■Norton, Kate Gardner, Harry Rtilirt,' 
Chaf. Wlnsran and Slg, Glbvnhnl rergitlnl. 

! iltoiMtn.--At the fishier (I. C. Mlshler, 
manager) llenrlettn Crosman, in "All-of-s- 
Snddeij IV«gy." hnd n Inrge audience Oct. :t. 
"The Isle of Sidit" drew a big house 4. "The. 

Harvard <;irr 3, mibbu Speawer, m "nelly 

Vnrdeii," n; "A f'rowa of Thorns" R. "How 
l(t:i) im Ai> Broken" 0, Johu K. Ilensliuw, lu 
-Cnptaln Careless,'! It; Lleul. H. 41. Aroers 
nud ills Bed Hussar Band 11, "iVnfesHloiiK 
of n Wife" 12, "Her Only Bin" 1*1. 

Kr.i:vj:sTn Avkmji; (I. C. Mlshler, innua- 
Kcr).— Tlie Kirk Brown Mtnrk Go. did big 
liuslness 1 nud week. The High Flyers llnr- 
iesuuera 8, 0, "I'eck's Bud Boy" 12, IB. 

Acadbmv of Mtsic, Tyrouc. — Mildred llcil- 
Innd, In ."A Panidlsc of Lies," ,"». 

Nutk. — L. B. CrMi. inatingcr of Die new 
Lyi-Ic Viimlevllle Theatre, Is here from Cnn- 
ion. 1"'. and iK'liusy Imiklng nfter the cinti- 
fdetloii of the house. The opening I* not 
yet de'lnlicly mniounced. 

v,.rk.--.\r the York Opera Hou^e (II. C. 
Pi'ulz. manager 1 the Myrkle-llui'iler HUick 
Co. pleased to R It. 4>, ihe cuiire week. Oct.. 
1-tl. "It Happened In Nordlsnd" k. "The. 
Proud I'rince'* u. 

I'AKi.on Tut: Arm:.— The bill tit this home 
drew lo the capacity tit every performance 
Inst week. 

SMHMU — Fersrl's Wild Alilmul Hlmw ex- 
hlblteil I" ItiiDicnse IiiihIuchk. 011 the York 

CotiDly Mir Grounds Tin- York County 

Agricultural Hoeleiy held Its forty- nl nth un- 
111111! fulr ln*«i week. Incessant rains and 
cloudy weather nmrreil the exhibition and- 
prevented all the races from being- run, ex- 
cept those scheduled for Wednesday. 

Wllkrs-lliirrc. - At tlie Nesbltt TlHUlm 
til. A. Brown, inatiaKcr). Inst week. Kleanor 
Bolison. in "Nurse Marjoric." gave a vi^ry 
pleasing perform mice, Crcsioii Clark drew 
n fair house. May Irwin gave na excellent 
entertainment, to S. II. 0., tind "Cuiitnin 
C'nri'less" hud fulr huslness. "Tho murk 
Crook" Oct. 9, Paul 41llmore *l, "The Beauty 
nud tho Boast" **, "ills Honor, the Mayor. 
B, Henrietta Crosman lit, "The Kolllrklnr 
tilrl" II, Andrew Mack 12. 

OiUMi Oi'kua IBh'hu III. A. Brown, inuii- 
ogert. — ".Nettle, (lie Ncwsglrl." and Jos. 
Huntley, In * Billy, the Kid," drew fair 
hoHsea. "Around the Clock" n-1«. "A t'iilld 
of (be Iteglincnf 1143, * 

■ - a -■■ ■ ■ '■■■■ 

lteadlns. -At the Academy of Mtialc 
'Juhn D. Mlshler, manager) Cruatou Clarke 
Oct. 1, Primrose Minstrels 2, "Just Our of 
College" 4. "It Happened lu Nordlund" *T». 
■ wnm iWIImer A Vlucent. munuacrs). 
— Ijurge houses last week, wllh Louise Mont- 
rose aud her Auto Girls, Lu Veen and Cross, 
KtiioiDus, Knieruon and Kmmotis, Ituynioiiil 
i'Uii Kltifnv, and Itolaad West. 

flruNn OrERA Ilount: (Nathan Appell, man- 
ager). — Raima BnntiDg and company, In rep- 
ertory, played a successful engagement 1-41, 

Buoc (PndngrafT & Browne!!. manasvaL 
—Clark's Runaway Girls and the Parlaian 
Widows divided the past week, with good 


Lnatranlrr, — At Iho Cuban Opera House 
fflna. A.- Yccker, manager) Mildred Hol- 
land, in "A Paradise of Lies," had good busl- 

Maatalv, — At the Lyric Theatre. the Great 
Lufayette aud bis irompany appear wcekiot 
Od* Jk Vaudeville, nt popular' prices, -was 
"filled In" Iah| week, nud succeeded nicely. 
Ill toe' ronlcr were Delia Fox, Billy Clifford, 
Itnoney aud llnu, nud Maud l.ntnhcrt. "Tbc 
Girl from Carls" IS and week. 

CONVHXTIO.V I [A LI, ill. L. Meeeli, cus- 
lodlauk— Olgit Hnnnroff ronra K. Holler 
skatlug and pollilcnl meetings arc features 
these di'VH nt (lie hlg hall. 

.HtabiI*. C. t'orncii. umnngerL — Fay Davis, 
lu "The Ilouwc of Mirth," this week. "Rogers 
Hmlhers In Ireland" wns a tremendous win- 
ner last week, packing ihe bouts* to the doorc., 
"Tlie Gbigeriircad Man" did fairly well, litis 
Skinner Is lKMiked fur week of IS. 

.Vi'AURUV (I*. C. CoriK-ll. nut auger 1. --Car- 
ter's, "While 'Krlscu Burns" week of H. "A 
Woman of Fire" proved U* Is: thrilling nnd 
capably given. 

■ c*iika's.- Hosier wi ek of H : ('cargo Kullor 
Golden, 3lncy and Hull, Meredith Hlaters, 
Willy y.tnuneriuau, Nndjc, nnd Allclnl's an' 
maL<. Business Is excellent, ns usual. 

Garuen (IvXlw. enrr, mnnager). — Llxxic 
Wllsou anil line and Bnscbe uiv this week't 
hriLillln-TH. Closing 7 were Hlicrmnn and !>■■ 
Forwi, .Msnslli-Jd mid Wilbur, Will Docki-iiy, 
Waller LlvlDXMion, Noble Hlslers, ami Wfl- 
llants ami Pullman. 

Ijifnyetle K'iihs \|, Bngg, uiaiiUKol). — 
llroiidwny tJnlety Olrls this week. Hani He 
vcre next week. Cumpheti's Nlgbilngn'es 
gave a merit orloiirt shew; nnd were very mag- 
netic last week. 

Tk<-k (I*. C. Cornell, manager).— "The 
Tenderfoot" this week. 10 he. succeeded ir» hy 
-itsiwn the ClU." Keilnr did ulcnh. 

1, inn's Mt'KKI'M ami Tntn'i'iu;. — A 1 ijk.-ji ring 
nt this house nr? Let Tryonc and the usunl 
curiosities In the tnitHeuni. 

Notks. — L'dward J. Colin, of Kluw it Kr- 
Innj-cr's innnagerlul force, was with friends 

In town inst week 4Titirile llowe, of 

Hit* Academy, showed 'tis versatility ns un 
executive in hnudllux the crowds after the 
Hitlers bad gone on strike umtlnee of 2. 

Haohrater. — Al flic Lyceum (U. R 
WoIIT, mauagerl "The Glitgerltreud Mmi" hn.l 
u**oii returns Ort. 2, t, KtUUe Kedn-ny, i;n» 
\Veluberg nnd Boss Htion' sllll greatly niuuse 
In the lending comedy rnlcx. ltsyiitond Illicit- 
cock, in "The 4lii)l«per." I, played to the ca- 
pacity. Lillian Jtitsst'll, supported. by ]>rdl- 
nand Gottnchaik uinl nu exei'llcnt cmnpnuy. 
did fair hiislncHs In "llarbnru's Millions," .*-, 
It, llaude AdautH, In "I'eter Van," H-V) 1 "Bed 
Feather" 12, 1:1. 

riJ.vriosAt, (Mnx Ilurtlg, manayer).-— 
"llonie Folks'* wsh well putroiilxed Oct. l-'l, 
"The Queen of the Cln-un" bad good nlteml- 
atiie 4-u. lleatrlce Vnncc, In the lend, nmde 
n tine inipreKslon. "The Hall Boom Boyn" 
S-10. "tpiecii of the Convlela" 11-IB, 

Bakki: t J. II . Moon*, ouniftger). -TM 
Moore. Hiock Cs., week of I, bad it succession 
of targe audiences, wlien "Kathleen Mnvour* 
neca" had a most, prnlae worthy )ii'es<>[tintlon. 
"Tlie Fatal Wedding" MO. 
. Coojt orKiiA Hoisk (.1. II. Moure, inann- 
aer). — The Kfx Mimical Cuuyx unnh> a big 
lilt last week. Hill s and week: Chns. K 
Mvqiis nnd coiupiiny, .1. K. Murray uinl Clum 
banc, .faniCN J. Mortou, ICd. !•'. lleynnnl, Mur- 
itella and Mllliiy, the Iloldsworths, nnd klucto- 

ConiKTiitAN (Henry C. Jueubs, mnuugcr). 
— Harry llrrnnt'K Co. sunned Isrge hous«s 
last week, frlvlug n Hist cIuds sliow. AI. 
beeves' Big Co. H-lil, 

Albany— At Harnmiius Biecckei' II. HI (II. 
It. Jiieobs, maiuiKttr) "The Master Work< 
mmi '' Oct. . IA ndd "At the Old C'rosv 
lloudfl, ' 1-C>, both hnd good business, nnd 
pleased All. "Ijuei'ii of the CirciM." in, l|, 
i-'yril Moult, in "The prime Clisp." 12. l:t: 
tt.ii.i u. Miuilell to, HI. 

l'uocroii'H illowaiil Grahaui. resident mnn- 
ngcri.---Coi i H and ■ami Tho ^Itmlciil Cully's, 
Mr. ami Mrs. Allium, Alf. Gmut und Klhi-I 
lloag, .rields und Wiwlcy, ltli-e nud Kiiner, 
Hayes nnd .IoIiiihoii, Morton, Temple nnd 
.Morton; and Ihe UntaewM llownnlM. 
' tiMi'ti;': rriiu-H. 11, Henry, resbiout iiiunn- 

f;«'i-i. — Till* In u poptihir place now with hur- 
e«*|UC lovers, andburduess Is Jlue, Tlie liny 
MUHrpicradei'*. Get. I-.'I, liuil the Coopers and 
Blossom nnd' ibire protiiluetil in tbc nllo, unit 

Hie cuineillcs, 'lloiuensnl Bound" nitil "Tho 
KlKcr,": allowed the full coiupiiny tu sdvnn- 

rHfjc. New York Hint-*, M, Inxed the <u- 
paclly of the iioiiHe, |iur|lculurly iiiimicnc 
nlitht,'Fild:iv. wheu issjple were turned uwny. 
Marty. Bryant's Kxtruviignttitii Co. s-to, flio 
LM lirters 1 1-1:1. 

iIaihtv Tiikatiik (If. B. McIioIn. maiia- 
gcri. — rtiitlHfactorc hualnvax all Ihe jishi week 
was reporlisl. mIsh New York Jr., l-il, held 
forth to the delight of theatregoer! 1 , glvlnu 
nu excellent xhow. Tim MiiJchHc Musical 
Four iiimI Bert mid Nunc Vediiutr reeelvi:*! 
much appluusi*. Wiifdilogton rk'rlely (Hrls 
fiirnlHhcd the bill 4-41, aud there wus a hlg 
public response. Curincni'llii was n prom!-- 
uent ft'iilure, and Hie cloatuir ImrKwiuo, 1 
••Tlifrd Degree," nus very Inughubli'. Iiiiii»- 
i.etit Mnlds H-1U. 

' ACtiiTomi.'u (Titos. Burry, inaiifiKert.—-ln- 
creased pHtroniige whh tiutfced. 11ml roller' 
skating I* receiving qtiltu tin liuiH-tus. A 
double maple Hour, one acre In extent, in-- 
ifunuioiltihM the grout crowd of merry tdiatern, 
A eHi'tilvul on riaturday, U. 

14lea.-Al the Majestic 1 K, L. Koueke,' 
1-1'sldeut liinntlgeri the ltolllcklug (Ilrls met 
11 good b'JUH" Oct. 1. Ibiyillirml Tlllrln-urT 

was. Wull received 2. "Bosnlle" pleased 11 
Ibrge uiidb-uco 'I. Tiioums Jcffer><oii drew 
hlg 4, "My Wife's Fumlly" closcil the week 
lo good builiiesN ',, 4). Florence Huberts. In 
■■The Wrawtn of Dm Weak." H; Otis Bkin- 
ner, In "The Duel,** U \ "The Irish . Cairn 
broker" 10, "The finnan- Man" II, (Mill OH 
aiore, la "At Yule, 1 ' 12: Hubert Manfell 1:: 
Odpui;l,m ij). L. Koncke, resident mana- 
ger). — Last week's bill drew big. This week ; 
Itoland West nnd compauy, Til 11 v Clifford, 
I'nntrer Trio, Monde l^nibert, Annum ami 
Ilariley, Thomas and Pnyne, ciios. and Joe 

Hirer).- -TIiIh week: The Hntu-liig ,lohb.«>u*i,' 
I 'In Wallace, Hvn McKennn, Mndge Ihiyirlle. 
I Hwron.-o ;ind Woods, .nud .Mnrlo .Monro.. 

Nitvi:.— -The new Grtrrlek Ttteatro Is note 
cinplet lug the tourth story, nnd ttcginnliiii 
t<> pieHcnt n hamlsome appearance. - 

'I'niy.-At I'roclor - -* iWiiitam II, tlrnhuiii. 
reidileni iimnniiert the hill for* Oct. 8 'nrnrt* 
week Includes: Iklwnnis, ha via nud rompniiy. 
Acker nnd Lexter, l.eiv , sully, .Charlotic 
lUtvi'tiscrofr, Lowell and Lowell. Iledtlx and 
t'reecon. 'Brooks ;ind Vcilrter, ntld Bight Knit* 
llMii-Crlmrosew. . . . , ; 1 • 1 

. iltiMi*s Oriin.v Hoist;, t II. . T. TfeafMtan*, 

n-Klileni mansgeri. -"UU lienor, rite Mnyiir," 
rtrevr fnlrly well ,*.. "My Wife's Family" 
'uul ii'Kood hounc it. ■ "Are You 11 Mason V 
H, '"Montana" U, "Her First False Hltm" 1». 
Hubert Mantel], lii "Blcbard 111." 11 : "Snug 
Jlarhor" Is, "A Trip b* Kgypt" 1:1. 

Lvrcrsi (II. II. Keller, mauatteri.— The 
Washington Hoeleiy lllrls drew nig house* 
l-;i. Miss Jfaw York .It, hud good 1iusliii'i<s 
I -ll. The Avenue GirN lluileNi|iinrs M-tu. 
Innocent MaliU I t-ln. 

Hlaiwlinanton. — At (be Hunt*' .Oneni, 
House i.|. I*. H, Clurki malinger 1 (be Kurt 

Burgees Hmrk Co. drew big houses oei, i-it. 
except 2, when Henry II. I User, In -T|ie Mmi 
on tlie Hujc," iiptieiircd to n lura;" nuilleiicc' 
Can) illlmore 11. "Jlimfllle" in. "Calming 1 hi* 
Town" II, "The Hquaw Mun" 12. "The IF- 
ileiiiptltill of llnvhl Corson" IB. 

Aiivmiv Tiikatiik ill. A. Bailey, reshlrnr 
mnnnKc-rt, — BIB week ot'Ji : Harry Vokesiind 
coutpany, A. O. Duiivuii, Boners, Walter". 
aud Crocker, Almoin hiiiI Duuioiii, Amcrb-it-t 
Comedy, Mile. Houns, and Hlnck und Jones. 

SyrnouMe.- At till 1 'Welllliir Opera llotis** 
iJobn L, Kerr, uiupsgcri "The HolllcklitK 
(Brl" del », 0, "Thi Hnunir Mini" H, H«r- 
cuce BohcrtH, in "Tna.Blreuglb of the WVnk." 
tiVoilH Hklnnch lit 'The Jiuel." io: Maude 
Adiuiix. lu "IVter Pan," IM.'I. 

Ba!1taiu.»; (Harry A. Ilurtlg. luanngen. — 
IgblH' enuiifre-. 
ijueen raf tin* 

'.'lluiiie. i-ollitt" htyaa a ihreo nlgblH' ensn 
incut, to a Inrgi' and* ~~ 
Convlei*." Art. Kl». 

Ahnrn and the klnelnfrnph. 

c BAU (Hatld Bnrry, man- 


Okano fii*i:itA Hoi hk (Chns. 11. riurnmei-. 

iimtinitcri. — Kelili's vaudeville, wllh "A 
NIrIh hi Knultxli Vitudi-rllle," luclndliiu 
iwcuiy-two p.»ip|e; ami ntber net*. 

■ ■ , .,.,.» ,. . .... 1 m 

.lniin>st«mii. -At Samuels' Oiicru lluua.' 

1 M. itels, luilllllger) "The Hlccplug Ite.miv 
it ml the Beast," Oct. I.gnve an exeellenl 

K'rformniK'Ps, to fair IuisIuchs, Messes o* ih» 
nm Jtiinil 7, Cbnuiicey-KcttTcr Cu. M-i:t, -er.- 
eejtl Tliurs4lny. Hiuinh'h bund' II, 1 Kirk Brown 
Co. lft-20. 

Notw.— Tlie Hnmuets'Wfis damn-red 1 by ill-.- 
reffjitly." hut all performsnees were jflveu. 
Local Manager J. .1. Wntcrs went lo IJrid- 1 
ford, I, to funk oV'sr'tlift'linusi* tliere. Una I 
Improvements are io he made at klie thenire 
ID the Hprlllg.' ' • 1 
,, > 

Mil I MUN V. 

* Kmv tlrleans," At Hie Tuloae Tbrnire 
<T. .»:. catiipbell. inn ringer) the. company pre -' 
Meutlitif "The ClttiiHimtii," week of Mept, IHi. 
must Imve ml*. srHlllied lit the ovation j-lveii 
ilieiu ihrniiirhoiil Hie entll'it week tiy piickcd 
houseM ut aluiust every performance. The" 
i-miipaiiy- wan n line" one. - .Owing to the ie. 
■-'■•ill Hforiiis mid wfifdiotita throiifthout Ihe 
South, tin '■■(iiii|iiiiiv did not arrive until 
very Inicsiindov uinl went frdtu the depot 1 1, 
the theiilre, 'Hie eurfnlll did no| rise nnll! 
nftur 11 o'clock, but egch nnd every member 
went ibroitgli their purls nerfeeUy. uolwlth- 
siuildlrg the long ami tireaome Journey. Pur 
wck of fiei. 7. "'riie Heir Ifl Hif Honrnh : 
"Korlyflvo .MInntj.tE from Brondwiiy" Is-Ui) 

* ClOlMt'KNT CI 1 .. C. Ciinphfll. iiinmigiTi .. 

"Tuiii. Hick uniLHurry," tvltir Jtlekel, Wnt 
sou find Wroihe, u trio of clever i-uinefllioiN. 
Mtpuortcd by s large compimy of excellent 
perf or liters, proved a big drawing curd lint 
week, opening, to lupMclty biislttess. For 
ivM-k of 7. Miitrny uuu Murk, lo W followed 
week or If), by "U«p" -Wnrd. 

t'io"« Illy, tlrcctis-old. iiuitiiiKerj,— •. 
Tht- Hose Sydell |,ul)doii Belles IlltHesuiie Co. 
opened Heal. .'Ill, niiilluec and night, to S. 
II. I'.. mill enjoyed Mi. business throiiicliout 
Hie entire week. -Tlie- company gun* big mill*- 
fnctlou and won much a|tprccbttlou. Buehefoi' 
Club llurlcHiiuers 7*1*1. - . ■ - . 

l-vtiic (HiivIk k Leluiitift, iniinagers), — Tb» 
Briiwu-liiiker si'ick i'o. scored 11 hlg week'- 
hardness tusi weak, prosentlng "Out of the 
Fold." Hitch and every -mriulHT of the popii- 
liir cotiijinny won iipplHilse for clever work. 
"Tlie Man of Mystery'* wi*ek of K 

Kl.VKir-4 IM'. H. Baldwin nuinageri.—Th" 
ItSldwIli-.Melvllle Hluek Co,. itnm-uWux "A' 
Itonmnce of Coon Hol|ow." : 1m hi week. In Im 
UM'iiHif business, siul pleitMisI ti*> iih-oiI. Week 
of 7, "The Gamlder'H 'imiiHliier." 

iui'mi.ih iMiiniit Bcck.gcurrul uiuiiiif(i>ri.' 
-■■Tlie bill ofl'ered Inst 'week drew Mg ernwds' 
ut doily milliner nud iilnhln. Among those 
scoring; hciivlly were; .tunic llc<'r»*e unit com 
puny, I'unl Miiadonl, Ktiles Bios., t 'has. Lede 
iter. llufiiycllc'M ibiM,' Le*' Willie, mill K'nlor 
luiry Bros, uinl TvtaUF, The bill fur week nf 
n Includes. Mtu Allen nud eoiuimuy. Kiulih 
and < 'niiiplH-H, Art bit r McWultcrs and ilrr>ce 
Tyson. t'nrllHiv'H dogs nnd ponies. Hern Ira 
nud Buy, Zlsku tfUnf' King. Iluywnrd, ffw- 
roy mid Iluywnrd, and new unlimited slhlcx. 


Knit Lake Illy. -At Hie Knll Luke TI 

un-.' tihro. 1 1. I'yper, iiiuiiuucn .laue forco-' 
run, In "The Cieeduiu of Ku-auue." dlil iimul 
hnslliCKN Hept. 07. Illgby Bell, lu "Thu folti- 
cut I'm uf .Mr. ripii," iduyeil to amsl ImslacH-. 
Kepi, "M. aw,* wllii Haliirduy iiiallnce. Tb" 
Wevurl Hpern i'o., In "The Two Homos." 
"Horothy" mid "Ilobcttc," did kimhI biiHluesi 
wr*:k o/Ocl.-l. Hall Lake Opera Cn. Oct, *. 
"Tin? Girl and the IbindH" BL*(. 

Guam* TiiiiatiiI' (A. M. Cox, iiiHimuer).-- 
Hepi. SO-Oirl. it, "filrl of tin- ■Kirwis" djd tood 
lumlriess. Tlii'udore isircli week «f 7. 

Htti'iiKitM . 1 W. L. .fcniilngs. numuiteri. •- 
Week of Oct, I : Ferry In Fiilrrluml. Lillian 
Ashley, nilvelni Trio. Margaret Wycherly. 
I'hurk'H Sharp, a oil Itoberl l>e Mout Trio. 
U>!k of 8: Ben Welch. Collins uinl Bar-, 
Two \lvlinn. Muz HlldchrmuB, Johnston and 
niroll'ir. nud Gonzales Bros, - ' 

Lviiii: c Jiisepii 1'etrich, 'luamigeri. — n'oek 
>>r He|tt. fib. '*The powst of Truth." hv urn 
Lyric Htock Co., did good" ho-lue»s. "Tie 
'1 wo Orphans" weak of Oct. 7. 

Ilos Ton (J. D.. Young, manager).— Week 
of Oct. 1: Hull) Hevernncc Co., Dick Park*-. 
'-Inra Gilbert. Margie -Barks, Karl Abbott, 
ilobt. linlrlo. and B.-Wnlali. 


nor.AKD Him. has slimed with Wild A Ar- 
nold'* production nf "Traeey, the Outlaw." 



■*'-:-■ ALBELT J. B0E1E, 
EbtronlAI. - ilrp.'BcatsJiar'lUltAOsn, 

8*ruai>AV^ OCTOBER §| UK*) 


Advertisements— *2.80 per Ineu, sln&lo col- 


Advertisements ict with bonier, 10 per 

ten;, extra. 

SI ll.c lurriov 

One year, In advance, *. | alt raoDtas, «2; 
then oonthi, »1. Foreign posing* eitra. 
Slnjle cofrlcn will be sent, postpaid, on re- 
ceipt ol lOconls. 

" ... Il.r Inu • '»' »■■•■. 

THE CUSPBH la Usual cvcr»TV«<lne*l«7 
moralnj. Vm last *»ir (advertising) page" 
UO TO PBB88 on U a. «■. _»mi 
the other pajcaraMoNDAX and TUESDAY. 
Tbe Koraaa cloatnB rro«»pii>. •*»• 

' Flease remit l>« express, money order, checH, 
r 0. order or registered letter. AH rash en- 
closed with letter l» nt tbo risk of sender. 
Add'tsa All 1 commtmietrttoiiii to 

4TW«»t -8* Street, New York. 
Jicpteferfd Oatle A<W««, "AvtH&BtT*.'' 

et'TH" CMP-M* l« located; at Koo» 5<M, 
Asllland Block, Cnlcsgo, William P. Brjatu 
manager and correspondent, whero aorertlst- 
menta and aubscrlptloaa aro received M our 
regular rates. ....,-. 


located «t 4«!Crthbonnio 8t, london. W, C, 
John- H.' earner, manager and correspondent, 
where 'advertisements and anbacrlptiona ot» 
received at our regular rates. 
"Tin CLirran can M onTiiKno. whomi- 
sm.e and a«TAw,,.nt our agenu, Brentano'a 
liowa; depot, 37 Avenue do I'opera, Parley 
France: M. Ullcntua, 1 , Frederick Strasse 
191 (Terminus .Hotel), Berlin, N. W., der- 
rotnr! Diamond News. Co., 07 l'rado, Ha- 
vana ; Manila Book and Stationery Co., 128 
K«coitt,.ntnalla,; I*. 1.; Albert & Ben, 137- 
lao King St., Byoner, Australia. 

»ilr one edition, and that 1* dated 

irttan We'wVorit. . 



xo Replies by Mall or Tetoarrapb. 

UK AbVShTlSKD : 0XH ■- WKEK ONXY. ] K XI. « 


g, J. K.. [Iiueltoii.— From ?-D> per wwkiip. 

X. V. it, -31 tv Oannel.— 1. Yen. '1. Yes. 

J. M. tk \Y. W-v KIIIMiboth.-— Make nppllca- 

lion to glve.u trlnl purforuioiiee, 

. i\ -J/L ■ -Blmtwi.— Thi> rautw i'»M unote bj 

Muittclcnt for ordinary -lmllHtln.: 

-T. J. I... Cauey, — Xho HtHkeHmbonld lean 

tlH'tty frODi tll« lull, »« II. i.:])t ItilH. 

*|j; ft X., vl(A*:lmr«.— Yon ni-DbaWy' mean 

""Hue: 111 KL'k Crow"." AdiU-OHs ItJt son & 

Co.. 8«7, Broadway". *N«w Yorlc Oto. 

\V;H.!W.', I'orUimmUi, N.Jl.—W do not 
answiT MMMM rututlvc to n i>luyei'.'K salary. 

C. 5V.T.r-W«cannut furulttli the MMmn 
l In* ■ ltwpJf In llif c(j]iipaiiK'H yuu inoiltlun. 

Wtiiu nramy 10 the Htiaa*rp uf cuch com- 

Bk-Yil*- Wobb City. Mo.*-M|H* l'«b. Co., 
I« Wont Tweo tv -ninth Street, New York City. 

I*. IS. U-.-jorwy City.— WltBoul ■ iveom- 
.ucndliijc «uy out In iiart.en'lBr. wo vvtw yon 
10 I'rauklln Snruimt. Kroplro Tlieatm Dullil- 
lag, Now York City. ■ 

t ; ah us. 

A: H.C.— Yes. tin? <-nrxl«' imiNt 1m: properly 
Htiuftlal nml rut iM'Tor* wich ileal. 

C. IT. MfP.. New York.— t'hf! rim i-oiint* 
ItproiiHo M iilaylrig llio fi' A complftei* tho tre- 
iiuencc ■' :' 

• BltMIB. 

A. -41. «.. JSlH'lwyBiiii- — Adrtrrtnn tbj mniift- 
ir»?r of ilir tlnli to ivlik'li yon i-efrr.' . . 

The VLTHntiJc Y(tr«H«i, wlnwe 0|)pcnrn 
oil Tin' llm imifo of ihiM iKriiie. Ik. at present. 
■niiuiiiiciiilv litcnlllled with viuidorlOt-. Hho 
Ik nut! of tin 1 Mat popular - <lriir:nr If. ■> 
I' now bi'fom till' imlilk'. and linn simp; 
in turns lending i.peratle mnpatm' tliruuA* 
out ih« t'uiu-'il iSiuti'K anil elriewluTti. MIhb 
.Millmit rof«ivert n 'tlmritiiKli 1 nniKlenl- ■whira- 
Hon In, Itnaion, and - «bwwunb> • studlod 
.ilii-ontl, flnlnlilui; lifi 1 tultlaiL In vounl imif-te 
midei' .M.inlM'ul. Hho alfo MpaikN French. 
<i<Tumn and Iiatlm aa ttnmitly as -Hire doi!«i 
Hie Kiiullpli liMiK'iinjif. Hho la a .Nova H<»- 
Ifim by birth, bur baa iiutwiMl tho Hrvntcr p.o-t 
"iMii'i- lift* In AiihmU'ji, irud'her «Hraer-lK. 
Ibcrutorc. tiiKVpurnbly linked with tlila 'Coun- 
try. Ainoiifi Imt must WMiJUJajitMi •9MHMU 
mnv be nit-tit toned AukiibIIii Dale's '"llui 
i.i'lslm" eumpaity. in wlilcb- nho piayod tbo 
leiidhw part of O Mlutowi San for liiw nln-litu 
at Duly k 'ilu'atre, New York ; "Floradoni.*' 
In- which dhf apin^ai'i'd n-f DoloroH. , tlir 
Clmrleie JJnind Onera Co.. of Mew Orlemid ; 
llm ChhII.j S(|nnr<' Oihm'u Co.. of Huxtou, und 
the Tlvoll Op'TH Co-. uf s,l M KrttlH'lMo. Willi 
nil of Uhw .orjinntiiatloiiN h|io played many 
port!) with .'Ipnai nuveM,' and at one 1 1mt> iinc 
mti6f nil exlonslve ' tottr uh the stnr of '.'Tlie 
liHatin." for which prodMcllon sbo aeeured 
the czcliiflivo acting right*. 

' ; «» ■ >> :> .. 


Culnmblm— At tbe New Columbia '1 " bu- 
nt re i,F, t, DrOiVti, lUrtiiiiRor) Joseph and 
\TUIlum .TefforHon. Oct. 1.' had fair business, 
'•Od VbTolo;" *J. drew mot -ivtnrua. "Fhiul- 
jrnnV UhII.*' -t. had good' InirdneNK. "Tbo 1M- 
ilp niieliPds" 9. '•tier ownWiiy" 11. Sergcnnt 
Kitty" 17. 

nki nttus.' ctuct'N u. 

'.ftitiN' RlinivsoN*!* Cthci;«. -. eave two per- 
f4irinimw!«. Mng pfickcd to die side walla. 


HALFTOM: PICITRKH In the re. 4- 
t h«p t>««en' BfTIIH i 1, ll'l'f :il ' will He 

linirlnl ptthrir i»rlce«i 
'" Rlaatlfj Cejlirm. ....... 

im.ii.if r-tiitoB fiff.oo 

; sum* y wi^ff ft jM °yrf j»» , 


W»«r«#ii Bttrean ' 
of the wctr Torlt aiopery 
Room 0Oiv< AflliMftd- 'Stack. ChtcAg., 
Awldc ff%b™«' fiftrjw >»« bttarlieHio 
i lie openbiif M-* new'Tbeati'e In Clilenp*. It 
In ii NlgBtflenM' fact tlint tlw nnfr. which «* 
tit npi-n Mbnrtny nrght/ (h>|.' H, 'lx lite flrRt 
etiiiMTipiirin' plit\'iniii.-.' |t> njii'ii in tin* rnlted 
KttMk The In II In I iittnu'ti'ni at Ihln Iioiikc 
will* be "JlUWro* ii" ">»■ "nulEura" Clilrnpo 
wjlj-' sUo'hiiTC 1 Hirei'' otlie'r Import ant 'Midi- 
jnwit^-ZROT." 1 nt tucnilOKh 'iVmple; '"The 
Jilitlo '.'Mlniiitef. M nt tiny allien bo Op^rn lloilw, 
fttid'-Unbe'rt Kdewnt' ■ lt> "Hirontthnirt," nt 
: VittrPn'i ' 'i-bo' 'hithlpTerB nre d.dn« Pjccen- 
tlnmflv .good bnaliipnn, dn nrnnuil *>f Iho ffold' 
weattjpr ti^vm' weeli> 1I "'<l«'W WuMgfRm 
■3Xn" ; "wlthrUiwrgft CbttBU. l» pncknl to'th-i 
doom nt every perronnnnoe. Kyrln Itctlew. 
nt the Hllnnffi: "The ilnn from Now" nt 
the KtiKh'tmkcr : "The Itlne Moon^ with 
Jitmea T. Power*, nt the Onrrlck*. PMue^J 
Olcolt, In "Klleen Aniborc," at Mr Visiter's. 
it ltd "Tm TImn, the riit'ce ow1.'th« Olrl," ftt 
Ibe-JjA' Halle, cdmplcte Chlenco'it tnost'lni« 
portrtnt nttrnctlohs. The nofRhb(irln«'hoTi«ert 
nrc nil dolpg well. Tlie O lJ IWrf tu ArnJeNtle 

and .the iloymnrket pinr; to well, cffWlM 
honaiw. . ; ? ,■.'-■; . 

' ILtiNOiN Tinf.WB« (Will i. lkivla, /innna- 
cor). — Kyi'le llelUiw retnolna here, preHentlng 
"Krlimdler Oeratfl," for onn iriore week, ilr, 
llellew will not play on Snnduyfl. «o -rue 
theatre wTU l«o c.ohchi Biinday, <tet. 7; Tbl« 
house -ban luien t'ruwdecV during tho paatw-ek. 
Tbe npn nmHienf;; In "The Rogers Bnith- 
cra In Irelnihl," follow. .j 

l'uwmis 1 TnrATRB (Ilnrfy J. 1 Powera. mali- 
nger). — Hubert faleHOfty In' "Wtrongheart,': la 
ro be the' attraction nt -thin 1 hoiiae for on nn- 
H oil twl' engagement, beglnnlDg Monday night, 
k; "The Jiquow Mart; 11 , closed a moetpros- 
pr'i : .i:is t'riKiigf'mftit. Hiinday, t. ' '• r. .'- 

OAttSlCK -tmbatuk (Herbert C. Dncc. man- 
ngbr).— JKiofeH T. Powers la enjoying a- seu- 
aon of prosperity at qui hou«e, in "The Hhic 
Moon." The eompniiy unmtjerB over a lian- 
dred people, and Includes a strong -smtpor t- 
ing'eaat. Tbe atntoBpheTe- of : the- play la 
Burmese, nod there -Is a charming novelty In 
the aennen nod sltuatlona. "Tbe Shulermlte," 
with T.irm Asiiwnll, followa 15. 

COWiMAl, THBATflB (George AY, T/eilerer, 
manrger). — "Woorge WaablngtonJr.," Oeorgo 
Mi -Cohan'!, lively aong r ipaw with the 
voung mi thor-artnr> producer as'tbe atttf, eon- 
tlnties to play i» capacity bnslnena'at this 
hoitsQ. ami: the advance tule means uninter- 
hlpted popularity for Boioe ' tine to c^ome. 
The company ia n. strong one. ■'•' '•'■ '*~ r 
' H'LuuKHAKHii TfiBAirnB (R 10. Harmeyer. 
manngerK^— "The Aran from Now," wHb, 
Hui'iy Bnlger tin the tttnt*, remalnsr at'thbt 

hOUaC, '■ •- ■' ' 

■ CHICAlH) Ol'KBA Hot-KB (1). It, Hunt, man- 

ngprl.— The plnycrii at the Cblc-ako Opera 
ifditie will be Wen Hunday, 7. In "Tbe Uttlo 
Minister:" Udy Biiblila will lie played by 
Cft'tbaiibe Only, dnd Wlllhun Brain well will 
be seen In the title cbarcctor; Frederick 
PautdlDE baa 'joined 'the company, and -'will 
bo seen an Lord 'Rlntoul.'i TiiIh will" be tbo 
ilrxt pfcdikthm umler the direction of Wal- 
toi- Clarke Bcllowa; - 

Ubanp uiTiiA. House (Harry B. Askln, 
uiannger) .^-Wilton I^nckoye will remain an- 
othei* week at this bonae, hi "Tin: taf and 
the Man." Tho cast is large and tbeprt- 
diictlort comnlete. "The New 'York .Idea." 
wlr.1i Mra. tTake. will be the neit attrnctlon. 
Ai-MiuiiiLM Tiii!at!u: (' Adums?, 
managei').'— Jiclittyrc and lTeath, In "The 
Hum Tree;*' coritlmlc 1 to" draw blc crowds -U> 
fate playhouse. . "Ben Hui"' will w W4iM 
attraction;- i " " • . ' 'J" ;' 

" 'KIcViokub a TifHATUB IfjDorgc C. Warren, 
manager). — Ch'aun'cey Olbott,' In "Eileen 
Astliore," retnaiuK. Big buulnees boa ruled. 
"ttIp:Vnn WiBWh": fotlora." "■ 

'.I4A Sallk (Mnt-t. 11. sinsor, manag^t). — 
"The Tithe, the Place and tiio Olrl" continue 
to- draw. big bnalneflH. . '■' ' 

ClREAT NiH:i-lu;i:S TlIKATRH (Fred C. Eb- 

erta, - mniiager).— Iw\1d ' Iflg'glnB will con- 
tlmie to iilay 'Tils Ijist-Dbllar;" a'nielodtani.i 
with a rifoe-horae tlbinii. It Is Interesilng, 
and Is wdll acted.; 

Bi'SH ' Trmi-u; TiiKATJiB. (Ellmbeth: Scbp- 
ber, manager).— "/wieo" will be tlie oflrprlng 
week of 8 by, .tbo IMhycra Stock Co- Henil- 
etta BiOwn tlill : be 'seen In the title-role. 
Ceorge Prtrren' will play: the role of B?riihrd 
Jiuu'iie.'nlid Tleli-n Wilton will be Mine.. Du- 
ffekiH 1 , aiaklng bur Hrst nppcarunco this Bea 
son. ■' ,-v 

Majihtiu tiikatuk (Lyunn 11. wra. 
iiiantiger*.— Virginia Karl and her" KJve 
4ohnny Boys und th* Kmplro ClLy yuartetto 
head the bill nt this hbime for week,, of S. 
The bill aliii) lucludea: The Musical Avoloa, 
Lids Pnntier, Cob BbrdoTwrry. Felix, Barry 
and BniTy.- Klelnond Cllflbn.tJardnor nod 
Uevorej-Argym Ktiatron, Mhruz and .Mftattte. 
I'lHigiflH nud ' Ihuiginrt, null .the - JUKBllpg 
Thorns.' .- „.-.".:. ... ' '-. '-**?--f- ■ 

Olympic TiiHATitK (AI(C Jftcoba. manager). 
-rt-Hose Cnghlhu and the UieUouln Arnba m-e 
llm Mofldllnorit of t lie bill nt tiiln bonne for 
I ba, WMkbtj S; . Trorollo, IMlton .Biiitliora. 
Kltu-liiienal Troupe. -putty Brothers, Bimnt.- 
Koniui. 11-r-r-r. "Maud -lUckwell,- Karly-aml 
l^lltc.' Job-Gordon; Joe fjoldfb; Topo nOiidrtg, 
«.rn('(»-IloopeM,^Cam|iU(^i -Jiud --.troopc*. the rfo 
•>nwis, ami Donnelly and : \ve«t complete the 
bill. ■ .* . - "-: 

llAYJiAHKlCT TllttATQK MVIIlla m Nowklfk. 

mauagcr): — Amelia Htimmervllle Ih billed' its 
the mar of the bill At'tlifs house for week 
id Oct. S.; Tho Mil nlw>:iucludfihi: McCdU's 
dup. ami: monkey a, Klolne-Ott Brothers - nnd 
NleliolHon,; W)ftrle.<' S»iB(Hi, ■ iMajertiC t Trio. 
Cai'lellfl Brotliooi. NollIoitovelU, Mrandfand 
Laruno; and Mr., nod tMrn.-Ihmn. 

Phoi'lk-n Tiiii.vthh (Joseph TUgrlm/' inaii- 
flcet).— David Hlgglns, In "At Plumy Kidge," 
will open tmndny, nt the' inntlude. for a 
week's rnn. Lust- week. "Tho Pariah Prlcai" 
had- good biiblnetisv \., 

CttiTKr.toN 'OittiATiin t John -U/ llognu, -Man- 
ager) , — "Chinatown Charlie" contea' to tbls 
hoHw Stiuday.- 8. for one week. I<aat week. 
"No Mother to Onlde Uer" cloaed a week of 
good bnalness, - -»■ 

lll.ior TticATut: MVllliaia llocbe. mauu- 
ger). — Mr. auil Mrs. IlulMrC FltiBlmmotis, In 
"A Flglil for l.ove." open- 7,- for week. 
"cliliioiowo tlnirtle" closed a week of <x eel- 
lent iiWMg 0.- ■ - 

AcAOfcsi'T TitKATiit: (William Uocbe, niau- 
iigei*). — IJlltnti Mortimer. In "No Mother. to 
Ouldo 'Her. 1 ' conies to thin -house for one 
week, eominonclng Ktuidny matinee. -7. ; "Big 
Hearted- Jim" rioatd Saturday. Oct. e. ■" 

(VbPMiii'H TiittATRE t Weber BrOtherH, mno- 
agow). — "Wc AM King" Ik tint atook ofCei-Hig 
opening Hunduy matinee, 7. for week. bna.E 
week "t.yy Now York" bad Roud bustnesK " 

Ai.n.iMiiitA Thhatiiv; 'J;.nn\- II. llrowu. 
niunagor). — "The li\mr Corner*: or tbe Earth" 
]« the uttrnctlon at IhU house, opening- 7. 
It Ik u Mceule melodrama, oj-ona In tbe west; 
llien takes ltd prlnclpulr; In Mexltv>, Japan 
nud mld-ABlatle deserts. "Orl Dnngt?roun 
tlround" clysid a wi-ek'a engagement tt. ■ ■ ■ 

1'ukin TiiKATHtf-(R--T. Moots- muoapor*.— 
"Tweufy >HuuteK from Stale BtreeC by. tbo 
Mock company 1h1* week, will douotless 
please. "Queen of the Jungle" closed a loug 
run tl. 

TimiWM-ito Tiii:atiu:. — The Jersey Lilies 
will be the iiltraetlou upculng 7. Tie com- 
piny Is large, the chorus pretty. 'nod tbe 
cooiedhinB above Ibe overage Irwla'u Big 
Sbowclofed a good w wi i H l T w j bj l , tl". 

1'oUv TiftvAiiu: fJobnA. Onoessy, man- 
ager).— ^"An Kgyptlai. I/Oiiioo" and "Copld 
|Q' UIO Philippines" are (be two burletique^ 
lb bo offered «'e*«l, of 7 by- 'the School Gltjs 
Iturlenqiie'Co. \ankee Doodle flirts i'l*sed(i. 

Sin. J. iOi'hon's; Thkathh (Hid. J. FjiiPoo. 
iiuinngeri.— The'lUw.' HOT Folly Co. will lie 
the ntlruetlou at' this boueu week beginning 

•art ifpek tbe Jersey LflJIea had ^oud 

7. . Lnxt 


Wiijtk ClTT.tPaul D.UowM, manager). 

— The «■■ -ni festival M-etuii -to b* lncreaslnu 
in pi>i>ulnrity.: every evening 1 ' add' nfteraoon 
seeing Inrne rfawds of -roeelatOTs; who, nftec 
viewing thf apMHovr of theJleoorntlon, turn 
10 the Kiirrnnuditrir dtiiwC- Tfcere will be n 
new vuni-ii'Vllk' bill In th<* theatre the cur- 
rent week. 

HiviiiviKW Pa «r: (U'lllioE. M. JohnHon, 
niuuiiRer). — The ' gntea' ^oT -thlaT "resort will 
clofte, -S u 1 1 r 1 1 1 ■ , 7. tin- :im-.t prosiierniiA ftoJlson 
of JtK catei-r. The estimated attendanee' tit 
Hila part this Mtttotn \» placed «tr 4,009,000 
pcojile!. and the profits nave v--ri -ecnrmonfl. : 

CUu: ,sti.;:."T.Mi-sitji (IxmUl'M. Hedges, 

innnnKeri.-M.aat "woek'n eurlo boll bill > will 
bold' orct, Tor week of 7. as ufonlN nr< 
grnnt dfawliig caitls. There vwl>«n:in 
bill- In ilio-A-'nndavHte theatre. .. 

HtATflJSrcKBT-MraKUM (W'm^-J.iKweeney, 
mahrtRe*). — The bill at this house- "will ''fie 
the same an last week. 

;ArrKiiMATti.— Cliiis- Ulrlth butf lempotar- 
liy i-jii-.t-ci'-d bis bookings over the Interna- 
tional rlrrnlt for ilia pttiylet, "Tbe l>efierte*-." 
..... >:Ih MrN'nltv nml Miss McDonald 
were CLtreur. Bureau callerfr Friday.' fl.. ; . . 
Among Mis datntt callers last week wer»; 
Mzzlc B. Itoymond, Nellie R«velle. Walter 
H tan ton, Frank II. Back nod "Dirk" ' Hoff* 
iLi'ni. . . , .Thf second annltal Advertising 1 
Know win take plaeo at tho coliseum, from 
the eighth Of tbls month to tbo siitecntri. 

:Oretirpreparntlonfi are being made for 

tbe comlnr or "Itentllur" nt the -Auditorium 
Theatre, 13. 

*>t » 


Hmtoni — Tho principal r,<"x bllla for the 
ourrerit -wftck are - ; Frltrl Srtieir, In "Mile. 
Modrste." at the Colonial ; Tlioraaw K. Hhea, 
la renertorr, nt the friobe; "Billed Off the 
TU'rf." at the Urnad Opern House, nud "The 
Ifcnrrhiorfl of Men," at Hpeclal matinees at 
the-i*kffc; Continued 'attractions are: "The 
Music Master," at the Majestic: "The ft* 
dent KHig," at the Tremdnt; "The lllch Mr. 
HOggcnhelmer," nt the Hullls : "The Lion 
una the Moituo," nt the Part, and "The Old 
Homestead," at the Boston. The Boston 
symphony Orchestra, Dr. -Karl Muck, dl* 
rector, oiicns Its twenty-sixth season on Fri- 
day aft f>nujim. Yvette Ciullbert and Albert 
Chevalier will give their, recltul at Symphony ■ 
Hall on Frldav eVenlbg. 

Coiwjniajj (Clian. l^robman, Itlcli & Har- 
ris, managers). — Tbe attrnctlon for tbe cur- 
rent fortnight Is Frltri Hcheff; In "Mile".- Mo- 
diste," wliich scored such ft decided- success 
here last season. AH the old favorites are 
in the supporting cast. "Tile Dtuicbters of 
Meu v closed a succerfsful MM weeJtn' engage- 
ment here last Satunlay ulirht, and la no\r 
at -the Park'for n'&rles of'sncclnl matinees. 
' Majisktic **.*■ h. Wilbur, manager). — 
David' Warflcld,- Ja "The Music Sfastor.;' la 
now In the second week of his four weeks' 
?tay at 'tills house, Du sinew has been at 
the cflpnclty mark, nod tl)o srar and the play 
have been- neaTtily- welcomed.' 

Tukmokt (Jrlo. It. Schoenel. lostiager). — 
Oil .Mbndity evening. S. "The Student King" 
enters-npoD the second- week -of what prom- 
isee to-be a hlglily successful four weeks' en- 
gagement Tbe cast Is an excellent one, and 
is bended by Una Abarlmnell and Alexander 

Uolxis Street (Isaac B. Rich, -manager). 
— Ham Bernard, la "The Rich Mr. Uogstn- 
hielroer,*' has enjoyed fine business and well 
deserved popularity during tbe past week, 
and will remain as the- attraction until 20. 
i/eorgla Cnlne heads the clever supporting 
company, ,., -• - 

,1'ailk (Cbns.. Frohnian, lllch & Harris, 
managers).— Thl« la the sixth week of tho 
remarkabiy sut-cesaful engagement of "The 
Lion and the Mouse'.': at. tills house. Tho 
piece will remain about three weeks more. 
rTJie Daughters' rof Men" 1 transferred fiom 
the- CoJftninl) will occupy the stage of tula 
bouse'- at Hpeclrd matinees on. Monday,- Tues- 
day. Thursday nnd Friday of this -week. 
■ iJOHTo.v (Liiwrenct McCarty, manager). — 
This Is tho second and final week' of the en- 
gagement of. "The Old irmneatead" at this 
noimO. Uood average bttslnesa hns ruled. 
"The-floclUI Whirl" will follow, 15. 

(ii.tniK 1 stair & Wllbnr. managers). — Open- 
ing, aiondny nftornoou, .9. for ti week's en- 
gageni«in, Thomas i:, Rhea will be seen In 
u- repertory, which Includes : "Cardinal Ulclie- 
Itcu^' "Dr. JekylF grid "Mr. Hyde," "Tbo 
BellH," "Othello". nnd "Naiwlcon the Great:*' 
The Four Mortons,- In "Breaking Into So- 
ciety," ■ kad a week, of emlicm business, 
willy B. Van will come next week, In "Patay 
la 'Kolltlcs." .... 

Mud Oi'eka ljot-sc (Geo. W. Magee, man- 
ng«r,L~ "Iluled Off the Turf," with Georgie 
Mock' featured,: Is 1 - the offerlnfr forihe eflrrent 
week, following 11 week of tine business for 
Lottie Williams, In "My TomBoy Girl." For 
week- of -IS, "A Mill loonl re's- lie venge.!"' 

tllRTLE Sutj'AUC. 'i Boston Stage Society-. 
mniiHgci-a). — The house stock company will 
w«N this week In "Tlie Manxauan,' 1 at n 
siKcessor to "The Other dlrl," which' w«h 
finely presented to larffe aiullences.last week. 
"A Temperance TOwh- next. 

llx.roi* (JuhuOralg, -jnanaeer).! — John Craig 
will head the stock'forcei* ihlK week, In ltob- 
ertsou's -'HNiHte." Mnty Toung nnd Mary 
Sunders hnre other' prominent roles. DUTiiiir 
the pnst week "What tfuppened to .Tones^ 
kept the patrons In -good liumoi-. For week 
of K", "IA*nor-fiil Vntlov." 

Bowooin 'BqeAM (fl. K. Lotbrop, mana- 
ger). — Tliu Lotbrop Stock Co., bended- bv 
Charlotte. Hunt nud Knlpb Brown, will pre- 
sent "Wedded, But >o Wife." thin week. 
"The Peddler" was last.weekJa bill, attract- 
ing the- usual large nntroance which this 
house enjoys. Next. "Jim Bluilso." 

K>:it«-'s (B. - F. Kellli.'.iunnagcr). — A bill 
hurtl to Iteat U provided hero tuts week. 
ca.rds: Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Crane and 
coiuptuoy, Morris Crooln and troupe, Elluoiv 
Sisters, Wylle's l»og Circus C first time In 
America). Fields u ml Wnril, Vlllugo Choir. 
"Prlncoss" 'Trlxle (uecond vcek). FJarry nnd 
llalvers. Fred uud Pauly, Mabel Sinclair. 
Gertrude Gcbost. the Burkes, Tucclhi and 
QVben. Archer nud Crocker, mid new motion 
pictures. Big crowds were In evidence last 

Ouem-:rM (Percy Williams, manager).— 
Brausby Williams, npd Foy nnd t Mark head 
nn evenly balanced bill for week of 8. Others 
of bote tire : Woodward's -Heals, Pour T.ukenw, 
Vlnl t 1 DjiIv, Julius Tauiien, Orpheus Coniedv 
Four, IClIlc MuBlcul Four, Xettio Vesta, and 
thV.vltJgnipli. Big houses ruled twice dally 
] ii i I " week. 

.. UnWAitii (Jay Hunt, bnslnoss manager). 
—A bill of iHitent drawing '{wwer for Sand 
week "' 1 m-iiMle- : Fitrtglbbons. McCoy Trio. 
Golden 'date - Fire. Crane ltros„ Jlessenger 
Boys''Trlo, Abdullah Bros.. Kelly tud Adnins. 
the StanleyN. the Unrtelmes, Speddou and 
Herein. Uiitler- Havllnnd. Kcrrnutl, and tbe 
Howard Burlesquer*. in "Diamond* Tramps." 
The Gaius-Nelson tight pictures uro bnaar- 
Ilued for next week. 

Palace fC, H- Waldron. monoger).— Sam 
Scilbuer'-p tJav Masqueraderii tbls week. "The 
Fixer" and "Hpoiewiird Bottud" are tbe fuu 
vehicles. The olio uniues severul first class 
performers, among whom are Cooper And 
Black. The Majesties found things to their 
Itklugvlnst week; 

ToLV*ani.\ (Harry N. Forren. manager). — 
Tlie London Gaiety Girls, beaded by l*at 
White, lo "Casey's Vacation." Is the attrac- 
tion 6>lil. A stroog olio Include* : Lewis 
and' Green, Margie Calluo. Washburn tud 
Austin, Zaraldas, sad the Muulcal Bells. The 
[3MWWW U\ x .)f proBpered during: the past 

LYrnor (G. !l. Uncboller. niaungerl. — 
Th« Gay MOrhlng Glories are In bloom, bore 
this week. Thero ote two ejejbhb; burlcsnues 
on ib»« programme, and a vmulevllle bill In- 
cluding : Tbe dockers, Joe Clark, Etts Coop- 

er, titc, Uoblilsons, I'hilHjis HlsJ^rs. EW«. 
n«rvcy, JVC Hanson. Gus >'eier and Barry 
rt'lsc.. The LJd' Lifters attracted exceirent 
crowds Mat week. , • _- ' .-.* 

ACWJS'* roStfa Mlselm (a. 11. White, 
lannacer).— Tlita Is the foarth and flnsi week, 
in tliocttrlobttll, of Rnu*dloH, the nrmleaB nnd 
lerie**' wohder.- ■ New features are: The Zel* 
Ini; Marvels i' of strength; Mile. Carrlno's 
trick benrs; ' John Topp'n Black Hussar -Band.. 
rill's marionette-*, and Die monster python. 
Iir thf iheatre are: Minstrel -Maids. Intro- 
ducing Vlolene Dale. Ida. (Campbell. ISncn 
Toledo, Alice Berwick. Clara Steele. -.Mildred 
Blsa. .' Vlnln t:rrtwford. Lottie' Blanchard. 
Uilie nnrilell.Mrtc. Units, .Frank Cool. Harry 
. fVtcr, Hfiirv Mvers. Jnmes Maxwell, and 
extra vaudeville by Majtine, Phil and Carrie 
RhhmIL the -•Ultdiclla. llldstratcd soags and 
movlng : plchires. 'Business - Is Ik 

WALKnnVMiiriEi'M- ( L. B. Walkfr. man- 
tigerlv— in curio hall *-« : Tlw Georgia. Mto- 
tfm*, Walter Wentworih. oldest living con- 
lortlonii't. nnd Simuhllng, strong man. Stage 
show: Nellie Ilartforifs Gem Burlesquers. 
oilorBIfinche Lnrlng, Ilenc Campbell, Cooky 
nnd Cook; Lewis and Howard, nml Nellie 
Hartford. ■■■ . * . 

NiaULoncoif (W.'H. Wolffe, manager).— 
In the curio hall 8-1B: SomervHle Bros.. 
wrestler*', and Dnbe, stone breaker nnd heavy 
.voigm. lifter. Tbe Kntogo BitrlesquerB fur- 
nish the stage- entertainment. The olio : 
Anna 1'erry. Kdlth Farrlngtoo, DolUc Clif- 
ford. Hoy Collins, Annie Wnlsb, the Pnytons, 
and moving, rilftures. ■ 

CoaiqLE 1 W. J. Allen, manager). —Tlie 
nu»vlng picture features this week are : "Tbe 
Smugglers," 'The Night of tlie Party," "Five 
Cascades" and "Boy Tramps." Tlie Illus- 
trated song soloists arc : Frank Cohan, Tbos. 
Hnlloek, Harry Mason, Charles Fowler. Grace 
Mordaunt. Lillian SJorroll, and Beatrice 
rrluher. Instrumental numbers are by H. J. 
Law, Helen .Qualey, nnd Katberlno UMfiME 
tmd a\1Icc Vreemaa. S. K. O. hasiaesa pre- 

. Notks. — Sunday concert bills 7: BOtcdofn 
Square — Hlmon-fiardner and company, the 
Mltcjicllft (3), HlU and tiarrle Russell. . Car- 
roll nnd'Bnker, Mitchell nnd Murron, Brown 
nnd Wright, Hilton, -Collins and Collins, 
Texarkana and Wulby, Detle and Morln, and 
Lizzie- - Otto. Globe and Mafcuttc — Creasy 
nnd Dayne, Doheriy Sisters. Charlotte Tarry 
and company, Berzacjj Circus, Whitman Sis- 
ters and Robinson. Swan and Bamberg, La 
Belle, ■ Lawsoii and Namon. and Morrow 
Brothers -Keith'* — Valerie Bergere and 
company, the Phays, Dave Lewis, "Princess 
Trlxle,* "Mnv Belfort, Rooney Sisters, and 

Bedford and Winchester Charles Miller 

lias been engaged as leading juvenile wild 

the Castle Square Stock Co, Thomas 

llellly, of Brockton,, advance agent of "The 
Old Homestead." died at the Mllfunl, Mass., 
Hosnltal on Wednesday. 3, from typhoid 

fever Col. A. JX' White's novel creation," the 

"Mlnatrel AUiida" poster Is attracting much 

iittentiou Iii -Austin A Stone'u lobby 

)j. \V. Snvoge-wlH produce lnicclnl's opera, 
"Mudam Butterfly," at the Tremont, on 20. 
*,..-,. Leoiicavnllo's operutlc concerta will be 
plvjii at Symphony Iluli on Saturday after* 

noon and Sunday evening, ju nnd ^1 

Tbe "Food- 'Fair is attracting great throngs 

to tbe Mechanics' Building The owners 

of Paragon Park: have been petitioned Into 
Insolvency.: Tbe debts ntnount to S'i.'.OOO, 
u nd there Is outy ¥0,000 on hand to meet the 

. 1 . 1 1 iii h 

ttvrinwfleld.— At the Court Square The 
acre (D. 0. Glltnore, manager) upon tbe oc- 
casion of 'May Jrwia's visit, Sept. 27, "Airs. 
Wilson, Thars All," a new farce comedy, lu 
three acts, by George V; llobnrt. which rc- 
velvea- Its prewfei'i* at the Plalntleld (N. J.) 
Theatre, SepL- *_•!, was seen by a well tilled 
bouse. The story fells that Mm. -'Wilson,- a 
New York-aoeiety woman, has a: strong fas- 
cination for bridge whist, to the detriment 
of her tinuntTS.*- ■ Her- llrst matrimonial ven- 
ture- was a decided failure, xhe belog •deserted 
scon after tbe nuptials. 'Die husband being 
legally dead,' -Mrs. .Wilson bestows her love 
1'pnn Col. .Andrews, much to the disapproval 
ot hoi- nunt. Mis. Ullsey, who bcliaves that 
she . Khould show more respect to her first 
hUriband. Andrews nnd Mis. WUsou are no 
sooner Joined- in wedlock than' the whole 
libtiBO Is ith'iett up over Mr. Wilson's sup- 
posed return. " It proves, however, to be (Jer- 
;ild "McBwtcney, a close friend of Mr.. Wilson, 
who copies hlrn In dfess and whiskers. Mrs. 
Wilson will, not listen to bia Ktory, belle vlti 1 ? 
1 hut be has come to Inform her that WTson 
.-till lives. She prepares to 80c, after hav- 
ing left her confession to her second hus- 
band on a phonograph record. But all Is 
made right when It \n explained ; that Mr. 
Wllk)n has gone to Australia to rid himself 
of bis old board lug house mistress, whom, 
he had am r I red : previous to .the cere- 
mony with (beprCseut Mrs. Andrews. That 
makes the hide's first mnrriugc null and void. 
The cast; Mrs. Wilson, May Irwin; Col. 
Andrews, Adolph Jackwrn: tjerald McSweo- 
ney, John IT. Hdzzatd; Mrs. Gllsey, Lillian 
l>lx ; Manuel, .GettenheJmec Edmund Law- 
rence ; Rhbdii Klugston, Mary'K. TnylOr; 
Mrs. Ka(e Clancy,- (May Donohuc; Walter 
ltolHTts, ; C,' ldiRsel] Sage: Mabel Eeswlck. 
Madelou . lnvln ; James, J. Karly. Hughes; 
OerVtlr-cdc Sam; Bttt ■Both: Pierre. Herbert 
Iturlnu: Godolnjilu BalTerty, Wllltc Gray: 
llans^itl.'aher, Henry Hosier : Mrs. Dawson. 
Klf'uuur -Keiidplt: Airs. Gnrivtt, Kate Gotl- 
hnld: Mrs. Bec.kwltli. Tilly ?lonroe: Mrs. 
llobtwlck,-' Dorotbv- Bnrues ; Miss Morrison, 
Mamie Forrest; Kxecutlve staff : Knrt RIsfclr, 
miin-iger ; John S,org. musical director ; 
Harry Sloan, press representative : Itfmunrl 
Lnwrenvc, stage mnanger s Sam Victor, mnstcr 
mechanic-; Stewart Ii Boynton. master of 
properlles. A good audience snw Otis Skin- 
ner iilny "The Duel," Sept. **8. The star. 
Keith Wakeman nnd '.Walter Hitchcock scored 
big. "Are You a Mason?" 20, drew a fair 
mullcnce-.' Thomas Jefferson, In "Bin Van 
Winkle," ' Oct. 1, did; well." "Mr. Tfopklu- 
son," Ii, pleased Its patrons. The company 
give tbe production- a clever haudllng. The 
BrlghUUlo School flocnl) eutertnlnmcnt filled 
tbe honse «. Tbe Navnssar Ladles' Band. 
•i. cBncclcd. Vrank Daalels 3. "Tbe Arrival 
of Kitty" y, Timlin Theatre Co. tl. Jnoie* K. 
Huckolt 10. Albert Chevalier and Yvette 
Onllbert 11, "Just Out at College" E 
"BrewHter'a Mlllfous" 1*J. "Red Feather" 1", 
"The Volunteer Organist" "JO. 

Nelso.v (Geo. IT. Miller, resident mana- 
ger), — The only attraction of the past week 
was I'rter F, Dal ley, In 'The Press Agent." 
3. -I, .before two good house*. The stur oxnl 
eonjpaiiy won much npplnnse. Ilostock's nnl- 
tnalK 8 nnd 'week. 

Poli's (Gordon Wrlghter, resident mana- 
rferL— Bill week or S : Bert TjcsHc and com- 
paiiT, Kelly uud Vlolctte. Harry l.e Clair, 
Duutn. Redcay utid Dnifln. Zencr Kelfe. Wil- 
liam Iumaa nnd cotnputiy, t'avana: and elec- 
trognipIu-Last week's bill drew good' houses. 
. Gir.MORb' (P. F. Shea; maunger).— The New 
York Stars made merry, before good sized au- 
diences, i:,l. "The Man of Her Choice" 4-0. 
Ibe" Lid Lifters 8-10, "Tbe Romance of Coon 
HoIlOw" T1-1H. 

Notes.— Harold Snnford Is leader of the 

on-hewtra of "The Student Klog-." (Jeo. 

Ohotnlulue, trick bicycle rider, bos returned 
10 hi* home In chlcojteo. after a lour of the 
Kastern Still Pif. 

lbe..ojmo.:00JJity. to display hep ability In 
emotional work, and alio received great ap 

Sltnie. Ml-. De.Dcyti. ffreJerlcEnrt, Joseph 
. aiHowrCnmercii Cleittesi.- Mabelle IkfK 
Mirfe Can is. Arthur Buchanan nnd Sadie 
BcdrBHV added to tLelr laurels. "The Mld- 
suttaM^ week of 8. Tj* 

IlilUAWAV'.s (John I, ■ Shannon, rc-jfdent 
m.inftg<f)i— All reconls : at this 'house wi*re 
I'ruken last week, when overflowing houses 
ruled. CBnrlotte I'.-.n-y sqd- company, 1 la 
"Thr- ComsriKk Mystery." bended the list. 
'1 ho Juniper Hrmln-ri presented their cabinet 
1 rick, and inyiitlflcd everynne. Amerlrus 
Comedy Four. Swan and Bambanl. and Ray- 
mond nnd Caverlv smred big. Current: The 
Fourteen Black Hussars. Cunk and Clinton, 
Win. Iji Belle. Patsy lw>yle, Madge Fox, Her- 
ald Square Quartette, Mnck and Klllntt and 
the vltngrnpb. 

IIohtov (J. 11. Tehbeit's, manager). — 
Always capacity business here, and a good 
show. "The Country Store'* Is proving pop- 
ular as ever, and draws 8. R. 0., and the 
i'Biir.1 Hrge list of amatenrs hold forth every 
Friday. Current: De Bar Trio, Barry aod 
rwilr FlynH. ChnrlcH'MllImnli, Hnmea atid 
I^wls, Mel villi?, taut man nnd the Boston bio- 
scope. Tlila house starta Its Sunday con- 
certs f, with moving pictures and llluntrated 

Mestiox. — II. G. Bndlcy was In town last 
week. In advance of the James Kennedy Co. 

The Cosgrove Stock Co. has been re- 

hearsing at the Temnle during the past week, 
prior to tbe opening at Dorer, N. 'H.; Oct H. 
..... .J. Gordon KdwardH has joined, the 

Severlu De-Deyn Stock Co. r ns stage mana- 
ger.. ....Joseph H. GIUo-w, of tbe Acaderov 

of Music, was pleasantly surprised to see 
tbe members of bis old' command, during; the 
•Spanish War. occupying a block or seatsnt 
the opening 'night of "Mrs. Dane's Defence," 
it ad upon bis' uppearaiice received a cordial 
welcome. After the performance a" banquet 

Was enjoyed The concerts at the Hath- 

iiwav, Sunday, drew S. K, O Btadley's 

Moving Plrtnie Co. (S. D. Bradley, manager) 
is entertaining At 2»0 Central Street/ for 
na indefinite period, and business continues 
\try satisfactory. 

■ - * ■ ■ 

WoretrstBr. — At the Worcester Theatre 
(Alf. T. Wilton, resident manager) Cyril 
Scott, In "The Prince Chap,". Is booked for 
Oct S, l*. During week beginning l,*.a com- 
bination - group of trained ■ animals from 
the Bostock arena will be seen. Louis Maun 
and Clara Llpman, In "Julia Bon Bon." 
played to fair returns 1, i Peter F. Dutley. 
In ''Hie Press Agent." drew good slxed and 
very enthuida«tlc audiences 5, u. 

FraSklin Si.tiMsi: 'J'itr:.\n;h: (J. F. Ifurke. 
resident manager). — -Week of 8, Wright Lorl- 
nun, In "The Shepherd King." Matltueof 11 
a special performance of linen's "The Wild 
Duck" will be presented. Maxlne Klllott, In 
"Her Great Slatcli/Vplaycd to a full house 1. 
Eugenie Blair, In "The Woman In the Case," 
was well received 3. Frank Danlols. In "Ser- 
geant Brue," 4, drew u large and well pleased 
audience. Blanche Ring, In "MIbo DqIIv 
Dollars," .1. came to a fair .11 tendance. Tom 
Waters, In "Neighborly Neighbors," U, drew 
fairly well. 

PA uk Theatre (Alf. T. Wilton, manager). 
— Week of 8. the Champagne. Girls Co., with 
Potter and Hartwoll. Montgomery and Catl- 
ter, George B. . Alexander, Carrie Dzter and 
Joslc Webb, and tbe Three Moores. IasI 
week the Star Show Girls drew excellent basl* 
Dess, the Zouaves' drill wlnnlug an unusual 
amount of fuvorable comment. 
' Toli's (J; 'J. CriikJIe, inanager). — Week- of 
8 : Joe Welch,, t'ook and Madison. Jntnvs A. 
nnd Thomas Kit-man Co., in '"The Taming 
of the Beast:" Herr Sa-aia, the Misses Del- 
more, Pongo nnd Leo, Whitman Sisters and 
Willie RabitiHon, and tbe clcctrlgrapb.' liuisV 
ress is all that could be wished for. 

Notk, — Charles A. liarrlnger. bnoa-n by 
borne as John Pagan, died at St. Vincent's 
llogpltai here u. Mr. Barrlnger was yea.hi 
ago connected with the Lotbrop Stock Co., 
and In recent years played with companies 
•'resenting plays by liarklns, the local play- 
wright and actor. Sir. Bnrrlnger's malady 
vah consumption, and during bis Illness "Ibe 
local F. O. E. saw that he had the best of 
care and assistance. - . : 

Lowell. — At tbe Lowell Opera House 
fCahn & t.raut. managers) Thomus L*. Sbeu, 
In repertory.' bad a week of t-aparltv busi- 
ness, Mr. pbea Is a greut favorite here, arid 
his work, especially in "The Bells," "Dr. 
Jekyll and Mr; Hyde" and "Napoleon tbe" wus loudly apnlauded. The Jnmes 
KetittMy Co. week of 8. 

Academy or Mrsic (Rlclmrd F. Murphy, 
m.iiwgrr,.— The Sererla Do Deyn Stock Co. 
continue^ to enjov e-jimclty busloem. Tbn 
aVMnt last week. "Mrs, Dane's jVfeimv" 
afforded tbo leading lady, Eugenie Havden, 

Fall River.— At tbe Academy of Music 
(W. F. Mason, resident manager) Tout 
Waters. ln-".\elghboi')y ."Neighbors,- Oct. 1-a, 
drew fair booses. "Why Olrl a Leave Home. 
5, ii, plnyed to top heavy bouses. Dot Karroll 
Co. 8-13. Roc Slock Co. 104M 

Savoi' (W. F. Mason, resident mnangcri. 
— Black Dike Band greativ pleased l.. IlJeo 
Doone^ In "Tho Kerry Gowv" played .to .fair 
leturns '.'.- Frank Daniels, In. "Sergeant 
Brue," ii; was enjoyed by a large audience. 
VWhen Knighthood Was In Flower." 4, bad 
a good house. Presccllc and Mrs. Kdua Msv 
Mukjoon. h>*pnotlsts, G-13; Ban Bally 1%, li. 

Siikkdy's (Chas, R Cook, mauager).— 
Large uudienccs enioved the good bni last 
week. Current: 'The Big- Show." Clartou 
Kennedy and Mettle Rooaoy, Goldsmith and 
Hoppc. Helen Trlx, the Four Gregorys, 
llemnto aud Dlas, Frank Fogarty, and cam* 
eragruph, ■ - -*■ 

IhiMTux (Chas. Sclilesslngcr, manager).— 
Big busjtiess ruled last week, with a good 
show. Week of 8: Martin and Cramer, 
Bessie Ihiylc- Reded and Hodley, Boston- 
Bcope. aud stock burlesque. Kid Crowe. 
wrestler, meeting all- comers. 

XicXKLObKOK.— -Week of 8: Cora Evelyn, 
f.'race Belmont. . Kelly end Hale. Will and 
May Reno, Lena llarcy. Billy Nichols, and 
optlscope. Business la good. 

„ Lynn^-At Bfl Lynn Theatre (Frank 0. 
Harrison, manager) "Why Girls Leave Home" 
opened the post week, to good busiacss. 
"Ibivid IIarum,"Oct. 3, was seen by a Very 
uood house. "At Cripple Creek," 3, came 
«• a Ulr bouse. Nance O'Nell presented 
'School for Scnndnl" -1, to good ' business. 
"Under Southern Skies" came 5, and Daniel 
Sully presented "The Matchmaker" 0, tbls 
being under the auspices of the local council 
01 the Knights of Columbus. The Hurl Bur- 
gess Co.. Is the current, attracllou, opening 

5 for the week. Daniel Kyau Co -15-:$. 
Ai'OiTontiji (tiarrv Katxes, nianogjer),— 

Last week's business was floe. Tills week: 
Dome, Will Archie, the Doherty Sinter.-. 
Harry Corson QfaHfc* mid companr. Nevlila 
and Arnold, Brown, Harris and Brown, Holc- 
iuan Br-Jtbers ami Hie vltagraph : ■ 

fiKH (Chas. W. Slteufe, mauuger). — Toe 
lioose did a good buslnew week of 1. The 
i-iirrent attractions nn* - The Zimmerman's. 
>\ Ills and Brennnn. Kcllpy ami Kelsev, Frank 
Bnrerwn, George Van Horn and the moving 
pictures; • ~ 

Salem Tiieatiu:, Saj-em (Geo. H. Cuect- 
n:im. manager). — lluslness continues good. 
Tlie Clara turner ltepertorv Co. 3-D.. 

Notes.— Axel Hlrkoltn U how In charge 
of tlie ulectrlcut aflecN at the Gem. und ho 

also operates the moving pictures 

Krank F. Turley. the advertising "Ilnppy 
Hooligan" man, Is creatinR sensatmns about 
the streets of the city with his "cameror" 
and dog "Satan." Ills stunts an* tnkloff. 

Harry Tliomaoit, "The Mayor of the 

Bowery." made a hit ut tbe Auditorium, with 
his stories and Imitations 

Lawrence — At the Opera Houso ( Grant 

6 Calm, muimsera) "At Cripple Creek'* came 
n a fulf house Out. :■. vwihy Olrli Leave 
Home ' bad. fair business 3, Including mat- 
inee. Lunlel Dully, In "The Matrlimaker," 
played to a pocked Boukc ;l "Under South* 
ern Skies" drew good business *. Including 
ruutbiee. Nanco- O'Nell. In -"The School for 
Kcaudnl." hud a iatge and appreelatlve andt* 
enee B. "David Hamm" drew big houties ft. 
including matinee. Booked: "Nelgtborlr 
N'clglitior-j" 87 "The Ibiughters nf Men" lu, 
"Wlifii the Horvt>sl Am Arc (>vi»r** 12. 13, 

Colo.mal (J. Fred Lcrs, manager).— Big 


***-** .*■»•'*»*■* 



STPIfrg ,033T,PP;EiL. 

:bi«lae3s;*ud an hlUwecJt 
of J. WMW .y^K„ tf dB : ■ Bowd And Ne-' 

vBr^rprtwwf- IHibTiii.-'Jtodnpy. Ulsters, Orrii 
nftnvKw»f*Tfl'**.iJ. , Jveoftho|id company, Cliff 
UrapV>n, Co.nn ar,d j Conrad-; and • moving - plu- 
/MhPk' '%-:.-: -.*-■.:■ :.-•■ -:•■.'■■ 
y i&;,.-' I ; - 

/•■.X#w Hr4(»frt.— At . tho New H*dford 
^Theatre (Iw .\lL t'loss, .manager) . f'Cape 
IQPwouW*- $fpt. 27-:.St..bad good mIaS, 
jFrank DnnieJs, i On. l, . came (o capacity. 
Ollra Turne/, anl|. ter .excellent «;ompany 
Afew tbdr ' nsunl ■ bljr hnslness 2-fl. "Glrla 
Will Bo Olrli?' 8, •When the Harvest Days 
Are Over" H. ''New York Day by Day" jo. 
Ban -Sully. !m "The Matchmaker,*' li; 
gfiiif* Willie Walker" 12, ,4 Wby airlsLeoTe 
fccmeV 13. . 

VJiT*H'AWAT*a tT.B. Bnvlles, mannger): — 
'Iflltifor 'week of 8: Charlotte Parry and 
' company. 'the Jupiter Bros.. Crawford and 
FoMTwnTtfl'rtild sTmmonH, Cora Gray, Law- 
«oH and Nairmn, the Six Somlous and the 

vita yank-, „ ___ 

^.StAVo* .Arm. -II; Shine, manager).— -Week 
of& moving,, pictures and. Jennie Gerard. 

Xotrs.-tm- A.. Keed succeeds Gus Bassel! 
at '•llathtiwoy'ii.. :. ..Floroncft Hartley wan 
prearoted with, a floral horse shoe nt her 
opening p»irfontiBnep, l, alter which she at-i 
•.enA'd-fi Isr.rrieon given In .her-' honor.. ... , 
T. Arthur ifcGowen ha« be™ engaged as 
Tcenlc^grtlat 1 for the Bijou Thenlre, Clinton, 
•Mm**." " ' ■■- ' ■■ •_ '--. ' . 

.' HoIyokL-..-.- At- .the Optra- House (J. II. 
.O'ponnell,;,mnnageri Mnxine Kllintt. Oct, 2, 
came to r-ofMiclry. ':A Romance of Coon Hol- 
Joir.". .1,»niwi '"Kerry flow.". 4. pleased. "The 
Arrlvnlm Kilty," .Ti, came, to (food business. 
,"TUe- wi>mnn In the Case" «. "A Bagged 
Messenger'' h. ** 'Way Down East" 11. "%fam- 
HelU*.-Stallte" 12.*>*nnce O'Nell 1.1. "Jiult Out 
■of College?" 13,- "The Volunteer Organist" 17, 
■•Bed Feather"- 10. ■ <■ 
\- TOTi-inE :'" IT: 'P. Murray, manager). — . 
"Bertha. the. Mewing Machine, Girl." i-,l, and 
fhp Gay Mnsmieradfint, 4-0. came to good 
luirtaeint. - -TllB _Maa of Her Cholce" ; fi-H>. 
Harry Bryant's .Show 11-18. ."From .Tramp) 
io Millionai re" 10-17, Al. Beeves' Show 18*20. 

' Tflnntcm,-— At (he Taunton Theatre (Caha 
Jfc^Croav managers); Pot Kar roll Co. came 
week - or OH. •'I,- to good business. "Why 
ulrld ■ f-eavfl nome"- Oct. ft. " 'Way Down 
Eaat" 0. "When the llarveat Pays Arc Over" 
10. "The Won 'and rhe ilonw" 11, Dan 
Bully 12, Ezra Kendall lit. 

■ " * ' : ^ »■.» • ■ . 

• ''.\ OHIO. 


-.walnut pTitEET (.u.c. Anaerson, niana 
gerj.— ''Babes. in-Toyland'! opens. 7.. -Jullp: 
Cl^.s''c5idbany ' in^ iSnndaV'" vvtth x&a 
(Tttrfen 1H fitltel.BarryriQreVoldirole, dre* 

Cincinnati. — The strenuous campaign 
fnr.rjatrODage.Ia evidenced In Increased, ac- 
tivity among the- representatives, who pound 
ndt -stories lor the dally prints. It still re- 
inalna to T he " dombnatrnted whether Clncln- 
i tall can take good rare.ot ten' theatres and 
Intntre them to' be all money .make™. 

■■" us.vsr Oi-K.'iA Hu'si: .(llarr}- lutnforth.& 
X:-i-j.ii II ' iiri', TJianagcrs). — rElsle. J aula 
makes fier.-QrAt Cincinnati . appearance,. In 
"■'itrr- Vanderbflt Cup,". Oct.' 8- Last week. 
Itptx-rt -■HUleaon. i after an absence of four 
>vnr-i, wan --received .with' enltlnslaym. In 
^■Stronglleart."■ - Xlary- ItoiAnd. hla leading 
lafly.-^ has .made remnrkable strldeH- la her 
profcsulfln »y e Bt*B pa w a a-a aaenMri of the 
Hice^StockH'o...- Business ruled good. ■."The 
P'riffee^f •Pll6en' , .-15.-~' ■ -.---■•-' fW ; •' ,:t 

-.WXi^nL't Stiieet (M.C.- Anderson, raana- 

i : ^pca 
IflrrynlQre'a.'Olrt :rq!e, drew 
foft" sized .hoiisea last week'. ■ '*Fanra«ina"-14. 
. Robisbon's- Opeha HotsE ifleorgc* F. •'.-& 
Ciiella , P. Fish, .mnnager*)..— '•Trllby.V with 
lfldv-Adalr.-in-. the' title ' role. nhd-iHorscnei 
>filyAU a* Sveugail.wlU be revived 7, .hythe 

Soropflufib Stock Co.. which preaented the 
lehard Mitnsrjflii success, "ifonsj. Beau- 
i.-a!rA" 16 well pleased audiences last week- 
*^A NlgUt at the Circus" 14. 

Columbia- iM. C. Andcraon & Henry M. 
Zleglec, managers). — The IMnua Troupe nro 
the headlinem 7. with Long and Oottou, 
Carou and Herbert, the Avon Comedy-Four, 
Illnes'and Hemlncton; Hcnnlngs, Lewis and 
HoqqIqsr, Murry K. Hill, the Mannings, .and 
Henl'y^Lee. as oo-eaterta friers. Laat week's 
bill - drew splendidly,: with Dan ■ Burke's 
Scool Girls* ' and .Virginia Enrle's Jolinaies 
as the atar cords. . . . 

Gnvsupic ■■ {Dan S. McCoy, mnnafler); — 
Triale Trlgfliizn, n daughter of Cincinnati, 
comes" 1 .with Adolpii ■ Zlnk. Fanny- Van, 
the 'Three ■JlQ^rfl.-Ihicto and DebipHey. Borneo 
end Juliet, Fred Karao'a I'ahtomlnal»t», 
Carter.- vMrt. jljenry. HenrWa, . and Edgar 
Kcough and company, Kdna Adg, adotner 
natlre daughter,, was. the migitet who drew 
Iiaclfid-hDUseaall. last week, -. — 

HCucs'a Opeilv Hocse (lletick, Fennessy 
& Stair, ;;ntan4Rer8). — Ernest Hogan arriYCS 
l.'lB "Rufua Itaatus." ^'Behind the Mask" 
tllletl the bill for lovcra of melodrama, last 
jreelt. -"A- Desjpernte Chance": 14. 

L.YCECM (Heuckv Stair & Pennesey, man- 
tiffin).— "TMflve Wltiieaa" comes. 7. '"The 
Curse of Drink* did splendidly laat week. 
"The Phantom- Detective" 14. ■ 

People's (Herbert lleuck, manoier) .— 
The Merry Makers will be reinforced 7 by 
<iaEB-N'elson tight pictures. 1 The American 
Hjrlesqaers played to good bualneait last 
waea.'The Brlgadlerir 14. ' ' 

8TANr>ARD.— -The Dainty Duchesa Co., es- 

2uired.:bv -Weber &.£uah. cornea 7. after J. 
teAert'JUack'a*. World. Beaters played to fair 
Jni9lnea», Bon Ton - Biirlesqiiera 14. 

IjKBman <Ott« Brneat .Scbmld, manager). 
— Tne reason commencea 7. at Hie ft rand. 
wh<n the Maurice Uaeterllnck play, "M«nna 
Vanwi," will be utoged. Mnrearet Eililg H 
the n*w leartlDtf lady. Other additions to the 
codtpany are: Boa! Harden, from tlm Vienna 
VoTlcH. Theatre; Clementine Pothy, ( from the 
atrtrtt'-Theatre. .Salzburg: K. Kuehue. frmu 
Heidelberg:. Hans Weug.mfeld, from Uerlln ; 
Frelerlck Albert Gtoa, from the ltoyal.Wules- 
laden, nnd Aiphoase Achlnuacb, from Hie 

sj*tit.atetiin. ■ . 

OOHatF op tiih liOBnv.— Will P. : Oorinan, 
of Cincinnati, was here preparing tot -th? 
oMKlng of the. tour, lit ColtimbUR. o., of wil- 
l/am II Crnnc nrtd Bllla Jeffreys, In "She 

SiiMfia to Conquer." Cincinnati bill post- 

ersiurcat war, : the result of a mla-lip over 

an. .Olvraplc contract. Mny Gregory, 

ilelottl- rtllvlo and Mrs. Walter .Lawsou 
were >the joint carda with -The Tlmt+8tnr 
NeWaboya' Baud at the dual concert of the 
season at the Boo, 7. given under the ail- 
Apices- of -.'tin Advertisers'. C'n*>" ■ ; ■• " ll1 
Wheeler Is- hero -iu advance of .'*The Prints 
oi"\IMlflen.". ;. . Robert Edeeon and his com- 
piinj'.arc rebeftralhg the Hauptman pjay, 
•rJeaV' which la booked for n'tnRtlhee per- 

foraiarice In Chicago Belle -Illgiloii 

lias. canceled her enpagement io play la ."The 
Arrival of Kitty," nml will remain Here. ... 
Jabtos J. Hyde, ot Btliel Barrymore'i bun!-' 
iiMiH^-.curim^.'aiHfttt aeveral «lnr« here mat 
week. "The C'lirlslmtis Oift." a vaude- 
ville, playlet, by n Clnclubnllaa— Fred Allen 

jHririrWatrrl Uy Cfcartw J. Haloes;. Ed. 
Mffl M. Jenkins. 0. P. Hamilton,- Helen 
I)wm'iand KIU May, is booked for the. Co- 
liimtila li.. ..Adcle Wealtleld Is IvWjM 
ptamat. at'. tan .'first reciial af tho Hartn 

Hiring Qunriette Jennie, Mnnnnrlmer 

linn^ddenl ti cblldri-d'rt class to her ■-HHiool of 

Iiraindtlc Eipresslon Mary HIbjkmi Do 

jld« will give n r ecital at .the O deon 25. 

tlfcvelHtid.— At the Opera nouae (Harry 
DAKHtie.^naaagcrl 'The Hogen Brothers; lti 
IrVfiuur ttSOt OrC 8. "TwitWlte-Tjaddle 

flfeABoodhousea week of 1. Marie Ureasler 
and jJ? Weber being the chief attuclloua, 
• CMra >leodgoou week of IB, ■ . , 

■ tmo^tai. . CDrow A Campbell, .managers!. 
-VkiStniV-w^k of fl. —Brown, *f Ijnr- 
vaw;^Htar"Jnit ilenrj- Woodruff, drew IWea- 
did houaea tv*k of L " 

^ .-:■■■ v V- 

- -LiCEtiMjIflecAL^Todd, manager).— "Tax- 

ns week of s. Johnny, and Kmmn Hay had 
xooA recelpta week of 1. "The Cowboy *OlrP" 
week or,lB, 1 • • !, 

LiflHEffiifS** 1 M. -Todd, mnaager).— 
TiieHjhnrt BfiVwceft of 8. "A SSmte 
? ] 3, n fl r 5.-* ,rew ' jWI?u week,of I. ■' Arrow the 
raelflc" week of lit 

KtiTn^H itX, A-, Daniels, manager).— Bill 
weA of 8 > Includes : <-The cricket.." Four 
Uarveys, Bdoula and Edwardi. Fred Bav 
and others. 

^Kjy-JK- Peekham, manager).— Bill 
weekof S Includes : Booney and Bent, Frank 
i:u*mnn..Paacatel Gilday and Fox. Madge 
Mnltland,- CVcllIa Webster, .Musical Harta. 
and Jf-iater Cunmlogs. 

Stab. iiDrew & Campbell, managers).— The 
Americans week of 8. The Imperinl Bur- 
.le?(piOM had good houses week of 1. The 
Merry Makers and Gnn>i-NelBrm pictures week 
Of' In. ' ' * "■ ■ 

Enpibb (Chaa. w: Denzlnger. roaDoger).— 

Itlce & Barton's Co. week of 8. Al. Beeves' 

ilS/feW! ? bow Dftd * owl hohsea week of 1. , 

Pb'l Sheridan s City Snorts week of. 15. 

■ '— ■ i m — i — 

Voonfcatuvt-n, -At the Park Theatre (If. 
1-. GqaseoheUn, manager) ■•pantana" pleaneil 
fair audiences Oct. .1, 4. De Wolf Hopper. 
in . ".Happyland" and ".Wang." 8. 0, Adelaide 
T'»ur*»«n. in "Tho Girl from Out Yonder." 
II ; Guy Standlcg 12, 1.1,' In "The Kocletr 
l:i»llceg)an: , M''ior.'nce Harulltoc Id. In "The 
Other TVonuin ;" Henry K. Dlicy 17, la '-Tho 
Man on the Box." 

i iieAHQ {Joe Schagiln. manager). — "The 
Rrom'o' Blister" rame to fair buMriess. 4. 
The Rogers Brothers. "». tilled the house. "A 
Slster'B Sacrifice'* • ft. Lew Boekstader's Mln- 
>rreu H. Maxlne Elliott 0, Mlldrbil Holland 

10. "Across the I'adilc" 12. Kellar 13. 
Sox v.. — Tlie Youngstowo baseball team wna 

l«n<itieie<l nt- the Ijlks'. Club, evening of r», 
ilils team hcldg t pennant winning team .for 
three years In succession In the O. and l*. 
League. Manager Marty Bogaii, who has so 
successfully .managed the Youngs town team 
-the past three years., [a receiving congratu- 
lations from the entire community. 

CoiamhQi. — \t (he Oreat Southern (Win. 
Sanders,- manager) Tanguay. In "A Good 
IVllow," 'drew a good house Oct.. 2. Lillian 
Unssell plnved to fairly good houses It, 4. 
"Hit! raff!! roirf!!! 1 ' entertained good 
houses 6. Rthel Barrymore, In "Alice Slt-by- 
the-FIre.'* 0; Maxlne Elliott 11, Thomas Jef- 
ferson- 12; 13. 

SitcneiiT (P. 0. Miller, manager). — "Tho 
(Jre'atcr Love" drew large houses 4-(l. Grace 
Reals, a local girl, who has a leading role, 
was tendered a reception at. Hotel Uortman 
by her many friends. T> Wolf Hopper 12, 13. 

Hicn Stbekt (Chns.'W. Harper, manager). 
— "How Hearts Are Broken" played to Inrge 
Jiouses 1-3. Ernest, Hogan, In "Rufiw Rns- 
tus," entertained capaclfy housed 4-fi. Harry 
Clay Blanev. In "The Boy Behind tbe Gun, ' 
8-10; "Busy iaxy'a Vacation" 11-13, "A Race 
for Life" 13-17. 

Xotei*. — Frederick Wartle delivered two 
lectures on Wh»kesnejire.liere, nt the Pniver- 

enll»t, Church, 5. Among the prominent 

tlieatrlcal people.- here during the past week 
were: Jules rfurtlg. of Hinrtlg & Seamon ; A. 
Shapiro,. manager of.. the, Empire, Theatre, at 
TolPdO : Paye. Conrtuey and Vnughn- Glaser, 
of ttfe;yauRiin;GlaHer..Ktock Co., whli'h closed 
Iait(wcek-ftt Cleveland; Joseph Broqk^ road 
dlrector.'andHerbert'Gftjslmm, general' atage 
director,' for .Klaw.,4 Erlangei-,:and J. J. Mc- 
Na11y:j.,. -••••• •.• '•' .»;■ '■- - ..- ' '-.,,- 

r* - *', ~ •■'■■* — — — — — . 

Canton, — Atdoe Grand Opera nouee (Kd- 
word.X.'M°o re ' manager) iHimmeleln's Ideals 
MfaaH previous records for attpndahce week 
of Sept.. 24. whlle-VPiff-l-Pnff ! I -Potd ! ! !" had 
capacitv Oct. 1. "The Pit" did well 2. Besses 
V'tn'- Barn Band' delighted a good audience 
4. "Tho Beauty Doctor." 5. and "Fantann, 
0, had good advance sales. Mildred Holland 
ft. Thomas Jefferson 10, "Before and Alter 

11, Florence Roberta 12, "Thorns and Orange 
Blossoms'* 13. " V ■ .-_ 

Bijou (Potts & Thomas, managers).— Fine 
hualness was the rule 1 and week. For 8 and 
week: Fries Sisters. -Mora, • the Mystic: 
Barker and Barker, May . Moro. Lllllc Rose, 
'Gertrude Wilson, and moring pictures. 


;l«aiA»aT*l*s^— The Mason Opera House 
(1L C. Wyati .mnnag-'ij .Is .still closed. 

. Belarco. (John It ,Blockwood, manager). 
— "Biwlness la Business," by the stock mm> 
panyj dtew well week ending Kept. 2U. 'Tha 
ciliniters" Oct. 2 nnd' week, "Why Mh* Left 
- Home" 8. 

MORosco'n BmR,\SK.<Ollrrr Morosco, man- 
ttger).— The- stTck company prodacsd "Jnnico 
Meredith* sept. 20, to i aootl business, and 
It Is to be. continued, another week, owing to 
popular demand. "Sherlock Ilolmei" Oct. 7. 

Gp*Hb OPi:m Hoi'nr <Clarenco Brown, 
manager), — VQueen of the HlghblnderH." bv 
the Vlrlch.StrJck Co« drew well week ending 
Sep-t. .». -A nun, the Singing old.*' is 
prosentrd by Cam stock company 30 nnd week. 
■ The i.lamhier of the West" anilerllned. 

OftPitf vm (Martin -Heck, general manager). 
— Foat.ire* Orr. 1 nud.ifwk: It, <J. Kn»wle«*, 
McMnli-m's rnllninn Porter U Iris, the Arl- 
bo*, \i\|nh«ii and- Chappelle, In "TWcntv 
. Minutes from Train Time;" Italian Trio. 
Flake and McPonongh. In "flood Nowa ;" 
Minnie Knufniau. Chlnk*> and motion pie- 
lures. •■ ■ ' 

HoTcitKiH-t <p. |.\ .Mnmliinii. manager).— 
"Pnurboo, the Cricket.", by the stock com- . 
■pany, played to pond htmlresa week ending 
Sent. 30. The I toward- Ha mil ton Mjtock JCS. 
h|rt*rs "Arabian Nights" fof this s-eek. 
l.lrgortjrj'K |C, Slack, 'manager). — Kdlth 
Tueker and company presented "(?arme» 1 '' to 
goofl business, week' ending !10. "Ik)i*a - 
-iikorne" .thla week. • 1 

■ ViaciiRa'a tA. E. Flsi-her, mnnnger), — . 
•"'Our ClrCtis Qneen." Ity Fischer's All Star 
Co.,; Xmscula, contort Ion lat. and motion pic j 
ttirVavM the offering ftct.'l and week. 

Empihr (Billy Banks, resident manager), i 
—Features 1 nnd week : drift Bros., novelty « 
pymiiflstai Waiter Track, black face come- • 
dian'.iTborne ,and'Holdnworth. stneers and 
daUccrs; Laura Bank*, picture bnllaillst; (III- 
llbraitgh nnd Vlltoo. Jugglers nnd manipu- 
lators ;■ Eraptrc Stock Co..' present Ing * '('he 
Hough Itider'N Iteturn," nnd clnnnamgra|ih. 

UNlbjo ( llrnti: & Znllpe. prnprlctort*).— 
Fealin^es 1 and week: SVIII Kske, Sphinx 
wizard ; Mr and Mrs. J. I 1 . Lee and Little 
Madeline, In '-Thou nh.tlt Xotsteal;" Ho- 
cents and Vail, high class vocalists; Mor- 
rison 8'atara, song. and dance; Unique Tplay-. 
era, presenting ''The, Jury and the Judge:" 
Illustrated songs, and the Pnlque-o-scope. 

.\ot>:^.- -Msry Van I'urrn Is to. extend 
her. engagement at Morocco's Burbank for 
several weeks. ...Maud Gilbert has been en- 
gaged to play "sceomls" there Albert 

M. Hawthorne, tho singer, who died In lion- 
don. .Eug., after a prolonaed Illness,- was 
from I.fs Angeles.. . .Ilobnrt Bos worth and 
♦Aife " (Adele Knrrlngloiii .hove gone . to 
Tempe. Arizona, for 1 ho Winter. .... , Mary- 
Lulu Mcnxtng (stage name Lulu Marie 
Toyrer) obtained a divorce here, Sept. *J8, 
from George. J. Mensing. 
. ■-, ., » ■ 

Oakimnd.— At the Mardonough (Chas. P. 
Hall, manager) the Kllcfonl Xtock Co,, In 
"Tho Sign of*tne 'Four,"' had rnpneliv houses 
week ending Sept. 30. "What Women' Wilt 
Do". Oct. 1-d. •-'iWoirl from Texas" follows. 

■ LifiKiiTX tlf.-W. Bishop, manager). -Trlilah- 
op's'-Htock Co-.>ln-*'A. "Frip to. Chinatown," 
did 'heavy business week endlne-. Hept. 30. 
Bishop's '-'company of players, of "Peaceful 
Vo'liey,'' Oct, 1-tt. "Why Smith Left Home" 

;Id6ba Park (H. W, Bishop, manager). — 
The' Idora- Opera Co., In "Tbe Idol's Eye" 
(Beeorid .week* , Oct. 1-6. Capacity business 
was.- the ■ rule last week. In preparation, 
"lolanihe." • 

■ Bbli. (Ed. Homan, manager) .—Features 
Shod week : Bell Mlnatrel MaldR, Fred .Wll- 
llaris,' coin'edlah"; 'Al,: Jolxon,. monologist; J. 
M. McPher*4ou, illustrated . songs : Harry 
Boemer, Juggler: Thornblll and Curter, cota- 
edhtfis'nrtd dancers,' and trie latest Bell mo- 
tion pictures. Booming business, last week. 

ynt't;r,Tv (Toby I^ibolakl, manager). — At- 
tractions 8 iiriil week : Francis Dunn and 
company, Lyons and Cullum. Chapman and 
Nelson, Mnrcita and Adell, Julia Hamilton, 
and the blographl Capacity business last 
weefc ' 

• ■■♦«» . 


Clipper Post OTlicg, 

la, order to svvohl mtitaUes and to 
ln*a,t* tne prumpt dcllvrry of the 

totters naTexti«e3. In tills list, »n 
enveloue nlatnly addrcsaed most m 
neat tor vnch letter, nnd a written 
order- for tlie letter, atoned w*tn tbe 
fall name and KdSdresa and the Una 
Dt baslneaa followed by the sender, 
.bona? also fan enclosed. 

l'lcns« mrntluix tin* date (ore nnm- 
bcr) at the CLBPI'ICH In vrhleh tlie 
lettera sent foy.itere advartlacd. 

"■; i.\i)in<i' list. , 

Adrlnns, Al(oi> .niniDtinil. Jcnn 
,\rnoi<t, BeaTik-c Dean, Htm. 


nair i sj i , Pair 

.vsiyn. Laura 
Appell. Uaias 
aaawnr, Nanus 
Alien. Violet 

AttiVrson. 1". 

Acton.' l.ntirn 


Mlpew (PfsMave 

lt-> Witt, l.llllnii 
Hale. Carrlo t . 
[hiiiliiiiii, _SLiiali 
Dnjlon, Mai 
Wow, Margie 
man Vtfto-ia 
Iinrl.>, lluliy 

I'.lUrt. SIIm 

' ' i UhMl.-v 
Rarl, .Miirg-itjte 

Aleislw. Mrs.Wnt'Kvp^nn Hahele 

to Vny. BrMate 
Hsrkiw, Anna 


SliWiro, I nn.'H.i 

liaoajitfni . 

a sisters 
Moore, Oeyla V. 
MaeHfiv. Julia 
Mollyn. Alice 
Melton Knilirrn 

"Uh. n. tt. 

MnwD, llniel 

yliaas, Rimer 

Mcl'li'iituu, I.. 

'.i.iiiihu, Mrs. J. 

U^.iv. Otlllltt- 


oetii _ 

Harrys Clay Blntiey n-m. 

VictoMa' (Claude Miller, tnanagor).-^LH- 
llaii' Rnsseltt In "Barbara's Millions," played 
to -very- good- business: Mho) .Barfjnlftre 10. 

New Ohand <plctt Tracy, ntahager).— The 
bill Inst week, proved a very good' one, espe- 
cially DrakorV Sheep nnd Dog Circus. and_.the 
Two Lawrences. Iri 'The^'Cycllng Tramp and 
the Maid." Bill week of 8: Jas. god Cel'a 
WolBh, Rosa: Bisters, Leonzo, and Williams 
andPnllma ti^ L- '• : ■- — - 

Sptlnjirneld.— At the Grand Opera Housn 
(L. J. Dalle, manager). "A. Trip to Egypt' 
illleil the bouse Sept. 27. "The, Bennty Show 
did- good b\isJoese-2«. "A Stranger in. Town 
waa w»» pntroBlwHl 20. "The (ireater Love 
had a line audience Oct. 3. "Jphnay Wise 
ti: Laura Rivers 10, "A Desperate Chance 11. 

Obpuium (Gns Sun, manager).— Bill for 
week : of Swill Include: HelmT^hildr^n, Krc- 
tore, cnrrigan and.Uays.iBlamphln and Herr, 
and Harry l laley. ,.^, ... 

. OIlKtiOH, 

Portland.— At the lleillg (W. T. Psngle, 
manager) "The lloyal Chef" had a. big houEn 
Sent. 30.-" BIchards & Prlngle'a Georgia. Mln- 
Btrcls did good business 24-2H. Waldeaar- 
l Jnd, violinist, va* heard In recital 28. by a 
large audience, lie was assisted by MrH. 
Walter Uoed. coniralio; the Lnkme Quartet, 
Mrs. W. E Thomas, pianist; Arthur Aleian- 
Jcr, tenor; Hon J- /an. baritone: H. E. Cour- 
scn ' plaidst, Dljsby . Bell . wUI be seen ■ Oei. 
4-6, in ,u Thc Education of Mr. Pipn." "Check- 
ers," "The Maid dnd the-Mummy" and "Tho 
Freedom of Suiannc" follow. • 

Bakbr (Oeo. li. Baker, manager).— Tbe 
Baker Thottre Co. had two big hoiisrs Stpt. 
SO,- to witness "A Texas Steer." The com- 
bflrtv did good business -week or 23. hi 'The 
Wlldemesj." "Tho (Jay Lord Qucx" Oct. .. 

Ehfirj; (Milton W. Seaman, manager).— 
"A Millionaire Tramp" used .the H. R. O. 
«lrn) nt both perforranncea aept, ML "A Mad 
Love" did fair business week of 21 "lincle 
joKhrrerkln&" Oct. 7. "The Holy City" 14. 

aUMM {J. U. Krrlcksou, manager L— Lew 
PaTinef Morrison and lloaia. Camllle Peraonl, 
Harmond nnd Clark, Salmon and Cheater, 
Harold Hoff and Grandlswpe. 

■STAit (J- II. ErrlckBou, martagcr).— Tho Al- 
len. Htock Co. week of Oct. 1, presenting "Tho 
Count of Monte CVlsto.*' ' . . 

lA-utc (Renting t Flood, niauagera).— Tho 
Lyric Stock Co., presenting "Lscaped from 
llindage," wctk of Oct. 7.. Meter*. Keafltig 
& Flood nm coustructlug a balcony In this 
house, wlikb will give them u seatbiK cu- 
nnellv of nearly one Uiousand. lhe Itnprovt- 
ments will cost uUn-i $4,300. 

Fuitts'h i Thomas Rconcy. manager). — 
Bessie Ford. Lillian llliu-k. Bonnie Ilouale, 
MaurcttuM and Hull, Moncrlef nud Smith, 
Roooey and Forrester, Marie Dlllard, Mae N. 
Voriion, Virginia Vernon. Jones and Bavelle, 
Prances Bunt and Jessie Slsson. 

I'v\tu,':m (John A. JohUHun, msnagerl. — 
The six St. Leons. the Two Birdt, JHurl 
HUarp and Baby May, Smith and Kills, Odes- 
sa Brothers, nud the olograph, presenting 
lhe Gaua-Nelson tight. " ' 

OAkB FwrMRSi PaUiC' (fl.'-H. Frledlander, 
manager ).- : -Oood business. Special attrac- 
tBSFMm of 0«. l: Bert WE&d 'The 
Man Who Blngs to, Beat the Band." and 
D't'rhhrifl's Bbyot Italian Band. 

\lrni. Mile. Kmiaett, Katie 

Asbti'n. )hi<e> KUsmmI X 
Atkinson. Clare tV, Mm, ... 

'Affa. \llee Rmmy. Mjilami' Mnri\ Eilua 

Baiftifc FJor- (tortV, \il.e i.ueMltli Masgio 
-"■Veiic* U Roy'K«)H*r, Mask* [MrlXtltt 
Burter, Mrirale Fnaeas, Itnthh Mnrrlo. Aiiim 
Blake, Jessie E. Puller, ninrla ' iMItohell. D-.rn 
■KBffS. Fanny FlemliiR Ktliel fl Aferw-ppn^ HtUy 
Hoiiaall. Marie t'aileilen W.Oreli llnrini. Delia 
Berasnl Martha I'lnlivr, Mlnnk- IMrlmU Cutollno 
Bennett.. Lillian Fmlvrlelt, Vorwwul, Man<le 

grown, Dora D.i ssasmblai O'Uny, Alette 

nrt, Ltuir* : ll-oreman. Juea. -I Porte*. Alice 
Bbr.on, Annu H'lllt'li, l.iit'lne t'rcwou.'t, Ilaael 
BarrUun, Mahlo IVrmler. Mary fhllllpu, Buela 
Bnrnard. I'-iinl-i .tl-'i^mM IVtcr*, Nettle 

, Mrs. Oeo. KnirliiKtiui Nliui Pretynun Adele 
Berrv. Mlllan il'remoni, I .Ml If Itlckigonii: 
Krajhahi, H'trMlmr Maput'l ' Mnrlon 

Kstliryn Plrluii, Joes L, j It* Hand, Allele 
Itclcber, Clara - FUkf. I.litnet flVirrelte, Grace 
Uiirt'>n, Kleraora Onrwlla Mrn.M ('rriwly, 
RentAJi, I....M. uanjner, BsJRf * 

Hill, flraham 

Icrrlng, liil 

lebt-rt, w. O. 
Itnry, Sreu 
Ielton. Aifml 
lowe £ Scott 
lerU-rt, 1-.HIH 
isstieas.' Hen 
lodeblns; Vnrt 
lnvkln * A Tiilk 
UrtHtrtte, J.W. 
Instrell Maurktf 
1 iHen, Jack 
luff, Itciiry 
lays, Uarvy V. 
I inltnr Mnr. }l 

lowatd, XL 

Ianna, ,r. 
HomsjoitU. J. N 
Unttnl'h- ruil 
lliilley, iniwn 
llokld, P, I-:. 
UnbtuiM. O. D. 
Helton Cbni.P, 
Hrtllniid. liny' 
H,irilliiy. L'liu*, 

itubbani. A, It. 
Herman Hubert 
If aw, Harry K. 
llenrv, TlKimnH 
Uatvt'll \ Mciilt 
.ilrnKomi (luii. 
1 Haw* it }\*U 
Harrison Arth. 
Ilnh-N, Wm. M. 
Berbrtt, Harry 
liiiKhif, Nick 


llsrrv II. 
I tabled. |l«*rt 
Rood. B. 1). 
llkkey Ar 

UrfTrmi, Tom 
llyluulM, Ttttrc 
llallaiHl.'K. . ■ 
Hale, llnrry 
Itottfoti pros, 

IllllnO Wm, 

Hlll.lH, Will. 

Iniiiotr. licwi*r F 
hi'l.iml Fr«sl J. 

Jiwi, hi 

Morris.' -Bir Pill 

.Melvln. Fred 

Miller, Bnasna 
Mattell, Oliver 
•*--yLr A Solii 

lielino. W, 
McConi, Lewis 
Maion, 11. M. 
.Uarili, J. F. 
McOrath a 

Motrlisty i. 

j Ptoetot 
McCarthy Jno II 
Allirer. 1' I,. 
Mnrray. Fit. 
Moutrese I'raok 
Miller, joe 
Mac's, Boaajr 
J«(ti. I. .T, Jr. 
Maeoy, Jo*. 
Alsm-'ull, ilni.C 

AliHiiilmt'. Alex 
.Multlieivit, Nell 

Mililir!. Al 

Ati>Ul«Hi. Hurry 
Miihoii, Tony 
Mitnyn, Tlw*. C 
Hlrto St BIpI 
\1«i..U..||,., AJ. 
.MalsHtey, tit, < 
HMt y, M . ' A. 

Moaner, .Mr. 

& .Mrs 
Mnrlti, Tw« 

tug, Wri,1 
.Mnekay. .lulle 
»hy, .Mr. ft 
Airs.- I'niu 
.MKVulk Siimiit 
MsMe, Wat. N 
Mgent hilly- 
McfawU Amty 

M-i;'l!ih Itnn.I 

Mrtl Kfli-li). ,1 ill' If 

Mrlleni'). 1\ 
Mnrt>h: Si liiini 
Mnriiliy. At 

Mnrtliil. im. 
Three Muikvltsrs, U 
|Naale. Dun 

Banieri, W a H i i a n j j o i n B ir r re>li« 
Browne. F. 11. Oanliwr Mi-m.J.U 
BoiK'k, Burl . (ielavr Hrsjolm 
Baker, Ollre Oray, Mmle 
Barry Elltarelh Oeor--e, iin'a 
lllat-kfonl l.ntlli* iliintncr, Vt*l<y 
■ Klngliani. Ilascl tianim-r, Hetiy 
Hiiie* I.wretby Oanlner, rirare 
itn.n'-.H. Mnv u»'Ix-«l Mertrmli' 
Itiilr, Jcannella U*^-*. ■ Kuium r!. 
Rskter.Mrs. PA llalilu. Silvia 
Beunett, BUI, Nellie 

. Msigeilte ii.-iijiKi-. 
BTatMreftt Mstwl Mm Benobt 3bUU Harrlxoii Minnie 
Brailbnra, Pearl IhuthCM, 
BncKlay. l-'lflrenee 

.Madallne Bointnn Ilea t tie 
Brwkway. Barn, Mrs. Otlo 

Florence lluvwoo.1 Jch*Ip 
Champion, ■ llotlniul Nellie 

Manila ll<UHtoti. 
Ojioncy, Tntte ' Miinrsrel 

OiirtlM, -NellK 1 '- Rsrh settle 
Ciinipl«l, ltelen Jaqil.'*. A-lillo 
rkQiiiisa. NolKc Jeiinlug*, I.llfan 
ChlMrt'-, flrni-e Jow.'ll, 1Ihs.c1 
Coelnia, Tbelma .Ifweli. Helen ■ 
Clarke, Kldiler Knthrjii 

>lr». Wilfred Koelilpr'nerlnnl 
Connlngliam. ■ Kowell, Virgin!:) 
1 ■■?■■ Zella Kelly Mrs. M.ll, 
Cciulna, Llln Keller. Iloxo 
Oiillinnl Jrhsh? KciKlnll It.i'iy II 
Uarltoii. lllrrlle Keeteyi/Ktlna 
Clans Fiattce* LnwrenpO Lentil 
Casaldy, Mabel U Mar, Mr:tw 
Giiniunm. item r.e no?, halsy 
Cookiitui, Lluic Lambert. \Y. K. 
C7oft,- iilw 'l^slle. Lulu 
ClilMonidrsce rl.antilcy, Louise 
DsrraM. IVrtha 'ichpcrtlucc, 
De ixon', flora i Arum 

Oevnn, l.lwle LeitirtJnil Mrs.r 

1)^1.' n, Ilellc 

Mrn. Jnliti 

Diinloh, J. J. 
Uiursn, Boitio 
Davis, Ksiic 

],.iui-vilc' KoiVi 
l,nw«er, Aiuin 
I^wIh Dorothy' 
La. Roue, 

1'arralte, Mm, 
Itlchnrdt, Kiln 
Rendlea, James 

It M.ll! IK, 


IlltT. I'-unny 
Itorlir. II. M. 

Scliii(-f*r Oi>»hIi» 
Mnrnlt. Valeska 
*ylol!-acr. .A. 
Stuart, Llsale 
.Hullctle Oettriitl 
Stern, Gvll 
Still. .Mu iu I 
StnlToril' V, 
Taylor. Mill 
ToWa Sisters 
Ihrofip, Clara 
Thayrr Deriruilo 
'i'eufey. Klmer 
'I'OIUpllNOIl Klulo 

Taylor, Dora 
Titter, Alice 
Trado, May 
I'nurjec. lliace 
Verne, Xelle 
Van Cnntp -Boso 
Vletvrla. Kiln 
Wrslcatt. Bva 
Wai-nrr, Aine 
White, Cora 
Keller. Marie 
Wonlcn, Orlska ' 


Walker, Rinma 
Well*, Edun 
Way, Atiua 
W'exuhnl' DollleC 
War.l. Carrie 
\Vyait. Hrse» 
U'llxiiii. Arlono 
Wnsli'iurn, Ida 
' VKlan 
WiitKfui, Fannie 

, Mm. MfMad 
Zlrntner, Alice 

Jack. Br: A Mrs. 

.lo'in.-iiiii, l.lnvil 
Jenkins A .hiiH'H 
Jiilslev, Itolert 
Jii'ine-., . J. V. . 
Juliet, Norman 
JoqiiJHia, J^m W» 
Johnmiii. Ik'imU 
UopiH> & K«|iu> 
Kfilirlit," Jack 
KlaihcU k 

K'cnny A HoltU 
Kane. Jojiu V.. 
KeoKli, Tlio«. J. 
Ue|ly, (i.iih. J. 

Kill 1 !. lltOM, 


Keun, Walsh A 


Ver"on"r|ue*' weelt 1 of 

John Morrison. Ibe Irish singer, Is at 
Pitcbbtirg, - Uasa., Indefinitely 

Bait I more-. — Baympnd Hitchcock, la "The 
i!ftilqper,'\ begins a week's engagement nt 
Fords -(Cbar)es FJ. Ford,, manager), Oct. 8, 
I'lUt houaprf ruled last. week, with Dustln 
Farnitm, In "The Virginian." Anna, neld 
comea'lK',; In ''The Parisian Model.*:. 
"AcADftMV (al. J. Iiohtaeyer, manager). — 
Viola Allen wllL.lje -seen, hi "Cymbellne," 8 
and week,- 'Tin? Clansman" closed 'a pros- 
perous week fl.'tlay Irwin. IK. 
: Ai.nAUon'9 < Robert B, Irwin, resident man- 
flper).-— Tin- hill for the current- week in- 
cludes : Tbe Navassar Band, Irene Lee, Ward 
and Curran. Armstrong's electric dance, Hous- 
ton and Pallas, Daisy. Harcourt and the stock 
corapanv, ' In "At the Threshold." Biinines:^ 
was excellent all, week ending 0, aa It has 
been since tbe opening of (he aeason. , 

MabIlXakp (James uKernao, manager). — 
This week's programme Is headed by. Amers 
and his Kngllah band, ad a special feature. 
and includes. .Ned "Nye. Mr. and Mra, . Oeno 
Hughes, Clarice Vance, , John B. Gilbert. 
Zara add tftelaon, Hartholdl's cockatoos, and 
the Albas. Big business ruled 1-fl. . . 

AumTOBitlK (James L. Kornan, manager). 
— ."In "New York Town" opens. 8. "Around 
the Clock" niade a hit last week, "The Black 
Crook" la billed for 15. 

Hoiajday Btbket (George W. Blfe, man- 
ager). — "A Midnight Escape" .openw 8. "Cus- 
ter's Last F|ght" had a good week 1-fl. "The 
Burglars Daughter" Ki. 

B^ANBr's (Oharlea E. Blaney, manager).— 
"A Square' Ileal"- Is -the current attraction. 
"The.Oypsy Girl" did well week ending fl. 
Next' week, Lottio Wllllnms, Iu. "My .Tom-Boy 

Oatetv (TP. L. Ballauf, manager). — The 
Behman Show heglns a week's slay 8. Vanity 
Fair had ft good week, closing 0. Hyde'H Blue 
Ribbon Olrls 15. 

Nbw. Monumental (8am M. Dawson, man- 
ager) .—The Umpire Show opens 8. .The 
Merry HMHesquers: did well week ending fl. 
Fay, Faster Co, .next. 

COLOSTJade" (O. H. Ltwton, manager).— 
Another, long 1 bill |s offered this week. Busi- 
ness Is satisfactory. 

LtHic (B. L'ltlch. Inanager). — Leoncavallo 
conl os 11, for one night. 

Notes. — Tlie Frederick P. Schahberger 
Amusement and Exhibition Co. was Incor- 
porated la Baltimore Country last week, with 
a capital stock of gli.OOO. The company 
will probably take over Electric Park. In 
addition to orther projects -W. L. Bal- 
lauf flr. celebrated the fifteenth anniversary 
of bis connection with the Halllday Street 
Thwitri' u, 'He received handsome prclients 
frdni. the niaungcnieut and his follow em- 


Uutte. — At the Broadway Thealre <■!. K. 
Heifet, manager) Roaclau Opera Co., In "Fra 
Dluvolo," had a good bousn Sept. 24. "Thn 
Maid and the Mummy" came tn large returns 
20. "The Holy City." 27, drew a large audi- 
ence. ' "Parsifal" next. , _, 

Ouand. Orr,:u Hoc si: (Dick P. Hut toti, 
manager), — Week of Hept. 30. Lulu Mutton 
n ml company. In "L'ncto OnnV All week 
the. bouse, was crotrded. Specialties were 
elireu l)y Walt her nud Dale, Corn. Morris and 
Master Ball, and the moring pictures. 

Family 'turini: (P. Nelsoold, manager). 
— Week of Kept. 30. crowded houses, were 
the rule, with the following high etaol 'enter. 
tamers: Mr, nnd Mrs. Truesdcll, Harold Kel- 
iey ahd Flora Wentworth, Charlie. Harris. 
FrederlcK rainier. Foster and dog. "Mike," 
and farewpll of Mart hk Harrington, who for 
several mnnlbs has been a drawing card as 
g singer of illustrated *9n*e> 

Alger, Orla F. .Oarletos, W. T. 

Il.'llni-, Tlir.'i I 

Btt-yftr, KiMIe 
Dabols, A. U 
l)BTC)'. Jim*. 
hnnfurth Chas, 
Ellis Jack . 
F.lstua broM, 

£ : iTolt" ct». 

Bnsteln, I^tili 

Aslsais, S. P. Ctilly, W. H. 

AOkloj, Fred O. Curtis. Jack 

Atiion, Great (Cooper, James E 

Ardell. k BlilTO 'clajtou, Frank 

Aauenort CnrlH Ooolc, Joe ' 

Artflstroag'Clrdtf COOk: Albert B.' 

AUT Ifltily ICBnutaUe, ■ 

Aia<svuer, | " Happy Bill 

^ T '"- Kusiell Carter. iW. . ._ 

Alblr.a, Herbert Carroll, Bleb. F h'pirert^i. Jr.*, 

AdsotH, Bob Clarke, :chas. ft RyMUL Win. 

A*h:oa, Arthur Comuock, Alct.niltoir, Jack 

'--- Caa-ley, WIIllani;r.jlm<'ndnrf H'.C. 
CIlfKHi. It. H. K<lrannil, Wm. 
Cattcrliu Warm Klam. Mr. AMr» 
Cumnilns^, .p.J. Kvaiii. Arthur 
Connor*, I'Mur. lEIrnw^, Tlio*. 
Curtis Wnlt. H.lFrtlae, Cbas. 
Courtney Jlra'loii Parher. 

Adaniq.J. Kirk 
Allea St Ditlnf, 

li^-^f; B. A'. 

Brosx, Tom 
Bailey IMivin S. 
Bowen, 0*v. 
BoHimanr i^rel 
Beecbcr 4 

; ■'■ Stanley 
Blcftfrck, J. L. 

H!)V1 «t Hoott 
Iletuls, Walt. A. 
Barr.'lt. Albert 
Xlowuel!,. Horry 
Barteti. Harry 
Bonner, C>*t.U 
Bltwlt. TOm 
Brolller, It. H. 
BaUvyln Mel- 

■ via C*. 
Bsnuah, Vliati. 
Itrliton, b 
HUM, 'Jo w. F. 
Bannani, JuuK- 

11l«W,j floo. 

Conk, Oscar V, 
C.ln'ii. Aftll M. 

Morris «hr.) 

Crawford r.e*trr 
Uuukiii, Itolx-rt 
Cdbum. Milrrar 
Cnrlhle, <ie«. 
C'arSUMly, Jbm.P j- 

Frlguet." Jules 
Fran, Cba». If. 
nflHfJf Harry 
FJnlny Kcnn. B. 
Female Vdk\. 
Falrlniiks Fred, 
ri^'Lcr J. It C. 
Floy«l. Frt. B. 
Forrrll, John 
-'aytilo Admits 

CiiMer; Frank F|ekett, fleo. 

Connors, Priink Fny.'l tarry 
iv.llln-, Dan I'-.lff. 

flu mh, L. ■ ll'lslier, K. ft. 
Oinlau, FrnnkX Fenii'r, Wnlt. H 
Carpenter ILW. Hnllvn, 'fnni 
Hinplln, Hlilurj- Pas,. Al. 
Uhlnko, — , iFoffier, Drnii, 

Illstoin, ti. Cook. Mut Frrnlerlek, Cd 

Krownlag, M'.E. Caijicmn, W. V HtgMM " 


Iliilh, I. fi. r-lnrko Hnnleiil 

Illaak,' Furry k'timinlna*. W.M 
Ilowcrs Bobl.JL'tluik. hot) 

puncaii (linpnisii Cii»»s 

Coutura a 


C/Mq'er,-P. 0. 

Carroll, Hwmle 

Clayton, 1. 

Cortes, II. 

Comn, II. 

. WM»., 
IktneBc, a C 

Da hies, Joe 
seetTHr, w. 8. 
Bell, Harry S. 
Brady's, Jus. A 

Kitty ..... 
Burt C Douglas (Pnylc, James L. 
l|srr.> L« Salle rnrk-r. Dave 

lb mil Bros. 
Ileirutdj'OV w. 
Jitrrionl Oeo. X. 
Bret. Alyht 
Booth- Clarence 
Brawll; Bout, «. 
Balrd Hanks w. 

JifljfTell, Ham 
liaitar, U. H. 
Jlrarvn, Adams 

lioyd. I"- 1- v.. 
]iri;wu k 


Onle. Pol lie 
Chndwlek. J. 
Cndfc 51nrrb 


Francis (]. 
Bunin k Bed- 

car Troupe 
Dunn, Ttinihoa 
naiifonh'sc ' 
' Brocc 

Die Mittteos 

' Band 
Dtiiircs, Fw»l 

BroWn, It. H. Dial, Kngeno 
Boyd, W. 31. I Heaven. \V, 1 

iii:rfi.r.i. U'fllter.Dlltniftr ■ 
Bnn>u, Mlllur ' (Mus. Dlr.) 
lk'*i, Buuciiti C. Ix-lsii, Geo. 

llroart. Wll) 

Header, n. r 

HllllOR, k. i 
Iiellnl. V. 
Hrowne HoM> s 

Dunlrars, Arthur 
Dunlsp. J. J 
Ho Mviv MIlis 

Davis, Harry 

Drew, tinny 

llronks, llnjili-ti D.irlliu'. H 

nokcr. w 


& I * Maud 
BlntMry ft 

ltaanlstcr Hurry 
Hn-*n. 0(1 
it oil A Sir(ceaO| 
Peikley deo. li, 
Bean, F. II. 
Hagajas. llnwrd 
Hlllclslr Brus. 

I^onfi Bon 
ram Bmthi'r-i 
FanHi, «iin»«. 
Fowler, li. T. 
Ostli, Karl 
(Itcy, Norman 
Otosi. Herm it, 
Onrdiwr it 

(ienaarottl. Joe 
OltuMen. . P. II, 
Gordon k 

Golden, Hilly 
CloMeu O. Fuller 
OresT'irr Frank f, 
Oaseh. Arlhor 
Greeoe, Geo. II, 
Gorki it, 

Mr. It Mrs. 
Galgano, Tony 

ClatnioA. Hlnst 
nsin'r»r. Frnnll 
Oauu II. IS. 
GOri, 11. I.. 
Oroomn Kuloinoa 
Granat, i.'.miI- 

3iiltes, .I..-. \v. 
Till. J.-"-' 

Glnhu4>tti> J. L. 

t'.oMi'ii, Jfm. ft, 
Greed, Prcfl 
(lonlon, Mtia 
HnMii Jr.-, A. 
nnriunii'K .Mlo-- 

Diinbrnck. Georgls Mhisi 
I>ext«r, Ftfill.. Guy, B W- 
Duaiop, ('le.j. GroJins-ny, II, 
Donormi fan. R. Gagaolux, 'l hi- 
!>oaaetia. r..-- HetirHa. Dam-. 
Darrcll, R'lanr Hstlcolt, Bobt. 

DtlttOT), liuaUcg Lew 1', 
Paajey * Chste I Howard, Jock 
peveiinorl, Carl Hall. Alfred 

De Voagt, J. M. Hamilton, Chas. 

Donfielly K. c. .liosanl A 

Pe Atra. Kd'ltc , CaauTon 

Niixinvih. Hilly 
NIckulM'ii, II. J 
Neln.m. TlxiM.ll 
S ete sfaii . w. ,i 
Owen. WHIInio 
Uakley, Frntik 

Oasieii, BitjratCo 
Otiel. Demy 
Orcliinl, a. 
))rri«U-i'. (h<«). 
(Mil. Frank 
Oliril, Arllutr 
O'Ni-ll,- imiH'i 
O'Brien, Sell 
tiwsc. Win, 
I'nrit. Lionel 
Poln. Fred 
Pollack, Kit. 

I'ltU-t FmoBy 

Pntti-n, >.i. M. 
Hurry M 

.Melro«e I'rlrc, lliirry A 
lCufSfy, M. J., peii.lleioit Dnv 
tUll>, f. W. I'bascy. Allrcii 
linlll. M. J. I'nlhul JutOliCo 

Kriiv. elm-. ■.T.'ilprr. TfTanefco- 

lit'iiniiM.v Krnnk IMi-^tim, Aithnr 

kill lilit, 


kiilalii, Ilnrlaii 
r A. M, 

kfonli. Tim*. J. 
Itlcniaa. J. II. 
Krona A.fcHc--!' 
Kniniily. ft ■ 

Keliv aHxnantr 
ICniie. Morris 

V. k Hurt 

I'nivlii, Uc 
Perl, B. 
Puree)!, llnrry 
Park. Fat. F. 
I'nub*, I-'nil 
Felrln, 1 1. J. 

Coulter. Kg, 
l*rlao. Geo, C. 
I'lMVpro, Jim. T, 

Lnneiuier, Tcrn.Pisl?!, Lew 
Llewellyn, (J. It'cret. Waldo F 
KnfaVdK, A. D 1'orier, D. E. 
Lynch, Great Piev<.at. 11.' 
I.flteti, ii*r«i Oniric. Was. 
Le, Van! Hilly Gulnlnn ft 
I .no*. Itnlpli Bay, Joe 
Ih) Mn:r. Henry Gultsim, Gum 
Utvlo. Boss lleimki- A 
Luwls, Dave Qnudler 

Lawrence, Hob Haramnd. Al II 
I^iwIh, Jsint* lUlHtoit, JSwrgti 
Mltcaster Irving Hokcim I'rm II 
Lacy, itrht. A. iBo**, Arthur 

Lydelt a InaNtmi, fu«. 

Bi]Uer»vorlli Bcufrpw Ri-wprd 
Ix-lBh. Uster ' Ifowsrd 

Ceose-lr. Waller BeM." John 11. 
ItoMnwii. , Hlllv 
it Mario 
Bollard*. Willis 
1Uci>. Hownrdl 
SlUblv, W, |i. 

Ln NOBBk llnrry 
lefJtjBj Apart 

lauulo, A'Ih'i 
U*sik II. 
Lyie, Jairk 
' *. Baron, F> 
e gliton, Je 

am h- 

Rna, ous 
McliallaS,- Frsstl 
j tanfOT. LaW , 
flgvoy Qoiirttfto 
Men,] MnrtV 
Hinvina Mairf/. 
Sefetefcr & 

j .iDhnson niidle 

-SHiiiiJ,, II, C. 

spencer * Hotn 

^iMilM'V i. 

llnrry H. 

Kenrney t>. 
lOTiaebnum. B. 

■ ■ 'M til la P. 
Pinion." tl. A. 
.ton.oiV. Martin 
"omer* \Inrtln.V 
•aiUb.Tl.ii.. II. 
iatkKk>r. null! 

haft'*. Aerial 

hire. C. T. 

lOlte, tlnjM* 
■tork.Trfo.. The 
■lifJmue, M. 

mint. It. w. 

ilm.t. ,luin 

'nihil, J. TL - 
iimy On n mm 
inllli, PrlnkK. 
16th', frUtrnput 
Idler, .In*. II. 
mil- FKmlly 
ailtli. Jas. W, 
echs'-k,. Barry 
InDnoni. t^w 

-luirkif . J<-- M 
ervenni Kuiy 
■anii-r, Frank J 

.Vvrker, N. K. 
imrue, Praitk.V 

tepire, X, L, 

flicker, -Frank 

Pucker, W. J. 

I lol. Geo. 
err-jIL V. K. 


>hns M. 

frnf.v, -- 

riinver, (>, 


, Mnii-r 

riiu.'i*T ciiiliii 

'ootis J, K, 
Taylcr, C, (% 

i ln>:!i|i-iin. Wm. 
rheriie, Mr. 

A Mr*. 
Ilni'ii|i«.-.u, . Wm. 
reel, J. 
ruiwtii), j. 

rn titer, Rsntsri 
I'lckPry. 11. F. 
Van, Chas. .v 

Vari, Tom 
intilvrkl) Wnltll 
u- n ,«•! 1 1, V. &[, 
Veriu iMuk'Um 
Vai'lr., Prni'lt 
Vail, ITh'ii 
Van Aai'eii. .' 

<*<<>. K. 
Vlllnnann, • 

John I'. 
Velr«ea, nir. 
Vanlcn, Lew 
Van, lire. X. 
n'llllnE. FnuikA 
ffn'n'.rn, Wiu. ,■ 
flhnn, Al. 
ilfiofl, ixirn. S. 
Wolfe, Waller 
Woile. ft .1\ 
Wli. lei. Kild. , 
Wl liters, Jn.i i 
lViwlruft bVa 
Willi elnw^-Artb. 
_ ■ -Tims, V.. 
TTnile, Rohert p 
fflillnin* TVimii 
*vn kcrow, Kuan 
Wllllann. B, T. 
William*., Joe 


Whlften, Tin*. 
g t sj s s i ti Vkni 

VhUli, Thrm. 

VniniirorMt V.P. 
Wp«l, N. B. 

White ainftnF. 

Wllsttn K ilersn 
Weston, ■ \rilllf 
Watrrbary O.K. 
Wnllnre, II. V. 
Wovla, N- «- 


m. A Beiiiloh. Cliiis. M Wr i'dit, flwi. 

l-eonnril. Wm. 
Liable, Oeo. - 
l^scbke IliU'tnaii 
LiClalr ft Cn-vy 
I^reftn T\rln*Co 
Ln linsc. Horry 
La Tell Bros. 

Lawrence, Wi 
La Mnr. Cnrrte 
"1^* Ih-iil" • 
Msrkle, , U. G. 
Mlddlet.ui, Kurl 
Maore, Frank 
Mount* ft 

Del Mur 
Mnddni A 

Mnllhnrtey, Wm 
Af^rrl'iney, T. P. 
MiiDnnlnp, J. B. 
Mills,, Si, l-\ 
Miiilffin, Mart 
MeAudlf Ct*. 
Mn',,ii. ililiy 
Meluotte, Hugh 
Miller,, I!, ' 

viiiiiuin. Wm. 

Vnldtoii lev, 
riliar.1 HvtiryP, 
vtft'lock. ' jas. 
Vctton, flata 
VnrreD, Kdwln 
Vllson, J. tlCM 
Winn Kn!ghr> 
liftn.1 (Was In 
Flower" On. 
Wood, ClemlQ V 
'JJifler. Fr«\ 

TaodwUk, fas. 
Wrnb>n, Keiulnl 
Wnnlell, Harry 
Waittrr, II. J, 
WHkhi. Wm. a. 
Wllkonn. Wins. 
Wen, A. «. 
Wsihlock. N. p. 
Wildfowl, |t>ha 
Win tent. »*.hl 
Wwt, [K.forcuL 
fnauK, J„ A. 
Wfm A nrooltM 
VCHintr, Will fl. 
zpniter* KrankA 


Itleli.-irilsoii, ,\t 
nii.i-H, Wllhnr 
lllo, Adnliili 
Bnjityiiii!, l.i.'W 
lb-lit. MIllnrdA 
TtlnnlhtB. ioo 
Bosnlre, Bob 
Bo*n. CI uU, II, 

HuWn, r j. 

PIVMilmll, Fred 

K.-', ',:■;',, 

BtiUeV, ^■•*' 
llariiiond, )[. Ii 
BalUiibi-ru. JLI 
Itoii-if, Will 
Beiulnzloii, V. , 
Smllh. AIM. P 
flt. I'.linj. Leo 
Schiller, HetirvA 


MjrMI*' Herman 
Shire, G. f, 
H,i!iil,ni(j!i J. J, 
tummon*, S. 
rii-aii, Itobert 
Hlutnti. David 
.Slumnii « .„ 

rjlunuoiijzoiiui'il." p" 

' ■ »i » 


Gumlin.— At BojiI'm TotMln |W. .7 Hur- 
acsa, innnauer) "'hn Load ..f Nod" maWa 
tour ttlgbrs* I'ngnHeniont oci„ 7. . C'liv ci?a. 
«;ut, Iti "Kuril IloiiHion," n-18 : ''The Free 

Quiet," 17: Walker W'hlteslde 18.21. 'Forty- 

*iW*l&^ B ;««ja«Bg^ 
S'.7iPS&l5» TT- , " 1 '" c,v "°" T - "•"'» 

OUI-IKI.-H Olndlu llvrk. xroonil uiaiuuar) 
— MM wilK lilg lum. wiwk. 'Phi' hill fui- 

Iroj., KM rand Koni. nulit »ra«. vWon, 

Kma it.'. H. Mn-oil, man»(cw>^-"Tlic Vol- 
"US. i»" n , lKt *i>" lh» allrnctlon 7. 8. 
-Wsm H^rrlre Hnm" n, in, "Tliii Mm» 

fc'"- v ..' ii. .*£• p . l " ko nn»i'n in. 17. ''Von 
Mm* i«-ao. "IiMUort-, Hope" drew larno 
huliWH 1 noil h t m l ' * 

^S&SC^ftJ&SlH&S "ni'wl. under lire 
•llcMllun of no.;- ltiTjid, wo« mi <!iionnc«i» 

li. .una,. -a; Ktrr Oiicrn lloiino (Tom 

L\ er . r ' .WM " lllc "S*"' H»*»ll«» Balrl. 
Hont. JD. .'[>. «ar« o (Inn ronrcrt, to itowl 
;ii«lnf«.. "Tho Jllilnlilit Flrtr" Oct" r., 
•'.Fiifl Ittriick Town" «, -1'ho VnlnnlcBr Or^ 
HiinlHt" 111. 

»■ > 

Hn>ol:.. dm. ri'.nifll/. Mill jll.oicr, lurry 
UnrJ, BUI) iUiuin„l-rwik Ucjl-Co, ... 


In '"lhe Diiel,' Oct. B. dl<r«oll. "ThoHomw 
Si* ..*• £"" t^BWrjr ''tip*. "Are Viiil n 
JSC oihio r.. Dliok.,1 ; floosrl B. Mnntell 
e, mntlriee, "IHrhellaii,'' and •rnlni.-'Mtlib- 
aril III. - * 

Tub Mann SiaLai uii>i for Ownuni 


•October 13. 

XMTCTSXC VUB. 3BQ'Q',SE a -V WSB- Broadway, 

Kew= ^ork City. 


Detroit.— At the Detroit Opera House 
'<B. C. Whitney, manager) Elsie Janls, in 
"The Vanderbllt Cup," entertained* large and 
appreciative audiences week of Oct- 1. 
Etienne .Olrardot In "Charley's Aunt," 8-10. 
■ Lyceum <K. D. Btglr. manager). — "BuBt- 
«r Drown" drew ao well week of b*pt. 30, 
cbat the management gave an extra matinee 
Friday, to ft packed house. Bone Melville, 
Sa "8U Hopkins." week of Oct; 7; . ** - 

WniTSEr (K. D. Stair, manager).— "TAhlle 
*Trl»co Burns? plnyed to capacity week of 
flept. 3». "A lUn'a Broken Promise" Oct. 

Tbutlb i*J.' H. Moore, manager). — Last 
week's' bill was of a high order, and crowd- 
ed bouses ruled. Attraction! for week 8 In- 
clude: Herr Nlklas Bchlltony's Hungarian 
Band, tbe Three Olaerei, Manhattan Com- 
edy Four, 'Clifford and Bnrke, Bruno and 
Butsell." I.tdd,' Vara and Young, the Lab*- 
kana. McCrca j ana Poole, and the kloeto- 
graph. . . 

"Avrnce (Drew ft Campbell, mapagers). 
The Thzer Miles offered an entertainment 
that pleased large houses last week,.. "The 
JJIghtlngalea 7fl3. - - - ■ 

UAYsxr (II- H. Hedges, manager) — The 
Golden Crook Burlestjuers gave a drat ■ctasa 
show,-, abd drew large houses. Fred Irwin's 
Big Hhow week of 7. "'<'■ , .. 

CBV8TAL (J. J.. Nash, manager). — Last 
week'* offering was good; as usual, and 
crowded houses ruled. Attractions for week 
of 8 -lorindo: -The Great Blclnrih. Klemen 
and Sillier, Kellwy Moore, the . Beverleye, 
Anaon Schlrhart, and the klnodrome. ' 

Note. — I). JCampbell, of tbe Lafayette, 
opened that theatre 7. with Daniel, Ryan, 
and company, In "A Glided- Fool." This com- 
pany has. been playing In New York State, 
and la snJd to be a strong organization. They 
expect to remain seve ral weeks h ere. 

' Bay city— A: the Washington (W. J. 
Daunt, manager) "In the Bishop's Carriage ' 

Blessed a fair sized bouse Sept. 2B. "Olc 
Ison" did good busiaess 2ft, ItO. "Dorothy 
Vernon of fladdon Hull" drew a most en- 
thusiastic house Oct 1. "On the Bridge at 
Midnight" did well 2, .1. Rose Melville, lu 
"Bis Hopkins," drew a large bouse 4. John 
Grim tli. la, "A Man's Broken Promise" 14, 
15, "Big Hearted Jim" lfl. 

Alvarado (8am Murks, manager).— Tlie 
bill week of Sept. 80 Included: Norraiin and 
Norton, Cecilia Weston. Shorty and Lillian 
De Witt, Ed. Grav, John Hatty. Miles and 
Raymond and: the Alvaradoscope. Good 
business ruled.. __ . , 

' , Bijou (J. V. Pilmore, manager). — The fol- 
lowing . attractions drew good bualness at 
this house week of 1: Brule and Houneger, 
Robert Taub, Ma Dell and Corbley, Charles 
Howson, the Cowles Trio and tbe bioscope. 
■ tm i — i ■ f ■■ '■ — — 

LaiiHlnK.— At Balrd's Opera House (K. 
J. Williams; manager) "What Happened to 
Jones" tame Opt. l, to u fair boutM. ltoso 
Molvfllc, In "Sis Hopkins," tilled tbe house 

5. Virginia Uirnfl, In "Tbe Love Letter," 
played to big businesa.4. "On the Bridge It 
Midnight" cumeo, to paying house. "Texas 
Sweethearts" U. Hlmmeleln's Imperial Stock 
Co. 8 and week. 

Bijou (D. J. Robson, manager). 1 — Week 
of Oct. 1 : Fatirle Hatfield and company. 
Rockway aud Conway, -Lew Knotager, and 
Blimey and Chapman. Good houses pre- 
.Tailed. . 

Nora — D. J. Robson lias arrnnged with A. 
C. Bird for the construction of a new IHJou 
Theatre, directly oirposlte the Capitol Build- 
ing. It Is to In.! constructed of p)«ased' brick ! 
and is ' modern, lu every respect, being a 
ground floor thontre. This .will be' a valuable 
Hcqultlsltlon to Tmnslng. 
k ■ ■ 

Grand Itaplds.— At the New Powers 
(Ilarry G. Sominers ft Co., managers) 'The 
Embassy Ball." Oct. 3, played to good busi- 
ness, as did Docketader's Minstrels, .4. Com- 
ing: Mflxlne Elliott IS, "The ■ Gingerbread 
■Man." . - ■ 

Majesth- (Orln Stair, manager). — "The 
Boy Behind tbe Uun," 80-Oct. 3. played to 
crowded houses, as did "The Cowboy Girl." 
4-6. Coming; H. Mller Kent. In ' Raffles,'* 7- 
10; "Blfe Heai led Jim" 11-13, "The Beauty 
Doctor" l-f-17. , - 

UitANJ) Oi'i:iiA House (Churchill ft Davis, 
managers). — Attractions -for week uf 7 aro: 
And- and l>o Onirn, Delight Bamcli. Davis 
and Macaiiley, . Musical noblmnns, -Herbert 
and willing. nnd.Guy..Julius<»u. 

8wKlnn.iv.— At the AcHdepiy IC. W, l\ir- 
ter, manager) Alberts Gallatin,, in "Dorothy 
Veruon, of Hsddon Hall." came tu'eood busf- , 
ness Sept. :'fl. "On the Bridge at Midnight" 
had fair business- 30-Oct. 1. "81s. Hopkins." 
3, -drew good tHbm "When Women Love" 

6. "What Jlnpi.ei.ed to Jones" 7. "The Gov- 
ernor's Mraanr i'JM3, "Big Hearted Jim" 
14. . 15, ."'Man's Broken Promise" 16, 17, 
"Knobs o' Tennessee" lu, 20. 

Jbfpeuh (C. 8. Sargent, manager). — Bill 
week of 8: Helena Gerard and nor horae, 
Frank Mayne and company. Miles and Ray- 
mood, Ed. Gray, Esmeralda, and Chas, Do 
Camo and dog. 

Buttle Creek— At the Port <K. It. 

Smith, manager) "Whnt Happened to Jones" 
OHM Sept. m "Lena Rivers" Oct. 1, "The 
Cowboy Uiii" 'J, Florence Gale, In "Love's 
Victory." ;i ; "Texas Sweethearts'* 4, "The 
Show GUI" IA "The Gingerbread Man" ltl. 
"The Governor's Pardon," 17, "The Beauty 
Doctor" 18. "A Man's Broken Promise" at). 

Hi,' or t\X. S. Butterflcld, manager). — A. 

pleasing bill week of'l was: Mario Heclow, 

Krcsko and Groves, M. L. Barrett, Charles 

Heclow, Otora Japs and cllnetoscope pictures. 

■ s 

Knlaniaaou. — At the Academy of Mualc 
(B. A. Bush, manager) Hlmmeleln's Stock 
Co. drew good houses and pleased week of 
Oct. 1. "The Cowboy Girl" l>, "Big Hearted 
Jim" 10, "The Sbow Girl" 11, "UatHes" 12. 

Bijou (U. W. Crull, manager). — Business 
Illustrated Kongs; ClIffoitT and Hall. McKlu- 
non and Heed, west and Barton, and klneto- 

Jackson. — At the Athenanun ( H. J. For. 
1er, resident manager) Harry Reresforfl, In 
"The WoniUR Hator." Sept. 27. tileosed. The 
Americana iRepertory Co.), week of Oct. 1, 
drew good business. "Big Hearted Jim" 8, 
"The Governor's Pardon" P, "Wliar Hap- 
pened to June*" )U, "The Beaut v Doctor" 
J3. "The Gingerbread Man" IC. 

Bijou i\\. 8. ButterQeld. manager). — Bill 
week of 1 : Clifford and Hall, Cllnetoscope, 

ujjou in. »., msnsgeri. — nuem 

Is'L'ood. despite counter attractions. I 
week of 8: Knetrger. Juggler: Van BhH 
illustrated songs : Clifford and Hall. McK 

Manek Shah. Hindu necromancer; MacDmi- 
•tlds. Florence Hall, and the I^Ishern, <yn- 
tortlonlsta. * ■' ' • " 

• • - «.» • ■ — ■ 


. Newark. — At the Newark Theatre (Irfe 
Ottolengul, tnnnager) May Irwin appears 
Oct, 8-13. In "Mrs. Wilson, That's All. ^A 
budget of new songs, sung la ber Inimitable' 
way, forms a strong feature. "The College 
Widow" was well given week of 1, and diew 
oven better business than on its first" ap* 
peorancc. "Mr.;Hopkltison" 15-20. '• • 

Shuuret (H M. Hyams, manager),— Thl» 
Is the old Empire Theatre, remodeled andfrte-'; 
constructed on an extensive scale, and It 
Opens this week, practically a new and up* 
to-date house. All the old , objectionable 
features have been removed, and the aauge 
fctnnds; to-day one of the best theatres -■fh' 
tbe Htate. The mezzanine floor- has been 
taken out. and a' handsome balcony' Installed. 
The old balcony, was ralaed, and the pitch 
altered to obtain a better view. The pillars 
hare been eliminated, and the whole Interior 
refurnished and decorated. It Is understood 
that the theatre will book first class uttrac-r 
tlons entirely, which means a step forward 
for' Newark theatrically.. Louise Gunning 
Appears In ""Veronlque" as the opening at- 
traction, 8-13. ' . 

I'BocTOB's IV. P. Proctor, manager). — A 
good bill Is offered here this week, headed by 
So Colonial Septette. Tbe 81eedeB make their. 
first appearance here, In "Tbe' Mysterious' 
Hotel, Toby Claude adds to her. popularity, 
and Wlllard Blown s and company, Kocbley 
Bros., Nat Haines, Fitzgerald and Gllday, 
and George lloldcn complete tbe Hat. Large 
audiences attended last week, and showed 
much Interest In too singing of Charlotte 
IUivenscroft. '• 

- CoLiruhjA (M. J. Jacobs, manager). — 
JeBSle Mae Ball appears, in "A Southern 
Vendetta," tbls weea. which -gives good op- 
ncrt unity for the display of her talents. 8he 
latroduces several uew songs. "The Way of' 
the Transgressor" brought good attendance. 
Joe Bantley, Id "Blllie, the Kid," week of 15. 

BlaS'by'h (J. 11. Bucken, manager)>— 
"Buster Brown" promises to crowd the house 
the current week, bs It Is new here. and. Is 
full of fun. "Eight Bells" kept well to Its 
record, and commanded good and profitable 
business. Seiina Herman, in "Queen of 'the 
Convicts," 15-20. 

Waldiunn's (W. 8. Clark, manager)n— 
Clark's Runaway Girls aro patting forth- as 
ten's Dilemma 1 ' and an array of vaudeville 
talent, Including: The Bowery Boys' Quar- 
tette. Ram<ey Sisters, Bert Wggln, Paull 
and Wells, Alice Anderson, Clara Burg, Abe 
Reynolds and Williams Sisters. .The Trans- 
Atlantlca gave theft- usual good show last 
week, and In addition Millie De Leon, ;;TJ*b. 
Girl In Blue," packed the house nightly. 
RcntE-Santley Co. 13-20. 

' Jer*«*y city. — Andrew Mack, in "Arra'b- 
nn-Pogue," with a tine' selection of nuitable 
ballads, packed tbe Academy to overflowing 
week ending Oct. «. 'The cast was weirfte-" 
lected. Wine, Women and Song Co., credited 
with being" the best attraction visit lngjiftas. 
Bon Ton this season, had a Dne attendance 
Acadbmv ( Frank B. Henderson, mana- 
ger). — Tbft ever popular "Eight Bells." week 
of 8. "The Power of Money" 15*20. 

Bon Ton (T. W. Dlnklus, manager).— . 
New Century Girls 8-13, Colonial Belles IB- 
Notes. — Ttip dwelling houses now on! the.' 
property purchased by the Majestic 'equal' 
cate have oeeu sold, and as soon as removed, 
work for the foundation will i.'-kIii. . . - ...-. 
B. V, Keith, who Is making a veritable palace 
.out of the renovated Bijou, has mentioned 
Oct 15 as tho possible opening day. ^ t , - 

Hnbokeia.— At tho Lyric (H. P. Soulier, 
manager) "Hoity -Tolty" was presented -In,,* 
capital maaner, Sept. 80-Oct, :i. to Hoe _aL- 
tendHDco. "The Master Workman," a strong 
sonsnttonai pluy, dealing with the labor pro- 
blem, met with good success 4-0. "Qsiefhi-tjf 
tbe Highbinders 7, 7-10. "Tlte Way iWthe 
Trnnsgressor" 11-13, "Tho Gypaey Glil">14- 
1T. "Ifer First False Step" 18-20. 

Eminhk (A. M. Bruggemaun, proprietor). 
— Business the puBt week was to the capjulty 
at every lierformanre. For 8-14, Herrndjmi,' 
the Great; James F. Sullivan and company, 
I'jRtelle Wordette and company, Faust rag** 
fly. Werden and Gladdlsh, Jack Oardtu 
At lit Wood, C. II. Smith and the Two Jnh 
acme- ;.***. I - 

Notk. — Qunrtett Hall Is uow In the hands 
of tliL' uontrnciors, nnd - work will be pidCbed 
to have tho bull In rendlness before tl.» J\' In- 
ter Is over. ' ' i' ii * ' 

— i ■ ' » K * ' 

.Bllaaibeth. — At the Lyceum Theatre 4EI- 
roy k Drake, managers) the Dainty Duchess 
came Oct. 1-B, to splendid opening, "llolty 
Tolty" followed 4-0, to capacity on opening 
night. The company gave satisfaction and 

S roved strong. "The Arrival of Kitty" 8-lpy 
le Uussell Bros. 11-13, "Elgtit Bells'' 15UT, 
•'Kerry Gow" 18-20. 

Jacobs'. — "Wheu Knighthood 'Was In 
Flower" 0, "Queen Lear" 8, Pryor's Band 0, 
"Swell Elegant Jones" 11. 

Catudeu.— At the Camden Theatre (M. V. 
Taylor, mmagor) i*«P(|uh;1uh De Voe, who i»c 
to star In au emotional drama next year, 
"The Flower of Italy," gave a fine interpre- 
tation of her role here last week, lu "Whan 
the World Sleeps." * S. It O. prevailed during 
the early part of tho week. Jessie Mac Hall, 
: In "A Southern Vendetta," also Bcored durlttK 
tho latter part of the week. "The Ninety and 
Nine"- 8*10, "Custer's Last Fljrht" IMS,. 
Russell Brothers 15-17, "The Midnight Es- 
cape" 18-20. 

4 ■ > 

Have Your Clothes Made to Rfleasu re. 

We guarantee perfect results, otherwise they reniaia 'here. We offer 
forty styles of the finest imparted worsts Suitings, the best money- cwibuy.: 
also ten styles of Telotiis in grays, browns and.blacks for heavy Ovei coats, 
silk lined Suit or Overcoat to mi aaurj $30. ' ' -'." ' .. '" ■ 

Our Full Dress Suit made of } Tig ish Drape, including Tuiedo coat; (ilk 
lineajto edge -with guaranteed silk, co nbination $62. 

., Sartpl.s with illustrated booklel'The Veil of Fashion" mailed to 
any address, 


Broadway and Ninth Street, New York* 


AT MBERTY. for Voud. and Med. Cos. 
THE TWO VERSELL8, Lady and Oentlemsn 
Acrobatj, straight and comedy, A Nc. 1 Contor- 
tionist, Back Bender, Special Rigging.' Jioxlng Act, 
Romsn RlngB, SUeuceand Fan. Change for one 
week. D. comedy In acts. Write or wire UK 
waahlogtoo St., Toledo. Ohio, 


fa We. Organ or Piano. LongBeason. Sure sal an 
If you Are "It." Say it all in your first. V7AT0NREE 
I.MJIAN UBOICiNE CO., KiNworth, Uatne, Gen. 

Del'y. - ■ ' ' - 

■ WILL INVEST Dollar tor Dollar with man 
capable of managing stage Id a Ant class Hep. 
Show. LANE, care of CLIPPER. 

tended -JO. "Custer's . Last Fight" .8-10, 
"The Ninety and Ulne 11-13. "A -Midnight 
Escape' 15-17, "flight Belle" 18-20. 

, .,',', U"* 1 — «»» 

.-."*. IOWA. - 

Dea Molncs^The 8hubert Theatre (J. B. 
Reere, manager),' formerly the Mirror, after 
having undergone many changes and Im- 
provement, opened with Leo DletrlcbBteln's 
-'Before and After,'* Oct 3. Tae author, 
who played' tbe .leading vole, „ met with a 
ltcarly reception, and tbe company and play 
were thoroughly enjoyed by «n audience that 
fllletl the entire house. ' Eddie Koy, in "The 
Earl and the Girl," 10. SU: Harry Woodruff, 
In ''Brown of Harvard," 22, -:i. . 

Posteb'k Opera Hodsb ( Wm. Foster, man 
ager).— Edwin Anion, In "Xdld in tbe Hills," 
greased a large audience Sept 28. Clay 
Clement, In "8am' Houstoa," Oct. 5 ; "Under 
Southern Sties" 0, "The Marriage of Kitty*' 

i ,(it:.\N«. Or.ii* -Uot-ti; iWm. Foster, mana- 
ger). — "Chlnato'ivn Charley " attracted and 
pleuscd large sized audiences Sept. 27-20. 
"At the World's Mercy". drew sood houses 
SI, Oct. 1. "The Four Corners of the Earth" 
rn joyed - big business 1', a-, giving' excellent 
Kiitlefactlon. "Tbo Volunteer Organist" "4-«, 
■Dad's Side Partner" 7, 8," "The Little Home- 
stead" 1*. 10. 

' Empire (M. J.- Karger, manager). — Tto 
excellent hill week of 1 pleased large crowds 
at all performances. It Included: Vardaman, 
LecdK . and Le . Mars, Morris Manley and 
Dolly Sterling. MrCloud and Melville, the 
Tourist. Trio, tho KUsleys, and motion pic- 
tures. Week of -8, "The Red Girl," and 

.HINT FOR 8ALE-My Concert Hall, known 
as Palace Theatre and SfQsenm. 17 years estab- 
lished. No counterfeit or elephant. Receipts of 
State Fair week, will pay a year's rent an d give 
good surplus. Second to none In State. Bubsun- 
ual reason tor selling, will tbe parties U Wells- 
vine and v Stcubenviiie, OUId, write again, please. 
Lost add. by accident. Addresi 
JACK BOONE. Palace Theatre, Syracuse, s. T. 


,' * - Eveninse at 3:16. KMlnee&ctQfday,3. 

DAVID BELASCO presents' ■'- ; . '. '.'.-. 

Jn 'TheOIrl of theGoiden West," by David Belaico, 
a play in 4 Acts- of. the uerioic'.'U.Tfltfi icene laid 
In CabTopita. Seats Ave weeks m sdvsnce. 

HACKEW. THEATRE, "^feSffiKaf^ 

MR. BA0KETT Sole Leasee and Manager. 

Eves. 8:20. Mats. Wed. Sat. *1*. 

One week only. Cnr/.on A Hackett'a production 

of the successful Eng)l"h farce, 


Moo., Oct. 16, Rose Stahl in The Chorns Lad? by 

James Forben, SeatsrcsdvnextTharsday atfl A.W 

itCW lUCTCnnAU wed>e»daY mat. 

NCTT AMdlLnUfll BEST SEATS $1.50. 

NIXON & ZIMUERUAN announce Flrat American 
appearances of 
Mr. II. B, Irving, IHIbs Dorethe» Hal rd 

and London Company, in the original 8t, Jamea's 
Tbeaire Production of Stephen Phillips's 
(Arrangement with Mr. Geo. Alexander). 


WilmliiKton.— At tbe Grand Opein House 
(Joseph I. Oaloor, manager) Paula-Kdwards, 
'D "J*rlm'esH Beggar," drew I large audience 
Oat 3. May Irvvln, In "Mrs. Wilson, That's 
All, 1 ' hud two large uudlences 0. They were 
pleased with tbe sttir. Booked: Ms ry Emer- 
son, lu "Ills Majesty aud the Maid." 0; 
Viola Allen, In "Cymbellne,'' 18; Francis 
Wilson. In "The Mountain Climber," 22. 

Garrick (W. L, DockstadeT, manager). — 
Excellent business continues ut this nouse, 
due to the good ainnagemcDt and high cIrsr 
of ntir.nctlona. For week of 8: Right Little 
Beauties snd the Benst. Three Sisten M»: 
carte, Stanton and Modena. Three Lamaja 
Bros.. Voting nnd Derole, Tcubrookti, Lam- 
bert and company,. Hoary Cllre and the 

LrcBtTM (Daniel Humphiles, manager). — 
"A Southern Vendetta" did good Business 
•1-3. "When the World Bleeps^wwirell' at- 

< edur Haptds. — At Greene's Opera 
House (Will S. Collier, manager) Jaa. O'Neill. 
In "Monte Ci'lsto," Sept; 28. "Told In tbe 
Hills" 20, "The Little Homestead" 30. "Un- 
der Southern Skies" Oct. 2. Walker White- 
side. In "Tbe Magic Melody," 8,-4: W. B. 
l'atton Ii, "At Cosy Corners*' 0, "The Two 
Johns" 0. "The Arrival of Kitty'* 10, "The 
Minister's Son" 14, "My Friend from Ar- 
kansaw'* 15, "Nobody's Claim" 16, "The 
(iarobler's Daughter" 17. Lew Bocketader'a 
Minstrels 18, William Collier 20. ' 

PBorLK's (Vic Hugo, manager).— Bill week 
of Oct. 1: Delaphona, Three Gardlners, Sut- 
ton and Sutton, Rector and Major,' Ray W, 
For and tbe klnetoscope. 

NicKELObioM (K. A. Clark, manager). — 
The store room, ,100 Ffrat Arenne, Grand 
.Hotel block, was opened Oct. s, with a mov- 
ing picture i;how. 

Athmti'IC I'AitK (C. K. Barton, manigcr). 
— Cedar Knplds' tenth aonual carnival, Oct. 
1-0, was brilliantly opened by Libera tl'n 
Band 'unci ('onco't Co., In two fine pro- 
grammes. Upon two stages, facing the great 
stand, were seen twice' dally : Epli Thomp- 
son's elephants, the Six Proveanles, bicy- 
clists; Vlnellu's boxing stallions. Three Diet- 
rich Brothers, acrobatic feats of strength; 
Lasclle, slack wire. Juggling; Rube Shields, 
comedy bicyclist . and platform announcer. 
nnd tlie Two Okuras, Japanese Jugglers. At 
night, tlregory's ■ fireworks and "Burning of 
.Moscow" drew thousands. The concessions 
Include : wild's airship, "Eagle ;" Allen's 
Ferris wheel, Arnold's' penny arcade. Bach- 
man's glass- blowers, Carpenter's bump the 
bumps, Clark's Koberta show, Case and 
Smith's, merry-go-round. Davie' . moving pic- 
tures, Dlckeraon's female colored minstrels, 
Eberbardt's Australian wild woman, "Little 
1'vh :" Ella K. Rwlng, giantess; Kroner's 
Florida ostrich, alligator and crocodile ex- 
hibit. Prof. Frank's tliuiloo mysteries. Major 
Cant/, midget: (fill's merry -go-' round. Fol- 
der's Igurrotc .village, Kelly and Sprague's 
Trocaderos sod German village, Letepha and 
company of dancers, Lltt's spoopendyke wheel, 
Mlney's Oriental Theatre, Montgomery Edison 
Palace of Electricity. Pnlmlsts: Prof. Lewis, 
Lady Olga, Queen Tbalma and Verona. Cant. 
SOrcbo's deep sea divers, W. E. Stout, fat 
man : Verno, living cigarette skeleton ; Wil- 
liams' Electric Theatre, Smith A Terry's 

Notes.— Wm. H. Havill. Chicago, as usual, 
had successful charge at all calcium and 
electric lighting. ... .Kouba's National Band, 
Jacob Schmidt, director, save daily concerts, 

snd played for the vaudeville stage The 

"Moscow" show closed Its season here 

Major ttauts. midget, antl w. L, Stout, fat 
man, becante Eagles at Madison, So. Dak., 

Sept. 23 At the borse show, on the 

carnival grouncuv Oet. 3-D, There were mnny 
eutrles. The Judge of the show. J. D. Fisher. 
of West Liberty, la., dropped dead from 
apoplexy, on the track, Oct. s, while Inspect- 
ing- horses, In vies* of thousands of carnival 
visitors. * i ■--•-. . 

»4| -. -. T'. i' J J.b. < ■ • "" 

Scimoub AND DOre hnxe scored a big suc- 
cess In Australia. Tee? are notv . oeing 
starred at the head of Harry Richard's Show 
for a tour through New Zealand, to open at 
AucklanJ. Oct. 8. with WelllagtDn, Christ 
Church and Duneiln-to follow. • • ■ • 

MUSICAL ACTS for Bale cbe»p,.-)8 Alnmlnum 
Ohlmes with trunk, one 2^-oeiave Xyjophone, 
one 2-octave Xylophone, both, have floor racks 
and resonators; SO Mnalcal O.ssses, all in perfect 
condition. Address EDWIN WINOHBSTBB, 
s Karge's Place, Rochester, >\ T. 




' Tours received at Ogden. Utah. I mislaid your 

address. Thanks for information. Nothing to ll. 
Not my wife. The only wire Lever had died six 
years ago. Yes, I am the. Dunn that lived In the 
waidorr-Astorta.sndhsd an onlce at 10 Wall St. 
Yes, I was interested In .boston, New York and 
Philadelphia. Yes, I was to boy the Boston Base- 
ball Club. Yes, for the past five years I have been 
looking over mining, res, I have just hit it rich: 
copper (10 c'alma, nntiu Coldflela but in Ulah, 
28 miles east of- Nevada, and considered by west- 
ern newspaper experts the richest fled in copper 
known. The vein" ire located snd staked for over 
four miles. My partner la fleo. B.Sanford, 41 
years a miner. Flood and Mackey's expert for 
years. Marcus Daly's old partner and urotber-in- 
Jaw and General Bill teuford's brother. No, I 
sold ont . : 

My Interest in the theatres' Tes, I danced In 
•'circus In la's, but never received a salary since 
and have bean in the show business ever since 
(ap to Ave years ago). John L, Sullivan once said : 
"If there is money on earth, Dunn will get it, and 
If its In H — , be win tike a cbance ana go there 
after it.' Weil, tlie hardships mm went through 

on tbe deserts or Utah and Nevada was B Bo 

Jnhn was right. By- tbo. by, If tbls (boy wonder), 
John L. Is not a wise, Intelligent book of know- 
ledge iwhcn he Is John L.). then I loose my guess. 
I .send him and all my old and new friend* my 
best wishes, "and Up all ", to bay »'8anford-DQna. 
Dtsh Copppr Stocks.'' Ihsaks, I have been on the 
water caravan about two years and never was as 
well In my life. I beai out that nervous stroke 
prospecting thro' California, Nevada and Utah. 
" Happy Frank " I am called in the West, and that 
beats H — out of being a crank. My address is, 
Healy Rouse, Ogden, Utah. 

Tours again for the long green, 


10« ■JETTKRHKADBorBnv.,X5c.;po6t*ge' 
so. 32ds, 20c.; 16! as. $oc.:'dates one week, 86c, 
etc; Bamples.4c. COfRIEROO., Mortice, Mioh. 


Send 20c. for samples. JORN'CORDON. . 
N. W. corner 8th and Walput, Philadelphia, Pa. 

WANTED AT ONCE,' Piano Players, Sing- 
ers. Band and Orchestra Leaders. We employ none 
but oar stockholders, state lowest salary war ted. 
Enclose 61 for ooe share of stock. No attention 
paid curloBlty seek«rs. Bank .reference.- Inter- 
national Music Pabllsning Co., Inc.. Capitalization 
s&, Richmond, Indiana. 

FOK SALE^siatue Taming to LI'e, complete 
sliow and banner, tine, $60; bargain, get Husica] 
(ioblcis, $5. Both new, Dep. on exam. Kobt. 
Walaron, Caruthersvllle, Mo. 


I want Strung comedv Turn; single male pre- 
ferrea who can change act. Salary muscbe rea- 
sonable, as It Is sure. Company Is high class, es- 
tablished thirty years. Plavs week stands ino one 
nights) in best theatres, booked Jane. 
I -pay transportation but, not hotels. State full 
parucuiars, references uod lowest salary In lir>t 
letter. No time for correspondence. Address 
Otrico, New York City. -Can use MOVING PIC- 
TURE OPERATOR 'with, good machine. WM, 
furnish own Alms.. 

FOR SALE— Trunk Mystery, Handcuff Act, 
second Sight Aot, Spirit Cabinet, Black Art Out- 
fit, Leg irons, Galatea, Aga, Cauda Floss Machine 
and loo other bargain?, circulars lorstaap. 
GEO. A. RICE. -1 Underwood he., Auburn, N. Y. 

WANTED ttUicit, southern Stock Co. 3 
night stands; Heavy and Juvenile Kan, Juvenile 
Woman. Piano Player, Double Brans; violin to 
lead;Mnslcians, Advance Agent not afraid to paste. 
we pay all. Name salary or save stamp. Address 
Osceola, Mo. 

black Face hinging and Talking Comedian. Con- 
edy or titraight in Acts. Sober, reliable, a gee 
tlemsni nlwarsr Piano, 0rg«n for pale, und 
Specialties* yec. E.AL. Pa. 

'WANTED— Medicine people or all kinds to open 
in Opera Houses At once, gvod Versatile Singing 
and Dancing or Musical Ssetcti Team Man and 
Wife, also good Novelty man and an all around 
Black face Song and Hance man, also Lady Piano 
player. AU workrmnst be free from vulgarity and 
smut, you inuBt be at<ie to entertain an audlsncc 
oayour ability as a performer, the best Is what 1 am 
looking for. I'll pay for It every hud day morn, 
uevcr missed a salary day, boozers don't like this 
show some way or other, neither does tbeX mas- 
agers, ask them why. Will 'advance tickets any 

flace to reliable people. Billy Rozeil, Jim and 
lo Gibson, Low Williams, write Address Dr. 
TUos, 0. Warner, Hgr. Forest Herb, Med. Co., -i^, 
Suutb Madison St, Den MoIdcr, Iowa. 

. medicine KBOP;LV-Man and wife Swell 
Danjolsts and Singers with other. Novelties nnd 
atooic of remedies to start. WooldJike to double 
with good Comedy Team or Lecturer. Address 
Nature's Own Remedy Oo.,s3 If. Van Buren St., 
Battle Creek, Mich. 

LIBERTI TBMTIE 4 %?t£\* T $^' 

(tTEBLKR 4 Co.. Managerm. in tbe new fnuract 
Oom'dv, »>y .ISRAEL ZANOWILL, "■' NVH01S 
MARJOR1K," with these players: II. B.Warner, 
Hszzard Short, LcauVKehyon, w. a. Hackett, Es- 
sex Dane, Reuben - Fax, a; o; Andrews, Ernest 
M atnwarlng, Ada Dwycr. Kate Denin Wilson. 


Eves., S: Mats. Wed- and Sat. LlTT k DING- 
WALL. Managers. Wed. Mat., best Beau, $1 so. 
Seats four week* In advance. KLAW k ERLAS- 
GER'8 Great production of GRN. LEW WAL- 
11 Scenes, 600 People. 
"As big a play as ■Ben-Hur.'"— PRESS. 

aTVU' VAftlf THEATRE, B'way. 44th 4 *6th Sti. 
ilLll lUIm Evs. 8-16. Mats. Wed. and Sat., 315. 
Kiaw k Erlanger, Mgrs. Prices 26c., 60c., 7&c^ Si. 
For two weeko only Charles nliifngham presents 

Supported by a company of 76 Comedians. Singers 
and Dancers and the Original Pony Ballot lu 
Smith and Herberts •■> ' 



14t!i SU, 3d Are. COMTINUOD8. 30 aid ao CIS. 




Eddie Girard and Jessie Gardoer. 


E*W 14tu 3t..LadleB> M&U TcHUr. 

Ideal Extravaganza Co. 



E. 125th St. Ladle*' Hat To-diy. 

Thorougbbred Barl'quers. 


"ONION mxt." ■ 

Huber's "i n Museum 



Addresa J. H. AXDER60N. Mgr., M aftof c. 

V frWn 


Of fllffh Claan Vaudeville Theatres, 

M. MEYERFKLD Jit., PttBS. ; 
All Applications for Time Must Be Addressed 
to C. E. BRAY. Booking Manager. 

Majestic Theatre Building. Chicago, 111. 


HI ff. Sill 8T» NEW TORK . '- 



Artlibs wanting European time write, i rating one ti 
tine and terniH. Cable, mgosic," LONDON. 




Experienced AGENT 


0. A. TfATSON. Bnx 124, Centrcporl, L. I. 








A very neat till "o Rlrland a funny cure, watca 
forlmmps. Addtcaa N.Y.CLIPPER. 

POlt!,. Hlrk-h., an. 
«lr»l v saw. Half Prlcr. DAVENPORT, 
Til Waal llll. HMM, Haw Yark. - 


Expert Baojolsta and Gonedlast. 


Worked last BUDdaj for HIRTIU A ' REAKAX 
and arc to worfe next Suadftr ror tnetil. They are 
.topping at I.M East 171b, City. 

Ogtobeb 13. 

t r 


Uta Clipped AMcdotei. Etc F f$i 

Amirsitaa News.. so* 

Maurice tUaaplCo as Publisher ...801 

SBw frotlpo of Acrobat*-- aketcb... ., .894 

■ Feitnre* of the Weekly Show S85 

AVorld s* Players. .;,... 8ST. Wfl 

Music and Song sss 

Vaudeville awl Minstrel ;... ana, B 

(taerles Aaawered ,,j MM 

Cfora Millard— Sketch 900 

sjnr Chicago Letter ooo 

Clipper Post ODce ooi 

°° tl *w IU ?d?.' ■-■" .' *°*' 8' 2 - »" 

Latest by Telegraph 003 

Vaudeville Route List 803 W* 

New York City MS. 90ft 

Buffalo Hill's Return . pfl3 

Under tbe Tents ,-. 90S 

Deaths In tbe Profession oon 

San Carlo Opera Co. fjoo 

Moving Pictures 007 

MlB«lTaseona oot 


North Cirollna urn 

MIswurl,.. 804,000 

lodUn* .-.., ., ,g84 

Coforado. 804 

Maine -. .......884 

New Hatapshlre. . . ...; ;.-... . yrn 

3»al*W»»- .......894 
sad*;.. '..... MO, Ml 

Kenbxky...., . . B17 

ZQfcf 003,917 

Washington MS, 017. 

TWoeitee MO, 917 

HUboIs...... .'. MB, 017 

Fenesjlvanla 899 

New York State 890. 

I»ultl*Di . .,,,,. ••....,. .i.4i.„ ,„,, , 899 

UM , ....'...'..■," 899 

South Carolina soo, two 

Massacbnsetts.... ooo, 004 

Ohio 901 

Oregon... ... sol 

Callrorola ooi 

Ifaxrlaod ;......,.. ooi 

Montana. ....;.....- ooi 

&■****• 901,005 

Vanoont 001 

Wcsigan 002 

Mew-Jeraer »2, 005 

Dcliware 002 

¥m ■ 902,905 

.•.lebsrai . ... ......•..■,. j ,..,..„ ,...,.«, 005 

OtjtiaecticGt '.'.",. '.WW. '.'.'.'.'.'. &04 

wueoufa 903 

Wsthlnjtoa * 005 

gocjsIb ■ -■ 005 

Bhwje Islacd 90s 

Mtsnesota. 90ft 

Pfatrlct of Colombia . M5 

Texas. OOS 

West Virginia 90S 

.MlHlMlflpl 1105 


,;■-.*' ■■■■ ■' ii ■ 


Sprcial Ditpatchei to The New Yosk Clipper, 
•j Ban Fbaxcisco, Oct. 9. — At the Davis 
Theatre, Herry James' Travesty Stan, In 
"Pousse Cafe" and " 'Way Up East," open- 

Central Tiikatbe. — Kolb and Dili and 
ijumpany, In "I. O. U.," 8-13. Business baa 
be *n very good. 

'' Colonial Tbeatbe. — Frank Bacon and the 
stuck company, 8-13, In "The Man from 
llexlco." Tbla la a new theatre, located on 
McAllister Street, near Market, and waft 
building at tbe time of tbe earthquake and 
Are ,1a .April last. It la a corporation, of 
which Martin P. Kurtzlg Is tbe president and 
manager. It Is said to be a modern theatre 
and "fireproof. The prices of admission will 
l£ 23, 50, 75 cents and 91.00, and matinees 
*5 and 50 cents. The house opened to big 
business last Saturday evening, 6. 

■ Ok put cm. — BUI opening Sunday, 7: Bre- 
slna, the Three Roses, James Thornton, Zazell 
Vernon and company, tbe Four Bards, Willy 
ISckiteln, Adamlnt and Taylor, De Haven and 
Parker, and the Orpheum moving pictures. 
Big business rales here. 

'■Note. — Al. Hayman returned from Los An- 
geles, and Is at present being entertained by 
f ilen da. Mr. Hayman's visit Is more for .the 
bt&ijtft of bis health than for pleasure or 
business, and as be knows tbla field as well 
ai/ any one, "he did not journey to the coast 
for the' purpose of "viewing tbe situation," 
bnt'for rest and relaxation. 




stautiaeaa Reported Good All Along 

K* . the line. 

Philadelphia, Oct. 0. — Marie Cabitl made 
her local debut In "Marrying .Mary," at the 
Chestnut, to capacity The holdorer at- 
tractions In their final week, dolog well, are: 
Ann* Held, In "Tbe Parlelan Model," at tbe 
Chestnut street Opera House; Francis Wll- 
■Mfc,' 1 In "The Mountain Climber," at tbe 
Kpuad; Louis Mann and Clara Lip nan, In 
rt ji|le Bon Bon." at the Lyric, and "The 

Measure of a Man," at tbe Qarrlck 

Bustle Farnum, In "The VirglnlaD," was 

greeted by a fine house at the Walnut 

Keith's had big crowds afternoon and night. 

. ;'.;,.-: .Primrose's Minstrels, at the Grand 

^pera House, and Florence Bindley, In "Tho 

titrland the Gambler," at tbe Park, opened 

to big houses Tbe stock productions at 

rorepauffb'8 and the Standard, and the other 
combination and burlesque houses, had plenty 
of patronage. 

'Boston, Oct 0.— Frltal Scbeff. In "Mile. 
liucjlste," was welcomed by a big house nt 

lbs-Colonial 'The Daughter* of Men" 

began a series of special matinees at tbe 
Mark, and at tbe same bouse, In tbe even- 
Ink* "The Don and the Mouse" opened its 

alxtb prosperous week "The Student 

wjm, m at the Tremont, and David Warneld, 
In. "lbs Music Master," at tbe slajestlc, 
begap! the second week of their month's en- 
gtigement, with capacity. ...... Sam Bernard 

opeqed bis last fortnight. In "The IUcb Mr. 
Hoffgenbelmer," to a fine house, at tbe Hollls. 
tad j-'Tbo Old Homestead" started well Its 

»ecpnd and final week, at tbe Bostoo 

Tht week stands opening well were : Thomas 
Gfobea, In repertory, at the Globe, and "Ruled 
Off the Turf." at the Grand Opera House. 
Xhk other bouses reported flaeboslness. 

• CHicaoo, Oct ».— "The Little Minister," 
at- the Chicago Opera House, was tbe prln- 
ttpal opening. .. ."IOngaged" and "Salnara." 
•f'thn New Theatre: "Btrongbeart," at 
Ppfrera', and "Zawi," st the Bush Temple, 

were Mnnuny openings The holdorers: 

,:; ClsoH8 Washington Jr.," at tbe Colonial: 
"KIleen^Asthore,* 'at McYlcker's: "Briga- 
dle'r Gerard;" at the Illinois: "Tbe Ham 
Trff.': at the Auditorium; "The Blue Moon," 
nt ine flarrlek: "The Man from Now," nt 
fltildrbaker: "Law and the Man." at the 
'irand Opera House, and 'Tbe Time, tbe 

Place (i nd the Girl," at the La Salle 

Rlrervlew dosed Saturday. 

WaaniMoroK, Oct. l).— Jeff De Angells 
Eave^tt brand new three act opera, "Tbe Olrl 
and the Governor." its premier before a big 
house at tne National Theatre but night. 

Its success was most pronounced "Tbe 

Clansman" waa received at the Columbia by 

a large boose Harry Conor and 8adle 

Martlnot, in "Mrs. Temple's Telegram," at 
tbe BelBsce, were well received by a full audi- 

«** Barney Ollmore, In "A Rocky 

Hoad to Dublin," packed the Academy 

Anna Day, In "When Knighthood Was la 
Flower," had a fine following at tbe Majestic. 
..'."...The Fay Foster Burlesque Co had 

two good audiences at the Lyceum The 

Orpheum Show of vaudeville performrrs 
Oiled Chase's afternoon and night. 

CINCWJUTI, Oct. 9.— Elsie Janls, la "The 
Vanderbllt Cup." started splendidly at tbe 

Gron « "Babes la Toyland" packed tbe 

Wft taut .Forepangh Stock Co.*s Inter- 
pretation of "Trilby" pleased crowds at Rob- 

inwn ' 8 Ernest Uogan, la "Rnfus 

Rastua," received an enthusiastic greeting 

at Bench's Big audiences greeted "Tbe 

Eye Witness," at the Lyceum. Trliie Frl- 
goma was welcomed home by an Olympic 

fi . ru,h «' Columbia's vaudeville filled that 

house.. Ldiia Saiblnl was a reature of 

the Dainty Duchess Co., which crowded the 
Standard.... Nelson-Oans pictures of fight, 
with the Merry Makers, at the Peoples. 
Business Is great. 

. Kaxsas cm, Oct. 0.— Clay Clement, In- 
"Sam Houston.'' opened a four nights' en- 
gagement at the Willis Wood, last night, to 
a fair house. Both Mr. Clement and the 

play were well received '..At the New 

Shobert Theatre, "The Love Route" scored 
a big bit before a large Sunday night audt- 
e ace At the Grand a big Sunday mati- 
nee and a night house were enthusiastic over 

"Bedford e Hope." At tbe Orpheum the 

usual Sunday business greetrd Wilfred Clark 
and a good vaudeville bill At the Audi- 
torium, tbe Woodward Stock Co. gare a fine 
performance of "Alice In Old Vtncennes." 

"Queen of the White Slaves" thrilled 

at the Glllle The Knickerbockers, at the 

Majestic, and Rellly A Wood's Blr Show, 
pleased tbe burlesque seekers. 

I*oci8VitLB, Oct. 0. — Chas. B. Hanford 
opened st Macauley's, in "Julius Cesar," to 

a big house Hanlons' "Fanlaima,'* at 

tbe Masonfe, opened to a packed house 

"The Phantom Detective," at tbe Avenue; 
the- Brigadiers, at tbe Buckingham, and 
vaudeville at Hopkim>', drew capacity bouses 

at tbe Sunday opening Prof. Gleason, 

tbe famous horse trainer, opened a week's 
engagement at the old horse show building, 
to a big crowd. 

Nbwuubo, Oct. 8.— Boselle Knott, with a 
company of unusual excellence, opened her 
teanon here to-night. In "Tbe Duchess of 
Devonshire," and received an ovation. . Tbe 
l>lay is a decided success, and will be wel- 
comed .is tbe only romantic, costume comedy 
announced for Broadway tbla season. Tbe 
author, Mrs. Doremus, has surpassed her 
"Circus Rider," which nude Roslna Vokeo 
famous. New York will welcome the star 
and play and strong supporting company, In- 
cluding: Andrew Kolraon, Franklyn Roberts, 
Theodore Hamilton, Harry Mills, Wedgwood 
Nomell. E. A. Locke, Marie Hagtronl, Agnes 
Ffndlny, Brands West and thirty others. 
(Signed) Ernest Siiipham. 

« »» 

Buffalo Bill'* Retara. 

Buffalo Bill (Col. Wm. F. Cody) arrived 
In New York Oct. 1, from hla long tour of 
Europe, bringing wltb him bis Sioux Indians. 

Col. Cody was proud of the fact that ae 
had been successful In airing the American 
Indian a European education. Pointing to 
one, he said that this Indian bad not only 
learned French and German, but bad also 
acquired Polish. Each member of the band 
was armed with a language le«son book, 
which he studied almost continuously on the 
way across tbe ocean. Col. Cody started nt 
once for Cody City. The cowooys started 
for their homes In tbe West, while tbe In- 
dians left for Dakota. 

Major Burke arrived with the party, and 
had many interesting stories of the trip. 
He said : 

"Never, never anything like It In tbe entire 
world. Oh, If I only bed a phonograph to tell 
It ! It would take me seren montns to de- 
scribe wbat they saw and wbat tbey ex- 
perienced. For four years tbene red men 
nave been Invadior not only capitals like 
London, Pari*), Home and Vienna, out In the 
last vcar they have actually visited seven- 
teen countries, with as many tongues ; tbey 
have visited almost every commercial, ar- 
tistic, architectural and natural point of 
Interest. The laurels In the itinerary of 
society travelers, millionaires, automoblllst», 
diplomats, or any class cannot exceed In 
completeness, tbe sweeping, detailed method 
of tbe Sioux, who have minutely covered 
tbe ground from John o' Groat's to Land's 
Mnd in England. Scotland and Wales and In 
Europe. Paris, all France, In fact, all Italy, 
by way of Trieste to Agrara, by way of Vi- 
enna to Budapest. Belgrade, along the beau- 
tiful blue Danulw, down through Crakow, 
and along the Russian border. These red- 
men went along the Itblne, visited Belgium, 
Brussels Antwerp, and historic Ghent, 
where the treaty between tbe United States 
and Lngland was signed. At Agram one of 
tbem learned Croatian. They acquired Hun- 
garian at Mlskoloz, Bzentes, .Vyiregybata 
and Nagybecskerck. At Uarmarosaslget tbey 
learned Polish and Yiddlah. Ob, If I only 
could And wordH to tell tbe story I These 
wards of the L'nited States Government havj 
bad every source of Information, everything 
thrown open to tbem. It would not sur- 

Srlse me to see sn Indian reporter, remarked 
lajor Bark*, Buffalo Bill baa been the me- 
dium of mnking teachers of those who never 
went to school. He has utilized tbe old war- 
riors to speed the plow of progress, and 
ba& added an Interesting chapter to the his- 
tory of the laat of the Mohicans." 
o i a 


Tkla list U made a 
en rate ■■ It Is poailbl 
•f vaadewllle boouioa 
• friion in tbla depart 

Lynch borer— At tbs Acsderoy of Music 
CCurbln Shield, mansger) "Torn. IMck aod 
Harry" Sept. 17. "Forty-five Minutes from 
Broadway. 20. bad a splendid house, and 
was a good show. "Berareant Kitty" 26.. 
"Haying the Game." 27, was a atopd perform- 
ance, to a fair house. The Little Duchess" 
2S. "On Parole" 20. "Jnllus Cataar. " . 
played bv Chos. B. Hanford. pleased a good 
ftlaeri audience Oct. 1. "Her Own Woy" 2. 
Arthur Dunn, In "Tbe Little Joker," bad n 
top beavv bonne 3. "The Country Chair- 
man." 4, 'had a packed bouse for a good per- 
form once. 

< > » 

Tub Bboaowix Qi'AKTtrK is with the 
Billy B. Van Co. 


of the theatre or park, aa welTaa the 

e*iv or town, MUST ac<. omp.n, caeh 
book Ina sent as. 

Arker A roll Ins. Cleveland. MS, 
AdWyn. Novelty, Topeha, Kan.. 8-1.1: Yale's. Kmi- 
- M« City, Ml... 13-20. 
Adrlla. I,*. O. 11., Ixvsnsmrt. Intl., 8-13. 
AU«nw, Mabelle, K. A P. 3th Ave., I. V. C. 5- 

Adslr A Dalm, Keith's. Manchester, X. II.. s-13; 

Keitb'x, Boston, lft-20. 
Adtlmsmi. Mr. k Mm.. Keith's. Pblla., 8-13; 

Marylitoil, Hsltn., 13-20. 
Adanw A Drew. Emi»lre. Pstersoa, N. J., 8-13; 

Kraplrc. IIoNikm, 13-20. 
Adamit. Musical, People's, Cedar Rapids, U.. 8- 

Adamtnl A Taylor. Cliutes, Ban Fran., Cat., 8-13; 

Orphtum, Los Anavtes. M-20. 
Adillvon t Llviiiffflton, Palmetto Beicb, Tsmtui, 
•Mk, 8-13. 
Ahem A Bailer, Lyric. St. ioaeph, Uo., 8-13. 
Aieitrn, Chan. A Jic, Orpheum. L'llcs, N. V-, 8- 


Itaot . _ 
Allison, Mr. A Mrs.. Proctor's, Albany. N. V., 

Alva. Alice. Lyric, fit. Josesta, Mo.. 8-13. 
Alvlnos (4). Mmi Tour. Bog., S-Nov. 31. 
Albion*, The. Orplilum. Maisnehl, O., 8-13; Or- 
-Dhlnm, Chllllcothp, 15-20. * 

Keeley, Pawtucket, Pawtocket, R. I., a- 

Alltners Moakeyit. Mies's. Buffalo. 8-13. 
AIMirtim A Miliar. Kmnlre Tour. Koo.. 8-Kov. 30. 
Albs*. Great. Maryland, Baltimore, liib, 8-13. 
Alexis A Schall, K. A P. 38tb St.. N. Y. C, 8-13. 
Allen A Ditlluu. BIJoti, Heo'Iliiir. Pa., 8-13; Wald- 

mann'a, Npwark, N. I.. ls-30. 
Allaire A Liort. nrsud. BelllD|baat, Wash., 8-13; 

Grand. Yaucouvrr, B. C, 13-20. 
American Newaboya' - quartette. Avenue, t.otiln- 

vltlc, Ky., 8-13; Lyceum, Cinclnnarl, I .'.-20. 
Aoioiin A Hartley, Orpbeun, Utlca, N. Y., 8-13. 
Ames A Feathers. La Halle. Kcoknk, Is., 8-13; 

Oarrlck. Burlington. 13-20. 
Antrim A Peterx. Grand, Marion, Iml., 8-13; 

Bijou. EvanRVllle. 15-20. 
Anderson A Goh>ee, Empire, Lewliton, Me., 8-13;' 

BntiKor. 15-20. 
Amlerxoa, Cbas. V., Acme, Norfolk, Va., 8-13. 
Arllncton Comedy Fonr, Keltb's, Pblla.. 8-13; 

Kettb>. Boston. 13-20. 
Armstrong. Famous (3). Gaiety. Birmingham, 

Ala., 8-13; Orwnwnll. New Orleans. La.. 13-2(1 
Armatrniiff & Davln, 0. O. H., Omiho, Neb., 8- 

13; Bijou. Cblcapo. 15-20. 
Archie, Will. Auditorium. I.ynn, Mass., 8-13 ; 

Hathaway's, Lonvll, 13-20. 
Artols Bros.. Coloalsl. N. Y. C, 8-13. 
Archer A Crocker, Keltb's. Boston, 8-13; Proc- 
tor's. Albany, N. Y.. 13-20. 
Arroond, Grace, Family. DsTranort, la.. 8-18 ; 

.Crystal. Mllwankee, Wis., 15-20. 
Aahton A Martine. Gran Voriedades, IlaTana, 

Cuba. 8-20. 
Auer A De Ouso. G. 0. H.. Grsnd Rapid*, Ulcta., 

8-13; Bijou, Uuakeson, 13-20. . 
Aimtlo. Claude. Bijou, Slarquetle, Mich., 8-13; 

Ben's, Kscitnaba. 15-20. 
Au«tlus. To*slr.f, K. A P. Union Square. N. Y. C, 

8-13; K. A 1'. 5iii Ave.. N. Y. C, 15-20. 
Auk. Kdnn. 11. A It., Bkln., S-i:i. 
Avolos. (41 Musical. Majestic. (^iIchro. 8-13. 
Avery A Hart, Keith's. Providence. R. I.. 8-13. 
Avon Comedy Four, Columbia. Cincinnati. 8-13. 
Baith\ Four. Chutes, San Fran., Cab. 8-13. 
Baker A Baker, BIJoit, Canton. 0.. 8-13. 
Bailey A AhhiIii. Proctor'*. Troy. N. Y.. 813; 

K. A P. 23d St., N. Y. C. 18-20, 
Barry A Halvers. Keltb's, Boaton, 8-13. 
Barnes A Levlnaa, Crystal, Denver, Col., 8-13; 

Crystal, Pueblo, ir,-20. 
Barry, Mr. A Mrs. Jimmy, Victoria, N. Y. C, 8- 

Barrett Slaters, Gotlum, N. Y. C, 8-13; Novelty, 

Bkln., 15-20. 
Barnes. Paul. Hopkins', Louisville. Ky., 8-13, 
Bate*. Louie W., Cryital. St. Jrtepk. Mb., 8-10. 
Bander-La Velle Trio. Grfllid, Joltet, 111.. 8-13. 
Barscb, Delight, G. 0. II . Grand Rapids, Mich., 

Bartholin'* Cockatoos, Maryland. Balto., 8-13; 

CliBae'a. Waahlngtoa. D. C. 15-20. 
Hayes. Noro, Victoria. N. Y. C, 8-13. 
Barry, Penman A Frankfort, Maryland Ave.. Nor- 
folk, Vn„ 8-13. 
Baker Troupe. K. A P. 38tli St., N. Y. C. 8-13; 

61h Ave.. N. Y, C, 15-20. 
Barker A Barker, Family, Cleveland, 8-13. 
Beaugii. Acme, Norfolk. Vs., 8-13. 
Berry A Berry. Bijou,, la., 8-13; Domin- 
ion, Winnipeg. Caii., 15-20. 
Bedlnl, Donat, Keeney's. Bkln.. 8-13. 
Ben:on, Elwod A Moggie, Bijou, Danville, III., 8- 

Bell Boys' Trio, Crystal. Milwaukee, Wis., 8-13; 

G. O. II., Grand Rapids, Mich.. 13-20. 
Bern. Ben. Doric, Yonkera. N. Y.. 8-13. 
Betfnrd. Al. G. A Msslc, Slpe'x, Kokcruc Iod., 8- 

13; C«nt-iry. Mhthawakn, 15-20. 
Bernato A Diss, Shewiy'n. Fall River, Mass., 8-13. 
Bentley, Jennie. Orpheam, 8t. Paul, 8-13. 
BeveiiyH, Tbe. Crystal. Detroit, 8-13. 
BeU Trio, Maje-tic, Erie, Pa., 8-13; Orptienm, 

'Allenton-R, 13-20. 
Bedell Bros.. Academy. Fall River, Mans., 8-13; 

O. H., Brockton. 15-20. 
Bedouin Aralu (8), Columbia, St. Louis. 8-13; 

Olvmnlc. Clilcuito. 15-20. 
BellcUIro Bros., Hay market, Chicago, 8-13; Ma- 
jestic, Chicago, 15-20. 
Bernlce A Mascot, Orpheum, New Orleans, La., 

Besnali A Miller. Keith's. I'lillc, 8-13. 
Besay. Claire. K. A P. 5(li Ave., H. Y. O. 813. 
Bergerc, Valerie. A Co., K. A P. 23d St., S. Y. 

'<:.. 8-13. 

Beauvaio, Arthur. A Co., Family. N. Y. C, 15-20. 
Ben All's. Hassan. Arabs. Shea's, Toronto, 8-13. 
Bertnc'a Circus. Keltli'a. Phils., 8-18. 
Blnney A Chapman. Bijou. Bay City, Mich.. 8-13. 
Blaon Clly Trio, Anderson, lnd.. 8-13; Kokorao, 

lllmm, Bomm, B-r-r-r, G. O. 11.. Indianapolis, 8- 

13; Colombia. Cincinnati. 15-20. 
Blair A McNulty, Grand. Victoria, Can., 8-13. 
Diamine. Mr. A Mrs.. Euiulre, Milford, Mass., 8- 

13; Howard. Boston. 15-20. 
Tilanipliln A Hebr, Orphlum, Springfield. O., 8-13. 
Black Huasara (ill. Hathuwsy'a, Lowell, Usis., 

8-13: New Bedford. 15-20. 
Black A .Tones. Armory, Blnguimlon, N. Y., 8-13; 

-Rrle, Pa.. 15-20. 
Black. Violet, A Co., Moore's, Portland. Me.. 8- 

BOvdeverry. Col. Gaston. Msjeitlr. Cbicngo, 813. 
Bold). Bemle. Lyric, St. Joseph. Mo.. 8-13. 
BoK-ent, Waifer* A Crouker. Armory, Hlnghsnton, 

N. Y., 8-13: Orplteuin. Allentown, Pa., 15-20, 
Bohemian Trio, Bijou, Ohkoah, Wis., 8-18. 
Bomni A Nevaro. Colonial, Lawrence, Mass., 8*13; 

Moore's. Portland, Mr., 15-20. 
Bor, Ted R., Kraplre, Jobaiineahurg, 8. A., 17-20; 

Tlvull. CsneTawn. N-v. 5-10. 
BraiHl M«U>rs. 0. IL, JackHonvlllc. Kls., S 13. 
Bmno A Btuacll. Temple, Detroit. 8-13. 
Bryant A Uavllk', Family, T.«iK-»»tcr. Pa., 8-13 ; 

Family, Klmlrn, N. Y., 15-20. 
Brmij«. The. Pcti>ruoro. Can., 8-13; Kingston, 

right L__ 

fiBtenhejd, 15-20: Pal., Manchester, Etf. 

27; Eiup.. Burnley. 29-Nov. a. 
Braata's Dotes. Orpbeum. Bkln., 8-13. 
Brooks ft Vedder. Proctor's. Tny, N. Y., 8-18; 

Harlem 0. H.. N. Y. O.. 13-20. 
Browning, Arthur. B'way. Mlddtetown, 0., 8-13; 

Orpheum, Mansfield, 15-20. 
Fnitttt, S?lms, Victoria. N. Y. C. 8-18. 
BrKloas, The. Empire. Loudon. Raff.. 8-Kov. 25. 
Breams, Cbnlea, Han Fran., Cab, 8-13, 
Brunlns, Lex. Colonial. N. Y. C, 8-13. 
Bndlcy A DnvlH, Cryatnl. Logausport, lnd., 8-13; 

Crystal. Krsnhfort. 15-20. 
Brown. Itarrls A Drown, Auditorium, Lynn, usss., 

BmbHtTrlo, Family. Lant-asler. Pa., 813. 
Brandt A Laratio. Haymarket. C'ltlrsga. 8-13. 
llronkH, Jeinw, Dominion, Wlimljiss;, Can.. 8-1*1. 
Bradford.-!. The, G. 0. H-. Handuiky, 0., 8-13; 

O. H.. Youtwtown, 13-20. 
Brown. Jack. A Lillian Wrlxbt. Family, N. Y. O, 

8-13; Fsmliv. Rcrnoton. Pa.. 15-20. 
Burkes, Tbe. Keltb's. Boston, 8-13. 
nurke 1 A Demps«*y. Olympic, Cincinnati. 8-13. 
Burke's, Dan, School Girls. Ilonkhia*, Louisville, 

Ky.. 8-1.1. 
Burn-. Harry. Atlantic Garden, N. Y. C, 8-13. 
Ritrtlnoa. The, Novelty, Bkln.. 8-13. 
Burton A Brook*, Orpbeum. Denver, Col., 8-13. 
Burke A tTrlfoe. Lvrir, San rraau, cal,, 8-13; 

Lyric. OakUnd, 18-20. 
Byron A Hlanch, Htar, Munesioo, I'c, H 13; Bl>»u. 

I'lqua, 0., 15-20. 

Hockley*. Musical, Newark. N. J., 8-13. 
CaTTery A Grant, Phoenix, Columbus, 0.. 8-20. 
Ortetll Bros., Haymarkei, Chicago, 8-15. 
Casad A De Verne, flora's. Madison. Wis.. 15-20. 
Canada, (2b), Lyric, St. Josepb, Mo., B-t.1. 
Carlisle, Ocrtrnde. A Co.. Orplteum. Boston, 8-13. 
Carlllo, Leo, Orpbeum. Bkln., H-13. 
Carter A Blufuni. Ornheum, Omaha, Neb., 8-t3; 

Orpheum, Minneapolis. 15-20. 
Cams, Emma, K. A P. 58th St.. K, Y. C. 8-13. 
Carroll A Clarke, Orpheum, Clillllrothc, 0., 8-13 » 

'Grand. Datton, 15-20. 
rarroll A Cook. II. A 11.. Bklu.. 813. 
Cameron A Flanagan, G. O. II., Indianapolis, 8- ' 

CaVioa. Don, Krenrv'N, Bkln.. 8-13. ' 
CaS|M>r A Clark. Gem, llsvrrlilll, Masn.. 8-13. 
Caprice. "Original," Lyric, neve-land, 8-13. 
Catra. Musical 44), Kni|dre. Han Frnti., Cal., S- 

13: Rmnlre. Sau lt-<-. |3-2«). 
Carter A Waters t'o.. G. o. II,. Pltiatiurg. 8-13. 
('■stir ft Collins, HI jo ii. ltorkrord, III., S-13. 
Carroll A Doyle, Psstor's, N. Y. C, 813. 
Caron A Hertart, Columbia. Cincinnati. 8-13; 

'Hopkins'. l,oiilNvllle>, Ky.. 15-20. 
Cftrlelon. Al.. Moore's. Portland. Ue., 8- 13 ; 

Keith's, Mancbeftler. N. 11.. 13-20. 
Christopher. Orpheum. Partaiaoutli, 0-. 8-13; 

'Bijou. Plqun, 18-20. 
Cheater, Chns., Crystal, St. Josepb, Mo.. 8-13. 
Chlldrrff, Grace. Keith's, 1'rovMeace, 8-13; I'ss* 

-tor's, N. Y. C. 15-20. 
ClWfalo, G. (». IL. Ptttsbitrg, 8.13. 
Cinfinevalll, Paul. |[. A U., Bkln,, 8-13. 
Clarrai (3). Temple. Dolrott. B-13. 
Ciwy. Geonr*. BIJoti. Lincoln, Neh.. 8-20. 
rilirord A Ortb. Crystal, Denver. Col., 8-13. 
Clark, Harry Oorsou, Auditorium, Lynn, Mass., 

Clifford A Lurko. Tcmplo, DelroK, B-13; Cook's, 

RocI*sler, 13-20. 
Claude, Toby. Proeior's. Newark, N. J.. 8-13. 
Clark, Geo'slnn. Majc*!!!-, Chicago. 18-20, 
Clifford. Bifly 8„ Ornheum. TJilca. N. Y., 8-1.1. 
Cogswells, 'Cycling. Touring Mcslco. 
Cotton. Loin. Star, Muocle, lnd., 8-13. 
Corrigan & Ihys, Orphetun, Hprlngflelil. . 8-13. 
Coimelly, Hngli, O. II. , Danbury. Ooon., 8-13. 
Cook, Frank, A. A S., Boston, 8-13. 
Columbians (3), Bennett's, London, Can., 8-1.1, 
Conroy. Jo'm A Mamie, Orplilum, Portsmouth, 

•0.. 8.13: Orpheum, Clillllcothc, 13-2«, 
Columhln OontMiy Four, Poll's, Hartford, Conn., 

Cole. Wilt, .'oil's. Hprlngflelil, Mass.. 8-13; Poll's, 

Stew Haven. 15-20. 
liris A Collins, Doric. Yankers. N. Y.-. 8-13. 
Colby Family, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 8-13; 

Poll's, Now Haven, 15-20. 
Conn A Conrad. Lawrence, Mass., 8-1,1; K, A P. 

: Onion So.. N. Y. C. 1S-20. 
Contitio A Lawrence, Ifnlque, Kntt Clslre, Wis.. 8- 

18: Unique Mlnnenimlls, Minn.. 15-20. 
Co^- Family Quartette. People's. Evansvllie, lnd., 

Ccrhleys. The, Atlsnllc Gsrdei). N. Y. 0.. 8-13. 
Conlln, Jos. P., People's, Jersey City, N. J„ «■ 

18; O. H., Ilsdkcnssck. 15-20. 
(■wL A Clinton. Hslbawny's, Lowell, Mass,, 8-13. 
Conloo A Hastings, Oranrt, Milwaukee, 8-18. 
C'opelsiid A Copelnnd, Lyric, Parsons, Kan., 8-13 ; 
. Lyric, Mnskogee. L T., 15.20. 
Cook A Stevens, Novelty, Bkln.. 8-13. 
Colonial Septette, Ye, Proctor's, Newark. N. J., 

Cooper. Jlmmlc Salem. Mass., S-13. 
Cooper A MHBNB, K. A P. Union Hq„ N. Y. C, 

8-13. ^ 

Cotton, Lola. Star, Muncle. lad., 8-13; Otjiheum, 

Lltqu, 15-20. 
Cresny A Doyne. Keith's, Providence, 813; Poll's, 

'Hurtfard. Conn. 15-20. 
"Oriclwls, The," Keith's. Cleveland. 8-13. 
Crawford, Clifton, Orpbeuro, Los Angeles, Cal., 

Crsightoti, John C, Pastor's, N, Y, C, 8-13. 
Orotty Trio. K. A P. Union Ho., S. Y. C. 8-13; 

r Family. Jersey City, N, J., 15-20. 
Cronln Troupe, Keith's. Boatoii, a- 1 :i. 
Ceane, Mr. ft Mrs. Gardner, Keith's. Boston. 8-13. 
Cvee, Jessica. Columbia, Ht. I^oiiIh, 8-13; Majestic, 

Chicago. 15-20. 
CTQwles A Ahlle, Crystal. St. JosepU, Mo., 8-18, 
I'rslne, Ixing A Cralne, Balnl's, fjnislng, Mlcb., 

Ciimmlngs, Master. Lyric, Cleveland, 8-1,1, 

Citttys, Musical (0). Proctor's, Albany, N, Y„ 
' —«-13. 

Cunningham A Smith, G. O. IL, Pittsburg, 8-13; 
Family. Pouo/hkccpslc, N ' Y„ 15-20. 

Cummings A Thornton. Took, HufTnln. 18-20. 

I'itshman, Frank. Lyric, Cleveland, H-13. 

Daly A O'lirkn, London, N. Y. C, S-13 ; Galoty, 
"Albany, N. Y., 13-20. 

DavU. V. ltlcbar.l. Windsor. Vt., 10; LeUnon. 
, ;K. IL. 11.13; Ameabury. Maaa.. 15-20. 

Davis, Tom. Hippodrome, N. Y. C, B-18. 

DavU A Mncnulcy, 0. O. IL, Grand Rsnldi, 
.Mlcb.. 8-13. 

Davis, Edwards, A Co,, Keith's, Jersey Clly. N. J,, 

Day. lieo. W., Keith's, providence, S-13; Moore's, 

Portland, Me., 18-18. 
Daly, Ed. A Bertha, White City, Chicago, 8-13; 

Majestic. Chicago. 15-20. 
Daytellc, Mudge, Dewpy, L'llea, 8-13. 
Davenport. Lena, Bijou. Evunsvllle. hid., 8-13, 
Dacre, Louise, People'a, Cellar Itanlds, la., 8-13; 

Main St., I'corla. III.. 16-20. 
Dogwell, Aurle. Empire, Hohoken, X. J., 15-20. 
"Daisy Dauccrx." <folonlal. N. Y. C, 8-13. 
Dtlmo, Slsr. Muncle, lnd., 8-13; Ornbhim. Llini, 

.0.. 13-20. i . 

De Witt. Bums A Torrance, Mo] Mill, Hanover, 

G*r„ 8-15; Circus Carre, Amsterdam, Hoi., 10* 

Deliw, Muyetlc, Empire.. St. Paul, H-VU 

Do Fare Sisters, Empire, Patersou, N. /,, 8-13; 

Rmnlrc, Hohoken, 13-20. 
Dr Illakcr'M Dogs. Ilarrlaburgh, Pa., 0-13; East 

Liverpool, 0., 16-su. 
Uv Lora, Mile.. Fair, Bellerimtie, Ph., 8-13. 
Do Ontos. The. Olympic, Chicago, 8-13. 
Dc- Haven A I'srker, Chutes, Hun Fran., Cal., 8- 

Dfmlnff, Ariliur. Orplieum, fit. Paul, 15-20. 
Oemohto A Helle. Beniiett'H, l^mlon, Cau., 8-18; 

0.0. IL. Syracuse. N. Y.. 13-20. 
De Huts, Count. A Bro„ K. A P.. Uiiou rhiuaro, 

r N. Y. C, '8-13. 
Dell A Fonda. Lyric, St. Josopb, Mo., 8-18. 
Dewcr A 'PuonitoD, Atlantic Garden, N. Y. 0,, 


Pe Mnnt, Robert, Orphcura, Denver. Oul., 8-13. 
De Weese, Jniule, Windsor. St. Paul, 8-1U. 

Dsrvln, Jns. T., Noveily, Denver, C 
DelCio. Star, .Muncle, lnd., S-13. 
LVi-A-Phmi?, Fondly, Davenport, la. 

Des Monti's. 13-20. 
Demsr. Harry, Bradeuburgb'M, I'hllu., 8-13. 
De Curim, Clns.. Jeftcrs. Hagluaw, Mlcb., 8-13; 

Alvurado, Bay City. 15-20. 
Dc Vilbls. Great. Majestic, Cincinnati, 8-13. 
Dc One. Harry, Slajestlc. Little Rock, Ark., 8-13. 
De Hnri'iiia'H Puii'es, Victoria, N, Y. C 8<13. 
Do Muths, 'ri io, Pastor's, S. Y. 0., 8-13. 
Dr Venus A De Veaux, Atlantic tJanlen, N. Y. C, 

Dlllou Bros., Olympic, Chicago. 8-18. 
Dlton Bur*.. Orpbeum, Denver, Col., 8-ia. 
Dlerkkx Bros., Lyric, Cleveland, 8-13; Olympic, 

' Cincinnati. 15-20. 
Dixon, Bowers A Dlxoii, Stalo Fair, Dsllss, Vox,, 

Diamond ft Smith, K. A P, GHth St,, N. Y. C, 8- 

Dlstuu. Mndellne, 0. IL. Des Molnci, la., 8-13; 0. 

IL, NeWnaka City. Neb.. 15-20. 
Dions Troiijt*. Culumhla, Cincinnati, 8-13. 
Diamond A Mack. Reno, Nov., 8-13. 
Don. Emma, Grand, Chaplain, Kng.. 8-13; Rmp., 

Rochdalu. 15-20; Hip., Oraushy, 22-27; Derby, 

2Q-Nov. 3. 
Dovle A Granger. Lyric. Ft. Smith, Ark.. 8-13, 
Ifonnnlly A West, Bay City, Mich., 8-13; Alpens, 

Dorech A Russell, Poll's, New Haven, Cvnn., 8-13; 

Poll's. Bridgeport, 13-20. 
Doyle, Patsy, HutlmwayV Lowell. Msas., 8-13; 

Hsthswjy'H, New Betlforil, 15-20, 
Donsls (8), O. O. IL, Piltabnrg. 8-13, 
Douglas A llouglss, Majestic, Chicago, 8-13. 
Itoberty'H PcksIIhi, Beanett's, LoinJou. Call., 8-13, 
Dome. Auditorium, Lynn. Mass.. 8-13, 
IHdierty HlatcrH, Audfturluoi. Lynn, Mass.. 8-13. 
Drew. Tvirulliy, lllp.,, Kng., H-13: Ox< 
ford. Middle* borough, 15-20; Hunsa, Hiimburg, 

Oer., 23-Nov. 30. 
Drew, Jubo. BIJoti, Dultuli, Minn., 8-13. 
Drcnnis. Id-dio. K, A P. Sftth St., N. Y. C. 8.13. 
Hriscoll. J. A.. Atlantic Warden. N. Y. C, 8-13, 
Dti Bols. Great, ramlly. Carhondsle, Pa., 8.13; 

Family. . Cbester, 1520. 
llKVsl.Annelte. Pastor's, N. Y. 0., 8-13. 
I).nryea, May, Bcnnrtfa, l/iudon. Pan., H-13. 
lftliicaii. A. <».. Aimr.ry, Tllimlimoloii, N. Y., H-13. 
DnnlurrR 141. Mofmwk, Kclifncclndy, N. Y,, h in. 
Diipoai. Mary. A Co., K. A I'. Iluhm S<|., H. Y. 

Dura'aris, les, Moore's, Portland, Me., 8-13. 
Fatly'* Late, Olympic. Cfaloago, 8-t:i. 
FsrL Howard A Earl. Acme, Norfolk, Va., 813. 
Karle A Bartlett, Gotham. Bkln.. 8-1-1. 
Eckstein, Willie, Chutes, Sau Fran., Cal., k-U. 

Karl. Virginia, A Jotinnles. Hajratle, Chicago, 

Kckhoff ft Gordon. Orpheum. Ulniiespvlls, 8-13; 

Orpheum. Omaha. 10-20. 
Krlgertorts, The. Gotham, Bkln.. 8-13. 
Fdouln A Kdwards. Keith's, Cleveland, 8-13. 
Rdwanla' Postal Telcjraph Bor". Keeney'i, Bkln,, 

8 13. 
mite Musical Four. (Irphcnm, Boston, 8-13. 
niinorc Slaters. Kritii '-. Hiwton. s-i3; K. A P, 

I'nlou Sn., N. Y. i)„ 13-20. 
Klton, Sam, Keith's, Toledu. 813; Keith's, Co* 

Inmhus, 13-20. 
F.llls-Nowlln Co., Kiaitlre. 1'atorson, N. J.. 8-13. 
Kmcrson A Baldwin. K. ft P. Mli Ave, N. Y. C 

8-13; Kellh's. Phils., 13-sil. 
FdllR-NiiwIau Trio. Knipirf. Pnlerson, N. J., 8-13. 
Kinerson ft lloHcu. K. A P. Stb Ave., N. Y. a, 

Kmersoa. Frsuk. Gem, f*ymi, Mass.. 8-13. 
KinniPlt. Kiigenv, Family, Hiigcrslown, Md., 8-13. 
Kuiin-wrN of Music Ht. Majestic, Ft. Worth, 

Tex.. 8 13; Majestic, Sttnvetwtt, La.. 18-20. 
empire City Quartette, Mnjpatlc. Chicago, 8-13; 

irolimihhi. St. IhhiIs. tr.-iin. 
Kuiplre cmiiwie Four. Keith's. Ijwrcncr, Mass., 

H-t:i: Kellh's. Prcivldeiire, II. 1.. 18-20, 
Kmuiy, Mine, tlotbnin. Bkln:. 8-13. 
F.inmuus. Knicraon A Kinmons, Novelty, Bkln., 8* 

Kiiglelon. Nan, A Co.. Scranton, l'n., 8-13. 

Kston A Frank, Maryland Are.. Haiti... 8-13. 

Kaun Urns.. Crystal, St. Joseph. Mo., 8-18. 

Ksmernldn. Jeffcrs. Hnglnnw, Mich.. 818; Alvnra- 
do. Hay City. 1320. 

Hihardo. Nsomi, lllpiwdrome, N. Y. 0., S-13. 

Kvor. Buster. Bnulfii burgh's, Phils., 8-13, 

Kvers. Geo. W.. BIJou, Qulsey. III.. 8-18; Onlety. 
Sprln^leil, 18-20, „ „ „ « .„ 

Kvnns. George. K. A P. 3Slh St.. N. Y. 0.. 8-13. 

Fverett, Joe. casino, Lawrence, Mass,. 813; Gem, 
Lynn, 15-20. „ ,„ „ 

Ksceln. Mile. Gaiety, Galeatnirg, 111., 8-18; Bi- 
jou. Qulney, 13-20. 

Kit ihmIi luii Four. Poll's. Brldtrrnort, Conn., S-13. 

Pailctlo Oreheslrn. K. A P. nttll Kt., N. Y. C, 8- 

Fays. Tbe. Orplieum. ii'.ln. 8-13. 

Faust Famllv, Kmnlre. Hnbokon, N. J., a-l.l. 

Fnruum, Hud. Lyric Terra Haute. lad., B-13. . 

Felix A Harry Oo., Majestic, Chicago, 8-13. 

Ferguson A Mack.'Gollmni, Bkln.. 8-18. * 

Foruusun 4 I'sssmnrc, Academy. Jersey City, N, 
,1,. 8-L'i. 

Ferrnntl. Ilowaid, Boalon, S-13. 

Ferris- Wiley Trhl. Itawltilg, lo.tiiisport. lltd.. 8-U. 

Flske A .\tcDonouah, Orpheum, St. Psul, 15 20. 

Hrst, Harney", Hcrsiiton. N. J., H-13. „ ... 

Fields A Wtsiley, Proctor's. Albany. N. Y„ 813. 

I-'iak. Oertntde. Novelty, Hkln., 8-1.1. rf _ 

nitwruhi ft Olldar. Proctor's, Newark, N. J,, 
S-13; O. 0. IL. I'lltShtirg. 15-20. 

Flidny A Burke, II.' A lit, IBM.. S-13. 

Molls A Wnnl. Keith's, ltostou, H-13. 

"Fishing," Victoria, N. Y. C. 813. 

Flslter ft Juhiison. BIJou. Oahkosli. Wis., 8-18. 

Ftclds A Mnsou. •Crystal. Toledo, 0., 813; Crys- 
tal. Klkhnrt.'Illd.. "In-St. 

Flnherty. Ilnalir'y. 'A MsJ. Kllgllsh, Cssio. law- 
rcucr. Miss.. Hdlt. 

I'lymi. Bnraey A Dolly, tlusto. Lawrence, Mass., 

Flyun, Jon, Keeney's. Ilkln., Mil, 

Fiemeii A Miller, Crystal. Detroit, 6-10; Pas< 
tor's, N. Y, C 13-an, 

Forbes, O. IL, Altlehoro. Mass., 8-13; 0. IL, 
Tnuutmi, I3-20.' ' , . . ._ 

Fords (41. Kelllt's, Providence. R, L, 8-18. 

Fox, Madge. Hnthnwsy's. Ixiwoll, Slsss., H-13. 

Fok. Will If. Mnkatlc, Dallas, 'IVx.. 8-13; Ma- 
jestic, Ft. Worth. 13-20. 

Fox ft Du Ball. Majestic. Han Antonltf, 'Vox,, B- 
.11: Mnjesllr. Ft. Worth, 13-20. 

I-'ny A Clark. OlISWIUBS. Hosloii, 8-13. 

I'ntitlnello, Mysterious, Novelty, Bakersfleld. Cal., 
8.13 i Novelty, Ixw Angeles, 15-20. 

Fowler, ltorlle. F.mplre. - Pnlenuu, N. J., 8-13. 

Cosier. Hurry, A, A S./Uostmi, H-13. 

Furrcsls Muslenl, Crystal, Milwaukee. Wis.. 8-13. 

Fognrty, Frnnk, Hheedy's, Foil Rivet, Mass,, 8* 

K ... 

Fox, Dtdlg.'Ooloiilnl, N. Y. 0., 813. 

Frliraitin,, Trlxle, Olympic, Cincinnati, 8-IJ. 
Fred A Pauly, Kellh's, Boston, 8-18; Moore's, 

PovilHiuVMe.. 15-20. . 
Frnnk. Mnrvelims A Hob, o, O. II., Orsnd Rapids, 

Mich.. 8-13; Main St., Peoria, 111.. 15-20. 
Franks A Franks. Boston, Cllitlon, Mas., 8-13. 
Frederick. Helens, Columbia, Olticltiuall. 8-13; 

Olympic, (3iicagp,.13'20. 
Frederick A Poole, Acme, Norfolk. Va., 8-1U, 
Fries Sisters, Bijou, Oantoii, O., 8-13. 
I'uturliy Winner, Novelty. Bkln.. 8-1;:. 
Fuller, Ida, Frankfort. Oot.. Ml. , 
Gardner A Mnddsru, Orplieum, tiiiialin. Neb., 8- 

13; Otphemn. Salt Lake, IL, in-20. 
(lunliipr A Keren-. Majeatlc, Clilcago, 8-U; O. 

0, II. , Indfuiiauolis. 15-25. ia 

Gardner. Happy. Jack, Huboken, N. J., 8-IBj 

Trent. Trenton, 13-30. _ Ma M 

Gardner A Vincent, Orfllicuiii. Ksusas City, Mo., 

Gnssman, Joaciiblne, K. A P. 88lli St., N. Y. 0.. 

Onr'ilson, Jules A Klla, K. k P. 68th 8L, N. T. 0.. 

Garrlty Hlsters, roll's; Waterhnry, Conn., 8-lil. 

Gnrtclle Bros., Ifuyfiinrket, Chicago. Ml. 

(Inlletti's Monkeys. O.ft. IL. Iwllaistnol s, H-13. 

Osylord, Hoinilo. 0. O. II.'. I'illalNirg. H-Li; Mary- 
land, Halto., 15-20. . m „ „.,., 

(Jnimoiix, The, Keilli's. Provhlence, 8-13; Koltli a, 
Boston. 16-20, •.,.„,«. 

(laylor A Gruff, Phillips, Richmond, lnd.. 8-U; 
Htnr. Muncle. Iff .20. . m%M 

Gardiner Clilldisn (8). Dubuipio, la., 8-l.t. 

Gnnlner A Clittcotl, Troeailero, Chloagw, S-U| 
Gaiety, Itelroll, 15.20. 

(1'irsld, Muslcul, Grand, Milwaukee, H-13, 

(li ni«, The, Keilli's, Pllllil., H-IH, 

AsBrst, Geriiuik', Keltli'H." Ilostim. 8-U. 

Gerard, Helena,- Jcffsrs, flaglunw. Mleli., B*Ut 

Gllleii. Kdward Allnrcl, (llarksvllle, 'rwiji.. S-13. 

Glmrd A GnrdnCr, Pastor's. N, V. C-. 8-HL 

GIPIIiau A Perry. Mala St.. Peorls, III., S-I3J 
Uiirrlek. nurltnglon. Iu., ln-20, 

Gllfoll, Hurry, ft. * P. 3th Avo.. N. Y ; OL. H-IH. 

Ollrny. Ilayiies ft if 1«ntsonicry, HIJuii, I.a Lrosse, 

Ulliuore A Carroll, Peorile's, flSssU llsplds. la., 8- 

13; BIJou, Dubuque, 15-20. 
Gillette's Musical Dugs, O. ». IL, Pittsburg. H-ld. 
Ollilay A Fos, Lyric nierelssil, h-IB. 
Gotllob, Mr. A Mrs..- Cry-tnl, Ms H ssi b ii . Wis.. 

H-l»: Masiiik, Ft. IVaytie. lnd., 15-2U. 
Geldamlth a lltipi*. Hheeily's, Fall Biter. Muss., 

8-13; BIJou, Otanrfl 1 D<iyle, Hlar, Bkln., H-13; Uayety, 

Bkln,, 16V0. 
Gurdoii, Jiss. OfrnasW, OM im ss. H-IJ. 
Gordon A Chston, Tns-iidfro, Chicagu, »-13. 
Gordon. Don A line, "Marvin, Fliidlny, O., H-ldl 

Lyric, Tsrro Haute, 15-20. 
Golden A Hughes, Doric, Yimkers. N. Y., H-13J 

Kmplre, aUfisilrld. Mass.. Ki-2i». 
Gooluiaus. Musical. O. O. II.. Grmid HapMs, Midi,, 

8-13; Grand. Marlon, liul., 15-2*1. 
ilolden, Geo. Fuller. HiilM's, Huffslo. .I-H. 
Greene A Werner. VlelmlH. N. Y. «..*«L 
Grant A Hong;, Pmdor's, Alliuii/, N. Y.. s-W. 
GregiiryH (4i. Hlioody'it. Full lllver, Mss-.. H-13. 
Gray ft OrahuiM. Acsilemy, Pltlshurg, H-iltl, 
Grimtli A Grllllth. Gnyvty. (JiileidmrK, Mb. »'I3* 
Grlnu A llarrelt. GresiivIHe. H, C, S-IA 
Grore, I'rof.. II rmleulMi rail's. I'lills,, H-13. 
Gray, Fd.. JeftVrs'. HrkIiiuw. Mich.. 8-13. 
Gtiyer A O'Nefli; Kreufy'a.' Bkln., S-13. 
Hall. Llllle Miir. Columbia, Otleii, N. 1 . 8-13, 
llnlleu A I*e, Brndimlitfrgh's. Pblla., 8-13. 
Hiilev. Harry, Orpbluin, Hprlngflelil, 0.. "'l^-.„ 
Hnvifce, Fred, Crysiul. I^gausport. Itid,, H-Ul 

Crystal, Frniikforl, 16-20. 
Hurt, Wm.. Windsor, HI. Psul, 8-13. 
Haines, Nut, Proctor's. Newsrk, N. J.. 8-13. 
Hulleii A Hayes. Keeney's. Bklu.. 813. * 

llaneys (ijT Kellh's, clevelsiul, si:i. 
Hurls, Musical, Lyric. Cleveland. H-13. 
llMlhawn/A Slcxel, Lyric, Knstou, Pa., 8 13; 
Young's Pier, Atlantic Clly. N. J.. 16-20. 
Huyward, Conrny A Ilsywsrtl, Orphvimi, New Or' 

leans, U.. 8-13. 
HanssfU A Harris, Hippodrome, N. Y. C... * l.'i. 
llarndln's Klertrlc ButUt. K. A P. Uuluii H)|usre, 

n. y. c,;$-i£ 

Hayes A Jolinaoii. Pmdor's. Albany, N. Y., 8-13. 

Harrls-lteniirvgiinle A' Co.. BIJou. (Mhknah. Wis., 

H-tii; BIJou, Oreeu Hay, I5-I7; HIJou, Msrl- 

liuu.. Portsmouth, 0., 8-13; 

8-13; Wheeling. W, 

tauvey A Donne. Qruliiuin. I'm 

Orplioum, '('lillllcnthv. 15-20. 

laiiimond, Wsahlngton,. Pa„ 8 


Va.. 13.20. 
Hniley A Meehnu. K, k P. Union Hfiiiare, N. Y. 

iC hi;i. 

Ilnrrljrrii., Frnnk A Hiidle. Jncks^nvllle. III., H 13, 
I lacker- l^filer Trl.i. Orulieiuii. Bklu., 8-13. 
Harden, Virginia. People's. Km us* I He. lnd., H 1.1, 
llsmlel. Wii JTri-.l. (YlmiiliiK. St. LouN. 8-13; 

MuJestle. C|,Ivh«o, 1 Tj 20, 
Harrison, L<*«', Youiii'm Pier, Atlantic Clly, N. J., 

8-U: G. 0. H-, Pillidnirg. 13-20, 
Hnrhneli k llurrls, Griilieiini. Newark, 0-, 8-13e 

Bljntt. Wheelltiir. W. Vs., 15-20. 
Usyiusu A r'rsnklln, lUrimrd's, Caaluani, tag.. 






8-13; Barnard'., Woolwlcn U-SJ: CrortM, 
liiodoo, 22-37; -MiK'MMi »-Not. «. 

ii»it*Tiiiwi. fr'lttX E!9^riB& f^Aw*^ 

Harrldeu BiW., Bradonfc.ffgl.'B, I'D 'ja-. 8-13. _„. 
Unity ft Marly. Irwin. Qoslien, InJ-, 8-1.1, OKf* 

tat, Ahd*r*in, 15-20. ., 

Hiroourt, Frank, flalety, 8t. Unli. 8-13. 

Harcuqrt. Drday Albaogh'a, BnlW.. Md. u 8-15. 

Bijou, Kfllnmteoo, _ _ 
I.nmfert. Monde. OrbKenm. Ltlea, M. Y., 8-13, 
Lnbnknn*, Temple, Drmlt S-13. 
Ln Vlne-Cluiarnn Trio, TL ft B-.'flklh., B-13. 
Lnrlne ft Leonard, raster's, N. Y. C, 8-13. 
I.a Mont, Ollle. A Co:, Topic. Bllllnjrs, Moat.. 8- 

i.4nc*l<in; Bntdie, Crystal, Rock Island, 111., 15-20. 

an an a, timio., imu., o**o, i,«nt<""i. «»'»'^ ^/rimi .™~» *.„....-, 

Si,.; *> C./'Sf.'f. 'Kxltt. 11.. «•)»: Sttt. I-t«,T«tc. I.rrlc L *;™,r % CUI<=.TO. f A « 
Monenon, .15-20. 

llawklnj, (iw O.'O. II, &{ fc *».JK*Pi,lllta. 

llirmurn, AilelaUlt, Htnk.l. J.. New Flillllni. 
HMmondV ln4., 81S: Sl«r. ««ft Wi 

IImwoo.1. Km, IIlJoii. Wnertlnf, Wj V«, »3». 
llffm.. Lincoln.' 111., S-13.'_MM0I iCKfc «•»• 

llfnrj k Vmiiii, J".«plc'». Jjjaay Clly, N. J-. .-»•>. 

a II., llackenaack, l3-»r v r-aafca, 

HirW, Clin. t'Mnrle. llljon. Jicluor, Mid, 

rn To*. CciilWI. Drwilen. Off.. *-S0i lt«»- 

,.■»«'«. Vlmm. AM, Nor. 1-30. 
)W«lil B(|Uorc»uor|clW!, Ihlluwu "• '£"*"' 

llrrnninii, arrai, Umpire, JMfta. N. J, »;»»■ 
Holier- s WUIInt; O. 0. 11, arM« EtplM, 

llrdS' V'iiW. Bellini, Hworeh Off-Jtili 

L.wfer, T. J>'ruDk, IVlndWr, Vt.. 10: Lebanon, 1 
H., HIT; Amwnury. M.a«„ IB-Sw. 

I.n <6rolx, ' iVni, Orpbeum. Ceadlrg, Tt, 8*13 

Konlv, Bun, 16-20.' " ■■ ' . 

i,h Tell Broa:. roll'*. Hartford, Conn.. »-18; 

roll'!. Worcpiler, Musi, 16-20. 
I.onmrr. Mt«.. K.i P. Oth Aye, K. T. C, 813. 
I*sler & Qulnn, O. n. II., I'llttburi, 8-13. 
C Clair, Iltrry. Poll's, Hpflnftllelil, Slan, 8-18. 
Leon £ AdfllDC, Cryatal, Blkbart, Ind, 8-131 

Irwin, nwlini, 15 -SO, : 
Leonard Ic :UM Grand, Marlon, lnd, 8-18; 

I'ri ■, >l I Uvnukpp, Wis . 1S-20. 
l>eonnnl L Phllllpa, Amaterdam, N. T. 0, 8-13. 
U Uray, Dollle, BIJou, OKLkoaa, Wll, 8-13. 
Lee, Fltandsh ft Rpanle, llljoa, .Raperlor, Win., 

s-ia; niiou, HTpiMi, c«o... is-so 

Lee Tunc. PW. O. 0. 11, rimburn;, 8-18: Keltll'l, 

'Cleteladd, IBM. ..;,•■ I -. .. 

Le Dent, llreat, Arcade, Toledo,. 8-18; Orpbeum, 
Ullca, N. Y, 1.V20. 

Xrrtnn k Arnold, A »i.UiorJ una , Lynn, Uaaa, 8-13. 
XldhSIa dieter.. O. (I. II, rltUburir, S-13. 
Norum £ KlrhoWn. Kfllb'r, ^.Jeraej City, N. 

>., 8-111 ; 11. k P.. BIlB, 11-20. 
Nartnn, Ned, 0. II, 'Ite-nron. Wo, S-13; 0- n, 

Hednllo, K.-20. ... , 

Non'lln, Dare, Keltb'a. PlilUu, 8-13; Kelth^a, 

Mancfaeatrr, N. H, 15-2D. . 
North. Bnbhy, M MOD, Los Angelee, Ca], 8-SO. 
Nodoa, Knroon* ("•. BIJou, Baarltle, III, 8-13; 

riraod, Jollrt, J.-.-20. . 
O'Day, Ma, oroheum. Kanaaa City, Ho, 8-13 ; 

OmbeuiR, Omalil, Neb., 1S-20, 
CMell It Kloley. Rny City. JllcH, 813 ; Arcade, 

Toledo, O, ir.-20. 

Stbl'lhT relet J, Stir.'PeoTla. Ill, 8-». " 
8mllli k laa, m*f. Kamlly, r«ten»«. ■». »■■••»'• 
Htnylbe, \V. llfnry. IIlJoii,. Lincoln, Neb, 8-20. - 
KScdcr k Buckley. Poll'*. Waterbnry, Conn, 8-ld. 
•Rnrrlelt,- wllmlnjtoo. DM.^l.'lto. 
Splller'a Mnelml Bqiopeo', Orpbema. AUentown, 
I'a..' P^l.t: Orpheitin. 1'llea, N. V, INP> 

SBlaarll Bro>. k Mick, Wlntenrarten. Berlin. Cer, 
8-31; >Ielllnl, Hanorer, Nov. 1-30. ■ 

Bteltiert A 'niftmo.. . Colonnade, Balto, 8-13, At- 
lantlc Clarden, S. X. C 10-20. - - 

Hterena. EdKln. & Co., Alhambra. J.. 1. 0, 8-» : 

Htanley & Alleen. Orphlum, Manaflelil, O, 813, 

iiiddietown, \r,-yr. 

Olden. tt, Weaat'fc PeorU, III, 8-18 i U «&^ H&SlSl^S^mI SS 

'««*, Keeknk. led, ir,-20. - 8 totimill* Crawl .rd. star . Mnno e. I int., 8 13. 

Oplan, Bo/, A Co, Cryatal. Rt. Joaeph, Mo, 8-1S. Slfrena. Kittle, h. k P. 125th HI, b, I. u, »- 

Ollttria Trio, nr[»heuni. Denrer, Col, 8-13. 13. ^. 

St.Leoo * MeCnelcV, Alcaaar, Denrer, Col, »-20. 
St. Elmo. l*o. family, 1'olUlllle. Pa, HJI 

Ifamlly, PltlntOn. 13-20. 
St. Arno £ Cromntr. .Orphluin, l-hna. O, lO-SO. 
St. Once tlroa, I'oll'a. BrWiteport. Cona., 8-13. 
POII't. Woreeater. Mnaa,lB-20. 

^ K T- C, 813 ; 

.■lot, 1^10. 
IlcrberfB Doja, Alhamtej, N. 

liiTnTchlidrenrOrpbeom. SWflnrfeld 8-1S. 
lllll, Murrr K,. Oolnmboa. C nclnnatl, 8-13. 

J Icfanan Broa. (3), Orphenm, On.aha, Neb, 8-18. 

Orpheutn, Kanaaa Clu, Mo, 10-20. 
lllncs, Billy. «1|*«, Kokomo, IOd, 8-13 . 
lllldebrandt, Mai, OrBbeoia, Salt Lake. U, BU , 

Ornheum, Denrcr, Col, 13-20. , . „ ,. . 
uS * liemlngton, Colorabla, Cincinnati, 8-IBl 

llopklnp,', I^ularUle, to, 10-20, 
Ilolcoinli..Cnrlla k Co, Paatoro, 

phlum. Columbus, InJ.. 10.20. 

Mo" Union, BtraaaMIJ, : 10-31 ; -Ootaaaaa* 

no"«nMii.lS?,-o?o. H, Pmrtort, 813. 
UoMaworU* Tie, Cook'.. JBtochMter, K. T, 8-13; 

BomS,' OVea't, nranil, SlneT, IBd, MJ. 
ll«lin«n M, Amlltorlum. I.ynO, MM", 8-13 , 
Shwly'a, Fall KITer, 10-20, . 

HoldM, Wor8*, 1 ProW'»,Ne»mr>, K-i. »«■ 

Kni-wkv-BcrKere Co., Novelty., hkih., «»•■ ■ 

r B arlSn fev-Band Tew|.le, UflrflU, 8-18. 
UWAt SaSy Harter. Wnhiish, ttjy 8-13. 

lUiHton * DdlUt. Albwigh, BpUo.. -8-W . P*«ot- B, 

IftJ^-'&ltoCw. .W«i«, lnd.. 8-13; FlndUi, 

■ Sj Satt Trto, 11. ^..PirJ-JJ 
ffS5h« A Brown. Keith's, PrOTltencf, 8-1Q. 

.jitimn, DiMirer, Col. t 8-13. 
'JilTipU QuarleU Colonial, -N. Y. C, A-13* 
ffSB Hlflers, K. L 1'. 23,1 Ht„ N. Y, 0., 8-13. 

Orpheus Comnlr i'oitr, Orplirum. BojMou, ■ 8-13. 
Orlb A "Ptrn. Colon Inl, LatVreoc* 1 . Mim„ 8-18; 

Keltl)>. M&ik-Iic.*Ict. N, II.. l."-20. .... 

Otaro Japfl, J:i:on, Dnj CItr, Mlcb., 8-13; Bljoa, 

l'ontlac. "" 

fcirt»n(lnle, - 
Pttntjter Biw„ Orplieuoi, Utlcm, N. Y.. 8-13. 
" 1; Fall BJ»er. 10 

Moil, iiaj V.11.J, aiieu., o-to , aijuu, nun, »i>.ivnan, .....^— . -.. - — Dlf) 

1C-20. St, Julian. M.. I'hlllltw*. JMebomml, lnd.. 818. 

Family. Chester, pa., 8-13; F«mtl7, Snliy A PIk-Iss. O.H.. Bristol. Conn., 8-M. 

le, ln-ZO. Son-*! & lb tall. Oarrlrk. I'.nrtln.lon, ll., 8-13, 

j&feJrU* Flshf* (J. E. Cllttonl. 

.WlfinlMlA»».»>l..-8-». . . ■ -_v. A 

Dnnn, Artbiir (Jlnrry B. Linton, tagt.)— Tiny. O., 
.8. BfiUtfnamne 0. Plqua 10. SL Mtrjn II. 
bowiln* Cwcn 13. Pladlay l.» FMtorli »,TU- 
tin SjEBEv 3ft ffflb 18, Airco 10, Btr- 

Elwyn, l^orrie— I*b<iiion, X. H., 11-13. ABnenbary, 

Sum., tn-20. _•-■».* ^.*< *;>. 

Gifpw, FyanelK. DraiinHc— Braeebrlrtff. Ont., 

Can.. I1-J3, Tnrry toumi .15-30. 
rtolimar Bro?. MnWP ifipii ML T".., 13._ 
I.ollaiv], »lldrrd.(l->hr. ('. WMtt, Mtf 1 t—W 

I »wn. O., .10^ ...-„ 
Ilownr«l-D37r.«t ()Iow*r<l A Hamilton. inRrn.l— 1.«« 

Aiisrlri*, •>!-.. C. JpaWMH. . 
IFurrM^lon-nininun Cft.— .M«et. Ina.. 8-13. 
Kellnr tlit' (Jrent. . ( 1'nnllry UeAOow, mtr.) -- 

^YounirJlowr,. q., 13 ... . <- ■ 

"Kit CUrwo'V <Tom WlPtlerannn. mtT.>— Jiorwri. 

. Oklo., 13, MnrfBiHn !!>.. *- i 

''Kiiii? of Trani'irt"," Snnthpm (R.MI* D>lanpy, 

togT-.)— Khrtrn*. MIm., 15, Winona l«. 
l^r T ij'rite\ the fliviil (T. «. l^fajrcM**, raar.)-- 

ItnfTalo: N. V.; 8-tt. N. Y. <3ly Ifi-Nov. S. 
Mack, Andi** (Ja«. II. Declwr," m«r;>— lomnto, 

.Onf-Can., 15-20. .j- 

Sfflrrin-THf.f«i«n '(MorrU k Kn~*. mgrs.)— Berlin, 

.flan.. 8-13, St. Catherine ir-20. 

™, Orplieum, Utie». N. Y„ 8-13. ;MiUn St.. rrorli. 111., 1W»-- „ ,,. Ma— lr , "3|V-Inl(rt.t Kwnpe" (Bl. II. T^niirr, mir.)— Wll 

Le ClBlr.'Jbbo, Orptaeim. Allentowto. Pal. 8-13; Pawonif, Tbe. Iloiilon. B-13; Fall BlTer, 15-20. Stjony Soutb. GotHam. Bkln.. 8-13, Horeiiy. ta i nK tn-,, i>1.. 15-17, Cnmilp-n, N. J., 18-?0- 
Armorr. Bin gb em ion. N. Y. ( 15-20. . Pkrflce, Poll'i, BrtSMit, Conn., 8-13. " f.Mn, ivjo. 

8-13; Em- r^onhflrdt. Al.. Mnjestlc, Ft WortB,, Tex., 8-13; fatly BroB., Olympic, Clilcago, 8-13 ;. Hajmarket, fltiUlTao, J. P.. Cj., Empire. Hoteka, IT. J., a 

MaieittaVJ BI}»TeKrrt, I*, ltVai., 

t noy * wWiiOW, wgMm&fm Aujeie-. ttt. 

8-13. . . . 

I>«ho, 'Dolpb A Bngle, Empire, PaterBon, N. J-, 


l>e Vere. Chlcteo. 8-18. 

LeleTti.Lifle, A Co., Keith*", ProifOence, 8-13. 
Leiibbh, Bert, PaMor's, N. Y. 0., 8-18. 
Lflrwlg, Nate, johjDnesburg, B. A., B-Nor. IT ; 

Cape MrjUH 8. . , M -^ 

Utvln, Alke. I-topklns', Louisville. Ky.. 8-1S, 
I^-lle & Wll Ham a, Empire, Atcblinn, Kao., 8-13; 

Lyric, Jopiin. Mo., 15-20. 
Lewis, Aline. Atlantic G-rtten, N, Y. C, 8-18. 
LeW. Mrs. 'Inlra, Ic Co., Keetltj'a. BUn.. 8-13. 
irfonopd, One, Oraiid, Portland, Ore., 8-13; Stsr, 

Seattle, Vf'tisli., 15-20. 
Lee.- Henry, Columbia, Cincinnati, 8-18. 
MlldNRy A Cliail, Keith's I'hlla., 8-13. , 
Lippincott, Ham A May, Qrystal, Marlon, lnd., 

iJAgk Cotton, Coliimbjii ^Otnblonatl, 8-13. 

Lorene, Htnr, Atlunta, (la„ 8-20. 

I««do'ns (■*). K. & P, 5th Ave.. ~S. Y. C., 8-13; 

K. ft P. 58lli St,, N. Y. C., 15-20. . . 
Lorrif>r,ril Bro*,., Majentlc. Oalneavllle, Tex., 8-1S. 
l.iitol" (♦), . Orpbeulti, Bofton, >{•»., 8-13; Co- 

'fidial, N, Y. C. 15-20T 
I.iiey-ft Lncler, Kelth'a, Providence, 8-13; Keltb'a, 

Bodton, ir»20, % 
Ljillii A A.bMo, Alhambra, N. Y. C, 8-13. 
Ljt.uo, Kay A VoiiDE, Temple, Detroit, 8-13. - 
M*cV Toip, Bratle^Wsli't), fbiU., 8:13. 
Ma,rceHa, prpbconi, Si. I'siil, 8-U. 
Miirc-Hlne, H.p|)6(1rMne. K, Y, C.,'8-13. 
Miicy & Hell, filtoa's, BillTalo, 8-13. ■ 
Mnrtinjelt.* ft SylTco'tcr, flllwon, Uo„ 8-13. 
Maeeo ft Po's, Moore'*, Portland. "Me., 8-13. 
Mnhoiiey ft Luke, BIJou, WJwMlW. W. Va., 8-13; 

Orplilum, rtprliiHfleld, 0., ltt- 1 *'' 

CtilcAico, .15-20. 

Paltrei •* HoMtter. O. 0. II., ImllanepolU. 8-13. 
l'affy/Trtnk, Tronpe, 'Hippodrome, N. Y. 0-, 

Paplnta, Empire. Pa tenon, ■. J., 8-18. 

Pantzer, Lena, MsjeMlc, Chlcajo. 8-18. 

Pern', From, h., Unlnue, Bbeborgao, Wli., 8-13. 

rett> ft IYIUoq, BIJou. liulncjr, ll|., 8-18. 

Plpcce ft .Valeep. Emr-re Tour. Bog., 6-20; Met 
ropollUm, London, Li2.-Nov.l0. 

Plxcntel, Lyric, Clevalind, B-13, 

Ponto ft Leo, Poll's, Worcester, Miss., 8-13; 
Chase's, Waftblngton, D. G„ 1&-20. 

Folrers (3). Orand, Jollet, HI., 8-13; Star, Au- 
rora, 13-20. 

Pope, J, C.. Olymnic, Cbleago, 8-13. 



'Man <J Hot Choice" (E.lw. M. SlninonlH. mar.) 
.—Portsmoulli. N. H., 15. Conconl HI, Laeonlu 

J7, Frhntni IS, Montneller, Vt.,10, BL Albans 


PlckerW, fho Foot (Willla Plrkert; mgT.)— leonls- 

burx. N; C.; 8-10. Sinltbvllte 11-13. " . 
Pawnee Bill's Wild Wert. Col. LHlWs— Kinston, 

N. C.'s, New Bern 1, aold«rion> 10. wilmo II, 

Selroa 12. Favettetllle B. Wilmington .lft, 

.WhliesvlUti IB, M«rWi, 8". C, 1", Flopeace IS, 

Sumter 19. SlannlnWon 30. 

Ecblnsou'a, ' John. "8I« Shows— Wadley, Oa., 8, 

Jrnnllle ft, MUledperille 10. Vnrt Valley 11. 
ihsny 12, Dawson 13, Lompklu IS, AraerlcoM 

Snlton, Larrr* K.. 'Enpirr. Bolw, Ida.. 8-13. 
Stolllvnn A Paiteraon, AodJtoriom, Norfolk, vs., 

Sirfton't Sutton, BIJon. Dulwiniie, la., 8-13; Bo- 

talnion, Wiiinlper, Can.. 11V20. 
SummervilK Amelia. Hajmsrket, Chicago, 8-1S, 
Bvnn.A BamLur.l,Ootliflin..Bkln...8-13. ^ 

Sylve«ter. Jones. Trlngte ft Morrell, Orpbemn, 

Tipner"* Gilbert. Poll'a, Waterbnry. Ootn., 8-13. 

Teal. Bayroonil. Calumet, Bo. Chicago, HI., 8-13, 

Gnietjr. Cale«l«irjE. 15-20. . " 

Tennis Trio, Temple, Ft. Wayne. Ind., S-13. 

Lyrlfi 'lerro Hiate. 15-20. 
Tenfey, FJmer, Keith's. Phils., ,8-13. ■ ■ 

mt*?&tt^fa^*Stto&-**'i*l9** -IVrltT. Kanaas City. Wo., 8-13; Omaha. N«h., 

Prampius, The, K- ft P. 5th Ats., N. Y. C. 818. Thome A Holtlsnorth, Empire, San Diego, Wi 
Prbff.ft .>Wls. Orpbedo. WMa W.lia. W«.h„ ^» ^^ j„ ch^. r. j^, Cai 8-13. 

Pryors; The. Tvelfb'a. Provldewe. 8-13; K. A P. Siofn^ LMBfi .JfifiSS &T'«.|3. SeJU-HoW Circus— oe-fsetOwm, Tex.. 13. Marian 

23rt St., N. Y. C... 15-20. ' THomaa ft PMjie^ Orpbeom, Ullci. »\. Y-, »-«, M( 16> _ 

PUcelta ft Orben, Keith's. -BoWon. 8-13. 
Fullen. Baby Litella, Lancaster, Pa., 8-13 

aiwrt i llfliii"' '■-•: 

Pueks (81,. Allinmbra, K. Y. 0... 8-13. 

Pulley's Black Amcrkaas <4>, Hi tall ton, 0., 8- 

RfeS's Wild TV'-rst — Clarksville. Ark., 8-13. 

Rabee, Frank, Co.-^CIoqnct. JJln'n., 12, 13. Grand 
najilds 15 !«, Walker IT, 18.' _ - 

Shfpard-'B Moving Pictures (Archie L. Shepard. 
iSzr,) — Wlrsled-Salem, N". C„ S, 
D, Durham 10, Balclgh 11, Goldsboro 12, New 
Bern 13, Wilmington 15. ItnrlJogtoa. ; 8.- C- 
lfl," Frnr^nce 17, Charleston 18, bavaoush, Ga., ' 
10. Bruaowiclr 20. 



Orpheum. ABentown, Pa.. 15-20. 
Ihompson. Wm. 1L. Colonial, NYT. C. 8-13._ 
Toys, Musical, .Flom's, Madison, Wis., S^la; 

HE Freeport. IU.. 15-20. . . 

ToW*y Ttrtry Trio, Parlor. Pt. Angeles, Wash., 8- 

''Tpnrhnot Club (4)," Casto, Lawrence, Mass., 
• Vienna. Aas., 8-31 ; 

si w - v 

b*. Phlla., 8 

MRrrelle, Mill*;, Bradcnbiirgb' _ . _ 
ilsck-j -ifi); Jk'nmlly,: PotlsvlHe, Pa.,-8-13. 
MHClf. Brtdle, VlctoViit," N. Y. C, " * 



Mack A F.lll3tt,.Hatliaway'i.,.' Lowell,- Masi.. 8-13. 
A Ashley, K."A P. UnlOb 8q., H. Y. C, 

sisas. "^r^p^. ig*3g» «"«• as*' 

Tin-is . 8U3 ; Parlor, kork,. Pa., 15;5». 8 , I3 _ 

liiictsey, Mr. A NUK Uep.W., PasloTa, l>. x. •-., MllobHtt|in oftmedy P«'«r. Temple, Detroit, 8-13. 

8-48. ■ ■ ■'' --...,'i-ii a, v t c. Mutaicxvi-.'Ori.i'e. Ornnoum, St. Paul, ^8-18.- ■ 

ityiniH A Mclntyrt, I.... ft P.' 23d 8t., a-., x. ^-. M „ nlot ,, j^.^^ a , H jBcksonrille.-Fta.. 8-13.. 

8J0. . , „ — * «* « Y O Muxm. k Mnm-tt, Malntlc. Cfikflgb; 8-J3. 

'i 1 nInonsnph■one.• , K. & P- 23d St., >. !._«.. j,*^- FriWfei '*.<£.,. JerTera, ,aafilnavr. Mich., 

Iriaejstft Hjan, Crystal^ Hock inland. 111.. 8 13, MBr|l _' ; p,,^' t Pe rcle, .Kovelty, Stockton, Cat., 

Ornbeii'm,.'Ruckford, *-*•■*■ ' ' MMt 8yS ; NoVrlty, i Hflftr«l1eM.,ir.-20.... • . ■ ■; 

ivekA Bncknrt. ,W^kJSlSC^S%Ur Mnigerns, The, Maryland' Ave., Norfolk. Va„ 3 

Bsp OgPaTO ^feg ii,;- A.M. lnin,Wit, Clncrmiiti. JtVio> 

Quaker City Quartette, Hopkinn*. Louisville, Ky 

8-18; Hopt'.nn 1 . Memphis. Tenfi.. 15-20. 
Qulgg, Uaefiey ft Nlekeraoa, Keith's, Colnnbaa, Toledo: A Price. Rdnseher' 
0., 8-13. .: Prague,, q«r.. Nor. -4-J& 

Owen A. Boss, nialtn, Blmlhi/N. Y., 8-13. 
Itar, Fred, ft Co., Beilb's, Cleveland. S-13; 0. 
..0.- H.; Plttsrhirg. 15-20.' 
Raymond ft CaTerly, Colonial, N. \". C. 8-13. 
Oaywonds, The, Wlndsoi 1 ,- St. Panl, 8-13. 
Rnmrey Ulsters, Waldnaon'a, Newark, K. J., 

Kmiwne, Jobu W., Orpheum. Bkltu, 8-13. 
ItaktiiH ft IJ«nkH, nip., Hiidilemitrid, Eng., 8-13; 
•tin.. .Stockton, JB-30; " 
nl.. Haliru-, 20-Nov. 
Bay. A Taylor. Casloo, Hobokeu, 

Ijtin; Miisa:. . lft-so. 
RatiroscroTt. Chartoite. Proetnr's, Troy, N. Y., 
- 8-ia;.KeIlh'ji, Jerwy City, K. J., 13-20. 
Itstlayette'a 'Boga, Ointes,' Saa Fian., Cal„ 15- 

TdpiTA Tonsy. fitnn Clrco Bell, Mexico. 

Truftk ft Lavigne. Unique, Bau Claire, Wis.. 8-13; 

, Unique, Mlnneapoll*, Minn., 1C-20. 
'Klile. Princess;' Keith's, Boston, 8-13. 
Trovolto. oi;-mplc. Chicago. 8-13. 
Treinlull t Ifjipilp. Empire, . St. Lools, 8-13; 
Dixie. Stcaanhb. Tenn., 15-20. 
Trask ft Gladdei, yrlc, St. Josepb, Mo., 8-13; 
i 1's.niily. HfawWE City,. In., lo-asv. ... a ,„ 

lllp.. .Stockton, JB-20; Pal., Hartlepool, 22-21; Troubadour* t3). BIJou, Green Bay, Mich., 8-1 J , 

Bijou. Mririhctle. 15-20. . . 

TrK. noten. Sbei>dy'fc, Fall River. Mass.. 8-13. 
' - Unique, 

Society Policeman,"' Guy Standing's — Yonngs- 
tart*. . :12, 13. - '- . 

Tt'.trSton. 'Jnrold >,H. P. Lyons, mgr.)— Calcutta. 

, ijtdia: 22-i-e:c. 3. - - ■ 

•Ton Tlionsind Dollars Rewnnl" (Spencer, ft 
Aborn, lugrs.)— X. Y. City K--20. - - .... : . • - 

'Tilde Tom's OaWo," J. D. Chunn's— Wagner, 

lrld.:T?r, > .9,;ClnreTao«' O.'Fapalpa 10, . Brt-rtOYr- 

. ll,.Strood,. Okia'., 12, CJiandlor 13, WellSton 

JR. ChlckasJUf lad:, Ter.,-10, -Lawton, Okla., 

IT. »pv»Jer. 18, Cwdell 10. Ilfihart 20.: ■ j 

'Tncle Tom's Cabin," MarstonV 1 - Mount I'nlon, 
Pn„ 13, Wllllamahure.15, Cressoa Id. Lilly IT, 
Portage IB. lUfi illlill Sa!t*rmrg-50. 

"Uncle Tool'* -'Cabin'." -■McCutcheon , ». — Bast I4v- 
erpool. O., 10-13. Contluenc*?, Pa., 10, IT. 

Zlnn'i Trivisty (Jos. A. Miller, mgr.)— Daven- 
port, WaaVaaaa*. 8J3. . 

■ I » 


N. J., 8-13; 

Rado.-ft liprLiam, Poll's, Brkljeport, 1 Conn., 8-13; 
. .IMl'e, .Hartford.:- ir.-20; j ■* ...' 

i*r Valentine, Tirol!, Loiidou, Eng., 22- 



jobiuon,- Cnrroll, .Yming;* 
■ '8-13. ' " 


jll^n^fe.^^^'^- C 
3dn«« Jt HUc. Colonlol, X. Y. C, 813. 

Job"o»s (2). UM&e; "? b0 ^ D ' t 3 no J *'if l 8-13 
Jong* ft IUyP»na w E|«trlc. Waterloo, la.. 8-13. 
jo *? A Wkltou. Fumll#,-8lamokin Pa., »•"•-. 
Jimlper L tfjW B'way, Norwich. Conn., 8-13. 

Mnjuue, A. & S.. Boalon, 8-13. 

Mnrrlott Twins, (Iran OlccoBell, Mexico, 8-20. 

Majestic Tr|o, Hsyuinrket, Chicago, 8-13; G. 0. 

'II., I rid I an npo I Is, 15-20. 
MCsnf.! Joe: I Jas., A, A S;. Boston, 8-13. 
Mnr-noney* W'llKnn, Lyric, Muskagee, I.T.,'8-13; 

Lyric, 1-t. HiQIth. Ark.. 15-20. : 
Myitlsnil, M«g«t p.. Lyric, Cleveland, 8-13. 
Mucjtrt'r* Dogs A Monkeys. Hayraarket, Chicago, 

8-m; Colurubla,,H|..l«nIs. lO-SO, - '■■■> - 
Marlon ft Peorl, BIJou. Qulucy, 1H., 8-13; Star, 

MlM. :IIV20. .. - t-i * ■ ! " •'■ ' 

Metiee- ft CoilltiH, HaDBlbal, M6„ ,8-20. >. 

.He Dona Id Mftten*. Gothntt. Bktn.. S-13. i 

McWatets A Tyunh, Orpbeum, New Orleans, Lb., 

8-13. .'- / u . 

McClelltm, Jar.., Pl.Imi. Dulatta, Minn,, 8-13, 

. >or. 20; .,- .- f % ..,v_.... 
Itfe-i* Bronchi. Gnnleh.' BuIThIo, S 
UkfcJMMj. BIJou, Hffckfaril, lit., B-13. 
IWain'ils -lajV.Poll'B, Watertinry. "Conn., 8-1.1. 
llentf (t>w .ft . JetiWii. HI Jo«, Pulutb, Allnn., 813.' 
Iteno ft Ahaeeo, Gnnlen,' Buffalo. 8-13. 
lteiH. J A-.AaoM, 8tar, Pcdrln. 111., 8-13; BIJoi. 

Decjitrir, 15-20. ;-. ' 

Remsey A Brn.-1.iam, Crystal, Tacoma, Wafh., 8- 

];; ; . rautagtH. Portland, Ore... 15-20. ,- . . 

BedfoM A Wlnclicetcr, K.tP 33d St., X, Y. C, 

8-13; K. ft r. ftSU BL. N. Y, C, 15-20. . 
Reno, Denny, ft Dotty, 0. 11.. Sprlngtleld, ill., 3- 

Rwldipg, Francescn, A Co., Kraplre, Paterson, X. 

i J,, -8-13. - •• . . 

Reusbaw, Bert, Lyric, DanvlUe, III., 15-20. 
Redmond, Julia. A Co.. Keith's, Phlla., B-13. 
Bemlngtoa, Mayme. Orpheutn, St. Paul, Minn., 

Rents ft Bdworda.. Audltortnm, Norfolk. Ya., 8-13. 
Reed Bister*. Maryland, Balto,, 8-18; G. 0. U. 
-PHfsburj-, 15-20.- --=.- 
Revclle, Sellle, Huymarket. Chicago, .8-13. 
Wee A Cohen, Alhambra. K Y, C„ 8-13. 
Rice A Elmer, 'Proctor's, Altvaoy, X. Y. 

McNnmee, Young'j Pier, Atlantic City, N. J., 8- Bl 

Hnrlelle, Apolfo, Rerl n. Oef;. 8-31. 
ICarnata. 3. k\, AUapt.n , Oa., JU-iu, McOree, Jnnle, Orpbeum, San Pran.. Cal., 8-18. 

Kniifiuan alslorV. Orpli«m. A }«**«■• V*- ■ » " rfcKlnron A Ree.T, Bijou. Battle Creek, Mich., 
KnWiriau Troupe, Hoiiklns', MenipBls, Tcoo., o 

ui'twn, .Antynj. ^^Si.^mJ^- k v 

linrno.'s Bpcethlesa ajoWedlans, Colonial, n, x, 

Kahno^cL. ft Ada. ^$m J£kJ»&& 

lieene Mntt e, A Co., Majestic, Krie, in... *»• 
B& Mr. # Mm- A«Sa, : Atn^eatlc, felrmlng 
hum, Ala., ,8-20, 

^Dominion, Wlnnlpei:, .Can., ^13-20. . 


MfiKep'on. Rra, Dewey, 
MeCrea A Poole, Temple 

UtICa, N*. Y., fi-13. 

.... Tepiple, Detroit, 8-13. 
McDonald, Chas., NffveltJ, BklK., 8-13.. 
Mefieq A, Collins, Gaiety, Onlesburg, 111., 8-13; 

Olympic. Ctilcago. 15-20.'-;;, .:■■ i 
MaOuna ft Grant. Bijou, Lincoln, Neb., 8-13; 

Klite, Daveni>ort, Is., 15-20. 
Merkel Slaters, Hlpnodrohie, N. Y. C, 8-13. 
Melville A Btelson. Allftftnhra, X. Y. C, 8-13. 
MOlroM ft Kimer, Castle. Lawrt>nce\ Mass.. 8-18.' 
Meredith Ststera, Shea's, Buffalo,. 8*13. 
Meers (3>. Olympic 1 . (Jlnrtnrintl, S-13. 
Mvegan, Th'W. A Co.'. K, ftp. Union So,., N. Y. 

C 8-13; Keith's, Phlla.; 15-20. 
Meiroso Troin»e, Voung'a Pter. Atlantic City, N. 

J.. 8-13. 
Mtllman Trio. Clicua Cnrre, Amsterdam, Hoi,. 8- 

,15; Apollo, Dutsclflorr, Ger.r 10-30; Winter - 

garten, Be.lln, Nov. 1-30. 
Mltcliell-), The, A. ft fi..'- Boston. 8-13. 
Mitchell ft 'Browning, Unique, Akron, 0., 8-13. 
Military Barlesquers, Cn-to,' Lawrence, Mass,. 8- 

Mltetiells (3). K. ft P. Unton Sq., N. Y. C. 8-13 ; 
Keltli'a, Providence, 15-20. 

Military Octette, «, O. II., Indianapolis, 8-13 ; 
jOolambia, Cincinnati, 18-20. 

Millard Bros. (Dill A Bon), Touring Bo. America. 

Miles ft Riiymond, -Jeffers, SnglnaW, Mlcl).. 8-1'J. 

hUUimin. Chas,, Boston, Lowell, Mass.. 8-13. 

Mlller*hrp SlsteK, Circle, N. Y. c, 8-18; Im- 
perial. PMiMK It: I„ -18-20, 

Mills. Wm. J„ Orplieum, St.: Paul. 8-13. 

Moore, Kvn, Dewey, Utlcu, N. Y„ 8-13. 

Morton, Phil.. Pnw tucket, Pswlucket, R. I„ 8-13. 

Moore. Kellsey. Crystal, Detroit, {Mil. 

Moruwi; . Temple A -Morion. I*i*octpr'B, AlhanT, 
N. Y.. S-13. 

Mocney ft Holbein, Stall Circuit, Eng., 8-Nov. 31. 

KfiioV 'Walsh A Melrone, Keith's, Boaton 8-13 

Keene, JuWllng- ,«"., -ftSJ 01 *'. ™" 8 * 13, Br * 

(tonburt* 1 *. Phla.. IS-Sft^. ■ 

Keener AlloUls, Trent, Trenton, N. J., 8-13; 

Rtnplre, patewoh, >3-20.- . * 

Kelly- A Reno, Artuory. Blnhhamton, N. J.. 8-10, 

Ori.tMt.Ri. Kenrtlng. Pii„ 1B-3JJ. 
Kelly. Wniter 0., Ohnse'a, Washington, D. C„ 

B-13; Altoona. Pa.. 15-30.. . . 
Kelly. Bain. A Ida. unique, Minneapolis, 8-13, 

BIJou. Dultltb. 15-20. , , . . ^,, „ . 
Kellv- Nora. Young'a Pier, Atluotle City, N. J-. 

Kelt/ A Kelaey, Gem, Wtei'8il .... 
Kelly ft Kent, Orpheum, Omaha, Neb., B-13, 
Orpheum, Mlnneouplla. 15-20. „ .- 

Kelly. John T,. ft Co., Albnuibra. N. Y. C. B-ld. 
Kenue-ly ft Wilkens, Cotonlnl, Ilulto., B-13; Lan- 

KeSy r > P B^eyr«hc«ly'e, Fnll River, Mats-. 

M Edwin. A Co., O^lc. tjlMlniiiitl, 8-13. 
Keator. O n >hhim. »]irlnglleld. 0.. 8-18. 
Kemp". The, Ainuiniin.. N. Y. 0.. 8- 13. 
SSS Zena, PoIFh, Bridgeport. Conn., 8-13 Poll'a. 

llnrltord, 15-20. . ' ,. 

Klrulfo Bros., Olympic, HprlngfleM, III., 8-13. 

Family, Mt CHjr. In.. 15-20. 
Klrigsley A I^wls, ft A P. 58th St.. N. \. C. 

KUn-Huniai Japa. Olynwlc Chicago, 8-13. 
Kimball. Herman. Graml, Milwaukee, ^ S-IJ. 
King. Mr. A Mrs. 8nm. O, 1L, MUM Me., 

S-13: fllwuccfiter, Maw.. 15-20. 
Klmbnll'A Lcwlf. K, R P. Upton Srioan?, N. Y, 

h'lein ft Clifton, Majestic. Chicago. S-13; Colum- 
bia, St. TaOiitK, 15-20, . rt . 

Svteln, t»tt Bros, ft Nicholson, Ilaymafkct, ont- Horrta' A Kramer, -Washington, apokiine. Wash., 
.MB) 8-13. ... o .„ 15-20. 

Kteln A Klpln. "lyuiplo. So. Bend. lnd.. 8-i«; UM iiler Bister*. Kellh'n. Providence. 8-13 ; Cook'$. 
Ornml. Mtltyaiiku-c, \\\*.. 13-20. Rochester. W-20. . , . 

" .Jrtc, _ OniiTllle-. III., 8-13; lAyrlc. 

N. 7. C.. 

„ _revc*t. Mm Bklti. L 8-i3. 
A Williams, Stir. Aurora, III., B-13. 
nicDtedi, Great, Crystal, Detroit, B-13; BIJou, 

KnUunas-.i<>,' 13-20.. 
Rlnaldos <2), Gaiety, SprlngOeld, III., 94Z ; 
• I'amlly, 1-afayette. lnd., 15-20. • 

Rlchanla. Chris,, Vlclorla. N, Y. C, 8-13. 
inch, Jack ft Bertha, K. ft P. Bth Ave., X. Y. 0., 

Rkhanlson. Lavender, A Co,, BIJon, Racine, Wis., 

8-13; linlriuc. Hhekovgan, 15-20. 
Roses (3). Cliutes. Sin Frnr,.,' Cat., 8-13; Or* 

pbeiim. San Fran., 15-20. __ 
HogersrW. m, Cryatal, St; Joseph, ITo., 813. 
Rockwell, Maude. Olympic, Chicago, .8-13. 
Rohh Slateir..- Grand, Dayton, O., 8-13; Unlaw. 

Akron, 1.5-20. . ■ ' 'TV. 
Roode, Marvetous. Temple, Ft. Wayne, lnd., 15- 

20. a 

Royal Musical Five. K. A P. Un'on Square. N. Y. 
X., B-1S. . ' . . , 

Rotiertx, lluyea ft Roberta, Empire Tone, Eng., 8- 

_\'oy. 30. . , ... 

Rose. Lltlle, Bijou, Canton. O.. 818. 
Rofalres, Th?v llopkiiui'. LoHb>vi11e, Ky., 8-13; 

Hopkins', Momplib.. Tenn., 13-20. 
Rome, Mayo ft Juliet, Olympic. Cincinnati, 8-13. 
Rogers, Will, Cook 0. U., Itochester, N. Y., 8-18; 

o: o:n.. ftyrteuw, lr.-^.i. 

Rooney A Bent. Lyric. Cleveland, 8-13. 
Hegers ft Deoler. Doric, Yooben, N. ; Y., 8-13. 

' )3J, Empire. 

Flora's, Madison, wis, 


111., 8-18; 

maBBS&StfBliSaZia., 8-18,**.. Bffi.'.SS?"d^& lffl,"fe 8 - 13 - 

Moro, May, BIJou, Cuiiton, O., 8-13. 
MonllCre Hlsters, 1 Keith's, ProviiJeMe, 8-13. 
Molimlrl, Ln. ltlckards Tour, AnBtralla. 8-Dec. 31. 
Mor.tnituo, Amticr, 0/ulnc,r. Mich,, 8-15. 
Morris A Morrla, Arcatle. Wnllnce. Ida.. 8-20. 

'JVrre Itsute. [ml., 13-20. 
MecriVi,' ft Rclietn*rg. K. A P. 5th Ave.. 


Moro. BIJou. Cjtiucm, O., 8-13. 
Monroe ft Weeley, K. A P. 58th Si.. X. 

Y. C. 8- 

Klelsl. Musical. Keith's. Jersey City. N. J.. 8-13, M ^ 
K. A P. Dillon 8q., ti. Y. C.; .15-20. 

..-nctiwer. I^w. Vahl«»M, Portland. Ore., 8-30. 
Kochly lliw;. PrwtKir'n. Allmiiy. N. \, 8-13. 
Kohpe. CryJtul. TnlWl... O., 8-13; Cryntil. Klkhart. 

Kafiw A Miirloti. Mlllvllle. X. jr.. 8-13. 
Kranse A Bead', lotrngs Pier, Atlantic City. X. 

KortV A BViwh'. rnlque. Mlnucaiwlls. S13; BI- 
Jou, IHtliUh, 15-20. 
I.n Vine, Hil„ lloOfttou. Tex., h-13. 
l.a Clulr A West, Family, Lnnenster, Pu„ 8-13. 
7,nwlor, T. Prniih, I^liniioit, N. IL, 11-13; Amen- 

Lh l£gm A o'rj'nt,"B16oinlngton. Ida., 8-13; Ht. 

U Helir*Wm.. Ibtllifcwir'B. t$**y *«*•« '.'«• MiiSeteevs <3L Rrnplre.' Toledd. '8-13. 

La Nolo Br.w.. >jortlwmptou. Niirlhnmpion, Mass.. Ma)1en & 0yn>ll1( njfifc MaupheStcr, X. II, 

lavBtawkf. Marie, Mmllson Bo, G.nlen. fe Y. >Ji&TO^*SSSSK 

Lawrence. Al.. Heimetl'n, I.™ nu. Can., 8-1.1. K $L ShM . H AulTato. -8-.18. : 

Mwrenco A WooiK -Jfwy. »"«. /»• .fi'.f'H; N«f4. Milt-.. Bnulenln irgh'o. PKlla.. 8-13 

ltniell. RtL. Finplre. Petersen, K. J., B-15; Km- Hi |^ i "™ * 

Mqhi-wi*. Mack ft Lawrence. K. ft P. 5th Ave., 

N. Y. <r.. 8-13. 
Murphy ft .\Hk.1h, Alhiiiuhra. X. Y. <:., 8-13. 
MOrphy, Mr. ft Mrs, Mark, Lowell. Mans,, 15-20. 
.MnJIer, Chum ft M idler. Clreo.Brll. Mexico. 
MMfiUlj; * m Aiidtew*._ Keith's, Clereland, 8-13; 

_'* Pier, Atlantic 
otlstown. Pa.. 13- 

Muryland, Ilaltg.. 15-20. 
Murrny. Clay ton A Drew. Yotme'l 
City, N. J.. 8-13: Fninlty. Poll 

I'nierson, 15-20, 

fihlly D-!rt 'IVnt, JUt Lake,- V., 8-13. 

Xeff ft Millet. BIJon, Bvanatllle, 1ml., 8-13; 

Lyric, Twrx»ilai|tei 15-10. . , 

Decatur,- 15-20. 
Rose. Jullnn. G, 0. It., Pittntmrg, 8-13. 
HwiHspii, Marvelous, BIJou, Calumet, Mich., 8-13; 

BIJon. M.-\tqu*tte. 10-30. 
Ruf; A Cuislck, Galaty. Springfield, HI., 8-18; 

Bijoh, Qiducy, 15-20. ... .. 

RitlsWI, Mabel, Temuto, Detroit, 8.18. 

Ruracil, ]Cd., YoiiUfia Pier, Atlantic City, N. J.. 

Ryan A RIchCeM. Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 8- 

13; Poll'a, BrUMport. 18-20. 
Snnrtow A Lambert, K. A P. '28d St., N. Y. C, 8- 

Satin ft WhllU<T. iTfthk/ort, Ind., 8-13; Klwooil, 

Sato, O. K., Moss Tour. Eng.. 8-31. 
Hiitidot?, D-.iii A Sanders. Grand. Findlay, O., 8- 

Jit* ■■■- ■" . 

Santonl ft Darlington, BIJou, Superior. Wis., 8-13 ; 

Unique, Wlnntpeg, Can.. 15-20. 
Babel. Josephine. Olympln, Paris, Fr., 8-31. 
Hcbcpp'H Dogn, UnJcatlo. BDii Anlonlo, Tex., 8-13; 

Majestic, i-'r. Wunl., 15-20. 1 
Sehlrhsrl. Aluwn, -- Cr.vMal, Detroit, 8-13. 
Sentt A Wilson, K. A P. 123Ui Ht., N. Y. C. 8- 

13: K. A P. .58tli St.. N. Y. C. 15-20. 
Scytnouf A Hill, awn Toronto, 8-13. 
Heytnoar A Dum-ee. ltlckAtit's: Co.. Auckland. N. 

Z.'. BIT; Welllngtiai, - 20-31 ; Cin-t-t Cburcb 

Not. 2-0: Dttnedln 12-17. 
Seville. Lily. K. ft P.. Jentfy Clly, X. J., 8-1.1 ; 

Keith**, Palla.,- 15-20. 
Serum ft Bougie. Continue, Huokane. Wash.. 8-20. 
Melllinl A Grmliil, PlBlm's. N. Y. C, S-13: Trent, 

Trenttiii. N. J., 15-M. 
tjerrs; CltBR.. (1. O, IL. India nanolla. 8-13; Co- 

luuibla. CLiolnnMI,-- 13-20. . 
Seiuiin. Clltis. 1\. Ititmhrlct. Chicago, S-13; 

Columbia. Bt. Louis. 15-20. 
ShatpHes. The. Paator's, N. Y; 0., 8.13. 1 
syiean ft Warren, Orpheum, Itkln.. 8-13 ; Alham 

bra.'N.'Y.'.tJ.., IB^SO; ■ 
Sbativ-llroA. K. A P. tM At.; N. Y. C. 8-13. 
Shbtt ft Shorty, Cantle. Blootnliigion, 111., 8-13; 

Ofkim, Jolle.. 13-W. 
Shaniey ft Fltun, 1lMdenburgh*i>, Phlla,, 8-18. 
StdiftoM ft Bbtnnoh, P«IPm. Brldreport. Con., 

Sinclair*, Mabel, ' Ktl th'a, Boa ton, 8-13. 

New Haven. — At the Hyperion (Sum S. 
A Shubt-.ii. nianageruj Blanche Biog 
drew a good houise Oct. 2. . "His Iloiior, the 
Mnyor,*' rtW welt :\. ■■Veronlqiic" had govd 
returns 4; -."•. "Mr. Hdpklnson" fared well 
«..^."The Social Whirl" S, 0. "Tho Prince 
Chap'' 10, Jj\raes K. Ilackett 11, Joseph 
Wheeloek Jr. W. * ..,"..-■- 

T.THW HaJes id. B. Bunnell, manflger).— 
'•Tlie-Hall Itoom Hoys" had good houaeB 1-3. 
"Af -Cripple Creek"- did well 4-0. 

l'OLi'MB- Z- ft>ll, proprletorj.-^lllweek. 

of 8: Motel McKInley, >*lood Bros., .Doni-Ji 

and nritniell, Chas. and Yaurcev Van, Irving 

J ben. Ryan and Rlnbtlelt!, nod the Moznrts. 

i - ■ m i I fi . ■ ■ -.• i--;^.- 

Hortfoni.- A: Parsons' .Theatre (II. C. 
Por?opa; mnnagcr) "Ills Honor, the Mayor." 
wag well rendered Oct. 1. and delighted a 
largo, audjlence, . the. . BfttlBfaction being so 
general ns in bring the bIjo.w a return, date 
la the near fiitute. Thos, Jefferson, In "Hip 
V«h WlnkK" Oct. ± with nrl excellent 
company, played to good business. Ffolllc-tt 
Paget, r^ Oretriicn was warmly received. 
".\Jr. Hopklnsoa!' was cleverly .presented, .3. 
C '"The College Widow" drew heavily, 
rhntlhpe and) eveolDg U. HlackDlke Banit 
B,:*'JiiBt Oat. of College" 0, Mme. Kltpxln. 
In ''The Orphans," g Yiddish play. -10; 
Jamn'K. Ilackett, In "The W'alU of Jeri- 
cho," '12, 1ft. 

JUqtkocd On-.KA Horsr, (IT. 11. .Tennlags, 
manuger).— Cyril Scott was oeeu In "The 
Prince Chap'V.j.. 2. .'JTw capable t-ompany 
gave on excellent retidU ioa of the play. Look 
Mann ud*Cana Llpiuan proved strong draw- 
lag tacds.ln "JuHe Hop-ltop/: ;i. ..■■BetlUa. 
the Sewing Uuk lilrl,:'. drew well. nni 
was excepilonnlly Well' presented 4-fJ. ilrtiic 
Merrltt.presentR "When Knlglithood Wan In 
Flower" HO.:i "The Social Whirl'.' 11-13. 

PoM'S tl.'.iuiK HL Kltby, inajiaBer). — B««l- 
ne-t.s wn 3 of .good prnportloru durlag past 
wefk, the *how hejng an attrncllre one. 
Among the features of liti week's piro- 
graraine are: a.'he Powell Cottrell Troupe. 
tUc, Colby Family, Har/awH-lJincfister Co.. 
Columbia b'our, ,Daii Oiilnlan and Kellar 
Mack, Tom Moore, and the Label Is. 
«.-'" ,.-. i ■ 

Brldffep4irt— rAt Smith's Theatre (Ed- 
<wnrd C Smith, manager) "Mr. Ilopklnsou." 
Oct 1. did bfc hgnlnesa. "Wlien Knight- 
hood. Wo* In Flower"' plnved to good re- 
tnrna 2, .3. Blanche King, In "Mini Dollv 
Dollftrfl," did well 4,. "The Col lego Widow" 
W-** ble "business 5, and "Tap Ilnll 
ltoom Hoys- did well 0. "The Millionaire's 
Revenge 8. James K. Hackett, In "The 
Walls ot Jericho,". 0; "East I.ynne" 10. 

12" is - c ^ !le8e " n * " 3te H * m W '" 

fc .Pom's (E. B. Mitchell, manoger).— Big 

huslneis veek of ]. 'The house has been 

WlxonAKnton, BIJou. Readlog Pa,. 8-13; Walde- further Innrovetl. under the direction if 

-.maun'B._Newark, N, Jl. lft-20. . _ Manager ifltchcll and Is now one. of : the 

TilHiB- , BIJon, ■ Winnipeg.- Can., 8-13; 
• MlniienpoIU, Ml«n., 15-20. 

Tyee- ft Jermon, Hopkins'. Memphis, Tenn.. 8-13. 
llessiims. .The. Rlppodrenne. X. Y. C. 8-13. 
Vance. Claire. Mnrylnnd. Balto., 8-13; K. ft P. 

:.8lh.St.. N. T. C. 10-20. .. 
ValenteeJii,, Flylni (3>. .Carnival,. Ziiieavllle, O., 

8-1S: Carnival, Cflmhrldge,' 15-20. 
Vsiflduns, Tbe,, Doric, YonkersiX.- Y., 8-13; Par- 
lor, -York. Pa., 15-20. . . 
Von^Iorre ft CotreJy, Parlor, York. Pa., 8-13. 
Van, Blllv. OrjMp, ;: Minneapolis. Minn., 8-13. 
Vat-olK, .Harry K„ . Xovelty, . Pueblo. Ool., 8-13. 
Vasidtr Ulrti, ■ Calnmlda, St. -IMM, 8-13; Hay- 

-nisrtet, Clilcneo. 15-20: 
Variety. Font, Liberty. Portland, Ort., 8-13; 

, Crysul, Taconut,. Watb.,. 15-20. 
Vail Alstyiie ft. Henry, Kben's, Turoato, 8-13. 
Van, Cbm. A Fannie, Olympic, Cincinnati. 8-13. 
Van Horn. Ueorte, fiera, Lynn, Mass., 8-13: 
Vetter Bros., Si*jnx City. In., 8-13. . 
Veolette A Old, Majestic, Little Rock, Ark., 8- 

13: Majestic. "Dallas, Te.t., : 15-20. 
VUlage Choir. Kellli'K, Boston, 8-13. 
Viola ft "F.agcl. Keith's, Kaston, Pa., 8-13. 
WaHl, 'Chas, B,, Wajestlc, Ban Antonio. Tex., 8- 

13 i MeJeBtlc. Ft. Worth,- 16-20. 
Waller A MagUI, Orphlum. Newark. 0„ 8-13. 
Walton. Ffed, A Co., Keith's, Plilia., 8-13. 
Watson's Farmyard, "Kelth'r. Columbus, O., 8-13; 

Kelth'e, Toledo. 1 5-20. .-. , r ;.:--i ' 
Walt(ine, Lillian, ft Co., Braden burgh's, Phlla., 

-8^13. 1 1 ••:*- 

WallUce, Flo,. Dewey, Utlca. N". Y., B-13. 
Waldman, Edward, ft Co., -Novelty. Ool. Spga., 8- 

: 13; Novelty, (."ripple Creek... 1.1.20. 
Warner, George, Alcawr, Denver, Ccd., 8-13; 

, Bljoii. Wichita. Kap., 15-20. 
Wnddell, I'ml A- Mae, Ualety, Qalesburg. III., 

Wanloll, Minnie, 'Lyric, Parsons, Kan., 8-13; 
Lyric, Muskogre, I. T., 15-20. 

Weher: Clias. D„ BIJou, Heading, Pa., B-13. 

Welch. l.em.'Itlcnnra, Qerrhahy, 8-13; Rlcard'a, 
Kugland, Not. l-.W. 

Weston, AVIIHe. "K. A P. |ilh Ave.. N. Y. C, 8-13. 

Webster. Cecilia, Lyric. Cleveland. B-13. ■ • 

West. Rolnnd. A Co., Orpheum, Utlra, X. Y,, 8-13. 

Wcl?li A Melrose, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 8-13. 

Westen ft-ltpy, Kmplre. Pranbtord, Pa., 8-13; 
fttnr. Ilitdson. Wis.. 11V20. 

Wentworlh. Row. lllppodrome, X. Y. C, 8-13. 

Webb A Coanellj', Bemiou's, I-oudon, Can., 8*13. 

Werden A OlndUh. Ilohmken, N. J., 8-13, 

White, Smart, A Co., Keith's. Phlla.. S-13. 

Whitehead, Joe ft Orlewnn Misters, Bijoif, Superior, 
Wis., S-13, 

Whltelcy A Bell, J'arnlly, Cnrbondale, To., B-13. 

Whipple. Waldo, O. H., Fnll River, Mass., 8-13; 
-0. H., Brocton, 15-20. 

Whittle. W. K„ Bennett's. London, Can.. 8-13. 

Wills ft Brennnu. -(Jem, Lynn, Mass., 8-13; Bos- 
ton, Fall River, 10 20. .. 

Winston. J-illet, G. O. II., Pittsburg, 8-13. 

Wilsons. The. Atlantic Garden. X. Y. C 8-13. 

Wlggln, Bert. Waldcm.ittn's, Newark. N. J.. S-13. 

Wilson, Oco., CO. 1I„ IndlBrnpolls.. 8-i:l. 

Wilson Bros.. Orpbeum, Om&ha Neij., 8-13. 

Williams, Branny, Keith's. Itis-on, 8-13. 
Williams Dun, llagurslown. Md., 8-13 ; Che*ter. 

Pa., 15-20. 
Wjlke. Iliilicrt, Keency's, Bkln., 8-13. 
WltHQbu., \hm, ttotbuni, Bkhl.. 8-13. 
Wllllilnis ft Mcllatrn, Parlor's, X. Y. C, 8-13. 
Williams ft Mey*r. Lyric. Terro Haute, Ind., 8-13; 

Marvin, Findlay. O., IfJ-20. 
Wiltihbis A Pullman, (Irahd, Findlay, O., 8-13: 

Orand. Dayt.o. 15-20. 
Willi* Family. Keith's, B-13. 
Wlliwisi. iloftrudc. BIJon, Canton, O.. S-13. 
Wordette, Kb telle, ft Co. Einnire. Habobeu, N. J., 

K-13;. Lyric. Knston. Pa.. 15-20. 
World A Kincsir>ii, Proctor's. Newark, N J., B- 

1.1; K. ft P. Cnlou t*|., ,V. Y. C, 15-20. 
Wood. Milt, limidre. HnbOkeu, X. J.. : 1:1. 
Woo.1 Blat-.'ri. irtjHili. Norfolk, Va., 8-13. 
Wolf Bros.; Orait Clrco Boll, .Mexico. 8-20. 
WoodrtrmVs BenlR.- Oruheiim, Boston, 8-13. 
Wylte's IKws, Vt»lth'H. Boston. SJ3. 

cosiest, theatres In New Englnnd. Hooked 
week of 8: llado aud Bertrnm, I^lla.Tny- 
L°J!i «k„ E 0n P SroB.. Patrice, shlraoji-l 
and Shannon, the Exposition Four,. Keno, 
Welsh nnd Melroae. 


/t ? rt h * a *« l «'— At'the Kmplre Theatre 

(JoJin-l- SuIllvgD, manngen "The Mau of 
f. i L V Qlce ' 1/ M - 3 - pIi'UMd a fair house. 
Ate loua Masonf was well. received by n 
good sized audience ^. "The Arrival of KittV 
gave an entertaining performance 3. Oils 
Skinner, lu 'The Ducl,' r gave a Ilnlshed per- 

fdi-mahce, l<n 

.-jo. large house, .1. Frank Daniels, 
in Horgeant Irnit*," pleased a full house ti. 
Sheuard s moving piclo'rcH 0. "The DiiclieSH 

Kaiuirn llrideiiWruhV Phlla S-13 1 ill »»»»"«efj.— - * eromaue,' ». pieaned r 

ZlminerJau Al I A V ml. "fen? Jin., 8- K^ ^ ^ U ^ fe »S^ C.vMl Scott 

Ziniumrinan. Wlltv, sin-iiV, BnfTulo, B-13; BaoaN, 

tnt-oni'». 15-11>.. 
HlEli UWUi, Shea's. Turouio, 8-13. 
Ziftk, Adul->^. Olympic, CIiu.-lm.ntl. 8-13. 
K«aht?uluklr'.. .Sfjurt. la., 8-13 : Atlauiic. 1320. 

OK fr JIB noA i*. 

Supplemental LUt— Rec*(v««1 fr«4 Lnte 

tvt CIa»«lfl«-utiMu. 
Beecber A MaieS. Comedians (Will ». Beecher, 
(GK&tS&B E*BL:DeL. 10,.1J. NeWKk 12. 
13, West orc-T**. *?»•! 13.1J- rKfnnelt WpS 18- 

Bslley'a Movlnt Pictures \W. 
Athol, Mass., 10, — 
If V t . . 

Norr- — i|pult«f a fmrprifie In local theat- 
rical circles was ninth: known during the 
psat wiek. wlii 11 It wan nunoitnced that Wm. 
1 . Mende. who for the mat five, years has 
MM .-AMMgrr of the Richmond Theatre. 
would retire tp make way far J: H. Mofrls 
and -II. H njrtot. • who .In the future will 
conduct the theatre, as a Btrfclly high. class 
vninlevllle houee, gfrlng three slmws dully. 
one- la the nfterrwon. commencing at ".10 
ond two in the eronlng, the Brat at T.flO add 
(be Inst nt ILSO, .xhe prices will he: Mail- 

SS 10 SBffi SHlS 4* aud -" cents. 

Mewri. Morris aiio Taylor are old nnd .ex- 
JBit- JW ?. *nsr» '3m&- Perleuced manngera, and w m, O o do.iht. mnke 
FIKhWirg II. 12, Worcester a Mecca*- of tbe|p bcw rentcre. The or>cnlrB 

will' occur Oct. Ifi, '. ., 



■ -.MEft : Kflai^ ^GlftK MSfp^lS^; 


-'SSL """"t'*". iPWlns lo mil tilled 

Iomijjr H»»ni80x, aecrettoy «r PnMI- 
Innea .Trjeatrltnl nod L'lrmn Sbowa, wrltci 
from Mlnfrrlllf, Tenn.. as fbllOwa: "[ am 
.■vrcll aijaln, ;UtM mv IIIik,,, »,,,] urn rradr 
for lnt*tficaa for die only 'Baratfm orctiha ■ 
The All ton to V. I'lililllonca Clrcua Co., Nr> If 
<-lua«i Ha Hammer ncaaon on Aflir Ki ' in 
l'llOBinn and Colun, ai-rlvln? back to llnrana 
on Sept. 8. Mr. Viiblllonea left on Sent 
in for lue Lulled State*, and haa been a 
vlllter. and groat of the urcat Wallace and 


I 'ifeSJ'^i ,h ? SlB** Theatre (D«» 

nic Jerac James' Co., Oct " 
linusc. "In Wc-Na-Ila," 


■*]!&&& & &&''. ft ' % nurtlH, ■■I'eiojy from 
l»rto minoaml to n Rootf limine rietit. 211. 
.lumea ^O'Neill, lii, "Monro Crlato," »: "A 

Wior Iteration" 28. Walker Wliltealdtt. ai, 
"I>a<l a Hltlo Partner" HO. "Mayor of Ttikto " 
Oct. 1. "Tito Slor»-t»kc".:i. "The Marrlaie of 
Kitty «. "The fist Mali" T, Edwin Arden 
10. morluir ijlcllirea 12, "Hans and Mx 1 1 1, 
noekatadcr'a Jlloatrela in. William Collier 


-At tile Metropolitan Open 

— Bi.irc 

formaurea 1, to overcrowded tent*. TV- jiar- 
formance wax HatlaHcto'ry. 
• ' Ti> 



crowned ' ogST ' ~|Tw<JSa Va." * Al 

and Cairo, 111., having a -nmst pl*annt vifc uouop at both .perform! fact? ^ Sfttt^^Su'iiS^li^ fiTES 

nod the.greateat'ftrvorH shown to him. Mr . Columbia fdeo, M. Dreher "-*• - -' i.^Lv."? 131 ^ . a , n<l B 5*S_'*5S tor . Prl 

I Vljlllynca nnd injflplf 

itnimimt.— ,\t the noanton rtmin IU. 

Michaels, mum kit > Tim Murphy, In "Old 
un-enee." Sept. -ja. n, lintl; thriHililff. jinit 

lnnm-eftee." Went, -.., 
ucniimstrntlve MiidWiei'w. who 
called Mr. Murphy and Dwolliy [ 

_ Up] be- 
fore the curtain.. They are enliibllnhi!il fa- 

:$m% ^>'n^ r 5SS?TJte JBS^IS.* 

nbWt Oct. 18, where Mr. 1'ubll line a will re j« -Much., acorod "a Sir hit Good bualnSa ,B J,T T ° r vl °?ri'- 'V™ , 

rnatn Jintll Oct. 2, when, he will take pi., «»-liWthe entire wwk. ' " 00d ''"'""" hnd^thTta n eJ'™nh., n .'.',,, U L K 

,M(e for llaTOno. Cnba. On Oct, 24 and AliDIToniuii (Harry Harward mnnawrl fW.»"» »&>Mr» HtllpMcat, ia.Wl 

'■- *---«-«--i— >■■— « gsFsl 'S ®fe^W «l», 10 Ji'c°, s " i 'ii;»eici; a n , ,Ln.'" « 

ilolnr a good 

Kaclty la jtreatcr, 
nlgl.l. The. fol- 

".~u*a».r;~"" --,"T »"* .r.^'^ wl j; Vbe Aalitotia, Paul 

I."..™ 5 . ?, blrle3r , "" 2? d •J't" K Ine, ftanrla Wlilte Company, 

ffiS New Itm-W.^mrmTSSWt "t ST-J» i. ' '""" dur " »«•»« '«»»'"W ma picture.. . 

ore Nov. 1, with the heat of talent, both w "AsttiiioTpx (G. 

2", the performers, Ttfho will form part of the 
.No. -I- Oo-, and -who will open the Winter rea- 
son at. Havana, in the Orind National The- n 
tttrc, with n flhe ring In conuectlon, will gall Marzurrlti 

31. Dreber. manauer). 

Kcolcuk^-At Ibe La Kalle (Iteevcs & 

ll n .h «t..Ci — .. .•«,':.'' ." ro l uere A LUarle. aucceanful woek'K ■ii.M.iia.a.i n,.t « \v*.t 

Allnan . alnrlng "A'pimic for Two," I 
'olograph. , Bl B erowda ruled. TnrUTtn: (G. Blakely. inani- 

nia'o?,Sri '''&'*?£' JF" K "* E . ""rob Ooeli. 
manager),^-Fralik I'ltirtcv hhd comiiunv In 

NirrtA— In-WctXn-IIa ■' from the twu of 

Americana and 'Europeans. I will continue ^ a . rr y IUcWrtlit and company efark ; 
■.•ttfraglng vatidcvillc aod elrcua acts for ™" '* m 
wiiiie.'! ,---*■. 

•Not«s ;Aom the Beowk Mugfti Snow. — 
We. bare, bad a Hg lermon. and -will closeithe 

siiow In tho coal fields or Indiana, Oct. 30, f e r)-—Vauderllle, four performmiccs dnilif 
tlidn will- pull orerland to our Winter quar^ lo flood bUalriean. ",•"■■ U1U *' 

iPW iwiir -Anderttun, Ind. Tbe-Brtmn Family 
.siK>w la the only wagon show that ever dared 
turlravol tlirousli the "bud lahdu" of old 
lu ; nrupliy, nnd the butslmss wan Terr big. 
aMl are Ivell. Wc will start out next Bcason 

bjttet MJte than-evcr. ,«Ae nresottted tli*T flrttlinleTnT'iinv "ta^"nt 

;.W. rl. ; Karl .writes M -1m Angeles, I*? apokario Tlieatre last week and eSrid 

CBl 3i J"WB bad a« offer from the lor? "icely. , Tl.eatory deals JlflVtire oo Sir i E S 

p«ngh-S«llK ClrcuH, but could tot consider head reaonrBtlon In Muittn&u. It win *, vi«i 

it, ns I hate ventured into the realty brok- The ' vpnipauy contHlus thirty full blood Vta - 

--rtgc line, which baa been boodlug «v« '«•* IadXnie.. ..-. .H. L. Lcarltt Snf 

rltcu the fcarthQUako all over Oaufornin. 'he new iruheum Theatre nl Wait,i wJn,. - —.—.;-;.-—-- 

The coming Winter, however, will lind m™ In Wwh., I,^ founded » new theatial oHlV ] «% " h ° W tonees8l< ' 11 ' * ntl "» dl * ■ **■ »»* 

linrarss again, along the (tymnaiitlc trail.*' <*«lied '.Tim Owls," with n Mcmberahln of 

Wii. -REioiinH* writes: -After twentyoim n 10 "* Hian 9M in Kasiern Washlmrton Tho 

siietessfol weeks I cloBed with ibe Ureat grand lod^e will meet Oct. 10 to elect offl- 

" Efe '^^ WJ^m^i m^mi Carnival 
n'%r ii h \>orthwesl. " ha H Oecliled'to tour 

w»« ft 10 ? > Vv thw J !Mt w " h n, » Hl,,,WH . Wfl,, -' h 
?. e " »r?°_".*^. th t. b . l S "(tractloiM at the Bpo 

mccesjiful weSk'l Oct. «. Week 
of 8: Carl MeCullaush, Ames and Keulhcru, 
Maud Delniir and Qiierdon t'olvln. K. 0. 
ftarti has been enjraged as musical director 
at this house for the season. 

Notk, — The big Full celebration, beJd hem 
2-6, proved an UnineuHO succunm, attracttng 
ihouauada of -visitors to the cltv." ilunigcr 
Klrchnrr provldtyl an excellent bill of out- 
door -featuren, among the number bring Jure. 
K Hardy, sensntlonal high wlrn net; tho 
i'lytng Moores, aerlallrfts; Arlsato rrottpe. 
novelty ring aud perch net: I he. 'rbr*c 
i'olrlets, acrobats; Abdullah Ucu Hamad I 
Troupe of Arablim balancers; Aldo and 
Amour, -bar act; W- 1'. Cre*well.> bicycle «- 
pcrta. tleo. Hefny's Carnival 4"o. had tho 


liouiic (I,, N. B«m, nirinager) "The rnaiilrc' 
Oct. 3-«. "Ttiv Lion and the Mouw," IWpt. 
•HovOct. :t. apnuarcd to crowded houae*. 
"Kortj-nvc Mluut.-H from Broadwny" T*W. 
Following this, .Tames tj'Nclu, in "Moati 
f-rlsto," for three nlglitN. Wilton Lacknyo, 
In his new play. "The l*aw and the Mtiu,' 1 
t4-lT; Harrv Derrafurd, In "The Woman 
Utter," 18-20. 

Ui.iotr Oi-fiBA Hoeac fllieodore 1». Hays, 
manager).— Plata O'Hara. lb "Mr. DUrnev 
front Ireland," 7 and week. "Old laancs 
froai tli« Bowery" come lo good hou«M Inst 
week. "On Dangerous Oronnd" H oud week. 

ouFitKUM (Monln Feck, geueral raann- 
Kerh—or week of 1 ; Mary Norman, la ono 
of her original monologueK; Frank Oordner 
and LotUe Vlmvut, In "Wlunlng a Queen;" 
Lillian Apel. Sit Proveaula, Billy Van. Rout- 
tlno and Stevens, . In . "Scenes In tho Wia- 
tafia Bower," and Kckhoff and Oordoo. Dual* 
iiefrt last week wot) very fair. 

Lvckum <1. c HpcerH, manager i.~fFrawley 
Slock Co. for 7 and week, In "lirother Ollf- n,1 « 'ho niiijemtigratjh. 
cerH." Tills aanie company laal week, In . .NntRS.— Rwrfi ft i.owc'h HIjows. Sept, 'i~, 
Mfiths," a atorv »f Ru»s|«n aoclal life, to 1ll,( J '>»> iinln.ernlptcd lot i.f Imrd hick. The 

vorltra here, t.'ole umf .Intninoii, Oct. ,1;,-. 
Iinrt three top heilvy houses, llnverlys 3*1 h- 
vin'h I, Nell Hurgeas fi, (I. 

Majestic (Frank tsturgln. nutiiHger).— 
Kver sluee the otitfnlng. Kept, 24, 11m huijio 
has lieen testml ly its cu|wrlty. With two 
lie r forma pees dolly people uro Htill being 
inrnetl iiway. Week of an, i, the progruuinie 
waa of atrrllng eicellence. with Mr. and 
Mrs, IMiyiiri. In "The Cuuuh'I for the !>• 
fensei'Vthe 'J'hi-ee MuhIchi Westoua, Hhepp'n 
l»og. Pony mid Itolikoy Show, tM Yetsin, 
Fot mid Diiutl. Uuffv, Htwtrlle and pttffy, 
lu "'"'■t'li'M Swcetlieart;'* Clmrles^B. Ward, 

good buf.nesa. Weak of 14 an; 

In "Ranuoii'a Folly." 

• Dbwev (W. A. Singer, malinger..— Dream- 
Und Uurlvhquers for 7 and week. Clierrv 
Blossoms draw Umo Iioukch last week. Th > 
Merry Maidens next. 

tralii hearluK tlicm tb the elly wUricunKii- 
m ncvount, ur had hndtilj,.*. 

tilllly delayed 

me city, a color 
imtH,. aha Imil lieen III for mtaf> tlrhe. died. 

brought t«l 

hlg the el 

by roeeht hard mliia. On jfflfa 
roltired ucffoinilii'. Joe Pleas- 

«pd lil'. body had lo lie prepared for stitn- 
IfMUtir. t.Iohh Klllott. manager).— Bill for J'lviit back lo hh old home In Mut'iin, On. 

m Their heavy nntons, while chMUldg froll 
bridles on the way to the grdiindB; ernahed 
lliniUKji. nnd It tiMik rs to raise them. 
Arriving id the irroiiwls, li innkul llkis a 
mlnlatttra Ink}', rtdii , ll took morn prurlqiiK 
tlinu to gel things into ab«i»i'. * 

S nnd week: Sum and Ida Joiivs and 
Raymond. Tom Towell. Joe WhUsnund and 
tho Orierson Sisters, Kurila and llnasu, and 
Irene Little. BiisIuchs was very good last 

Tile, jlorl 


St. Hi.-. At the Metropolitan tipern l»«!lngliae. the people got tired out waiting 
House (T* N. Hcott, manngerl ''The Umpire" , ,!! ll 'i , ,\ l . t K Si l aV l * d . B j ,wu, i *? . tU l W,,, ty£ v 

cooper Show at Kaston, 1'n,, Sept. 24, and 
arn^ot'my bomeat Santiy Lake, Pa., for two 
weeks, after -which 1'go on the road agalnJ" 
CpjihtNos'. Wild West Show, owned by 

Walter L. Main, was practically destroyed k *^e Interatate Fair, Sept. 24-Oct tl I 

as fire In Winter quarters at Genera, Ohio, also secured a contra, t to return- to Spokane 

oa" Oct. -2. One man, a wagon driver, was oext year for two veeka liobert II Cos- 

bnrued to death, and scores of menagerie fT fov e, se:."Jtnry and manage,/ of the Sno- 

animals and 'horses were Icwt. All the anl- sntie Interstate Fair, announces that nearlv 

,,ia]q In «!.«—• M.w^rtb.L a^aU^- aw^, _ ■,— -— II .1111 aaMaSafl d£bji »a. _ .■". 

nad foil: 

were nurned. _ 

arc $40,000 to the good. 


ftnTiii.Kton.--.At the Orund K'hmnber- 
lln, Ilurrlngton Jcxv, managers) "Yon Yon- 
son,""Oct. ll. pleaHed. "The Mayor of ToMo T * 
4. "As Told In the Hllln" *, "A l»oor llela- 
tlon" C, 'Told in the Hills" 8, "The Fast 
Mall" lo. "Ony New York" 12, "The Shop- 
lifter" 1C. Docks tader's Minstrels IT. "The 
Arrlvdl of Kitty" 18, "A Oambrel's Daugh- 
ter" 20. 

MnrsiiiiiUon-n.— At the Odecm Tfayeatra 

_...' Umpire" 
had fair biiRlnvss Oct. l-;i, hut riot what It 
dracrved. *Tbb Lion and the Mouse" hart 
fair to good bnslneHH, 4-fl. .lamea O'Neill, -In 
"Monie. rrlsto," c'oiuen 7-10, and as he la n 
favorite here, will draw ble. "Forty -Uvo 
MlnuteK from Hniadway" ll-l:t. Harry Bores- 
ford, In "The Woman iloter." If ft Wilton 
Lackaye. 1n. "Law and the Mun" IH-'JO. 

weni Home, and tbi slidw pinyut) to fiedtiy 

'"'H'y lelitii at the two vcrforiimttfwrt. 

Mleliland I'nrk Imtuguinleil a nuiMlritl f v At J • 
\al, iiecoiupiiiiled hy itrewtiritH iUni)lirv, add 

drew fair croWUa week of Oct. 1 Cnrl 

IIiikeutHjck'H Hhows uro outlined for Oct. Hi. 

Uiilr ratian,— At the Oraml Opera Hoiimo 

GUANb (Thtwdore L, Hays, mtnager), — (P R . V F A - ft " (,lfl ' nmnagflr) "MeFaddetrs &#w 

iniey from Ireland." g Hats' pleased Hept. 20. Tim . Murphy. 

i the Bhow except three horsea. a bear 15 J'i? ^ ucrsona viaitcd the liome tndastry (Busby Bros., lutmagera) "An Arlatocratic 
>ur pcrformlnfr hippodrome elephants cxiiiQltious and races In Spokane during the Trdmp" came Sent 27. to fair business, 
urned. The loss. IncludUg cages and two wee*s ended Oct. «, nnd that the receipts Myrtle Vinton, 28, pleased fair houses. "Sly 

oilier appurtenances of the show, will be 
*J 00,000, .partially covered b». Insurauce. 
Tlic main •building was worth S20.OOO, and 
was inaured for t«,000. Mr. Main. 'believes 
that detective electric wlresi caused the blaze 
to. start in a haymow. 

Tiortu yuoH Thos. I* Klyiin's Big One 
Jllng Circus.— This show elosed a very pros- 
perous reason of twenty weckB'8ept. 17, und 

Is now Id Winter i 

N. , Y. The show 

si art, not bavins one 

season. The Sprlnj 

a root road show, wl._ 

lit -and twice its .'former size. 

■^3f*g £££3£m *i S h \* t S?W &** h *o ayery woil sHtlahed audience'.' It 
SS™.; - ". P.l'aoltMl clown with Ihe AJ. K wtia orlgiirilly produced nt New Uaven 

; "J Wa n 


„ ^wif«»-ni.— At the Opera ilouse (Wdi. K. 
Kebwelgert, Hianager) "The Miiltan of Sain" 
conn?. Oct. l to a top heavy Mn "On Pu- 

eniP ** "( n-lil a linn l.^t.u. ,!,..._,... ■-• — - 

. pleased fair houses. "My 

Wife's Family." 30. pleuned, H. ft 0., Clay 
Clement, in ."Sam Houaton," Oct. 2; "U'nder 
Southern Skies" 3. 

'•,•' - *»4i 

iiitoDi: rsLAND. pic- 
Pi-ovid*; i<e.-^At . the I'rovldencc Oucrn furca. The other ufiractloiia will be illu- 
:;°i ,BC _.^V rx .J I; r.™ dnde, " cn « e '? r * '■M'jSJ * |1 ", 1 iTiintn*. tteniiy arcade, luughlpg gallery 

Flske O'lTarn, in "Mr. Blarney „. 
had good biialnesa last week, the piece being 
well received, "On IMiiirerous around" week 
of 7, "Young Buffalo" 14. 

Stab (j. . C Van Roo, manager).— Tho 
Merry Maidens drew well last week. Tho 
Kentucky Belles 7, the Yankee Doodle Clrla 

WiKDHon Novelty iSmllh B. Hall, mtno- 

fer>.— The opening week at this plaeo won 
cry encouraging, the attendance being hlg. 
Tlie vaudeville included: Douthltt nud Jones, . . , . — — — 

1 Anise Bwerlck, Harry Shomakor, Edlaon'H llii«*nln.— At tfcfl Oliver (V. ('. Zehruug. 
vltnaeope, and Rarvett'a orchestra. Week of iniinger) ihe Royal lliiwallun Hand, from 
8; Jennie lb' Wcchc, William Hart, the Hoy- Honolulu, played to very good lamliless Oct. 
pionds, IIItiBtmtcd Hongs and moving 

, . .IJ. ph!Hl._... 

lnhocohco, ' to a well ulaMSff audience. 27. 
■Tlie UnJith of Bluing" lib, Murray aiulUark 
Od. SB, T 'l^.at lu New York" 28, ,T Tue Sultan 
of Hulu" 311, Al. O. 1 Field's Mlnitrela 31. 

Nodris a mm Hirow had well tilled leuts 
.Sepl. 28. 

m *• 


new play "Pluying the .Game," an original 

c^racflj-, Iry ciiLvi'lund M-iffett ahd -'Bart lev managers) — -'Sct.ifts 

. _f tlie Police*' wero 
rntlxfuctunly unrolled, before good liotistH, 
1-C- Lottie Williams, In "M- Tom-Boy Girl," 

and other novelties. 

Uhi']ii:uu t< *lin rlt::. Frcrck. innuagcr).— 
Ilnsliirss tout 'tilled good week of 1. NOW 
people for week of b : Marcejln, the human 
frog;' John Oram Nelson, Ohmb Mnttticwa, 
Jennie Bcntley, Wlllfani J. Mills. ThoHO 
holdlntr over ; The Great Kldlldge. Nettie 

1 eggy frnni I'urlH" dnuv a good houao 
•'Tlirt MooiiHliln«i-'s Damihtor dltTfalr 

htislness ft, - 
Twins, lb 
IjMIICO" in. 

Qiihl." in. 

I a up- (if. II. Miller, manager).— Week of 
1 : ICiiieno West und Ciithcrlne Henry, John 
J. WI.<W. Illustrated songn; H. N. Itauay, 

Klsle |*reahiint «0d James Rosen, (ill Brown, 

Yon Yoiiwin" 10. I,ymitti 
The Hustlers." 12 : "Tho Frc* 
Wiliinm Collier, hi "On the 

S2£&£ 3&&2i »** w « §SLr« ijftffe »*%&& -P.**! «to.«A?iX 

WIlCrRer'a New Model Shows. Tills Show,' (X»hii.""Tlie"storv I 'dea"i8 ^ Vlth'tbc^'courtshlp'oi! s '^ :! - Thomas" 15. Shea, la' i-epertory, week 

Yofker. and of bis -flirtation nt ™- ., .,-i *_•*•—-, 

KBiTp's (Charles- Iioveuber,*, iininuger). — 
Cressy and Duyric are tin.' heudllherb week 
of 8. . Others arc ; Lisle Leigh nnd company, 
tlic Finn 1 Fords, tho Willis Fondly, the 
Mnullere Slaters, Georgo W. Day, Avery uml 
Hai!, I,ucy and Luctcr. May Walsii, tin* 

Strand, Mae Curtis. Mildred Barrett. I.llllc Fciniiiide-May Trio ami Hie Lyrlcoawpe 

success, "and will remain out until Dec. ., 
•>r later. 

Uajok CAruflNKTTE Is In his twenty-third 
w.-ek with Al. K Wheeler's New Model 
Show, meeting with success with his unl- 
cyclc wire una baton acts. 

■Kp. 15. Dakkv, press agent of (leotry'a 
Miow, was -married -at 'Fitzgerald,' OaV on 
wpt. 21, to Lena ls.e Qulun, a non-profes- 
(ilonal, resident of that place, 

Raunuh * RAfLEY'a emeus has had a 
ha id 'tlnie- through the South lately on ac- 
count of heavy rains. At Clarksdile, Green- 
ville and Vlckabnrg they were unable to 
allow on accouut of wet grounds and deep 

; Notes fbom At- P. WmHoar*i New 
Benin, bitowH. — Twenty-four weeks on the 
iuad and stilt -cnluvriig good btnlhess.' Fenn- 
Kvlvsnia "panned out 1 ' good, and While the 
niahts have been" a little cool, bur Mama 
Klsibe ^euturlbic Murytehd lies been fully an 
■<» rhe^New. Model staodkrd. (Je'o. I'aH'iito, 
lilgh ladder "aciaii'dai'HflHst, Jolaed Oet.'H, 
to strengthen the hlg Hhow; ulso aeveHil mu- 
tdelaus, 1o replace iHMJphj who Jinee HlfTstri:! 
ngilgfuieiitH for Ihe Winter. The ZeclH. 
aeriallatH; and Muj. Calltoiielte. tihlcyclc wire 
net. will play dates at the close of our TMtt- 
big season. Giiiiit AIlinOR Isldafclug good U 
I'l-inefpnl clown, and is ably unslHti-d by Al. 
r. Wheelof Jr., flic twelve-year-bld Hon -of 
our manager. This show will ri'midii out 
until Bee. lor later, w-lnlorlng in the South, 
nnd will ij(>on ukuiu early In Mum wore 
I ban double In size. 

' - ' »« » 


with a. widow. Mrs. Wnrde U the gay widow, 

nnd Sirrryvesant Uowe Is the v(mng man who 

V, CB fas«l to Eleanor Curds. Ho iuects 

Mrs. Wurde and makes an -appointment for 

mippcr. under the name of another party, 

whom he thinks l* mile* away, but who ar- ■„ 

rlvesln time to be file recipient of the bote p *"yors, Grace <.'blldcrH, Hughes aud Brown, 

sent by the widow. He decides to go, and nnrt tUL ' GHjrnoiiic 

creates eonstornutlbn when dnno-bneed as Mr „ imi'eiiial (L. II. Curtlu. mauiiger).^-'i!be 

bcrerly Clny, iii'eets - Mrs. Wyrde and ber new "' aIt o Bouudcra 3-L'l. ft will be followed, ir», 

ac(i'uaJntP.nee. who hna been maaouera'dlne un- by the Oriental larce Coihedy t!o. 

e'er ihht name. The.nefr uequalntaace Is a • Wkht^ikbtbu (Geo, )L Batchellcr, louuu- 

gpnluji at lying add mtk-k Wit gets him out of l^er).— Following the Gay Morning Glories, 1- 

flie tflngle. The situations and 'climates are £> <' a . mi 5 the-Trocndero BurieHojuers 8.. The 

tine, and arc skillfully bundk-rt. The settlniw «o.vfoa BelleK in-fltt. 

iind costunics «W« good. The cast: Mnnson Keith's J^wWaaPf Tii»;atah iCbarlea 

Walter Fratt Lewis : Muggle Hller, Margaret ^vetiberg, mppnger).— The Phwtucket Albee 

Mnlcblm; Howard Tbolriijson. John WcbbDIl- ktock Co. prodiued, 8-1 ::,. "Jim, (be Pen- 

Murr, Margaret Leall 
D<ira Hay. 

KHi'isfK (Ham Fink, manager).— BaaJMat 
continued to increase week of 1. The only 
new face week of h will be Myrtle Bclnno. 
' Mbntion.— l*be new tjrpheiim Ih billed to 
open 2ii. Work Is being pushed rapidly, but 
a lot remains to hi; llutulitsl. Work ts so 

brisk here tblt labor 1s vcrv Bf.-aree 

Tlie German company will present "The Piik- 
li.-ion of MeUcbirheri;." by sixteen good slng- 
- nt Mozart Mall. 

Ilonulu f.i'svin nnd Umoij IL. M. (iormiin, uiaiinjceiO.— Week 
of 1 : Fuller, Hone nnd immpnny, Mnreell und 
Lenett, Klpn and Klppy. Billy Mart. Will II. 
Hmythc, blograph and llbiHtraieil HufigK. 

Business Is exil-lleiit. 




hoitrte i _ 
"An Arfsfoc 
house Oel, 

-Al (lie Npw Lnrwin (Win. 

f, iitanngeri "Arlitnuu" drew ii uuchcil 

Hept. 27. Movltig; plctum show 20 

irlsioeratlc Tnnu|r pliiyOd to a fair 

"The Voltmteer Orgunlst" 0, 


lloli ; Mli-MlH-lle MoWe, Dfanel:'? Bender: iVrcy 
Cbailton, William W. Jefferson; -"Kteuoiir Cur- 
tis, Alice Neal : Ktuyvesiint Ilbwe, Ilobcrt 
MacKay: Mis. 15illtb Wurde, KUby Bridges; 
PiiBi', John Keller; Jleverfy Clfty Joseph Jef- 
tersoti j :. Muid, Aliuii Urn J lev Executive stuff: 
Victor HnrriLohvuianuVr; Al. Burrlw, IjiiHlne&s 
manager; Walter Ttott Lewi-, stage niaha- 

ger: Peter MeDonbugh, Htuge mnSm ; John and *- " 
Keller, properly inoater. Al. Field's Jifln- 
sripls ft, "Flnnegun's Ball" inafinee and 
' 10, "A Royal 

man," to Ik; followed, 15, by "Tlielms. 

Capbo.n'k KBV Pawtih*kbt Tiititnu 
(George .\V. Capron, maanger). — The pro. 
gramme. 8-1 u. includes n miiiHtrel Oral part, 
with Harry Hunson Und Arthur Dime, ond 
;n)en ; Allen «lid Keeley, Hurry Hanson, I'm- 
ni»jti. and McNeill, Howard end Tluibcrlaki'. 
Arthur It'Inij, Pbll Morton, Lu Belle Leonora 

Guiutii.-. At the Lyceum (C. A. Marxhuli, 
inonugeri Boliert Lorulne, In "Man and Su- 
perman,'. Oct, 1, come to good buslnesn. 
'■The College Widow." 2. :t, hnd good hdsl- 
ni'sx, "In the Blsliop'a Carrloge" 0, 0, "At 
Cosy Comers,*' with Oerfrude Bondhlll, 
pleased Sept. 27, Clnv Clement, 2H. 2". 


pieaseu pant. Si, ciny . i;iement. m. 2». kinds " had awslbnt iitii-ndufiee 
.arnw..good business, '"i'he Umpire" Oet.H, iJ£yJ' r ^M " t iVld frifr l/.irsii,"sl V 
•.Tbc Lion and tho Mouse" 0. 10. -H'oung KjfiJ* nSrto 'lB IN jiirh h" fi "Ft 

war Murnlnili has oil bis book* fur thU season 
the best attractions, be bus ever booked 
■■j MBTUuruwTAJf. <W. IL Longstrect, mans- 
ceri. The Dreamland Burlesuucrs preaenterl 
a inn-i.ul play,, in two acta, entitled "Bonn- 
land." It, was a capital show, and did welt 

Montgomery.— At the Montgomery Was. 
aire (UlrHrher itru-,. inunnuvrs) .fnne Ken- 
nark. In "The Tdnst pr the Town," Held. 2H. 
I.ud uood biiNinesH, Murray and Maelt, Oi;i. 
1. came to u capacity house. Mfln't win- 
' - e. '"nui 
Coming : 

..iHiiiigcr).— "A Wlfu'ii 
Hetrcl." 2. il, drew giitid lioihip*, Coming: 
"IkiikcVH und llrokcra 1 ' 5. 0. 

Notbm.— -The HUH* lair will la* open In 
lh»s etty 22-27.. .'. Uarnuu a) Bailey's Clrtm 
Will exhibit here 20. 

night 0, "Tlie Little Duchess 
Prisoner*' fcJ. 

A i in n tn — A t the *.lraiid (If. L. ft J. f fc 
De Gfve, managers 1 ! Juaepb and Wllllum W. 

Jefferson, In "Playing the tlume." i-anie Kerit. 
ft. 0... Corlnne, In "Pu'rty-tlve Minutes from 
Brr>ridway," tliliKj the bouse -j, :i. "The Heir 

Wbousouket.'.-At the WoonsockeL opera for t|te Meek. They bud to itop sailing tlek 

flotu.e..(F.' W. Barry, resident munagpri •>" Kept. :■<>, us Ihe house was purke'd to 

"Girls Will lie Girls" plays-. Oct. C, '"Way lur tlanra, - -. ' . , 

liown East" 0, "Weary Willie Walker" J I, .i-.Bij^;. (Joe Maltluad, ..nioimger),— Busl- 

"Why GlrJrj Oo Wrong" 12. "Nelghbirlv »""sh Is the bum uh usiiul. foil houses nightly. 

>>lKhborst" pjeasid Sept. 2b. "The College People, ft?, ft und week : Fltishugh and Besslo 

Widow" proved lt«elf a good drawing rard Lee, 'lultn, Ken If row -jnd Juiiieii. Jotn Drew, 

" "Tbo Ninety und Nine" -enjoyed natlsfoe- Hclihelder's orchestra, Jun. McClellan and tho 

ory returns Oct. J, ■ '.'The Kerry (Jow" was moving pictures. 

received .'L.sjid. the Bluek Dike Mills 

. 'liinaukec— At the Davidson (Sber- 
irnni Brown, manager) Maude Fealy. In "The 
llliiKl.ob. of Beatrice,': Slept. IlO-Oct. J, was 
■well received. Bobt. Ixitalue Slled In latter 
half -of . the week; piescntlug ".Man ami 
Superman." Mr, -liOititne. scored .«. distinct 
bit. mid excellent attendance ruled. Win. 
b'averaliiiin wilt nreaent "Tho Stjuaw Man'* 

Stiini-itiT.— Vnusiml interest centres In thn 
product km of "The Now York Idea," which 
MTS.-]iHake will present at tlils..hodse 0-1.1. 
Manuger liklwln . TlianhatiKer offered -Anna 
Hrn Fuy last week., flood -wined audiences 
marveled -ut ber mystifying performance. 

Ar.uAuniii ,tJ:i8. A. IlJglcr, manager). — 
"lork Stale Folks." presented by an excel- 
lent I'uiiiimny beaded by Kay L. Boyce and 
•Ins, l.tu'kayc. drew big Inst week. "The 
Mayor of Teklo*' promises well for Week of. 

BUtji; Ol'KllA HotiKii (John It. l'lnnc. 
resident manager) .—"Young Buffalo, Klbg 
'V the Wild West," scored a tremendouH hit 
with putrons'of 1 Ills huiiKu. "Old Isaaca from' 
tin* Bowery" mines 7-13. ; . 

,- »TMt (Frank ft. 'I'rotiman, malinger). — 
Hie ICentiieky Belies dirw the usuiit attend- 
ance last week. Held iiud.trllbert si»red in 
the viiu. The Yankee Dinidle Girls 7-Lt. 

(.RrjstAi,. — The. Zamorn Family head the 
WII week of 8. The Bell Boy Trio, the, l*or- 
<-*ts. Ihe GotllobH and .rack King complete 
lite hill.. Manager F. B. Winter ripvrtl packed 

( 'Kami (Walter W. Gregg, manager).— 
Bill ."week or H Includes ; The Btsfeffcj Ida 
llowcil, Conlon imil llaatlnas. Kimball Bros., 
MiirveloiiH ftict:iure, Nornia tJrogg und mov- 
ing pictures. Business Is good. . ■ 

Notes.'--. Harrison (irev Flske accom- 
pHiibd Mr-. Flske to Milwaukee, and with 
l-nngiloa Mitchell, the author, superintended 
the (inul rehearsals of "The New York Idea." 
♦Well Mr* Flske will present for tho llrst 
nuie at the Hbubei't, IWnday, Nov. 0. ..... 

A large. andT6nec witnessed ihe production 
ef '"lilii t:,il***chrlebcm-a Bliitl," at llie.Fal-st, 
H rdni-Mdoy, 3. l,ceii Witlmaor's season looks 

like u winner from lbs .-tun i'uul )'. 

benjamin wus given u farewell at the .Mil- 
waukee |*rnsH ('tub rdorsN, Thursday, 4, prior 
lo his leaving for New; York City. 

to the Ifoorlih' was presetted^, by a first Band. made a great triumph, uftemotm and 

clasri company, to a largo utid yepresentaUTi; ove&ing, 1. Bbepard's nletun-s i:i. DunHnlly 

audience. Booked: "The Mnltftn of Mnlu" 10, "Tlie Lion andthc Mouse" 1«. 
**» •)• -_ . y- :-: ... ■ .... aCfc. a - 

»« a 


setiiin. — At ttirs Academy of Mush: (Long 
k it(.«. luanngers), on ut'coiiul of tlte-storftit-, 
"The ToliHt. of tin'. Town" nnd "Itcian Btib- 
bles" fullipi to. iijipciir. Al. 0. Field's Mln- 
strels plJiyerl to H, It. (\ OH. I. Murray: unl 
to good biir.!rii'i«* ;i, "Ukiiker'i 
' I, "Violelto" 8. "How Uiixler 
In" 10, "Forty -live Mluulei Irnia 
uy*' II, "On WrWo" 1.'t. 
- — $%£ 


Muck, cu 
und! Brolier 
But ted ' 

ffi.iou fJukc Wells, manager).— lliip Ward, 
in "Not Yet, But Boon." plav/ed to capacity 
bTistneu.'j l-o. Yorke und Adams, in "Bank- 
ers abd Bi-okem/' 8-1 :fc' 
-Stab (,L ii. Thompson, mibager).-— Btiai- 
ncss eontlinips Nutlsfsetory at this llunse. 
The same people hold over from previous 
week. h -- 

'"'!' si i a " 


- Vi'jiKhifiKtoii. - At the New National 
(Vt. fl. Hoplev, muiuiger). this week, Jeffer- 
son De Angeilx. In blx new production, "The 
Girl nnd the Governor." . Last week. Viola, 

.Allen, us Imogen. In "Cyrnuollii >•,'', gave a 
miignlllrenl purformauii*, .to excellent houses' 

'irrnnch Wilson, in " 1'hu Mountutu Climber," 
Qi't. Ar»:20. 

nkw .f i:rm-:v. 

Mo al real. At Hla..MtiJesty's ffj. Q. 
Brocks, manager) K. B. Wit lard, In repertory, 
played to pucked. huiisea week of Oi-t. 1. Wil- 
liam Glrietfo.'In ."Clarice." S-13; "The Duch- 
ess, of Devonshire" 13-20.. 
.. AcAukmv oK.Mustt; (Walter (.reaves, mau- 

r.ger).-^"'fbi! Giri from Broadway" bod good Kb-renee Ifolwrts, : 1u "The Htreugth of Ihe rhigtoii, I'olly und lilhel llnzei. Wavu Con 
tho tasc' 8- wVak." drew bwn| slxeil audiences. "Madame niings, nnd I lie yjilgluul Bljuudrui 

i, . . . a .. .. i - . i , . V , .i^r. .a*.. ..„'.. nH - I If ,11,,.... 

„ «r,t'.MBrA (Litekelt & Dwyer, managers). 
- 'llil-i week, "The Clnnstuuit." Irfist week, 

. Weentiir, -At the powers Gruud (J. F. 
Given,, inufiager; "The Oreiiler Imw,'* Oct, 1; 
"The Light lu'iw Bohbery," «t ; "Told In thn 
lltlls," 4, did fair buslm-Hs. The Four Hunt 
logs, ti, pleasod u good hotiHir. ■ Housii und bin 
Band 0, West a Mfnatrels V. "Why Mbu Was 
Huerlllcill" IU, 

Buoi; (A. Hlkfrlcd, munaioir).--Blll for 
Issi. week i The 'riiieu Lulgbtoiiri, Himdersou 
and Bownmi), I5ildle Moon, tile. Great Bar- 

iVcelpts ,1-R. "The Woman in I 

Aliunde Clt>v— At the havo'v ( Fied K. 
Moore, maDOifer) Prlnirose's Minstrels. Oct. 
1 ; "Just Out oT.iloHpge." 2: "When Knight - 
bood Wlis In Flower, ' '!. and L'zrn Kendall, 
In "Swell I'begiint .fones." all did excellently. 
I J «ula Kdwcrties. In "I'rfticesa Beggar." 8. b; 
"Mra. Wiggs of the Cubbuge ralcli 7, 10, lleii- 
i-letta Crosman, In "AH-of-a-Suddcn iVsgy," 

Vouko's Pin TtiBarai: <vY. K. Hbackcl- 
ford, manager). — fJood IhisIucms favors vaude- 
ville aem Guy BiatidHig, In "The Hixdety 
I'olhi'miiu." t*. :>. For the rrst of the week : 
Carroll JolmHon, Nora Kelly, Kd. lUswr. 
KiiLUM.' and Bcadi, Murftiy. Cluyton und 
Drew," MeNumce, and Melrose Troupe, 

1'iiteraon.— Al the Kiuplre (A. M. Bnig- 
garnno. iiiaBiifrer) btislnesK contlnoes to be 
I'F-mnrkahly good. Hllf^werk of <X*t. .$: I'a- 
plniu, Francesco Jti-drflng ana eomininy. Bow. 
ard.'sud Ilownrd. 15111s Auwlan und aimiiaQy, 
lujetle Fowler, Dolt nnd Susie I«vbio. Ad- 
ams, und Drew, Im fuy Hlstcra and Ibe klnelo- 
graph, . . . .... , .' 

. Jacouk' (Maurice Jacobs, manager). — The 
New Century Girls was the offering at tbli 
house mat week. . Good houses prevailed. 
Colonlhl llelles n'eefc of 8, Carr's Thoreugh- 
hmttj week of 1~>. 

LYckiT'k (F. J- Gilbert, manager). — "A 
Child of the Beglment," with Vlvlun I*res- 
cjii In thn lltle roic, envr. *aMnfaclfon to 
crowded 1-H. "Bugler Dro